At a press conference, an unprecedented exercise since his election in 2017, in front of some 320 journalists, the head of state on Thursday hailed the "just claims to the origin" of the "unprecedented movement" of the yellow vests that has deeply upset the five-year since November 17 last.

But from the preliminary stage he warned that he had not made a mistake, thinking "very deeply that the orientations taken during these first two years, in many respects, have been correct". "The ongoing transformations and transformations needed in our country must not be stopped, because they respond profoundly to the aspiration of our fellow citizens," he insisted. He will not change the course of his policy.

The head of state was eagerly awaited by the "yellow vests" on the fiscal, social, and legislative side.

By his announcements of Emmanuel Macron he answered Thursday night the main claims carried by the "yellow vests"?

A drop in taxes but no recovery of the ISF

Emmanuel Macron proposed to reduce "significantly" the income tax, to respond to fiscal injustice at the heart of the mobilization of "yellow vests". This tax cut of around 5 billion will be financed not only by the elimination of some tax loopholes for companies but also by the need to work more and reductions in public spending. This tax cut should affect the first two tranches. Government to "define the quantum".

On the other hand, he voted against the reinstatement of the wealth tax (ISF), one of the main demands of the "yellow vests", presenting his decision to suppress this tax as a "reform to produce, not a reform for the more fortunate ". However, he stressed that the impact of this deletion would be "evaluated in 2020", with a view to possible corrections.

No citizens' initiative referendum, but a softer RIP

Emmanuel Macron dismissed one of the main demands of the "yellow vests" which demanded more direct democracy with the RIC. He believes that the RIC, as proposed, seems to "challenge participatory democracy", adding not to believe "in the Republic of the permanent referendum". However, he is in favor of "more room for referendum in our democracy". Thus, the head of state said he wanted to "go further on the referendum of shared initiative" by proposing to reduce to 1 million the number of signatures necessary to seize the Parliament. This measure would figure in the constitutional reform that the head of state wants to see return to Parliament "in the summer". Currently, the referendum of shared initiative, in force since 2015, requires the support of 20% of parliamentarians and 10% of the electorate, that is to say nearly 4.5 million signatures.

The introduction of a proportional dose

To avoid a crisis of representation in the assemblies the head of state said Thursday "favorable" to the introduction of a dose of 20% proportional to the National Assembly (against 15% so far ).

The president also mentioned a decrease in the number of parliamentarians (577 deputies and 348 senators currently), which would be of the order of 25% to 30%, as well as a limitation of mandates in time.

No recognition of the white vote, no compulsory voting.

If in a televised speech on December 16, 2018, the head of state had said he was ready to open the debate on the taking into account of the white vote, he finally dismissed this possibility arguing that the vote was not to make any decision. "White, that does not decide. It is too easy, it is the aggregation of rejections, "he said. He also swept the possibility of a "compulsory vote", that one does not "respond to a democratic crisis by the constraint".

Retreats reindexed

The President of the Republic announced that pensions of less than 2,000 euros will be reindexed on inflation from 1 January 2020, expected measure, but also that no pension will increase less quickly than prices from 2021 .

Emmanuel Macron also wished that the "minimum retirement" for a full career be increased to 1 000 euros, an amount according to him "significantly higher" to the minimum old age that he promised to raise to 900 euros, an amount according to him " significantly higher than the minimum age he has promised to raise to 900 euros next year.

He also added that he did not intend to go back on the legal retirement age, preferring the track leading to the extension of the contribution period.

Emmanuel Macron wanted the family allowance funds (CAF) to have the "prerogative to collect family support" and thus help single-parent families.

"These famous single-parent families are often these mothers living alone," said the President of the Republic, saying that "we can not rely on mothers incivility of their former spouses."

A "new act of decentralization" within a year

The president announced "a new act of decentralization" in the territories, which will culminate in "the first quarter of 2020". This new decentralization must be "adapted to each territory" and bring "on the politics of everyday life" as "housing, transport, ecological transition to guarantee decisions taken closer to the field," he said. added.

At the same time, Edouard Philippe will present in May "a profound reform of the administration" intended to deploy "more officials on the ground". The head of state also announced the creation in each canton by the end of the five-year period of a "place where we can find a solution to the problems", called "France services".

To do this, the president will certainly abandon the goal of 120,000 cuts in public service posts that he has set if the government deems it necessary.

If Emmanuel Macron does not exclude the reorganization of the public services he wished "not to have by the end of the five-year period new closures, no hospitals, no schools without the mayor's approval".

An "ecological defense council"

Emmanuel Macron wanted to set up an "ecological defense council" that will bring together the dedicated ministers to make the "strategic choices" imposed by the climate emergency.

Mostly, the "yellow vests" were particularly disappointed by what they call the "measures" of the President of the Republic. Some believe that he has only "congratulate" others think that his speech was "only theater".

In response, the figures of the movement call to take the street.

Britney Delsey for DayNewsWorld