The weekend is going on more or less well with fun of reflections.

A real salad made with spicy oil yes exactly this dish qualifies my mother.

Back in the car finally to New York my cousin sleeps half, it is Philippe who drives. He does not speak he must be tired the poor.

Me personally I revisit the weekend is past I will find my beautiful home and my other family. In addition, the baby must arrive this week a happy event in my small family.

I stop dreaming and ask Philippe if he is well.

Yes because if the poor is too tired I will replace him to drive I fart the form. There he answers me, how can I imagine that he goes well after the crappy weekend he spent. On these sweet words I propose to stop for me to replace him at the wheel and he can rest.

I admit to my parents is always folklo. But it's life we ​​choose his friends, not his parents.

He tells me dryly that he is not tired on the contrary that relaxes him even he adds. I tell him I'm sorry. And there, he looks at me with a cold look. And she said to me: Mrs Mia is sorry for making me look like a cunt too cute. And at that moment a boxing match in the car starts live.

I say thank you for these beautiful words, yes it was really a great moment when you said loudly that I was neither your fiancé nor .. Me pissed it's true I have a ring on my finger which shows that I am your bride. He outbid neither your boyfriend yes it was too much to ask you to pronounce these words to please ...

Me: but anything with all the girls that you do you I mean that you kill you I'm sure that in the morning you do not even know their name.

Him: you're jealous Mia wants me for her. By cons you said that I was just your bed shot.

Me: I did not say that I said you were my sex-toy is the truth no ?

There, he starts to drive fast and goes on an area and tells me get off the road. I go down and there he catches me by the arm embraces me passionately I have my pants that starts to wet I feel his penis hard against me.

He lifts my skirt and opens the fly of his pants and take me against the car.

I enjoy like crazy and suddenly I see my cousin who comes out of the car quietly and smiles to me I say nothing I do not care because I take my foot is good.

Wow it's a good shot this guy he asks me if I want him to enjoy in my mouth I say no thank you I had breakfast this morning...

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld