Arrived at my parents' home we find our bearings.

That is to say Alicia is installed in the room of Katia, me and the beautiful Philippe in my room.

Because for my parents it's my lover when it's just my sex toy but go explain them that.

This is not the generation of corners-corners of hot oil or panties to hole even if before the boxes of swingers existed when to laugh guests address the subject my prude mom changes of conversation. You know if his daughter Mia hear this depraved conversation.

She would be mad to know the work of my little cousin Alicia. Because for the whole family Alicia is a very beautiful girl who could have been a model but who has too much brain for that. So she chose to become a leading divorce lawyer in New York. As my mother says, it must be good for her especially in this city, which for her is a city of immoderation in everything.

She never wanted to come to see me because the buildings are too big not enough green space, hideously noisy, people run all the time. It is a worthless waste city just to work making a lot of money, impersonal, polluted a maximum.

It is a place of overconsumption even in love relationships she even read that it is the City where are pronounced the greatest number of divorces per minute. So Alicia chose her job well.

When she talks to us afterwards with my cousin Alicia we are laughing saying that we hope with all our heart that my sister or any family couple does not divorce for not needing the very good services of Alicia. We usually cry together fingers crossed !!!!

I must admit for once that my mother is not entirely wrong. This is the problem of big cities I think it must be the same in London Paris Milan.

In short me from my work we never speak because it is not interesting enough the only subject of my dear mother is the big question MIA TU VAS TE MARIER WHEN.

Well we settle quietly in our so-called apartments and appointments for a half marathon no I'm kidding for a micro family dinner which is for me a rehearsal of tomorrow's family lunch where we will be thirty at table against ten tonight.

So the famous dinner is spent with laughter etc ... Philippe takes me by the hand etc .... which does not escape the eye of my mother. who before dessert can not help asking my dear neighbor chair: Then Philippe you expect what to ask our dear Mia in marriage, because know that we greatly appreciate me and my husband.

For us even if you are the boss you will make a beautiful son ideal. And then I get annoyed and I go out loud and shout "But it's not my boyfriend is my guy just to fuck a point that's all."

There malaise, table radio silence I dare not look at Philippe.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld