I left the reception with a shock. My neighbor I do not believe him the one with whom I slept it's my boss.

I who boasted to him to rent this apartment alone in fact I did not know I learn on the same path that Philippe holds the entire building where we all live, my troupe and me.

So he knows that I house my free band at his expense my friends and in addition a baby must arrive soon. In the car he congratulates me on my price.

I can not help but ask him why he hid me that he was the big boss. Philippe: I thought I told you the day of the flood but you literally jumped on me in your bathroom. It's true that my clothes had never been removed so quickly.

Me: I point out that you too you put me back to rock on the bath and taken doggy style.

Him: Yes, I remember I was surprised so much you enjoyed that I was afraid that you wake up the whole building.

Me: You exaggerate a little you believe yourself so powerful. I do not think that's the case because otherwise you would have remained my favorite sexetoy.

He: So it's that you were hungry that day, Mia!

Gougeat there, I did not loosen the jaw all the way I turned my head outward to no longer look at it.

Arriving I said thank you to the driver and I said that the trip seemed endless.

In addition I added it is normal when accompanied by a muzzle.

On entering the building the guard congratulated me on my price and he added that Mr. Philippe should be proud of his small recruit. In the elevator that we share because we live in the same place.

I explode.

So tell me who was not aware that you are my BOSS. Philippe: Calm down, my rabid lion savors your price.

You saw how the clan Gloria looked at you ....

Me: But I do not care about the price you want it I give it to you anyway it comes back to your firm, right?

He: Ok we stop at my floor and you'll leave it at home if the lady does not want it. : Ok, good idea.

Then he barely passes the steps of his door and catches me by the arm firmly and tell me now you'll stop your kids Mia.

He squeezes me against his chest and kisses me as in French movies with his tongue I do not know what he takes me I tear off his shirt tears my dress I have the heart that beats to one hundred per hour.

To feel his hands running through my body gives me heat I feel his penis that becomes so hard against me and there I shout take me I can not otherwise I do not answer anything. I have never had such a good time fucking.....

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld