My fresh life resumes its course with changes once or twice a week I sleep with my boss and it is true that he has a beautiful. Yes I replaced my yoga classes by his third leg.

She is so beautiful, shaved with precision even the bouncing balls are hairless result I distress playing with my tongue on this delicious place that has a taste of paradise. I'm happy the only downside there is always one is that I have the famous family weekend meal.

And going to my mother's house on a weekend is far from a gift. In addition, the days go by so quickly that we will soon meet again at Christmas. After part of legs in the air I complain to Philip who catches me and spanks me saying that I am a naughty girl not wanting to go see my mom.

I must admit that I loved the spanking saliva even that it gives me a go go I think I'll beg. Philippe begins to make a speech to me-love.

Philippe: you do not realize Mia the luck you have. My parents are dead I would give anything so that my mother is alive and as boring as yours.

Here I am back in my thoughts no matter what should not be exaggerated either!

The good point is that he admits that my dear mother is a wound, from which I am not a horrible girl she is very boring. I answer him that it is not him who will make the family meal with an interrogation in front of all the family. I can not stand this situation one day I think I'll swing my four truths to each guest.

And I assure you I have something to do a great unpacking between Uncle Fernand that I met one day with his gardener trying to button his fly. Girlfriend Germaine who is fabulous about the pastor.

The fabulous husband of my sister who accompanies the babysitter to his room and then I hear moans and yes I have the room next door and saw what I heard that came from the girl I I have necessarily spied on it because I thought that his nocturnal trips were my father's, but no. I found out that it was just the ideal son-in-law who made this little girl work overtime.

And cousin Eloise graduated from Harvard also belongs to the barge box. At night she walks naked like a snake in the corridors and always goes to the fridge. At first I thought she was poor at somnambulism attacks. But no she pushes full of stuff she takes bottles of sparkling water shakes them and opens at the level of her pubis and she laughs.

So I admit it's the most crooked of the family. Whatever my mother's brother is drinking too much ... - and with my cousin Alicia we decided to film him on his insul- uriner on the radiators. Result of the races me and my cousin plus my parents we are the most normal people of the family.

Philippe: And Mia you answer me where are you?

I do. Sorry I was thinking of a folder in the office that gives me a hard time.

Him: So that tells you that I come with you to your parents?

Me: You want to come great but without exchange?

He: Not just out of sympathy for your parents we can even say that we are together if you want.

Me: What a good idea yay !! !

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld