Years have passed, Instagram, with its 500 million daily active users, has emerged and, in the face, Snapchat has been a little forgotten. But the service of Evan Spiegel tries these days to recover a health. Its Android application has been completely revised

The application is now a platform will offer its users a catalog of video games, social and multiplayer. That's what was announced on April 4 in Los Angeles. Video games

A video game named Bitmoji Party multiplayer

What is it? Up to 32 people, represented by their avatars used in Snapchat, can challenge themselves in a series of short tests while chatting, thanks to the cat or voice. The goal ? Recreate the atmosphere of a game played in real life around a home console.

Snapchat, the app to the 186 million daily active users, sees this video game as a natural extension of their messaging: a sharing experience, just like the exchange of messages or photos. Bitmojis will appear on Fitbit and Venmo.

Ten new Snaps Originals

If the company also revealed the name of ten new "Snap Originals" - these video series shot in vertical format - many ads were more specifically aimed at Snapchat's partners. Thus, new tools have also been promised to facilitate the creation, by external contributors, of "lenses", these animations in augmented reality which made the popularity of Snapchat.

Snap now allows you to create more sophisticated effects, to animate some famous buildings (the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace ...)

Snap thus puts at the disposal of the developers the fruit of its research in augmented reality to be able to propose contents always richer.

Partnerships with Netflix and Tinder.

The stories of Snapchat land on third-party applications. And among the partners, we count Tinder, dating service. Here is what we read in the press release. Snap will now extend its presence, and thus its visibility, beyond its application, by offering for example sharing buttons within sites like Netflix, but also by exporting Snapchat content to partners. Users of Tinder and Snapchat will be able to send a Snap to "My Tinder Story" (a new option) from Snapchat to make it appear directly on Snapchat so that it will appear directly on their Tinder profile.

The other partner apps for now are Houseparty and Adventure Help and this list is set to grow. The integrations will be "finalized by the end of 2019".

A hybrid whole?

"What you need to understand is that Snap is more than just an app, it's a platform that creates value on many levels: content, communication, augmented reality, video games. It is this mix that leads to a revolutionary product. Says Jared Grusd, the company's strategy manager.

Let's bet he succeeds his bet !

Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld