Is science promising us eternal youth?

Not quite, let's face it, but the discovery of researchers from the University of Exeter (UK) can only give us hope to better deal with age-related pathologies.

Thanks to hydrogen sulphide, British researchers have managed to stop the process of cellular aging ...

Scientists have indeed shown the benefits of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the laboratory. This gaseous molecule would have a beneficial effect on cells, whose functioning is altered with age, according to scientists in the study published last July in the journal Aging.

Hydrogen sulfide is a gaseous molecule naturally present in the body, which has a protective role against aging and senescence of cells. He is known to smell rotten eggs.

Hydrogen sulfide to invigorate the cells.

Hydrogen sulfide helps the body fight against aging and senescence of cells:

these become unable with age to divide and thus function properly. They release around them pro-inflammatory cytokines, which induces the senescence of their neighbors.

However, with age, the level of H2S in the blood decreases.

By slowing down the accumulation of senescent cells, specialists hope in the long term to fight against cell-specific diseases. And especially in heart and vascular tissues ..

For the reintroduction and the restoration of a good cellular genetic control, it is therefore necessary to use hydrogen sulphide in a limited dose and even within the mitochondria, the genetic factories of the cells. This is what British researchers have been able to do.

Genetics could slow aging, even reverse aging!

Larry Ricky for DayNewsWorld