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The light hand on the eyeshadow

You certainly don't want to age yourself so watch out for too much eye shadow!

Down with the smoky eyes. refined.

And no dark color in the crease of the eyelid

A line of kohl above and below the upper eyelid will suffice and will give the illusion of full lashes.

A good dose of mascara will intensify your look.

Very soft on the foundation with the essential blur

In the closet, thick textures. It is a luminous, light complexion that you prefer.

Do not shun the miracle product that blurs small imperfections in an instant. BB cream + blur

Contouring, your best friend

Nothing better than a pretty face sculpted with the technique of contouring.

In two or three brushstrokes you insist on the bridge of the nose on the jawbones with darker powder, you hollow out the cheeks then you enhance the cheekbones.

And finally we widen the look.

And here it is, for a sculpted face thanks to this technique of shadow and light.

A mirror mouthr

For the selfies leave the matte lipsticks momentarily, and opt for a glossy lipstick as desired.

Indeed the shiny side will attract the eye making the rest take second place.

For oily skin, however, avoid glossy.l

Smile with your eyes too!


forced smile is not enough, because the rest of the face remains emotionless.

It is the flash of joy that must capture in your eyes "the lens"

Slightly laughing eyes are better than a row of white teeth.

AND technically everything is a matter of angle...

And now to your angles. Do not put your face in front of the lens but slightly in profile; the three-quarter pose gives good results insofar as it lets you see your entire face. in the choice of angle. Opt for a pose of three-quarters which let perceive the whole of the face without having to be of face. Show your best side, that's the key to a great selfie !

Ready ?
And why not go for unforgettable and original shots with an internationally renowned photographer ?
A superb moment of relaxation with girlfriends for an "essential book
" !!!!

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Champagne deliveries to Russia stopped dead by Moët Hennessy (Ruinart, Moët et Chandon, Veuve Cliquot, Krug, Mercier, Dom Perignon…) for a weekend. Before the announcement of a resumption of supplies "as soon as possible" this Sunday, July 4. What happened ?

The champagne appellation for Russian sparkling wines

For thirty years, champagne producers have waged a merciless war against the sparkling wines that use their appellation throughout the world. But they lost an important battle in Russia, where Vladimir Putin agreed, on July 2, 2021, to an amendment to the law on the regulation of alcoholic beverages.

This text provides in particular that only Russian sparkling wines can be labeled as “champagne” while genuine French champagne must be content with “sparkling wine”. This amendment clearly indicates that Russian legislation will not take into account the protection of the French appellation “Champagne AOC”.

And yet not the same method

Not exactly the same beverage, as the Union de Reims daily reports. While real champagne undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle (the “Champagne method”) and is produced in a year and a half, Russian grape juice circulates for three weeks in a series of vats filled with wood chips seeded with yeast. . Question taste, the journalist Emmanuel Grynszpan had qualified this "champanskoye" as "frightfully sweet, adulterated and devoid of aroma, but present absolutely everywhere" Because the production, equivalent in volume to that of champagne, is mainly consumed in Russia.

A thorny case from a legal point of view

"Scandalized", the French producers, gathered within the Champagne Committee, stepped up to the plate on Monday by calling on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European authorities.

However, the case promises to be thorny from a legal point of view. According to international regulations, the wines of Champagne do have the exclusive right to use the name "Champagne" ... but in Latin characters. However, Russian legislation prohibits French producers from using the word champagne in Cyrillic, the writing used for the Russian language. "These regulations do not provide Russian consumers with clear and transparent information on the origin and characteristics of wines", assures the Champagne Committee, regretting that this law "calls into question more than twenty years of bilateral discussions between the European Union and Russia on the protection of appellations of origin. "

French leader LVMH bends over to the Russian market

This showdown, however, turned to Moscow's advantage, as LVMH's about-face showed. The powerful French luxury group notably owns Moët Hennessy, one of the largest producers of champagne. The day after the law was signed, LVMH first suspended its deliveries. But Sunday evening, its subsidiary Moët Hennessy finally indicated that it will resume deliveries "as soon as possible".

"The Champagne Houses of Moët Hennessy have always complied with the legislation in force wherever they operate and will resume deliveries as soon as possible while making these adjustments," the producer said in a statement. In a letter intended for its Russian customers and to which the business daily Vedomosti had access,the French company has announced that it will have to re-certify its products, which is expected to cost several million rubles. Having agreed, Sunday, July 4, to comply with Russian requests, it must change its labeling and rename its products in accordance with the new legislation.

The Russian daily recalls that 13% of the 50 million liters of sparkling wine and champagne imported each year into Russia come from France. Russia ranks 9th among wine consuming countries with 890 million liters sold in 2017.

The Russian daily recalls that 13% of the 50 million liters of sparkling wine and champagne imported each year into Russia come from France. Russia ranks 9th among wine consuming countries with 890 million liters sold in 2017.The Russian daily recalls that 13% of the 50 million liters of sparkling wine and champagne imported each year into Russia come from France. Russia ranks 9th among wine consuming countries with 890 million liters sold in 2017.

An AOC threatened all over the world

In Russia, the term “champagne” has been used without complex and for all kinds of sparkling wines for a long time. With this amendment, the Russian authorities certainly wish to promote local sparkling wine producers.

At the end of the 1930s, Stalin had a mass-produced “Soviet champagne” created, with the aim of making it accessible to all, low-end, but still popular on special occasions.

Abrau-Durso is a Russian “champagne” which captured the hearts of the tsars and which is still served in the Kremlin today. Produced on the shores of Lake Abrau, in the Krasnodar region (southern Russia), it has won several awards and titles in international competitions

Crimean sparkling wines with their ancestral producers experienced a second youth following the annexation of the peninsula in 2014 and their full opening to the Russian market. The country's flagship brand, Crimean wine Novy Svet, is owned by a friend of the Russian president, Yuri Kovaltchouk.

In France, two appellations of equivalent prestige to that of champagne are jealously guarded: bordeaux and cognac. "In Bordeaux, appellations such as Margaux or Saint-Emilion, but also mentions of classifications of grands crus, are regularly copied and usurped", details Jean-Baptiste Thial de Bordenave, director of the law firm specializing in wine law and DLLP Wine spirits. Cognac, for its part, succeeded in prohibiting Armenia from using its name to designate the quality brandy it has produced and exported on a large scale since ... the Soviet era.

"The Russians have overturned the table," notes the lawyer Jean-Baptiste Thial de Bordenave, based in Bordeaux. It's worthy of a Tintin story, so big that I can't help but see it as a retaliatory measure in a larger commercial dispute. Or as a short-term populist decision for domestic political purposes. "......

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Here we are again at home to come back.

Cocooning at home is the new trend.

Yes it's over the time of sport it's winter it's dark from where we are predisposed to stay at home. In order not to be depressed, make a little corner of ourselves to relax.

So to your decoration !

Choose a small corner in its habitat that will be your secret garden place.

For this if you have the possibility to organize your little secret garden near a window because even in winter the sun is there and a natural heat brings you comfort. Know that the sun fixes vitamin D even through the window.

In the evening it is also pleasant to watch the winter moon and the stars.

If you can't find yourself at one end of your living room, a small hallway can be quickly fitted out with nothing.

First choose a good comfortable armchair or a chair that you will cover with a plaid so that in case of shivering you can cover yourself with it.

A small pedestal table to be able to place a knitting book tablet in fashion at the moment and especially to put a scented candle there which you know by watching the flame dance has a relaxing power.

If you don't have a table, take a cardboard box and put a small tablecloth on it, that will do just as well. Buy a small faux fur rug to put under your feet then it will delimit your cocooning corner and especially warn that when you isolate yourself in this little paradise you will be left alone.

Goodbye girlfriend husband children you are alone in your paradise.

To arrange your paradise there are sites which sell plaids candles etc ... which deliver to you like Zara Home or Westwing Home Living club exclusive shopping not too expensive. It will change your home and the confinement will become fun.

Don't forget to make yourself a tea time or around six o'clock a whiskey.

I'll leave you I'll read David Grossman Life plays with me ..... with what else pity with Nexpresso I didn't have George Clooney delivered with his capsules.

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Arrived in Innsbruck at the command of our small plane show beautiful and warm welcome for planes of all sizes, so ( LOWI for pilots) is a destination not to be missed

Just for its medieval palaces, the traditions and the villages that surround it, Innsbruck offers an interesting tour in the heart of the Alps.

For many, Innsbruck, one of the main cities of Austria, is the final destination: the architecture of the city, the companies that sell this kind of green men's enterito, women's dresses and matching hats, music playing back in various bars and restaurants.

However, this is only the beginning.

In a radius of 20 kilometers around Innsbruck and in a landscape of green mountains in summer and white in winter Innsbruck accumulates the treasures of the culture of Tyrol. With a car, you can go anywhere in a day or two on marked roads.

Starting point: in Innsbruck you can not miss visiting its historical center . Herzog Friedrich Strasse, with its narrow cobblestone, allows peaceful coexistence between historical profile companies, with metal banners abroad and a branch of the McDonald's chain.

In reality, the path is a gallery crowned by a medieval arcade. However, business premises are common.

The Golden Roof Building (also known as the Golden Roof), named for the 2,657 copper spangles covering the roof, was built in the 15th century to become the residence of Frederick IV, founder of the Tyrolean lineage of the Habsburgs. .

It served as the sumptuous setting of the "marriage of the century" at the time, took place in 1494: the third marriage of Maximilian I of Austria - Archduke, King of the Romans and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Germanicus with Bianca Maria Sforza , daughter of Duke of Milan.

St. Jakob's cathedral, located in the Dom (the central square), shows a baroque interior of a married beauty touflante. A curiosity. The Imperial Palace, essential visit to understand the customs of local royalty is accessible by paying 9 euros.

Inside, excellent museum resources are used: mirrors with an increase in some rooms to better appreciate the paintings of the ceiling until a reproduction of the original colored carpet.

But it is appreciated in black and white, in order that visitors know where to continue their journey.

At the exit, the café Sacher, self-proclaimed "The creators of the Sacher cake" in 1832, is positioned as the ideal place to take a break in the middle of the walk.

The road of gold and salt

Hall in Tirol has been known as such since 1303, found on the Salt Road, when this ore was as precious as gold: it is estimated that 10 million tons were extracted from its valleys.

The Salt Museum reflects this story. But this small town was also the starting point of the modern currency: the Palace of the Mint is a must.

The tourist information office, in access to the city across the bridge over the Inn River, is modern and bright.

But you just have to cross the avenue to fully enter the medieval era: narrow cobbled streets that rise and fall, while the bells of the church of San Nicolás seem to ring without rest.

Gothic friezes survive on the outer walls of the galleries. Inside the enclosure, baroque ceiling and overpopulated religious images, we celebrate a mass in which no more than twenty people participate, which are diluted in the majesty of the place. Construction began in 1281 and ended in 1430.

The competition is complemented by the ringing of the bells of the Chapel of Santa Magdalena, with its facade of the nearby café Rathaus Rose, one of those classic taverns frequented by the medieval film of knights to make wine in metal pots.

Across the streets abound ancient wall paintings, statues and fountains with religious images.

Suddenly, the magic of having traveled back in time is destroyed with Watl, a huge hardware store in the city, an architectural, aesthetic and even emotional break with everything.

The castle Hasseg overlooks the whole, built to guard the Vía de la Sal and protect the city against the ships that passed by the neighboring inn. Although it is formally closed to the public, you can visit some of its inner streets. Its semi-ruined buildings were supported.

At first sight, Absam is nothing more than a suburban conglomerate of small houses far from the noise of the city center.

However, in its few streets hides nothing less than the House of Apparitions: in 1797, the image of a woman materialized in the glass window of the young Rosina Bucher and which could never be erased.

In addition, the municipal museum tells the life and work of the famous maker Jakob Stainer and celebrated every year in the streets of the famous Carnival, dominated by Matschgerer: half-fired characters half clown who are immortalized in an almost invisible statue.

The neighboring town of Thaur is an agricultural community, so the welcome on the road is ensured by endless and perfectly matched plantations. The city seems abandoned, except for two details: the first, the whole church and cemetery, a whole garden of gravestones.

It seems to be the most lively point of Thaur. People come and go, crossing graves, leaving flowers, crossing at the door of the temple. But the second, the kindergarten, from which emerges a catchy childish song. Almost a ghost town !

Lovers of the gastronomic world can not ignore the small village of Fritzens, where alcohol distilleries such as Rochelt, Zalesky or Zimmermann offer guided tours. Not far from here, in Gnadenwald, the beauty of the landscape makes it the ideal place for hang-gliding or paragliding. And in Mils was created Oswald Milser Chor, one of the most famous choruses of the Tyrol.

To reach Tulfes you have to climb 900 meters. Kegelstube, the local sledge club, has a strategic position:

it is next to the tourist office and Mini M market, where you can go shopping for a coffee with views of the snow-capped mountains.

In addition, you can practice a winter sport that is exclusive to the place: klumper, a kind of snowboard to slide from the top of Glungezer, the famous mountain nearby.

Unlike all previous urban centers, Volders can be considered in the context as "a big city".

On the way to get there, Karlskirche is crossed, a kind of Russian palace, white with pink lines, which overflows from its own soil and "falls" on the road. Cars must pass under an arch built to hold it.

Friedberg Castle. which can be seen from the outside makes you walk 3 km along the mountain, along a narrow path.

Renowned crystals

Wattens an ordinary city?

It is the world headquarters of the prestigious Swarovski Crystal Factory.

But the best is about 500 meters further to the exit of the city, where is located Kristallwelten, a theme park built by the company, inaugurated in 1995 and designed by multimedia artist André Heller, born in Vienna, capital of Austria;

The company is crowned by a bar, one of whose walls is entirely made, as it could not be otherwise, of glass.

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The DayNewsWorld was at the tasting of Don Ruinart 2007.
This event took place in a capsule exhibition in the 7th arrondissement.
This grand cru has a first comeback in the apricot palace which symbolizes the year 2007 which was a very sunny year plus a taste of iodine spring in bottom note.
The fine bubbles give this champagne a totally ethereal style.
In addition, the group LVMH fond of art associated with this event artist Lui Bolin Chinese painter and photographer who blends in with his works in collaboration with the luxury house Ruinart .

He wanted to show the expertise of this great champagne house, we also discover the nature ....

We let you find it in these photographs it melts in like a chameleon. Do you know the story of the teaspoon ...

And yes if you do not have a champagne cap you can store your wine cool by putting a silver spoon.
This popular belief tells that a small silver spoon put in the neck would preserve its bubbles.
Personally who does not know that Mia Kennedy is a fan of Ruinart ......... !!!
To taste in moderation of course ................!!!!
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Yes, gentlemen, you are not going to be disappointed: the boss of the Automobile Club of Monaco has assured that the "grid girls" , these hostesses present on the starting line of the F1 Grand Prix, would be present during the race. prestigious Monegasque race at the end of May, despite the ban on the owner of F1 Liberty Media.

In early January, the American group Liberty Media, in charge of F1 since January 2017, had announced the end of the "grid girls", these young women responsible for indicating the location of the cars on the starting grid on the grounds that a sign helped to diminish the condition of women.

"We do not have any real problems with Liberty, except this story with the grid girls.

They have heard our arguments.

The girls will be there without a sign.

They are pretty and the cameras will continue to focus on them, " said Michel Boeri in an interview published on the site of Monaco-Matin.

"They are elegant and like Monaco. The girls will be there, without placards, certainly, but as hospesses of communication. So let's communicate

The Monaco Grand Prix will be contested on May 27th.

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The Fiat-Chrysler and Ferrrari boss, Sergio Marchionne, made the trip to the Geneva Motor Show for the launch of the new Ferrari 488 Pista

The Pista succeeds the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale. The new car marks a rise compared to previous

Ferrari presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 the bodybuilded version of the 488 GTB, the 488 Pista. The racing car is entirely dedicated to the track.

Derived from two racing Ferrai, the 488 GTE and 488 Challenge, the 488 Pista has seen all its main components be optimized:

the transmission, the weight, the aerodynamics and of course the power. Concerning this last point, it benefits from a V9 3.9L biturbo raised to 720 hp.

The new jewel of the lightweight prancing horse (90kg less than the GTB), kills the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.85 seconds and peaks at a top speed of 340 km / h.

And an exhaust sounding a unique sound, adds the Italian manufacturer.

The price ? More than 250,000 euros. But all the copies would already be sold!

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It is currently the fashion week in Paris after Milan. At each parade we see the stars sitting in the front row.

So yesterday at the Lanvin fashion show in Paris, artistic director and fashion designer Bouchra Jarrar brought together stars such as Audrey Fleurot, Nicolas Duchauvelle, Catherine Deneuve Isabelle Adjani, etc.

They came to admire her fall winter 2018 2019 collection but Rihanna was not there.

Our Riri plays it way blogger with a look to discover each day among the collections of great couturiers but cons with it is real. Finally thanks to her the outfits become portable.

This is inevitable when one discovers on the catwalks young models wearing a transparent dress or fur skirt with a leopard bra. Who can wear this on the street?

Help !

But thanks to our icon RIHANNA, we can imagine wearing these outfits in the street.

Personally I love his chic sport wear outfit with the jogging of the famous Gucci Florentine home worn with heels and a small shoulder bag. You can even dress like that to go to a fancy restaurant.

A casual outfit is friendly she wears pitted jeans with a fur multicolored coat Dolce Gabbana autumn 2018 floor Jimmy Choo booties and a Louis Vuitton bag.

Continue like that Rihanna you give us more desire to buy than during the fashion shows.

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Nous nous sommes rendus en avant-première au Salon RétroMobile.

Ce salon se déroule au Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles à Paris du 7 février au 11 février.

C'est un salon sur les voitures anciennes et de collections.Ils regroupent plus de 600 exposants soit 68000 m2 de voitures d'exception.

Lors de celui-ci il va y avoir plusieurs ventes aux enchères de voitures de collection.

La plus belle exposition les plus belles voitures sont présentées par le groupe Artcurial qui vous en met pleins les yeux Hall 2 (Bugatti, Porsche,Bentley,Delahaye,Mercedes,Aston Martin, Alfa Roméo etc...)

Dans le premier hall vous pouvez acquérir des automobiles à moins de 25000 euros.

Rétromobile présente un hommage au grand pilote français Jean Pierre Wimille. Il y aussi un hommage à Carlo Abarth.

Puis à Johny Hallidays car sa cadillac fétiche et l'une de ses Harleys Davidson sont vendues aux enchères par le groupe Artcurial.

Nous pouvons aussi retrouver des pièces détachées pour améliorer vos automobiles ou les remettre en état.

Une exposition photographique est organisée en petite galerie avec tous les anciens modèles qui sont nés en France ou à l'étranger.

Des clubs de voitures anciennes sont aussi présents.

Mc Laren a un stand sympathique ainsi que Bugatti,. Citroën nous présente entre autre les DS Elysée. Renault y fête ses 120 ans.

Vous pourrez aussi participer à des démonstrations de ces petits bolides.

Personnellement je serais bien repartie avec une ancienne Fiat 500 peinture noire intérieure cuir bordeaux prix raisonnable 12000 euros.

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The Michelin Guide awarded its 2018 stars on Monday, February 5, in the late afternoon. The distinctions awarded are 621 restaurants. Among them, 57 new graduates: two new three-star tables - those of Marc Veyrat and Christophe Bacquié -, five new two-star tables, and 50 new one-star ones.

Marc Veyrat and Christophe Bacquié join the 26 others of the Michelin guide.

The ceremony began with a highly acclaimed tribute to Paul Bocuse and Pierre Gagnaire and the Troisgros received a special plaque. Anne-Sophie Pic, godmother of the ceremony and the only woman at the head of a three-star in France, asked for kindness while recalling the importance of parity.

But no woman has been nominated. Only two climbed onto the podium alongside their partner.

Within the 3-stars, one figure was missing: that of the Arms. Michelin announced last week that Sebastien Bras had asked to no longer appear in the 2018 edition.

Apart from this star chef, all dream of getting a "macaron". The latter not only brings them notoriety, but also recognition from their peers.

Note also that Japanese chefs confirm their success, with two stars for Masafumi Hamano's Au 14 Février restaurant in Saint-Amour-Bellevue (Saone-et-Loire) and Takao Takano's eponymous table in Lyon.

What is the method of attribution of the macaron? Anonymous inspectors go to lunch or dinner several times in the restaurant while paying their bill and then return their scoring sheet to the Michelin guide. Five criteria are retained: the choice of products, the control of cooking and flavors, the personality of the kitchen, the regularity and the price-quality ratio. What annoys any favoritism according to the director of the guide Michael Ellis: "No, one can not buy his star in the Michelin guide" he hammers with this kind of criticism ..

The 2018 edition of the Michelin Guide goes on sale from Friday 9 February.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld
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Dans la traditionnelle cathédrale de verre et de métal Mercedes-Benz impose deux flamboyantes créations.

Le sculptural cabriolet Maybac 6 ne déparerait pas dans une œuvre de Tex Avery !

D'une longueur de 5,7 mètres pour seulement deux places il pourrait même faire crier au loup s'il n'était électrique.Ses quatre moteurs placés dans les roues développent pas moins de 750 chevaux !

BMW n'est pas en reste .

Aux cotés de la survtaminée M5 de 600 chevaux trône un concept de roadster sportif, le Z4 !

Chez Audi, le luxe est également une valeur sûre:

La vedette du stand la limousine A8 met en œuvre un niveau supplémentaire de conduite autonome et se lance dans la surenchère d’équipements
L'incontournable marque culte italienne Ferrari

Elle fête ses 70 ans avec un sublime cabriolet au nom évocateur: Portofino, du nom du port le plus huppé de la côte ligure

A Voir !!

Andrew Preston pour DayNewsWorld


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Hermès inaugure deux sites de production pour la maroquinerie en Normandie et en Nouvelle Aquitaine créant ainsi 220 emplois . Hermès, troisième groupe de luxe français et 12e mondial par le chiffre d'affaires compte déjà 38 sites de production en France.

Dans une conjoncture économique mondiale favorable les ventes mondiales du sellier-maroquinier du Faubourg Saint-Honoré sont en forte hausse (+7,4% de progression sur un an).

En effet la maison réalise 86% de ses ventes à l'exportation essentiellement vers l'Asie représentant près de la moitié de son chiffre d'affaires. inaugurera vendredi une ganterie-maroquinerie à Saint-Junien (Haute-Vienne), a-t-il indiqué dans un communiqué.

L'installation de la ganterie de Saint Junien en Haute-Vienne , acquise en 1998 par Hermès se fait.dans

"une ancienne usine de traitement de la laine d'une surface de 1.500 m2" en bord de Vienne entièrement rénovée.

On y fabriquera des objets de petite maroquinerie. Cette ganterie-maroquinerie "accueillera à terme près de 120 artisans".L’inauguration officielle est prévue le 9 juin 2017.

La société inaugurera également une nouvelle maroquinerie à Val-de-Reuil (Eure), dans des locaux d'une surface de 5.700 m2, employant 250 artisans.

Une aubaine pour la France ! La totalité de la maroquinerie maison est fabriquée en France.

Le groupe a rappelé que près de 600 personnes ont été recrutées en 2016, essentiellement dans la production et la vente, dont plus de 400 en France. Sur un total de 12.834 salariés à fin décembre 7.881 emplois se situaient dans l'Hexagone.

La maison de luxe Hermès a de beaux jours devant elle !

Alize Marion pour DayNewsWorld
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Week-end du 1er mai arrive. Alors partons se faire une virée à Deauville !

Deauville est une ville balnéaire à 2heures seulement de Paris. C'est une ville romantique. En effet, se promener avec son amoureux sur les planches face à la mer nous ramène au chabala chabala du ciné astre Claude Lelouch pour le film « Un homme et une femme ».

Mais, revenons un peu en arrière. Ce fut la ville où en 1919 Coco Chanel ouvrit sa première boutique : elle était située à côté du Fabuleux hôtel Le Normandy. Sur Deauville on y trouve trois grands palaces un qui se situe au. centre-ville qui détient une piscine intérieure c'est le Normandy. Y ont séjourné plusieurs acteurs comme Alain Delon mais aussi de nombreux politiciens comme Monsieur Sarkozy. Cet hôtel fait partie du groupe Lucien Barrière. Il a une particularité pour les joueurs de casino qui par un tunnel s'y rendent directement. Dans le casino Barrière vous pouvez jouer aux machines à sous, aux tables au poker au chemin de fer par exemple. Dans celui-ci se trouve aussi une salle de spectacle.

Puis vous avez aussi le Palace l'hôtel Royal situé face à la mer avec une piscine extérieure : il est plus tranquille plus cosy. A l'époque on est croisé Omar Sharif, la famille de Monaco entre autres. Le dernier Palace groupe Barrière est l'hôtel du Golf situé dans les hauteurs de Deauville. Cet hôtel est réservé plutôt aux joueurs de golf car il se trouve au milieu du golf, agrémenté également d' une piscine extérieure, de tennis et d'une piste d'hélicoptère.

Deauville est une ville balnéaire et possède un centre de thalassothérapie jouxtant la piscine municipale. Le bassin de la piscine municipale est à l'eau de mer.

Face à la mer vous avez les barrières blanches où vous trouvez sur les bas-côtés des planches le nom des acteurs français ou américains qui ont marché sur celle-ci. En 1972 on y croisait souvent Gainsbourg et Jane Birking promenant en poussette la petite Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Pour vous mesdames dans la rue principale vous trouvez toutes les boutiques à la mode mais aussi des magasins de luxe comme Louis Vuitton, Hermès. .. Il y a aussi le grand magasin le Printemps. Au bout de cette rue la place Morny où l'on peut prendre un café au Café de Paris déguster de très bons gâteaux chez Dupont Durand. Tous les matins pendant les grands week-ends et les vacances on y trouve aussi sur cette place le marché de Deauville. Avec de bon producteur de fromages, de fruits et légumes et des marchands de poisson. Dans la rue commerçante se trouve aussi le restaurant connu le Drakkar : je vous conseille l'escalope normande en plat et en dessert une délicieuse tarte tatin. Juste à côté se trouve le restaurant Miocque où les artistes aiment se retrouver. Pour les joueurs de courses Deauville a aussi son hippodrome, où l'été se déroulent les ventes de yearling et les parties de polo.

Partez avec les enfants : n'ayez crainte c'est aussi une ville familiale. Au bord de mer vous y trouverez un mini golf, un club de poney, mini club à côté de la plage où les enfants peuvent passer la journée.

Il est assez facile de trouver des baby-sitters pour aller dîner face à la mer au Ciros un plateau de fruits de mer. Pourquoi ne pas arriver directement sur la plage rolls-Royce ou en hélicoptère comme dans le film « La vérité si je mens ».

Je vous laisse je vais prendre la route direction Deauville pour me balader sur les Planches puis me faire un un plateau de fruit de mer ou si vous voulez :huîtres, champagne !!

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld
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Pendant moult années j'accumulais les erreurs chier sur le coup mais faut bien qu’elles servent à quelque chose !!!

L'expérience ...dont nous rabattent les oreilles nos « aînés. ».

Petit memento  :

1° Ne pas se rendre à 2 SOIREES en pensant que ça va d'enfer.

OUI, sur le papier ça a de la gueule ;

MAIS en pratique, c’était un peu plus tendax !

Deux soirées en une c’est :

Temps de transports fois2

Boissons à acheter fois 2

Ensuite,hyper frustrant de quitter une soirée au moment où ça commence à se chauffer pour aller en retrouver une autre au moment où on est déjà passé au niveau chaud de la fête ! Et moi dans tout cela, sur les rotules, et sans mec.

2°Une fois parée de mes habits de lumière MOULANTS

Je me dis qu’après tout, eh, pourquoi pas ? C’est l’occasion rêvée pour être bonnasse, c’est réveillon

J’ai le temps l’année de porter mes jeans, pulls et doudounes.

Sauf que qui dit réveillon dit bouffe : des tartoches, des boissons à bulles, des trucs bons et souvent gras...

ET conséquence : le ventre gonfle, le problème : les vêtements moulants, bah ça serre. Ça compresse, et merci le ballonnement.

Tu parles d’un glamour.

3°Les talons TROP HAUTS

Je danse mal.

Alors, souvent, quand je pars en soirée, je ne prends pas en compte l’éventualité que je pourrais avoir vraiment envie de guincher, comme on dit ;

Et les pieds qui gonflent et les ampoules et...

4°Ne rien préparer A L 'ARRACHE.

Faire les choses quand on peut, tout de suite, quand on y pense

Bannir la procrastination.

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld

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Interbrand a dévoilé son classement 2016 des marques les plus puissantes du monde et l’automobile est le secteur le plus largement représenté.

Palmarès annuel des 100 marques les plus fortes dans le monde :

les géants du numériques dominent le top 10 avec Apple et Google qui caracolent en tête, mais le secteur de l’automobile suit avec quatorze marques dans le top 100.

Le constructeur japonnais Toyota s'arroge la cinquième place avec une valeur estimée à 53,58 milliards de dollars et une progression de 9% sur un an.

Toyota conforte sa place de constructeur ayant la plus forte valeur mais la marque japonaise n’est pas seule.

En effet, Mercedes-Benz profite d’une progression de 18% par rapport à 2015 pour se classer neuvième (43,49 milliards de dollars) devançant maintenant son rival BMW qui reste onzième mais affiche également une belle progression (+12% sur un an et une valeur estimée à 41,53 milliards de dollars).

Honda par contre avec une baisse de 4% est vingt-et-unième de ce classement (22,11 milliards de dollars) loin cependant devant Ford (33ème avec une valeur de 12,96 milliards de dollars et une progression de 12%). 

Hyundai s'affiche au 35ème rang avec une valeur de 12,55 milliards de dollars et une progression de 11%) et Audi progresse de 14% au 38ème avec une valeur de 11,80 milliards de dollars.

Mia Kennedy pour DayNewsWorld