A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane with a hundred people on board crashed this Friday in Karachi, the capital of the South, as it approached the airport to land there.

At least 97 people died in the Friday crash of the Airbus A320 over a residential area in Karachi, the big city in southern Pakistan, according to a report made public on Saturday 23 May 2020 by local authorities.

The latter also reported two survivors, said the Pakistani aviation authority. It is not known whether the disaster also claimed lives on the ground.

The circumstances of the crash still unclear

The aircraft from Lahore was carrying 99 people (91 passengers and 8 crew members), an airline spokesman said on Saturday, correcting a first count that reported only 98 occupants. Among the two miracles of the crash was Zafar Masud, president of the Bank of Punjab, one of Pakistan's largest banks, said the president of PIA.

Rescue operations ended at dawn on Saturday. The circumstances of the drama are still unclear. According to the company's CEO, the aircraft was "on final approach" to Karachi airport when an incident occurred. "The last time we heard from the pilot, he indicated that he had a technical problem," said the manager. "He was told (...) that two runways were ready for landing, but he decided to go around." "According to the Pakistani Interior Minister, the pilot said he had" lost a engine "then launched" a distress call ".

A mixed record in aviation safety

The disaster comes just days after the country authorized the resumption of domestic commercial flights. For more than a month, domestic connections had been suspended to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Very few international flights had been maintained.

Pakistan has a mixed record for aviation safety, with frequent civil and military plane and helicopter crashes having occurred over the years.

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Since March 1, 125 cases of atypical forms of Kawasaki syndrome have been identified in France.

"A 9 year old boy, presenting an overdevelopmental comorbidity, died in a table of systemic inflammation with myocarditis", specified Public Health France in its weekly bulletin, Thursday May 14, 2020.

More than half of the cases (58%) have been reported by the Ile-de-France region. Similar syndromes have been found in middle aged 8 year old children. in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England or the United States.

What is Kawasaki disease?

Kawasaki disease is a childhood pathology still little known to doctors.

The symptoms are a significant deterioration of the general state, a fever, conjunctivitis, dry lips, a rash resembling scarlet fever, large nodes in the neck, without being present at the same time.

All these children and adolescents have a large inflammatory syndrome.

An unexpected number of children have been or are hospitalized in pediatric intensive care units for atypical forms of Kawasaki syndrome (inflammatory vasculitis disease), more than half of whom have acute myocarditis (inflammation of the myocardium, the main muscle of the muscle). heart), most with no identified risk factors.

Like the cases found in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, a majority of these children or adolescents are from Africa, the West Indies or North Africa, evoking a probable genetic track, note the doctors.

What connection with the coronavirus?

More than half of Kawasaki's cases tested positive for Covid-19, and "the link to the virus was probable" in 12% of young patients because they had been in contact with a positive subject or had had a CT scan that evoked the Covid-19. All of them have had little or no symptomatic form of Covid-19 before.

"The link between these hyperinflammatory syndromes and Covid-19 has been established," explains Professor Alexandre Belot, rheumatologist at the Woman-Mother-Child Hospital in Lyon. The health agency estimates that in affected children, this disease occurs "within an average of four weeks after infection" by the coronavirus. In other words, Kawasaki disease would be a reaction to the coronavirus developed by some children, several weeks after contamination.

To explain these atypical symptoms, "two hypotheses are explored: the genetic pathway associated with an excessive immune response that leads to inflammation and the pathogen pathway by studying the viral strains identified in Kawasaki cases", continues the researcher.

However, these cases are very rare with regard to the pediatric population.

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The solution everyone is waiting for is a vaccine against the virus, which appeared in China in December. In view of the efforts made, it could be available in a year, estimated Thursday the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

An "optimistic" perspective, nuanced Marco Cavaleri, director of strategy at EMA, whose headquarters are in The Hague.

More than 100 projects have been launched worldwide and a dozen clinical trials are underway to try to find a cure for the disease, which killed 300,140 people and infected 4,403,714 people on the planet, according to a new balance sheet.

But the subject sharpens lusts and rivalries especially since according to WHO the virus may never disappear.

The French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi has also caused outrage in Europe by announcing that it would distribute a possible vaccine as a priority in the United States, which has invested 30 million dollars (29.20 million francs) to support its research. .

" First come, first served": the adage goes pretty well to President Trump, strongly suspected of wanting to apply his doctrine "America First" to the vaccine against Covid-19, on which several pharmaceutical companies are working hard.

"Good of public utility"

To French President Emmanuel Macron then to be offended and to demand that a vaccine not be subjected "to the laws of the market" while a spokesperson of the European Commission estimated: it "must be a good of utility and its access must be equitable and universal ”.

A vaccine or treatment against Covid-19 should even be provided "free to all", insist more than 140 personalities, including South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in an open letter.

But what exactly did Paul Hudson say?

That the United States "was entitled to the largest order [of vaccines] because it invested in risk taking". Indeed, the American federal state, through a structure devoted to the fight against bioterrorism and pandemics, the Biomedical Development and Research Authority (Barda), has invested $ 1 billion in a public partnership -private with several laboratories working on vaccines against Covid-19, including the multinational Sanofi.

The boss of Sanofi also recalled that he had unsuccessfully campaigned in Brussels for the European Union to create the equivalent of the American Barda. This is where the essential question lies: Europe painfully discovers, thanks to this pandemic, that it has not given itself the instruments of sovereignty.

Europe is largely dependent on the outside world and must rethink its health security and, quite simply, its strategic independence...

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Eighty miners lost their lives, miners were killed in 2018 in France after abuse by a parent, or 13 more than in 2017, according to the 2019 annual report of the National Observatory for Child Protection ( ONPE), published Tuesday 12 May.

These figures, whose annual publication became an obligation in 2017, are nevertheless "to be interpreted with caution since they only reveal part of the phenomenon, that brought to the attention of the security services, suggesting a possible underestimation FOUR, specifies the ONPE in its report.

Adding children killed by someone outside the family, nearly 122 victims of infanticide were identified in 2018, specifies this report, which represents almost 10% of the total number of homicides in France.

Among the 80 children who died in an intra-family setting, that is to say that the murderer is a parent (father, mother, step-parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, siblings, etc.), 55 were 0 to 4 years old, 14 5 to 9 years old, eight 10 to 14 years old, and three 15 to 17 years old.

Girls more victims

The victims were mainly girls: 44 against 36 boys, it is detailed in this publication, which is based on activity data from the police and gendarmerie services, centralized by the Ministerial Statistical Service of Internal Security.

To curb the phenomenon and better fight against the murders of children by their parents or close family, a report was submitted to the government in 2019 which makes several recommendations: better spot the red flags, strengthen the training of professionals, avoid loss of information, etc.

Progress to be made in education and justice

The report suggests setting up in each department a commission of experts to be responsible for examining death cases a posteriori, in order to analyze "what happened, what could have been done differently and how similar situations can be identified and prevented ”.

"In a good number of situations, the mistreatment, or its risk, could have been detected if we had brought together several visible warning signals to synthesize them," observe the authors of this report, drawn up by the general inspectorates of social affairs (Igas), justice (IGJ) and education (IGAENR).

By focusing on the one hand on the 363 murders of children committed "in an intra-family environment" over the period 2012-2016, and on the other hand on 45 specific judicial files, the authors stress "the imperative need to better organize the 'exchange of information within each medico-social service, national education, police or justice and between these services."

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With deconfinement, an entire society will gradually emerge from its bubble. An alarm clock in Sleeping Beauty mode. where the world before will not be completely forgotten, but where new codes will govern our behavior.

The deconfinement is organized. And, like these Covid survivors from their artificial coma, the return to "normal" life will not be without difficulty. Not just for the most anxious among us.

Children, adolescents, teleworkers, temporary unemployed, self-employed workers who are stationary, everyone will have to walk out the door again early in the morning. Face the outside world, the light, the crowd, the traffic jams, the race for activities. An outside world where the disease will always prowl, this Covid not yet eradicated, and against which no vaccine still protects us.

In what state of mind will this deconfinement take place?

We could summarize it by an emotional cocktail made of happiness to find the close relations and a social life, accompanied by a certain anxiety vis-a-vis the disease, of perplexity vis-a-vis a world where the faces, in street, in the shops, at the school, at work, will be masked.

Sometimes judgmental, faced with behaviors from the past that did not shock anyone. A dive into a new world. A bit uncertain and insecure. The unknown.

the world will have to step out of its door again early in the morning. Face the outside world, the light, the crowd, the traffic jams, the race for activities. An outside world where the disease will always prowl, this Covid not yet eradicated, and against which no vaccine still protects us.

We will have to rebound and adjust to a society that will probably no longer be the one we knew before March 16. A company where the wearing of a mask will, if not compulsory, be strongly recommended. A society where social distancing will remain the norm that will govern our relationships with others. At work, at school, on the street. Not forever, but probably for a long time.

Faced with confinement, as with deconfinement, we quickly understand that we are not all in the same boat. And that the feelings will be as many and different as there are varied experiences. If the change imposed by entering confinement was not without difficulty. new habits have taken hold.

For many, a new routine has been set up, made up of small immutable rituals (evening stroll, virtual aperitifs, applause at 8 p.m.), the only escape routes in a liberated atmosphere.

Some also feel that they have found comfort in a calmer life. Some have rediscovered the pleasure of making bread, playing sports, or telecommuting. To leave in the routine of before, it is to draw them from a world which they built themselves, and in which they realize that they are not so bad.

Getting out of this bubble, it will be necessary to rebuild again, and probably otherwise, especially as the very anxiety-provoking climate created by a society where everyone will wear masks in survival mode will instill an impression of the dangerousness of the world.

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The confinement imposed by the coronavirus is no easy task, everyone agrees. deeply. At the same time, it forces us to test other ways of living and working.

And if, once deconfined, we kept the good sides ?

If everything is not going to change after the crisis since the change requires the effort to get out of our comfort zone and human beings return very quickly to their comfort zone. We are not going to change at all, however trends will accelerate. What will we change, once deconfined ?

Work organization

It is obvious, the organization of work has been shaken as rarely: 37% of employees in the private sector currently telecommute. Before the crisis, there was still a lot of reluctance with regard to remote work, on the union side as well as on the manager side. However today, with confinement, the trend has reversed. A balance was found according to the activity of the people and the type of management.

We can thus live and work better, with less time wasted, less stress. In traffic jams, human relations management

Massive homeworking of the moment will have consequences. Those who practiced it before before tested it full time and those who did not want it were forced to do so and may have found an interest in it. That, for example, of no longer attending meetings that are useless… to favor only real, strategic meetings, those where presence is necessary. Why make a round trip to Barcelona during the day for two hours of meeting, if videoconferencing avoids it. Let's continue on the ground of displacements

Transport reorganization

We have seen the beneficial effect of telework on traffic (less time wasted, less pollution), but we will still be on the move. We will no doubt avoid public transport as much as possible for the benefit of the car, cycling or walking. Everything will depend on the reaction of the public authorities. Who will be able to think of a redevelopment of public space by giving more space to pedestrians and cyclists (enough to ensure social distancing for these modes. Thus the city of Milan which affected in full hearted by the coronavirus, decided to widen sidewalks and transform 35 km of roads into cycle paths.

The organization of the day

To facilitate the physical distance between deconfines, we can also loosen the organization of our days. Why do businesses and schools all start at the same time when spreading out the start of activities reduces peak traffic in public transport and on the road. The experiences of time offices carried out in several European cities show that there is a way to fluidize the rhythms of a population in a given geographic space. The post-crisis should make us more flexible in organizing the rhythms of a day.

Relocation of companies

Decentralize, decentralize, relocate. With the limitation of travel and the blocking of many supply chains, short circuits are popular. However, let's not bet everything on the local. Because, the day when a disaster such as a great drought arrives, probable scenario, we will be quite helpless with a short circuit. We must therefore keep the sense of balance in. keeping a link with agricultural production which is not limited to the terroir

The crisis has also shown that when a company concentrates its production in distant countries with low labor costs, to look after its own profitability, it actually puts the community at risk. The example of protective masks and drugs shows this. When supply chains, long and sophisticated, seize up, everyone pays the price. It will therefore be necessary to relocate certain strategic sectors from pharmaceutical products to food products.

Taking into account ecology

The climate issue should also come back on the agenda in force after the coronavirus crisis. With the shutdown of the economy, we could observe the impact on the climate. Reducing energy dependence by developing renewable energies generates positive effects on health and the climate, but also on our industrial fabric since it creates internal activity.

Switching to a carbon neutral economy is very necessary despite the cost. The French State has therefore conditioned its aid to Air France to climate objectives.

While the crisis of 2008, was to curb saving the economy by keeping the same system as it is, today, faced with the health crisis, the State seeks a better balance between the economy, the social and the ecology..

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Hopeful note on the research front ?

While clinical trials have multiplied in France and around the world, the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) has decided to make public the preliminary results of a study.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, doctors have observed in some patients with the virus a sudden worsening of their condition after several days, a phenomenon probably linked to an excessive immune reaction of the body. This hyper-inflammation, also called "cytokine storm", can be fatal.

A phenomenon sometimes lightning, as in this man, hospitalized because of Covid-19, who had just exchanged an SMS with his relatives to say that he felt better when, suddenly, he no longer managed to breathe

A clinical trial

For these serious cases, tocilizumab gives rise to some hope. In the context of a clinical trial, this treatment reduced "significantly" the proportion of patients who had to be transferred to intensive care or died, compared to those who received standard treatment, said Public Assistance-Paris hospitals on Monday (AP-HP).

These initial conclusions show the effectiveness of a drug, called tocilizumab (Actemra or RoActemra), to avoid an exaggerated reaction of the immune system called "cytokine storm" in certain serious patients of Covid-19. This medication may be able to prevent this inflammatory thunderstorm which occurs between the 8th and 10th day of infection and which worsens the respiratory condition of patients.

This is the "first randomized controlled trial" which "demonstrates a clinical benefit" of this treatment in Covid patients with severe infection.

These results have yet to be "consolidated" and will be published in a scientific journal in a few weeks. Usually used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, it works by blocking the receptor of a protein of the immune system which plays an important role in the inflammatory process.

This profile corresponds "only to 5% to 10% of patients infected" by the coronavirus who, develop a severe form with an acute respiratory distress syndrome . They are, however, among those most at risk of being placed on artificial respiration or dying

A prognosis therefore improved, few adverse effects and a price certainly high for a single injection :

  $ 760. But as the doctors point out, this is a price that has no comparison with the cost of a single day in an intensive care unit.

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The British authorities wish to use canines to detect the coronavirus disease on people.

In collaboration with the organization Medical Detection Dogs, scientists from the universities of Durham and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have been working on this question for several weeks now to find out to what extent canids can detect the disease.

Does the disease leave an odor on the protective masks used by infected patients, and above all, if so, is it identifiable by canids, like cancer or other already detectable diseases ?

"We believe that dogs can detect Covid-19 and that they can very quickly screen hundreds of people to find out who should be tested and isolated," said Claire Guest, founder and chief executive officer of Medical Detection. Dogs.

In his training center in Milton Keynes, in the center of England, dogs are trained to recognize the smell of the virus among several samples. They must then report when they find it, before being rewarded.

"We have evidence that dogs can detect bacteria and other diseases, so we think this project will make a huge difference in the ability to control the spread of Covid-19," added Claire Guest, whose association has already trained canines to detect cancer or Parkinson's disease.

This solution could save precious time for medical teams in the care of infected patients.

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A tigress from a Bronx zoo in New York has tested positive for coronavirus. The animal suffered from a dry cough and loss of appetite.

Dry cough and loss of appetite

It is a world first. In New York, a tiger from a Bronx zoo tested positive for Covid-19. The animal, a four-year-old Malaysian tiger called Nadia, but also its sister Azul, as well as two Amur tigers and three African lions all suffer from dry cough, but should recover fully, indicates the zoo in a communicated.

Nadia is the only feline to have been tested.

"Although their appetite has decreased, the felines of the Bronx zoo are doing well thanks to veterinary care and are lively, alert and interactive with their keepers," the same source said.

The tiger contaminated by a guard

The zoo has been closed to the public since March 16, as have the three other New York zoos and the city's aquarium. The contaminated tiger would therefore have contracted the disease from a guardian who would then have no symptoms.

"We do not know how this disease will develop in big cats because different species can react differently to new infections, but we will continue to monitor them closely and anticipate a full recovery," said the New York institution.

"We [the tiger Nadia] have tested it with all due care and we will make sure that any knowledge acquired about the Covid-19 will contribute to the understanding of this new coronavirus in the world", adds the press release.

At the end of March, a cat was infected with the new coronavirus in Belgium, contaminated by its owner who was sick, according to the Belgian health authorities who had then ruled out any risk of contamination from animals to humans. Similar cases have been reported in Hong Kong where two dogs tested positive for Covid-19.

These animals are said to have contracted the virus from the people with whom they live.

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France is, for the moment, in stage 2 of its plan to fight Covid-19.

It could progress to the next stage in the event of active circulation of the virus throughout the country.

Faced with the number of cases that increases every day, it still seems "unlikely" that it will escape the epidemic stage, government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye said on Wednesday.

While the purpose of stage 1 of the coronavirus prevention plan was to prevent the virus from entering the territory, the second health level, in which we have been since February 28, aims to curb the spread of Covid -19.

Concretely, the triggering of stage 2 has led to the closure of a hundred schools, to cancel or postpone sporting and cultural events or to limit public gatherings to 5,000 people and to quarantine all over the territory . But today, if the government is to be believed, triggering stage 3 of the epidemic seems inevitable.

"I fear that it is difficult to escape the epidemic phase," admitted Sibeth Ndiaye, the government spokeswoman, to France Inter, Wednesday March 4. For that, it is necessary that the virus circulates on the whole of the territory whereas currently there exist only clusters, that is to say homes of patients in different places. The General Directorate of Health (DGS), which reports to the Ministry of Health, has three: in the Oise, in Haute-Savoie and in the Morbihan. However, the number of isolated cases in other regions is increasing every day. If the epidemic stage is reached, phase 3 will be triggered with the aim of limiting the effects of the epidemic.

To draw the contours of this stage 3, the authorities rely on a Prevention and Control Plan drawn up in 2011 in the event of an influenza pandemic. Although the coronavirus has differences, this could serve as a basis for reflection. Binding measures would be taken throughout the territory such as the closure of crèches and educational establishments on a territorial or even national scale, the possible suspension of certain public transport, the restriction of large gatherings and collective activities, maintaining a food supply and basic necessities to avoid shortages.

Stage 3, or epidemic stage, will also impose "full mobilization of the health system in all its components (city medicine, health establishments and medico-social establishments)", as specified in the methodological guide to "preparation for epidemic risk Covid-19 ". In this situation, patient management would evolve: patients infected with the coronavirus would no longer be systematically managed in the hospital. Indeed, the “harmless” patients would remain confined to their homes and would be followed by their general practitioner.

"This home support system will aim not to saturate the hospitalization capacities of health establishments and will make it possible to reserve the resources of health establishments for the most serious cases", indicates the government.

According to Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, specialist in infectious diseases who participated in the meeting, the transition from phase 2, currently underway, to phase 3 - that of the epidemic, which will impose more restrictive restrictions - will intervene "between a few days and a week or two. ".

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In 2010, Julian Assange, an Australian computer scientist in his forties, became for some a sort of hero of the freedom to inform by disclosing thousands of confidential American documents.

Ten years after the publication of the thousands of documents that have made Wikileaks famous, the founder of the famous site is appearing in London this week. Since Monday, British justice is indeed called to rule on the extradition of Julian Assange towards the United States, where Julian Assange risks 175 years of prison.

Considered a whistleblower and a staunch defender of the freedom to inform by some, Julian Assange remains in the eyes of the American state a traitor and a spy.

So the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, is he a spy or a symbol of the freedom to inform?

Can he escape extradition?

The defense of Julian Assange accused Washington on February 25 of basing the espionage lawsuits targeting the founder of Wikileaks on "lies", on the second day of the examination by the British justice of the request for American extradition.

The 48-year-old Australian is being prosecuted in the United States for having disseminated from 2010 more than 700,000 classified documents on American military and diplomatic activities, in particular in Iraq and Afghanistan, then on heavy secrets of life in Guantanamo . And it revealed to the world the extent of US state surveillance.

Prosecuted under the anti-spy laws of 1917 and for hacking, Juain Assange faces up to 175 years in prison. The defense of Julian Assange, denounced the "lies" on which the prosecution would be based. But the 18 heads of prosecution against Julian Assange, arrested in April after seven years in hiding at the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​are based on "lies, lies and more lies", accused one of the founder's lawyers from Wikileaks, Mark Summers.

For a fair trial.

In order to rule on the extradition request, the examination of which takes place this week and then three more weeks from 18 May, the British courts must in particular ensure that it is not disproportionate or incompatible with human rights. 'Man. Now Assange appears to be a hunted fugitive passing from one place of confinement to another.

In his box, the founder of WikiLeaks appeared tired after hours of hearing. "Julian Assange is having trouble, he's having trouble concentrating," said a member of his defense team. In the courtroom, he appears, enclosed in a jar, in a huge glass box, with fine vertical openings where you cannot pass your hand. He complained several times:

it is difficult for him under his conditions to communicate with his lawyers. His detention also complicated his defense, and he complained yesterday of not being able to talk confidentially with his lawyers, in particular because of the two guards who surround him in the box, but also by the presence of microphones. It is also impossible to communicate with family and friends. At the start of the hearing on February 25, the defense protested the treatment inflicted on it. "Yesterday [February 24], Julian Assange was handcuffed 11 times, stripped twice" at Belmarsh prison where he is being held, protested one of his counsel, Edward Fitzgerald.

Such processing could "affect this procedure," the lawyer warned. Counsel for the United States government concurred, pointing out that he did not want Assange's treatment to "jeopardize" the proceedings. Their appeal to the judge overseeing the trial at the Woolwich Crown Court in south-east London was also supported by US government lawyers, who said it was essential that the founder of WikiLeaks be given 'a fair trial.

Another element that raised questions about the course of this trial: on the second day, the editorial staff of WikiLeaks were temporarily removed from the courtroom. "A few minutes before the start of the hearings, I was called by the authorities [...] and was told that the court had decided to ban all of us from the public gallery," said Kristinn Hrafnsson, the editor of WikiLeaks.

"I was given no reason. [...] I am absolutely indignant at this decision but it does not surprise me, it does not improve my faith in the justice of this country where people are sidelined for the most important hearing concerning l "The future of Wikileaks, the fate of Julian Assange as well as that of journalism," he added.

Conditions for publication of documents

Defense of the Australian recalled at length, Tuesday, the exact conditions under which this publication occurred. WikiLeaks initially worked with reputable newspapers to publish the leaks from the US State Department and the Pentagon, which caused a stir and scandalized Washington. According to defense lawyer Mark Summers, this partnership with the media had led to a rigorous editorial process, including working with US officials to ensure that the sources' identities were not published.

The lawyer said that in a book published in 2011, a Guardian reporter revealed the password to access a database of un-redacted source names. He said Assange had called the White House to alert US officials of the impending publication on various sites, telling them, "If you don't act, people's lives will be put in jeopardy." Thus, to say that Assange "deliberately put lives in danger by dropping an unexpurgated database [as the representative of the United States had done the day before) is knowingly incorrect," he pleaded.

The media distanced themselves when WikiLeaks, in 2011, published in extenso some of the documents they had worked on, without removing them from potentially sensitive information. On its website, the Guardian, "opposed to the extradition of Julian Assange," said that it was "entirely false" to say that the book "led to the publication of unredacted US files." "The book contained a password which Julian Assange had told the authors was temporary and should expire within hours," said the daily.

Arguments against extradition

Several arguments will be used by lawyers for the Australian to convince the judge to refuse extradition: the fact that the charges which motivate his extradition are "political offenses" within the meaning of the United Kingdom - United States Extradition Treaty United, that extraditing him would be contrary to certain fundamental rights (freedom of expression, fair trial), that his health does not allow him to be extradited ... His lawyers say in particular that his health is very poor and that he is under medical treatment. One of them spoke during the week of a risk of suicide and depression.

Friday ends the first week of the trial, but this is only the introduction: an additional three weeks are scheduled from May 18. The decision could then be made several weeks later. And that is without counting the appeal, which will not fail to be made by the party that has lost.

The issue of freedom to inform beyond the Assange case

Despite his ambiguities, Julian Assange should not be extradited

Wouldn't extraditing Julian Assange amount to assimilating to a spy activity any publication of secret documents emanating from the American state? In the name of reason, the dubious methods of the American army would never have been revealed to the public, and no one would have perceived the size of the surveillance society.

For Olivier Tesquet, author of À la trace, an investigation into the new surveillance territories , Assange is not so much a symbol of the fight against the surveillance society as against the extension of the domain of secrecy: “the hypothesis of a Extradition and a trial against him is both a message addressed to whistleblowers who would like to make public a certain number of documents or confidential information, and a message addressed to journalists and therefore to the freedom to inform. " The freedom to inform that he defended doubtless embodies a new form of checks and balances at a time when privacy is threatened as much by States as by technological acceleration.

The New York Times and the Guardian, who have been very critical of it in recent years, have strongly denounced these accusations.

"Mr. Assange is not a hero, but his affair poses a threat to freedom of expression, and in so doing, the very resilience of American democracy," according to the New York Times.

His British counterpart wrote that he "must be protected from American extradition in a case which shakes the foundations of freedom and democracy in both the United Kingdom and the United States".

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Father of five children, he dethroned a compatriot, Masazo Nonaka, the former record holder who died last month at the age of 112 years and 266 days. He recognized a cute sin when he was awarded his title:

"Sweets like caramel pudding" that do not visibly harm his health.

The Japanese Chitetsu Watanabe has become the oldest man in the world, as he prepares to celebrate his 113 years. Chitetsu Watanabe was born on March 5, 1907 in Niigata, in the northwest of Japan.

He officially received his Guinness title on Wednesday in the retirement home where he resides, still in his hometown.

The previous record holder, Masazo Nonaka, another Japanese, died last month at 112 years and 266 days.

The absolute world record for male longevity is that of another Japanese man who died in 2013 shortly after his 116th birthday, Jiroemon Kimura.

His longevity secret?

"Keep smiling," he said simply.

Chitetsu Watanabe, who had five children, said the secret to his longevity was simply "not to get angry and keep smiling." He recognized a cute sin - sweets like caramel pudding - but obviously it didn't hurt him.

The current dean of humanity of both sexes is a Japanese woman, Kane Tanaka, who celebrated her 117th birthday last month.

According to Guinness, the longevity record that can be officially proven, all sexes combined, remains held by the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world: more than 70,000 centenarians live in the country, out of a total population of around 126 million inhabitants, in strong demographic decline.

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The motive becomes clearer concerning the death of Vanille, 1 year old, found dead in Angers on Sunday.

Vanille's mother, little girl found dead in Angers in a clothing container on Sunday, was indicted on Tuesday (February 11th) for "murder of a minor under the age of 15" and placed in pre-trial detention, said Eric Bouillard, public prosecutor of Angers.

"Murder on a minor under 15 years of age"

“The motive for taking action seems to be linked to her departure from the maternal center, departure which had been announced to her, she tells us, on December 3, 2019, the day she decided, by various means (…), to give death to her child, "said the Angers public prosecutor on Monday.

Monday afternoon, the autopsy had confirmed, as his mother had indicated to the investigators "in a relatively detailed manner", that the little girl was killed Friday, by "suffocation".

The mother confessed during her police custody "to have given death to her child Friday, even before the hour at which she should deliver it" to her referent of social assistance to the child (ASE), had indicated the prosecutor on Sunday. Vanille died on February 7, the day of her first birthday.

A premeditated gesture

According to the prosecutor, the mother explained in police custody that she had planned to take action on the girl's first birthday, February 7. She faces life imprisonment. "Vanille's birthday was February 7, the day of her death, which [the mother] took advantage of for her acting out," said the prosecutor. A gesture that nobody could also foresee, according to the statements of the president of the Departmental Council, who also claims that the social services followed all the procedures.

"There was no violence, there was no indication of such an outcome," he said. On the contrary, the mother was described as a person "who was more and more involved" with her child.

Why such a gesture ?

The prosecutor explained on Monday that it was linked to the mother's departure from the Angers maternal center, a home for pregnant women and single mothers, which housed him.

The departure was scheduled for Monday, February 10, after being notified to him on December 3. Nathalie Stephan had been housed in this center for a year. Her daughter had been entrusted to ASE and placed in a foster family by the children's judge, but she could continue to see her mother regularly for a given time during the week.

Malfunctions ?

Was there a dysfunction on the part of the State services?

"There was absolutely no negligence on the part of the children's aid services," said the prosecutor.

However, this is the twenty-fourth time that the abduction alert has been triggered, and it is the first time that it has not made it possible to find the child alive.

This mobilization of the media and state services is usually 100% successful. The abduction alert plan is a massive and immediate alert system, deployed to assist in the search for a child suspected of being abducted. Adopted in France in 2006, it is largely inspired by the "Amber Alert" plan, created in Texas in 1996, after the kidnapping and assassination of Amber Hagerman, a 10-year-old girl.

However, Sunday February 9, in Angers, the little Vanilla who disappeared Friday was found dead...

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The tomato is currently threatened by a virus which could affect French production, warns the National Agency for Food, Environment and Work Health Safety (ANSES).

This virus, the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBREV) currently affects countries close to France and large producers of tomatoes such as Spain or Italy, but also the Netherlands, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Belonging to the family of tobamoviruses, this "rough brown tomato fruit virus" is specialized, that is to say that only tomatoes, peppers and peppers, but also eggplants, petunias, tobacco and wild plants are sensitive to it.

If it poses no danger to human health, the ToBRFV virus worries producers for several reasons. First of all, it affects tomatoes and peppers in a very visible way of the mosaics appearing on the leaves of yellow spots on the fruits which can also have a characteristic rough surface. Result: they simply become impossible to market.

Then its mode of propagation is alarming. The virus spreads once in the plant, from cell to cell until it completely invades. The fruits, but also the plants and seeds will remain infectious for months, on any type of support, which explains the spread of the virus across the planet.

"It is a very stable, persistent virus. When it is spotted, it is therefore necessary to go through a crawl space step, ”specifies Philippe Reignault. Concretely: it is necessary to uproot the plants, burn them, and stop cultivating the place until decontamination of the greenhouse or the soil. Germany and the United States have taken drastic measures to eradicate it. The other affected countries have not yet succeeded.

The Health Agency recommends that the French authorities extend the regulations already in force to infected fruits, and to guarantee that the imported plants all come from regions known to be free from the virus. It also calls for strengthening controls and the implementation of a monitoring plan.

It is "crucial," writes the Agency, "to rapidly report the presence" of the virus in production areas, in order to initiate "rapid and determined action to eliminate it as quickly as possible. »

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In a shocking book Un si long silence , published Thursday, January 30, former figure skating champion Sarah Abitbol reveals that she was sexually assaulted and raped at 15 by her trainer.

At the time, explains Sarah Abitbol to L'Obs, in an interview, she is a young sportswoman on a figure skating course for a few weeks at La Roche-sur-Yon.

In her story, she says that her trainer at the time, whom she named “Mr. O.”, takes advantage of her position to assault her sexually and rape her several times.

She recounts the ordeal experienced at the time and the impact on her life today.

“I am a handicapped person of life, walled in anxiety. In my head, I am a prey. At 15, I slept outside my home, I was vulnerable, and you benefited from it, "she writes, addressing directly to the one she calls" Monsieur O. ", in reality Gilles Beyer.

At the time, Sarah Abitbol was still sleeping with her stuffed animals. She remains silent until she is a medalist.

The European multi-medalist, who also spoke a second time at the microphone of France Inter, testified this Thursday, January 30, to "traumatic amnesia" which she then experienced.

For more than ten years, Sarah Abitbol had indeed no memory of the events which took place between her 15 and 17 years and about which she confided for a long time to L'Obs, namely, the rapes that she would have suffered several times from her trainer, Gilles Beyer. “I had traumatic amnesia. It stayed in a corner of my brain, the brain protects itself from the miseries of childhood and it was so strong, so repulsive, in fact, that the brain put it aside, and for more than ten years, actually , I completely forgot about this event ”, she underlines.

Until 2002, on the eve of the launch of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, the champion does not remember anything. She was then 26 years old. At that time, it ruptures the Achilles tendons. She has a flash: “The body spoke first, because having a rupture of the Achilles tendons at 24 hours from the Olympic Games, on site, there is nothing worse for a top athlete. I did not understand what was happening to me ”.

Sarah Abitbol ends her professional career at 28 years old and tries for the first time to alert the highest French Sport authorities on the actions of “Monsieur O.” and on sexual and gender-based violence in figure skating. The Minister of Sports at the time replied that there is "a file" about this coach who has since climbed the ranks of the federation, but that he must "close his eyes".

Today, Sarah Abitbol continues her work as a director and skater, while fighting her trauma. Two years after the beginnings of the #MeToo movement, she denounced the “omerta” that reigns in sport in her book. A testimony whose facts are prescribed, but which it delivers to "break the silence". "If you lasted so long, Mr. O., it's because everything around you allowed it.

Politicians have closed their eyes, leaders have kept you in place, coaches have been silent so as not to risk being fired or to protect their own turpitudes. Women coaches put a handkerchief on the crimes of their spouses, parents were blinded by their desire to see their children succeed, students themselves are afraid of being discriminated against if they spoke. Everyone, at their level, has nurtured and continues to nurture crime, ”writes the champion in her book. The woman who was ten times champion of France hopes today that her testimony will encourage other athletes to confide in what they have suffered.

Other former skaters are making similar accusations against Beyer, published Wednesday in L'Equipe and L'Obs. Beyer disputes the facts related.

Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu summoned the president of the Ice Sports Federation, Didier Gailhaguet, Thursday morning to have "explanations."

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It is ignored. Taboo. And yet zoophilia is a very real practice, which leads to mistreatment for the animals which are the victims.

It is a "good of a mass phenomenon", reveals an investigation by the association Animal Cross, which denounces, in addition to the "unacceptable abuse" that this "sexual deviance" makes animals bear, "an attack serious with human dignity ”and a public health problem.

A study published under a shock title "Animals, new sex toys" is based in particular on the thesis of a young veterinary doctor, Marjolaine Baron:

"Zoophilia in society: what role can the veterinarian play in its repression? "

Internet a sound box for zoophilia

It is on the Internet that zoophilia finds a sound box without a filter. "The Internet is the antechamber of a sort of gigantic mess in which animals are the sexual victims", denounces Benoît Thomé.

This practice has grown considerably with the Internet and digital media.

The association thus estimates 1.6 million the number of visits by French Internet users recorded, each month, on specialized sites broadcasting zoophile videos - this figure did not take into account the traffic of the numerous "generalist" pornographic tubes. who also offer this theme.

“In a few seconds, one or two keywords on the search engines are enough to access these sites for free; most do not even bother to verify that the user is over 18 years old, ”deplores the Animal Cross survey. "There is therefore a massive voyeurism of people consuming zoo-pornography", deduces its author, who estimates the number of French zoophilia enthusiasts at 150,000.

It is difficult, however, to know how many are taking action in the absence of reliable scientific data, official surveys on the sexuality of the French refraining from tackling this scabrous subject. According to Animal Cross analyzes, “around 10,000” is the size of this active community. A number that would only grow with forums and digital formats. "Zoophilia is often presented as the new sexual experience to be discovered," notes the report. We are far from some received ideas. This practice does not only concern the farmhand or isolated persons in a situation of sexual misery. “The lack of better is a minority motivation; for most zoophiles, this is a deliberate choice, "said Benoît Thomé, president of the association. Zoophiles are often young and male.

The president of Animal Cross establishes a kind of cartography, from "passive voyeurists", consumers of videos, to "zoo-sadists", who practice torture on their prey, sometimes until its killing; between the two, graduated practices ranging from caress to full sexual intercourse.

Multiple consequences on animals

The consequences for animals are manifold. Marjolaine Baron, veterinary doctor, who has devoted a thesis to zoophilia, states: "The lesions are essentially physical and anatomical, on the anal or vaginal parts," explains the practitioner. But we can also have fibroated ears, because these parts sometimes serve as handles, or even bruises, because the animal struggles. The acts are sometimes accompanied by zoosadism with the will to torture the animal, and for certain species, the anatomical incompatibilities involve the death of the animal. “We also have a lot of cases where there is no injury. This makes the diagnosis difficult to make, "continues Marjolaine Baron,

Health risks

"In addition to the suffering it causes, zoophilia constitutes a serious health problem, for the risks of venereal diseases that they run to humans". A Brazilian study shows that 45% of people with penile cancer admitted having had at least one sexual intercourse with an animal. The report highlights a "significant prevalence" of sexually transmitted diseases, among zoophiles, and therefore "a public health concern".

“Another risk pointed out by the association: that of deviance. “A paraphilia rarely declares itself. […] Zoophilia, acts of bestiality predispose individuals to interhuman violence. […] They must be used as alarm bells to prevent harmful behavior, in particular pedophilia. Veterinarians have an important role in these interventions, ”reads the report.

Strengthen legislation

"Our goal is not to set ourselves up as a morality police force, but to concern ourselves with animals victims of sexual assault, unable to say no", specifies Benoît Thomé, president of Animal Cross and editor of the report .

In his conclusions, the author points to the legal void that would surround the dissemination of zoophilia on the Internet and calls for strengthening existing legislation against zoophiles, as we have seen recently in Germany.

Too many cases are still the subject of a classification without follow-up, for lack of proof or of opportunity. The practice takes place out of sight, reports are few, and when they are, evidence is difficult to provide.

Article 521-1 of the Penal Code punishes with two years of imprisonment the fact of exercising serious or sexual abuse, or committing an act of cruelty to an animal.

"We believe that in the long term animals should benefit from the same legal protection as minors," concludes the president of Animal Cross, referring to the "non-consent by nature" of the animal.

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Five-time of NBA champion with the Lakers, his lifelong club, Kobe Bryant died, Sunday, January 26, in the crash of his helicopter in Calabasas (southern California, United States).

Former NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant died on Sunday (January 26th) in his California helicopter crash, local officials said.

According to media people TMZ, the 41-year-old ex-player was aboard his private helicopter with eight other people on Sunday morning, including one of his daughters, when it suddenly fell, before igniting. No one would have survived the crash.

The cause of the accident is not yet known.

Kobe Bryant, who had four children, had notably evolved during twenty years within the NBA franchise of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The man nicknamed "Black Mamba" was one of the seven players to have scored more than 30,000 points in his career. He had put an end to it at the end of the 2015-2016 season.

Until Saturday, he was the 3rd best scorer in NBA history, before being overtaken by rival LeBron James in the Lakers' loss to Philadelphia (108-91). “Kobe was immortal offensively because of his ability to score a lot.

And here I am here in Philadelphia, wearing the [same] Lakers jersey. The universe sometimes causes these things… It is not supposed to have a meaning, but here it is, it just happens, "said LBJ Saturday evening, moved, after the meeting.

Converted into documentary production (he received the Oscar for best animated short film in 2018). I have no words to express my pain, "tweeted Shaquille O'Neal, Bryant's teammate at Los Angeles in the early 2000s.

His disappearance sparked an avalanche of tributes: the President of the United States, Donald Trump, spoke of "terrible news", while his predecessor, Barack Obama, sent his "prayers" to the bereaved family.

Another former Staples Center legend to have expressed himself on the social network, the Frenchman Tony Parker has "a broken heart".

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The China started Friday the construction of a hospital intended to welcome within 10 days a thousand patients victims of the new coronavirus.

The images of the construction site are impressive. More than fifty backhoe loaders converged this Friday on a vacant lot in Wuhan, epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic raging in China, where the authorities want to build a hospital in a week.

According to images broadcast on television, dozens of construction machines were busy preparing the ground on which the establishment must rise in this city of 11 million inhabitants at the heart of the epidemic.

The works must be completed in record time and the hospital, of 25,000 m2 and with a capacity of 1,000 beds, will open on February 3, according to the agency Chine nouvelle.

"We have mobilized all the workers remaining in Wuhan to work in shifts to provide 24-hour construction work," said Zhang Chongxi, head of Wuhan Construction, according to the agency.

The hospital will exclusively admit patients of viral pneumonia of unknown origin which has infected 830 people since December, including 26 fatally.

The site "will alleviate the shortage of medical resources," the official news agency said. The city of Wuhan, where the vast majority of contamination is concentrated, was placed under de facto quarantine on Thursday, residents were no longer allowed to leave. China had already built a hospital in Beijing in record time - a week - during the SARS epidemic in 2003. The site included prefabricated buildings.

The new hospital built in Wuhan would have been designed on the same model.

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Appeared for the first time in December in China, the mysterious pneumonia has left more than 300 patients ill and killed 6 people so far. And has crossed the borders of China, raising the specter of a global contagion. The World Health Organization (WHO) will meet this Wednesday to determine whether to declare a "public health emergency of international concern".

For the moment entitled “2019-nCoV”, this new coronavirus has crossed the borders of the Middle Kingdom and infected several other people in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. For the moment, 922 patients are under observation in Chinese hospitals, according to figures communicated by the health authorities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the animal seems to be "the most probable primary source" of this epidemic.

Human-to-human mode of transmission

If at first, the path of human-to-human contagion was not privileged, this Monday, Zhong Nanshan, a Chinese scientist of the National Health Commission, said that the transmission by contagion between people was "proven". It is the first time that such an assertion has been made publicly. "Today we have evidence to confirm that contamination between humans is possible and has occurred," said Professor Yazdan Yazdanpanah, head of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department at Bichat Hospital in Paris. This virus is 80% similar to that of SARS. And depending on the age and state of health of the infected patient, it can cause different symptoms, ranging from signs of a simple cold to those of the flu, or even pneumonia. A fragile person can develop a severe form of this virus ”.

This epidemic is raising growing concerns: a second person has died, dozens and undoubtedly hundreds of patients remain infected and the United States has implemented screening at several of their airports.

The epidemic is fueling fears of the re-emergence of a SARS-type virus, and more specifically beta-coronavirus, which is contagious and which had killed some 650 people in mainland China and Hong Kong in 2002 and 2003. This new disease, observed for the first time in late December in China is characterized by a respiratory syndrome, like a form of pneumonia, with flu-like symptoms.

The Chinese authorities' investigation determined that several infected patients were working in a market in Wuhan specializing in the wholesale of seafood and fish. On Saturday, the Wuhan Municipal Hygiene and Health Commission identified four additional cases, bringing the total number to at least 45 infected patients.

Preventive measures at several foreign airports

Outside China, prevention measures are on the increase. Latest: The United States has announced that as of Friday it will begin screening flights from Wuhan to San Francisco Airport and John F. Kennedy Kennedy Airport - where they land direct flights from Wuhan - as well as to Los Angeles, where there are many connections. Passengers will be examined by medical teams but not systematically subjected to a sample.

"Based on the information currently available, the risk (posed by the virus) for Americans is considered to be low," said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who nevertheless wished to "take precautions."

Due to this global health risk, many Asian countries on Tuesday tightened their controls. From Bangkok to Hong Kong, from Singapore to Sydney, the authorities carry out systematic checks on the arrival of flights from risk areas. In Vietnam, a country bordering China, the Ministry of Health has declared a "high risk of infection" and ordered reinforced controls at its northern border, an intense crossing point between the two countries.

The Thai authorities have set up compulsory thermal detections at Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Krabi airports for passengers coming from Chinese risk areas. In a statement, the Thai Minister of Health, Anutin Charnvirakul, announced that these passengers were screened "without exception", and Charnvirakul, announced that these passengers were screened "without exception", and placed under observation in quarantine for 24 hours if they show signs of fever.

Especially with the approach of the Lunar New Year festivities (January 25), a period that raises concerns about the possible spread of the virus. On this occasion, hundreds of millions of Chinese take buses, trains and planes to spend the holidays with family.

In 2003, there were 8,096 cases of SARS, which killed 774 people worldwide, including 349 in mainland China and 299 in Hong Kong, according to WHO. The international organization at the time strongly criticized Beijing for having delayed raising the alarm and trying to conceal the extent of the epidemic.

However, the management of this type of virus has evolved a lot since the SARS epidemic: "We have learned the lessons of this pandemic and are today much better organized, reassures Professor Yazdanpanah. The most important and urgent thing, faced with this type of situation, is to be able to detect infected people as soon as possible ”.

China has already shared with the international scientific community the genomic sequencing of the new coronavirus. "For the past ten days, we have therefore known how to identify this virus, which is decisive in preventing its spread," continues the infectious disease specialist. As soon as an individual from an area where the virus is rife has respiratory symptoms associated with it, it should immediately be placed in quarantine. ”

For example, Beijing announced on Tuesday that it has classified the epidemic in the same category as SARS, and has decreed compulsory isolation for people diagnosed with the disease.

This vigilance is all the more important at the dawn of a crossover in transport on the occasion of the Chinese New Year this Saturday, which raises fears of an acceleration of contamination.

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In a country still deeply believing, churches compete in imagination to reconnect with the faithful In the United States, anything is possible, including going to mass in the simplest device. In Ivor, in the State of Virginia, the White Tail Chapel has set up original religious offices, reports the HuffPost. Every Sunday, the faithful are invited to come to communicate completely naked.

Allen Parker, the pastor of this church located in a “nudist and family” community draws on the story of Adam and Eve to invite his faithful to come naked as worms to his sermon.

"If God did us so, how can it be bad?" He asks, still in the HuffPost, recalling that Jesus was naked at the most important moments of his life.

Nudist or outdoor masses

The pastor is convinced that nudity has a beneficial effect on the faithful, because it allows everyone to be placed on an equal footing. Himself totally naked, Allen Parker preaches his religious office every week.

Biblical amusement park

In this eminently religious country, where more than two-thirds of the population identifies as Christian, the churches show ingenuity, reinvent themselves and offer new concepts that are sometimes surprising. The Christian Drive-In Church in Daytona Beach, Florida, for example, allows mass to be followed from his car parked on the grounds of an old open-air cinema. Over 600 parishioners come there every weekend. Facing them, a pastor officiates from a platform while his sermon is broadcast live in cars, on the radio wave 88.5 FM.

Photographer Cyril Abad, also discovered biblical theme parks. One of them, the Ark Encounter creationist park, built Noah's Ark in pharaonic proportions. “Churches have adopted free market principles to open new niches in spirituality, explains the photographer author from a series of photos of these churches apart, in an interview with Wired.

If you are a surfer, there is a church for Christian surfers. If you are a biker, there will be a biker church.»

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Il avait provoqué l'an dernier une onde de choc planétaire en mettant au monde les premiers bébés génétiquement modifiés. Le chercheur chinois He Jiankui a été condamné à trois ans de prison à une amende de 3 millions de yuans (384 000 euros), lundi 30 décembre pour « avoir illégalement procédé à la manipulation génétique d'embryons à des fins de reproduction », précise l'agence Chine nouvelle. Il a été condamné par un tribunal de Shenzhen, la métropole du sud du pays où il avait effectué ses travaux.

Un procès à huis-clos

Deux autres personnes ont également été condamnées, mais Chine nouvelle n’a pas précisé leur rôle : un dénommé Zhang Renli a écopé de deux ans de prison et d’une amende d’un million de yuans et un certain Qin Jinzhou d’un an et demi de prison avec sursis et d’une amende de 500.000 yuans. Tous deux appartiennent à « des instituts médicaux de la province du Guangdong » (sud). Le procès s’est tenu à huis clos car l’affaire relevait du domaine de « la vie privée », selon l’agence.

He Jiankui avait annoncé en novembre 2018 être parvenu à mettre au monde Lulu et Nana, des jumelles à l'ADN modifié pour les rendre résistantes au VIH, dont était infecté leur père. Lors d'une conférence de presse quelques jours plus tard à Hong Kong, il s'était dit « fier » du fruit de ses recherches.

Mutations génétiques

Le chercheur , qui a été formé à Stanford aux Etats-Unis, avait expliqué avoir employé l’outil révolutionnaire Crispr-Cas9, dit des « ciseaux génétiques », qui permet d’enlever et de remplacer des parties indésirables du génome, comme on corrige une faute de frappe sur ordinateur. La simplicité de Crispr a dopé l’imagination des apprentis sorciers.

En procédant à la modification du génome, le chercheur chinois a provoqué d’autres mutations… qui seront transmissibles à leurs descendants. « La technologie n’est pas encore sûre », dit Kiran Musunuru, professeur de génétique à l’université de Pennsylvanie. Les ciseaux Crispr coupent souvent à côté du gène ciblé. « C’est facile à utiliser si on se fiche des conséquences ».

Nouvel arsenal juridique

Lorsque l'affaire avait éclaté, la Chine avait été mise en cause pour avoir laissé se développer des recherches sans supervision. Le pays ne disposait pas alors de loi dans ce domaine : une brève réglementation du ministère de la Santé, datant de 2003, interdisait bien la manipulation génétique d'embryons, mais ne prévoyait aucune peine pour les contrevenants. Le gouvernement chinois, accusé de laxisme, avait finalement ordonné la suspension des recherches et placé le scientifique sous enquête policière. Le pays a aussi renforcé son arsenal judiciaire. La Chine disposera, à partir de février, d’une nouvelle réglementation qui punit désormais d’une amende de 100.000 yuans les manipulations génétiques.

L'agence de presse officielle a ajouté qu'au total trois bébés génétiquement modifiés sont nés à la suite de ces recherches.

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Deux demandeurs d’asile, un Irakien et un Afghan, se sont donné la mort par pendaison dans le nord de la Grèce, a annoncé l’ONG le Forum grec pour les Réfugiés.

«Nous avons de terribles nouvelles en provenance de Mouries […] deux jeunes hommes se sont suicidés hier et aujourd’hui», a déclaré dans un communiqué jeudi le Forum grec pour les Réfugiés.

Selon l’ONG, les deux demandeurs d’asile étaient hébergés dans un hôtel accueillant entre 350 et 400 réfugiés dans le village de Mouries, dans le nord de la Grèce, près de la frontière terrestre avec la République de Macédoine du Nord. premier demandeur d’asile retrouvé mercredi pendu près d’un pont non loin de l’hôtel était un réfugié afghan de 32 ou 33 ans, père de deux enfants. Le second, un jeune Irakien, la trentaine, a été retrouvé jeudi pendu par son colocataire dans un couloir de l’hôtel.

Selon les autorités grecques, plus de 40 000 demandeurs d’asile se trouvent actuellement dans des camps aux conditions insalubres sur les îles du nord de la mer Égée, face à la Turquie.

L’ONG Médecins Sans Frontières avait fait état fin novembre d’un nombre grandissant d’enfants réfugiés ayant commis des tentatives de suicide dans ces camps aux conditions sordides et appelé les dirigeants européens à agir.

Le gouvernement conservateur de Kyriakos Mitsotakis a promis de relocaliser 20 000 demandeurs d’asile sur le continent d’ici à début 2020.

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Depuis des années, les sapeurs-pompiers subissent une hausse exponentielle des agressions. Le rapport de l’Observatoire national de la délinquance et des réponses pénales (ONDRP) publié mercredi 18 décembre est alarmant : les agressions ont encore augmenté de 21 % entre 2017 et 2018. Il y en a eu 2.813 en 2017, 3.411 en 2018. En 10 ans, le nombre de déclaration d’agressions a bondi de 280%.

« L’augmentation du nombre de déclarations d’agressions peut être due à une augmentation des actes de violences, à une meilleure remontée des informations, à un abaissement du seuil d’acceptabilité des violences ou à une sensibilisation des autorités hiérarchiques sur la nécessité de mieux déclarer les faits », explique l’ONDRP.

Dans un rapport rendu public mercredi 11 décembre, des sénateurs ont appelé le gouvernement à se mobiliser pour enrayer la hausse de ces agressions. La commission des lois du Sénat a formulé 18 mesures pour « que cessent » ces violences « inacceptables » contre les pompiers. Lors du 126e congrès des sapeurs-pompiers en septembre, le ministre de l’intérieur, Christophe Castaner, s’était engagé « à tout faire » pour la sécurité des agents, avec une grande campagne de communication et l’expérimentation des caméras-piétons.

Plusieurs syndicats déplorent la difficulté pour les pompiers d’intervenir dans certains quartiers. Lorsqu’ils doivent s’y rendre, les pompiers redoutent de tomber dans un guet-apens . Ils sont parfois caillassés comme les forces de police.

Il faudrait, selon eux, davantage de policiers pour sécuriser leurs interventions et rappeler aux gens de ne pas les appeler « pour un oui ou pour un non ».

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The largest city in Australia is facing a health emergency. In question, the toxic fumes caused by the monster fires that have enveloped Sydney for weeks. This Monday, Australian doctors are sounding the alarm.

“Air pollution up to 11 times higher” than the limit

More than twenty professional medical organizations - including the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, which brings together 25,000 doctors and trainees - issued a joint statement calling on the government to tackle this toxic air pollution. "Air pollution in New South Wales is a public health emergency," warns the Climate and Health Alliance.

"Smoke from the fires has caused air pollution up to 11 times higher than what is estimated to be" dangerous "in parts of Sydney and New South Wales," the statement said. This smoke "is particularly dangerous due to high levels of fine PM2.5 particles," he said. It is caused by hundreds of forest fires, notably linked to climate change, which have ravaged Australia since September.

People demand action against climate change

Health services in the state recorded a 48% increase in the number of people who went to the emergency room for respiratory problems during the week ending December 11, compared to a five-year average.

This figure reached 80% on December 10, the day when air quality deteriorated considerably in Sydney. The next day, nearly 20,000 people demonstrated in the city to demand that the government fight climate change.

The Alliance also called on the government to take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, saying that climate change is making these fires "devastating to human health".

Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged last week that climate change was one of the "factors" behind the hundreds of devastating fires.

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The World Anti - Doping Agency (WADA) decided Monday to exclude Russia from the Olympics for four years, which includes Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022.

The Russians are punished for falsifying control data of their athletes.

"The full list of recommendations (Sanctions of the Compliance Review Committee) was unanimously approved" by the twelve members of the Executive Committee, a spokesperson for WADA told the media.

These are the heaviest sanctions taken by the agency since its inception.

The Compliance Review Committee recommended, among other things, the exclusion of the Russian flag from the Olympics and any world championship for four years, with the possible presence of Russian athletes under the "neutral" flag, provided that they are not involved in the organized doping that took place in Russia until 2015.

The white, blue and red flag had not been raised at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. ..

On the other hand, Russia and its athletes will compete, under their flag, with European competitions, such as the next European Football Championship, which they can also host:

St. Petersburg will host many Euro matches and the final of the 2021 Champions League.

Russia will also compete for the next World Cup under its name before becoming a "neutral team" in Qatar if qualified.

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (Rusada) will decide on 19 December whether it will appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which is expected to make its arbitration before the Olympics in Tokyo next summer.

This is the latest episode of the doping crisis in Russia, triggered in 2014 by a survey of the German ARD and a couple of Russian whistleblowers.

The first revelations reported institutionalized doping in Russia between 2011 and 2015, involving several state machinery.

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L’affaire du viol collectif et du meurtre d’une vétérinaire qui avait révulsé l’Inde a connu, vendredi 6 décembre, un dramatique dénouement : les quatre suspects ont été tués, abattus par la police en marge de la reconstitution du crime. Un haut responsable de la police de Hyderabad (sud) a affirmé que les quatre hommes avaient été tués alors qu’ils tentaient de s’enfuir lors de cette reconstitution dans la nuit de jeudi à vendredi.

« Dans le cadre de l’enquête, la police a amené les suspects sur le lieu du crime. Les accusés ont d’abord attaqué les policiers à l’aide de pierres et de bâtons, puis ils se sont emparés des armes des agents et ont commencé à tirer. Les policiers leur ont demandé de se rendre, mais ils ont continué à tirer. Ensuite nous avons ouvert le feu, et ils ont été tués. », a détaillé le commissaire V. C. Sajjanar.

Prakash Reddy, commissaire adjoint de la police de Hyderabad, a précisé qu’une ambulance avait été appelée, « mais ils sont morts avant que l’aide médicale arrive ».

Les quatre avaient été arrêtés la semaine dernière et inculpés pour le viol et le meurtre d’une vétérinaire de 27 ans dont le corps avait été brûlé.

Selon la police, la victime avait été enlevée le 27 novembre 2019 au soir au moment où elle reprenait son scooter. Les quatre hommes auraient crevé l’un des pneus de son deux-roues en son absence puis lui auraient proposé leur aide à son retour, en l’attirant sur une aire de camions.

Selon la police, les restes carbonisés du cadavre de la victime ont été découverts le lendemain matin sous un pont. Le corps avait été placé dans une couverture puis arrosé d’essence avant d’être incendié.

Malgré l’arrestation rapide des quatre suspects, l’affaire a révulsé le pays où les violences sexuelles font régulièrement la Une depuis le viol collectif d’une étudiante à bord d’un autobus à New Delhi en 2012, qui avait suscité l’indignation internationale.

Samedi, la police avait dispersé par la force des centaines de manifestants qui tentaient d’entrer dans le commissariat où étaient détenus les quatre suspects. Au Parlement national, la députée Jaya Bachchan, ancienne actrice, avait estimé que les coupables devaient être « lynchés en public ». Un de ses collègues avait réclamé la castration des violeurs.

La « violence arbitraire » de la police dénoncée

L’annonce de la mort des quatre a été accueillie par des célébrations de joie à Hyderabad et la sœur de la vétérinaire tuée a réagi. « Je suis heureuse que les quatre accusés aient été tués », a déclaré vendredi à une chaîne de télévision locale « Cet incident aura valeur d’exemple. Je remercie la police et les médias pour leur soutien. »

Mais des voix sont montées au créneau pour dénoncer la « violence arbitraire » d’une police indienne souvent accusée de meurtres extrajudiciaires quand il s’agit de couvrir des enquêtes bâclées ou de calmer l’opinion publique.

« La police doit rendre des comptes. C’est absolument inacceptable », a déclaré l’avocate et militante Vrinda Grover. « La police doit rendre des comptes. Au lieu de mener une enquête et de rassembler des preuves, l’Etat commet des meurtres pour satisfaire le public et éviter de devoir rendre des comptes. »

Amnesty International a demandé l’ouverture d’une enquête indépendante.

« Dans une société moderne qui respecte le droit, le recours aux exécutions extrajudiciaires pour rendre justice aux victimes de viol est non seulement inconstitutionnel, mais il contourne le système juridique indien et crée un précédent regrettable », a dit l’organisation dans un communiqué.

Selon les derniers chiffres officiels incluant plus de 10.000 victimes mineures, plus de 33.000 viols ont été déclarés dans le pays en 2017.

Dans le même temps, du fait de l’inefficacité du système judiciaire indien, les victimes doivent souvent attendre des années avant d’obtenir justice.

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"I bow to their sacrifice," "they died for us all," said Emmanuel Macron solemnly Monday, December 2, during the ceremony at Invalides in honor of the 13 soldiers killed in Mali last week.

These French soldiers were killed in the crash of their helicopter in Mali last Monday as they supported paratrooper commandos who spotted suspicious pickups in the border area with Niger and Burkina Faso, a haunt jihadist groups affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) or al-Qaeda.

"They died in operation, for France, for the protection of the people of the Sahel, for the safety of their compatriots and for the freedom of the world, for all of us who are there," added the head of state, face 13 coffins in the courtyard of the Hôtel des Invalides, which has been home to veterans and war wounded since the 17th century.

In front of 2,500 guests, including his Malian counterpart Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the President of the Republic described in a few words the commitment of each soldier and the families they leave behind. He also focused on telling the night of their deaths.

The Legion of Honor was awarded to them, posthumously.

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In recent days, slogans on virtual leaflets blooming on social networks: "The abuse of production seriously harms the planet", "overuse kill" or "stop the big sell-off on the planet". Each time, these words are accompanied by the same hashtag #BlockFriday calling for a very real operation on this Friday "black" of large commercial transactions. Launched by Youth For Climate and Extinction Rebellion, the Blockfriday operation organized this Friday in several cities must focus on blocking a "major trade"

"No to deadly consumerism"

It's about saying "no to deadly consumerism".

"Friday, November 29, is Black Friday: a day of intensive sales and compulsive shopping, symbol of capitalism the most harmful. Devouring our world, exhausting its natural resources, multiplying ecocides, exploiting the weak, and digging social inequalities in the name of the myth of infinite growth. Consumerism will eventually destroy us if we do not act before, "note the members of XR

Some local groups have also joined the Attac association for their actions. Moreover, between 50 and 100 activists of the groups ANV-COP21 and Friends of the Earth installed straw boots and formed human dams this Thursday in front of the Amazon center of Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne), American giant of the distribution and digital.

This Friday morning, dozens of people gathered this time in front of Amazon's French headquarters in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine), to denounce the overconsumption and its ecological consequences. Gathering in particular at the call of Attac and Greenpeace for this action presented as "non-violent and joyful", the demonstrators unfurled banners hostile to the online trading giant before sitting in front of the headquarters of the company. shouts of: "We say stop at Black Friday and his impunity! "

Anti-waste law and Green Friday

Minister of Environmental Transition Élisabeth Borne warned Monday against the pollution generated by "Black Friday", warning against "consumption frenzy" related to this day of promotions. MEPs have given the green light in committee to a ban on "Black Friday" promotional campaigns, which gives consumers the impression of receiving sales when it is not the period. This amendment to the anti-waste bill, adopted on the night of Monday to Tuesday, has yet to be examined in the hemicycle since 9 December. It is the non-registered member and former Minister of Ecology Delphine Batho who is carrying this measure and wants to end the "Black Friday" in the name of the fight against "overconsumption".

Green Friday and Make Friday Green Again

In concrete terms, companies are taking part in Green Friday. Instead of offering discounts to their customers on Black Friday, they pledge to donate 10% of their turnover for the day to associations committed to responsible consumption (HOP, Zero Waste France, Ethics). on the label, Friends of the Earth ...). The Envie Federation, Altermundi, DreamAct, Emmaus, Ethiquable and the Greater Paris Reuse Network are the founding members of the Green Friday association, whose main objective is to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts of purchasing, and to stimulate new consumption patterns.

In the tradition of Green Friday, a collective called Make Friday Green Again, launched in October by the French brand of eco-responsible shoes Faguo, has brought together more than 500 brands, mostly French, who will refrain from making promotions this November 29 "to promote more responsible consumption by inviting our communities to repair, give and resell products they do not use" Among the brands adhering to Make Friday Green Again, there are large brands such as Naturalia or Nature and discoveries. This one belongs to ... Fnac Darty.

"The Fnac group is perfectly aware of our approach," says Fanny Auger, brand director at Nature et Découvertes, referring to "two beautiful brands that have different commercial policies." A double discourse of "commercial strategy" that leaves enough doubtful ...

65% of French people participate in Blackfriday, taking advantage of the broken prices to make their Christmas shopping. For traders it is the first day of the most important activity of the year until Christmas. Black Friday must generate 6 billion spending in France this year.

Black Friday still has a great day ahead of him.

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The rains of "historical intensity" that fell on the French Riviera from Friday to Sunday, causing violent floods, killed four people. The recession started on Sunday in most of the affected areas.

Four dead and one missing

After hours of research, "the security services and relief workers engaged on the floods in the Var discovered, in Tanneron, two bodies without life and the vehicle" of a couple from Grasse (Alpes-Maritimes) who went missing since Saturday, announced the Prefecture of Var Sunday, November 24, in the evening.

These two deaths are added to that of a man found in Muy (Var). He was part of a group of three people rescued by three firefighters Saturday night, according to the prefecture, but their boat capsized in the waves and one of the civilians could not be found.

A man in his fifties, was also found dead "in a car in Cabasse" (Var), another area affected by the weather.

A septuagenarian is also still missing in Saint-Antonin-du-Var. He was out of his house on the night of Friday to Saturday, despite heavy rains.

Three months of rain in 48 hours

Victims of a "Mediterranean episode", the departments of Alpes-Maritimes and Var were affected by torrential rains accompanied by impressive waves on the coast between Friday and Sunday and many rivers overflowed. In some parts of the Var, it fell the equivalent of two to three months of rain in 24 to 48 hours.

Flood areas

Firefighters of the Var and Alpes-Maritimes have 171 helicopters in the night from Saturday to Sunday to rescue people threatened by the waves, said Christophe Castaner came Sunday congratulate the rescue teams and meet the victims. Rescues have often involved people illegally settled in flood-prone areas, said Françoise Dumont, patron of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service.

The Minister of the Interior said that "the environmental dimension" can not be opposed to the anticipation of risks.

"The Var and the Alpes-Maritimes, for example, these are departments that in a few years have doubled the surfaces that are waterproofed, so necessarily it has consequences," he said.

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The two famous explorers, the South African Mike Horn and the Norwegian Børge Ousland, are experiencing difficulties in their skiing across the frozen Arctic Ocean.

After leaving Nome, Alaska by sailboat on 25 August and reaching the sea of ​​ice on 12 September, they continue their journey across the Arctic pack ice on skis, pulling a sleigh loaded with food.

While at the beginning they had planned to finish their adventure in mid-November, the climatic conditions force them to progress more carefully than expected.
In fact, the ice is thinner than usual and more inclined to drift, so explorers have to travel up to five extra kilometers a day.

In cause precisely? Global warming.

"The ice is breaking and moving much faster than before, which is one of the biggest challenges we have faced so far. It's sad to admit to me, but in all my years as a professional explorer, I have never been so affected by climate change, "wrote Mike Horn, who has fallen into the water several times over. times, in his last message to his daughters, Jessica and Annika.

The team now hopes that the goal can be achieved within ten to twelve days. Time is running out as this time corresponds to their remaining food rations.

A state of extreme fatigue and a frantic race

But here they are in a state of extreme physical fatigue due to the full darkness, a classic phenomenon in this part of the world at this time of the year, but also very unstable temperatures, varying in a few days from - 2 ° C to - 45 ° C, and wind gusts particularly violent, creating ice piles "abnormally numerous", which the two men must bypass.

If Mike Horn's daughters are worried and would like their father to stop the expedition, for one of the organizers, Mr. Ebbesen, however, "there is no danger, no great drama. But it's tight, a frantic race to reach the goal. "" If it takes longer, we're thinking about how to bring more food, "he added, adding that the weather was changing and that more favorable winds were expected.

And besides the two men have not asked to be evacuated and are "in a surprisingly good condition" by accomplishing such a feat, "they have some frostbite but it's quite normal," said his side a spokesman for the rescue coordination center in northern Norway, Bard Mortensen.

A Mike Horn to have the last word "No matter how much we try to protect ourselves against salt, ice, wind and cold. [...] That's what real exploration means, imagining solutions to survive.»

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Calls for a strike on December 5 against the pension reform continue to multiply so that the executive does not know which way to dance. Despite the billions granted to yellow vests, the "emergency plan" for the public hospital, the government's procrastination over the Delevoye report, anger has not subsided.

Here is an inventory, two weeks before the day J. At the SNCF, the four representative unions participate in the strike movement. While the CGT-Cheminots, Unsa railway and SUD-Rail first signed a unitary call for unlimited movement, the CFDT-Cheminots announced Thursday morning to file in turn a notice of strike renewable from December 5 and FO.Travellers will be informed "December 3 in the afternoon" on the trains in circulation on 5, says the direction of the SNCF.

At the RATP, after the strike on 13 September, which had almost paralyzed Paris, the three representative unions of the board - CFE-CGC, CGT and Unsa - also call for an indefinite strike against the reform.

The CGT and FO call for an indefinite strike from December 5 in the urban and road transport of passengers, goods, funds. A call that also concerns paramedics, movers or taxis.

Three unions particularly established with ground staff have filed notices: FO, the first union all categories, the CGT and SUD-Air. Strikers involved in air operations - aircrew or ground personnel - must declare themselves individually no later than 48 hours before the start of the conflict. At Air France, the pilot unions and those of the hostesses and stewards do not call the strike.

In air traffic controllers, the SNCTA, the first union, does not call for a strike, unlike the USAC-CGT. These officials are subject to a system of penalty payments to ensure a minimum service. Major mobilization could, however, lead to delays or cancellations of flights.

Several unions of EDF, among which the CGT, Force Ouvrière and South, called Thursday, in turn, the strike renewed December 5 to protest the pension reform. On the other hand, the CFDT will not call to strike on December 5th. At EDF, the CGT advocates "cuts in public state buildings"

On the side of the public hospital, the National Union of Nursing Professionals (SNPI CFE-CGC) joins the movement. Emergency doctors will again be on the streets on December 5 as the union of medical interns goes on strike from December 10.

In National Education, SNES-FSU unions, SUD-Education Unsa-Education call for mobilization on December 5.

In the police, Alliance and Unsa Police will "symbolically close the police stations except for an absolute emergency" on December 5th. Fire brigades are also involved.

In the civil service, the FSU federation calls on all unions representing civil servants to strike.

In the private central CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires called for a great day of interprofessional strike on December 5

The National Council of Bars (CNB) voted Thursday in a general assembly for a "day of dead justice" on December 5, "both to continue to firmly defend the specifics of autonomous regimes in solidarity with those who have to suffer from the lack of listening to the government and its dogmatic reform.

The day of December 5 promises to be a black Thursday.

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This year, the fire season is particularly violent in Australia.

140,000 hectares went up in smoke. Animals are the first victims.

On Tuesday, November 19, a flaming koala fled the hell out of Port Macquarie Reserve in Long Flat, Australia.

By an ultimate instinct of survival, the animal has tried to find refuge in height when it is rescued by a Toni.

The Australian woman was driving near the reserve when she saw the koala trying to escape.

She then rushed to his rescue, wrapping him in his shirt and then in a blanket.

She poured water on her fur and burnt leg.

The 14-year-old koala was then taken to Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, where he was cared for.

At least 350 koalas have died in Port Macquarie since the beginning of the fire on the east coast of Australia.

The Australian Koala Foundation is calling for a law to protect koalas and their habitat, as well as better management of the bush. A gigantic fire has been spreading for several days on the east coast of Australia.

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They were supposed to perform regular rounds. But between 10:30 pm and 6:30 am, the two prison guards in charge of monitoring Jeffrey Epstein remained at their office, finding the lifeless body of the American financier, accused of sex trafficking of minors, in the early morning of August 10, 2019.

Three months after the death of the 66-year-old sexual predator, the US court on Tuesday (November 19th) indicted its prison guards for falsifying documents certifying that they had completed their rounds when it was not the case.

"They stayed at their desk, surfed the net, and wandered around the common areas of their unit," the prosecutor said in a statement.

"To conceal their shortcomings, (Tova) Noel and (Michael) Thomas have signed false certificates attesting to having done several rounds of counting prisoners, which was not the case," the prosecutor further accused. According to the New York Times, they also reportedly napped.

However, the magistrate has not put forward any reason why the guards of this wing reserved for sensitive prisoners would have failed in their responsibilities.

This point could continue to feed speculation: to some to evoke a lack of guards and a massive resort to overtime in the prison, to others to speculate on the conspiracy theory, personalities that Jeffrey Epstein had attended having all interest in seeing him dead ..

To be continued.....

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On the occasion of the International Day of the Rights of the Child, the Secretary of State for the Protection of Childhood, Adrien Taquet, presented the Government Plan to protect children from all forms of violence, a subject « which must mobilize the whole society ".

Alarming child maltreatment figures

Despite a first plan on this topic launched in 2017 by the previous term, the figures concerning child abuse in France remain alarming. In France, 72 children die each year of parental violence, one every five days A young person is the victim of a sexual assault every three minutes and between 8,000 to 10,000 minors prostitute themselves, figures probably below reality because of the silence surrounding these subjects. 700,000 students are victims of bullying, and more than half of them experience cyber-violence. Finally, according to Unicef, one in five children, nearly 3 million, live below the poverty line in France.

Violence against children, carried out eight times out of ten in a family setting, is the first risk factor for attempted suicide, addiction and dropping out of school.

Strengthen the 119

To free up the voices of abused children who often keep quiet and improve the reports, 119 will be reinforced. The telephone platform "119 - Allô childhood in danger", which recorded in 2018 476,039 calls, will receive 200,000 euros of additional budget to deepen its work of listening to victims. Thus, the number of listeners will be increased by 20%. In addition, an online chat should be created.

Better accompany child victims

The 119 will be supported by the generalization on the whole territory by 2022 pediatric forensic reception units (UAMJP), which offer minors legal and medical support. There are already 60 today. Multidisciplinary training will be offered to professionals to better detect domestic violence.

The support of minors victims will also be improved by investing two million euros for the creation of five new units specialized in the management of psycho-traumatism next year, currently ten in number.

Strengthen control of sex offenders

Penalties will be tightened for the viewing of child pornography as well as a mandatory default parental control requirement for internet service providers. The president gave the "operators" six months to put "parental control".

The sentences for the use of child pornography will be increased to 5 years and their authors automatically stuck, with prohibition to work with children.

The plan also aims to strengthen the consultation of the automated court file of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses (FIJAISV) for those working with children, and to test, in five regions, an assistance number for persons sexually by children, inspired by a German initiative launched in 2005, which has handled more than 10,000 calls.

In a statement, 35 associations, NGOs and collectives, including Unicef, ATD Fourth World and SOS Children's Villages, asked the government to move from "convention to action" by committing to a goal of "zero children". to the street by 2022 "and a" national observatory of non-schooling "to detect vulnerable youth

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"Upskirting", or taking photos under women's skirts without their knowledge, will become an offense in Germany, the government announced on Wednesday, a few months after the vote on a similar law in Britain. .

"The unauthorized production of images and film footage showing intimate areas of other people photographed or filmed under clothing" will become punishable, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said at a press conference.

Thus the mere fact of taking such a photo will become an offense, as will the fact of sharing it.

The German Parliament has yet to approve this project to convert it into law. It will also be prohibited to take pictures of necklines without the knowledge of people, according to this text.Clichés décolletés without the knowledge of people, according to this text.

It must be said that upskirting has become in recent years a practice more easily spread through the miniaturization of cameras and cameras. And that often the photos taken are then broadcast on the internet, especially on pornographic platforms, without the consent of the people concerned.

Until now, this type of practice was considered a criminal offense only from the time the offender touched or harassed his victim.

However, since 2015, harsher sentences, and even up to two years' imprisonment, can be imposed for the publication of images that could significantly damage the reputation of those represented .

In fact, as Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht reminded us, "photographing a woman under her skirt or cleavage is a humiliating and unjustifiable violation of her private life" and participates in voyeurism.

In January, the British Parliament passed a bill to punish two years in prison for taking pictures under the skirts of women.

In France, the "capture of shameless images" is punished by a law promulgated in 2018.

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A high tide of unprecedented magnitude has invaded, on Tuesday, November 12, the alleys of Venice and St. Mark's Square.

The situation is "catastrophic" in Venice, struck by a historic tide, announced the mayor of the city, Tuesday evening. Luigi Brugnaro said he was going to demand that the state of natural disaster be declared Wednesday, expecting "major damage".

This "acqua alta" of 1.87 m is the highest tide recorded in Venice since the terrible acqua granda of 4 November 1966, which caused the city a great deal of irreparable damage.

If the recession started at 23 hours, another rise in water is announced for Wednesday morning with a new peak at 9:50.

This exceptional tide could have terrible consequences on the artistic heritage of the city of Doges and especially on the Basilica of St. Mark, located at the lowest point of the city.

A frequent phenomenon in the lagoon during the winter months (October to May), acqua alta has been identified since 1966 as the main threat to the city of Venice.

A pharaonic project of floating dikes should be completed best in 2022 to protect Venice from floods (project "MOSE").

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At the hands of La Vague d'Or in Saint-Tropez, Arnaud Donckele was crowned chef of the year by the famous yellow guide, during a ceremony on Monday night at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

«Arnaud Donckele, Cook of the year 2020.

It had to be now.

Not before, not after, "announced the Gault & Millau, who wanted to reward the" poetic "cuisine of Norman chef past Michel Guérard, Alain Ducasse or Jean-Louis Nomicos.

"This year, Arnaud Donckele, although he is already well established.

We must further enhance this talent, this humility, this extraordinary poetry of the plate.

In the world of cooking we will find many formats - the orthodox, the rigorous, the precise, the hypercréatifs - and then there is what I call poetry.

At Arnaud Donckele, we are in the essence of the taste to which everyone adheres, "explained Jacques Bally, president of the great French gastronomic guide, about the 42-year-old chef, already a three-star Michelin star.

2020 will be the year Donckele since it is preparing to take the head of the gastronomic restaurant Cheval Blanc, which will be installed in place of the Samaritaine.

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The investigation continues, more than a week after the discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerated truck near London.

Vietnamese victims

The British police said Friday that the 39 people found dead in a refrigerated truck near London, were Vietnamese.

"We believe the victims are Vietnamese and we are in contact with the Vietnamese government," Essex police said in a statement Friday night.

"We are in direct contact with a number of families in Vietnam and the United Kingdom," adds the police, explaining that the identification process is still ongoing.

Two brothers wanted

The police are also hoping to hear two brothers, suspected of manslaughter, Ronan Hughes, 40, and Christopher, 34, from Northern Ireland, who have been wanted since Tuesday.

"Although we have already spoken with Ronan Hughes over the phone, we need to have a conversation with him and his brother in real life," said Essex Chief Inspector Dan Stoten, during a press conference.

"Talking to Ronan and Christopher is crucial to our investigation," he added. "The sooner this happens, the sooner we can progress in our investigation."

A man on remand

The police in Northern Ireland have intercepted Thursday on a truck potentially linked to the Hughes brothers, "known to have links with Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as with road and maritime transport."

A 23-year-old man also appeared before the Irish High Court in Dublin on Friday for 39 involuntary homicides and human smuggling. British police requested extradition.

The man, originally from a northern Irish village near the border town of Newry, has been remanded in custody until 11 November 2019, a spokesman for the prosecution said.

Two people arrested in Vietnam

Vietnamese police have arrested two people in the central province of Ha Tinh suspected of involvement in the tragedy, according to a statement posted on the Ha Tinh police website.

No further details were provided on these two suspects, arrested for "illegal immigration organization".

These two arrests in Vietnam occur after those of four people arrested in Britain, including the driver of the truck, a native of Northern Ireland.

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The gas prices rise again

Regulated gas sales tariffs, applied by Engie to millions of French households, will increase by 3% in November, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

Cigarettes will be expensive

The price of the pack of cigarettes will increase by about 50 cents, due to a tax increase planned by the government, which aims a package to 10 euros at the end of 2020 to reduce tobacco consumption in France.

Disabled adult allowance is increased

The AAH is revalued by 4.6%. It goes from 860 to 900 euros per month for a single person.

This allowance is made on a means-tested basis for people with disabilities over 20 years old and not yet of retirement age . However, in October the State Secretariat for Persons with Disabilities admitted that some 67,500 disabled couples, out of 1.2 million beneficiaries, will not benefit from this revaluation because the income of their spouse is taken into account in the calculation of their rights.

Their allocation will remain stable.

Complementary health solidarity enters into force

The complementary health solidarity merges the CMU-complementary and the ACS - assistance to the payment of complementary health. For insureds of the current CMU-C: the future "complementary health solidarity" will remain free, with the same level of reimbursement.

On the other hand, for the population eligible for the ACS (less than 1,007 euros for a single person, 1,813 euros for a couple with a child), this measure is presented as a "simplification": the guarantees will be aligned with those of the CMU-C , with a "financial participation" increasing with age.It will cost beneficiaries 8 euros per month up to 29 years, 14 euros between 30 and 49 years, 21 euros between 50 and 59 years, 25 euros between 60 and 69 years, and 30 euros from 70 years (except in Alsace-Moselle), according to a decree published in June in the Official Journal.


School canteens must now offer a vegetarian meal a week, according to the Egalim law.

Unemployment insurance rules harden

Now, in order to open compensation rights, you will have to have worked at least six months in the last 24 months (compared to four months out of the last 28 months), except for the over-53s where the reference period will remain 36 months .

As a result, the minimum duration of compensation also increases from four to six months. The maximum duration remains two years for those under 53 years, two and a half years for the 53-55 years, three years for the over 55 years.

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Fire broke out on Thursday, October 31, 2019 on a passenger train in the Punjab province of central Pakistan.

The fire was caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder that passengers used to heat a meal and left at least 65 dead and more than forty wounded.

The latter are being evacuated to hospitals in the region Only 18 bodies have been identified at this stage.

The flames ravaged three cars and many of the victims were killed by throwing themselves off the train, which ran near the town of Rahim Yar Khan in the center of the country.

"Terrible tragedy in a train in Tezgam with the explosion of a gas cylinder brought by a passenger. Prayers and condolences to the families of the victims, "said Pakistani Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari on Twitter.

Railway accidents are quite common in Pakistan, a country that has inherited from its colonial past under British rule a vast network of railroads now decrepit.

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California is flaming again. Due to extreme drought and strong winds, the US state is once again ravaged by fires.

Firefighters have been fighting for several days against huge fires in several sites in the US state, including a particularly violent near Los Angeles.

A new fire erupted Monday in the megalopolis' chic neighborhoods, forcing thousands to evacuate the area, including LeBron James.

Residents who have been asked to evacuate their homes as a precautionary measure include many millionaires, including Los Angeles Lakers star basketball player, NBA, LeBron James. "Dude, these lights in LA do not laugh," tweeted the American basketball player.

Residents who have been asked to evacuate their homes as a preventive measure

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger also had to go under cover on the orders of the authorities. "We evacuated no problem at 3:30 this Monday morning," he said on Twitter. "If you're in an evacuation zone, do not hang around, get in," insisted the Terminator.

Sunday, a new evacuation order was issued for the majority of the city of Santa Rosa (180,000 inhabitants) north of San Francisco, and the entire state of California was placed Sunday in a state of emergency by his governor then that the fire continued its progression.

Specialists are concerned about particularly strong winds, even described as "potentially historic" north of San Francisco. The gusts can reach up to 80 mph.

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The investigation on the trailer containing the 39 corpses is making great strides.

Recall of facts

39 corpses - 31 men and 8 women - were found in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in an industrial area of ​​Grays, about thirty kilometers east of London.

The container carrying the migrants arrived by ferry at the port of Purfleet, in the Thames Estuary, from Zeebrugge in Belgium an hour before the police went there, called for help.

The driver of the truck, suspected of murder, was arrested on the spot and placed in custody.

Aged 25, he is from Northern Ireland. According to the British media, this is Mo Robinson, a resident of Portadown, County Armagh.

Three new arrests in this investigation

The police in Essex on Friday announced three new arrests in this fast-moving investigation: a 48-year-old Northern Irish man arrested at London's Stansted Airport for human trafficking and homicide, and a couple - a man and a woman, aged 38 - living in the city of Warrington in the north of England.

According to the British press, who contacted the couple before his arrest, they are suspected of being the owners of the registered truck in Bulgaria. They told reporters that they were strangers to the case, saying they were shocked.

Investigators began performing autopsies on Friday to determine the exact causes of the 39 migrants' deaths. Then can start the work of identification of the bodies.

Autopsies: Vietnamese victims

At first, the British police had announced that the 39 victims - were Chinese but doubts appeared and a spokesman pointed out Friday that the situation was changing as the process of identification was not completed.

Two Vietnamese families fear that their children, who carry fake Chinese passports, may have died in the refrigerated truck. Nguyen Dinh Gia, the father of a 20-year-old Vietnamese boy, revealed that he received a chilling call a few days ago announcing that his son had died while trying to reach the United Kingdom.

According to Nguyen Dinh Gia, his son told him two weeks ago of his plan to join Britain from France, where he had been living illegally since 2018.

Pham Thi Tra, 26, reportedly sent a message on the phone to her mother explaining that she could not breathe, that she was dying, according to her brother's revelations.

Both families are from the same region of Ha Tinh, a very poor part of Vietnam from which many migrants leave. The latter often seek to join Britain to work in nail bars or illegal cannabis farms, hoping to earn money quickly.

Many pass through Russia or China, with false documents and this journey can cost them up to the equivalent of 36,000 euros, a fortune in Vietnam where the average income does not exceed 2,000 euros per year, according to the World Bank.

According to the BBC, an association of Vietnamese living in Britain, VietHome, has received photos of some twenty Vietnamese missing since the discovery of the truck. On Wednesday, the association says it has received messages informing them of the disappearance of people aged 15 to 45 years.

Driver Charges for Involuntary Homicide, Human Trafficking and Money Laundering

The driver is Maurice Robinson and he is from Northern Ireland. The driver of the truck in which 39 bodies were found on Wednesday east of London, was charged on Saturday. According to the British police, he is prosecuted for 39 manslaughter, human trafficking and money laundering. According to the same source, the other three people arrested in this case were still in custody on Saturday.

In a statement on Saturday, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said its embassy in London was working to speed up the process of identifying victims.

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Thirty suberbes sarcophagus painted wood of more than 3000 years and in excellent state of conservation were unveiled this Saturday in Egypt.
They were discovered by an Egyptian team of archaeologists, in Assasif, in a necropolis of the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, in the south of Egypt.
The sarcophagi were discovered last week at Assasif, a necropolis on the western bank of the Nile.

"This is the first discovery in Assasif by archaeologists, conservatives and workers," said the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri on the spot at a press conference in Luxor.

An important family of priests

Painted wooden pieces - coffins for men, women and children - were found one meter underground, stacked one above the other in two rows. These sarcophagi belong to an important family of priests.

Yellow, red, green, the colors and black lines are intact on the wood of the sarcophagi, which still carry many hieroglyphs, Egyptian deities, birds, snakes or lotus flowers.

The thirty found objects date from the 22nd Dynasty, founded more than 3000 years ago, in the tenth century BC.

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On April 15-16, the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral burned in the face of the world's dumbfounded eyes. Faced with such a catastrophe, the head of state, Emmanuel Macron, had promised to rebuild the French architectural jewel in five years, not one more.

But six months after the fire that ravaged the cathedral, no one believes in this promise. Apart from Philippe Villeneuve, chief architect of historical monuments, responsible among other things for the restoration of the religious building.

It will take "several months to save Notre-Dame de Paris and finish the sanitary condition that will serve as a diagnosis to establish the action plan for restoration" of the cathedral, believes, careful, the Minister of Culture Franck Riester . The yard is moving slowly, despite the noise of the drills and the coming and going of the workers.

Involved: the consolidation of the cathedral is indeed more complex, and therefore longer than expected. The complete diagnosis of the monument will be made only at the end of 2020.

Reconstruction should not begin until the year 2020. For the moment, hangers have been installed to reinforce the flying buttresses of the frame of the cathedral. Temporary ceilings and floors should soon be laid to strengthen the vault. The next step is obviously risky:

it involves dismantling the imposing 500-ton scaffolding, built around the spire that threatens to crumble at any moment.

The slowdown is also due to lead. Three hundred tons of lead melted in one night during the fire. This summer residents were worried about lead pollution. High rates are still regularly detected around the building despite decontamination.

And to ensure the safety of the staff, the procedures are very numerous and very rigorous. Too strict, according to some. For example, every time a worker moves from a dirty area to a clean area, that is, a lead-free area, he must remove his mask, his suit, his gloves, and take a shower. The whole thing lasts 10 minutes and the operation can be repeated ... six times a day.

The last black point of the file: how can Our Lady be restored when no one knows what to look like? Indeed, six months after the fire, two schools still clash on how the cathedral must be rebuilt, either identically or adapted to the taste of the day. For the Ancients, we must follow the model of Viollet -Le-Duc and for the Moderns it is necessary to propose a modern aesthetic.

The majority of French would like the traditional aesthetics to be respected. The State to develop a "process" to decide the outcome (the minister does not necessarily speak of a competition of architects, which had been a time mentioned by Prime Minister Philippe Édouard). As owner, the state will make the final decision, but the Minister of Culture ensures working hand in hand with the diocese of Paris and the City of Paris.

"The President of the Republic has set an ambition," says Franck Riester, but the "priority of priorities is a quality restoration", conducted at "a steady pace.

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At only 22 years old she reigns supreme over the world of gymnastics. She won Sunday, October 13th her 24th and 25th medals, both in gold, at the World Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart.

The four-time Olympic champion thus closes in beauty these Worlds during which she shone by her performances.

The day before, she had equaled, at 22, the record set by the legendary Belarusian Vitaly Scherbo (23) in the 1990s by winning the jump.

She gave birth on October 5 to two new figures, who now bear her name.

With, as a final salute, a representation of the "Biles II", a double somersault with a triple twist. "These are really the best Worlds I've ever done," says Biles, who "can not move so much (She's tired ".

And who now expects her mother to have a party in her honor on her return to Texas, as she "is used to, whether I like it or not," she jokes.

"His regularity has been exceptional," greets his French coach Landi. She proved that even with very, very big difficulty, she can have very good performance notes. "

Only the uneven bars, the only apparatus of which she was never crowned world champion, resisted her once again: she was ranked "only" fifth of the final Saturday.

At nine months of the Tokyo Olympics (July 24-August 9), the American is more than ever the sport to follow.

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L'enquête sur Mickaël Harpon, le tueur de la préfecture de police, progresse et les investigations confiées à la brigade criminelle et à la DGSI, depuis jeudi, lèvent chaque jour un peu plus le voile sur la radicalisation de cet agent administratif, en poste au service informatique de la direction du renseignement de la préfecture et habilité au secret défense.

De quoi faire froid dans le dos.

Une clef USB contenant des vidéos de décapitation a été découverte chez le tueur lors de la perquisition de son domicile à Gonesse dans le Val-d'Oise jeudi dernier, d'après des sources concordantes.

Une liste de noms de ses collègues de la préfecture de police avec des données personnelles a également été retrouvée sur cette clé USB.

Pour quoi faire ?

Mickaël Harpon avait-il l'intention de les communiquer à des tiers, ou de s'en servir à d'autres fins ?

Il était en contact très étroit avec un prédicateur musulman, connu des services de renseignement pour être salafiste, et était en communication avec dont les autorités considèrent qu'il prônait une pratique très rigoriste de sa religion.

Des contacts qui remontent à quelques mois.

Pour les policiers le ver était bien dans le fruit.

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Le parquet antiterroriste s'est saisi, vendredi 4 octobre 2019 au soir, de l'affaire du policier qui a tué quatre de ses collègues à la préfecture de police de Paris. En effet tout un faisceau d'indices laissent à penser qu'il s 'agirait d'une attaque terroriste.

Des éléments troublants semblent démontrer une radicalisation de l'individu.

Des sms à connotation religieuse dans les téléphones, sa proximité avec la mouvance salafistes , ainsi que le mode opératoire de l'attaque où une des victimes de l'assaillant a été égorgée pourraient valider la thèse de la piste terroriste. Le meurtrier s'était converti en 2008 à l'islam.

La divulgation des échanges avec sa femme confirmerait aussi son rapport avec cette religion.

Après l'achat de son couteau le matin même de l'attaque il aurait prévenu sa compagne par SMS.

« Seul Dieu te jugera », lui aurait-elle répondu . De plus, cet homme aurait déjà fait l'objet d'un signalement par le passé après l'attentat contre les locaux de Charlie Hebdo en 2015 qu'il aurait légitimer. terroriste.

Son passage à l'acte se dessine également petit à petit. Mickaël H. aurait « entendu des voix » la nuit précédant les faits selon les révélations de sa femme interrogée en garde à vue. Son mari aurait eu une « crise de démence ».

Un début d'explication peut-être ?

Mickaël H travaillait depuis 2003 en tant que spécialiste de la maintenance informatique au sein de la Direction du renseignement de la préfecture de police de Paris , qui se concentre notamment sur la lutte antiterroriste.

Ce fonctionnaire policier doublé d'un informaticien qui possédait l'habilitation secret-défense aurait-il pu transmettre aux milieux salafistes une masse d'informations sensibles vu son allégeance probable à l'islamisme

Un tel drame dans une enceinte aussi surveillée qu'une préfecture ne peut qu'interroger.

Les chefs d'accusation sont requalifiés en « assassinat et tentative d'assassinat sur personne dépositaire de l'autorité publique en relation avec une entreprise terroriste » et « association de malfaiteurs terroriste criminelle ».

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Un agent administratif a blessé mortellement, jeudi, au sein de la préfecture de police de Paris, quatre policiers à l'arme blanche et blessé une autre collègue.

Il a pénétré successivement dans deux bureaux de la préfecture de police où il a tué trois collègues, avant d'emprunter des escaliers et de s'en prendre à deux femmes.

Sur les quatre personnes tuées au cours de l'attaque, une a été égorgée.

L'assaillant a été abattu par un policier.

Profil de l'agresseur

Michael Harpon, âgé de 45 ans, travaillait depuis 2003 à la préfecture de police où il occupait un poste d'informaticien à la direction du renseignement (DRPP). Il souffrait d' un léger handicap de surdité. L'agresseur se serait converti à l'islam depuis 18 mois. Selon Christophe Castaner, l'assaillant n'avait «jamais présenté le moindre signe d'alerte».

« Assassinat et tentative d'assassinat sur personne dépositaire de l'autorité publique en relation avec une entreprise terroriste », ainsi que pour « association de malfaiteurs terroriste criminelle », a précisé le PNAT.

Au regard des éléments rassemblés à ce stade des investigations par les enquêteurs de la brigade criminelle, le parquet national antiterroriste s'est saisi, ce vendredi soir, de l'enquête ouverte à la suite des faits commis hier à la préfecture de police, indique ce vendredi le parquet de Paris.

Le mobile?

Quel était le mobile de Michael Harpon abattu après avoir tué à coups de couteau quatre de ses collègues, jeudi à la préfecture de police de Paris ? Au lendemain du drame, vendredi 4 octobre, la question est au cœur de l'enquête. Les policiers ont notamment entendu l'épouse du meurtrier placée en garde à vue.

Sa femme a déclaré que son mari avait eu des visions et entendu des voix la nuit qui a précédé son passage à l'acte. La piste d'un désaccord avec sa hiérarchie a également été évoquée par l'épouse du suspect qui a indiqué aux enquêteurs que son mari, sourd à 70%, avait le sentiment de ne pas être reconnu par sa hiérarchie à sa juste valeur et n'avait pas eu, selon lui, la progression de carrière qu'il méritait.

Depuis plusieurs mois d'ailleurs, Michael Harpon, malentendant, réclamait un interprète en langue des signes, dans l'espoir de pouvoir évoluer vers des postes de concepteurs de réseaux.

Les motivations de l'assaillant au couteau sont encore floues même si l'hypothèse du terrorisme est, depuis ce vendredi soir, privilégiée. Des fréquentations de Mickael H. sont présentées comme appartenant à la mouvance salafiste.

Le préfet de police de Paris avait assuré n'exclure « aucune hypothèse » au lendemain de l'attaque meurtrière perpétrée jeudi par un agent de la Préfecture de police.

«Notre lucidité de policier nous amène à n'exclure strictement aucune hypothèse à ce stade », a déclaré Didier Lallement.

En décembre 2015, une note de la direction de la sécurité de proximité de l’agglomération parisienne a recensé dix-sept cas de policiers radicalisés entre 2012 et 2015. La plupart d’entre eux étaient «entrés dans la police au milieu des années 2000».

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After the gigantic fire factory Lubrizol, Thursday, September 26 in Rouen, it's now time for questions. Should we fear massive pollution ?

what will be the consequences for the health of the population ?

what are the origins of the fire ? The Lubrizol plant in Rouen has the particularity of being a Seveso "high threshold" site set up in a very populated area. Barely more than three kilometers separate the Lubrizol factory from the historic city center of Rouen. The Rouen-Normandie metropolis has 490,000 inhabitants and includes 71 municipalities. Twelve of them, in addition to Rouen, have been affected by containment measures of some 65,000 inhabitants, in addition to 110,000 in the Normandy capital.

Since Thursday, the fire has released a heavy and thick plume of smoke, causing soot fallout throughout the northeastern area of ​​the city and raising many concerns. Although no casualties were reported, residents complained of vomiting, nausea and sore throat. They worry about the health consequences.

Crisis management for the least approximate. "The city is clearly polluted" .. ..

The prefect said during a situation, Friday, September 27 at midday, that the soot contained "components mainly related to the burning of oil finished products, chemical additives for oils and hydrocarbons hence the black, greasy soot that we find, "spreading several times, any risk of" acute toxicity "in the air.

Yet the Minister of Health has, meanwhile, not ruled out the risk of pollution and danger to health. "The city is clearly polluted" by soot, said Health Minister Agnès Buzyn Friday in Rouen .

"These are soot, like pollution, like tar patties on the beaches. If we see tar cakes on the beaches, we will ask the children not to touch them (...) Well it's the same thing we ask the residents today, that is to say, to clean these soot , these dirt, visually very identifiable, to take precautions including putting on gloves, "added Agnès Buzyn who spoke alongside the Minister of Environmental Transition Élisabeth Borne. "It's never good for people to touch that kind of product," she added.

"I can not say there is no danger, there are inevitably traces of hydrocarbons," said the health minister, expecting to wait for more fine analyzes to come later in the week next.

Crisis management that questions.

Questions around the origin of the fire

If Frederic Henry, the boss of the company Lubrizol, has testified his "empathy" to people living near the plant, he did not hide Saturday morning on Europe 1, his astonishment at the circumstances of the start of fire .

"I never thought we could have such a fire in premises like these," he said, recalling that the flames ignited "a place where nothing normally happens, where it does not. there is no activity per se. In fact, the fire took on a "drum storage" building.

"It really questions me, I can not understand why." "I can not know exactly where [the fire] started today," said Henry. "But we can still think that he started [near] a fence that separates us from a neighbor. I am very surprised to see a fire that starts like this, in the middle of the night, in a place where there is no one. It really questions me, I can not understand why. We must not dismiss anything, but it is very surprising. "

So many questions that deserve answers in a crisis that could be sanitary.

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Article 1 of the bill on bioethics reaches a milestone at the Palais Bourbon. The National Assembly voted the opening of medically assisted procreation (MAP) to all women, Friday, September 27, despite strong opposition from the right.

This article 1 of the bill of bioethics, fiercely debated since Wednesday, was adopted by 55 votes against 17, and 3 abstentions, several political groups being shared.

Medically assisted procreation makes it possible to have a child using various medical techniques such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

It is currently reserved for heterosexual couples in France. This expanded PMA for lesbian couples and single women, supported by the majority and the left, will be reimbursed by Social Security.

The Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, aims at a final adoption of the bill before the summer, which would allow an effective access of the PMA to all women "immediately from the law promulgated".

Since the beginning of the exchanges at the beginning of the week in the Hemicycle, deputies, mainly on the right and on the far right, have denounced a "fatherless MAP" which would inevitably lead to the gestation by others (GPO), even if the government keeps repeating that it remains "an absolute prohibition in France". In contrast, the majority and the left support, in the opening of the MAP, a measure of "equality", and to adapt the right to the state of society.

Several elected members voted in opposition to the majority of the members of their group. At LR, Maxime Minot voted for Article 1, and Damien Abad abstained. At LREM, Blandine Brocard, Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe and Liliana Tanguy voted against, while Benoît Potterie and Annie Vidal abstained. At the MoDem, Jean-Louis Bourlanges voted against.

The MAP is already allowed for lesbian couples and single women in ten out of twenty-eight European Union countries: Portugal, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Seven countries allow it for single women but not for lesbian couples: Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus. Austria and Malta allow lesbian couples but not single women.

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The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 195 countries) on the oceans and the cryosphere (permanent snow, mountain glaciers, ice caps, pack ice, frozen ground) was presented on Wednesday 25 September at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

This report presents several warming scenarios, ranging from an optimistic scenario limiting warming to + 1.5 ° C compared to the pre-industrial era, up to + 7 ° C.

Increase in sea level

From ice caps to glaciers, ice sheets and permafrost, the frozen areas of the planet are not spared by global warming and their melting leads to a significant rise in sea level.

If sea levels rose 2.5 times faster at the beginning of the 21st century than in the 20th century, the elevation, depending on the scenario, could reach between 40 and 80 cm before the end of the century. The sea will continue to rise after 2100, according to the Giec report. In a world at +2 ° C the rate of rise could stabilize, reaching about 1 meter in 2300, against several meters if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the same rate as today.

Redefinition of land / sea boundaries

According to the report, the rising waters will redraw the boundary between land and sea, threatening flooding of many coastal regions, from small island states to large cities such as New York or Shanghai, through the deltas of the Ganges or Mekong. More than one billion people will be affected.

But these alarmist simulations do not take into account the possible developments that could be implemented by humans to contain the waters: dikes, canals, polders ... Building protection against rising water could reduce from 100 to 1,000 times the flood risk, according to the report.

Warming ocean

According to the report's authors, ocean warming has doubled since 1982. As for permafrost temperatures, they have never been so high. Its melting will continue to release in the atmosphere huge amounts of CO2 and methane but also mercury, hitherto trapped in the soil, which will cause - and already causes - problems of water pollution. However, warming has a strong impact on the oceans, which absorbed a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans. The IPCC's conclusion is clear: the ocean is saturating, acidifying and producing less oxygen and fewer fish.

15% of the biomass production of the ocean at risk

However, experts say, these ecosystems play a vital role for life on Earth. Glaciers bring us clean water, the ocean provides 50% of atmospheric oxygen, and regulates the climate by capturing CO2 and absorbing heat from emissions. It is also a source of food and income for more than 800 million people.

But the IPCC's conclusion is clear: the ocean is saturating, acidifying and producing less oxygen and fewer fish. We could lose 15% of ocean biomass production and fish up to 26% less fish than currently.

The IPCC argues, once again, to respect the Paris Agreement and to limit warming below 2 degrees in order to manage the consequences of climate change and preserve the ocean and glaciers on Earth.

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A close to the historic climate walks around the world opens, this Monday, September 23, 2019, a UN summit on the climate emergency. Its general secretary Antonio Guterres is tired of the promises and expects concrete commitments. "Bring action plans, not speeches," he told world leaders in a letter he sent them.

A report released Sunday (September 22nd) by the UN's World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warns that the five years from 2015 to 2019 should be the hottest time ever, with + 1.1 ° C compared to the period 1850-1900. While the countries made the commitment in 2015 to limit the rise in global temperature "well below" 2 ° C, compared to the pre-industrial era, the planet is on a trajectory of + 3 ° to 4 ° C at the end of the century.

The UN Secretary-General will call on leaders around the world to increase their greenhouse gas reduction targets, partly responsible for climate change.

In a letter to Heads of State, Antonio Guterres set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent by 2030 by ending fossil fuel subsidies and banning the construction of coal-fired power plants. 2020. With the objective of "carbon neutrality" in 2050.

On Friday, Germany's Angela Merkel gave the the by adopting a 100 billion plan over ten years for climate protection. An absent: Donald Trump has said he will not come.

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The National Academy of Medicine, which gave an official opinion on Saturday , September 21, on the opening of medically assisted procreation (MAP) to lesbian couples and single women, believes that

"The deliberate conception of a child without a father" and is "not without risks" for his "psychological development" and his "development".

"The deliberate conception of a child deprived of a father is a major anthropological break that is not without risks for the psychological development and development of the child," she said.

This opinion on the law of bioethics, of which the opening of the MAP is the most symbolic measure, was adopted in session by the Academy Tuesday, September 17th, by 69 votes for, 11 against and 5 abstentions. His rapporteur is former health minister Jean-François Mattei.

"Possible medical consequences"

While the Academy states that its purpose is certainly not to "give an opinion" on a "societal measure", it "considers (however) its duty to raise a certain number of reservations related to possible medical consequences".

The Academy "recognizes the legitimacy of the desire for maternity in any woman whatever her situation," but believes that "equal rights must also be taken into account in the right of every child to have a father and a child. mother as far as possible ".

"The argument regularly put forward to reject the risk for the child is based on certain evaluations, mainly in some Anglo-Saxon and European countries, indicating the absence of a proven impact on the future of the child", continues the Academy. But it "does not judge very convincingly these data methodologically, in number of cases and in length of observation on children who have not always reached the age of existential questions ".

"The figure of the father remains a founder"

The Academy "believes that, increasingly mistreated by societal changes, the figure of the father is still founding for the child's personality as recalled by child psychiatrists, pediatricians and psychologists."

The bill of bioethics will be debated from Tuesday to the Assembly.

According to its statutes, the National Academy of Medicine can be seized of a request for opinion by the government and can also be self-sufficient on any question concerning the domains of the health and the medical ethics.

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"It is absolutely inadmissible, it is a scandal, I think there will be a criminal prosecution, the prosecutor is seized," insurged the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, returning to the illegal clinical trial conducted at least 350 Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients, banned Thursday.

This clinical trial presented as a "preliminary clinical trial" was carried out partly in an abbey near Poitiers through a fund called "Josefa" with Pr Henri Joyeux as vice-president. The latter is highly contested by the medical community, particularly because of its anti-vaccine positions. On his website, the founder of the "Josefa" fund, Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan claims the discovery of valentonine, supposed to "protect our organism and ensure the regulation of psychic and vegetative life".

With Professor Henri Joyeux, the two men say they want to make "known to the general public this essential discovery, and drugs (transdermal patches), under preparation, resulting from it". They explain that they "created a non-profit endowment fund (the Josefa Fund), which was given, in full, the intellectual property rights of the drug patents resulting from this discovery".

A molecule with unknown effects. .

The experiment consisted in applying patches to patients containing two molecules called valentonine and 6-methoxy-harmalan. Beforehand, patients had to stop their current treatment for Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease. The next day they had a blood test early in the morning. " But the effects on the human body of the incriminated molecule are not known according to the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) . "The valentonine used in these patches is a molecule for which the quality of manufacture and the effects on the human body are not known," says the agency ANSM. The concern is that patients have stopped their regular treatment. In addition, the ANSM does not have information on the protocol and what was specifically said to these patients. . The ANS Ma called the patients concerned to "no longer use the patches" (but to keep them for analysis) and "to quickly consult a doctor".

1000 euros requested per patient

The Josefa Fund, of which Pr Joyeux is vice-president, sent emails to the patients he wanted to recruit for the experiment. They were asked to participate in a "preliminary clinical trial" of the famous patch. The cost was evaluated at 1,000 euros per "included subject" in the essay.

Given the price of the test, Pr Joyeux asked the patients "the wealthiest" to "donate more than € 1,000, in order to properly finance this trial", not everyone being able to bring said sum. "The same goes for the quality of the Marketing Authorization (MA) dossier that will be submitted to the health authorities".

The two professors explained that they "created a non-profit endowment fund (the Josefa Fund), which was given, in full, the intellectual property rights of the drug patents resulting from this discovery".

The ANSM has seized justice.

"These people have been victims of false information," said the Minister of Health, stressing that "when you're sick, vulnerability makes you are much more sensitive to speech promising a miracle cure ».

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A teacher from a high school in Brignoles (Var) was seized in the dark for a quarter of an hour by 20 or so students of terminal school before they escaped. No student was physically abused.

The teacher would have asked his students of terminale L (literary), Tuesday at the beginning of his course, if one of them had a connection to the Netflix series site, to view "The Lord of the Rings".

As this film was not found, the teacher turned to a "Lucifer" series, throwing the students:

"It will bring you light."

It was at the moment when one of the high school students questioned the professor about the pedagogical interest of such a program that he would then have decided to lock up his students in the dark and close the door locks.

"Some of the students were able to escape through the door communicating with the next room thanks to the intervention of a colleague of the professor, before the rest of the students were released by the assistant principal who , alerted by the supervisors, managed to open the door to the corridor, "said a spokeswoman for the academy. The whole scene, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, "did not last more than a quarter of an hour," she added. The firefighters called on the scene took the professor to the hospital, according to the direction of the school.

The academy says it has no news from it and is waiting for medical advice before starting any procedure.

A psychological unit was set up by the school and a substitute teacher appointed for this class, also specifies the academy.

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A black panther who "wandered" on the roof of a building was seen in Armentières (North), near Lille.

"Called for a dangerous animal, Northern firefighters are faced with a large feline roaming on residential gutters," quickly identified as "a panther," firefighters write in a statement posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The imposing cat roamed quietly on the edge of a roof, the third and last floor of a brick building in Armentieres (north). According to witnesses, the black panther

"Sometimes stopped to watch the train go by, or to follow with a clear gaze a cat who was running off the road."

The imposing cat, after a stalking that lasted more than two hours, was asleep by a firefighting veterinarian with a "hypodermic rifle" darts anesthetic.

Caged, the feline was finally entrusted to the Animal Protection League.

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French climate experts exacerbate their projections on global warming: global warming is expected to be stronger than expected, regardless of the efforts made to counter it, warned Tuesday, September 17, 2019 French scientists who present new climate simulations which will serve as a basis for the IPCC.

About a hundred researchers and engineers, including the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and Météo-France, participated in this work which will feed the sixth report of Evaluation of the UN Panel of Experts on Climate, scheduled for 2021-2022.

And the results of their two new models - one developed by the National Center for Meteorological Research (Météo-France / CNRS) and the other at the Pierre-Simon-Laplace Institute (IPSL) -, join "those of other foreign models already available, "says the joint press release:

they "simulate a greater warming by 2100 than the previous versions established in 2012, especially for the most pessimistic scenarios in emissions".

The two models developed by the French scientists predict a continuous increase of the average temperature of the globe at least until 2040, to reach about 2 ° C, whatever the evolution of the emissions of greenhouse gases - because of the inertia of the climate system. Then everything will depend on the policies implemented now by the States to limit or not the carbon emissions.

"In the worst case scenario, the global average temperature rise reached 6.5 to 7 ° C in 2100," say the scientists. This scenario is based on rapid economic growth fueled by fossil fuels. In the latest IPCC 2014 report - which served as a basis for the Paris Agreements - the worst case scenario was + 4.8 ° C compared to the pre-industrial period.

The most optimistic scenario, "marked by strong international cooperation and giving priority to sustainable development" allows to remain "just" under the objective of the 2 ° C warming of the Paris Agreement. This objective "implies an immediate reduction of CO2 emissions until reaching global carbon neutrality around 2060, as well as an atmospheric CO2 uptake of around 10 to 15 billion tonnes a year. 2100 ".

Which would imply a very strong political will. "The average temperature of the planet at the end of the century depends heavily on climate policies that will be implemented now and throughout the 21st century," insist the scientists, according to which we must grant "a higher degree of confidence" to this new generation of models, which have "improved". technologically impossible for the moment.

"The average temperature of the planet at the end of the century therefore strongly depends on the climate policies that will be implemented now and throughout the twenty-first century" insist the experts.

How to explain these results even darker than those predicted by previous models ?

The release discusses the hypothesis of a "stronger climate response to increasing anthropogenic greenhouse gases than in the 2012 simulations". But "the reasons for this greater sensitivity and its impact on projections are not yet very clear," say the scientist

For France, the last exercise of this kind dates back to 2012. "As computing capacity increases, we have refined the resolution and we also have models that better represent the current climate," explains Olivier Boucher, research director at the CNRS.

This has allowed researchers to better model the consequences of global warming in Western Europe, focusing in particular on heat waves.

Another striking result of these two new French models is the continued increase in the intensity and frequency of heat waves in France and Western Europe, "at least in the next two decades, whatever the scenario considered.

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Les députés ont rejeté mercredi 11 septembre 2019 en commission des amendements visant à autoriser la PMA post-mortem.

Ce sujet a divisé la plupart des groupes politiques, dans le cadre de l'examen du projet de loi sur la bioéthique.

La PMA post-mortem a été rejetée à chaque révision des lois de bioéthique ces vingt dernières années L'utilisation des gamètes ou embryons in vitro issus du conjoint ne sera pas autorisée après le décès de conjoint.

Le gouvernement est opposé à la poursuite du projet parental, la ministre de la Santé Agnès Buzyn soulignant les « risques pour la construction de l'enfant ».

Une série d'amendements étaient portés par des « marcheurs », des socialistes, des élus MoDem ou encore du co-rapporteur La République en Marche Jean-Louis Touraine.

Ce dernier a évoqué la « logique » de permettre à ces femmes veuves de recourir à l'insémination ou au transfert d'embryons existants, plutôt que de recourir à un donneur. Le conjoint aurait dû dans ce cas donner son consentement préalable, et la PMA aurait été encadrée dans le temps.

En cas de décès « Il faut laisser la femme décider », « c'est une question de confiance » a-t-il insisté. M. Touraine a également rappelé une décision du Conseil d'État, remontant à 2016, qui avait autorisé pour la première fois une veuve espagnole à faire transférer le sperme de son mari en Espagne, où l'insémination post-mortem est autorisée.

Mais au sein même de son groupe LREM, partagé, des voix se sont élevées pour dire leur opposition à la naissance d'«enfants orphelins», et le risque de «pressions» sur «la femme endeuillée». , et le risque de « pressions » sur « la femme endeuillée ».!

De nombreux élus LR sont aussi montés au créneau , estimant notamment qu'«on ne respecte pas l'intérêt supérieur de l'enfant».

«Ce qui est techniquement possible n'est pas toujours souhaitable. Ne jouons pas aux apprentis sorciers», a aussi plaidé Annie Genevard.

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On se souvient des polémiques créées cet été par un arrêté municipal très médiatisé pris par le maire de Langouët (Ille-et-Vilaine) Daniel Cueff, suivi d'autres, interdisant l’utilisation de produits phytopharmaceutiques à moins de 150 mètres d’habitations. Arrêté qui a été suspendu par la justice administrative.

Consultation en vue d' un décret pour le 1er janvier 2020

Face la multiplication des arrêtés anti-pesticides, le gouvernement a lancé, ce lundi 9 septembre, une vaste consultation publique, d’une durée de trois semaines et ouverte à tous, sur les distances minimales à respecter entre habitations et zones d’épandage de pesticides.Le gouvernement a proposé samedi 7 septembre de fixer cette distance minimale à 5 mètres pour les cultures dites basses (céréales par exemple) et à 10 mètres pour les cultures hautes, telles que les vignes ou l’arboriculture. Il justifie cette décision par les préconisations scientifiques de l’Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire (Anses) allant en ce sens.

La consultation « sur le modèle du grand débat », selon le ministère de l’Agriculture, doit être ouverte simultanément sur les sites du ministère de la Santé, de la Transition écologique et solidaire, et celui de l’Agriculture et de l’alimentation.

Le ministère de la Transition écologique analysera ensuite les résultats et fera la synthèse en vue d' « un arbitrage définitif fin novembre », avant la publication du décret prévu pour le 1er janvier 2020.

« C'est la première fois qu'on va mettre en place des distances minimales et on est un des seuls pays à le faire », s'est félicitée Elisabeth Borne, la ministre de la Transition écologique.

Des polémiques

Décret ou charte

Parallèlement à cette consultation, d’autres négociations locales dans les préfectures se poursuivent entre ONG, agriculteurs et élus pour l’élaboration de chartes départementales sur l’utilisation des pesticides. Or « Le cousu main de ces chartes prévaudra sur le décret » a prévenu le ministère. À ce jour, huit chartes ont été signées, privilégiant «l' intelligence locale ».

La FNSEA, principal syndicat de la profession agricole, a apporté son soutien aux « solutions locales » pour encadrer les épandages de pesticides. En revanche la Coordination rurale a en exprimé ses doutes sur la création de telles chartes. Pour Bernard Lannes la charte que les agriculteurs avaient signé avec les industriels et la grande distribution à l’issue des États généraux de l’alimentation se solde par un échec.

« 150 mètres »

Le débat fait également rage entre les écologistes et le monde agricole sur les contours de cette mesure. En effet pour les agriculteurs l'exclusion des terres de la zone d'épandage représente un manque à gagner en terme de culture. « De trois à cinq mètres ce sont déjà des milliers d’hectares » enlevés à la production agricole, « mais 150 mètres, c’est non, car ça représente des millions d’hectares », a signalé Bernard Lannes . Et 150 mètres équivaudrait à retirer 15 à 20% de la surface agricole française.

Il a également rappelé que l’Anses avait déjà déterminé pour chaque produit phytopharmaceutique homologué la zone de non-traitement appropriée en fonction de la santé humaine.

Or pour l’association Générations futures les données de l'Anses sont inappropriées du fait de l'utilisation d'une méthodologie obsolète et limitée.

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Selon les données publiées lundi à Genève par l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) , une personne se suicide toutes les quarante secondes dans le monde, soit 800 000 par an.

Le taux s'établit à 10,5 pour 100 000. Si le taux mondial a reculé de 10%, il reste cependant toujours très élevé dans les pays riches .

Au total, 79% des suicides sont observés dans des pays à revenus bas ou intermédiaires, mais le taux est le plus élevé dans les pays riches, à 11,5 pour 100 000.

Les hommes sont 1,8 fois plus affectés que les femmes et même trois fois plus dans les pays riches.

Alors qu'au Japon et la Corée du Sud le taux de suicide est en baisse, les Etats-Unis reste le seul pays où le taux a augmenté. L'accès aux armes à feu peut constituer l'une des explications, a affirmé devant la presse une responsable de la prévention du suicide à l'OMS, Alexandra Fleischmann.

Le directeur général Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus appelle les Etats à utiliser les politiques de prévention dans leur approche nationale de santé.

Les méthodes de suicide les plus courantes sont la pendaison, l'auto-empoisonnement par les pesticides et les armes à feu. Selon l'OMS, diminuer l'accès aux pesticides peut faire baisser les taux de suicide, comme l'ont montré des initiatives prises au Sri Lanka et en Corée du Sud. Ainsi l'organisation demande notamment des restrictions à l'accès aux pesticides, l'un des moyens les plus utilisés dans le monde.

L'OMS mène une campagne d'un mois sur la prévention du suicide. A cette occasion, l'organisation va publier une brochure avec des recommandations pour les cinéastes et créateurs de séries télévisées.

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The justice authorizes the rooster Maurice to continue to sing on the island of Oléron and it is justice!

The rooster Maurice was "relaxed" by the justice, Thursday, September 5, 2019, in a case which opposed his owners and neighbors inconvenienced by the morning song of the animal in the commune of Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron, in Charente -Maritime.

The criminal court in Rochefort dismissed their complaint and ruled that the bird could continue to sing.

For months, a conflict opposes indeed a couple, secondary resident in Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron, the owner of the gallinace, their neighbor. They complained of the noise pollution caused by the singing of Maurice.

Its noisy cocorico, at dawn, annoyed some inhabitants of the island of Oléron. The plaintiffs asked that the justice gives Corinne Fesseau, owner of Mauritius, from an old Oleron family, 15 days to drive away the animal or shut him up

The lawyer of the owner of Maurice, Mr. Papineau, explained that his victory was due to the fact that "in French law it is necessary to prove a nuisance, and it was not made". "Neither the plaintiffs nor their defender were present.

I am speechless. We stole them in the feathers. It's a victory for all people in the same situation as me. I hope this will be a case law for them, "said Ms Fesseau in the Rochefort court. "Everyone will be protected behind: the bells, the frogs ...", she added, referring to other noise-related neighborhood quarrels that annoy city dwellers.

Pending the decision of the court the mayor of the town, Christophe Sueur, had decided to take a decree to preserve "lifestyles related to the campaign, especially with regard to the presence of farm animals." "We have always lived with vegetable gardens, henhouses, we have a rather traditional life," he said.

Vincent Huberdeau, the plaintiff's lawyer, refused to see the idea of ​​the "city against the campaign" trial, of a "conflict between citizens bobos and rural" and yet ...

"Why not a Mauritius law to protect all rural noises? Said the owner of the angry rooster.

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What are the "Nazi relics" in the French Senate ?

A bust of Hitler, eagles of the Third Reich and a Nazi flag: the secret is known only to a few insiders, says Le Monde in an investigation published Tuesday.

Yet, the Luxembourg Palace houses many objects of the Third Reich in its basements ...

This is the history of the palace that would explain their presence.During the Second World War, the Luxembourg Palace was headquarters for the German air force, the Luftwaffe. The building was vacated on August 25, 1944, and it was not until 1949 that the Provisional Consultative Assembly moved there.

So what secrets hides this 17th century palace of the Lutwaffe HQ during the Nazi occupation.

The Senate staff, meanwhile, fell from the clouds. "This is a discovery for many people, everyone falls from above," then assured the communication department of the palace. "You're telling me," Vincent Capo-Canellas, Senator UDI of Seine-Saint-Denis and now Quaestor of the Senate, reacts.

And to add: "We must soon visit the bunker with my colleagues. This place had stayed a little in his juice, that may be the explanation. "

The Senate decided to take the bull by the horns and to communicate at the end of August a document of five pages listing the objects. "Documents and objects left in the Senate by the German occupation after World War II". "In the reserves are also kept some pieces of furniture and a bust left by the German occupant and whose origin is unknown," said the statement. Similarly, objects stored in the "bunker", an air-raid shelter built under the courtyard of 15 bis Vaugirard will be inventoried.

"The bust was to be in an office of the occupant, says the chief architect of the Senate. He always stayed in reserve, he never came out. Nobody cared, I do not see what we can do. ".

To the historian Cécile Desprairies, specialist of the German occupation, to explain to the confreres that "the Nazi flags were taken as trophies". "The places were looted, ransacked, the liberators took away a small piece of the occupier, it was the rat race. It was then circulating on the black market, and it's still going around. There was no destruction policy or control policy. The winners do what they want.

The President of the Senate, Gerard Larcher "ignored [t] the presence of this bust. I asked the questure [responsible for the management of the institution, ed] to deepen the research on all objects.

"I asked for an in-depth work, and at the same time a reflection on this period. There were, it seems, on the part of agents who were there moments of patriotism that I would not want to overshadow, "added Gerard Larcher, who made the link with the Liberation of Paris.

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For the first time, Public Health France measured the presence of endocrine disruptors in the body of a large representative sample (1,104 children and 2,503 adults) of the French population between 2014 and 2016.

Bisphenols, phthalates, parabens, glycol ethers, brominated flame retardants, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) have been tracked in the bodies of children and adults.

Pollutants present in the body of the French .

According to the study, diet is not the only source of exposure to these substances.

The use of cosmetics and care, for example, increases the levels of impregnation of parabens and glycol ethers with concentrations found in the French exceeding the "threshold values ​​health" established abroad.

These substances, which are omnipresent in everyday objects and which are often endocrine disruptors or carcinogens, proven or suspected, are "present in the body of all French people"

Children, first concerned

Public Health France also emphasizes that "higher levels of impregnation are found in children" compared to adults.

Several hypotheses can explain these higher levels in children: the latter touch and carry more objects to the mouth, they are more exposed to household dust and their weight is relatively lower compared to their food intake, also vectors of these pollutants .

Toxic effects

Although Public Health France does not pronounce on the health consequences of this pollution, still poorly known, it recalls however that some of these products are endocrine disruptors or known or suspected carcinogens.

PEs are indeed able to interfere with the hormonal system and are involved in certain disorders and conditions such as obesity, lower intelligence quotient or cancers of the reproductive system.

Glycol ethers are suspected of causing toxic effects on reproduction and development in humans: decreased male fertility, increased risk of spontaneous abortions or fetal malformations.

These results are part of the Esteban Framework - Environmental Health, Biomonitoring, Physical Activity and Nutrition - a research program launched in 2014 to monitor the health status of the French population.

Two other parts of the study, on exposure to metals and pesticides, will be published later, said Public Health France.

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"We are facing a hurricane (...) as we have never seen in the history of the Bahamas," said Sunday, September 1, Hubert Minnis, the prime minister of the Caribbean archipelago.

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas with torrential rains and high winds. The cyclone, category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, struck northern Bahamas. Described as "catastrophic" by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), it is accompanied by sustained winds reaching 184 mph, with gusts exceeding 218 mph.

While still sweeping the islands of the Bahamas, winds and waves, sometimes higher than homes, have killed at least five people. And the material damage is very heavy.

Hurricane Dorian is the worst storm in the history of this Caribbean archipelago. But also one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded on the Atlantic.

It is also the fifth category 5 hurricane to have formed in the Atlantic in the last four years. In meteorology, scientists classify hurricanes on a scale of 1 to 5 on the so-called Saffir-Simpson scale. But even among category 5 hurricanes, Dorian has little equivalent.

Dorian is as powerful as Gilbert (1988), Wilma (2005) and the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. With averaged winds of one minute in the order of 184 mph and gusts of up to 224 mph, hurricane Dorian is more powerful   than Maria ( 174 mph ) and

Irma (180 mph) that ravaged the Lesser Antilles in September 2017.

Only Allen, in 1980, had higher sustained winds, reaching 190 mph. The rains are also torrential, with accumulations exceeding the expected 40 in northwestern Bahamas. That's the equivalent of 5 months of rain in just 48 hours. The particularly vulnerable islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama are experiencing the worst floods in their history.

After the Bahamas, the hurricane is expected to move closer to the east coast of Florida on Monday night and Tuesday. Although it is not yet certain that it will land in the Sunshine State. The state of emergency had been declared in Florida and in a dozen counties in the state of Georgia. This measure makes it possible to better mobilize the public services of the State and to resort if necessary to the federal aid.

In the face of global warming, meteorologists are worried that cyclones could increase in intensity.

And despite the questioning of Donald Trump on a possible bombardment of the hurricane, it is not scientifically possible to stop a hurricane.

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After nearly thirty years of arrest, commercial whaling resumed on Monday in Japan, signaling the government's decision in late December to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Japan is expected to resume commercial whaling in early July 2019. This Asian country began its "research missions" to Antarctica and the Northeast Pacific 32 and 25 years ago respectively, giving up to a purely commercial fishery, but using a "scientific exception", tolerated by the IWC. However, whaling on the pretext of scientific research, often described as hypocritical, sometimes covered commercial activity.

A little consumed food

During these decades, the archipelago has indeed ceased to be criticized by cetaceans advocates for its methods considered cruel, while non-lethal methods exist to conduct the desired studies, according to critics.

In addition, while researchers were certainly the first to look at reported whales, some of their flesh ended up on the stalls of fishmongers, despite an unimportant appetite for this commodity.

But there is a willingness and pride to preserve a rite held by a part of the population, including the elderly who remember that the whale was their only major source of protein during the famine of the post-war period.

"We believe that whales are marine resources like fish and that they can be used on the basis of scientific criteria," said an official from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. "We determine quotas so as not to harm the species," he said. The quota of whales killed was set at 227 until December.

Five whalers at sea as early as July 2019

A fleet of 5 whalers will take off from Kushiro town (Hokkaido Island) and finally return at the end of August. When he left the IWC in December Tokyo had made sure that he would not go hunting "in the waters of the Antarctic or in the Southern Hemisphere", limiting his fishing "to territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone ", in line with IWC quotas," so as not to deplete resources ". Sea Shepherd welcomed this release: "It's a victory in our fight to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean." "If Japan withdraws from the International Whaling Commission (IWC), it allows it to vote the motion to establish a sanctuary in the South Atlantic, thus putting an effective end to the hunt throughout the Southern Hemisphere" explained the famous NGO in a statement.

Countries that still hunt whales

From now on, Japan and Norway practice commercial whaling with more or less significant profits. Conversely, Iceland will refrain from hunting for the first time since 2002, the two specialized companies having decided to give up the 2019 season. The Icelandic whaling industry has put an end to the whaling of Minke whales considered too unprofitable, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said in a statement on July 27, 2018.

Although practiced, commercial whaling is still prohibited by the International Whaling Commission. By the end of 2018, she had even refused Japan's request for a legal resumption of whaling. However, this prohibition does not affect indigenous peoples who can hunt whales for food, a practice that is endorsed by the IWC. It voted on 12 September 2018 largely in favor of whaling for these communities living in the Arctic, with the renewal of quotas for their subsistence.

Hundreds of minke whales, humpbacks, borealis and fin whales can be hunted for six years by people living in Alaska (United States), Russia, Greenland and Bequia Island. (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).

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At 4:00 pm, several shots were fired in front of the mosque, injuring two people including Imam Rachid El Jay.

"The two wounded were brought to the emergency room, their vital prognosis would not be engaged," according to the prefecture.

One was shot in the abdomen and the other in the leg, according to sources close to the file.

The balls would be 9 mm caliber.

The facts occurred shortly after 16:00 outside the mosque located in the Pontanezen district.

The author or the authors of the shots fled aboard a gray Clio, found shortly after by the police but empty, according to sources close to the investigation.

The alleged gunman was found dead near his car in Guipavas, near Brest, after fleeing the scene at first.

He allegedly shot himself in the head, according to a police source.

According to a police source, the alleged perpetrator, who was identified, left written documents near the place where he was found dead. He also posted a picture of him on social networks.

"He is known to the police but is not known, and is not known as belonging to a far-right movement," according to a police source.

The judicial police have been seized of the investigation.

According to the Paris prosecutor's office, the situation is being assessed by the antiterrorist section of the Paris prosecutor's office, which is in contact with the prosecutor's office of Brest.

"I asked the prefects to strengthen surveillance of places of worship in the country," tweeted Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

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The watchmaker Jean - Baptiste Viot has found the twin sister, or almost, the clock that melted in the fire last April.

An almost twin sister of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral clock was found a few kilometers away, rekindling the hope of being able to rebuild this masterpiece carried away by the flames with the roof. Or ?

In a kind of shed, located exactly under the bells of the church of the Holy Trinity, in full Paris, in a junk of sculptures and old furniture.

An extraordinary discovery made by the watchmaker Jean-Baptiste Viot while he makes an inventory for the account of experts in art objects.

He discovers that the mechanism of more than 2 meters long forgotten at the bottom of the Holy Trinity is "identical" to that of Notre-Dame. The inscription does not mislead on its relationship.

"Year 1867. Built by Collin", the same year as that of Notre-Dame. And by the same workshop.

Less than 4 kilometers from the Notre-Dame cathedral, Jean-Baptiste Viot has just got his hands on the twin sister, or almost, the clock that has almost completely melted in the fire.

Unlike the Notre-Dame frame, the clock was not digitized until it was destroyed. The plans having disappeared, no indication exists, except photos, to guide its reconstruction.

The discovery of the clock of the Holy Trinity is an unexpected base to redo the room.

And a good crank for the tick to be heard again !

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The investigators are trying to find out how the terrorist, who killed 4 people in March 2018, bought weapons.

Five people were arrested on Tuesday by the anti-terrorist sub-directorate of the judicial police in the case of the attacks committed in Carcassonne and Trèbes (Aude) on March 23, 2018.

Aged 19 to 29 years, living in the Aude, the suspects were placed in custody on rogatory commission of the judge in charge of investigations.

On 23 March 2018, a young jihadist, Radouane Lakdim, attacked motorists in Carcassonne, killing the passenger and wounding the driver with gunshots.

He then fired on policemen in front of their cantonment and then entrenched himself with hostages in the Super U de Trèbes. There, he had killed a supermarket butcher and a customer.

Lieutenant-Colonel Gendarmerie Arnaud Beltrame, who had allowed the release of a cashier, was murdered by the terrorist.

Five people are indicted in this case.

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The end of June should be marked by a heat wave that will begin this weekend. Since 1947, only the heat wave of 18 to 28 June 2005 had been so early.

A "remarkably intense and early" heat wave is spreading all over France next week. This heat wave, due to a hot air mass coming from the Maghreb and Spain, could last until the following weekend.

More than 40 ° C in places?

Temperatures will drop to 30 ° C on Sunday. The heat will be even more pronounced on Monday. And from Tuesday, outside the coastlines, Météo France expects to see mercury reaching 35 to 40 ° C in the vast majority of regions. At night, minimum temperatures will not drop much: mercury will not drop below 20 ° C in much of the country.

The days are at this time the longest, such heat can be very painful because they last until late at night and temperatures do not have time to go down in the night. Warmth vigilance is very likely, at least in the East and Southeast.

The situation will be even more painful in the agglomerations, particularly vulnerable during periods of extreme heat. The temperature is higher than in the surroundings. This phenomenon is called an urban heat island (ICU). The difference in temperature is often of the order of 2 to 3 degrees, but in case of heat wave this difference can go up to 10 degrees!

Thunderstorms by following?

It is likely that a storm will put an end to this heat wave.

Because storms are formed precisely in summer, when the air is warm near the ground and cold in altitude. This hot air meets a mass of cold air. The ideal conditions for a supercell storm, the most violent storm.

Heat being one of the main drivers of such storms we will undergo others during the summer since it looks hotter than normal.

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Shocking and chilling eyes: they are called porthole cows, their flanks are perforated with a hole six inches in diameter and closed by a flapper. Here is what we discover with horror on the new shock video of the animal rights association L214, filmed in hidden camera and commented by the host of France Télévisions, Nagui. He tells :

"Employees come to open the porthole to come and deposit samples or take samples." The "fistulation", the name of this process invented in the nineteenth century, allows through openings 15 to 20 centimeters in diameter to access the rumen, one of the four stomachs of the animal. On the images we see operators in blouses introduce their hands inside the stomach of several "guinea pigs".

"During experimentation, you can open and close their portholes 6 times within 48 hours to take samples. Not to mention the installation of the porthole, an invasive operation that generates postoperative pain and requires taking medication for several days - antibiotics for two weeks according to a center operator, "writes the NGO. The cows, they are stored in premises without straw, even their droppings. These experiments are carried out in the farm of Sourche (Sarthe).
An experimental center of the Avril group: the diet is tested to increase the productivity of farm animals.

"Illegal" practices

Today, L214 denounces inhumane conditions. "We complain, because these experiments are illicit, the regulation is quite precise and sets a framework. Experiments on animals must be done in a context of strict necessity, "says Sébastien Arsac.

Of course, the agribusiness group Avril, which produces 25% of the eggs consumed in France, one in eight pigs and one out of four rabbits that end up on the plates, has since reacted via a statement: "This process is used worldwide exclusively. for research purposes. It is accompanied by extremely rigorous veterinary monitoring and is currently the only solution to study the digestion of plant proteins. "

Certainly society wants by 2025 to replace these methods by others, called "alternatives", but pending the abuse on animals must be denounced, what the association did in filing a complaint.

"Deeply shocked," Nagui calls for "putting an end to this race for performance that is detrimental to the health of animals and our health. Let's stop these experiments. "

L214 also posted a petition "for the ban of these zootechnical experiments".

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"If I can free myself, it will be magic. If I fail, it will be tragic, "said Chanchal Lahiri, before being immersed chained in the Ganges.

The body of the Indian illusionist Chanchal Lahiri, who had been immersed in the Ganges chained to prove that he could escape quickly, in the manner of Houdini, was found in the river, Monday, June 17, In the evening.

Harry Houdini was an American stuntman of Hungarian origin, famous in particular for a feat in 1912 in New York, where he had freed himself from his bonds while he was immersed in the East River.

Tragic denouement therefore for the brave magician who had been immersed chained in the Ganges. He wanted to prove that he could escape quickly, in the manner of Houdini, from his cage.

But he was found in the river Monday night, police said. Chanchal Lahiri, known by his stage name "Jadugar Mandrake" ("The magician Mandrake"), had been missing since Sunday.

He was plunged into the river by a crane in front of family members, the media and police gathered on the banks. But the 40-year-old man had never recovered and the authorities had launched a search. "If I can free myself, it will be magical" Leaving a glass cage 21 years ago

Before his attempt, Deceives Death had explained that he had achieved this same trick in a more difficult version 21 years ago, at the same place. "I was chained inside a glass cage and was thrown into the water from Howrah Bridge. It took me 29 seconds to get out, "he said.

Chanchal Lahiri had recounted the escape from the glass cage in 2013, but was attacked by the public who had been able to see the door of the age.

He admitted, however, that it would be more difficult this time: "If I can free myself, it will be magic. If I can not do it, it will be tragic. He did not succeed this time in deceiving death.

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"It is important for me to listen to those children of silence who express suffering, and to understand this question through their eyes. This is not a taboo issue.

When we meet them, we recognize them. We wish to repeat to them that the good of the child and of the mother must prevail and that the priest must abandon his ministry to formally assume his child so that he can perceive himself as a child of love.

I also wish to move with them towards a charter of the Church of France defining the ways to act in these situations. "

The Conference of Bishops of France is organizing, Thursday, June 13, an unprecedented meeting between children of priests and several bishops.

Soon the recognition of the Church?

Many of these "children of silence" recount their need for recognition and their suffering related to the weight of secrecy. They have all experienced a deep trauma of the severe silence of the Church and the humiliation of others as a "child of dishonor".

These "children of silence" never completely undo the wounds and unspoken of their childhood are in search of their origin.

AT insi, daughter of a nun and a priest, Anne-Marie Mariani-Jarzac, president of the association Enfants du silence, went in search of her origins for her children. This 68-year-old Catholic practitioner recalls her healing through the listening and compassion of a priest:

"I understood that I existed in the eyes of God and that he loved me as I am. Too many priest children suffer while we are not responsible for our history. "

"The good of the child and the mother must prevail"

For Bishop Jérôme Beau, Archbishop of Bourges "The good of the child and the mother must prevail"

Certainly the priests of the Catholic Church commit themselves to celibacy and chastity.

And if some have children, the church is clear: it must "act for the sake of the child" by abandoning the priesthood and assuming it, so that it grows by its side.

If today the bishops do not yet know what will happen to this dialogue that begins their line is that of Rome: "If we learn that a priest is a father, it is obvious that he must leave the clerical state to assume his paternity "

The bishops also say they are ready to offer specific support, drawing from a fund for priests who leave their ministry.

"I think we can, for example, set up an operating charter worked together" with Enfants du silence, said Bishop Beau.

Other meetings are planned in September.

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Prostitution is invading social networks. The Internet has "eaten street prostitution" which only concerns a marginal fringe. This is confirmed by a study by the Fondation Scelles: "prostitution and sexual exploitation on the internet appear as a scourge in full expansion". The report, unveiled this June, denounces the diversion of new technologies for the benefit of prostitution 2.0. Whatsapp, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Airbnb, rare applications to escape, says the study.

Two-thirds of prostitution on the internet

The Scelles Foundation, which mentions a note from the French Ministry of the Interior dated May 2018, points out that "for the first time in 2017, the percentage of identified victims exercising on public roads was lower than that of victims exercising" in prostitution. lodged ", in apartments or hotels. ". In France, this new form of prostitution represents "two-thirds of prostitution".

Of the 35 countries in the spotlight, the same report is alarming: pimps use Whatsapp to communicate with each other and with prostitutes, they spot their prey on Instagram and bait the customers via classified ads on the web.

All countries are affected

For example, a Russian pimp was arrested in 2016 for leading a prostitution ring in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East via Whatsapp, whose encryption makes it difficult for the authorities to monitor it. In Israel, "Tinder is today the most used tool for finding prostitutes," the report said.

The phenomenon of loverboys and cities

This international observatory also noted the recent emergence in France of a new form of exploitation: "loverboys", which is part of the trafficking of underage girls.

The phenomenon was first spotted in the Netherlands, and settled in Germany. Today, it is anchored in France. The "loverboys" are young men, in their twenties in general. They seduce girls even younger, usually minor. They create the illusion of a love story. They set a situation of emotional and financial dependence. And end up prostituting them. This phase is often accompanied by physical violence.

In France, girls, often minors, are identified on Snapchat or Instagram, before being prostituted in apartments rented on the Airbnb platform and transformed into "brothels ephemeral".

Yves Charpenel, president of the Fondation Scelles and Chief Advocate General at the Court of Cassation, also points out: "City prostitution is in full upsurge, accounting for around 20% of human trafficking in France. (...) It goes on the Internet and takes place out of sight. Girls are prostitutes in apartments, hotel rooms. It is also the reign of terror, omerta, victims do not usually complain. No need to bring "girls" from Africa or South America, the raw material is on site in the city, at hand. We are in French-French. "

"The digital facilitates the concealment, anonymity and discretion that allow to develop illegal activities," says the Foundation. "From the same computer, a criminal network can identify its future prostitutes, bring customers and launder money," summarizes Yves Charpenel, magistrate and president of the Foundation.

Difficult, sometimes, for the authorities to characterize this pimping which slips in the sites of classified advertisements behind ambiguous messages, promising "massages", "moments of escape" or even "to take a shower after".

Stop the phenomenon.

"Prostitution generates so much profit that it sweeps everywhere. We need to make platforms more accountable, "said Mr Charpenel. However, the report notes "significant milestones".

In France, the website Vivastreet, targeted by a survey for "aggravated pimping," decided in June 2018 to suspend its "Meetings" section, to prevent "any abuse" or "inappropriate use" of "certain users".

In the United States, the adoption in March 2018 by the Congress of a law putting an end to the impunity of the websites letting prostitution ads run has allowed the closure of the "Backpage" site, sometimes presented by its detractors like the the world's first prostitution site.

"A real governance of the internet remains to be built," says Fondation Scelles.

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The archaeologists from Dijon made this discovery last January, on the occasion of an archaeological diagnosis carried out before the construction of a building.

Thirty gold and silver coins, some of them "rare", had been hidden by their owner at the end of the Middle Ages under an opulent house in Dijon. These pieces from several European countries have just been found.

The archaeologists of Dijon Inrap (National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research) made this discovery last January in the heart of the capital of Burgundy, close to the old abbey Saint Benigne, on the occasion of an archaeological diagnosis realized before the construction of a building. "A small nest egg with a wedding medallion", buried at the end of the 15th century under the soil of a house that "perhaps belonged to a little aristocrat or a bourgeois with a little enriched", explained the archaeologist Stéphane Alix, Head of Operations at Inrap.

These coins "tell the story of the merchant bourgeoisie and the small aristocracy at the end of the 15th century in Dijon," which was at the end of the Middle Ages the capital of a powerful duchy "that had connections from the Northern Italy to northern Europe. With this sum, "a small craftsman or a worker from Dijon would have lived a long time. But for a merchant who lives in luxury, it is a secondary savings, "says the archaeologist.

Documents issued between 1432 and 1492

The discovery of these 34 coins, ten in gold, the rest in silver, was announced as a prelude to the National Days of Archeology to be held from June 14 to 16 in France and other European countries. The oldest is a currency of Brabant (today in Belgium) issued between 1432 and 1467. The majority of coins come from states of the Holy Roman Empire or Italian principalities. When they were discovered, they were slightly spread out and stuck together. They were in a small, modest bronze box, some of which remains. "The pile remained as it was laid by the burier. She had kept the shape of the box (and) the gesture of the burner at the time he put the coins, "he continues.

To take off and clean the precious metal discs, Inrap used a specialized laboratory, the Center for Restoration and Municipal Archeology in Vienna, in the Isère. Swiss coins then appeared, one formally dating back to 1494. This is the most recent coin and is an essential clue to understanding the history of this monetary deposit.

Coins Signs of the Power of the Lords

These coins often testify, especially among Italian princes, of a strong personalization of iconography, inherited partly from the codes of the Roman Empire. This iconographic revival participates in the styles of the Italian Renaissance. They are also often heavy pieces, which show the power of these lords and their desire to make them reference currencies.

At that time, the King of France Charles VIII, had banned foreign currencies which he hoped to recover the precious metal to finance his wars. All these pieces, made of pure silver or with a very high gold ratio, had therefore been hidden for their metallic value. "Unwittingly, the burier of this deposit has preserved" pieces that are today, for archaeologists, "a small sample of the monetary landscape of the late 15th century and a catalog of the great princes who are warring at that time "in Europe, says Pascal Listrat.

Other discoveries

On the same site, but at a greater depth, the Dijon archaeologists have also found sarcophagi, vestiges of a necropolis of the 4th century whose existence was until then only supposed. Their discoveries will be presented during the "ball of vestiges" on June 15 in Dijon, one of the events organized in the card of national days of archeology by Inrap, which provides more than a thousand events in France including visits to excavation sites.

The currencies, which are the property of the State, will not be presented on this occasion, but are intended to be exposed to the public at the archaeological museum of Dijon.

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Le philosophe français et auteur de nombreux ouvrages, Michel Serres, est décédé.

« Il est mort très paisiblement à 19h entouré de sa famille », a déclaré son éditrice Sophie Bancquart.

L'ancien officier de marine, qui a sillonné l'Atlantique et la Méditerranée et participé comme enseigne de vaisseau à la réouverture du canal de Suez, s'était tourné vers l'enseignement à la fin des années 50. Avec la volonté de s'affranchir des frontières des disciplines universitaires.

Passionné notamment par l'écologie et l'éducation, l'académicien s'est intéressé à toutes les formes du savoir, anticipant les bouleversements liés aux nouvelles technologies de la communication.

Voyageur de la pensée

Ecrivain et historien des sciences, passionné notamment par l'écologie et l'éducation, ce membre de l'Académie française s'est intéressé à toutes les formes du savoir, scientifique comme littéraire, anticipant les bouleversements liés aux nouvelles technologies de la communication. L'académicien, était aussi professeur à l'université californienne de Stanford. C'est dans cette université californienne qu'en septembre 1981, un colloque sur « l'auto-organisation » avait été organisé, dont Michel Serres fut le conférencier vedette

En 2012, Petite Poucette (clin d'oeil à la maestria avec laquelle certains utilisent leurs pouces pour taper sur leurs portables) se vendit à plus de 270.000 exemplaires. « Voyageur infatigable de la pensée », comme le décrit sur son site internet Le Pommier, son éditeur de longue date, Michel Serres est l'auteur de quelque 80 ouvrages et continuait de publier régulièrement ces dernières années.

Son dernier livre, Morales espiègles, était paru en février. Invité de « Questions politiques » sur France inter dimanche dernier, il disait à propos de ce livre vouloir éviter de paraître « donneur de leçons ». « S'il y a une voie pour un signal moral, c'est le rire », ajoutait ce philosophe que le grand public a également pu écouter dans des chroniques dominicales à la radio pendant plusieurs années.

« Nous vivons une période exceptionnelle de l'histoire », disait cet éternel optimiste.

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According to the Russian news agency Interfax, an explosion took place in a factory in Dzerzhinsk, located 400 kilometers from Moscow. Seventy-nine people were wounded on Saturday at a major explosives factory in central Russia, according to a new report by the Russian authorities.

A previous report reported 42 wounded. The explosion took place in the Kristall factory in Dzerzhinsk, a town about 400 kilometers east of Moscow in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Five buildings at the plant and nearly 180 residential buildings were damaged by the explosion, according to municipal authorities.

"According to the latest information, 79 people have asked for medical assistance after the explosion in Kristall: 38 factory workers and 41 residents of the city. There are no children among the wounded, "the ministry of health said in a statement. Fifteen people were hospitalized, including one in serious condition, according to the same source. No deaths are to be deplored.

Shrapnel Fragments

The wounded were hit by fragments of shrapnel, said a spokesman for the health authorities quoted by the agency Interfax. "We are talking about shrapnel injuries of moderate and moderate severity," she said. According to Kristall officials, five people were working in the area where the explosion occurred and were successfully evacuated.

"There was an explosion in one of the workshops, followed by a fire that spread over a hundred square meters," said an emergency services spokesman quoted by Russian agencies.

An investigation for potential breaches of security standards has been opened.

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Almost 60 Femen have invested the Palais-Royal court to pay homage to the 60 women murdered since the beginning of the year in France.

Some sixty activists of the Femen movement briefly invested Thursday morning the courtyard of the monument of the Palais Royal, in the heart of Paris, to "pay homage" to some 60 women "murdered" since the beginning of the year in France and denounce "The indifference of the government".

Arrived at the scene at 11am, the bare-breasted activists remained perched ten minutes on the famous columns of Buren in this courtyard, first silent and fists lifted, then cracking pink smoke before chanting:

"To murdered women, the homeland indifferent", "Not one more!" And "Stop feminicide!".

Slogans then resumed during their quick exit to the Place du Palais-Royal, opposite the Louvre Museum, where activists quickly dispersed, under the watchful eye of the few tourists present in the late morning cloud.

"Raise awareness of society"

On their breasts, they had painted in black the names of the women killed in France since January 1st:

"Gaëlle stabbed 6 months pregnant", "Josette shot dead", "Chantal beaten to death", "Celine defenestrated with her baby 3 months" ...

A symbolic action, supposed to "create an open-air pantheon to pay tribute to them", according to the Ukrainian Inna Shevchenko, figurehead of the Femen movement.

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The suspect of the attack in Lyon, his parents and his little brother were arrested on Monday morning.

A search was conducted at the home of the suspect.

The father of the young man suspected of filing a parcel bomb in a busy street of Lyon on Friday, was also arrested Monday and placed in custody, said the Paris prosecutor.

The arrest brings to four the number of people in custody at this stage in the investigation of the explosion of a parcel bomb that made 13 casualties Friday in Lyon.

In addition to the young man "suspected of being the author of the facts", an Algerian aged 24, according to the prosecution, his mother and another member of his family - a senior high school student of Algerian nationality

have already been placed on guard at sight.

The sister of the first is also interviewed by the police but in the context of a free hearing, according to the same source.

An investigation was opened on Friday for "attempted murders in connection with a terrorist company and criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy.»

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The high season of Everest lasts from the end of April to the end of May. At this time, the weather offers a short window of less extreme conditions in these icy and unfit heights.

Many seasoned mountaineers climb it to reach the highest peak in the world.

Nearly 1000 climbers expected this year

This year, Nepal has issued a record 381 licenses for the spring season, mostly to foreign mountaineers at a unit price of $ 11,000. Each holder of a permit being accompanied by a guide, this means that about 750 people start on the same track in a few weeks.

As of Friday, some 600 people had already climbed Everest through the Nepalese route, according to a government official based on information from expedition organizers.

At least 140 others have been allowed to climb Everest from the northern flank in Tibet, according to expedition operators.

In total, the number of Mountaineers on Everest could this year surpass last year's record which had seen 807 people reach the summit to reach the thousand.

But Everest kills.

The high season is in full swing on the 8,848-m mountain, to the point where there are queues of mountaineers near the summit. These "death zone" congestion (altitude above 8,000 m) are designated as the cause of at least four of the ten deaths that have occurred in recent days, and raise fears that profit will outweigh security.

Profit before security?

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The tribunal big instance of Nantes on Thursday acknowledged the "mother of intent" of a child born abroad surrogacy, announced Friday the family lawyer, who spoke of an evolution "Unpublished" in the recognition of maternal affiliation.

The young woman is the biological mother of the child, but she has not carried it in her womb or birth.

"The French courts have ruled that maternal affiliation can be recognized in French law when it is shown that the child born abroad under surrogacy is born from the gametes of the French mother who has not yet given birth. Said Matthias Pujos, the couple's lawyer and their three-year-old daughter.

The child born to a surrogate mother in Orlando, United States, thus obtains the right to be registered on the French civil status, with the name of his biological father, American citizen, and that of his mother known as intention, ordered the court of Nantes in a judgment of May 23, 2019.

This recognition also allows the child to benefit from French nationality, otherwise it could "be deprived of links with his birth mother in case of separation of parents or death of the father," said the court.

Although the use of surrogates remains prohibited in France, changes have occurred in recent years to better recognize children born abroad of a surrogacy, favored by several convictions of France by the European Court of Human Rights. On April 10, 2019, the ECHR found that filiation should be recognized for the "mother of intent" who desired and raised the child. But this does not require the transcription of birth certificates, she said, suggesting the use of adoption.

It is therefore the best interest of the child that is placed above all else.

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An explosion took place this Friday, May 24 in downtown Lyon France, which was completed.

Emmanuel Macron spoke of "an attack".

A man is actively sought.

A parcel bomb exploded rue Victor-Hugo, a pedestrian street in the center of Lyon, between Place Bellecour and Gare de Lyon-Perrache, in front of a bakery "Golden Brioche", around 17:40 this Friday, May 24.

There would be thirteen light ones, in "relative urgency," including an eight-year-old girl.

It would be a parcel bomb loaded with bolts and screws, according to the floor.

The neighborhood was cordoned off by the police. A demining team is on site. Two minutes before the explosion, a man who was riding a bicycle dropped a bag in front of the Brioche Dorée, according to the newspaper Lyonnais. He is actively sought.

The Lyon public prosecutor's office opened an investigation for "attempted murder.»

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Interpol announced Thursday that it has dismantled an international network of pedophiles connected to the "dark web". An operation that has already led to the arrest of nine people in Thailand, Australia and the United States.

This operation was launched in 2017 after the discovery of child pornography on a subscription site of the dark web bringing together nearly 63,000 members.

It also helped "save 50 children," the organization adds, without specifying their age or nationality. Investigators from several countries, seized by Interpol, analyzed material published on this site showing abuses perpetrated against eleven boys, all under the age of 13. The analysis also helped locate IP addresses in Thailand, Australia, and the United States.

For its part, the anti-cybercrime department of Bulgaria has disabled the server of this site on which "for several years new material was put online each week," says Interpol.

Among nine suspects arrested, the main administrator of the site, based in Thailand, was identified as the author of the abuse against the eleven boys, among whom was his nephew.

Another site administrator residing in Australia has been arrested in possession of thousands of child pornography documents filmed in Thailand and Australia. In these images, he was often the main perpetrator of child abuse, one of whom was only 15 months old at the time, says Interpol.

In the United States, "several arrests involve people in positions of trust, as well as an individual who abused his half-brother two years old," said the regional attaché of the Ministry of Homeland Security (HSI ) in Bangkok Eric McLoughlin, quoted by Interpol.

The investigation, which still mobilizes nearly 60 member countries of the police organization, could continue for several years as the ramifications of this network are numerous and extensive.

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An island made up of several thousand tons of plastic waste is currently drifting in the Mediterranean off Corsica. This thick sheet of several kilometers of plastic waste is made between the island of Elba and Corsica, as France Bleu reported.

This is not the first time that such a pile of waste is drifting in the sector, explains François Galgani, head of Ifremer (French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea). Consisting of several thousand tons of garbage, algae and mosses, this "artificial island" drifts with the currents.

This is a fairly recurrent phenomenon in this part of the Mediterranean. "This phenomenon of concentration is chronic in the channel of Corsica, explains François Galgani. Wind-driven currents favor these areas of waste accumulation over short periods of time. "

But unlike permanent plastic concentrations in other maritime areas such as the Pacific or the Atlantic, this "waste island" will only last a few days or even a few weeks at most. "These are areas of temporary accumulations, of the order of a few days or weeks, a maximum of two or three months, but never permanent," according to the head of Ifremer.

The Mediterranean remains one of the most polluted seas in the world, with 95% of plastic waste.

The plastic islands are numerous in the world. As early as 1997, oceanographer Charles Moore had discovered a gigantic floating dump between Hawaii and California. nicknamed the "7th continent of plastic", covering a surface three times as big as France.

Globally, a 2014 PLoS One study estimates that more than 5 billion plastic objects are floating in our oceans, amounting to more than 250,000 tonnes.

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In the painful case of Vincent Lambert and a family that has been torn apart for ten years, the Minister of Health has invited the French to publicize their advance directives, that is to say, their last wishes regarding the end of life.

Agnès Buzyn has indeed raised , Tuesday, May 21, the case of Vincent Lambert tetraplegic in a vegetative state, in the heart of a judicial battle on the end of life, during questions to the government in the National Assembly. "For this situation to not happen again, we must all meet our advance directives," she said.

Scheduled under the Leonetti law of 2005 and confirmed in the Claeys-Leonetti law of 2016, the so-called "advance directives" allows any adult to make a written declaration, in order to specify his wishes concerning his end of life .

The law, while prohibiting euthanasia and assisted suicide, allows for the suspension of treatment in certain situations. The person concerned, sick or not, indicates whether they prefer to initiate, limit or stop treatments or medical procedures in the event of a "definitive loss" of consciousness.

In France, the document can be found under the name of "advance directives" for example on the website of the Ministry of Health or on the website of the Association for the right to die with dignity (ADMD). One can also write his last wishes on free paper. Anyone of full age can write advance directives, provided that they include their identity, the date of the day and sign the document. If the person can not write, they can have it written by someone in the presence of two witnesses. An adult under guardianship must draft it with the permission of the judge or family council.

This document allows, if necessary, to the medical team, the time comes to make a decision on the care to give if the person can no longer express his wishes.

"Advance directives" are binding on health professionals who can only derogate from them "in the event of a vital emergency, the time necessary for a complete assessment of the situation" or when the latter wishes appear "manifestly inappropriate or inconsistent with the situation". medical ".

According to the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE), only 13% of French people have already drafted their advance directives.

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The scheduled death of Vincent Lambert, whose salaries had been stopped Monday, before the Paris Court of Appeals overturned this decision, plunged into a deep unease. The latter has been in a vegetative state for ten years, after being the victim of a road accident in 2008.

Everyone feels concerned by the family tragedy that is played around Vincent Lambert, each of us may be after an accident, like him, totally dependent on the care of those around him.

In late April, European justice had paved the way for the cessation of care of this nurse of 42 years, hospitalized in Reims in a vegetative state for ten years.

And the umpteenth rebound last night: the Paris Court of Appeal overrules the decision that the doctor could launch the protocol for stopping care.

The Paris Court of Appeal "ordered the French State (...) to take all measures to enforce the provisional measures requested by the International Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CIDPH) on 3 May 2019 maintaining the nutrition and hydration "of Vincent Lambert. Between the stop of the care Monday and the recovery this Tuesday, this last one will have lived without being hydrated and feeding during one day.

This is the third time a procedure for stopping care has been interrupted. The CHRU of Reims had already launched and stopped two procedures of stopping care, one carried by Dr. Eric Kariger in 2013, the other by his successor, Dr. Daniéla Simon, in 2015.

It's been ten years since his family accompanied him but did not agree on his wishes: for some, Vincent Lambert would not have wanted to live like this, so they want to stop care; for the others, it is not so. It is also ten years since the medical profession has also been divided:

some say it is a relentless therapeutic, others say it is not end of life but severely handicapped. On the legal side, the latest decisions argued in favor of stopping care. The protocol for stopping care was therefore launched Monday, May 20 in the morning

But last week, the United Nations Committee for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities asked France to suspend any decision to stop care for Vincent Lambert, time to study the case on the merits. Putting forward "unreasonable obstinacy", the decisions of the Council of State and the European Court of Human Rights, France refused.

"Why this haste to want to lead him to death? "Asks the Bioethics Group of Bishops, led by Bishop d'Ornellas.

Has France not signed the Convention for the Disabled? In so doing, it has committed to prevent "any discriminatory refusal to provide care [...] for food or liquids because of a disability". The bishops question: "Does not he have the right to be nourished and hydrated [...] since these are basic care to which every human being is entitled? Every disabled person, no matter how fragile, has equal rights to other people. "

"Why would the State which puts its honor in the respect of the rights of the man would avoid the respect of this convention for Vincent Lambert? This drama is not likely to be a dangerous precedent? "Who will guarantee that all persons sharing a disability similar to his own will be effectively protected by the State which, while officially committing itself to it, would flout today its commitment? Ask the bishops.

Vincent Lambert is not alone. In France, 1,500 people live in this way and the decision to stop caring for Vincent Lambert could mean that the law would allow a person who is a disabled person to die. Because in this case, the cessation of care means the death of Vincent Lambert.

The French State has six months to provide the Committee with its observations. The Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, said that France would "take into account what the UN says and we will answer them. And to specify that these experts "have only the version of the parents".

This request of the committee, which respects the UN law, does not prejudge in any way the admissibility of the file, nor of the decision of the CIDPH on the substance.

"This opinion is not mandatory from the point of view of international law, but the UN committees seek to impose it, explains Sophie Grosbon. States generally demonstrate goodwill. Otherwise, they would undermine any authority of the committee ».

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To kiss a cow for a good cause ?

This is a new internet challenge that could entertain us. The #KuhKussChallenge was launched on Wednesday, May 15th by the Swiss Castl website for a German-speaking audience in Germany, Switzerland and Austria; It is about kissing cows ("with or without the tongue")! The goal: to raise funds for humanitarian purposes.

An initiative for a noble cause, but which is not to the liking of the Austrian authorities. And for good reason: in Austria fatal accidents involving cattle and walkers are not uncommon and the cohabitation between tourism and mountain breeding is a matter of state.

No wonder the challenge of the kiss to the cow is strongly disavowed Thursday by the Austrian authorities.

"Such a challenge is really stupid and dangerous," responded Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger, warning of the "serious consequences" he could have.

Bovid is dangerous

And the director of Veterinary Services of the Tyrol (West), Josef Kössler, to point out that it could be "very dangerous" to approach cows "that we do not know", especially if they are accompanied by young.

The cohabitation between walkers and animals is a most sensitive subject in the Alpine regions of Austria, where tourism and livestock are the two main teats of economic activity.

In February, a court provoked consternation by condemning a Tyrolean breeder to pay several hundred thousand euros in damages to the relatives of a German tourist killed in 2014 by a herd of suckler cows that she had tried to cross with his dog. The breeder has appealed. A "code of good conduct" recommends that walkers avoid approaching cows on alpine pastures.

"Initiatives such as this challenge go against our efforts to live together on alpine pastures," Köstinger said on Thursday.

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On Wednesday  May 15 2019, Emmanuel Macron and Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's premier, jointly present from Paris the "Christchurch Appeal" against online violent extremism.

The Elysee will bring together both heads of state and government such as King Abdullah of Jordan, Senegalese President Macky Sall or Britain's Theresa May, and bosses of the digital giants, including Google, Twitter and Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, was received Friday by the head of state to discuss ways to combat hate content.

Their common concern?

"Ask countries and major digital companies to act against terrorism and violent extremism online," says the Elysee.

We remember that during the attack of March 15, a man murdered fifty people in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and was able to retransmit the images live on Facebook. And the spread of these images of hate lasted seventeen minutes without anything hampering it.

How can we prevent the recurrence on Facebook of live broadcasts of horrifying and hateful videos like the one on March 15?

This Wednesday, Facebook announces, along with "The Call of Christchurch", measures to limit the live broadcast of images of attacks, murders, suicide, rape or torture

Indeed the social network announces first that it restricts the functionality "Facebook Live" for people who have violated rules of moderation. "For example, someone who shares a link to a terrorist group release without a contextual element will immediately be banned from using" Facebook Live "for a specified period of time. "A measure that is intended only as limited in time and only those who have already broken the rules of Facebook ...

These discussions come as France is working on a law that would require social networks to remove the contents reported within 24 hours, under penalty of a large fine. Paris wants to promote such regulation at European level. With this in mind, Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O Wednesday gathered his G7 colleagues to discuss a draft charter on hate content on the Internet. Also tackle the copies of these videos.

In the case of Christchurch the video has been downloaded, copied to continue circulating on Facebook and other platforms like YouTube, which have struggled to make them disappear. Facebook had announced that it had eliminated 1.5 million copies in 24 hours. But sometimes modified versions of the massacre (only excerpts, cropping, text additions ...) made their detection difficult for our systems, "said Facebook.

To address this problem, the company will invest in research to develop more efficient technologies to automatically detect modified copies of videos. Partnerships are planned with researchers from the universities of Maryland, Cornell and Berkeley, "for a total of $ 7.5 million," says Facebook, or 6.7 million euros.

While these measures may limit the negative impacts of live image broadcasting, they are still largely inadequate.

That's why unlike many of the big bosses of Silicon Valley, Mark Zuckerberg calls for the intervention of the authorities in the regulation of large Internet platforms.

Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld


A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed an artificial intelligence that can detect breast cancer up to five years before its formation, regardless of the patient's skin color.

An analysis of a simple mammogram would suffice. To achieve this result, researchers analyzed data from more than 60,000 patients from Massachusetts General Hospital, the MIT website says. As the images used were taken several years ago, the researchers were able to machine-learn which mammograms corresponded to women who developed breast cancer and who had no evidence of cancer. A crucial step for artificial intelligence that has been able to analyze and deduce markers of potentially cancerous cells.

It is also a major medical and technological advance since, in addition to predicting breast cancer at an early stage, artificial intelligence is able to take into account the racial disparities of patients, which was not the case before. . "It is particularly striking that the model works on both black and white patients, which was not the case with previous risk assessment tools," says Dr. Allison Kurian, a researcher who worked on the project.

Despite significant screening campaigns 54,000 new people are affected each year by breast cancer in France, making it the most common cancer in women.

Although the algorithm is still in its infancy, researchers and doctors hope to soon deploy it on a larger scale to prevent breast cancer, the fifth most deadly cancer.

"If validated and made available for widespread use, it could actually improve our current risk estimation strategies," says Dr. Allison Kurian.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld


Has the Monsanto group secretly stuck "hundreds of personalities" in France according to their position on pesticides and glyphosate in particular ?

This is what last night said "The Eye of the 20 Hours", the investigative unit of the France 2 news that says it has received "confidential" computer files bearing the signature of communication agencies working for the Monsanto group.

For years, the use of glyphosate, Monsanto's herbicide suspected to be a carcinogen, has been controversial. Monsanto has put in place customized lobbying strategies to influence opinion leaders in the public debate on this controversial molecule.

In fact, confidential documents reveal not only opinion leaders but also personalized lobbying strategies.

A 2016 document bearing the logo of Monsanto and the French advertising giant, Publicis ranks the main players in the debate on pesticides in France according to their degree of support for Monsanto and their influence.

If the executive chairman of Publicis Consultants, Clément Léonarduzzi claims to discover that his company has participated in a file of personalities, he says however that only data open access were used.

A second communication agency, Fleishman Hillard would have used in 2016 another file according to France 2, gathering including private addresses or the phone numbers of some 200 personalities.

Monsanto's personalities have not only been rated from one to five. They are also the target of personalized lobbying strategies. Among the documents received by L'Œil du 20 heures is a list called "Glyphosate target" which lists 74 priority targets divided into four groups:

the "allies", the "potential allies to recruit", the "educate" and the "watchdog" stakeholders. A personalized action plan is built for each target likely to become proglyphosate, be it a one-on-one meeting, a sending of educational tools ... as well as individualized comments and the focus of interest (Golf, tennis, hunting).

On the other hand, it is indeed strategies of marginalization that are put in place for the classified personalities to watch. Black and white figure on the document the need to "isolate" Ségolène Royal, at the time Minister of the Environment, and in favor of a ban on glyphosate.

Which did not fail to make her react. "This is a very important discovery, because it proves that there are objective strategies to demolish loud voices," she said.

Nicolas Hulot resigning from his post as Minister of the environment did he not point out the harmful role of lobbies?

According to the law, every registered citizen must be informed.

However, of the forty or so people listed who agreed to respond to the requests of the Eye of the 20 hours, none was aware of having been stuck in this way.

Holding an illegal listing is punishable by five years in prison and a fine of 300,000 euros.

"It says a lot about the methods of lobbyists: they do espionage, infiltration, sometimes financial influence I imagine, and therefore the interest of updating this mechanism is also to show and to be able to fight the methods of the perfectly harmful lobbies ", affirms Ségolène Royal, who was minister at the time this file was realized, in 2016.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


Black series for babies of an emperor penguin colony: almost all chicks born in one of the largest colony of emperor penguins died due to the melting of their habitat in the past three years, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Nature. This is a catastrophic finding for emperor penguins.

The Halley colony in the Antarctic Weddell Sea was the second largest emperor penguin colony in the world, with up to 25,000 breeding pairs each year.

But satellite images studied by the British Antarctic Research Center (BAS) have shown that in 2016, a year marked by particularly hot and stormy weather, the ice on which pairs of penguins raise their young has melted what has caused the death of almost all chicks, according to a statement.

This requirement to have a solid icy ground has become a critical issue for this colony.

Indeed, from 2015, the sea ice has been disrupted by strong storms resulting in a particularly intense phenomenon known as El Niño: the seasonal warming of the Pacific Ocean, which changes global weather conditions, including end to the fishing season.

The phenomenon has been repeated in 2017 and 2018. The result is the near disappearance of this colony.

"We've been tracking the population of this colony and other colonies in the area over the past 10 years, using high-definition satellite imagery," said BAS's Peter Fretwell.

"These images have clearly shown a catastrophic failure in reproduction on this site these

According to BAS's expert, Phil Trathan, it is not possible to say without a doubt that the melting of Halley's Bay ice is linked to climate change. "But such a failure to reproduce on this site is unprecedented," he said.

The emperor, the biggest penguin, seems particularly vulnerable to climate change. Its populations, endemic to Antarctica, could decline by up to 70% by the end of the century.

Carl Delsey pour DayNewsWorld


And if the global epidemic of obesity, this chronic disease, was more prevalent in rural areas than in cities ?
This is what a scientific study, published Wednesday a few days before the European Day of May 18 against obesity.

Increase in obesity in rural areas

"Obesity is growing faster in rural areas of the planet than in cities," says the team of researchers, led by Professor Majid Ezzati of Imperial College London. The researchers focused on the evolution of the body mass index (BMI) of 112 million adults from 200 countries between 1985 and 2017. This index is used to measure overweight and obesity. It is obtained by dividing the weight (in kilos) by the height (in meters) squared. Above 25 for an adult, one is overweight. From 30, we talk about obesity.

However, the study shows that during these 32 years, the BMI increased overall by 2 points for women and 2.2 for men, an increase of 5 kg to 6 kg per individual on average.

More than half of this increase comes from rural populations. "55% of this overall increase is due to the increase observed in rural areas," says the study of Imperial College London. In lower income countries, it is sometimes more than 80% of the increase in BMI that comes from rural areas.

In addition, during the same period, the average increase in BMI in rural areas was 2.1 points for both men and women, whereas it was only 1.3 for men. and 1.6 for women in cities. In rich countries, BMI was already higher in rural areas in 1985.

This pathology, which is now more prevalent in rural areas, stems from the phenomenon of "urbanization of rural life": easier access to industrial dishes and hypermarkets' sugary beverages, the consumption of which favors weight gain, and the mechanization of food. agriculture, which leads to a decline in physical activity.

Results: the populations of these areas have thus gone from a problem of undernutrition to a problem of malnutrition . "With the increase in their standard of living, these rural populations are facing a new challenge, which is no longer to provide enough food, but to provide food of good quality," says Professor Ezzati.

Review public health policies against obesity .

But "public health discourses tend to focus on the negative aspects of urban life," notes Professor Majid Ezzati, leaving the territories. And measures to combat overweight - promoting walking and cycling for example - also target urban dwellers.

It is therefore necessary to "rethink the way we respond to this global problem of public health" at a time when obesity has almost tripled in the world since 1975, affecting 650 million adults in 2016 and where nearly a quarter of the world's population will be obese in 2045, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Bad news when you know that obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes or cancer.

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Finally, good news for taxpayers. "More than 95% of taxpayers" subject to income tax "will pay less tax" next year, ensures the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gerald Darmanin, in an interview with Parisian, Wednesday May 8th.

In response to the crisis of "yellow vests", the head of state announced among other measures a decrease of 5 billion euros in total, the income tax that specifies Gerald Darmanin in the columns of Parisian Wednesday, May 8th.

Nearly 95% of taxpayers subject to income tax will benefit from a tax cut next year, for an average amount of 300 euros per household, says the minister. "Almost all the people who pay the income tax - whether they are workers, employees, managers - will be affected," he said in the interview.

This tax cut will be greater for the middle classes than for those with higher incomes.

The income tax, which pays nearly 75 billion euros each year to the state, is currently paid by 16.8 million tax households out of a total of 38.3 million, less than 45% of taxpayers .

But this drop in income taxes should not affect the fiscal seriousness "We are holding our course of serious budget"

According to Gerald Darmanin, the tax cut of five billion euros promised to calm the anger of yellow vests will be offset by savings equivalent. "We are holding our course of serious budget and we will still be around 2% deficit next year, as expected," promises the minister.

To this end, it is planned to eliminate certain tax loopholes for companies and "reforms such as those of the Public Service, unemployment insurance, public broadcasting or measures that encourage people to work longer will enable us to do not dig the deficit, "says Gérald Darmanin .

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Julian Assange, 47 years old, was sentenced Wednesday to fifty weeks of detention for violating the conditions of his parole on June 19, 2012:

he had fled to the London embassy in Ecuador, where he remained for almost seven years until his strong arrest on 11 April by the British police.

Judge Deborah Taylor Julian Assange felt that the Australian who tried to deliberately evade justice deserved a sentence

"Very close to the maximum prescribed by law", that is to say fifty-two weeks of detention.

The judge did not take into account the extenuating circumstances that the WikiLeaks founder's defense attempted to play except for the deterioration of her state of health during the seven years spent cloistered at the embassy.

The whistleblower also appeared Thursday, May 2 at a hearing on Washington's request to extradite him to the United States, where he is accused of "hacking".........

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Warning, the tiger mosquito is back in France and strong growth:

51 departments are placed in red vigilance (implanted and active tiger mosquito) by Vigilance Mosquitoes, 9 more than in 2018.

The implantation map of the Aedes albopictus, also called tiger mosquito -recognizable by its white stripes, is found gradually covered with red.

No more territory is in green vigilance, implying a simple health watch.

The southern regions are the most affected, but Paris and the small crown and Alsace are also affected by the presence of the insect.

Red vigilance is concerned with the following departments:

Charente-Maritime, Côte-d'Or, Loire, Nièvre, Puy-de-Dome, Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Essonne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, Aisne, Hautes-Alpes, Hautes- Pyrenees, Ariège, Lozère, Indre, Maine-et-Loire, Corrèze, Val-de-Marne, Lower Rhine, Haut-Rhin, Vendée, Saône-et-Loire, Rhône, Ain, Isère, Savoy, Alpes Haute Provence, Var, Alpes-Maritimes, Haute-Corse, Corse du Sud, Drome, Vaucluse, Bouches-du-Rhone, Ardeche, Gard, Herault, Aveyron, Tarn, Aude, Pyrenees-Orientales, Haute-Garonne, Tarn-et-Garonne, Lot , Dordogne, Lot-et-Garonne, Gers, Gironde, Landes, Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

The tiger mosquito carries serious diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and to a lesser extent Zika, which are viral diseases in South America, among others. .

If no measure is 100% effective, there are ways to protect yourself from bites

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides several tips.

The most effective means of control is to remove areas where mosquitoes may grow - particularly stagnant water areas such as gutters.

For example, it is better to avoid getting out at dawn and dusk and wearing loose, full-body clothing.

During the night, it is recommended to sleep under a mosquito net, which can be impregnated with a mosquito repellent or in an air-conditioned room, or equipped with an insecticide diffuser.

It is advisable to use repellents containing one of the four recommended active ingredients (IR3535, Icaridin, Citriodil, or DEET).

"It's the sum of individual and collective measures that reduces transmission," says the Ministry of Health.

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld


Who is responsible for the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris ?

If the investigators privilege for the moment the thesis of the accident, it remains nonetheless that they discovered security flaws as revealed Le Canard chained.

First of all, the construction workers were smoking on the scaffolding while the regulation forbids it.

Seven butts were found on the scene. . On the other hand, the company assures that "in no case, a badly extinguished butt" is at the origin of the fire.

In addition, electrical wires ran in the attic which exposed the latter to "short circuits". Then the first fire alarm sounded around 6:15 pm and was considered a "false alarm".

The Elitys company security officer reported the smoke alarm to the manager and a security guard at the cathedral. They were sent to the rooftops and did not see anything.

Finally, they eventually locate the flames at the base of the arrow and warn the firefighters, 35 minutes after the first smoke alarm, against twenty minutes officially announced.

In addition the current of the three electrified bells would not have been extinguished at the end of the work.

And, while the fire plan, set up by the regional management of cultural affairs, provided for two supervisors for the security PC that was to operate 24 hours a day, only one agent was present and only from 8h to 23h.

Finally, the dry columns, connected outdoors to a water source, did not allow to deliver more than 200 to 500 liters per minute.

Insufficient quantity to extinguish the fire. Firefighters would have been forced to fetch more powerful spears.

A succession of "human errors" ............. !! ???

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


Past the amazement, we must take action with the investigation.

If the "scene of the crime" is largely destroyed and not inaccessible until the stabilization of the building has been ensured, this does not prevent some fifty investigators of the criminal brigade of the judicial police (PJ) of Paris to try to understand how the fire took Notre-Dame.

As early as Tuesday morning they were hard at work. From this Wednesday morning they entered the cathedral. Drones will also be used for the investigation.

The public prosecutor hastened to communicate excluding at first sight any criminal track.

The company Le Bras Frères, which mounted the scaffolding around the spire, "excluded" Wednesday "any responsibility" in the fire that ravaged the building, explaining that the security procedures had been respected. He firmly believes that he is not related to the fire

Thirty workers from companies involved in the restoration of the carpentry, security agents and employees have already been auditioned.

But nothing allows for the moment to rule out several possible scenarios. Thus for many observers, several hypotheses are possible: an involuntary act coming from a negligence, a technical accident of the short-circuit type, or any other incident.

However, caution is needed because the survey is only in its infancy.

Scaffolding at the center of the interrogations.

The fire would have taken from the base of the boom near which an electrified scaffolding with elevators and neon lighting had been installed. For the company Le Bras Frères, which mounted the scaffolding around the spire, its "responsibility" in the fire is ruled out explaining that the security procedures had been respected.

"When you leave a building site you have to cut off all the electricity, the circuit breaker, lock the door and return the keys to the sacristy of the cathedral, which has been done and duly noted in the notebooks", assured the spokesperson of the company.

"The last one left at 5:50 pm (one hour before the outbreak of the fire, Ed.) And the first at 5:20 pm", descending "by the two elevators that served the scaffolding", detailed the CEO of Le Bras Frères and representative of its subsidiary Europe Scaffolding.

"The power supply has been approved by an approved body. The elevators were seven to eight meters from the cathedral. ". At the end of the project, as recommended by one of the many draconian security measures, the men cut off the power supply to the site, lights and elevator.

"The electrical cabinet is locked and the key given to the concierge," said Marc Eskenazi, advisor in this time of crisis.

"At the time of the fire, no more employees were on site," he assured, "There was no work by hot spots or electrical work. ". Only a few people were involved in erecting the scaffolding. "The assembly is a hammer and a key of 22! " , he added. For the frame, Julien Le Bras express the surprise of many specialists: "it takes a real source of heat to ignite such sections of wood. "

Two fire alerts.

One thing is certain, however, there were two fire alarms. A first computer-based fire alarm at 6:20 pm A security guard from the cathedral would have gone by one of the elevators to a place in the attic where he There would have been no fire.

The second ring, half an hour later, would have taken him to the right place, but the fire would have already grown. Was there a malfunction of the alarm ?

"We must know as quickly as possible what happened and we are put out of the question," says Julien Le Bras. "It's easy to point fingers at us," he says in substance...

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld


At least 29 people died in a tourist bus accident in Caniço, Madeira, Portugal, the mayor of the municipality of Santa Cruz, Filipe Sousa told several local media, also mentioning 22 hospitalized wounded . Among the dead are 11 men and 18 women.

The bus was carrying around 50 people, mainly German tourists. Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa confirmed that the victims were German.

"I express the sorrow and solidarity of all the Portuguese in this tragic moment and especially the sorrow for the relatives of the victims who, according to what I have been told, are all German," he declared. at the microphone of Portuguese television

The German Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that "some of the victims came from Germany." "" Horrible news comes from Madeira, "the German government spokesman said on Twitter. greater sadness for all those who lost their lives in the bus crash and our thoughts are with those who are injured, "he added.

According to preliminary reports, the driver, alive according to the Portuguese media, lost control of the bus in a turn around 18h ​​and the vehicle went off the road to hit a house built on a hillside below.

The regional government found it "premature" to advance the causes of the accident, but said the bus was five years old and "apparently everything was fine". The judicial authorities opened an investigation into the circumstances of the accident .

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is expected on the spot.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld



The whole world was stunned by the destruction of the cathedral by huge, glowing flames so that donations from all over the world poured in.

But before thinking about rebuilding the building, investigators understand how the devastating fire broke out. For the moment no track is privileged.

Do the truth, a mission of the most delicate entrusted to the scientific experts.

For its part, the judicial police focuses on questioning dozens of people , the Paris prosecutor's office having opened an investigation for "involuntary destruction by fire" Monday evening.

The investigators have already heard about thirty witnesses. Among them, the staff in charge of security in the historic building but also the employees of the five companies involved in the renovation project.

Julien Le Bras, CEO of Europe Echafaudage, the first company in charge of the renovation, assured to be able to count on a collaboration "without any reserve" of his staff on the building site.

He also claims that the security procedures had been "respected" and that no employee "was present on the scene" at the moment of the departure of the fire. "The hearings will continue

"Nothing in the state is in the sense of a voluntary act," according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, Rémy Heitz, hearings resume tomorrow.

What we think we know is that the fire started from the attic of the cathedral, at the level of the scaffolding installed on the roof of the religious building and then spread extremely fast over the entire roof.

This is the version of our valiant firefighters who struggled at the risk of their lives to save this jewel of heritage.

A first fire alarm rang Monday at 18h20 when no fire was found.

One second at 18:45 while the fire was found at the level of the frame. What has happened in the meantime?

It was necessary to evacuate the cathedral, a mass having begun.

Tuesday the Paris public prosecutor Rémy Heitz said that the accident track was "privileged", ensuring that "nothing goes in the direction of a voluntary act." All scenarios can still be considered at this stage: short-circuit, "hot spot" caused by torch welding, etc.

No findings on the spot could still take place because of the restrictions of access to the cathedral decided for security reasons, said these sources close to the case. Vulnerabilities have been identified, especially at the level of the gable of the north transept, resulting in the evacuation of five neighboring buildings. According to one of these sources, a first computer alert occurred around 18h20 Monday thanks to a smoke detector , resulting in the evacuation of the building where some faithful attended mass while the last visitors walked the cathedral. A security person then went into the attic, but did not notice anything at the location indicated by his colleague in charge of control.

About 15 minutes later, the employee finally discovered the flames after going to a second location.

To the experts of the scientific police , keen in their field, to carry out a most meticulous work on a construction site to understand the origin of the propagation of the fire.

Even if clues went up in smoke ... Its director, Christophe Pezron, told colleagues that fires are the "heart of expertise" of the central laboratory of the police headquarters.

Samples, findings on the scene of the tragedy, but also laboratory reconstructions of all debris are essential to experts who intend to determine "the origin of the fire as its mode of development," according to Christophe Pezron to our colleagues.

On debris, on electrical equipment for example to determine if there has been gasoline or flammable products. "We can also assess this or that. We will try to model the fire, to reproduce certain fire behaviors to understand how it has spread within a building, "he explained.

Scientific expertise at the height of the stakes ... to shed light on this national drama and beyond.

Garett Skyport for DayNewsWorld


The mystery about the most enigmatic serial killer in criminal history is finally over.

He made London tremble by his crimes and fueled all fantasies. Jack the Ripper, the most famous serial killer in the world, could have finally been unmasked!

The killer, who gave himself the nickname "Jack the Ripper," spread terror in the Whitechapel district of East London, mainly targeting prostitutes, whom he killed and threw up. He acted during the night and could never be unmasked by the police.

As West-France reports, British researchers believe they have discovered the killer's identity through new scientific evidence. Their work has been published in the journal Journal of Forensic Sciences.

Jari Louhaleinen, a scientist at the University of Liverpool, and David Miller, a scientist at the University of Leeds, have been working on identifying the "Whitechapel killer" since 2007 from DNA fragments and genetic tests. They published the results of their work in the journal Journal of Forensic Sciences, in which they confirm the identity of the one who was already the main suspect of the time:

Aaron Kosminksi , a 23-year-old Polish barber and emigrant.

To establish the identity of the killer, they based on the shawl found by the investigators in the night of September 30, 1888, on the body of Catherine Eddowes, the fourth victim.

By analyzing it, they discovered blood and sperm from which they extracted the mitochondrial DNA, that is to say the DNA inherited from the mother.

They compared them to the DNAs taken from the living, and known, descendants of the main suspect at the time: Aaron Kosminski.

The correspondence found leads to the Polish barber, 23 years old at the time, arrested but released by Scotland Yard for lack of evidence. The DNA comparison revealed that the police had been right at the time, she had decided to release him, for lack of evidence.

The barber was born in central Poland and had joined London in the 1880s with his family, not far from the various places where the murders were committed.

He died in 1919, interned in an asylum, two years after assaulting his sister with a knife. He suffered from auditory hallucinations and paranoia.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Hurricane Idai, which wiped out Zimbabwe and Mozambique at the end of the week, killed at least 172 people and destroyed the second largest city in Mozambique.

But the final balance in Mozambique could exceed a thousand deaths, warned Monday, March 18 President Filipe Nuysi.

"For the moment, we officially have 84 dead (in Mozambique, ed). But when we flew over the area early this morning [...] to understand what is happening, there is every indication that the toll could exceed 1,000, "Nyusi said in a televised interview in Maputo. 100,000 people need food aid, "he added. "The waters of the Pungue and Buzi rivers have overflowed and destroyed entire villages, isolating communities. There are floating bodies. This is a real humanitarian disaster, "said the Mozambican president.

In Zimbabwe, the latest record was 98 dead and at least 217 missing, according to the Ministry of Information. "It feels like we are dealing with the consequences of a large-scale war," said Defense Minister Perrance Shiri.

Given the scale of the damage, President Emmerson Mnangagwa hurriedly returned from a trip to the United Arab Emirates on Monday. "Every hour that passes, our worst fears are confirmed," he said in an intervention on the public channel ZBC. "Many have died drowned, while others have been killed in their sleep by stones that have demolished their homes," he added.

The damage is considerable. Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique, and its environs have been "90% damaged or destroyed by Cyclone Idai," the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) said Monday. The extent of the damage "is huge and terrifying," says the organization.

Hurricane Idai hit central Mozambique on Thursday (March 14th), before continuing to neighboring Zimbabwe, carrying roads, schools, homes and even a dam. At least 83 people were killed in Mozambique and 89 in Zimbabwe. Idai continued to hit the country Friday, cutting half a million inhabitants of Beira's port from the rest of the country.

Zimbabwean President Emerson Mnangagwa cut a trip to Abu Dhabi and declared the state a natural disaster.

ldai is considered one of the most powerful cyclones in the Indian Ocean for ten years.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld




The Australian Cardinal George Pell, the former Vatican number three, aged 77, was sentenced on Wednesday to six years in prison for sexual assault on two choir boys. He was risking up to fifty years of criminal imprisonment.

Convicted of sexual assault on two minors in the 1990s while he was Archbishop of Melbourne, Cardinal Georges Pell was sentenced on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, to six years in prison, including three years and eight months' imprisonment. safety.

The sentencing hearing was opened to the press and broadcast live on the country 's television and radio stations.

A rare scene that took place Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 10 am in the Melbourne court, where Cardinal George Pell, 77 years, was sentenced to the nature of his sentence.

The cardinal, who claims his innocence and appeals his conviction, was convicted in December of sexual penetration and four counts of indecent assault against two teenagers then aged 13.

But this verdict could only be announced at the end of February for legal reasons.

He is accused in particular of imposing, in December 1996, a blowjob on one of the two children and masturbating while rubbing against the other, while the boys were hiding in the sacristy of the cathedral from Melbourne to drink mass wine. Two months later, he allegedly pushed one of the teenagers against a wall to grab his genitals.

George Pell did not testify at his trial. In a police interrogation filmed in 2016 while in Rome, he described the accusations as "insane lies", "lots of absolute nonsense".

"I'm not here to judge the Catholic Church," Kill J. said at the beginning. "You must not be a scapegoat. (...) It is Georges Pell who is judged. "

But the facts established by the jury at the trial were there. In addition, the cardinal pleaded not guilty, the judge noted that he had expressed "no remorse or contrition likely to reduce his sentence."

Cardinal Pell, who has always claimed his innocence, will know at the beginning of June whether he will be entitled to an appeal trial.

Cardinal Pell is the highest representative of the Catholic Church ever convicted of raping a minor.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld



It has been thought extinct for more than a century. Well no, the species "Chelonoidis Phantastica" was found on the island of Fernandina during an expedition.

An adult female giant turtle was found during an expedition organized by the Galapagos National Park and the American environmental organization Galapagos Conservancy, tweeted the minister without further details.

The giant tortoise Chelonoidis Phantastica is endemic to Fernandina, an uninhabited island of the Galapagos, a volcanic archipelago of the Pacific. This species, however, was considered extinct, as were Chelonoidis from Santa Fe Island and Chelonoidis abingdonii from Pinta Island.

In 2015, Ecuador announced the discovery of a new species of Galapagos turtle, named "Chelonoidis donfaustoi" in honor of Fausto Llerena, who was the healer of the famous "George the loner".

The latter, the last specimen of Chelonoidis abingdonii, died in captivity in 2012 at around 90 years of age but had refused to obtain progeny by mating with females of related species.

Scientists have been found fifteen species of giant tortoises in the archipelago, including those considered extinct.

According to them they arrived there three or four million years ago were dispersed by the sea currents.

Thus different species have been created adapted to the habitats of the different islands.

Notably, Galapagos tortoises owe their exceptional longevity to a genetic ability to repair DNA, scientists say.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld


Pope Francis has reduced to former secular 88-year-old American cardinal Theodore McCarrick, accused of sexual abuse on at least one teenager more than half a century ago, Saturday, February 16, Vatican communiqué.

This is the first time that a cardinal is defrocked for reasons of sexual abuse.

McCarrick, who appealed this decision, received a veto by the Vatican.

Last July, he was the first cardinal to lose his title.

He becomes today the highest personality of the church to be defrocked for reasons of sexual abuse. With his official exclusion from the Church, the currently reclusive man in the US state of Kansas is simply Mr. Theodore McCarrick.

The Pope therefore recognized as definitive a sentence in this sense of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a Vatican institution that ensures respect for Catholic dogma, the Holy See said.

The series of revelations in 2018 of huge scandals in the United States, Chile or Germany has seriously tainted the credibility of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis had promised on December 21, 2018 that "never again" the institution he runs would protect pedophiles, urging the clergy concerned to "indulge in human justice."

He acknowledged that the Catholic Church "is hit by hurricanes" and that pedophile priests "discredit" its mission. The pontiff, who intends to implement his promise of "zero tolerance", promised in recent months that he would be uncompromising with the high ecclesiastical hierarchy.

From 21 to 24 February the presidents of episcopal conferences around the world will work in the Vatican, particularly on the responsibility of the prelates who have passed over the sexual abuse of minors by the clergy.

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The Health System Transformation Bill is on the agenda of the Council of Ministers this Wednesday, February 13th. The text, which includes 23 articles, is carried by the Minister of Health of Agnès Buzyn. Here are the main measures.

Agnès Buzyn presents this Wednesday, February 13th, its health reform which provides for the end of the numerus clausus to increase the number of doctors, the opening of telemedicine, the creation of a network of "local hospitals". The text will be debated in the Assembly in March.

The bill aims to translate into law the "My Health 2022" plan outlined by President Emmanuel Macron during a speech on September 18 to meet the increased need for care of an aging France.

Increase by 20% the number of doctors trained

To increase the pool of practitioners, the text removes the famous "numerus clausus" for the start of the school year 2020, the quota decided each year by the State which limits the number of students entitled to continue their studies in the health professions. The number of students in second or third year will thus be determined by the universities, in conjunction with the regional health agencies, according to their capacities and the needs of the territory.

Objective, "increase by 20%" about the number of doctors trained, according to Agnès Buzyn, while diversifying their profiles, through bridges between courses and selection criteria that remain to be specified by decree. The "classifying tests" at the end of the 6th year of medicine will also disappear in favor of new exams.

Still in the same perspective, the system allowing to pay € 1,200 per month for young doctors who agree to work in a tense zone once graduated will be extended to non-European Diploma Practitioners (PADHUE). In addition, ordinances will define the conditions for regular "re-certification" of practicing physicians to ensure that their skills are up-to-date.

Territorial Hospital Groupings

In parallel with the decompartmentalization of recruitment, a pooling of resources is planned in several areas.

The bill empowers the government to revise the hospital card by prescription. It will be one side to label between 500 and 600 "local hospitals" refocused on general medicine, geriatrics and rehabilitation, but without surgery or maternity. On the other hand to modify the rules of authorization of the activities of care (surgery, maternity, emergencies ...) and equipment.

In the territorial health processional communities (CPTS), all the health professionals of a territory (doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.) will have to network, this sharing of skills to allow "to release margins of medical time, "says the MP The Republic in March Thomas Mesnier, member of the Committee on Social Affairs of the Assembly and rapporteur of the bill.

For example, a doctor with 800 patients who, by networking with nurses, could delegate certain acts to them. In doing so he would welcome other patients through these avoided consultations which would bring his patient to about 1 1400.

Renovation of exercise modes

Measures are also planned to facilitate the early career of doctors, make the hospital more attractive and improve access to care. The assistant medical device, which allows an intern to assist a doctor in case of seasonal influx in tourist areas, will be extended to areas lacking doctors.

On the health facility side, a unique hospital practitioner status, a sensitive subject, will be created by prescription and the related competition removed, to make the mixed exercise (in liberal and in the hospital) easier. .

The access contest would be removed "to facilitate entry into the career," says the Ministry of Health

Telemedicine open to other health professionals.

Telemedicine, already authorized for doctors, will be open to other health professionals. The "télésoin" could for example also concern "the accompaniment by the nurses side effects of oral chemotherapy, or the speech therapy and remote orthoptic sessions". Thus, in the absence of a speech therapist near his home, a patient can consult remotely that of a big city.

As for better financial management measures that provide for the payment of fixed-rate or quality doctors, they will be included in the Social Security Financing Act (PLFSS) for 2020, says Thomas Mesnier.

New digital services

A "health data platform" will replace the current Institute of Health Data. Access to these data (1.2 billion sheets of care per year, 500 million medical procedures, 11 million hospitalizations ...) will be expanded, and their field extended to clinical data collected for example by doctors Liberals.

The government intends to "increase the possibilities of exploitation" of this information, particularly for research or "development of artificial intelligence methods," while promising to "maintain a high level of protection of privacy." .

In addition, all patients will be able to open their own digital health area by January 1, 2022. They will have access to their shared medical record (sort of health book), "applications" or "referenced health information". .

Let's hope that the umpteenth health plan finally meets the needs of an aging France.

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Did the Renault manufacturer pay in spite of himself for the wedding of Carlos Ghosn?

As revealed by Le Figaro, Renault discovered that the Château de Versailles had booked the rental of the Grand Trianon, a service valued at 50,000 euros, as a counterpart of the sponsorship contract signed between the two partners in June 2016.

A benefit that was "earmarked for the personal benefit of Mr. Ghosn".

The reception in great pomp for the marriage of Carlos Ghosn with his second wife, in October 2016, took place at the Trianon of the Palace of Versailles so that the former boss of Renault could have rented the Grand Trianon for 50 000 euros as counterpart of a sponsorship contract.

But marriage is a priori a private event, with no connection with the patronage of Renault.

His financing could therefore constitute an abuse of social good on the part of his former boss.

The automaker announced Thursday it would report to justice that his former boss had received for his

"Personal benefit" a payment of 50,000 euros.

This information was discovered as part of checks launched after the arrest of his former CEO on November 19 in Japan for suspicion of financial malpractice as president of Nissan.

Until then, investigations at Renault have not highlighted any fault attributable to the former boss.

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A fire on rue Erlanger in the 16th arrondissement of Paris started on the night of Monday 4 to Tuesday 5 February. The provisional record amounts to 10 dead fire has been controlled, but firefighters continue their work.

The criminal track is preferred by the investigators, a resident of the burned building was arrested.

The fire started around one in the morning, according to firefighters, who evoke a "scene of incredible violence".

He was mastered between 6 am and 7 am

Some residents of this 1970s eight-storey building took refuge on the roof to escape the flames.

Many residents called for help from their windows.

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A major part of the north-central United States is undergoing a wave of polar cold Tuesday with snowfall and temperatures of -58 ° F.

Weather conditions have caused disruptions in air traffic and in administrations.

Currently installed in the Midwest, the cold wave will move on the east coast at the end of the week.

The cold warning was given on Monday in several states of the Midwest, from North Dakota to Ohio.

"In the beautiful Midwest, temperatures are as low as -76 degrees  F (-59.8 ° F), the coldest ever recorded," he wrote, ironically adding, "What the hell is going on with global warming ?"

world ?

Please, come back soon, we need you! Donald Trump wrote on Twitter ironicly.

Tens of millions of people are concerned by this cold alert launched Monday in several states of the "Midwest", from North Dakota to Ohio.

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A new degradation of weather conditions is expected in the coming hours with the arrival of a depression named Gabriel.

The snow is coming back to the plains and tempestuous winds will hit the western regions.

On the morning of Tuesday, January 29, Météo France placed 43 departments in orange vigilance for strong winds or snow and ice at 16 hours.

These are the Aisne, Ardennes, Aube, Aveyron, Cantal, Charente, Charente-Maritime, Cher, Corrèze, Côte-d'Or, Eure, Eure-et-Loir, Gironde, Haute-Marne, Landes, Loir-et-Cher, Loire-Atlantique, Loiret, Marne, Mayenne , the Meuse, Nièvre, North, Oise, Orne, Pas-de-Calais, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Sarthe, Paris and its small crown, the Saone-and -Loire, Seine-Maritime, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Deux-Sèvres, Somme, Vendée, Vienne, Yonne, Essonne and Val-de-Marne d'Oise. They are placed on alert until Wednesday morning.

The meteorological institute describes in its bulletin a "significant snow episode that can make the traffic conditions very difficult".

A tip: stay "very careful and vigilant" when traveling.

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He Jiankui, a Chinese researcher, claims to have created the first genetically modified babies. In this case, immunized against the AIDS virus.

A second woman is pregnant after the experiment of the Chinese researcher who claims to have created the first "genetically modified babies", confirmed the Chinese authorities quoted on Monday by the agency Chine nouveau, adding that the scientist would be targeted by a police investigation.

He Jiankui could only receive the wrath of the world scientific community in November 2018 when he announced the birth of twins whose DNA was modified to make them resistant to the AIDS virus. These are prohibited practices in most countries, including China. The Chinese government had also demanded the suspension of its scientific activities.

Shortly after, the same He Jianku had reported at a forum in Hong Kong an "other potential pregnancy." And now a second woman is pregnant with the same genetic manipulations as just confirmed by a survey conducted by the provincial government of Guangdong (south), according to the official news agency China New. This woman, as well as the two twins, now about 3 months old, of the first pregnancy, will be placed under medical observation.

In total, between March 2017 and November 2018, eight volunteer couples were recruited through a Beijing association for the support of AIDS patients. So-called "serodiscordant" couples: a father carrying the virus and a healthy mother. One of the couples abandoned the process along the way. The women of the other five couples are not pregnant, the authorities say.

Genetic scissors

He Jiankui claims to have used the CRISPR-Cas9 tool, called "genetic scissors," for his experiment. It allows you to remove and replace unwanted parts of the genome, such as correcting a typo on the computer.

This technique is extremely controversial, especially because the modifications made can be transmitted to future generations, and affect the entire genetic heritage.

This type of genetic modification made on humans is forbidden in the vast majority of countries in the world, including China.

In search of "glory"

The publicized elements of the investigation also highlight the motivations and the way He Jiankui would have proceeded. According to the results of the investigation, He Jiankui "produced false ethical assessment documents", set up "in a private capacity" a research team that included foreign scientists and used "technologies for security and doubtful efficiency ". The investigators told China News that the researcher "sought glory" and used his "own funds" to carry out his project.

"This behavior constitutes a serious violation of the ethics and integrity of scientific research, as well as of the regulations in force in the States," writes China, adding that He Jiankui's case will "be transferred to responsible for public security ".

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The conviction of Claude Guéant is now final, after the rejection today of his cassation appeal.

The Court of Cassation validated Wednesday the conviction of the former Minister of the Interior to two years imprisonment, including suspended in the matter of cash bonuses of the Ministry of the Interior.

In this case of embezzlement of public funds, the former top state clerk was also fined 75,000 euros and banned from holding any public office for five years.
The hard part of the sentence is not synonymous with detention, sentences of less than two years in prison being suitable.

A payment of 5000 euros each month

The case involved cash bonuses totaling € 210,000 paid by members of Nicolas Sarkozy's firm when Claude Guéant was his chief of staff. These premiums were deducted from an envelope for police investigation and surveillance (FES) costs, particularly to pay for their indicators. According to the prosecution, between 2002 and 2004, Claude Guéant paid himself 5,000 euros each month, an amount in addition to a salary of 8,000 euros and compensation of 2,200 euros. In front of the court, Claude Guéant defended himself by speaking of a "practice which was part of the customs of the ministry" and of which he still did not consider that it was "irregular".

The Court of Cassation also rejected the appeals of the former national police chief Michel Gaudin and a former collaborator of Claude Gueant in the office of the Minister of the Interior, Daniel Canepa.

They had been sentenced to suspended prison with probation and, for Mr. Canepa, fined.

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday (January 15th) acquitted Laurent Gbagbo of crimes against humanity while ordering the immediate release of the former president of Côte d'Ivoire (2000-2011), incarcerated for more than seven years .

His release is suspended until Wednesday to allow time for the prosecution to respond.

"The Chamber grants the acquittals presented by Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Ble Goudé [former head of the Young Patriots movement, loyal to Mr. Gbagbo] on all the charges" against them and "orders the the immediate freedom of the two accused, "said Presiding Judge Cuno Tarfusser.

The two men were tried since 2016 in The Hague for crimes against humanity and war crimes, including killings, rape and persecution, during the post-election violence in Côte d'Ivoire, while Laurent Gbagbo refused to accept his defeat facing his rival Alassane Ouattara, the current Ivorian president.

Facts that cover the post-election crisis period in Côte d'Ivoire between November 2010 and April 2011.

Violence that has killed more than 3,000 people in five months. Facts for which Laurent Gbagbo had pleaded not guilty.

The judges found that the prosecutor was not able to provide enough evidence to demonstrate that Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé were at the initiative of a common plan to stay in power and therefore to use of violence to achieve it.

The decision by the judges is a new blow for the ICC.

Previous attempts by the Court to try senior political figures, most of them in Africa, have all encountered obstacles.

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"Very happy" to be a refugee in Canada, a young Saudi woman who sparked an international mobilization after fleeing her family and country, began a new life in Toronto where she arrived on Saturday, January 12th.

18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun was greeted at the airport by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland herself.

After fleeing Saudi Arabia and her family for physical and psychological abuse, she was blocked by the Thai authorities at the airport while she was in transit between Kuwait and Australia, where she wanted to start a new life. But, traveling without permission, she had to be sent back to Kuwait. Following a mobilization on her social media, the Thai authorities had refrained from sending her back against her will and allowed her to leave the airport with UNHCR representatives.

Arriving in Toronto the girl was supported by the non-profit organization Costi, based in Toronto and specialized in the reception of refugees.

Officials of the association will accompany him in his administrative steps to open a bank account or fulfill various formalities and also in his search for permanent housing. The young woman went on Saturday afternoon to do some shopping to buy warm clothes in the center of the Ontario megacity. She knows several people she has contacted.

The epilogue of an international odyssey

His arrival in Canada marks the epilogue of an international odyssey that has attracted attention via social networks for a week.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most restrictive countries in the world for women's rights. In particular, they are subject to the guardianship of a man (father, husband or other) who exercises arbitrary authority over them and takes important decisions in their place.

"As Prime Minister [Justin Trudeau] has said, Canada believes very strongly in the defense of human rights around the world, and we firmly believe that women's rights are human rights," said Chrystia Freeland.

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A very strong explosion occurred in a bakery in the 9th district of the capital this Saturday around 9 am, said police headquarters. Paris firefighters intervened for a gas leak when the explosion occurred.

There was a "serious explosion, certainly related to a gas leak of obviously accidental origin with pockets of gas that exploded.

The human toll is heavy and serious, "said at about 10:30 the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, who went on site, as the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the Paris prosecutor, Rémy Heitz.

12 people are in absolute emergency of which 5 have their vital prognosis engaged. 24 others were injured more lightly.

"At this point, we can say that it is obviously an accidental origin but we must remain cautious," said the prosecutor of Paris.

The blast was of such magnitude that it blew several shops but also cars in the vicinity within a radius of 100 meters.

200 firefighters and 100 policemen were mobilized, according to the Minister of the Interior, who reported a "controlled" situation, around 10 hours.

Rescue teams crisscross the area and a helicopter flies over the area to take care of the victims.

The police prefecture of Paris asked residents and users to avoid the area.

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The conspiracy theories flourish on social networks claiming that the attack in Strasbourg "falls right", that it was intended to break the movement of "yellow vests" ... The government, or the secret services, would be origin of the shooting that occurred Tuesday night in Strasbourg. In Facebook groups of "yellow vests", one goes so far as to question the origin of the nature of the shots fired near the Christmas market.

"It's just me, or is this event in Strasbourg just ... a very, very good help to Macron to make the GJ forget? Cracks are everywhere ... From there to go into + emergency attack + ?? !! ?? ", So asked a user on the Facebook page" National Blocking November 17 General Organization. "

"Solidarity Strasbourg. EMERGENCY STATE. Manifestation forbidden MACRON solution. BLOCK OUT, "said another surfer on the same Facebook group.

For many Internet users, the government, engulfed in a deep social crisis, would have caused everything. Government manipulation ... "And there you are !!! The inevitable happened. An 'attack' unleashed just after the speech of Macron and before the next Saturday of demonstrations ... ", writes a surfer in the Facebook group Act 5: Macron resignation, which brings together more than 62,000 people.

A screenshot of the tweet of the prefecture of the Grand Est region, which was broadcast on BFMTV with time of publication "11h47", was also commented "So? The attack is announced before it is in progress ?! It's clear no ?? ", reads as a comment. This is the time zone used by Twitter users, set by default to the United States.

One of the most controversial leaders of the yellow vests movement, Maxime Nicolle, aka "Fly Rider", did not fail to be noticed by expressing his distrust during a Facebook Live which he is the administrator: "Do you say that the guy who wants to do a bombing really, he does not expect there to be 3 people in a street in the evening at 8 pm, he goes in the middle of the Champs-Elysées when there has millions of people and it blew itself up, "he says. Had he not already claimed to have been contacted by a "Mr. X" in possession of highly dangerous information for power?

This Wednesday morning on France Inter, the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez, affirmed that the "yellow vests" will not be prevented from gathering Saturday, December 15 on the occasion of their "act 5 ". Laurent Nuñez reminded that it was necessary to declare the gatherings beforehand.

As a reminder, in the terrorist attack in Strasbourg on Tuesday 11 December, two people were killed, twelve wounded, six of them in absolute urgency.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nuñez, reacted to these conspiracy theories smokers who circulate since the shooting by judging them unworthy.

The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer also reacted to the microphone of RTL noting that "every time it happens ignoble things, there is the despicable that has just added to the despicable. "

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The movement of yellow vests in France takes on an international dimension that is not without concern for some governments.

The Egyptian authorities fear that opponents of the regime are inspired by the protests of French yellow vests, have simply decided to ban the sale of these fluo jackets until the end of January.

A date choice that owes nothing to chance since the eighth anniversary of the 2011 popular uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak took place on January 25, 2019.

No more selling yellow vests to individuals or "occasional buyers".

Resellers of road and industrial safety equipment have also been instructed to restrict distribution to wholesalers and certified companies only after obtaining the permission of the police.

Otherwise beware of reprisals!

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The businessman Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière was sentenced Tuesday in Paris to eight months of suspended sentence and a fine of € 375,000 for abuse of corporate property.

He admitted to overpaid and fictitiously paying Penelope Fillon in 2012 and 2014 for his participation in the Revue des deux mondes which he owns.

He had Mrs. Fillon employee at 3,900 euros net per month during the month.

It had to provide reading sheets and a reflection on the future of the Journal.

But she had only made two reading notes!

She has never visited the journal's premises and has never played any role as an editorial advisor.

During a short public hearing, the President of the High Court approved the sentence proposed by the National Financial Prosecutor (PNF) and accepted by the billionaire in the context of a procedure of "pleading guilty", an "appearance on prior recognition of guilt "(CRPC), inspired by Anglo-Saxon law.

A prelude to the Fillon affair.
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Australian researchers would have found a simple method to diagnose the disease in 90% of cases, says Nature Communications

Diagnose cancer in just 10 minutes, here is the promise made by a group of Australian researchers from the University of Queensland.

A simple blood test would be enough to detect "the universal biological marker of cancer" found in the disease.

Unlike the biopsy usually used, an invasive and expensive technique, the one used by Australian researchers is simple and fast.

The test relies on the presence or absence of a methyl group on the DNA of a cell to identify the difference between healthy and diseased cells. It changes color depending on the result: blue for healthy cells, pink for malignant cells.

"These analyzes are fast, that is, the analysis time is equal to or less than ten minutes, and they require final preparation of the sample as well as a small entry on the DNA," explain Researchers.

According to the results, the test makes it possible to identify 90 cases of cancers out of 100.

Small flat: the test does not know which organ is affected by the disease. It is therefore necessary to carry out further examinations to identify the type of cancer and its stage.

A promising technique that could revolutionize the diagnosis and therefore improve care while in metropolitan France 400,000 new cases of cancer are identified each year.

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New episode in the case Carlos Ghosn. After twenty-two days in custody in Japan, the former president of Nissan was charged with concealing income between 2010 and 2014 while his custody was extended for similar events from early 2015 to March 2018.

The prosecutor's office has decided to indict the CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors alliance for failing to report to the stock market authorities about 5 billion yen (38 million euros) of revenue over five years.

The founder of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance could spend Christmas in jail. His right-hand man Greg Kelly, who was arrested at the same time, was also charged.

The prosecution has also indicted Nissan as a company, finding that the responsibility of the Japanese manufacturer was also committed, because it is she who submitted the offending reports to the stock market authorities.

Already in 2017, Nissan had already hit the headlines with the scandal called "final inspections". Unapproved controllers had approved vehicles and pollution controls had been distorted. The group was forced to recall more than one million vehicles in Japan.

And a new recall of 150,000 cars was announced on December 7th.

The leader, who denies the charges, has been dismissed from the boards of Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan, which also accuses him of misuse of corporate assets. He remains however CEO of the Renault group.

Asked by the Japanese press on Monday, Mr. Ghosn replied that "have nothing to declare, for the moment ."

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An international survey conducted by 59 media and published Sunday denounces the shortcomings of the control of medical implants (insulin pumps, pacemakers, breast prostheses, hip, shoulder or knee ...) in Europe.

This "Implant Files" survey was conducted as part of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) by more than 250 journalists in 36 countries. At the end of their research, they say that the number of incidents related to medical devices "= is increasing dangerously in the world because of the lack of regulations.

These medical devices, which are supposed to help patients, range from insulin pumps to breast implants, pacemakers and hip prostheses.

They easily benefit from the certificate "European Conformity" to sell in Europe.

The American Medtronic, world leader in medical technology, is particularly in the sights of this' an investigation.

The US Medtronic is potentially linked to 9,300 deaths and 292,000 injuries between 2008 and 2017 in the United States, according to reports on medical implant incidents analyzed in an international journalistic investigation released Sunday. According to reports to US regulators last year, one in five incidents due to a medical implant were linked to a Medtronic product, more than double that of any competitor in the company.

The survey finds that reports to authorities in Japan, Norway or Australia also place the US firm among those that have been linked to the highest number of incidents in the past five years. Since 2008, Medtronic's insulin pumps or their components that accompany diabetes patients have potentially been implicated in more than 2,600 deaths and 150,000 injuries in the United States. In Europe, there is no information on this subject, for lack of systematic "feedback" and control.

The US Federal Drug Agency has noted that it is normal that the largest producer of medical devices is also the one who knows the most incidents, says the ICIJ.

In a written response to ICIJ, a Medtronic spokesperson, Rob Clark, says that patient safety is the company's top priority, meeting "the highest ethical standards."

"The charges are not facts and should not be interpreted to suggest that Medtronic violated our legal, ethical or regulatory obligations in any way," he added, while emphasizing that medical product involved a degree of risk.

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Indonesia throws around 1.29 million tons of plastic a year at sea, making waste management a vital issue.

A sperm whale was found stranded on a beach in southeastern Indonesia, with 6 kg of plastic in its stomach filled with 115 glasses and 25 bags of this material.

The 9.5-meter-long cetacean carcass stranded Monday in Wakatobi National Park, Celebes, in southeastern Indonesia, also contained flip-flops, plastic bottles, raffia and tattered tarpaulins.

If the cause of death is not yet known it is possible that ingestion of this harmful waste has caused it.

The Wakatobi district, consisting of four picturesque islands surrounded by a marine reserve, has asked the central government for help in dealing with the problems of waste in the water.

The fourth largest country in the world with some 255 million inhabitants, the archipelago of Southeast Asia unfortunately stands out as the world's second-largest producer of marine litter after China with about 1.29 million tonnes each year. sea.

The damage to ecosystems and health is notable.

In 2017, the authorities had already declared a "state of emergency waste" on a Bali beach covered with rubbish.

The archipelago has pledged to reduce marine litter by 70% by 2025, a difficult goal to achieve given the poor infrastructure and lack of public awareness.

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Essential drugs are out of stock in France. Between 2008 and 2017, the reports of drugs in tension or out of stock increased from 48 to 530. An alarming situation when it is known for example that 200 000 Parkinson's patients are affected by the shortage of Sinemet, essential drug in the treatment against brain disease. Other products essential for health are also out of stock. Antibiotics, vaccines, antiepileptics, medicines for hypo or hypertension. Faced with this lack, some patients even went to Switzerland for treatment!

Why is France facing such recurring shortages for several years?

There are several reasons for this.

Most of the drugs are manufactured in Asia or in the United States for 80% of the world, so that France depends almost entirely on supplies from abroad.

Are the molecules produced by a very limited number of sites then in case of failure all production is impacted. This is exactly what happens with the Simenet produced and marketed by the Merck laboratory, whose American factory has stopped the production for a standardization without any management plan to avoid stockouts.

Among the supply difficulties, there are also delays in manufacturing, the loss of know-how, but also insufficient production capacity or raw material supply difficulties.

In addition, pharmaceutical companies not only set quotas per country based on last year's consumption but also prefer to sell their products to the highest bidder. But as the prices in France are low compared to other European countries, manufacturers, once the quota is delivered, turn to their sale to Germany, Denmark or Sweden more expensive drug.

Finally, a monopoly manufacturing position can sometimes intervene.

When a laboratory is the only one to make a product, it displays the price it wants. In times of shortages, some are not afraid to raise prices to make profits. Thus the BCNU, a drug prescribed to treat certain brain tumors, which cost 34 euros per 100 mg in 2013 and was the following year out of stock, was marketed in 2015 at 900 euros for the same quantity when it reappeared!

A recent parliamentary report is alarmed by this health dependence on the US and Asia and advocates including relocation of certain drugs in France. A proposal that could constitute "a basis of work" according to the federation of the pharmaceutical industry (LEEM) which, for its part, also encourages "the development of European production capacity" and "the constitution of the most important " .

On the basis of all these findings, a senatorial mission also reported on September 27, proposing thirty measures to improve the availability of drugs. Thus the senators propose the establishment of one or more public structures able to produce essential drugs and regularly exposed to risks of shortage. In Switzerland, for example, the country has its own military laboratory developing security reserves ...

Senators also propose to experiment for five years a tax exemption for companies "pledging to establish in France production sites for drugs and essential substances . " Another proposal suggests "to open up to pharmacists the possibility of offering patients a therapeutic substitution of a specialty in rupture" . This allows the pharmacist to propose a substitute molecule in case of out of stock.

Some of these measures are subject to amendments to the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS), considered in the Senate from 11 November.

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The French government suspends until January 2018 the use in France of products containing metam sodium.

This is a pesticide used especially by producers of lamb's lettuce that has been singled out as a result of poisoning.

"The use of plant protection products containing the metam sodium active substance" is suspended until 31 January 2019, " says a decree taken Thursday by the government and published Friday in the Official Journal.

This decision responds to cases of intoxication and "doubts about the possibility of using the products concerned in a safe manner according to the terms currently in force".

The government expects the results of work on the subject of the National Agency for Health Security (ANSES).

Metam sodium had already been banned in Maine-et-Loire where dozens of people had been poisoned.

Indeed, there had been three waves of poisoning in Maine-et-Loire following the use of metam-sodium pesticides.

Remains to find alternative solutions for market gardeners using this pesticide.

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The balance sheet continues to climb. Eleven people died after the floods in Aude, according to the latest assessment given by the prefect of the department.

The Aude was placed in red alert on Monday morning, because of heavy rains that were falling on the department, resulting in particular the cutting of many roads, said Météo France.

The department of Aude, where the flood reached an unprecedented level since 1891, lives a Mediterranean episode. Prime Minister Philippe Philippe visited the site Monday afternoon. Last balance sheet reports 11 deaths

The prefecture recommends "to avoid any displacement" because "many roads cut" .

School transport is suspended in the agglomeration of Carcassonne ...

The balance sheet was however "evolutive", said the prefect.

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It is a landscape of desolation and debris that has left in its wake Hurricane Michael, now downgraded to a tropical storm, after its passage in the eastern United States that has killed at least six people.

"It's an unthinkable devastation , " Florida Governor Rick Scott said Thursday. "I have heard that a lot of people have been hurt," he added. "I have heard that many people have been hurt," he added.

Residents of Florida, Alabama and Georgia continue to face Hurricane Michael, described as one of the most powerful in over 100 years.

While some areas were devastated, at least six people were killed.

In Florida, four people died according to the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office. In neighboring Georgia, an 11-year-old girl was killed when a garage awning landed on her house, authorities said. And in North Carolina, a state hit hard by Hurricane Florence last month, one person died after a tree collapsed on a car, the governor announced Thursday (October 11th). midday.

The coastal city of Mexico Beach is devastated by the violence of the winds: flattened houses, partially or totally destroyed and trees strewn on the ground, torn facades leaving the interior of the houses bare.

The torrential rains and several tidal mini-razes cut electricity to hundreds of thousands of people who remained without electricity in several states in the southeastern United States, including more than 380,000 in Florida, 234 000 in Georgia and about 400,000 in North Carolina.

Thousands of soldiers and rescue workers were working in the affected states for rescue operations, clearing the streets littered with debris and restoring power.

"Help comes through the air, the land and the sea," he said. "We have 35,000 Florida National Guards and over 1,000 special rescue vehicles, 13 helicopters and 16 boats for humanitarian assistance, security, search and rescue operations. Commented Rick Scott on Thursday,

President Trump announced in mid-day that he has approved the state of major disaster in Florida, allowing to unlock more federal aid. Mr Trump also declared a state of emergency in Georgia.

The reconstruction "is going to be fast. We will make it fast. " The hurricane was "incredibly destructive and powerful," commented the president, interviewed Thursday by the Fox News channel, describing the cyclone as "racing."

The United States last year suffered eight major storms and three major hurricanes - Irma, Maria and Harvey.

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The Health Security Agency (ANSES) recommends closing the tanning booths for "proven" cancer risk.

In an opinion, it asks "the authorities to take any measure likely to stop the exposure of the population artificial UV emitted by tanning booths for aesthetic purposes" just as it Calls for the sale of the devices to be discontinued to individuals.

The links with the risks of skin cancer have long been known. The number of new cases of skin cancer more than tripled in the period 1980-2005. The numbers are sobering. Carcinomas represent 90% of skin cancers diagnosed in France. Less common, melanomas are the most dangerous because of their high metastatic potential. 14,325 new cases of melanoma were recorded in 2015 in France, and 1,773 deaths, according to figures from the National Cancer Institute.

The figures are clear: "382 cases of melanoma could be attributed to exposure to tanning equipment," says the ANSES opinion. The risk of developing melanoma for people who used artificial tanning at least once before the age of 35 is increased by 59%. 43% of cases of melanoma in young people can be attributed to a use of cabins before 30 years, adds ANSES. Cutaneous melanoma is one of the leading causes of death among people under 35 in France.

Contrary to popular belief , "exposure to artificial UV does not prepare the skin for sun exposure and does not protect against sunburn," warns the health agency.

In addition, artificial UV causes other undesirable effects, such as aging skin, which experts believe could be four times faster with tanning lamps than with the sun. In reality, tanning in the cabin colors the skin more than it tans. Another concern of the agency, while the regulation prohibits these booths to minors, "the controls show that there is still a significant fraction of the under 18 years who practice it, and the more one exposes early the more the risk is high, " says Olivier Merckel, director of the physical risks unit at ANSES.

"No limit value of irradiance or dose can be set to protect users," adds the report. Tanning booths are places of exposure to intense UV sources that are much richer in UVA than natural light. Exposure to these UV causes damage to the DNA for doses lower than those triggering sunburn.

The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) asks "the public authorities to take any measure likely to stop the exposure of the population to artificial UV" in the face of the risk of cancer " , " in a notice published Wednesday, October 10 .

The practice of tanning is therefore in very strong increase, whether by UV artificial or natural so that there are in France more than 12,500 tanning devices, according to the National Union of professionals tanning cabin (SNPBC). The stakes are also economic, the SNPBC regularly highlighting the 22,000 jobs that would be threatened by a ban.

Brazil and Australia had the courage to forbid this practice. In France, will ANSES be heard by the government?

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Le prix Nobel de la paix a été attribué vendredi 5 octobre au médecin congolais Denis Mukwege et à la Yazidie Nadia Murad, ex-esclave du groupe Etat islamique, « pour leurs efforts pour mettre fin à l'emploi des violences sexuelles en tant qu'arme de guerre », selon la présidente du comité Nobel Berit Reiss-Andersen.

L'un gynécologue, l'autre victime, Denis Mukwege et Nadia Murad incarnent une cause planétaire dépassant le cadre des seuls conflits, comme en témoigne le raz-de-marée planétaire #MeToo.

« Denis Mukwege et Nadia Murad ont tous les deux risqué personnellement leur vie en luttant courageusement contre les crimes de guerre et en demandant justice pour les victimes », a déclaré la présidente du comité Nobel .

Déjà récompensé en Europe, aux Etats-Unis et en Asie pour son action le Dr Denis Mukwege, 63 ans, est un gynécologue qui soigne les victimes de violences sexuelles en République Démocratique Du Congo.

Il est un expert reconnu au niveau mondial de la réparation des dommages physiques causés par le viol et les violences sexuelles et pour faire reconnaître le viol comme « une arme de guerre », «une guerre sur le corps des femmes».

En 2014, l'Union européenne lui remet le prix Sakharov, récompense honorant les personnes ou organisations qui ont consacré leur vie à la défense des droits de l’homme et des libertés fondamentales.

Il a créé en 1999 l’hôpital de Panzi pour les accouchements qui devient cependant rapidement une clinique du viol à mesure que le Kivu sombre dans l’horreur de la deuxième guerre du Congo (1998-2003) et de ses viols de masse.Il n'a de cesse de dénoncer auprix de sa vie « le climat d’oppression […] et de rétrécissement de l’espace des libertés fondamentales » dans son pays.

C’est dans la salle d’opération de sa clinique de Panzi que le gynécologue a appris qu’il était colauréat du prix Nobel de la paix 2018. « Soudain, des gens sont entrés et m’ont appris la nouvelle », a confié le docteur Mugwege.

La seconde lauréate est âgée de seulement 25 ans mais a déjà survécu aux pires heures traversées par son peuple, les Yazidis d'Irak, jusqu'à en devenir une porte-parole respectée. Nadia Murad a été retenue captive pendant près de six mois par des hommes de l'État islamique (EI), lors desquels tortures, viols collectifs et mise en esclavage lui ont été infligés. Mariée de force, battue, torturée, violée, vendue et revendue comme esclave elle parvient à s’échapper avec l’aide d’une famille de Mossoul, gagne le Kurdistan et trouve refuge en Allemagne où elle vit toujours.

Elle poursuit son combat pour la cause yézidie depuis l’Europe et bénéficie du soutien de l’avocate et militante des droits de l’homme libano-britannique Amal Clooney. Elle témoigne et à se bat pour que les crimes de l'EI soient reconnus comme un génocide. Celle qui a été nommée «ambassadrice de l'ONU pour la dignité des victimes du trafic d'êtres humains» a également obtenu le prix Sakharov en 2016.

Aujourd’hui encore, Nadia Murad comme son amie Lamia Haji Bachar, avec laquelle elle obtenait en 2016 le prix Sakharov du Parlement européen,rapelle  que plus de 3 000 yézidies sont toujours portées disparues, probablement encore captives.

Le prix, qui consiste en une médaille d'or, un diplôme et un chèque de 9 millions de couronnes suédoises (environ 865.000 euros), est remis à Oslo le 10 décembre, date anniversaire de la mort de son fondateur, l'industriel et philanthrope suédois Alfred Nobel (1833-1896). Dans un testament rédigé un an avant sa mort, l'inventeur de la dynamite avait souhaité voir récompensés «ceux qui au cours de l'année écoulée auront rendu à l'humanité les plus grands services».

« Un monde plus pacifique ne peut advenir que si les femmes, leur sécurité et droits fondamentaux sont reconnus et préservés en temps de guerre », a rappelé la porte-parole de l'ONU à Genève, Alessandra Vellucci.

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The University Hospital of Toulouse did not discriminate by refusing medically assisted procreation (PMA) to a lesbian couple in 2014, according to the opinion of the Council of State, the highest administrative jurisdiction.

The Council of State had in fact been seized in early July of a Priority Question of Constitutionality (QPC) raised by a couple of women after the University Hospital of Toulouse refused their application for PMA in February.

This couple of women, whose infertility problems were medically diagnosed, felt that the current law, which reserves the PMA to heterosexual couples who are infertile or at risk of transmitting a disease to the child, "disregards (t) the principle of equality before the law ", according to the decision of the Council of State.

According to the two women, this "difference in treatment between couples with medically diagnosed infertility, according to whether they are of the same or different sex" was not justified and reserving the PMA to these couples alone was discriminatory

But in their judgment, delivered Friday, the judges did not follow them. They consider that "the differential treatment [...] between male and female couples and same-sex couples ... is not contrary to the principle of equality"

Refusing to grant a medically assisted procreation (LDC) to a lesbian couple is not contrary to the principle of equality before the law , says the Council of State in a decision released Tuesday, October 3.

"This is an unlikely decision," reacted Caroline Mécary, the lawyer of the couple . "It was up to the Constitutional Council to say whether the law was discriminatory or not. Refusing to pass on this priority question of constitutionality, she said that "the Council of State has exceeded its powers and has become a censor"

Satisfaction on the other hand on the side of Ludovine de la Rochère, the president of the Manif for all. She noted that the issue of opening the PMA to lesbian couples and single women "is not an answer to a problem of discrimination or a measure of equality"

But forget that the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) last week gave a new opinion favorable to the extension of the PMA to lesbian couples and single women. One of the commitments of the candidate Emmanuel Macron during the presidential election.

The government must submit a bioethics bill in this direction before the end of the year, for a debate in Parliament in early 2019 that promises to be heated.

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After sweeping the Philippines and Hong Kong in recent days, the super Typhoon Mangkhut rushed on Sunday afternoon in mainland China, making its first victims.

The Southeast Asian archipelago, which regularly suffers from violent typhoons, was once again the hardest hit by this powerful storm.

Making 65 deaths in the Philippines Friday and Saturday, more than 200 wounded in Hong Kong typhoon Mangkhut is considered the most powerful of the year at this stage with gusts reaching in places the 330 km / h.

Many material ravages have also been noted:

landslides, floods, house collapses, mudslides

That Sunday afternoon, he began to hit mainland China.

In particular, he reached Jiangmen City in southeastern Guangdong Province.

Authorities said they evacuated more than three million people in southern China, and ordered tens of thousands of fishing boats to return to port prior to the typhoon that the media has dubbed the "Queen of Storms".

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Even though Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a tropical storm, it has already killed five people on the east coast of the United States.

The hurricane killed its first victims on the Atlantic coast of the United States, and hit the coast beaten by strong winds and heavy rains so that dozens of people were trapped by the rising waters.

The hurricane's eye made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, NC at 0715, with winds up to 150 km / h, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Florence, however, weakened in intensity in the afternoon and was downgraded to a tropical storm, with winds detected at 110 km / h.

But its amplitude and its very slow advance - 6 km / h - in the country worries the authorities.

Authorities anticipate catastrophic floods.

In its 20-hour bulletin on Friday, the NHC warned of a strong, wind-driven night tide on the coast and "catastrophic floods expected in areas of North Carolina and South Carolina."

"We are expecting many rainy days , " said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, calling the hurricane's rains "a millennial event . "

"Our priority now is to put people out of immediate danger, " he added at a news conference.

We are still in the storm and, if she has not reached you, she will. "

President Donald Trump will visit "early or middle of next week" in the affected areas, for its part announced the White House .

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Storm Florence, which is currently approaching the East Coast of the United States, is expected to turn into an "extremely dangerous" hurricane by Monday, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) announced, calling on the population to prepare.

"We expect Florence to quickly strengthen and become a major hurricane by Monday, and should remain an extremely dangerous hurricane until Tuesday," said NHC in its bulletin broadcast Sunday at 9:00 pm GMT.

North Carolina, then South, declared a state of emergency.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency on Friday to prepare for the possible consequences of Florence's arrival, and South Carolina did the same on Saturday.

The US Navy ordered all its ships to leave the Hampton Roads area in anticipation of Hurricane Florence.

The first hurricane of category 4 of the season weakened in contact with cooler waters. But now, he enters a warmer zone, according to meteorologists.

NHC calls the communities "along the east coast, especially from Florida to North Carolina, to carefully monitor Florence's progress and ensure that hurricane plans are in place."

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More than six out of ten pesticide residues are found in our plates and its residues are endocrine disruptors. What to pull the bells alame!

Indeed after having peeled the latest report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the NGO Future Generations alert:

"More than six out of ten pesticide residues quantified in the European diet are suspected endocrine disruptors".

First of all, what is an endocrine disruptor?

It is "a substance ... with properties likely to induce endocrine disruption in an intact organism, in its descendants or within (sub) populations. As defined by the World Health Organization.

More concretely "it is chemicals present in consumer goods or environmental contaminants that can, at very low doses, disrupt our hormonal system" , explains François Veillerette, director of the NGO Générations Futures.

In a word, they are toxic substances for health!

They can have negative effects on growth, fertility, behavior and cause some cancers.

The Efsa report, released in July and based on 2016 data, concluded that 96% of the samples analyzed were within legal limits and 51% were free of any quantifiable residue. Future generations focused on the remaining 49%:

there, quantifiable traces of pesticides have been detected. Out of 109,843 samples concerned, 69,433 are suspected endocrine disrupting pesticide residues, ie six out of ten.

The NGO relied on the TEDX database, which lists molecules suspected of having an endocrine disrupting effect because "there is no list for endocrine disruptors" as is the case for substances carcinogens, explained the director of the NGO

The NGO Future Generations is doing its utmost to ensure that governments finally take real action against endocrine disruptors.

France has certainly adopted in 2014 a national strategy on these substances banishing one of the best known, bisphenol A, baby bottles and food containers.

But the second part of this strategy, which is currently under development, would hardly take into account food. "In the draft (of this text), there is almost nothing on food, which is shocking," said François Veillerette, director of the NGO.

Public powers to take the problem head on and impose sanitary standards! They already think about the health cost: 150 billion euros a year for Europe. These numbers should make them react to a time of all money.

Health is on the plate!

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«Les évaluations deviendront une habitude comme la photo de classe» a lancé leministre de l’Éducation nationale.

Un vent de modernisation et de libéralisme souffle rue Grenelle.

Tout d'abord la réforme du lycée va se mettre en place progressivement et s'avère nécessaire dans le contexte actuel.

«La douche froide nous arrive toujours de l'extérieur», a constaté le ministre, lors de la conférence de presse de rentrée, en référence aux classements internationaux Pisa . En effet tous les trois ans la France se trouve déclassée et éloignée des meilleurs. Que se passe-t-il donc dans l'enseignement français pour obtenir d'aussi médiocres résultats dans le classement Pisa ? Pour essayer de comprendre dès 2019, une instance d'évaluation du système sera créée.

Et des changements vont voir le jour pour les élèves.

La génération qui entre en seconde a déjà connu les nouveaux rythmes scolaires au primaire et la réforme du collège . Arrive en toute logique celle du lycée. Autant dire que la réforme du collège s'est bien déroulée. Quant au nouveau lycée, les lycéens ont été consultés pour sa conception.

Peu de modification en somme pour la classe de seconde en cette rentrée puisque les changements vont plutôt porter sur la première, à la rentrée 2019. Les élèves choisiront trois disciplines de spécialité, au lieu des séries L, ES et S. Le contrôle continu prendra une plus d’importance. La compétence orale également. Quant aux spécialités au nombre de douze, le Conseil supérieur des programmes publiera de son côté les premiers projets.

En terminale le grand oral prévu dans la réforme du bac pourrait s'appeler selon le ministre de l'éducation nationale « grand entretien ».

Vient seconder cette réforme du lycée la modernisation des ressources humaines que Blanquer appelle de ses vœux avec des professeurs plus performants en introduisant notamment une part de variable dans les salaires, une autonomie des chefs d'établissement, des contrats d'objectifs, des postes à profil...Des réformes annoncées déjà dans ses nombreux ouvrages sur l'école.

Ce sont d'ailleurs des promesses d'Emmanuel Macron durant sa campagne qui entend moderniser la fonction publique dans son ensemble.

Mais comme l'a rappelé Jean-Michel Blanquer «Un pays qui va bien est un pays qui aime ses professeurs» a-t-il déclaré . «Il n'y a pas d'amour. Il n'y a que des preuves d'amour», a rétorqué de son côté Jean-Rémi Girard, le président du Syndicat national des lycées et collèges.

Preuve qu'il va falloir mettre de l'eau dans son vin des deux côtés.

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Depuis juin, il est possible de déclarer en ligne qu’on a été victime d’une fraude à la carte bancaire. Inutile de se déplacer à la gendarmerie ou au commissariat, la plateforme Perceval sert à ça. Lancée en juin dernier, Perceval permet de signaler une fraude en ligne. Elle a déjà permis l’ouverture de 17 enquêtes, et neuf dossiers ont été transmis à la justice.

Vous ne le saviez pas mais il est désormais possible de déclarer en ligne que l’on a été victime d’une fraude à la carte bancaire.

Plus besoin de se déplacer à la gendarmerie ou au commissariat, la plateforme Perceval sert à ça. Déjà ouverture de 17 enquêtes et neuf dossiers ont été transmis à la justice.

Mais voilà la fraude à la carte bancaire est monnaie courante  atteignant un montant qui dépasse les 450 millions d’euros en France (cartes françaises et étrangères), en 2017 selon l’Observatoire de la sécurité des moyens de paiement. Plus d' 1,2 million de ménages se sont déclarés victimes d’au moins une escroquerie bancaire en 2016.

Elle a fait trois fois plus de victimes que les cambriolages.

Une plateforme de signalement de ce type de fraudes a été lancée en juin. Son nom : Perceval, pour Plateforme électronique de recueil de coordonnées bancaires et de leurs conditions d’emploi rapportées par les victimes d’achats frauduleux en ligne.

Une condition s'avère importante : il faut être toujours en possession de votre carte bancaire. On y accède via le site service-public.fr, dans l’onglet « fraude à la carte bancaire » grâce au système d’identification France Connect.

La traque aux arnaques

Perceval facilite donc les démarches en cas de vol des données d’une carte bancaire et accentuer la « lutte contre les auteurs de ces infractions bancaires avec la collecte, l'analyse et les recoupement du renseignements criminel à l’échelle nationale », selon le ministère de l’Économie.Cela facilite les recoupements sur les sites internets utilisés, les modes opératoires, etc.

« Ça nous permet parfois d’avoir une adresse physique, une adresse mail et une adresse IP derrière laquelle on adosse, non plus un fait ou une série de faits sur une victime, mais pour des préjudices très importants », explique le lieutenant-colonel Cyril Piat, du centre de lutte contre la criminalité numérique

17 000 signalements ont été enregistrés dont environ 8 000 concernaient des montants de moins de 200 € signalées, et plus de 350 atteignent plus de 2 500 € de préjudices.

Certains subtilisent les numéros et cryptogramme en les photographiant à l’insu du propriétaire, d’autres se spécialisent dans l’escroquerie lors d’un achat en ligne ou vendent des coordonnées bancaires sur le darkweb… les modes opératoires pour les escrocs sont variés.

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A fire broke out in Aubervilliers this Sunday around 7 pm; He was mastered in the early evening.

The balance sheet reports twenty-two wounded. Six are in absolute urgency, including five children.

He declared himself in a two-story apartment building where two families lived.

Important means were deployed on the spot The fire was controlled in the early evening, said a spokesman for the Paris fire department.

The record shows 22 wounded, six of whom were still in absolute emergency including five children and a woman.

A dozen police dispatched to the scene were slightly affected by this fire.

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More than 250 people were injured, five seriously, after the collapse of a platform in the night of Sunday to Monday at a music festival in Vigo (northwestern Spain), has - we learned from the local authorities.

"Fractures or head trauma"

Of the wounded, five were seriously injured and hospitalized. The majority of the victims escaped with simple bruises or minor injuries.

"Right now, 266 patients are being treated. The vast majority are slightly injured with bruises " but " there are five hospitalizations mainly for fractures or head trauma, " said Jesus Vazquez Almuina, a health officer in the government of the Galicia region, on a local radio station. is located Vigo.

The wooden platform, 30 meters long and 10 meters wide, located on the seafront, was filled with spectators watching a rap concert at the O Marisquiño festival when it was suddenly collapsed shortly before midnight Sunday, the mayor of Vigo Abel Caballero told the press.

"The causes remain to be determined," said Jesus Vazquez Almuina, health officer in the government of the Galicia region.

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The balance sheet is on the rise as research continues, amounting to 79 deaths. It's worse than the 1977 fires that killed 77 people in 2007.

The firefighters continued Wednesday searches for people stranded in houses or cars charred around the resorts of Mati and Rafina, east of Athens, ravaged. 187 wounded, including 23 children, are part of the last official report.

Described as a "national tragedy" by the country's media, the fire occurred Monday afternoon: the fire took on the nearby Mount Pendeli and was fanned by winds of 100 km / h to spread as a trail of powder up to Mati, 40 km from Athens. Hundreds of homes whose residents fled to the beach remaining in the water to stay safe burned.

Tuesday evening, in Mati sector, "the fire was evolving without active front, with scattered fireplaces" , according to firefighters while another front has taken over Kineta, west of Attica.

Macabre discoveries:

The country was under the shock of macabre discoveries on Tuesday, especially that on the same ground of 26 charred people including "small children", found entwined in groups. Some 715 people were evacuated by military or private boats to the port of Rafina. Mati, located in a pine forest, was the hardest hit because of "a blazing fire in the urban fabric," Maliri said. "Mati no longer exists," said Rafina Mayor Evangélos Bournous, reporting "more than a thousand buildings and 300 cars" damaged.

A still provisional balance sheet:

The toll is "79 dead," said Stavroula Maliri, fire chief. Of a total of 187 people hospitalized, 82 remained treated Tuesday night, ten of whom are in serious condition and 11 children whose condition did not inspire concern. Foreign tourists are among the victims.

Research is continuing to search for possible victims in this area of ​​Attica flooded with flames. Firefighters received "dozens of calls" from people looking for relatives. Tuesday night, the government had not published the number of missing.

National mourning of three days:

"Today Greece is in mourning," said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras who announced on television three days of national mourning. Flags will be half mast until Friday.

The presidency also canceled the festivities to commemorate Tuesday the return of democracy in Greece in July 1974. The Ministry of Finance has released 20 million euros "to meet the imminent needs of municipalities and affected citizens . " The government has announced that it will take charge of the funeral, and tax measures for the victims.

European aid:

The country, which has activated the European Civil Protection Mechanism, will benefit from air assets donated by Spain, France, Israel, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal and Croatia. "The European Commission will not spare its efforts to help Greece," tweeted President Jean-Claude Juncker. "The pain of the victims affects us all," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a telegram to Tsipras.

The United States lent a drone to fly over the area and "observe and detect any suspicious activity . " The pope made known "his deep sadness," while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said "the "solidarity" of the Alliance.

An investigation into the causes of the fires has been opened. The government has had to deal with an "extreme", "asymmetrical" phenomenon, according to Tsipras. Dimitris Tzanakopoulos noted that there were "15 simultaneous fire starts on three different fronts" in Attica.

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The collapse Monday night of the hydroelectric dam caused flooding in seven villages.

Rescuers are looking for missing persons in Laos after a hydroelectric dam collapsed on Wednesday: only twenty-six bodies have been recovered and rescue operations are set to be tough in this isolated area.

"There are 131 missing," said Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith, while the official news agency has so far evoked "hundreds of missing".

"Hundreds of people" are missing, was content to evaluate the official news agency KPL, Tuesday, July 24. In this remote region of a mountainous country the balance sheet is uncertain.

6,600 people would be homeless but no official record has yet been given.

The dam, after torrential rains, collapsed Monday night in Attapeu province releasing nearly five billion cubic meters of water and swallowing six villages according to official media.

This dam, a project worth more than $ 1 billion, was under construction since 2013.

It is being developed by Xe Pian-Xe Namnoy Power Company (PNPC), a joint venture formed by the Thai company Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding, the Korean company Korea Western Power and the Laotian state-owned Lao Holding State Enterprise.

With a capacity of 410 megawatts, it was planned that the dam would provide electricity from 2019, 90% of the energy produced was to be exported to Thailand, the rest being distributed locally.

Located in the province of Attapeu in southeastern Laos, not far from the Vietnamese border, the dam under construction collapsed on Monday, July 23, causing "several deaths and hundreds of missing," according to the official news agency of the regime. "Several houses were also destroyed" in the disaster, according to the agency.

Laos has started building dozens of dams and exports most of its hydroelectric power to neighboring countries, including Thailand.

Environmental organizations have worried about Laos' hydropower ambitions, particularly about the impact of the dams on the Mekong, its flora and fauna, rural populations and dependent local economies.

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If Europe sees a new heat wave, some countries are suffering much more from summer temperatures. Unprecedented temperatures exceeding 40 ° C in the shade have been reached across Japan. The majority of victims are elderly people, but also children.

"Emergency measures are needed"

It is a sweltering wave of damp heat that Japan is killing 80 people and driving some 35,000 others to the hospital in just three weeks, according to official data released on Tuesday. The past week, with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in the shade, is among the deadliest week, with 65 victims recorded, according to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. Fifteen deaths had been deplored the previous two weeks.

"We are seeing unprecedented heat in many areas," Motoaki Takekawa, a Meteorological Agency official, told a press conference Monday night. This heat wave "is fatal and we consider it a natural disaster," he said.

The national record on Monday

The city of Kumagaya, north of Tokyo, broke the national record on Monday with a thermometer reading 41.1 ° C. The town of Ome in Tokyo prefecture had a heat of 40.3 ° C. According to the Meteorological Agency, temperatures above 35 ° C could last until early August, despite a few days of respite soon.

One solution: extension of summer holidays

The majority of deaths are in the elderly, but children are also among the victims. A six-year-old boy succumbed to heat stroke after activities outdoors with a non-air-conditioned classroom.

But with between 35 and almost 40 ° Celsius in the shade and humidity over 80%, several cities in Japan show a deadly combination, which weakens the natural defenses "emergency measures are necessary to protect children" , Government spokesman Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Tuesday morning.

The government will subsidize the installation of air conditioners in schools, colleges and high schools from next summer. As of April 1, 2017, less than half of the classrooms in public schools had air conditioning. The extension of the duration of summer holidays is also part of the provisions under study, said Suga

The Disaster Management Agency has urged people to use air conditioners in most homes, drink water and take regular breaks at work.

Residents of the western regions have been ravaged by torrential rains earlier this month, and they are being warned by the authorities, who are trying to clean their homes.

Temperature records reached this year, which rekindle worries for the 2020 Olympic Games scheduled in Tokyo in the heart of summer, from July 24 to August 9.

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Sweden has activated the European Civil Protection Mechanism. Several countries responded to the call by sending men and equipment to the image of Italy, Germany, Norway and Poland and France who sent French soldiers to fight against forest fires unusual in this Nordic country. In recent days, Sweden has been facing severe fires due to hot weather.

An unusual situation in this Nordic country that had to call for reinforcements from Europe. So a detachment of French soldiers specialized in the fight against the ground arrived Sunday evening

These thirty rescue sappers units of instruction and intervention of the Civil Security were to be joined this Monday by 30 firefighters of the SDIS of the South of France.

It is for this team to ensure that the lights under control do not start again. There were about fifty active homes, including twenty in the extreme north of the country, Sunday, according to the Swedish Agency.

European watercatchers, two of whom come from metropolitan France, operate in the areas concerned in conditions close to those in Southern France.

The most violent fires can be found in the provinces of Gävleborg, Dalarna, Jämtland and Västernorrland. Some 250 km² of forest have already been washed away and residential areas are under threat.

For the civil protection, it is a question of "working edges active, little active or isolated, to treat the surface, to scratch the ground" as Stéphane Nisslé explained, head of the detachment French.

"The advantage is the presence of many bodies of water," said Pierre Schaller, the colonel in charge of the mission, facilitating supplies for the Canadians.

Successful European cooperation in the face of dangers
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Once again, a simple police check went badly, this time in the Breil district of Nantes, on Tuesday, July 3rd, in the evening.

Several detonations were heard.

A 22-year-old died after a shot.

It was 8:30 pm, Tuesday, July 3, rue des Plantes, in the Breil district, Nantes.

CRS patrolling the city, wanted to control the driver of a vehicle.But it refused to obey.

"He refused to obey," says a police source.

Who adds: "At that time, he made a sudden reverse" hitting a CRS knee, which reflexed to depart in time.

"One of his colleagues fired to stop the vehicle. The 22-year-old, allegedly shot in the neck, is dead. This shooting would have taken place without "summons" according to a inhabitant of the district. The investigation was handed over to the federal police.

The sector is squared by an important safety device. The House of Associations is on fire and young hoods sent projectiles and Molotov cocktails against the police who responded with tear gas.

Three cars, at least, caught fire and a room next to the shopping center ignited. Firefighters had to intervene in number.

When will the rule of law once and for all be re-established throughout French territory?

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The recurrent robber, Redoine Faïd, is currently on the run. He escaped from the prison of Réau in Seine-et-Marne. Redoine Faïd, 46, a recidivist robber, escaped by helicopter Sunday, July 1 at 11.20 from the prison center of Réau in Seine-et-Marne.

An armed commando landed in a helicopter in the main courtyard while the detainee was in the parlor. The escape lasted only a few minutes.

"There is no wounded or hostage," said the Justice Department in a statement. He did not have his first escape since in less than half an hour he had used four monitors in human shields to leave the prison of Lille-Sequedin.

The prison of Seine-et-Marne is wearing a modern prison but there is no safety net over the courtyard, unlike the promenade ... The unions had denounced this anomaly there a few years ago saying that it was necessary to put here also what was not done.

This helicopter escape was probably prepared by his accomplices who had " undoubtedly spotted the place through drones," said Nicole Belloubet, the Minister of Justice, interviewed by journalists, Sunday, July 1 .

"A very well prepared commando"

"The ongoing judicial inquiry will say so," she added, noting that the robber's accomplices had gone through "a very little used door". "Someone has identified this possible way of passage, it could be done through the drones," she added to the microphone of journalists.

The perpetrator has not been found at this stage, Nicolas Belloubet explained.

"The security forces are extraordinarily mobilized because we know that it is someone who is dangerous" .

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The Attorney General of the Paris Court of Appeal Catherine Champrenault warns about the increase in the facts of "prostitution of cities" , affecting young women, sometimes minor, and calls for the "vigilance" of parents in particular.

"In recent years, alongside foreign criminal networks of human trafficking, the cases dealing with acts of procuring the cities are increasing," wrote Catherine Champrenault, Sunday, June 17, in a forum published in the Parisian

It denounces the commodification of the body and the banalization of the sexual act in these young women sometimes minor related to the explosion of pornography on the internet in particular. This prostitution also proceeds from the lure of easy gain.

"It is both greed for money and banalization to the extreme of sex exacerbated by the explosion of pornography," she analyzes.

Often these girls fall prey to young men in their neighborhood, initially their buddies, who provide them with cocaine push them to prostitute themselves.

The Créteil Criminal Court sentenced several men to prison terms ranging from two to six years for having prostituted young girls they met in their neighborhood and who they described as their "girlfriends" .

These girls, drugged with cocaine, chained for their benefit up to 300 passes per month in hotels in Ile-de-France can bring up to 48 000 per month.

The victims' complaints being rare, it is the public prosecutor's office who bears the responsibility to prosecute the pimps.

The prosecutor insists on the importance of "personalized support for victims" and calls for "the vigilance of everyone, especially parents" .

The prosecution has opened a criminal investigation against X for "aggravated pimping" after a preliminary investigation into suspicions of prostitution disguised in the advertisements of the website Vivastreet.

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More than thirty years after the death of the little "martyr of the A10", her parents were found thanks to DNA.

When the body of the girl is discovered, on August 11, 1987, on a portion of road of Loir-et-Cher the investigators deploy all the means to try to establish the identity of the small martyr. About 20,000 vital records of girls born in the region in the early 1980s are inspected, but nothing conclusive.

And for good reason: Inass had been registered at the CAF, but in Île-de-France!

In 1987, the expertises show that the body of the child bears traces of burns due to an iron and that scars and wounds of human bites caused by a small jaw that of a woman probably.

The investigating magistrate in Blois, who was in charge of the case at the time, said at that time that it was "practically a case of cannibalism with the taking of flesh" .

At the time, the computer is still in its infancy and the interconnection of files does not exist. So how do you know that the little girl enrolled in kindergarten had never been to school? Hence the failure of checks in 65,000 kindergartens.

In spite of the reports of his disappearance the multiple calls to witnesses, the portraits-robots and verifications of the investigators no serious track had been found.

But that was without counting on computers!

The girl had indeed been discovered dressed, covered with a blanket. All these material elements had been carefully sealed. It is essentially from a work on the DNA of the child that the gendarmes pulled the thread back to his father and his mother, more than thirty years after the fact.

The survey has rebounded in recent days. Indeed it is thanks to a DNA sampling carried out after "a tort", on a man who turned out to be his brother, which allowed to relaunch the investigation ... DNA from the National Automated Fingerprint File (FNAEG), which has also been shown to be that of the girl.

Her name was Inass. She was 4 years old and her body was discovered in August 1987 in a ditch on the A10 motorway. The family lived in violence.

The girl's Moroccan parents have been indicted for murder, receiving a corpse and habitual violence against a minor under the age of 15

"The evolution of the investigation has been long, but time has never played against us. The investigators have always thought that the case would be clarified, " said the prosecutor.

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With the beautiful days of summer, the tiger mosquito reappears in France. Implemented progressively in some forty French departments since 2004, the Aedes albopictus continues to gain ground, especially around the Mediterranean.

The tiger mosquito is potentially a carrier of diseases such as dengue, zika or chikungunya, serious diseases.

The female tiger mosquito needs water to reproduce. She lays her eggs at the edge of containers that can collect water. So do not panic, but respect certain instructions not to attract! Some simple gestures of prevention are enough. Garden, courtyard, terrace, are all ideal places for Aedes albopictus. All small or very small collections of artificial or natural water favor its reproduction

Some examples are: water collectors (tanks, drums ...), saucers under flower pots, ponds.

The breeding sites are therefore largely man-made. To fight against the mosquito-tiger requires that each one adopts the good gestures, daily, to deprive it of water and, thus, to avoid its development.

So think about cleaning the gutters (dead leaves, debris ...), maintain the water points that are the pools and basins, open the water collectors ...

Unlike other mosquito species, it does not move beyond a 150 meter perimeter around its nesting site. Its "zone of life" is restricted to a perimeter of 150 meters around its place of lay.

This is why it is necessary to act by managing its domestic waters and / or physically removing the deposits present in private homes (which represent 80% of the places of laying).

Such simple actions help reduce the presence of this dangerous mosquito that is the tiger mosquito. It's your turn !

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BRI policemen are sent to the scene of the hostage-taking in the 10th district of Paris.

Negotiations took place following a hostage-taking in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

An armed man held two people in a building. The sector is closed.

It took place in a building in the Rue des Petites Ecuries, located in the 10th district of Paris.

The hostage took place on the premises of an advertising agency, Mixicom.

According to preliminary evidence, a man "still unclear motivations" would have had a bomb and a handgun and asked to be put in touch with the Embassy of Iran.

A large security perimeter and a police detachment have been deployed in this street, frequented in particular for its bars and restaurants.

The Brigade of Research and Intervention (BRI), the Security and Response Company (CSI), many firefighters and police armed with assault rifles are on site.

The assault was given and the man arrested and the two hostages are safe and sound.

Assault ended thanks to the professionalism of the BIS and relief forces.
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The Aisne apicultural union lodged a complaint on Wednesday against Bayer, who has just bought Monsanto, after the discovery of glyphosate in the honey of one of its members.

The union, which has 200 beekeepers, mostly amateurs, has been alerted by one of its members who sells his surplus family Group Michaud Apiculteurs, the largest actor of honey in France including its brand Honeymoon.

This group, which systematically analyzes the honey, found traces of glyphosate and therefore refused three barrels of honey all flowers. The three barrels of honey involved were carefully preserved by the beekeeper.

This herbicide, the most used in France, is considered probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). The ban on glyphosate within three years, however, does not appear in the future law agriculture and food, despite the attempt of deputies to include it, LREM deputies having rejected an amendment tabled by dozens of their colleagues listing the banishment of this herbicide.

The beekeeper in question, owner of 100 hives, lives near Laon, a region of field crops (rapeseed, beet, sunflower, alfalfa). "But do not forget the Sunday gardener and his propensity to use Roundup easily , " said the union's lawyer, Emmanuel Ludot, of the Reims Bar.

The latter filed a complaint Thursday on behalf of the union for "administration of harmful substances" against Bayer and Monsanto, whose headquarters in France is Lyon.

A date that was symbolically chosen to coincide with two events: the national action of beekeepers and the final purchase of Monsanto by Bayer.

According to Vincent Michaud, president of Famille Michaud Apiculteurs, this is not an isolated case.

"And systematically when we detect glyphosate (above the threshold of 10 ppb) we refuse honey in our recipes". Among the other substances often detected, Mr. Michaud cites in particular antibiotics for bees, and pesticides.

With this complaint, the lawyer hopes "to eventually recognize the notion of environmental crime."

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A South Korean had tasted a barely cooked squid before feeling severe pain in the mouth.

And now the doctors have made a little raucous discovery! You certainly like squid, this delicate mollusc.

But guess what the doctors discovered in the mouth of this unfortunate woman: a brood of calamari babies

This news is recounted in the tabloid The Sun which explains that the Korean felt violent pains in the mouth shortly after ingesting the little beast practically raw, a tasting mode relatively common in this country.

After an emergency visit to the hospital, the doctors understood what had happened.

The squid had injected sperm into the oral tissues: 12 small bags of sperm-shaped white sperm were embedded in his tongue and gums. These small bags have been identified as squid spermatophores.

They belonged to a Japanese squid known as "Todarodes pacificus".

Well alive and healthy!

Rest assured, the case is extremely rare so much so that it was published in the journal Journal of Parasitology .

He reports that the woman had not only removed the inner organs of the squid but that by boiling seconds before eating it had aggravated the problem!

Tip of friend: before consuming a squid do not forget to empty it of its internal organs!

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The national finance court has opened an investigation against Alexis Kohler into suspicions of conflict of interest between his public service posts and his links with the Italian-Swiss shipowner MSC, he said in a statement released Monday in the middle of the day.

Investigations carried out by the Economic Crime Suppression Brigade (OERD) took place on Wednesday in Bercy, at the Ministry of Economy, where Alexis Kohler, secretary general of the Elysee and Emmanuel Macron's right-hand man, worked between 2012 and 2016. The investigators also visited the premises of the commission of ethics of the public service and those of the agency of the participations of the State, in charge of managing the public portfolio.

The OERD investigators are responsible for "verifying whether the rules governing the layoff of public officials have been respected" , according to the statement of the National Finance Ministry Monday, which opened an investigation.

The investigation opened by the PNF follows a complaint from the anti-corruption organization Anticor for "illegal taking of interests" and "trading in influence" but also following the publication of several press articles initiated by Mediapart early May.

Why would there be a possible conflict of interest between the posts of this high civil servant in the public service and his links with the Italian-Swiss shipowner MSC, a major client of the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire?

The forty-year-old Alexis Kohler sat as a representative of the state on the board of STX France, the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire from 2010 while he has family ties with the shipowner MSC was founded and directed by his mother's cousins.

The Anticor association also recalls that this high-ranking official wanted to join the shipowner twice after being deputy director of cabinet at the Ministry of Economy, between 2012 and 2014 when the post was held by Pierre Moscovici and between 2014 and 2016 when Emmanuel Macron succeeded him.

If the first time, the commission of ethics, the authority charged with controlling the departure of the public agents in the private sector, had opposed its request, the second time Alexis Kohler obtained the green light of the latter to join MSC Cruises as financial director.

Anticor then suspects Alexis Kohler to have intervened as an executive of MSC in a meeting in Bercy in March 2017 on the recovery of STX France, then threatened with bankruptcy ...

Would Alexis Kohler have favored a private shipowner involved in discussions with the state because of his family ties? The question needs to be asked.

For now the executive is behind Alexis Kohler.

Monday, the Elysee said that " it is quite willing that Alexis Kohler will provide the prosecution all documents proving his conduct respectful of the law in all circumstances of his career and put an end quickly suspicions totally unfounded thrown at him obviously because of his duties as Secretary General of the Elysee. This Wednesday the Elysée has however refused to comment.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, questioned Wednesday on the case, said at the end of the Council of Ministers that Alexis Kohler was in no way weakened, calling for justice to do his work "in complete dependence".

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MEPs voted on Friday, June 1, in favor of the transition from 100% to 10% of housing accessible to disabled people in new construction, the remaining 90% to be "evolutionary" , according to the Housing Evolution bill, planning and digital (ELAN). The disabled, big losers of the ELAN law? Associations for the defense of the disabled point to a "serious social regression".

Faced with criticism from the right as well as from the left, Secretary of State Julien Denormandie justified himself by considering that housing could evolve throughout life. Simple work will be enough to adapt the housing, in case of accident or because of aging

"The government is fully mobilized" for "inclusion society," he said.

The objectives of the evolutionary housing were specified, via a governmental amendment "following the work with the associations" , added Mr. Denormandie whereas the latter discriminatory denounce "social absurdity" that would represent such a measure, qualified as "discriminatory"

The defender of rights, Jacques Toubon, said that this provision "calls into question universal accessibility": "We will have to debate, because it is totally contrary to law. "

"The introduction of this quota of housing is discriminatory and in contradiction with the right of people to freely choose their place of life according to Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities, yet ratified by France in 2010, " says the Committee for the Right to Work of the Disabled and Equal Rights (CDTHED).

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The Netherlands has taken a decisive step! A Dutch citizen has been granted by the Limburg District Court the right not to have to register as a man or a woman on his birth certificate. "The time has come for the recognition of a third genre," said the judges.

The Dutch applicant, born intersexed, asked the court to place a third entry on the birth certificates insofar as like all intersexed persons, the latter was born with a visible sexual ambiguity.

In its judgment, the court found that because of "current social and legal developments, the time has come for the recognition of a third genre".

"To allow registration under a third kind (X, for example), an amendment of the law is necessary. The ball is now in the legislator's court. The court rules in favor of changing the sex of the person on the birth certificate under the heading "sex could not be determined". "

Another country, too, is asking the registration of a "third sex" on the birth registers . This is Germany, which since 2013 has not been able to provide information on the gender field. But the highest German court demanded, Wednesday, November 8, the opening of the registration of a sex other than the masculine and the feminine in the birth registers. To the deputies summoned by the Constitutional Court of Karlsruhe to vote a law in this sense before "the end of 2018" . This decision will have to be included in a federal law for the legalization of a "third sex" on the birth registers.

A law on the "third sex" that could emulate in other countries.

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Let's choose the gifts for the most beautiful mom.

There are moms fashion cook intellectual intellectual sportswoman stressed.

Here are some ideas:

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A Malongo $130 coffee machine is trendy right now.

The Cookeo is fun too it saves time, go to a brunch, a juice extractor 900W Nutribullet.

For the intellectual mother a reader a surrender to a magazine. For the sporty mom a gym club membership a yoga mat.

For the gardener a pretty bouquet of flowers, what is fashionable is to make a kitchen garden at Carrefour a soup inside ready to grow in miniature $80.

For fashions sunglasses, a Zarra garment, Swarovski jewelry, a bracelet written Maman gold story $60, a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag or Gucci.

Happy Mother's Day.

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A year after the decried APB, the Parcoursup system will deliver Tuesday at 6 pm responses to the wishes of future graduates But a good part of them should be on the waiting list.

This Tuesday at 18:00 Parcoursup will deliver the answers to the wishes of orientation in the higher education of 810,000 future graduates. One year after the APB trauma and the scandalous draw, a new system was put in place.

The selection process has not been easy for the academics themselves, so many candidates will still be on the waiting list.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, a guest of RTL on Tuesday morning, "more than half of the students will have a positive answer tonight" of the 810,000 future graduates and students in reorientation

"Good students with excellent records will be accepted in most of the courses they have requested"

And the others?

The answers will arrive.

In the selective channels, these will be "yes", "no" or "pending". For the non-selective sectors, it will be "yes", "yes pending" or "yes if", "yes if waiting" if the university considers that the candidate does not have the required knowledge and skills, it is accepted provided he undertakes to follow a path of accompaniment.

The places will be released progressively in Parcoursup where the candidates will validate their choice (one week), and Parcoursup will subsequently prevent those who are on the waiting list.

Starting June 26, students will have only three days left to validate the proposal issued by the system. From August 21st, it will be a day.

Polemic assured for graduates who will have no answer just before passing their baccalaureate!

It is not the elements of language that have been given to the rectorates that will appease future graduates and students in reorientation. And to close everything from June 26, the complementary procedure will also allow those who have no place to reformulate vows in universities where there are still places!

To believe that the massification of higher education for 80% of an age group at the bac level was a mirage corresponding neither to the desires of young people or the job market!

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An airliner with 104 passengers aboard crashed shortly after takeoff on Friday afternoon at Jose Marti airport in Havana, Cuba. State agency Prensa Latina reported an "accident " near the international airport .

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said only three women, admitted in serious condition at Calixto Garcia Hospital in Havana, had survived the disaster.

"For the moment the prognosis is suspended and their condition remains serious, with a vital danger," Dr Carlos Martinez, director of the Calixto Garcia Hospital , told state television on Friday.

"The news is not encouraging, it seems that there is a high number of victims," ​​said Diaz-Canel. "The bodies are being identified. The Ministry of Transport has set up a commission to investigate the facts. (...) We will launch all relevant investigations and we will communicate the information to the population as soon as we get them, " said the new Cuban president, who succeeded Raul Castro.

According to the state daily Granma, three passengers survived the accident and were hospitalized in "critical condition". Miguel Diaz-Canel mentioned the presence on board of nine "foreign" crew members, without further details.

Airport sources said the aircraft crashed after taking off shortly after its first turn.

Boeing 737-201 was leased by the Cuban national carrier Cubana de Aviacion to the Mexican company Global Aerolineas Damojh, Air Transport Director Mercedes Vazquez said. Made in 1979 according to the Mexican government, it had passed its last revision in November 2017.

The plane crashed into a sweet potato field near the airport, about 200m from populated areas.

A cordon of police officers was put in place about 100 meters from the carcass that the firefighters continued to water more than two hours after the accident.

Raoul Castro, who had just undergone a hernia at the age of 86, gave instructions and sent "his condolences to the families of the victims of the disaster".

A national mourning was decreed for Saturday and Sunday by the authorities.

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GBL had become a public health problem, and hospitals had had to adapt to the phenomenon.

After several years of surveillance, the health authorities finally banned the sale to the public of this solvent, often diverted into drugs. This industrial solvent, used for its euphoric effects, invites itself more and more in the evenings of the capital, and charms young consumers. A black series fell on Parisian nights, especially among 17-25 year olds.

In the most severe cases, these drugs can cause deep coma or respiratory failure, which can lead to death.

It is very quickly metabolized in GHB or GHB with a double effect: first euphoric and then anesthetic. It was used in medicine as a general anesthetic before being used in the 1980s by athletes as anabolic.

Between GBL and GHB, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, we note the same effects once ingested in the body: euphoria until deep sleep, relaxation, dizziness memory loss, inhibitions or more serious, loss of consciousness. These two substances act very quickly after absorption: 10 to 20 minutes are enough to observe the first effects. These effects increase when alcohol and / or other drugs are associated.

Often associated with sexual assault, the GBL "the drug of the rapist" has been the target of several prevention campaigns.

But this is not the case of GHB, very easily accessible and inexpensive ...

It is commonly and legally found in many industries and therefore available from commercial suppliers. This is a very effective product for cleaning car rims or paints (especially tags). . On the Internet itself, the availability of GBL-containing products is likely to make it easily accessible to drug traffickers and drug addicts, at prices well below those of illicit products: the average price of a 1-gram dose of GBL purchased in Canada. wholesale online oscillates between 0.09 and 2 euros

GBL becomes banned for sale to the public

In order to circumvent the legislation, the dealers therefore resorted to the GHB, which is not yet controlled.

Surveillance at the national level had thus been put in place by the health authorities, in particular by the French Agency for Sanitary Safety of Health Products. Afssaps issued a warning in September 2009. At the same time, staff at nightclubs and bars are urged to encourage their customers not to consume them and to pay attention to their glasses. Some even propose glasses with lid, in order to avoid adding GBL or GHB .:

Finally, the health authorities have banned the sale of GHB to the public, but is this measure sufficient?

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld





The text contested by the entire opposition does not set an age of sexual consent at 15 as a time.

If it was voted it is thanks to the support of LREM MPs.

After five hours of heated debate, it was voted by 81 votes (mainly LREM) against 68.

The original article, amended following a negative opinion of the Council of State in March, provided that the rape would be constituted when a minor under 15 years of age would be sexually penetrated and that the author "knew or could not ignore the age of the victim .

The Council of State opposed this threshold of consent, below which the rape would have been presumed without it being necessary to prove the violence, the constraint, the surprise or the threat.

"This article is firm" and "better protects children," assured the Secretary of State for Equality between women and men, joined late in the evening by Christophe Castaner on the government bench.

The opposition denounces since Monday a decline of the government face this topic of sensitive society. In fact, instead of setting an age of sexual consent at 15, the article provides for the introduction of special protection for minors under the age of 15 in the definition of rape.

These are the notions of coercion and surprise, constituting a rape, which can "be characterized by the abuse of vulnerability of the victim who does not have the necessary discernment to consent to these acts".

Rape is no longer a crime in all cases but a crime of " pervasive " sexual assault, in cases where rape, a crime punishable by 20 years' imprisonment, could not be constituted, in the absence of any characterization. violence, coercion, threat or surprise.

"Fragmentary answer" which "does not pose a clear prohibition" for the LR , called for an article that "satisfies neither the associations nor the judicial world" for the Socialists, "maintain a halo of ambiguity" for the Communists and sending a bad "signal to society" .

The arguments of anti-article 2 are numerous.

Anti-Article 2 warns of the risk of "correctionalization" of rape of minors. A victim who could attack his attacker at the forced court could indeed prefer to attack him on the correctional ground, via the new offense of sexual assault on a minor of 15 years with penetration but without violence, constraint, surprise or threat . Why ?

A choice of the victim solely motivated by the shorter judicial time in correctional than in front of the assize courts. Do not forget that the reform also had the function of relieving the courts of assizes!

According to its opponents, Article 2 confirms traumatic situations for victims.

If the judges refuse the qualification of "rape" for lack of being able to prove the violence, the constraint, the threat or the surprise the victim will be forced to count on the new definition of the offense of sexual offense. In other words, if the victim can not prove the existence of one of these four elements, she can not prove her lack of consent.

"It is like saying to the victim that she has, in a way," participated "in what happened to her, criticizes Dr. Muriel Salmona, but the denials of reality [by justice] are extremely traumatic for the victims. rape victims. "

Article 2 is therefore less protective today than in its original version ...

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld


A new house of horror has been discovered in California (USA).

Ten children, the youngest only four months old and the eldest twelve years old, were found alive in the midst of feces and garbage.

By the beginning of the year, 13 children, the Turpin family, had been found stranded and starving in Riverside County.

The police have fallen on this new "house of horror" by bringing home the eldest son of the family, whose mother had reported the disappearance,

"Horrible living conditions. "

The California police said in a statement, relayed by several American media, to have discovered, at the end of March, ten living children

"In a black misery and in conditions of insecurity".

The investigations revealed "serious physical and mental abuse on children".

The children had many injuries:

stings, burns, bruises and marks from air gun shots.

At a press conference, a local police official confirmed that there were scenes of torture in the house, "for sadistic purposes" .

Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen are charged with physically and psychologically torturing and abusing their 10 children, aged 4 months to 12 years, at their home in Fairfield, California, United States.

Jonhatan Allen's bail was set at $ 5.2 million.

The alleged executioner pleaded not guilty. The children were entrusted to Ina Rogers' sister and mother.

The suspects deny the facts they are accused of.


I do not even understand what we're talking about.

People must see that I love my children and that my husband loves his children. Yes, he has a lot of tattoos and he's scary, so it's very easy to think he's a monster.

But that's not the case, " Ina Rogers told an American channel.

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The Canard enchaîné publishes a note from the Ministry of the Interior pointing to several flaws in contracts with private companies to control the speed of motorists. According to the edition of May 16, the fact of entrusting to private companies driving cars equipped with embedded radars could simply be illegal!

This is at least what reveals an internal note of the Ministry of the Interior of March 30, 2017 that the satirical weekly was able to consult.

The head of the interministerial delegation for road safety (DISR), Emmanuel Barbe had announced in February 2017 that the police vehicles banalized with radars onboard and in circulation would be driven by private providers to replace the police. In 2020, the system should be generalized in France.

Clever indeed but certainly illegal !!!

In support, the newspaper puts forward a note dated March 30, 2017, issued by the General Secretariat of the Directorate of Civil Liberties and Legal Affairs, to the attention of the delegate for road safety and traffic.

This note states in black and white that " the outsourcing of this task should be provided for by law, which must expressly provide for the possibility for private operators to carry out these operations. ". However, no law today provides for this case. However, experiments had started in Normandy on September 1st 2017 to be implemented in 2 departments already.

Other reservation: By using equipment "made available by the State" , private companies could see contracts with the State be requalified "in loan of illicit labor within the meaning of Article L8241-1 of the Labor Code ". Using law enforcement equipment is therefore highly objectionable

Finally, the third reservation made in this note of the DLPAJ: the "impossibility of verifying the morality of the agents implementing these missions". But as explained Le Canard chained to be certain of the "morality" of the private agents recruited for these missions it is necessary to obtain the communication of an extract of criminal record, and it would thus be necessary that the contract be qualified as "market of security".

Revelations that should not fail to interest the association 40 Million motorists who has already filed an appeal before the Council of State in March ..

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An attempt to rape a candidate on a candidate would have pushed TF1's reality TV production to suspend shooting at the end of the fifth day of adventure.

Filming began in the Fiji Islands in the Pacific, but it was abruptly halted following a "serious incident that broke out between two candidates on the night of the 4th to the 5th day of filming.

No injuries, but the event prevents the continuation of filming in serene conditions , " said Friday a statement on the Twitter account Friday, May 11 Adventure Line Productions, the game show production company.

Both candidates took a flight back to France on Friday 11 May. The French justice is competent even if the facts happened abroad details the lawyer franceinfo.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the boss of Adventure Line, did not comment but would have made an emergency early this week in Fiji.

This program presented by Denis Brogniart, Koh-Lanta is one of the flagship programs of TF1 with nearly 5 million viewers.

In 2013, the death of a candidate, followed by the suicide of the doctor of the production, had already raised a controversy on the conditions of filming.

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David Goodall, a 104-year-old Australian scientist, died Thursday at 12:30 in Basel, the Exit International Foundation announced.

He came to Switzerland to receive an assisted suicide that his country refused him.

"At 12:30 today (May 10), Professor David Goodall, 104, died peacefully in Basel, Switzerland, of a Nembutal injection" (barbiturate), tweeted Dr. Philip Nitschke, founder of the Exit International Foundation, which helped him to organize his last trip ".

He came to Switzerland to benefit from assisted suicide that his country refused him while he

did not suffer from any terminal illness, but felt that his quality of life had deteriorated and that it was time to leave.

After a failed suicide attempt earlier this year, Goodall had asked the Australian authorities for assisted suicide, which had been denied.

"I would have preferred to finish in Australia and I really regret that Australia is late on Switzerland" in the right to die, he explained to journalists Wednesday in a hotel in Basel.

This honorary associate researcher at Edith Cowan University in Perth wanted his body to be donated to medicine .

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On 9 May, the Strasbourg public prosecutor announced the opening of a preliminary inquiry.

"I opened a preliminary investigation of the head of non-assistance to person in danger and entrusted the execution to the services of the Regional Directorate of Judicial Police (DRPJ) Grand Est," said Wednesday the prosecutor of the Republic Yolande Renzi, in a statement.

Two other investigations were carried out, one, administrative, by the Hospitals of Strasbourg (HUS) and the other, at the request of the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, entrusted to the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas ).

The operator was suspended by "as a precautionary measure"

The 22-year-old mother died last December after calling the UAS. But the operator had not taken into account his complaints even mocking. On 29 December 2017, young Strasbourg girl Naomi Musenga, mother of an 18-month-old girl, is alone in her home when she is suffering from severe stomach pains and dials an emergency number. First transferred to the call center of firefighters and then to that of Samu, she only gets advice from the operator of Samu to call SOS Doctors. "You will die, certainly a day like everyone else", he responds the operator who sends her back to SOS Doctors, delaying the outbreak of relief.

Only after several hours, the young mother manages to join the medical emergencies and, a call this time the intervention of Samu is triggered. When she was taken to the hospital, however, she suffered a heart attack and was transferred to intensive care but died at 5.30 pm.

Naomi Musenga died in the hospital a few hours later.

Agnès Buzyn said she was "deeply indignant" . "Besides the medical malfunction, the tone is extremely shocking. I therefore asked for an investigation by the Interministerial Inspectorate General of the Social Sector (IGAS). I asked for the conclusions very quickly, " she said.

Investigators from the PJ of the East will have to determine the level of responsibility of each.

Could this death have been avoided?

Health Minister Agnès Buzyn can not answer this question, but she pointed to the issue of the regulation of calls. "When I arrived at the ministry, I asked to work on the regulation of emergencies, I asked a report to a deputy ... All this will be the subject of an analysis so that a possible modification or reform, I do not know yet whether it requires reform, should take place in the coming months , "she says. "A regulator of Samu must systematically put the call to a doctor that has not been done," she adds, which is a serious malfunction.

Agnès Buzyn, however, wants to reassure the French about the operation of Samu.

"I want to reassure the French people that if there is a serious problem, the Samu treats around 25 million calls a year with almost 800,000 outings to go to the bedside, fortunately, the vast majority is very large. quality, " she said.

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Depression is the most common psychiatric illness affecting more than 2 million people each year in France.

Nearly a third of them do not find therapeutic strategies for adequate treatment, and run the risk of serious complications, which risk relapses and severe complications.

A glimmer of hope for them.

The study published in the journal Nature Medicine on Monday focused on those patients who, according to FondaMental, needed "new therapeutic strategies" . It comes from the results of a collaboration between several teams * of the Fondation FondaMental network, published Monday, May 7 in the scientific journal Nature Medicine.

Some depressions are resistant to drugs because of a deleterious protein identified by a team of French and Canadian researchers.

" This study identifies the Elk-1 protein as a prognostic marker for depressions resistant to conventional treatments," the FondaMental Foundation said in a statement.

Researchers have identified the Elk-1 protein, which plays an important role in modifying emotions and behavior. Changes in blood levels are related to the severity of the disease and the response to treatment. This "makes it possible to define Elk-1 as a blood biomarker easy to follow over time," said in a statement Dr. Raoul Belzeaux (AP-HM, Institute of Neuroscience of the Timone). "This protein could be a good indicator of the prognosis of depression and help the therapeutic decision such as the change of treatment anticipated to avoid therapeutic failure. "

The protein in question, ELK-1, may not be involved in all resistant forms of depression, but the results are conclusive: the over-representation of the protein was found in mice with depressive symptoms and in man, on the analysis of post-mortem brain tissue, explained FondaMental. " It seems that during the depressive phases, this protein is present in excess," said psychiatrist Raoul Belzeaux

A simple blood test would measure the intensity of the depression and follow its progress.

"This is a very important issue, because it is difficult to predict the evolution of a major depressive episode, it is difficult to know if a patient is at risk of relapse or recurrence," says the doctor Belzaux

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A succession of powerful storms has killed nearly 150 people in India this week, authorities said Friday in a new report, with several regions remaining on alert.

A sandstorm of rare intensity claimed the lives of 121 people in the north of the country, mainly in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Trees uprooted, sections of collapsed houses, electric pylons destroyed by strong winds blowing over 130km / h in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

In a previous meteorological episode, lightning had caused the death of 14 other people in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh the previous day, which had been struck by lightning nearly 41,000 times, officials said. rescue.

to violent storms. Most of the deaths were caused by collapsed roofs or falling trees or walls.

"Saddened by lives. Condolences to bereaved families, " Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.

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The Kilauea volcano has lava lava in a residential area of ​​the Big Island, Hawaii. Hawaiian authorities have declared a state of emergency as the spectacular eruption of Kilauea volcano caused flushing lava flows into residential areas on Thursday. Thousands of Hawaii residents had to flee.

The governor, David Ige, has declared a state of emergency, so he can mobilize all services and emergency funds from the state related to natural disasters.

"Vapors and lava escaped through a crack in the area of ​​Mohala Street " , wrote the local civil defense on his Facebook account, a local official stating that about 10 000 people live in the area concerned by evacuations. Seven hundred and seventy buildings and 1,700 people are under mandatory evacuation, said Governor's spokesman Cindy McMillan

The American Geological and Seismological Agency, USGS, warned, on its volcano site, that "new lava flows could occur without it being possible to predict" where they would occur. USGS officials in charge of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory monitor the importance of the eruption at 16:45 local time (14:45 GMT) with terrestrial and aerial means. open to accommodate the evacuees but the governor asked the National Guard for help in the relief operations. "Prepare now for your family to be safe," warned the governor to residents at risk of evacuation.

At 10:30 am a magnitude 5 earthquake south of the Puu Oo volcano triggered rock falls and a potential rupture in the crater of the volcano, according to USGS. Numerous aftershocks, south of Puu Oo's volcano Kilauea eruptive mouth, triggered rock falls and a potential rupture in the crater of the volcano, according to USGS.

Authorities said the eruption could contain "potentially lethal concentrations of sulfur dioxide."

New cracks in the soil were reported late in the afternoon. " The areas at the bottom of the erupting (volcano) slope are likely to be flooded with lava, particularly the general area of ​​the Leilani Estate Subdivision"

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The tiger mosquito is back in France at the same time as the first heat. The insect is already present in 42 departments under surveillance.

The General Directorate of Health calls the inhabitants to vigilance towards this insect vector of several diseases, such as chikungunya, dengue or zika, while the insect is now present in 42 departments of the metropolis

This figure "has doubled in the last two years," said Friday in a statement the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

The ability of the tiger mosquito to transmit chikungunya, dengue fever or zika "makes it a priority surveillance target during its activity in mainland France from May 1st to November 30th," adds the DGS

Signs of dengue are easy to recognize: joint pain, muscle, headache, rash with or without fever, conjunctivitis.

If a person presents these signs within seven days of returning home, they must "consult a doctor and continue to protect themselves against mosquito bites, including using mosquito nets where possible".

Simple actions to prevent their proliferation.

The goal: " do not transmit the disease in metropolitan France, if the tiger mosquito is present in the department." The DGS recalls that 11 indigenous cases of dengue were reported in the Hérault in 2014, 7 indigenous cases of dengue in the Gard in 2015 and 17 indigenous cases of chikungunya in the Var in 2017.

To avoid the proliferation of the tiger mosquito, "it is very important to remove stagnant water" because they allow its reproduction.

The DGS recommends removing the saucers from the flower pots or filling them with sand, changing the water of the vases several times a week, or putting out of the rain any object that can be filled with water. An online portal ( www.signalement-moustique.fr ) is used to report tiger mosquitoes..

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Some 8,000 people were present this Saturday afternoon on the former military base of the Otan de Marigny (Marne), for the 2018 edition of Teknival, an unauthorized techno music festival + said the prefecture of the department .

"This is an undeclared event that has not been prepared with the services of the state, particularly in terms of security, so it is an illegal demonstration , " said the prefect of the Marne, Denis Conus.

The participants began to arrive Friday evening around 22:30 and the prefect took two ban orders in stride.

One of the decrees prohibits the movement of heavy goods vehicles "carrying sound material for a festive gathering of unauthorized music" and the other temporarily prohibits "musical gatherings" in the department of Marne .

That on the premises of a former military base Oran Marigny in the Marne to participate in a rave party on the site with ecological value classified "Natura 2000".

"This is an undeclared event that has not been prepared with the services of the state, particularly in terms of security, so it is an illegal demonstration , " said the prefect of the Marne, Denis Conus.

"For us, on an event like this, there are three issues: an issue of safety, public safety and road safety," said the prefect of the Marne. 60 firefighters, 250 gendarmes, doctors and nurses from Samu and civil protection associations were mobilized. "Six people were evacuated to a hospital after suffering from drug abuse and minor injuries," added the prefect. A little trick for women: varnish at least one of your nails and dip it in your glass before drinking it: if your nail palit is that a drug has been put without your knowledge in your glass!

The Teknival celebrates this year its 25 years and takes place each edition in a different place, kept secret until the last hours. In 2017, the Teknival was held in Pernay, near Tours. Teknival celebrates 25 years

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The conviction is very inferior to the prosecution's submissions: twenty-two years and ten months' imprisonment for each of the guilty parties were requested.

Five men calling themselves "The Pack" on WhatsApp were sentenced to nine years in prison on Thursday, April 26 in Spain, for "sexual abuse" and "abuse of weakness" on an 18-year-old woman at the San Fermin celebrations. Pamplona, ​​in July 2016.

A decision of the court of Pamplona that could only provoked the anger of women's rights associations, the charge of rape was not required by justice.

For the prosecutor "the intimidation, very serious, had prevented the resistance or the flight". the young woman, who had never met her attackers seven minutes before, she added .

In addition, one of the defendants was a member of the Civil Guard while another had belonged to the army.

One of the central pieces of the trial, which took place in November 2017 in Pamplona, ​​was a ninety-six second video of their actions, broadcast with the message "kissing one to five" .

But it was a decision of the judge who had hit the country.

The latter had accepted as an exhibit a photo of the young woman extracted from alleged social networks in a store, next to a T-shirt featuring the slogan of a successful television program:

"Whatever you do, take off your pants. " provided by a private investigator.

What right to delve into a victim's private life to justify a crime?

All the more so since the court refused to put on the record the messages of the Andalusian suspects exchanged between them two weeks before their trip to Pamplona:

they were planning to take burundanga, a sedative drug for rape.

After the statement of the judgment, demonstrators went to the doors of the court shouting "it is not sexual abuse, it is rape."

The intention was clear, it seems. At the time of the Weinstein affair, would Spain render a patriarchal justice, as the protesters denounce?

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More than 35 million checks were carried out last year, a stable figure compared to 2016. Since 2012, the number of identified frauds has been multiplied by three.

Fraud cases to social benefits increased by 5% in 2017 compared to 2016, for an amount of 291 million euros, or 0.4% of the 70 billion euros of benefits paid by the Cafs. 45,100 cases of benefit fraud in 2017, according to figures released Thursday.

Benefits are paid to 12.5 million beneficiaries, according to figures presented by Vincent Mazauric, Director General of the National Family Allowances Fund (Cnaf).

1.2 billion euros would have been "regularized" in 2017 or 72% of amounts reimbursed by recipients who had received too much, either because of fraud (the 291 million), or because of inadvertent errors (511 millions of euros).

On the other hand, the remaining 28% (€ 316 million) is money paid by the CAF for benefits to which the beneficiaries were entitled, but which they had not received.

35 million checks carried out

Exchanges of data with Pôle Emploi or the tax authorities, by request for supporting documents or at the recipients' homes have allowed these checks.

The frauds remain those of the social minimums (RSA, premium of activity, 72%), housing aids (20%) and family benefits (8%).

The use of "data mining" makes it possible to target the controls according to a standard profile, established from the data concerning already identified fraudsters. This method will also be used to identify profiles of beneficiaries who may benefit from services they have not requested.

The Cnaf will maintain its controls at a high level.

In the framework of the next agreement of objectives and management (Cog) with the State for 2018-2022, " the family branch will see (indeed) its workforce decrease" , and Vincent Mazauric intends "to maintain a priority on the 'action and control staff' , that it 'will not hesitate to increase'.

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A US soldier received the first ever penis and scrotum transplant in the world.

The operation of this man, injured in an explosion in Afghanistan, lasted 14 hours.

A US soldier has received the world's first penis and scrotum transplant, said doctors at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, on Monday, April 23, in a statement.

The man was seriously injured several years ago in an explosion in Afghanistan. No less than nine cosmetic surgeons and two urologist surgeons for such an operation for 14 hours on March 26.

Four penis transplants had already been successfully completed in the history of medicine, but it is an innovation for the penis / scrotum duo.

"It's really an amazing injury, not easy to accept," he said in a brief statement. "When I woke up, I finally felt more normal," said the soldier, on condition of anonymity.

" We are optimistic that he will find almost normal sexual and urinary functions , " Wei-Ping told Andrew Lee, professor and director of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The testicular transplant did not take place for ethical reasons.

The operation was indeed the source of ethical questioning by doctors who transplanted a sexual organ taken from a deceased donor.

The man had also lost his testicles, but the scientists did not graft him new ones.

" The testicles were not grafted because we made the decision, upstream of the program, not to graft germinal tissue, that is to say not to transplant tissue that produces sperm because that would raise a problem. number of ethical issues , " said Johns-Hopkins University plastic surgeon Damon Cooney.

Because "the capacity of the beneficiary of the transplant to have children would result in the transmission of the genetic material of the donor (...) to the children of the transplanted person ," he explained.

"We are hopeful that this transplant will help restore almost normal sexual and urinary function in this young man," said WP Andrew Lee, professor and director of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Medical School. .

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An Algerian national, married to a French citizen since 2010, who had invoked her " religious convictions" , at a naturalization ceremony in June 2016, will not benefit from French nationality. Indeed the Council of State validated the rejection of the naturalization of an Algerian who had refused to shake hands with a secretary general of the prefecture of Isère, as well as that of an elected representative of a commune of this Department, at its reception ceremony in the French nationality, according to a decision dated April 11, and made public Thursday, April 19.

Informed of this behavior, the State services had, by decree, ordered the cancellation of the naturalization. According to them, this behavior "prevented that it could be regarded as assimilated to the French community" .

But this young woman did not stay there, considering as an "excess of power" the decree of the Prime Minister of April 2017 refusing naturalization. She therefore appealed to the Council of State. "In considering that such behavior, in a place and at a symbolic moment, revealed a lack of assimilation, the Prime Minister did not make an incorrect application of the provisions of Article 21-4 of the Civil Code" , decided the highest French court.

The sages felt that the government was completely in its right, and recalled that the Civil Code provides that "the government can oppose (...) for indignity or lack of assimilation other than linguistic acquisition French nationality by the foreign spouse within two years "

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Their mini-bus carrying disabled children (9 places each) crashed on the A25 at Flêtre (near Bailleul) this Wednesday morning around 10:30.

A light vehicle is also involved.

According to firefighters, there are 18 wounded, including 3 serious ones.

They were transported in absolute urgency to the CHR of Lille and the hospital of Armentières.

Lighter wounded were cared for on site.

The cause of this accident is unknown for the moment.

"50 firefighters and 10 emergency vehicles are on site and the SMUR helicopter landed on the highway. "

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The popular district of Mirail de Toulouse was once again the scene of incidents on the night of Monday 16th to Tuesday 17th April. Cars burned, throwing stones, clashes with police, car and garbage fires, throwing projectiles ... Eighteen people were arrested, young people mainly after the first violence on Sunday.

"The police were taken to party throughout the night and made 18 arrests for acts of violence, destruction of property by fire and contempt," said Tuesday morning in a statement the prefect Pascal Mailhos.

The Mirail district in Toulouse has been hit by a new night of clashes from Monday to Tuesday. According to the SGP police-FO unit union, the districts of Bellefontaine and Bagatelle, which are part of the urban ensemble of Mirail, were

"The theater of scenes of urban violence", with "ambush and firing of vehicles, garbage containers, and hearty coagings on the speakers".

Located southwest of Toulouse, the popular district of Mirail is once again in the heart of urban violence that last two days now. The incidents affect the Reynerie and Bellefontaine, but also the Faourette and Bagatelle on the other side of the ring, all classified as a priority security zone (ZSP) .out begins on the evening of Sunday, April 15. A police station is also targeted just like police vehicles. Monday, April 16th, rebelote. New incidents erupt, always in the same place, and always in the evening.

According to the police, mortar fire is being fired from the street apartments. The police replicate with grenades and tear gas bombs. A barricade in flames long barrel Street Paul Gauguin. "

In a statement, the prefect of Haute-Garonne condemns "with the greatest firmness these acts of violence that lead to the destruction of private property and endanger human lives."

According to Commissioner Arnaud Bavois, tension in the neighborhood rose in the afternoon after the control of a veiled woman refusing to submit to police checks.

The violence may also have been triggered by a rumor that guards at the Seysses prison, south of Toulouse, were the cause of the death on Saturday of an inmate from the neighborhood who committed suicide by hanging.

An important device had been put in place by the police, with the support of a CRS company and the gendarmerie helicopter.

In a statement, the union unit SGP-FO asked him, "the strongest firm against the perpetrators of these unacceptable actions and salutes the determination and control of the workforce engaged in this configuration of policing, also atypical than dangerous. " Republican law must apply throughout the country!

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"The operation answers a question that was of the order of research: can we remake a facial transplant? Yes, we can retransplant, and that's what we get, " said Pr Lantieri.

Jérôme Hamon, 43, has already undergone two facial grafts being the only one in the world in this case.

A medical feat. From the hospital in Paris where he is still hospitalized, the Breton three months after a second facial transplant, unveiled his new face during a meeting with the media.

A question of identity

"I feel very good," says Jerome Hamon, three months after his operation on January 15 and 16, during a meeting with media last week. It was the night he had a second facial graft because of neurofibromatosis type 1 (von Recklinghausen's disease), a genetic disease that deformed his face. "The first transplant, I accepted the graft right away. I thought it was a new face and now it's the same, " says Jérôme Hamon today. "If I had not accepted this new face, it would have been a tragedy. Indeed, it is a question of identity. [...] But here it's good, it's me. ".

He appeared with a face still smooth and motionless having not yet married the features of his skull. To do this he has a heavy immunosuppressive treatment preventing a new rejection. "I can not wait to get rid of all this," he adds, still hospitalized and tired by the heavy treatment he has to undergo. He expresses himself with difficulty.

An unprecedented surgical feat

A world first had already been made on this patient at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil, near Paris by the same team.

This second unprecedented feat belongs to the team of Pr. Laurent Lantieri, to the Georges Pompidou European Hospital, to the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP). This plastic surgeon had already made, on the same patient, a first total facial transplant, in 2010 at Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil, near Paris but a banal cold treated with antibiotics degraded his first transplanted face while the Graft had been a success as he had told in a book Have you seen the gentleman? published in April 2015.

Here he is again hospitalized in summer 2017 and his grafted face, with areas of necrosis, is removed. He remains two months "without face" in intensive care in Pompidou, the time that the Agency of biomedicine reports a compatible donor. The patient is then waiting for a new donor.

"The whole resuscitation team was blown away by Jérôme's courage, his will, his strength of character in a tragic situation. Because he is waiting, and never complains. He was even rather in a good mood, " Bernard Cholley, an anesthetist-resuscitator, told the press.

The donor a 22 year old man

The face donor will be a young man of 22, who died several hundred kilometers from Paris. All logistics will take place on January 14th. We must first take this face in the day of Monday by transporting it as quickly as possible, by road, to Georges-Pompidou.

The National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) has agreed to use a revolutionary technique to preserve the graft: in addition to being immersed in a classical solute, it has benefited from the properties of marine worm hemoglobin for retain oxygen.

Put a new graft face

Jérôme Hamon entered the operating room on Monday, January 15th, at midday. "Around noon, the team performed the preparation at the recipient level: prepare the vessels, prepare the nerves, so that we can then do this transplant," says Professor Lantieri.

Then comes the moment to delicately pose a mask by connecting it to all that makes the complex anatomy of the head. The graft took. The patient will come out of the block on Tuesday at the end of the morning, after a non-standard operation.

Some 40 facial grafting operations have been performed since the first, that of the French Isabelle Dinoire in 2005.

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A famous American lawyer, a fervent advocate for gay rights, set himself on fire in a New York park:

the goal was to protest against the pollution, according to a farewell letter sent to the media before his death.

According to the New York Times, which quotes the police, David Buckel committed suicide by fire in Brooklyn Prospect Park on Saturday morning and was pronounced dead at 6:30 am, after sending an email to several US media outlets.

"Pollution is ravaging our planet and spreading instability through the air, the soil, the water and the weather," wrote Buckel in this text published by the New York daily.

"Most humans on the planet now breathe unsanitary air with fossil fuels and many, therefore, will die prematurely - my premature death with a fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to us- same, "he denounces.

60-year-old David Buckel fought for gay rights in the United States in high-profile cases of discrimination.

As part of the LGBT Lambda Legal Civil Rights Organization, it has allowed the legalization of gay marriage, now legally recognized in all states of the country.

"The news of David's death is breaking our hearts.

This is a terrible loss for the Lambda Legal family, but also for the entire movement for social justice, " said one of the organization's directors, Camilla Taylor, in a statement.

Fascinated by the defense of the environment after leaving Lambda Legal he left a letter explaining his irremediable action. "To have honorable goals in life invites to have honorable goals in death," wrote Mr. Buckel in his farewell letter.

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The magazine 60 millions consumers tackles the agri-food industry by denouncing "poisoning foods", and by teaching the consumer to decipher, brand by brand, sugars, salts, fats, additives, nitrites and hidden pesticides. Mis en cause: processed products.

This concept, defined in 2009 by the nutrition department of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, covers foods "whose particularity is to be made with very few raw materials (fruits, milk, meat ..) and many additives or reconstituted ingredients in order to lure the consumer's taste and to obtain an easy-to-use product . '

Chocolate powder that contains more sugar than cocoa with additives banned in yogurt, the off-series 60 million consumers ( edited by the National Institute of the consumer, a public institution dependent on the ministry in charge of the consumption) therefore scrutinizes more than 100 consumer products to denounce in a special issue published this Thursday « foods that poison ": sugars, salts, fats, additives, nitrites and hidden pesticides" 80% of the salt absorbed by the French comes from processed foods. 70% of the sugars are added and hidden "indicates the review.

The accused number one: the sugar often hidden

In a bottle of Heinz ketchup 700 g, there are eight tomatoes and 22 pieces of sugar. That is, for 20 g of sauce, as much sugar as in two small butter brand Lu.

The chocolate powders of breakfast are also singled out as Nesquik and Super Poulain. Real "sugar bombs" , according to the authors of this special issue. Nesquik contains 76% sugar and Super Colt 86%!

Prohibited additives

Fruit yogurts from the big brands incorporate a number of banned additives: "nine additives in Carrefour yoghurt with creamy recipe fruit, seven in Strawberry Taillefine, and 12 in Yoplait Nature's basket on fruit", according to the authors of review

"The fruit mixture is basically a Trojan horse to get around the law," says the magazine, saying that consumers are simply deceived

A list of 50 products "to proscribe" is quoted, ranging from E102 to E951. A tip for vegetables and fresh vegetables that should be favored: peel and brush zucchini, eggplant and cucumbers, because "a passage under the water is not enough"

A list that has angered the Ania (Food Industries Association) that additives "were first introduced for the preservation of food."

Warning on red meat

In the meat department, the magazine details the "pernicious mechanism" of "too much iron" in red meat, which favors the development of cancers, especially breast cancer for women.

In summary, the recommendations given by the journal are identical to those of the National Agency for Food Safety: do not consume more than 500 g of red meat a week, or 70 g per day, and less for women after 50 years.

Ania, which has been implicated and represents 17,000 French companies in the agri-food sector, has of course regretted the publication of such a clean file according to her to "only fuel the fears".

Is happiness still on the plate as Paul Bocuse thought?

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Death penalty: The number of executions in the world continues to fall, according to Amnesty International. The number of abolitionist countries amounts to 142 out of 195 countries in the law or de facto, 106 having totally repealed it. Mongolia has become abolitionist.

Guatemala has become abolitionist for crimes of law only

Guinea has become the 20th country in sub-Saharan Africa to abolish the death penalty. The Gambia has also signed an international treaty obliging it not to carry out executions and to progress towards the abolition of the death penalty.

Kenya has removed the mandatory use of this punishment for murder.

Burkina Faso and Chad have taken legislative steps in the direction of abolition, lists AI's global report.

" Perceived developments in sub-Saharan Africa reinforce the hope for a definitive end to cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments," said Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

A total of 993 executions were recorded in 23 countries in 2017, a decrease of 4% compared to 2016.

These statistics, however, do not take into account China, the country with the most capital punishment. It is impossible to obtain accurate accounting, as this data is classified as a State secret.

With the exception of China, four countries alone account for 84% of reported executions worldwide: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan. But we continue to execute for narcotics offenses in the Middle East, North Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Singapore has carried out eight executions in 2017. In the Middle East, 27% of these killings are related to drug cases.

Amnesty notes, however, a decrease of 31 per cent in Pakistan and 11 per cent in Iran. Among the improvements, Egypt stands out with a decline of 20%. On the other hand, countries such as Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Kuwait are once again applying executions in 2017.

In contrast, Amnesty International recorded no executions in five countries that had implemented the death penalty in 2016: Botswana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan and Taiwan.

In Europe, Belarus is the last nation to apply the death penalty despite a slight downward trend. At least two executions took place in this country in 2017 while six people await their executions.

The United States was the only country in the Americas to execute prisoners with a slight increase in the number of death sentences: 41 executions in 2017, compared to 32 in 2016. Texas remains at the top of the states in which we execute the most (7), followed by Arkansas, Alabama and Florida.

The resumption of executions in Arkansas is noted in the report as " a new level of disregard for life" in that on February 27, 2017, this state had planned eight executions over a period of ten days spread over the following April.

Reason then invoked by the governor of the southern state of the country, the Republican Asa Hutchinson, the expiry in late April of a controversial substance used in lethal injections, midazolam. This accelerated program has been the target of judicial appeal and international mobilization of opponents of the death penalty.

Four were finally executed, the justice stopped three convictions and the governor finally granted his leniency to the eighth convict.

A statement that goes in the right direction

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They did not know what it was, the fact that the sky could fall on our heads; but since Tuesday, April 10, 2018, like our ancestors the Gauls, some inhabitants of Loiret now know it!

It was 15H08 very precisely, yesterday, when firefighters Loiret were called urgently. An explosion had just occurred in the building of the Faurecia Company based rue de Varenne in Nogent sur Vernisson.

Large means were immediately mobilized: more than twenty machines and a large forty men.

Nobody knew, a priori, exactly what had happened in this factory specialized in the manufacture of car seats, but the soldiers of the fire had obligation to respect the procedure foreseen for an industrial establishment confronted with a damage, of type explosion.

It was only on the spot that firefighters and rescuers who came running understood what had happened, when they spotted a large hole of about 1 m2 in the roof of the building and the remains of what had happened. to prove to be an inert warhead, fallen from a fighter jet that trained in the sky of Gâtinais. The employees were evacuated for the first time, and then for a second time confined to a canteen.

An employee of the workshop indicated that part of the machine was embedded in a robot, the rest stuck to the ground.

Two employees of the company Faurecia were seriously injured, probably by the fall of a wardrobe?

But the residents of the Faurecia site, who worked in a farming company whose hold is separated from the equipment manufacturer's land by a railroad, also had a great fright! They saw two fighter planes arrive and it was after the passage of the second plane that they heard a big "boom" , then saw a flash followed by a release of smoke.

Two of the market gardeners immediately worried about exactly what was going on and if the cooperative's nitrogen and gas facilities had been affected?

According to the communication officer of the Ministry of Defense (SIRPA-Air), the object that broke away from a fighter plane and fell, is "a carrying bag" set under the wing of the plane before takeoff.

This object has all the visual characteristics of a bomb, but which is not a real one, because it is an inert object that measures 80 cm long and weighs 16 kg. The warhead is plastic and only the tip is metal (something seriously hurt!).

The two fighter jets spotted were from Mirage 2000D who flew on patrol and came from the Nancy base.

The two mirages 2000D that sailed at low altitude, at a speed of 600 to 800 km / h participated in a maneuver between Nancy / Camp Suippes and Nogent on Vernisson. They had to make simulated firing passes, not dropping anything above Nogent on Vernisson. The dropping was to take place on an approved range, that of Suippes en Champagne.

These 2000D mirages are currently engaged in the Sahel against terrorism.

According to the Air Force representative, this is an extremely rare event that has never happened in the last 3 years.

When the two military planes landed, they were immediately seized by Justice. Several investigations were opened: one by the military prosecutor's office of Paris, another by the gendarmerie because there were wounded and a third by the BEA (Bureau Investigation Accidents).

On landing both aircraft were screened, after which it was established that the safety devices had been complied with (no human failure). The investigation would therefore turn towards a technical problem.

The two pilots very shaken by this accident asked to know, from their landing, in which state of health were the wounded.

We did not expect better from these knights of the sky, seasoned, thoughtful and generous, responding to a demanding code of honor.

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An Algerian army plane crashed Wednesday on an "uninhabited farmland" shortly after taking off from a base south of Algiers, killing 257 people, the worst air disaster in Algeria.

The victims are the ten crew members and 247 passengers, "most of whom are National People's Army personnel as well as members of their families," the ministry said, without mentioning any survivors.

The aircraft insured a flight Boufarik-Tindouf-Bechar. Tindouf, 1,800 km from Algiers, near the borders of Morocco and Western Sahara.

Security sources, quoted by the daily Ennahar, indicate that 26 members of the Polisario were on board.

No hypothesis has been advanced to explain the accident.

The device is an Iliouchine IL-76, a civilian or military quadrireactor of Soviet and then Russian manufacture.

According to the manufacturer's website, the IL-76 can carry between 126 and 225 passengers, depending on the version.

There remains a charred and blackened wreckage of the aircraft in a field some 100 meters from the base's surrounding walls.

The Algerian Deputy Minister of Defense, also Chief of Staff of the National People's Army, the General

Ahmed Gaïd Salah, went to the scene of the accident and ordered the establishment of "immediate commission of inquiry to determine the circumstances of the accident."

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Bigard's Socopa company had to recall 500 kilograms of minced meat with traces of the bacteria "Escherichia coli". The lots sold in the south and east of France whose expiry date is March 28th to 31st are concerned.

A check revealed the presence of Escherichia coli bacteria in a lot marketed in the south and east of France as well as in Corsica.

The positive control took place within the framework of the surveillance plan of the General Directorate of Health. feeding on E. coli pathogens that depends on the Ministry of Agriculture.

The meat in question was removed from the stores but may have been purchased and frozen. "No patient or case of food poisoning related to the batch concerned was brought to the attention of the company and health authorities," said the company in a statement, stressing simply act "in accordance with the principle precautionary".

Socopa asks customers who own the products concerned either to throw them away or bring them back to the store. The brands concerned are Auchan, Boucherie Saint Clément and Socopa "Le délice du butcher" , sold in Auchan, Leclerc, Simply, Atac, Leader Price and Aldi stores.

Escherichia coli O26: H11 bacteria can cause gastrointestinal disturbances when the meat is not sufficiently cooked.

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Cardiologist Antoine Leenhardt will work with 50 survivors of this condition. In 5% of cases, the causes are unknown.

The sudden death of adults kills no less than 50,000 people a year and researchers rack their brains to find a cure. Antoine Leenhardt, cardiologist, launches an unprecedented initiative in France: a study, entitled "What if your heart stops beating? Funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation , conducted over two years and with the help of fifty patients who survived a sudden death case.

Is there a cure for sudden death of adults? This is the hope of the researchers.

It is a discovery made a few months ago at the hospital of Salpêtrière, in Paris which is at the origin of this study. The team discovered that the abnormality of a protein located in the heart muscle could explain these cases of sudden death in adults. "It had never been found before," says Professor Antoine Leenhardt.

Antoine Leenhardt and the other researchers will therefore try to see if these 50 survivors have this gene.

To support this hypothesis, the researchers want to introduce this famous mutated protein into the genome of rats to see if they then suffer from cardiac arrhythmia.

It should be known that only 5% of the people concerned survive this cardiac arrest, which kills as much as the cancers of the breast, lung and colon combined, says Le Parisien.

Currently, "to escape, you need a doctor in the street, a defibrillator in the subway, incredible luck, a rescue in less than three minutes," says Professor Antoine Leenhardt.

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I gave her life for me. He killed himself for me to live, "Julie V., a cashier at the Super U in Trèbes, told her relatives.

This 40-year-old woman is the hostage replaced by Arnaud Beltrame during the Aude attack on 23 March. Julie's face to face with the terrorist who used it as a human shield lasted more than an hour.

Radouane Lakdim pointed a pistol at his neck for nearly an hour after releasing the other hostages remaining alone with the terrorist until Arnaud Beltrame made the decision to take the place of her to release her. The heroic act of the lieutenant-colonel will cost him his life.

Upset, the forty-year-old did not visit the funeral of Hervé Sosna and Christian Medvès, two other victims of the Trèbes attacks. That same evening, she had met with Elisabeth Pelsez, the interministerial delegate in charge of victim assistance.

She went with her husband to the national tribute given in the courtyard of Invalides (Paris) in honor of Arnaud Beltrame on March 28.

Between the trauma of this hostage-taking and the guilt of having survived thanks to the sacrifice of the policeman, the young woman has significant psychological consequences. Since then, she does not want to see anyone living in seclusion since her home, more traumatized.

She would be the object of an important psychological follow-up.

"For the moment, she remains very affected and does not want to see anyone," said Marc Dormières, the mayor of the small audoise town of Puichéric, where the young woman lives, to our colleagues in the JDD.

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Although prostitution is not prohibited in France, brothels have been prohibited since 1946.

And yet Xdolls in a hidden apartment in the heart of the XIVth arrondissement opened in Paris on February 1 not employing real women, but dolls hyper realistic silicone.

Sex dolls bought several thousand euros each to satisfy the fantasies of visitors who pay 89 euros per hour by making an appointment by internal 

Subdued lighting, music, three rooms with closed curtains with in each a creature made of silicone, naked, made in China of 1.45 meters.

A doll worth several thousand euros.

As wall decor, a screen with porn videos "for stimulation".

At the back, a room where the dolls are cleaned ...

An apartment of 70 sqm open to men for paid sexual services on life size silicone dolls is it a brothel?

The Communist Group-Left Front notes with anger that "Xdolls has been declared in the commercial register as a gaming house as if it were a room with foosball or pinball machines. "

The elected representatives of the Communist Group - Left Front at the Paris Council have just submitted a wish to the Council (which starts on Tuesday) calling for the ban on this brothel of giant sex toys. For them, "Xdolls conveys a degrading image of the woman" , and the establishment can be described as "place of prostitution with a landlord who can be likened to a pimp" .

Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the Communist Party, has invited himself into the controversy and announced that he will table a written question in the Senate denouncing further that some of these "sex robots" can "make think of children" .

An innovation in the sex trade that is controversial.

On the Web, Internet users have regretted this "prudery" , and this "moralisation to excess".

Lorraine Questiaux, lawyer and spokeswoman for the "Nest" in Paris recalls "that in France, every year, there are 86,000 women raped . " For her, "Xdolls is not a sex shop. It's a place that generates money and where you rape a woman . " The powerful association will also "challenge the prefect" .

Joaquim Lousquy, the founder and manager of the place, at the height of his 29 years does not intend to be counted.

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A large global study has addressed the issue of penile cancer and male behavior. In Copenhagen at the 33rd Congress of the European Association of Urology, Italian, Spanish, American, Brazilian and Hungarian researchers reveal that one out of four patients refuses to receive an adapted treatment whereas this intervention is the only one able to double his chances of being cured of penile cancer.

Even though penile cancer is a very rare disease, every year about one in every 100,000 men gets the disease in the West. It affects more and more men, especially older men.

Ad hoc treatment consists of partial or complete amputation of the penis. "Partially or completely removing the penis is often the most effective way to cure cancer, but for many men this cure seems worse than the disease," says the American Cancer Society.

"No longer have a male attribute and heal" , or "keep your penis but stay sick" . Cornelian choice for these men according to this study but heavy consequence since twice as many patients survived the disease when they had a partial or total amputation of the penis.

Because of its rarity, penile cancer is a disease that is not well understood not only by patients, but also by health professionals. Thus, when patients do not refuse a treatment, it is their doctor who does not offer them a lack of knowledge of the subject. A situation encouraging patients to go to specialized centers. The survey, however, includes a note of hope indicating that the countries studied want to be more and more informed about this cancer and provide a gradually better adapted response.

In the United Kingdom alone, ten specialized centers offer treatment for penile cancer cases.

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The controversy swells around the return of Bertrand Cantat on stage.

Bertrand Cantat announced Monday night that he renounced to perform in summer festivals "to end all polemics" and "put an end to pressure on the organizers." He maintains all the dates of his own tour started March 1 in La Rochelle. His last performances are scheduled at the Olympia, in Paris, on May 29th and 30th. .

He played at the box office Monday night, at Rockstore Montpellier but could not avoid the boos of protesters gathered in protest in front of the room before the concert and waving signs "Cantat assassin".

For several weeks, the singer has been the target of growing protests, especially from feminists.

More than 75,000 people have signed an online petition to request the cancellation of his visit in May at the Papillons de nuit festival in the English Channel. " By highlighting Bertrand Cantat, you trivialize the violence against women and you endorse them", we read in the text that accompanies the petition.

Bertrand Cantat who in 2003 killed his companion then, Marie Trintignant. served his prison term and was released in 2007.

The former singer of Black Desire denounces the "censorship" of which he is the object, certain concerts having been deprogrammed by directors of rooms.

He claims the right to reintegration, "in the same way as any citizen," he writes on Facebook, thanking the public of Rockstore Montpellier where he has performed.

In fact the Cantat case raises a simple question: once his sentence is served, does a criminal have the right to reintegrate into society ? In justice, yes. He paid his debt to society. But according to the people's court no.

That the family of Marie Trintignant can not forget the drama we understand. That the singer is not welcomed with open arms by those for whom he has become the symbol of violence against women, it is also understood.

But the singer who has been convicted for his crime and has served his sentence, is he not entitled, like any other person, to resume his life in society and to practice his profession ... without absolving him?

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld



In Ivory Coast, the ritual murder of a four-year-old child has aroused the indignation and anger of the population. The word hash #JesuisBouba has invaded social networks for a few days to denounce this barbaric act in the networks social.

Even the first lady of the country, Dominique Ouattara, went there from her message. "I have a hard time understanding how such an act can be perpetrated," she wondered.

Bouba by his real name Traoré Aboubacar Sidick was reported missing in the center of Abidjan on the weekend of 24 and 25 February 2018. His body was found a few days later, partly buried, members bound, throat slit , near the CHU Cocody, east of Abidjan, following the confession of his murderer.

This four-year-old child was murdered in squalid conditions. The murderer, a 27-year-old jeweler, and a close friend of Bouba's family spoke to police officers about "ritual crime" .

The reason for this barbarism: the hope of being rich by sacrificing a human being. He therefore followed, according to him, the instructions of a marabout to the letter so that the ritual is effective.

The father of the young victim Bouba spoke. "I have to talk so that never again will a child die like that." Bouba was choked, a 4-year-old boy was suffocated before being slaughtered and gutted , " he said. the father of the child whose words were told by TV5 Monde.

What is happening in Ivory Coast? According to the police, these acts of ritual sacrifice had not been reported to them for years. But in recent weeks, several cases of missing children have been reported. "Since the beginning of the year 2018, it is by the dozens that notices of disappearance of children in Côte d'Ivoire are disseminated on digital social networks and in the written press" , warns Mamadou Doumbia, president of RAMEDE-CI, an association for the defense of children's rights. More than forty children have disappeared since the beginning of the year in Abidjan itself.

Saturday, March 3, 2018, hundreds of anonymous walked in front of the Cocody Hospital in memory of the child with the slogan of "Never again! " One of the initiators of the march expressed himself, hoping that this would be "the last case of child crime in the country".

"We do not have the right to let these crimes against children flourish. It must stop. Through this event, it is a moral support that we bring to the family of Bouba " added a march organizer, Nicole Mireille.

Several members of the government, such as the Minister of Family, have called for the greatest "vigilance" for children's property.

The first lady Dominique Ouattara, engaged in the fight for the rights of the children, also "condemned this practice relating to the kidnappings of children, for any reason whatsoever

The little Bouba has become the symbol of all the children missing in an unexplained way and killed on the advice of marabouts.

The wizard who had advised to make a sacrifice is still on the run.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld


Like every month, the march is punctuated with changes. Here is the overview of the measures that come into effect Thursday that will affect your wallet.

1 ° Increase in the price of tobacco

New blow for smokers. This Thursday, the price of the pack of cigarettes will increase by 1 euro on average, to settle around 8 euros whereas it had already significantly increase previously date. In detail: an increase of 1 euro on average of the price of the pack of cigarettes and 2 euros for rolling tobacco. Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn hopes the measure will bring "awareness" to smokers. The government's goal is to reduce tobacco consumption. Further increases are planned in the future to reach 10 euros per pack of cigarettes by November 2020.

2 ° Decrease in regulated gas tariffs

After a sharp rise in January, the regulated natural gas tariffs applied by Engie to several million customers in France fell by 3% on average. This decrease is 1% for those who use gas for cooking, 1.8% for those who have dual use cooking and hot water and 3% for homes that heat gas.

Regulated tariffs have been suspended since the Conseil d'Etat, seized by competing suppliers of Engie, ruled in July that their maintenance was contrary to European law.

3 ° The Crit'air sticker

Mandatory in some large cities to indicate the level of pollution of vehicles, the sticker will increase from € 3.70 to € 3.11. A price to which must however add the amount of the routing by postal way "the total cost thus returns to 3,62 euros instead of 4,18 euros" , can one read on certificat-air.gouv.fr. To obtain the sticker, motorists can go to the website certificat-air.gouv. It is enough to bring the certificate of registration of his vehicle. The sticker will be sent to the address appearing on the car registration card. A motorist may face a fine of 68 euros. An amount raised to 135 euros for cars and trucks ...

4 ° Arrival of the energy check

This device replaces social tariffs for the most modest households, to help them pay their energy bills.

About 4 million households will be eligible for this check, ranging from € 48 to € 227 depending on the level of income and the composition of the household. It will be used to pay directly to the energy supplier all kinds of expenses (gas, electricity, fuel oil, wood ...). It can also be used to finance energy efficiency works. For the homes concerned, there will be no particular approach to perform to receive it since the energy check will be sent automatically by post.

5 ° Increase in the price of transport in Lyon

The Sytral group - Syndicat mixte des transports for the Rhône and the Lyon conurbation - has decided to review its pricing policy this year. Starting on Thursday, a single metro ticket will now cost 1.90 euros, compared to 1.80 euros in 2017. The price of the Pass Partout is increasing by 40 cents to 63.60 euros.

6 ° Regulation in Bordeaux for owners renting via Airbnb

After Paris, Bordeaux is putting in place a very strict regulation of housing rentals via platforms like Airbnb. From Thursday, in Bordeaux, the inhabitants of this city wishing to rent a room or all their main residence via these platforms will now have to register in town hall. There, a number will be created to make it possible to verify that the owners do not rent more than 120 days a year. If exceeded, they will be liable to a fine and may switch in the tax applied to professionals.

7 ° Change to summer time

The European Parliament adopted in early February, a resolution to end the change of time for all countries of the European Union. At the European Commission now to convince the 28 Member States to endorse this abolition, knowing that if this is the case, the time system of the European Union will be fixed on the zone UTC / GMT +1, in other words, on the hour of winter ...

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F rançois Molins, prosecutor of the Republic of Paris, salutes in Le Parisien the liberation of the words of women victims of sexual assault. "If this lead screed finally gives way, that's fine," he said.

Harassment complaints in the aftermath of the Weinstein affair and social media whistle-blowing campaigns such as #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc have increased significantly. "We have seen a 20 to 30% increase in cases of harassment and sexual assault in the fall, with a peak in October, 154 complaints in this month alone , " said the prosecutor of Paris. " But this effect is falling back to the previous situation, between 80 and 120 complaints a month. As for the rapes, the figures have remained stable with around 700 complaints a year, "he explains.

Warning against the danger of the "media court"

But faced with this strong increase, he can not help but warn against excesses and rumors. The campaign of denunciation on social networks can not indeed replace justice. The prosecutor recalls the existence of the presumption of innocence applying to all. While the right to information exists but there can be no "media court". "It should not be rumor worth condemnation. There is an absolute right to information, but there can be no media court, "he insists.

For François Molins justice has done its job well in two recent cases that have unleashed the chronicle, those of Tariq Ramadan and Gerald Darmanin.

Better care for rape victims

Measures have been taken to better assist those wishing to lodge a complaint. "A rape victim who now goes to the hospital before filing a complaint will immediately be examined and at the new court [which will open in Paris in April], a device will allow those whose condition requires it to immediate care on a psychological or social level ", explains François Molins. And he invites women victims of aggression to "report it without delay" to facilitate the work of the investigators.

Age of sexual consent at age 13

François Molins also wants to set 13 as the minimum age of consent to a sexual act

"This would be consistent with the 1945 Ordinance on the protection of minors: 13 years is the age from which one is accessible to criminal sanctions. That would be the threshold of discernment, so to speak, " says Molins. This bill follows the controversy created by the case of a 28-year-old man prosecuted for "sexual assault" and not for rape, his 11-year-old victim being considered to be consenting.

An information report from the National Assembly presented Thursday proposes that any sexual act committed by a major on a minor under 13 years be considered "an aggravated sexual assault and, in case of penetration, rape."

Alyson Braxton for DayNewsWorld