At this part of legs in the air I go home. I'm going to bed live I had too many emotions at once too many revelations. But tomorrow, after my wake-up, I'll have a discussion with Ex-Boss to ask him why he did not tell me the whole truth. Because it's true I must admit with this apartment I made a real family.

Yes we are all welded with Alicia my cousin who works of her charms and tells us her adventures laughing because all the men she frequents think to be unique and treat her as a princess. Then we will soon welcome a baby whose godmother I will be.
Yes, it's obvious here I'm more at my place than in my own family where I think I missed my life because I'm not married and I do not have four children like in the little house .

I fall asleep saying that my neighbor is a great shot in bed with a novelty is my new Boss. It's crazy I sleep with my boss but between us it's only sex yes that's it is my sextoy to me.

I know that Gloria and François-Michel are going to say that it's couch promotion but they can think what they want I do not care. In addition I am not Mrs. Irma ie voyante but here is the declared war between the two companies.

Because little reminder Ex-Boss is divorcing the mother of Serpent à Glasses he put himself with my best friend. Then François-Michel will have a little brother or a little sister I mean half since the child will not have the same mother of which I will be the godmother.

It's crazy this child will have a brother and a godmother who slept together at least twenty times it would not be more that I end up with François-Michel and I get pregnant my future baby then would have his uncle who would be my godson too Funny good we are not there and I must admit that François-Michel hurt me enough so that I think to finish a day with him.

More Gloria who when I received the prize made a head if she had not been able to shoot me that look I would not be there either. She wanted it so much this prize I admit that she is a hard worker and that she deserved it too but it is life.

In addition she has done so much study to get there that for her I imagine that it was the consecration of all those years she had spent studying while her friends were enjoying their youth. No for her it was certainly an injustice that this award be given to an ex small secretary who learned on the job self-taught.

But hey, personally I would have been proud of her because we had an adventure out of the ordinary it is she who released me the body initiated to the other world make love with another woman. And it is true that this experience was delicious because it only managed to make me enjoy caressing my body in such a sweet way to take care of my golden triangle in a way that nothing to talk about it am very excited.

In addition it is the only one with whom I wanted to make my life I have never confessed but today I know that with her I could have considered a family life laughing and to have children because I really loved him.

But I did not skip this step to not hurt my parents who are believers and for them it is not possible to marry between the same sex to the limit it is less taboo to get along with his cousin imagine! So in addition to found a family who have demonstrated against then there is a horror film that I would have served on a set!

I'm starting to tire the sandman will soon pass so I ended up sleeping with the three but never at the same time trying to plan four !!!

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld