Once we finished our business we had a discussion about the pillow. I asked him why he did not tell me anything about my boss's story. And there he went to make us an herbal tea to begin a tirade.

Philippe: I did not tell you that I was your boss because I was afraid that you feel obliged to me.

Me: Forced to make sofa promotion!

Him: But no, Mia. But I was sure of your skills and in addition a news in the world of work we could train you as you wanted more you have a potential of intelligence so with all these criteria it was the trifecta.

Me: You talk about who we are not alone

Him: Actually, I know your ex-boss since I was five, it was my dad's best friend.

Me: It's weird because I do not have the impression that you know Serpent à Lunettes well.

He: You're right. His mother could not stand my own story of woman's jealousy. Mine being a model.

Me: That's why you're a pretty kid.

Him: And so Mia if you interrupt me all the time I will not finish my story.

Me: Yes, okay.

Him: Mia I just told you what.

Me: Ok ok ...

Him: So my dad was meeting your ex-boss at the golf restaurant and I've always heard him say that Jacques was a business killer. Where did the CEO of my club retire, I asked him if he did not have someone to advise me he gave me your name right away and he told me that you just had need to be a bit educated but he really thought you were going to become the number one working girl on the planet.

Me: How nice to have believed in me. To say that when I was working at home I thought of getting nails and ....

Him: It's funny how you call François-Michel. I too have a nickname.

Me: Just the neighbor.

He: In any case, he was right you are really strong in the business.

Me: Thank you, and in addition I sleep with my boss.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld