Arrived at work I discovered in my office president a great bouquet of flowers. Plus my colleagues who applauded me at my entrance. It feels good to be recognized.

I came back to them to explain that this distinction was also due to their work.

It's a team work. I find ex-boss and the routine starts again we work on new files by moment I leave the head of my figures to harass him of questions why he did not tell me anything before for Philippe.

Ex-boss: But that would not have changed Mia. No, it would have prevented you from living.

Me: Why prevented from living, it's a bit exaggerated. I find ….

Him: Mia objectively you will have done everything you did with him if you previously knew that this one was your boss?

Me: How are you talking about what?

Him: To introduce him to your parents as Mister boyfriend?

Me: No it's true. And here I start thinking about Philippe's secret file. First encounter with this one see water leak I violated it in my bathroom.

Then negotiated lunch with my parents against good I admit I was not aware but against nudist spa and then again two days altogether flat at my parents against swingers club. It is obvious that I would not have done all this if I had known that I worked for him and that in addition I was lodged by him etc ....

I know the night when I learned that it was my boss the famous evening where I received my price, I did not find better than to make a part of legs in the air.

And I admit yes I shout loudly I love Philippe as a sex toy but I'm not in love with him and I think.

Yes I think that falling in love would be a very bad choice.

And I would not have the cliché to sleep with his boss to succeed. No, I'm just enjoying his place well fucked hard.

Ex-boss says to me: hou hou Mia are you with me?

Me: Yes, yes. I can not tell him that I am with the beautiful object under Philippe's belt.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld