End of a perilous adventure where they almost died, starved and exhausted while on an Arctic expedition. Mike Horn and Borge Ousland were recovered by the Lance boat unharmed!

The happy news was announced on Mike Horn's Instagram account on Sunday, December 8, 2019, with photo supporting it. “Expedition 44 update. Approximately around midnight last night, Pangea received a call from Lance to announce that Mike Horn, @borgeousland, @aleksandergamme and @polarbengt have finally joined the ship unharmed. We will post more details when we have them, but for now it is time for our two heroes to let them enjoy a well-deserved rest after this incredible feat they have achieved, "it was published. .

South African explorer Mike Horn, presenter of "The Island" and his sidekick the Norwegian Borge Ousland, aged 53 and 57 respectively, found themselves in great difficulty, since November 22, in their ski crossing from the frozen Arctic Ocean.

The two adventurers had embarked on a crossing of the Arctic Ocean on skis. While initially they planned to complete the expedition in mid-November, the weather conditions forced them to progress more carefully than expected, the ice being thinner than usual and more inclined to drift. The explorers had to travel up to five kilometers more per day.

“The ice is breaking and moving much faster than before, which is one of the biggest challenges we have faced so far.

It's sad to admit to me, but in all my years as a professional explorer, I have never been so affected by climate change, "wrote Mike Horn, who fell into the water several times. times, to his daughters, Jessica and Annika.

Time was running out, their food ration reserves were running out and their physical state was deteriorating due to the darkness but also the very unstable temperatures, varying in a few days from - 2 ° C to - 45 ° C. What weaken the two adventurers and endanger their lives.

But today, the two famous adventurers are saved !

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld