A week ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, the first collapsible smartphone in its history. Samsung does not expect the average user to spend $ 2,000 to buy a foldable smartphone.

The Galaxy Fold will only be available in limited stock to be marketed as a luxury product

With a premium technical sheet similar to that of the Galaxy S10 and two screens, including the foldable screen that allows you to use the device as a tablet, this highly anticipated model costs nearly $ 2,000.

"We will have less available stock compared to the Galaxy S10 at launch, and also how [the Galaxy Fold] will be on the market is very important to us," said Kate Beaumont, director of products, services and Samsung's business strategy in the UK.

"It's a super premium device, and we want to make sure that there will be a service and experience similar to that of a concierge, and therefore, this one will not be exposed in all the shops" in an interview at The Verge at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

There will also be a particularly efficient after-sales service for the Galaxy Fold.

In early April, Samsung will organize a new press event where more details will be delivered on the Galaxy Fold.

Will follow the marketing in particular conditions.

A commercialization of his foldable smartphone is eagerly awaited !.

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld