It is one of those historical sequences that hold the country spellbound.

Donald Trump arrived at an Atlanta prison on Thursday to surrender to authorities in the US state of Georgia, who charged him with attempting to manipulate the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump has joined the cohort of American celebrities who have been the subject of a legal cliché, or "mugshot", an image often transformed to their advantage by the accused.

Frowning eyebrows, determined gaze staring straight in the eye: the judicial cliché of Donald Trump has barely begun to circulate in the media that it is already etched in history.

By becoming the first former US president to be criminally charged, he was also the first to be photographed by judicial authorities in a prison in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is now "on file" like any defendant prosecuted, with his detailed physical characteristics: 1m90, 98 kg, Venetian blond hair, number P01135809.

It is mainly in the United States that we find many photos of arrests.

And for good reason, in the country, the "mugshots" are part of the public domain, the Constitution requiring that the judicial process be as open and transparent as possible.

For this reason, photos are not classified as private information.

More importantly, anyone who tries to prevent their dissemination could be subject to legal action.

From Justin Bieber to Bill Gates, via Al Capone or OJ Simpson, this image joins a gallery of historical photographs.

Al Capone
Arrested in 1931, Al Capone, who dominated organized crime in Chicago in the 1920s, was convicted of tax evasion. This photograph taken by the Chicago (Illinois) police captured the notorious American gangster, sentenced to eleven years in prison and incarcerated in Alcatraz.

Jane Fonda
American actress Jane Fonda was arrested at Cleveland, Ohio airport in 1970 for drug trafficking, a charge eventually dropped when tests revealed her suitcase contained only vitamins.

Taking the opportunity, she struck a defiant pose at the police station, fist raised, in support of her activism against the Vietnam War. To this day, Jane Fonda sells clothes and coffee mugs featuring her arrest photo on her website. "I certainly benefited from this arrest," the activist actress told the Los Angeles Times in 2018.

Bill Gates
Aged 22 at the time, the young Bill Gates was arrested in 1977 by the police of Albuquerque (New Mexico) for driving without a license. From this arrest, there remains a famous "mugshot" showing the future Microsoft magnate displaying a broad smile in front of the police lens.

OJ Simpson
One of the most significant court photos in history: In 1994, former American football player OJ Simpson was arrested by Los Angeles police, charged with the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.

A week later, the "mugshot" made the front page of Time magazine with the headline "An American Tragedy." This image still adorns a multitude of merchandise today, from simple t-shirts to electric guitars.

Hugh Grant
In 1995, comedian Hugh Grant was arrested for "sexual exhibition". Caught in Los Angeles with a prostitute in a car, the British actor was in a relationship with Liz Hurley at the time. Accused of sexual exhibition, he was photographed by the police in Los Angeles (California), his embarrassed expression making the rounds of the tabloids.

Justin Bieber
Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber was first arrested in Miami in 2014, driving a Lamborghini convertible, drunk and recklessly driving. A few days later, he was arrested again in Canada for assaulting a limousine driver.

Rudy Giuliani
Former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani voluntarily surrendered to jail in Georgia last Wednesday before being released on bail. Like Donald Trump, he faces alleged charges of unlawful attempts to reverse the result of the 2020 election won in Georgia by Democratic President Joe Biden. It's a dizzying fall for the former mayor of New York, nicknamed the "mayor of America" ​​after the September 11 attacks.

And this legal cliché which could pass for infamy for a former president of the United States is brandished as a standard by Donald Trump: he immediately posted the photo on his account X (ex-Twitter). With his forensic photo, Donald Trump turns his charges into a cash machine.

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This Wednesday August 16, 2023, the media TMZ revealed that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, who seemed to have been spinning the perfect love for more than six years, were taking different paths. According to our American colleagues, it was suspicions of infidelity, but also outbursts of anger and violence that would have led the couple to break up;

This Saturday August 19 on Instagram, the one who has recently reconnected with her children has also delivered with an open heart on this separation.

On Janet Jackson's song If, which describes the fantasies of a woman in love with a man who doesn't even know she exists, Britney Spears wanted to reassure her fans this Saturday August 19, 2023 after the announcement of her divorce with Sam Asghari.

“Actually, I’m doing pretty well!” she says.

"As everyone knows, Hesam [full first name of her future ex-husband, Editor's note] and I are no longer together... Six years is a long time to be with someone so I'm a little shocked but... I'm not here to explain why," she begins.

"But," she continues, "I honestly couldn't take the pain anymore!!!

I've been pretending like everything's fine for too long and my Instagram looks perfect, but that's far from reality and I think we all know that."

The day before, Sam Asghari also spoke on Instagram.

"After six years of commitment to each other, my wife and I have decided to end our affair together. We will keep the love and respect that we have for each other and I will wish the best forever“, he had written in story.

The rumor had notably swelled around a possible adultery of the star of the song as well as a tumultuous argument.

The couple, who met in 2016 on the set of the singer's Slumber Party clip, married in May 2022.

This union was the first for Sam Asghari, and the third for the 41-year-old singer.

This one was notably married less than three days in 2004 with a childhood friend, Jason Alexander, who had also tried to embed himself in his marriage with Sam Asghari. He was later convicted of felony trespass and assault.

Hollywood divorce lawyer Laura Wasser is expected to defend the Everytime singer in the case.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's divorce comes just a year after they lost their baby. A difficult ordeal which prevented them from having the child they so hoped for.

"It is with our greatest sadness that we have to announce that we have lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy. It is a devastating moment for any parent", had revealed the star in May 2022 on her Instagram account .

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Unlike Harrison Ford Indiana Jones hates snakes. Remember: in a cult scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the most famous archaeologist must face hundreds of reptiles and on this occasion, even the steadfast adventurer lets out this cry from the heart: "Why do I always have to dealing with snakes ?

Laments the adventurer […] I hate snakes. »

In a nod to the hero of a famous saga, scientists have just named a whole new species of snake after Harrison Ford.Harrison

Every day, the 'Harrison Ford' snake makes its life in Otishi National Park, Peru.

A new species discovered at an altitude of more than 3,000 m bears. Unknown to any experts on this species, the "Harrison Ford" snake was discovered in May 2022 during an expedition led by German-American biologist Edgar Lehr, in the mountain pastures of Otishi National Park at an altitude over 3200m.

The area where this snake was discovered is only accessible by helicopter. A male was spotted basking in a swamp in Otishi National Park last May. It stands out from its congeners by its singular camouflage, sporting yellow to ocher colors, with black spots which make it difficult to spot on the ground. According to the BBC, Tachymenoides harrisonfordi poses no danger to humans. It feeds mainly on frogs and lizards.

“Scientists keep naming bugs after me”

But why did scientists want to name this snake Harrison Ford ?

The actor, himself, claims to "not understand" this practice, he who has already given his name to a Calponia harrisonfordi spider and to a Pheidole harrisonfordi ant.

"Scientists keep naming bugs my name, but they're always the ones that scare kids," he tweeted.

Behind this little touch of humor, the hero of the "Indiana Jones" saga has agreed to give his name to this species, he who is very committed "to the protection of the environment", according to the German-American biologist Edgar Lehr.

The 81-year-old actor is known for his actions for the NGO Conservation International, of which he is vice-president.

The actor, himself, claims to "not understand" this practice, he who has already given his name to a Calponia harrisonfordi spider and to a Pheidole harrisonfordi ant. "Scientists keep naming bugs my name, but they're always the ones that scare kids," he tweeted.

Behind this little touch of humor, the hero of the "Indiana Jones" saga has agreed to give his name to this species, he who is very committed "to the protection of the environment", according to the German-American biologist Edgar Lehr.

The 81-year-old actor is known for his actions for the NGO Conservation International, of which he is vice-president.

The NGO Conservation International, of which the actor is a prominent member of the board of directors, chose to name the species in his honor to salute his efforts in favor of environmental protection, from tropical forests to the seabed.

It is therefore "in homage to his work" that his name was used according to the journal Salamandra which published the scientific study.

The actor took the opportunity to deliver, again, the ecological message that is dear to him: “Seriously, this discovery is a lesson in humility. It's a reminder that there's still so much to learn about our wild world - and that humans are just a small part of an incredibly vast biosphere.

On this planet, all fates are linked, and at this moment, thousands of species are on the verge of oblivion. We have an existential mandate to mend our broken relationship with nature and protect the places that sustain life.

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Celine Dion's state of health is still worrying. Celine Dion has also been forced to cancel all her concert dates until April 2024

The singer is suffering from an extremely rare “stiff man syndrome”, a distressing neurological disease. 

The latest news from the singer comes from her sister Claudette, who confided in the Journal de Montréal.

The rare pathology from which Celine Dion suffers does not benefit from effective treatment to date. However, she can console herself with the precious support of her other sister, the indefatigable Linda, who left her home to relocate with her and her three cherubs, the fruit of her union with the late René Angélil, who died in l 2016.

“Linda reveals to me that Céline is investing body and soul in this quest, consulting the most eminent specialists in this enigmatic disease”, confided Claudette Dion. I think she especially needs to rest. When she goes on stage, she always pushes the limits, she always tries to give the best of herself. At some point, your heart and your body sound the alarm. It is important to listen. »

The singer is also working hard to maintain her fitness, so she'll be ready when she starts performing again. No member of her family doubts that she will recover: “We trust her, it is innate in her. We can't find an effective treatment, but it's important to have hope. »

Celine Dion revealed her illness in December 2022 in a video posted on YouTube.

"I've had health problems for a long time and it's not easy for me to deal with them," confided the singer. Recently I was diagnosed with a very rare neurological disorder called stiff-person syndrome, which affects approximately one in a million people.

We don't know everything about this disease yet, but we now know that it is the cause of the muscle spasms I suffer from."

These painful spasms influence all aspects of Celine Dion's life, including her ability to sing. With this in mind, the diva is forced to cancel all her concerts in order to concentrate her efforts on her recovery.

Courage Celine we love you !

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Robert De Niro recently welcomed his seventh child. The news was revealed during an interview with ET Canada. The 79-year-old actor gave an interview to ET Canada on the occasion of the release of About My Father, a feature film by Laura Terruso. The film in which he plays Salvo, an Italian-American father, will be released in the United States very soon. The subject of paternity has rightly been broached. While the Canadian journalist was talking to her about her six children, Robert de Niro hastened to correct the information.

"Seven, actually. I just had a baby," he revealed.

But it was not until Thursday, May 11, 2023 that the Oscar-winning actor decided to lift the veil on this mysterious newborn, during an intervention on the CBS Morning program. Showing the first public photo of the newcomer, De Niro said it was a baby girl born on April 6 and named Gia Virginia (the first name is a tribute to her mother, who died in 2000). The show confirmed who the baby's mother is: martial arts expert Tiffany Chen, whom De Niro was often seen with after his long and tormented romance with ex-wife Grace Hightower ended.

Page Six and other outlets reported that his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who had shown a baby bump on private outings in recent weeks, recently gave birth. The couple have known each other since 2015 but would only be together since 2021, three years after the actor's divorce from Grace Hightower.

The child's mother would be Tiffany Cheng, Robert de Niro's supposed companion since 2021. A professional Tai-chi athlete, they met on the set of the film "The New Intern". The 45-year-old was then the martial arts teacher for the feature film team.

De Niro, who is 79, has had six more children with three women over the past 35 years. The eldest is Drena, 51, whom De Niro adopted when he married his mother, Diahnne Abbott, in 1976. De Niro also had Raphael, 46, with Diahnne Abbott. He had twins, Aaron and Julian, 27, with actress and model Toukie Smith, then two children with his second ex-wife, Grace Hightower: Elliot, 25, and Helen, 11.

Actor since the 1960s, the actor with two Oscars is expected at the next Cannes Film Festival to present the film "Killers of the Flower Moon" alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese.

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After a two-week civil trial, a jury of six men and three women found Donald Trump responsible for sexually assaulting and defaming former Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll.

The former president will have to pay $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages for the sexual assault and defamation.

E. Jean Carroll, 79, spoke in a written statement.

"I filed this lawsuit against Donald Trump to clear my name and get my life back. Today, the world finally knows the truth. This victory is not just for me, but for all women who have suffered because 'They weren't believed,' she claimed.

E. Jean Carroll said she was encouraged to break her long silence on the sexual assault by the Harvey Weinstein case and the #metoo movement. In a book published in 2019, E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of raping her in a fitting room at the Bergdorf Goodman store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan in 1996. The former president denied the accusation on Truth Social in 2022, calling the case a " total scam", "a 'hoax' and a 'lie'.

The jury rejected the allegation that Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll, that is, he had sex with her without her consent. But he concluded that the property developer had sexually assaulted the journalist.

'A disgrace,' says Trump

Donald Trump, he had made his reaction known immediately after the announcement of the verdict in a message published on Truth Social, his platform.

"I have absolutely no idea who this woman is," he wrote.

This verdict is a disgrace – a continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time

Later, on Fox News Digital, he added, “We will appeal. We were treated very badly by the judge appointed by [Bill] Clinton. "I have no idea who this woman is."

His lawyer, Joe Tacopina, has also promised to appeal the verdict.

“Strange verdict,” he told reporters.

"It was a rape complaint, it was a rape case all along, and the jury dismissed that complaint and made other findings. We will obviously appeal those other findings."

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Stromae stops his tour for health reasons. The Belgian singer of 38 years explains having to take time for him in order to go up the slope. If he hoped to get back on stage quickly, his remission time will be longer than he hoped.

For several weeks now, concerns have been hovering over his state of health.

Stromae resigns himself to putting an end to his tour. On social networks, the Belgian star announced on Tuesday that he needed "rest" and completely stopped his "Multitude Tour", already partially stopped and which was to last until December 2023.

"Stromae's state of health does not allow him to ensure his performance", indicated his tour producer, Auguri.

In a message posted on Instagram, he confides to his fans and his community: "I have to resign myself to the fact that my health unfortunately does not allow me to continue to come to meet you for the moment. I share this news with you with a lot of regret and deep sadness, but I have to listen to my limits".

Stromae admits not feeling well for a while now: "A few months ago, I felt a deterioration in my state of health which led me to give up a few first dates in France and then in Europe".

The 38-year-old singer claims to be surrounded by "[his] doctors, [his] family, [his] friends and [his] team". A precious entourage to support him in this umpteenth ordeal and help him through the difficulties he encounters.

The artist was back on stage in the summer of 2022 after a long period of absence caused by depression, accompanied by "suicidal thoughts" which he had sung in his title "Hell".

Before the total cancellation of his tour, Stromae had already announced the cancellation of 15 concerts until the end of May.

"I was hoping to be able to recover quickly to get back on the road and find you as soon as possible" lamented Stromae on his social networks. “Unfortunately, today I have to accept that this time of rest and remission will be longer than I imagined”.

Stromae confides that "this decision is difficult and necessary to be able to get better" and presents his "sincere apologies for these missed appointments that I was waiting for as much as you".

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WEEK OF MAY 1 TO 7, 2023

Prince William knelt before his king father in Westminster Abbey to swear allegiance to him.

But according to people magazines, this prince who had a past affair with Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, the King's Grand Chamberlain, would be "angry and resentful", and more serious, accused by his brother Harry of being "sold":

the latter said that William had made a secret agreement and withdrawn his complaint in exchange for a large sum of money in a lawsuit against British tabloids (Public).

And yet when we see him with his lovely Kate and her children...

A weekend with friends you say?....

Michelle and Barack Obama have invited their friends Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw to take a private jet to go and see a concert by Bruce Spingsteen… in Barcelona.

But according to the gossip press, "the pleasant Barcelona stroll has turned into madness worthy of the Rio carnival".

No possibility of escaping the crowds of tourists and fans at the Sagrada Familia as well as at Montserrat Abbey

Did you know that Juan Carlos would have a hidden girl.

This is what the Spanish journalist José Maria Olmo reveals in the book entitled "King Corp" which will be released on May 8, 2023 in Spain.

Alejandra, this is the first name of the young woman, would have been born at the end of the 70s, the beginning of the 80s.

She would be the fruit of one of his extramarital affairs with a woman "a great socialite" known in her youth, from the aristocracy and older than him.

The author of the book also claims that the existence of the young woman was known at the Zarzuela Palace...

Another love disappointment for Sophie Marceau who would have broken with the theater producer Richard Caillat, too invested in his work in Marseille.

It is in tears that Sophie would have asked her lover one last time during a Parisian dinner to commit, in vain.

And the favorite actress of the French would have separated from her agent Elisabeth Tanner.

But here she turns out to be a writer with the release of "Souterraine", a funny book, where childhood memories and tales mingle.

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As tradition dictates, the monarch wears, among other things, the crown of Saint Edward. This historic gem, which recently left the Tower of London for alterations, was created in 1661.

An exceptional crown.

St Edward's Crown, the centerpiece of the Crown Jewels worn by Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953, in turn capped her son Charles within days.

More than two kilos of silverware

Traditionally worn by British monarchs at the time of their coronation, this piece was created for King Charles II in 1661, to replace the medieval crown that had been cast down in 1649.

It is not an identical replica of the medieval model, but like the original, the crown of Saint Edward retains its symbolic elements.

Commissioned from the royal goldsmith, Robert Vyner, in 1661, it is designed in solid gold and set with 444 precious stones (ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, etc.), 30 centimeters high and no less than 2.23 kg.

Composed of its purple velvet, which gives it its recognizable hue, and of ermine at its base, it is made up of four pattée crosses, alternating with four fleur-de-lys.

On its upper part, two arches set with pearls support a cruciger orb, above which sits a final cross pattée, also richly decorated. In total, the crown is valued at more than 4 million euros.

An ever-powerful symbolic value

This is not the only crown that Charles III wears on the day of the ceremony, each symbolizing the monarch's authority over an element of his kingdom.

Thus, during the service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the 74-year-old monarch also wears the imperial ceremonial crown, a piece regularly worn by Elizabeth II, notably on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during her coronation.

A crown that had also sat on his coffin for two days. Moreover, two monarchs since 1661 have replaced the crown of Saint Edward for their coronation, judging it too heavy, Queen Victoria and Edward VII.

Even today, this purple crown is used as a symbol of royal authority in the Commonwealth realms.

Other jewels embodying the British monarchy

The dove scepter

This scepter, made up of a golden stick, adorned with a globe, a cross and a dove at its top, represents the spiritual and pastoral power of the sovereign. It has been used at every coronation since that of Charles II in 1661. 110 centimeters long, it weighs 1,150 grams.

The scepter at the cross

Also used since 1661, the scepter represents the temporal power of the sovereign. It weighs 1170 grams for 92 centimeters long. In 1911 the 530.2 carat Cullinan I diamond was added, so heavy that the scepter had to be reinforced to support its weight.

The royal orb

This 27.5 centimeter globe surmounted by a cross symbolizes the Christian world. It consists of a hollow gold sphere set with precious stones and pearls. A cross set with diamonds, with a sapphire in the center on one side and an emerald on the other, surmounts the globe. During the coronation ceremony, the orb is placed in the right hand of the monarch, before being placed on the altar.

The Dove Cane

Used for all queen consort coronations since 1685, this small ivory scepter surmounted by a dove will be held by Queen Camilla during the ceremony, despite calls not to use it in opposition to the ivory trade. Camilla will also be given a gold scepter surmounted by a cross.

the light bulb

This golden object in the shape of an eagle with outstretched wings contains the oil used during the anointing of the sovereign, considered the most sacred moment of the coronation. The Archbishop of Canterbury pours oil from the eagle's head into a spoon, before anointing the monarch. The figure of the eagle comes from a legend according to which the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint Thomas Becket, and gave him a golden eagle and a vial of oil intended for the anointing of future kings of England.


These gold spurs, symbolizing chivalry, have been used since the coronation of Richard the Lionheart in 1189. They are attached to the ankles of sovereigns, and in the case of queens simply placed on the altar.

The state dress

This large purple silk and velvet cape is embroidered with the monarch's monogram, ears of wheat and olive branches. Made especially for the coronation, it required 3,500 hours of work by twelve seamstresses from the Royal School of Couture.

King Edward's chair

Commissioned by King Edward I in 1300, this oak throne, over 2 meters high, has been at the center of royal coronations for over seven hundred years. It originally encapsulated the "Stone of Destiny", a block of sandstone symbolizing the Scottish monarchy and brought from Scotland as spoils of war by Edward I.

Briefly stolen by Scottish students during a daring undertaking in 1950, the stone was symbolically returned to Scotland in 1996, in the midst of the rise of independence sentiment. But it is agreed that she will return from Edinburgh Castle to Westminster for the coronations.

The Cross of Wales

Another symbol of the king's spiritual power, this silver cross contains fragments, according to the Vatican, of the cross on which Jesus was crucified, and offered by Pope Francis as a gift to mark the coronation of Charles. These fragments were fashioned into a small cross appearing behind a pink rock crystal. The Cross of Wales will be used at the head of the Coronation Procession, which will lead the newly crowned King from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.

“The coronation will reflect the role of the monarch today and look to the future, while being rooted in the long tradition and pomp of the monarchy,” according to a royal statement.

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The coronation of Charles III will take place with all the pomp that characterizes such an event, but with a little more austerity this time, according to the wishes of the new sovereign. It has been 70 years since such an event took place.

The Charles III coronation will take place this Saturday May 6 in London, 70 years after Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953. Unlike his late mother, who was crowned at the age of 26, King Charles III becomes monarch at age 74.

The celebrations will last three days, until Monday.

Schedules not to be missed

Hours are local.

11.20 King's Parade: The King and Queen proceed from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey for the Coronation.

12.00 Coronation service (estimated duration: 90 minutes). Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby leads the service at Westminster Abbey.

14.00 Coronation Procession: The King and Queen Consort return to Buckingham Palace with other members of the Royal Family.

15.00 Balcony appearance: The King and Queen Consort appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with other members of the Royal Family

The royal procession will go to Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is one of the most important religious sites in the country. The tradition began with William the Conqueror who was anointed king in 1066 in this location, Charles III would become the 40th monarch to be crowned in the abbey.

Some 7,000 troops will take part in the events, which had a major dress rehearsal last weekend. The country may not have seen a military operation of such magnitude for 70 years and everything must work to the millimeter.

Event security

Initially, just under 200 members of the armed forces - mainly from the Sovereign's Escort of the Royal Household Cavalry - will take part in the procession to Westminster Abbey. Soldiers will begin assembling from 10:45 a.m. Central European Time).

A thousand other members of the armed forces will follow the route, but the procession as a whole will be much smaller than that of 1953, which was attended by other royal families and Commonwealth prime ministers.

The procession will descend the Mall to Trafalgar Square, then along Whitehall and Parliament Street before taking Parliament Square and Broad Sanctuary to reach the Great West Gate of Westminster Abbey.

Breaking with tradition, King Charles and Queen Camilla will travel in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, rather than the older and more cumbersome Golden State Coach, which will only be used for the journey back.

At Westminster Abbey.

The recognition of the king.

The first thing that will happen at the abbey will be recognition from the king. Next to the 700-year-old throne, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will turn to either side of the abbey and proclaim Charles "indisputable king" before asking those gathered to pay their respects and serve. The trumpets will sound at each recognition.

Charles III will then take the oath. He will lay his hand on the Holy Gospel and meet that legal requirement. King Charles could add a few words to acknowledge the many faiths seen in the country.

The king will then sit on the coronation chair where he will be anointed with sacred oil, consecrated in Jerusalem by the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a sign of the grace granted by God to the sovereign. This moment highlights the spiritual role of the sovereign, who is also the head of the Anglican Church. The vial was made for the coronation of Charles II. The coronation spoon is much older, having survived the destruction of the regalia by Oliver Cromwell after the English Civil War. For the coronation, oil was made from olives harvested from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.


Will follow the stage of the investiture during which Charles III will receive all the jewels: orbs, swords and rings. Finally, the Archbishop will lay the heavy crown of Saint Edward on his head. This crown will only be worn on this day. The crown owes its name to a much older version made for the Anglo-Saxon king and saint Edward the Confessor. It would have been used at coronations after 1220, until Cromwell had it melted down.

After the investiture, the enthronement .

Charles III will take the throne. The throne was originally created by order of King Edward I of England to guard the Stone of Destiny, which was stolen near Scone (Scotland). The stone, a former symbol of the Scottish monarchy, was returned to Scotland in 1996 but is due to return to London for use in the ceremony. During the coronation, the oak chair is placed in the center of the historical medieval mosaic floor, known as the "Cosmati pavement", in front of and facing the high altar, in order to emphasize the religious character of the ceremony.

At the start of the ceremony, the king will likely wear a military uniform instead of the more traditional baggy trousers and silk stockings worn by the kings who preceded him. The king will also wear the ceremonial robe, which he will remove before receiving the anointing.

The UK is the only European country that continues to use the symbols of royalty, such as the crown, orb and scepters, at coronations. These items symbolize different aspects of the monarch's service and responsibilities.

Coronation of Queen Camilla,

Charles' wife, Queen Camilla, will also be crowned, but in a shorter format and without as much protocol. She won't have to take an oath, but she will be anointed, crowned and enthroned. At the coronation, Camilla will receive the Queen Consort's Rod with the Dove and the Queen Consort's Scepter with the Cross. She will be crowned with Queen Mary's crown, originally made for Queen Mary's coronation with George V. It has been modified to remove some of the protrusions and has been set with diamonds.

At the end of this ceremony, Prince William will kneel before the King as the eldest son of Charles and the next heir to the Crown. This moment will replace the traditional tribute of peers, during which a group of the high nobility took an oath of allegiance in person to the king. In his place, and for the first time in history, the archbishop will invite all Britons to swear allegiance in a loud voice to the monarch and his heirs, a call that has sparked controversy.

The music played during the coronation

The ceremony inside the Abbey will be enlivened by music chosen by the King, with 12 newly commissioned pieces, including one by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Greek Orthodox music in memory of the King's father, the Prince Philip.

Part of the ceremony will be sung in Welsh. The famous Welsh opera singer Sir Bryn Terfel will be among the soloists.

The celebrations will be very varied since there will be music in many corners of the country. The idea is to try to include all kinds of styles so that citizens don't feel disconnected.

Guests at the coronation of Charles III

Among the 2,000 guests will also be the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, as well as the King and Queen of Spain, among other representatives. We are far from the 8,000 people who attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Perhaps the most anticipated guest is Prince Harry, after the controversial publication of his memoir. He will be present without his wife Meghan Markle and their children who will remain in California.

Prince George will be one of the King's Four Pages of Honor. Camilla's four pages will be her three grandchildren and her great-nephew.

Some of the participants in the procession inside the abbey will wear the king's regalia, and most items will be placed on the altar until they are used in the ceremony.

The king on the balcony of honor

The King and Queen will descend from their thrones and will likely enter St Edward's Chapel, where Charles will don the Imperial Crown of State before joining the procession that will exit the Abbey to the sound of the national anthem.

The royal couple will then return to Buckingham Palace by the reverse route from their arrival, this time in the 260-year-old 'Gold State Coach', which has been used for every coronation since that of William IV in 1831.

If you want to take part in the salute that the king and his family will give from the balcony at around 3 p.m. (2 p.m. in London), you will need to plan ahead enough to get to Buckingham Palace. The King will appear and greet all participants. This salute will mark the end of the official coronation day ceremonies.

Celebrations will be held across the country

On Sunday, a coronation concert will take place at Windsor Castle, with a full orchestra accompanied by an eclectic selection of musical stars: from Andrea Bocelli to Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Take That and classical pianist Lang Lang.

Landmarks across the UK will also be illuminated with projections and drone shows.

The festivities will continue the same day with the Big Lunch, during which neighbors and communities will be encouraged to share meals and have fun in their neighborhood.

To top off the celebrations, on Monday, May 8, declared a public holiday, citizens will be encouraged to participate in "The Big Help Out", an initiative to collaborate with local volunteer work.

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T he most anticipated red carpet on the fashion calendar has arrived.

Like every first Monday of May, the stars met in New York for the Met Gala 2023.

This year, the Met Gala celebrates the opening of the Costume Institute's exhibition Karl Lagerfeld, A Line of Beauty.

The latter retraces the extraordinary career of the Kaiser.

More than a simple retrospective turned to the past, the exhibition highlights the creative process of Karl Lagerfeld whose virtuoso pencil stroke captured a look, in a few seconds, through the analysis of his sketches, confronted with his creations for the houses he has sublimated, from Chloé to Balmain via Jean Patou. In total, more than 150 pieces are exhibited.

Passed away in February 2019, the legendary couturier who revolutionized Fendi from 1965 and Chanel from 1983 is at the heart of the annual theme

The dress code for the Met Gala 2023 evening was in keeping with the Karl Lagerfeld theme:

A Line of Beauty. Attendees were told the dress code was "in honor of Karl", which opens up a world of possibilities, from wearing one of the many brands the late designer lent his talents to throughout his career. long career - Chanel, Chloé, Fendi and its eponymous lines, among others - until the tribute paid to Lagerfeld's characteristic dark sunglasses.

The festivities were co-chaired by Dua Lipa, Penélope Cruz, Roger Federer, and Michaela Coel. These four influential and inspiring personalities presided over the evening alongside Anna Wintour, honorary president.

he challenge has been taken up... and one of the big winners is undoubtedly Jared Leto.

The musician (30 Seconds to Mars) and actor appeared on the red carpet in a giant white cat costume. A reference to Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's iconic cat.

A similar choice was made by artist Doja Cat, who also arrived at the party in an outfit reminiscent of Choupette.

In a nod to Karl Lagerfeld's penchant for pearls, the looks of Kim Kardashian and Lizzo at the Met Gala were imbued with them, noted our colleagues from CNN. “I thought to myself: What is more Karl ?

I have always thought of Chanel's emblematic pearls", justified Kim Kardashian, reports the American media.

While most of the men present opted for black or white suits, the new star of the moment, Pedro Pascal, starring in the series The Last of Us, opted for a bright red outfit... with a black shorts.

nother very surprising outfit: that of Lil Nas X, who presented himself entirely painted in silver, with rhinestones and pearls covering his face. 

he choice of artist Janelle Monáe, who also paid tribute to Choupette, also marked the public.

Arriving a little later with A$AP Rocky, Rihanna also caused a sensation.

Rihanna arrived on the red carpet on the arm of her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, in an impressive immaculate white wedding dress, accompanied in particular by a wraparound coat with a hood on which flowers have been embroidered.

A few minutes after entering, the Bitch Better Have My Money interpreter dropped part of the jacket to reveal the rest of her outfit, thereby emphasizing her rounded belly. The set signed Maison Valentino.

A clothing choice that is undoubtedly not insignificant: at each finale of the Chanel fashion shows, under the artistic direction of Karl Lagerfeld, the wedding dress was a highly anticipated moment.

But the "longest" tribute this night to Karl Lagerfeld was undoubtedly made by Jeremy Pope, with an outfit... bearing the image of the couturier.

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The jokes of Daily Show comedian Roy Wood Jr made President Joe Biden laugh at the White House correspondents' gala dinner on Saturday evening, April 29, 2023.

This annual evening, which brings together all of Washington politicians and the media, celebrates in theory the first amendment to the American Constitution defending the freedom of the press. But in practice, we mostly remember the jokes.

Daily Show comedian Roy Wood Jr underlined the age of Mr. Biden who, a candidate for re-election, could remain in office until he is 86 if he wins. By mentioning the demonstrations in France against the pension reform.

Daily Show comedian Roy Wood Jr

“They revolted because they didn't want to work until they were 64. Meanwhile, in the United States, we have an 80-year-old man who begs us to work four more years,” he quipped, provoking a broad smile from the head of state, seated a few meters away.

“'Let me finish the job': it's not a campaign slogan, it's a plea,” continued the comedian. “Say what you want about our president but when he wakes up from [his] nap, the job is done. »

The American president took and replied on Saturday to the humorous spades about his age during the gala dinner of the correspondents of the White House.

"Call me old - I call that seasoned," the president replied. “They say I'm an elder - I say I'm wise. They say I'm not very young anymore – Don Lemon would say I'm a man of first youth”.

Don Lemon, a star CNN anchor, was recently fired by the channel after he sparked controversy when he said Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, 51, was "no longer young."

Mr. Biden also reserved a spade for Rupert Murdoch, the 92-year-old media mogul and owner of the conservative Fox News channel.

“You might think I don't like Rupert Murdoch. It's not true. How could I not like a man who makes me look like Harry Styles? “joked the American president, in reference to the 29-year-old British star.

The appeal of the correspondents' dinner, which is held in the vast room of the Washington Hilton, had somewhat withered in recent years, between the boycott of Donald Trump and the pandemic.

But this year the event was sold out, with 2,600 guests, including Mr. Biden and his vice-president Kamala Harris. The presence of the two heads of the executive revives a tradition lost since the presidency of Donald Trump.

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For her supporters, the person behind the profile "Donbass Devushka", or "Daughter of Donbass", is a Russian woman from the city of Luhansk.

She spoke with a slight Russian accent. She professed her admiration for Vladimir Putin to the hundreds of thousands of subscribers to her various social media accounts. But Donbass Devushka - literally the girl of Donbass in Russian - actually had no connection with Russia and spoke perfect English.

In reality, she is a 100% “made in the USA” 30-year-old who lives in the Washington region, in the United States, confirmed to be called Sarah Bils, in an interview granted to the Wall Street Journal, Sunday April 16. The famous daily presents her as a key element in the dissemination of “Pentagon leaks” - the famous classified documents of the American intelligence services - on Russian social networks.

Interviews with top pro-Russian bloggers

In the interview with The Wall Street Journal, Sarah Bils confessed to being behind the "Donbass Devushka" character, as well as fundraising and hosting podcasts under that name. She added, however, that the eponymous account was managed by fourteen other people based "all over the world", without indicating their identity. According to her, another moderator of her Telegram channel would have disseminated the classified information, she being aware of the "seriousness" of such documents.

Because “the daughter of Donbass” is not alone in playing pro-Russian propaganda on her social networks. Since 2021, this former soldier has built a "small empire of pro-Russian disinformation", which would occupy about fifteen people from its North American suburbs, says Nafo, a group of pro-Ukrainian activists, who were the first to discover the true identity of Donbass Devushka.

On her YouTube channel, she regularly posts long interviews with all the top pro-Russian bloggers and self-proclaimed independent journalists in the English-speaking world. Personalities like Jackson Hinkle or Eva Bartlett, who are among the top 10 non-Russian "influencers" to support Moscow, according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, discuss the "inevitable decline of the West" or even the how the United States is using Ukraine to attack Russia.

On Telegram, Sarah Bils does not hesitate to share more violent content with her community, which is 65,000 strong.

Sarah Bils seems to have become the propaganda mistress of Moscow. His career, however, gave no indication of such a professional specialty. Despite her assertions, the one who pretended to be Donbass Devushka never set foot in Russia and even less in the Donbass.

Before her blogging job, Sarah Bils had been promoted at the end of 2020 to a senior non-commissioned officer rank in aeronautical electronics, recalls the Wall Street Journal, in support of the promotion files published on the Navy website. In November last year, however, the 30-year-old left the army with a lower rank, a significant demotion that cannot be explained at this time. Contacted, neither the navy nor the American Department of Justice wished to answer the questions of the American newspaper.

In the meantime, she had set up a small business selling… fish food. She even participated in podcasts on this theme, which is nevertheless very far from Russophile considerations.

“The antithesis of an America they no longer support”

It was only with the start of the big offensive in February 2022 that Sarah Bils turned into a staunch supporter of the Russian cause. “She built one of the fastest growing English-speaking pro-Putin communities,” said Pekka Kallioniemi, a researcher at the University of Tampere in Finland and a member of the Nafo collective.

Difficult to explain this professional retraining. But she is far from the only one to have chosen to become an influencer in the service of Moscow. “The vast majority of this English-speaking support for Russia comes from the United States or Europe,” says Jeff Hawn, Russia specialist and outside consultant for the New Lines Institute, an American center for geopolitical research.

This is not, however, a sign of Vladimir Putin's growing popularity in the Western world, says this specialist. "In the United States, most of these supporters of Moscow are promoting Russia because it embodies the antithesis of an America they no longer support," says Jeff Hawn.

With these relays in the English-speaking world, Moscow can boast of having popular support. What could be more distant, a priori, from the corridors of the Kremlin than a former soldier reconverted in the sale of fish products in a small American town.

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Preparation for the official coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023 is in full swing. An event that has not taken place since 1953 and the enthronement of Queen Elizabeth II, who remained more than seventy years at the head of the British monarchy.

On the program are three days of festivities, a ceremony at Westminster Abbey broadcast on television around the world, friendship lunches, a major concert at Windsor Castle and a call for volunteers.

Even Prince Harry, withdrawn from the British monarchy, will attend the coronation of his father Charles III on May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London, Buckingham Palace announced.

"The Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the Coronation," the Crown wrote in its statement.

His wife Meghan Markle will not accompany him, on this day which will also mark the fourth birthday of their son.

As with all important events involving the Royal Family, members of the British Crown will gather at Buckingham Palace after the ceremony on Saturday May 6, 2023. A procession will therefore leave from the heart of London to reach the palace, where the Windsors can wave to the crowd from the balcony.

But not everyone will be invited to sit around Charles and Camilla.

Despite the wind of modernity that Charles III wants to blow on the British monarchy, there is no question of making the coronation a family event, it is a state event.

This is the reason why only prominent members of the family who are very active in the Firm will have a place on the balcony.

Prince Harry should therefore not take part in the procession leaving Westminster Abbey at the end of the ceremony, nor appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the traditional salute to the crowd.

Especially since the relations between the neo-Californians and the British royal family have suffered from the very intimate revelations made by the youngest of Charles III and Lady Diana in The Substitute.

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The visit of King Charles III to France is postponed "given the announcement of a new national day of action against pension reform", announced the Elysée.

The visit of King Charles III, originally scheduled for Sunday March 26, has been postponed. A press release from the Elysée Palace announces that this decision follows the announcement of a new national day of action against pension reform. “This decision was taken by the French and British governments, after an exchange between the President of the Republic and the King”, indicates the Élysée this Friday, March 24, the day after a large-scale demonstration which upset security. In France. “This state visit will be rescheduled as soon as possible”, indicates the press release which tries to reassure as to the stability of relations between the monarch and the French president. This visit is highly symbolic in particular for King Charles III.

He and the queen consort are due to arrive in Paris on Sunday March 26 for a historic event, a first state visit for the new sovereign and a dinner at the Palace of Versailles. Buckingham Palace feared that social tensions would have an "impact on the logistics" of such a trip, had indicated the Daily Mail. His state visit to Germany, which was to follow that to France, has been maintained, the British Embassy in Paris said.

Speaking this morning on Cnews, Gérald Darmanin had nevertheless affirmed that "we will be ready to welcome the British sovereign in excellent conditions". The Minister of the Interior had announced that a total of 4,000 police and gendarmes were mobilized from Sunday evening in Paris, before detailing the stages of the visit, "in Paris, in the Parisian suburbs and in Bordeaux". Gérald Darmanin had also mentioned a “descent from the Champs-Élysées”. On Monday, the sovereign was to go to the Senate for a speech before French parliamentarians. Gérald Darmanin had finally mentioned the securing of the journeys of the British sovereign and the dinner planned at Versailles, without ever mentioning a possible cancellation.

The dinner party organized with great fanfare for the British monarch and the queen consort at the Palace of Versailles on Monday March 27 turned out to have bad timing. Thursday saw a rebound of demonstrators all over France. Several cities were the scene of violence between demonstrators and police, as well as damage. A mobilization that undoubtedly worried Buckingham Palace.

Cardboard guillotines were seen in particular during the demonstrations which mobilized more than 800,000 people in Paris, according to the CGT, and more than a million people in France.

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Sex Symbol of the 90s, Pamela Anderson, 55, publishes both a book and a documentary about her less glamorous version of glitter.

For several years, the ex-sex symbol of the nineties has become a bit of a service nerd. She publishes books, campaigns, becomes political. It has just been released on January 31, 2023, indeed, both an uninhibited autobiography Love, Pamela , Ed. Dey Street Books, the French version of which will be released in April, and a punchy documentary (Pamela, a love story, on Netflix) in order "to take control of the narration of the story for the first time".

To deliver her own testimony, the 55-year-old American-Canadian shows herself in a new guise. Exit false eyelashes, smoky eyes, glossy lips and primed look… the Hollywood star agrees to remove her makeup.

Perfectly natural, she opens up like never before, overwhelming with sincerity. a football game!

Because Pamela, like all true icons, has long been a woman written by and for others, captive body and soul of the imagination and desires of others. A kind of media abduction, almost in the literal sense, which occurs at the end of the 80s, when this Canadian fitness coach attends a football match in Vancouver.

The pretty girl, then 21 years old, suddenly saw her face appear in XXL mode on the giant screen of the stadium and all the TV channels broadcasting the match, spotted in the middle of the crowd by the cameraman responsible for entertaining the spectators. . She was then noticed by the Labatt beer brand.

Quickly coveted by magazines looking for the new playmate that will be snapped up on newsstands, she posed for Playboy in 1989, the start of a long and fruitful collaboration with Hugh Hefner's publication: she would become the most photographed in the magazine's history. For her, this experience is a revelation.

“Doing that first photo shoot gave me that little insight into what it was like to be a sensual woman, she explained to the Sunday Times after the death of the controversial tycoon. My sexuality was mine. possession of my power".

Before adding that he was the only man crossed during his professional career who had really respected her.

"He empowered so many women and broke down walls."

But it is above all her role in Baywatch in Baywatch, which contributes to starifying her, saving lives at all costs, photogenically leaning her double D chest on the victims to be resuscitated.

The hypersexualization of the image of the young Canadian, however, has only just begun and will experience its climax in the mid-1990s, to the point of eventually escaping her. With the sulphurous 1996 film Barb Wire, first. She embodies a mercenary in a black leather bustier, a character born from comic strips and looking like Gothic Lara Croft.

Pamela Anderson is mocked for her acting and reduced to her sometimes naked physical performance, as in other gently erotic TV movies she is shooting at the time. A situation that she experiences in an even more violent way when the famous affair of the sextape breaks out with her husband Tommy Lee, drummer of the group Mötley Crüe.

Terrible childhood trauma

"We were naked all the time and we were filming, we were stupid, but these tapes were not intended for anyone else to see," she told CBS Sunday Morning recently. I still haven't watched them. It was something that bothered me."

Later, another sextape, with her ex Bret Michaels this time, leaked on the Net. The refusal to be confronted with these events has not changed over time.

In Entertainment Weekly, a relative of the actress remained anonymous analyzed:

"In the 90s, Pamela's body was ruled by a judge as public property. There was no doubt the videotape was stolen property, but the court ruled it wasn't. because his body belonged to the world".

"I experienced it as a rape," she recalls in her documentary. The actress, who became the first victim of slut-shaming 2.0, had already experienced the worst several times years before, victim of touching by her babysitter as a child, raped by an adult neighbor when she was 12, then by a gang of seven boys in middle school."

"During these traumatic moments, I was leaving my body and floating in my own world."

It is partly because of all these waking nightmares that Pamela lost confidence in Man and launched herself into the defense of animals, by associating herself in particular with the organization PETA.

"For a long time, I prayed to the whales, with my feet in the ocean, she said in 2014 during the evening marking the creation of the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which campaigns for the defense of animal rights. My only friends until until I have children" (note: two, with Tommy Lee).

Romances and weddings

Still, the Pamela Anderson of the 2000s and then 2010 remains a great lover.

Six marriages in total (one of which lasts twelve days), more or less chaotic passionate relationships, as with the French footballer Adil Rami, whom she leaves accusing him of violence and infidelity. Their tough battles through the media feed the tabloid press. Gone are the days when the blonde let her destiny be dictated.

Above all, Pamela is more than ever a muse: the creator Jacquemus dedicates her, bewitching, in his collection at the end of 2022, Julien Doré invites her in one of his clips. A year ago, she bewitched Broadway by playing Roxie Hart in the famous musical Chicago.

Standing ovation at the key.

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Following the serious car accident of February 10, 2023, the actor Pierre Palmade was indicted on Friday February 17, 2023 by an investigating judge on the counts of "manslaughter" and "involuntary injuries" resulting in total incapacity of work exceeding three months per driver having used narcotics, all committed in a state of legal recidivism.

Pierre Palmade was already sentenced in 2019 for acquiring drugs. As such, he does not incur 20 years of criminal imprisonment.

No specific memory

In front of the investigators, the comedian admitted to having consumed cocaine and synthetic drugs before taking the wheel. The actor was under the influence of 3-MMC at the time of the accident, a drug often used during “chemsex” practices in which the actor regularly indulged.

"However, he explained that he had no precise memory of the circumstances of the accident," said Jean-Michel Bourlès. The investigation will have to determine why he suddenly and brutally changed lanes to hit the Renault Mégane head-on.

On Sunday February 19, the Paris prosecutor's office also announced that it had opened an investigation into suspicions of possession of pornographic images, following a report from a man posing as one of his acquaintances. The Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM) was in charge of the investigation.

After spending nearly 48 hours in police custody, a liberty and detention judge issued house arrest with the wearing of an electronic bracelet.

Pierre Palmade has been sleeping since Friday in the addiction service of the Paul-Brousse hospital in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne). He cannot leave it for the time being and the summons is valid for a period of six months.

The Melun prosecution said it had appealed this decision. A hearing before the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal will soon have to rule on a possible incarceration.

As for the two passengers who were in his car the evening of the accident, they were both placed under the status of assisted witness. If they are not indicted at this stage, Mohcine E.-A, 33, and Sambou G., 34, are indeed accused of "non-assistance to a person in danger".


A very serious road accident involved comedian Pierre Palmade on February 10, 2023. The actor was driving his car on the D372, near Villiers-en-Bière (Seine-et-Marne), when he hit an oncoming vehicle. On board, a man, a pregnant woman and a six-year-old child.

Two passengers in the actor's car fled.

The three passengers will be transported to the hospital very seriously injured, the 38-year-old driver is admitted with a vital prognosis and still in a coma.

Her 6-year-old son woke up with a broken jaw that will require several surgeries. As for the driver's sister-in-law, a young woman of 27, she lost the child she was carrying.

She was six and a half months pregnant. Friday, Jean-Michel Bourlès, the public prosecutor of Melun, indicated that the autopsy had not made it possible to establish if this child was born alive. An additional expertise was ordered on this point.

Recognized as a comedian

At the age of 19, he left the bourgeois comfort of Bordeaux – where he was born on March 23, 1968 – to go to Paris. Already, he wrote sketches - Sweet, Salty -, was noticed during the Night of the theater (1987).

His first steps, he took them in 1988 in the FR3 show, La Classe, alongside Michèle Laroque and Muriel Robin, who took him under their wings They became friends and Palmade wrote the following year for Muriel Robin, Cheerleaders hide to die, let her play Tintamarre. His success earned him a nomination for the Molières.

After the decade of the 1980s marked by comedians whose political satires fall under the register of protest buffoonery, Palmade confirms on stage by drawing from everyday life the traits of a comic character and situation. In 1991, he wrote a play for Jacqueline Maillan, Piece mounted.

After many successes in one-man-show (My mother really likes what I do, We know each other?

Come see me on occasion), he triumphs with Michèle Laroque in two shows written with his accomplice Muriel Robin: They love each other (1996) and They loved each other (2001). These shows will be nominated several times for the Molières and the Victoires de la Musique.

He also writes for other artists such as Jean-Marie Bigard, Mimie Mathy and Guy Bedos. He inspires and co-writes in particular all the sketches of Muriel Robin's one-woman-shows. In 1995, he wrote and acted in the play My Sister is a Chic Guy with Dominique Lavanant, and wrote the dialogues for the film Pédale douce (1996).

From 1993 to 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2020 and 2021, he also participated in Les Enfoirés shows.

In 1998, he played the role of the bard Assurancetourix in Asterix and Obelix against Caesar.

In 2001, he released the single J'te flashe, j'te love, written with Jean-Michel Jarre. But, after his show My first goodbyes (2000), his desires are more for comedy: Help, I am 30 years old! (2004), Three Fathers at Home (2004), etc.

Everything seems easy to Pierre Palmade, whose falsely good humor, sometimes grating, is in tune with the times.

At 37, Pierre Palmade decided to “change his life”.

He created a workshop, the Troupe à Palmade, which brought together around thirty talents and thus staged Brice Hillairet and Cédric Cizaire in They play Palmade, on the Point-Virgule stage.

In the meantime, he is writing Fugueuses, a tailor-made comedy for Line Renaud and Muriel Robin and preparing for his return to the Fontaine theater with his troupe in Le Comique, which evokes his unbridled life which will have a sequel with Le Fils du comic. He also finds the time to host on France 3 Made in Palmade, a program that quickly ends for lack of audience.

Homosexuality, chemsex...

Twelve years after his coming out, Pierre Palmade lived his homosexuality badly, to the point of writing during confinement a play on the subject, Assume brothel!, in which he revealed his discomfort.

"The guys I slept with are long gone, leaving me to sort things out on my own. Thanks guys! Can I blame them? I'm not sure."

And tried to assume "I would not like it to become a business. My sexuality does not make my artistic identity, I exist for other things fortunately. It is a question of living this homosexuality well. When we was raised like me, in the 1980s, in a somewhat bourgeois city, it wasn't always easy, but here it is, even if it leaves traces."

In 2020, out of 450,000 targeted controls, one in five was positive for narcotics, mostly young men. This risky behavior is increasingly widespread, despite the strong messages of prevention campaigns.

On the road, one in three fatal accidents in France today is caused by the consumption of narcotics. The most detected substances are cannabis, which alters reflexes, and cocaine, a stimulant.

In 2022, more than 700 people would have died as a result of accidents involving the use of cocaine or cannabis.

Need we remind you that drug trafficking and consumption are prohibited in France ?

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But who is the most handsome man in the world ?

The verdict is in !

If Chris Evans is the sexiest man in the world according to "People", the title of most handsome man in the world has been attributed by science to Regé-Jean Page, 34 years old.

In any case, this is what London plastic surgeon Julian De Silva tells us on Instagram, explaining that the face of the actor, who drew a definitive line in "The Bridgerton Chronicle", is the one that corresponds the most – at 93.65% – the golden ratio of Phi which has measured physical perfection since ancient Greece.

He is closely followed by Chris Hemsworth, Michael B. Jordan (who started directing with Creed III) and Harry Styles.

Dr. Julian De Silva compiled this ranking using the latest computerized mapping techniques.

He explains :

"These brand new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what makes a person physically beautiful and the technology is useful in planning patients' surgery," he said.

"He easily got the top score for his eye spacing and his eye position also scored high, as did his perfectly contoured lips.

The only slightly lower rating he received was for the width and length of his nose."

Perhaps an additional asset for putting on the James Bond tuxedo.

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The coronation of Charles, 74, will take place eight months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96. Buckingham wants to make "this historic event" a moment of celebration, which gives "the opportunity for people to come together".

Buckingham Palace has begun to unveil for the first time the program for the three days of festivities on the occasion of the coronation of King Charles III. The coronation ceremony of Charles III will take place on the morning of May 6, at Westminster Abbey, like the previous coronations of British monarchs for 900 years.

It will, as tradition dictates, be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the spiritual leader of the Anglican Church.

“The coronation is a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry,” says Buckingham.

The ceremony "will be forward-looking, while being steeped in tradition and long-standing pageantry." Charles' wife, Camilla, will also be crowned.

Charles III and Camilla will arrive in Westminster from Buckingham Palace in a procession called the 'King's Procession'. After the ceremony, they will return to Buckingham as part of the 'Coronation Procession', for which they will be joined by other members of the Royal Family.

Then the king and queen consort, accompanied by members of the royal family, will appear on the balcony of Buckingham, to greet the crowd.

The next day will be a concert at Windsor Castle, west London, with “international music icons and contemporary stars”.

It will be broadcast on the BBC. Buckingham, however, did not mention the names of the artists who will perform on stage.

Among the audience will be volunteers from charities supported by Charles and Camilla.

A "coronation choir" will also perform a concert, featuring singers from refugee choirs, the public health service, LGBTQ+ and deaf singing groups.

In the evening, iconic locations across the UK will be illuminated.

The population will also be invited on May 7 to participate in the "grand coronation breakfast", neighborhood parties to "celebrate friendship".

"Thousands of events" should take place in the streets, gardens, parks, according to Buckingham.

On Monday, May 8, which will be a public holiday, people will be encouraged to volunteer.

The move aims to "bring people together and create a volunteer movement that will last beyond coronation weekend," the palace said.

But will the royal family be reunited ?

Buckingham did not say in its statement if Harry and his wife Meghan, exiled in California, will be present.

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The singer has been separated from the Spanish footballer for several months. The two former lovers have been squashing each other through the media for months now and it's not the Colombian's last song that is likely to fix things.

On January 12, Shakira released a new song where she violently attacks her ex, Gerard Pique, triggering a huge buzz, which has already brought her a lot of money.

Shakira also collaborated with the Argentinian rapper by singing on her last track where the 45-year-old Colombian delivers, with Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53, a real outlet against her former companion, Gerard Piqué.

In the song, she indeed openly attacks the father of her two children, Milan (9 years old) and Sasha (7 years old).

“You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo.

You exchanged a Rolex for a Casio (...) Many hours at the gym, but you should also exercise your brain from time to time, "she says. or "You claim to be a champion , and when I needed you, you gave your worst version […] You left me the mother-in-law for a neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt to the Treasury."

For his part, the footballer responded to the attacks of his ex. The day after the release of this title, Gerard Piqué arrived for a professional meeting in a Twingo, and with a Casio watch on his wrist.

Music is at the top of the most viewed videos on the YouTube platform.

Shakira can smile today. Indeed, according to information from the Spanish channel Telecinco, taken up by Marca media, the economic benefits from the various streaming platforms have already brought in a lot of money for the Colombian.

According to their calculations, she has already received nearly 2.3 million euros for her new song!

These break-up songs paid him a lot of money!

Obviously, the break with Gerard Pique became a source of inspiration for Shakira, who has since released no less than three songs and each one has become a real hit.

But how far will the provocations between Gerard Pique and Shakira go ?

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Thursday , January 12, 2023, Brad Pitt reappeared in front of the photographers for a very special occasion. Traveling to London this time, the American actor has indeed come to present Damien Chazelle's new feature film, "Babylon", in which he is starring.

The opportunity to pose with the film crew on the red carpet of the BFI IMAX cinema in Waterloo.

Her co-star Margot Robbie, dressed in a flamboyant loose dress, the interpreter of Barbie was sublime, and willingly lent herself to the game of the photocall. Thus confirming her beautiful complicity with Brad Pitt, to whom she had already given the reply in “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”.

Brad Pitt, star of the Goldens

He also attracted all eyes at the 80th Golden Globes ceremony, held Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

At his ease, seated next to actress Margot Robbie, his partner in his new film "Babylon", Brad Pitt obviously had a good evening.

The 59-year-old actor has indeed found Quentin Tarantino, who had directed him in “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood” in 2019, but also Colin Farrell, Jean Smart or Julia Garner.

It was with a broad smile that he congratulated the young Austin Butler, crowned Best actor in a drama for his role in the musical biopic “Elvis”. On the other hand, it is alone, without his new companion Ines de Ramon, that he took advantage of the ceremony…

Brad Pitt was up for the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in "Babylon." In this film directed by Damien Chazelle, he plays the character of Jack Conrad in a Los Angeles of the 1920s, in full creation of Hollywood.

The actor finally bowed to Ke Huy Quan, rewarded for his performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”.

Brad Pitt's last appearance at the Golden Globes was in 2020, when he walked away with the Best Supporting Actor award for "Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood."

His very first prize dated before that from 1996, when he was awarded for the film "12 Monkeys".

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Singer Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley, died Thursday at the age of 54, her family said in a statement. Her mother "Priscilla Presley and the Presley family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Lisa Marie," a rep said in a statement, asking to respect the family's privacy. “It is with a heavy heart that I must share devastating news: my dear daughter Lisa Marie has left us,” confirmed her mother Priscilla Presley, in a press release sent to the People site.

The daughter of the "King" was rushed to hospital on Thursday morning, where she was placed in an artificial coma and on life support, after a cardiac arrest, according to the people site TMZ, which relied on anonymous sources. Lisa Marie Presley was "unconscious" when her housekeeper discovered her at her home in the morning in Calabasas, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles, according to the site.

Her ex-husband Danny Keough, who also lives on the property, performed CPR until paramedics arrived and took her to hospital. "She was the most passionate, strong and loving woman I know," her mother Priscilla Presley said in a separate statement to People, thanking fans for their "love and prayers."

The announcement of the death of Lisa Marie Presley immediately provoked a wave of saddened reactions from fans and personalities who were friends of the singer. “Our hearts are broken by the sudden and shocking passing of Lisa Marie Presley tonight,” wrote Tom Hanks, actor of the recently released biopic “Elvis”, and his wife Rita Wilson on Instagram. "Lisa my little darling, I'm so sorry. I will miss you but I know I will see you again, ”published John Travolta on the same social network.


The singer was last seen in public on Tuesday, when she attended the Golden Globes ceremony with her mother, where actor Austin Butler received an award for his role in the biopic dedicated to his father, " Elvis".

Austin Butler, whose larger-than-life incarnation of the rock'n'roll legend has been widely acclaimed, had a word with the two women during his onstage speech. "Thank you for opening your hearts, your memories, your home to me. Lisa Marie and Priscilla, I love you forever," he said.

Lisa Marie Presley, who said she was "overwhelmed" and "overwhelmed with gratitude", had paid tribute to the film. "I am so proud, and I know my father would have been proud." Very close to her father, who had named his private jet "The Lisa Marie" in her honor, she was only 9 years old when he is dead.

While she followed in his footsteps, releasing three albums during her career, she never achieved the immense success of her father, one of the most famous artists of all time.


Elvis' only child, Lisa Marie Presley previously controlled Elvis Presley Enterprises, but sold most of its shares to a private equity firm in 2005.

She had, however, retained control of Graceland, the property owned by her father in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was found unconscious in August 1977, before being taken to hospital and his death attributed to a heart attack. Elvis' toxicology reports then revealed elevated drug levels in the rock 'n' roll legend's body.

Lisa Marie Presley also had to fight an addiction to opiates and painkillers, as she revealed in 2019 in a preface to a book on the outbreak of overdoses that has hit the United States for 20 years now.

" I am not perfect. My father was not perfect, no one is perfect,” she wrote. She notably gave birth to actress Riley Keough, who starred in "Mad Max: Fury Road", and had to mourn a son, Benjamin Keough, who killed himself in July 2020, according to sources. American media.

Besides Danny Keough, whom she divorced in 1994, she was also married to Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson and songwriter Michael Lockwood.

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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton traveled to Liverpool, County Merseyside, on Thursday January 12, 2023 at noon.

It has now been several days since the couple stepped out for an official appearance.

In the midst of a media storm following the release of Prince Harry's autobiography, the Cambridges offered smiles and salutes to the crowd.

For their big comeback, William and Kate have chosen Liverpool where they arrived at the end of the morning at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital to meet young people committed to mental health.

For the occasion, the couple chose coordinated looks in navy and dark green tones.

The couple therefore reappears in the midst of a media storm, while Prince Harry's memoirs ("The Substitute" at Fayard) arrived in bookstores two days ago.

Asked about this when they arrived in Liverpool, the Cambridges evaded the arrests of journalists.

Smiling, they showed no sign of discontent, despite the Duke of Sussex's reproaches and accusations against them.

Sad family stories !

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Andrew Tate, the self-described " king of toxic masculinity " influencer who came to prominence this week after provoking young activist Greta Thunberg, was arrested in Romania for human trafficking and rape.

His name emerged in his last days due to a skirmish with Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist. Andrew Tate provoked the young woman on Twitter:

“Please send me your email so I can send you the full list of my car collection and the huge shows of each.”

The response of the interested party was not long in coming: “Yes, please, enlighten me.

The buzz was overwhelming. He could have stopped there but Andrew Tate saw fit to add a layer. The 36-year-old responded to Greta Thunberg with a two-minute video in which we see a pizza delivery box. Fatal error: this pizza would have led the police to him.

And this Thursday, December 29, 2022, it is for another reason that his name ended up in one of the media. The authorities have indeed announced that they have placed the Anglo-American in police custody while he is suspected of human trafficking, rape and of being at the head of a criminal organization. His brother Tristan was also arrested.

Police said they will be detained for 24 hours along with two other Romanian suspects. “The four men appear to have launched a criminal organization with the aim of recruiting, harboring and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content distributed on specialized sites, available in exchange for money,” the prosecutor said.

"They have won a large sum".

Violent and misogynistic

Authorities said they found at least six women who were possibly abused by the suspects. According to the full police statement, taken up by the Romanian media "Adevarul", the victims were recruited after being tricked by the suspects "who made them believe that they were going to start a relationship with them, leaving them to imagine real feelings of love.

They were then taken to and housed in apartment buildings in Ilfov County where they suffered acts of physical violence and mental coercion (through intimidation, constant surveillance, control and invocation of alleged debts). It is added: “With regard to the crime of rape, it was noted that in March 2022, an injured person was forced, twice, by a suspect by the exercise of physical violence and psychological pressure to have sex."

Accusations of extreme gravity that do not date from this week. For years, the masculinist and wealthy entrepreneur has embodied and promoted violence against women, including through rape culture. Last April, the Romanian police had already raided his home, where this former kickboxing champion in the mid-2000s allegedly detained two women against their will.

Tate banned from social media

A candidate for a reality show in 2016, he was removed from the program after the publication of a video in which he was seen hitting a woman. A year later, #MeToo erupts and all-Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein falls under the weight of multiple charges of rape, sexual assault and abuse of power. Andrew Tate, he is illustrated by yet another misogynistic and dangerous remark, affirming that women are responsible for the rapes of which they have been victims.

On Youtube, in a video posted on his channel, he claims that women are "property of men" or gives advice on how to attack them. “You grab it, you slap it, you strangle it and you fuck it”, he says for example.

In an Interview with Fox News last summer, he explained that he had been banned from social networks because the platforms felt threatened by the fact that he affected a large part of the population with his "traditional masculinist ideas", repeating his credo that men suffer in silence and no longer have the right to defend themselves.

According to the BBC, this Anglo-American moved to Romania five years ago to escape prosecution on suspicion of sex crimes.

The influencer who proudly displays his wealth on video explained in one that he chose to move to Romania because Romanian police were less likely to pursue sexual assault allegations.

On The Fellas Podcast, he added that "Western society is degraded and corrupt". His arrest today seems to prove him wrong.

Greta Thunberg reacted to the announcement of her arrest with irony, always with a tweet:

" This is what happens when you don't recycle your pizza boxes ".

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Alexandre Benalla will prepare his trial from Switzerland. The former project manager of Emmanuel Macron Alexandre Benalla, targeted by several investigations and subscribed to the controversies, has indeed put his suitcases in Geneva lands on the sly.

It is now registered in the town of Chêne-Bougeries, reveals the French media "L'Obs".

He must appear from January 27 to February 3, 2023 for the violence of May 1, 2018.

Now 31, the man came to prominence on Labor Day when violence erupted on protesters. He was very close to Emmanuel Macron.

This former director of safety and security for En Marche – during the 2017 presidential campaign – is now a Swiss resident. "After leaving the Elysée Palace in 2018, Alexandre Benalla lived in London, then in Morocco. But it was finally in Switzerland that he settled down", can we read in the French media.

And more precisely in Chêne-Bougeries, "a chic district of the city" according to "L'Obs", and close neighbor ("five minutes away") of Alexandre Djouhri, an intermediary of the circle of Sarkozy, of which we have says close.

During his 2021 trial for 'wilful violence' and 'fraudulent use of diplomatic passports'

(three years in prison, one of which is firm, the defendant appealed), Alexandre Benalla declared that he worked part-time for a "mysterious Swiss NGO", the World Organization for Resilience and Crisis Management, recalls " The Obs".

A conversion that says a lot about this sulphurous character.

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Brad Pitt appeared on the arm of his new companion, this Sunday, December 18, 2022, to blow out his 59 candles.

Hazelnut-colored eyes and luscious lips, Ines de Ramon is director of the jewelry brand Anita Ko Jewelry.

She 32-year-old seems to have fallen in love with the Fight Club star, divorced from Angelina Jolie since 2016.

"They've been dating for a few months," People clarifies. On November 13, the couple was photographed for the first time alongside Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, at a Bono concert at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles.

More than a month later, the two lovebirds make their appearance again getting out of a car, with a relaxed Brad Pitt, wearing a gray top that matches his pants. Beside her, Ines de Ramon donned a beige coat lined with white fur, her hair falling past her shoulders.

The encounter

Back to the beginning of the story. A few months earlier, a source from People revealed that the American actor had "fallen" for the young Ines de Ramon, separated since the beginning of the year from her husband Paul Wesley, star of Vampire Diaries.

Last Thursday, the young woman accompanied her new companion to the evening following the preview of the film Babylon. Brad Pitt would "clearly be very interested in her, given he brought her to her premiere," a fashion industry source close to Ines de Ramon said.

She continued, "Ines said Brad is very nice and they will spend New Year's Eve together."

"It's not serious yet, but he's comfortable and they're having fun together," the source said. Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon are having a great time together, and their romance isn't official yet.

Brad Pitt, however, seems to have drawn a cross on Emily
Ratajkowski, with whom he was seen a few months ago.

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The new boss of Twitter, Elon Musk, has reactivated the accounts of Donald Trump and Kanye West, two personalities banned from the social network for the content deemed dangerous in their tweets.

In fact, 51.8% of tweeters were in favor of Donald Trump's return to the social network, according to a survey launched on Elon Musk's account and to which 15 million followers responded.

The poll he had launched on his personal page about Donald Trump was called "Vox populi, vox dei". The new boss of Twitter, visibly attached to direct democracy, has therefore reactivated the official account of Donald J. Trump. The former president of the United States had been banned from Twitter by the previous team, after the Capitol riots, which occurred on January 6, 2021.

Within hours, Donald Trump's account was followed by three million people. The network has since restored the original subscriber count of the predict, close to 88 million.

The ex-president of the United States is not the only one to have been rehabilitated by Musk. Kanye West, also suspended following anti-Semitic remarks, has returned to the social network. His first message “Shalom: )”, or “Peace” in Hebrew.

Donald Trump has said he will stay on Truth Social, his own network. He had, however, encouraged his Truth followers to participate in Musk's poll.

He added, about the boss of Tesla: "He's a hell of a character and I like the sacred characters".

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Seventy four years for the King of England. This Monday, November 14, Charles III is celebrating his birthday with his family and loved ones.

An anniversary that will be special this year since it is the first since he took office as sovereign. Like his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III will celebrate his birthday twice, with a busy schedule.

Thanks to the decision taken by his ancestor, King George III in 1760, the English sovereign is the only person in the world to have two birthdays in the year. If his real birthday, marking his date of birth, is not celebrated by the rest of the country, he benefits, like his mother before him, from a national holiday to mark his birthday, next June.

This event, named Trooping the Colour, or "Salut aux couleurs" in French, is the official birthday of the British sovereign, and therefore the king's second birthday. Another occasion to celebrate this very special holiday with great pomp.

It is tradition. Like the queen before him, King Charles III will therefore celebrate his birthday twice in order to have a summer date for outdoor festivities.

Of course, festivities still take place on November 14 to properly celebrate the king's 74th birthday. The festivities kicked off at 11 a.m. with a concert by the Household Cavalry Band. At noon, 41 cannons were fired in Green Park in honor of the King. A second 62-gun salute was scheduled for 1 p.m. from the Tower of London.

For the moment, the second date of the birthday of Charles III is not yet known.

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British monarchs enjoy special attention, especially when it comes to the little secrets they try to hide.

With the disappearance of his mother, Prince Charles finally acceded to the British throne. Since his birth, the “trainee” heir has never ceased to be at the heart of everyone's attention. Here are his little guilty pleasures.

The love story between the future heir to the Crown, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles is a perfect example. Curious, His Majesty's subjects were also attentive to their daily habits, idealizing, even fantasizing.

However, as the writer Bertrand Meyer-Stabley revealed in his book Majesté. The reign of Elizabeth II, the habits and gourmet secrets of members of the royal family are not so far from ours.

Thus, the writer affirmed that the queen liked "very sweet coffee with milk, that Prince Philippe liked black coffee with a little sugar, while Charles never drinks coffee".

What about the taste preferences of the new King Charles III. According to this book, the father of princes William and Harry "loves smoked salmon, peach Melba and bread and butter pudding". Dishes much less whimsical than some might imagine.

And to accompany her dishes, Bertrand Meyer-Stabley reveals that the queen preferred champagne and white wines "like Moselle or Sauternes".

His son prefers “white wine, champagne (Bollinger 1975 is his favorite) and Martini”.

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End of the suspense : we finally know the release of Prince Harry's memoirs, entitled "Spare".

Spare, the long-awaited and dreaded memoir of Prince Harry, will be published early next year, four months before the coronation of King Charles III. It will be released in the UK as well as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

“We are delighted to announce the remarkably personal and emotionally powerful story of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex,” tweeted publisher Penguin Random House.

Since the announcement of the writing of these memoirs, in July 2021, rumors have been rife about its content: "explosive", with "the effect of a bomb", filled with "shocking revelations"? So far, nothing has leaked.

“As the man I have become”

At the time, Prince Harry issued a statement through his publisher, Penguin Random House, recalls the New York Times: "I write this not as a prince as I was born, but as a man I became ". It announced an "accurate and entirely truthful first-hand account of [his] life" recounting "ups and downs, mistakes, lessons learned", in the hope of "helping to show that no matter where we come, we have more in common than we think”.

The book is described, on the website created for him by the publisher, as an open window on how the prince reacted to the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and how this tragedy affected his life by the following. And to enrich the 400 pages of his book, the husband of Meghan Markle would have asked his friends and ex-girlfriends to testify.

"With its blunt and unflinching honesty, 'Spare' is a landmark work filled with information, revelation, introspection and hard-earned wisdom about love's eternal power over grief," says the editor.

The symbolic title "Spare" or The substitute

Harry and his wife Meghan stunned the monarchy by leaving the royal family with a bang in early 2020 and moving to the United States, California. During a smashing interview in March 2021, the couple accused the royal family of insensitivity and racism.

In addition to the release date, we know the title of the book: Spare. In other words, the "alternate", a reference to Prince Harry's place within the royal family, outside the direct line of succession for the throne. .

We also know the cover of the book, which will be the same regardless of the edition. This is a meaningful photo since it represents Prince Harry as a soldier, reports the media.

The Duke of Sussex is shown in close-up with a “brown t-shirt and leather collar around his neck”. This photo was taken by Ramona Rosales, an American photographer who is not in her first collaboration with the Sussexes since she had already worked with Meghan Markle, 41 years old.

The cover: Private Harry

Prince Harry's attitude and clothes are no coincidence, according to the Daily Telegraph. By representing his profession in the British army as a soldier for nearly 10 years, including two missions in Afghanistan, he presents himself as a strong man, according to the Gala.

Presenting himself as a soldier shows his strength as a man, but above all his strength of character although he no longer has the right to represent the British army following his departure from the royal family. This choice would also be a way of "defying future reprisals from his family, and showing his strength of character", according to our colleagues.

Harry will donate part of the proceeds

Proceeds from the sale of the memoirs will be donated to various charities supported by the Duke of Sussex. “Prince Harry wishes to support certain British charities by donating part of the revenue generated by the sales of the Substitute”, continues the publishing house.

The Duke of Sussex has already donated $1,500,000 to Sentebale, the organization he co-founded with Prince Seeiso in honor of their respective mothers and which helps children and all young people in Lesotho and Botswana affected by AIDS. "Prince Harry will also donate £300,000 to the non-profit organization WellChild, which he has sponsored as a member of the Royal Family for fifteen years," the statement said.

Concerns of the "Firm" and reshuffles

The announcement of the publication of Prince Harry's memoirs aroused a wave of concern, particularly within "La Firme".

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, rumors have swelled that the delay of the book, announced for the end of the year and finally postponed to the beginning of next year, would be due to cuts made in the text. The reason for this postponement would be related to the content since Prince Harry, 38, had a lot to tell and he had a hard time organizing everything.

More aware of the bad timing, the Duke of Sussex would have decided to resume his text after the death of his grandmother. According to a source reported by Page Six magazine, “Harry wants to delete some passages that involve Elizabeth II, out of respect for her. In addition, he wishes to relate his feelings about the death of the queen.

In addition, changes should be made to ensure that nothing is said to damage the image of the bereaved royal family and the new King Charles III, who will be crowned on May 6.

Times journalist Valentine Low, author of the recent book Brokers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, explained to the American newspaper that "yes, [the release of his book] comes at a delicate moment of transition, yes, people are nervous, yes, it could harm the monarchy.”

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We all take a hit in our lives. But instead of moaning about his fate, can't we rather draw positive lessons for later?

There's no point in looking back with bitterness anyway

How not to get ghosted ?

Ah, how unpleasant it is to be ghosted: no more responses to our calls and text messages.

Lourder: what like a vulgar kleenex, in a messy way to make us understand that the relationship is over, that it's dead.

First: do not get hammered in your head. It's dead, it's not coming back.

Second: do not hold a grudge because it is counterproductive and prevents you from moving forward!

Third: ask yourself what was wrong with this relationship so as not to repeat the same mistakes with the next one.

Because artichoke heart or not, we rely on it to meet another handsome boy.

He often came to talk to me when I was with some friends.

He was really nice and funny, and my heart fluttered when I thought of him… a crush, what. I imagined OUF that it was reciprocal, since he spoke to me often.

So when I learned that it was not me who wet his palms and gave him the zizidur, but my best friend, I saw everything red.

For me, it was obviously a great classic: he approached me to try his luck with my best friend ! Horrible ! Monstrous ! I had seen that in a lot of movies and yet I had been fooled, great, twenty out of twenty the human race.

I had been in love with myself. Well, well, it stings on the spot, but nobody can do anything about it, you can't force yourself (well if you can, but it hurts everyone so avoid it).

Myself, sometimes, I put rakes, because I did not have a particular feeling or attraction. Even if I haven't always done it with delicacy and properly (it always makes me so uncomfortable, this kind of situation)

I don't think I'm a bad person though !

A clumsy person, but not a fundamentally bad person.

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At 10 Downing Street, life is now even better than at Buckingham Palace. The newly elected Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and his wife, Akshata Murty, are wealthier than King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.

In July, they appeared in the Sunday Times ranking of the richest personalities in the United Kingdom, with a fortune estimated at 730 million pounds (more than 835 million euros).

Their goose with the golden eggs ? “Technology and hedge funds,” says the Times. In comparison, the fortune of the royal couple is estimated at 350 million pounds (more than 401 million euros).

According to the Guardian, this fortune makes Rishi Sunak “the first frontline politician to appear on The Times list”. The couple reportedly own four properties "spread across the world and valued at over £15million". With their two daughters, they reside in a house in Kensington, estimated by estate agents at “over 7 million pounds”. At the weekend, the family goes to a mansion in North Yorkshire. The Sunaks reportedly bought him seven years ago for £1.5million.

The mansion, now transformed “into a kind of wellness retreat with a 400,000 pound indoor pool, gym and yoga studio, hot tub and tennis court” would today worth £2 million. According to the British newspaper, the couple also own an apartment in west London and a penthouse on the beach in Santa Monica, “worth 5.5 million pounds”.

This wealth has earned Rishi Sunak the sweet nickname of "Rich Rishi" in the columns of the British tabloids which have not failed, since his first term as MP in 2015, to pin him for his Prada branded loafers or his mug of coffee machine with state-of-the-art thermal technology.

Above all, the affairs of his wife are scrutinized, since they represent more than half of the couple's fortune. Akshata Murty is the daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy, founder of the computer juggernaut Infosys. An entrepreneur and fashion designer, she also holds a 0.93% stake in her father's business, estimated at around £430 million.

This year, a scandal erupted around the specific tax status she enjoyed, the status of non-domiciled resident, which allowed her not to pay taxes in the United Kingdom on her income generated abroad.

Faced with the controversy, she gave up.

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Absent from the scene for many years now, the international music icon Celine Dion, worries her fans because of her health. 

After the passing of her husband and brother, it hasn't been an easy time for the superstar. Since that time, his health has continued to deteriorate.

In forced rest for many months, Celine Dion continues to regain strength away from media attention.

Celine Dion sick, her sister Claudette breaks the silence in the Canadian media "", this Tuesday, October 25.

“First, I always say that if Celine was not well, we would know. It would be impossible for her not to tell us,” reassures the 73-year-old Quebecer first.

The latter adds that Celine Dion has not canceled the end of her Courage tour, but that she has simply postponed it to 2023.

“I told her : “You are in menopause, calm down dance worse the ballet “”, she added frankly.

Claudette Dion confirms that her younger sister is in the throes of painful muscle spasms and that she herself has already seen her “with a twisted little leg”. 

Still according to this talkative sister, these health problems could have been caused by the many years that Celine Dion spent on the stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas: "Several people who know Celine well from having worked with her ask me often if the famous slope of the theater could have disturbed the nerves or muscles in his pelvis...»

May the many Celine Dion fans be reassured, the star “is being treated” in order to resume her tour where she left off.

According to the indiscretions of the Deuxmoi Instagram account and the Vital Vegas Twitter account, the star would be cured "95%" and "would be ready to perform again, as soon as possible".

Speculation pointed to a return to the Resorts World scene in Las Vegas for the end of the year. Suspense.

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Emily Ratajkowski continues to chart her course.

After ending her marriage with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, would Emily have found a taste for love in the arms of handsome Brad Pitt ?

Many sources had given several American media details about their couple, saying that their relationship was not yet very serious, but that they spent a lot of time together.

Still, the model wanted to silence, Wednesday, October 12, 2022, during an interview for “Variety”, the rumors of her romance with Brad Pitt.

"I'm newly single for basically the very first time in my life, and I just feel like I'm enjoying a bit of the freedom to not be super worried about how I'm perceived."

Live hidden, live happily.

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II brought about changes in the status and titles of members of the royal family.

Credit where credit is due, Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales, became King Charles III.

Even if his coronation will not take place for many months, he very officially becomes the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but also of the Commonwealth.

This last title is not hereditary but at the Windsor summit on April 20, 2018, the leaders of the Commonwealth countries had acted that on the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the distinction would be passed on to her son Charles. The new sovereign also becomes Duke of Lancaster. Now that Prince Charles is officially King Charles, Camilla will be known as the Queen Consort.

His brother Edward, already Earl of Wessex, could inherit him the title of Duke of Edinburgh, property of Prince Philip until his death in 2021. A royal pact dating from 1999 could suggest this, but the decision is in your hands. of the new British sovereign.

Following Charles in the line of succession to the throne, Charles's eldest son, William, already Duke of Cambridge, also became Duke of Cornwall. He also inherited several Scottish titles: Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and High Steward of Scotland. King Charles III officially named Prince William and Kate Middleton Prince and Princess of Wales, making the Duchess the first to bear that title since the late Princess Diana:

“Today I am proud to name him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, the country whose title I have had the great privilege of bearing for so much of my life and duty. With Catherine at her side, our new Prince and Princess of Wales will, I am sure, continue to inspire and lead our national debates, helping to put the marginalized in the center of the field where vital help can be given. »

On Instagram, Will and Kate have officially changed their usernames to @princeandprincessofwales. "The Prince and Princess of Wales will approach their roles in the modest and humble way in which they have approached their work before," a royal source told Hello!, adding that Kate "enjoys the history associated with this role, but that 'it's understandable that she wants to look to the future by creating her own path.'

On the side of Harry, the second son of King Charles III – and the late Princess of Wales Lady Diana Spencer – his status is not changing. The prince remains Duke of Sussex, and Earl of Dumbarton, two titles awarded to him by the Queen in 2018 at the time of his marriage to Meghan Markle. In 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that the royal family had decided that their children would not receive HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) titles, nor the security that these titles could have provided by virtue of traditions. On the other hand, their grandfather having become king, Archie, three years old, and Lilibet, one year old, can now be called Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

King Charles also had words for his second son and daughter-in-law during his speech, saying: 

"I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas".

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The United Kingdom held its breath as the state of health of Queen Elizabeth II was more worrying than ever.

Queen Elizabeth II is no more.

The sovereign holds the record for longevity on the British throne and is loved and admired around the world.

The one who had ascended the throne following her father, George VI, on February 6, 1952, at the age of 25, had already been hospitalized in October 2021 before being put to rest for a few weeks.

Her Majesty, who had canceled, on the advice of her doctors, a meeting of Her Majesty's Right Honorable Privy Council on Thursday, was currently under increased medical surveillance, Buckingham Palace had reported.

Since Elizabeth II was infected with Covid-19 in February, her state of health had been closely monitored, not only by her ladies-in-waiting, but also by her royal doctors.

The royal family has a medical team made up mainly of doctors and surgeons who are on duty 24 hours a day. This team is led by the Queen's doctor, Sir Huw Thomas.

The Queen's state of health was obviously the subject of strong speculation: thus, Liz Truss, the newly appointed British Prime Minister, had received a note informing her of the situation in the middle of the House of Commons and a few minutes from her speech, unveiling his plan to cap energy bills.

Charles, Camilla and William at his bedside.

Even more worrying, the Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles and his wife Camilla were in Scotland, with the queen, who has been resting for several weeks in her Balmoral residence as well as her close family.

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Barack and Michelle Obama unveiled their official portraits at the White House on Wednesday.

" Welcome to the house ! By welcoming them, Joe Biden restored, a term later, the custom that all former presidents and their wives are welcomed by their successors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for this ceremony.

The president, with his wife Jill Biden, recalled at length his eight years serving as vice-president of Barack Obama, recalling the camaraderie that united them.

“We were counting on you. And I'm still counting on you," he said.

"He couldn't have done it without you," he also slipped for Michelle Obama, emphasizing the ties created between the two families.

“You were with me when my son was dying,” the 79-year-old Democrat reminded Barack Obama, who delivered the funeral tribute to Beau Biden, who died of cancer. “You will never realize how much that meant to Jill and me,” Joe Biden said.

The couple then unveiled the paintings, which will now adorn the walls of the White House, and which were made from photographs.

Commissioned by the White House Historical Association, both portraits were painted from photos. Robert McCurdy, who immortalized Barack Obama, explains that he tries to “extend time rather than cut it out like a photograph”. The New York Times reports that the artist is essentially looking for “a more meditative or transcendent moment” than movement. The portrait of Barack Obama shows him standing with his hands in the pockets of a dark suit, a shadow of a smile on his lips, painted in an ultra-realistic way on a white background.

“Presidents are so often airbrushed, they even take on mythical status, especially after you're gone and people forget everything they didn't like about you […] But I want people to remember that Michelle and I, presidents and first ladies are human beings like everyone else. »

On that of Michelle Obama, by Sharon Sprung, the former first lady poses on a sofa in the "Red Room" of the White House, in a light blue evening dress, her gaze straight and a touch of amusement in her expression.

"The little girl that I was, wasn't supposed to live in this house," or have her portrait hanging alongside that of Jacqueline Kennedy, she said.

“What we are looking at […] is the reminder that there is a place for everyone in this country. “, Thus recalled the former First-lady.

Barack and Michelle Obama thus join the gallery of former presidential couples of the United States.

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The actor recently purchased the DL James House, built in 1918 and located on just over 10,000 square meters in the Carmel Highlands along California's central coast, according to The Wall Street Journal. The nearly 300 square meter mansion was never openly offered for sale and was sold off the market at a purchase price which local agents say makes it the most expensive home ever sold in the Carmel area.

The DL James House was designed by prominent early 20th century architect Charles Sumner Greene, known for pioneering the American Arts and Crafts movement

The house was built from locally quarried sandstone and granite, with a Mediterranean-style tiled roof, arched windows, and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

It owes its name to its first owner, the writer Daniel Lewis James, who published his works under the pseudonym of Danny Santiago.

"The most creative and ambitious work of Charles Greene's late career"

In the book Greene & Greene: Architecture as a Fine Art, author Randell L. Makinson describes the building as "the most creative and ambitious work of Charles Greene's late career and the most significant structure in Apart from the wooden bungalows of the Greenes, the James house is a unique monument in this country.

The stone structure appears to have grown from its location atop the rocky cliffs south of Carmel.

In places it is difficult to determine where nature's rock stopped and man's masonry genius began. »

Besides promoting his action movie Bulett train, this father of six, 20-year-old Maddox, 18-year-old Pax, 16-year-old Zahara and Shiloh, 14-year-old Vivienne and Knox, born of his relationship with Angelina Jolie, spends time with the latter in Los Angeles.

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Britney Spears has not finished waging war on her mother when the tensions seemed to have eased.

On July 16, 2022, the singer had even thanked her for her support and her tender message after her marriage to Sam Asghari.

But Sunday July 24, 2022, the interpreter of

“Baby One More Time” shared screenshots of old posts, now deleted, when she was locked up in a mental institution from which she released in November 2021.

The interpreter of “Toxic” wanted to show that she had asked for help from her relatives, without them deigning to help her.

Lynne Spears, the superstar's mother, has denied the accusations. She shared this Monday, July 25, 2022 excerpts from her responses sent to her daughter.

“Britney, I have the 'entire conversations' too! I suffer for you that you have the impression that the people who love you the most have betrayed you! Let me come to you! I love you!” she captioned.

A response that was not enough to convince the artist who this Tuesday published a long text denouncing the actions of his mother.

“Hi mom, do people know that this exchange is one of the only times you replied to my messages?

Did you tell them how you hide my coffee every morning?

How every time I was looking for my coffee, I couldn't find any pictures of me in the kitchen, only those of Maddie [his niece, editor's note] and Jamie Lynn [his little sister, editor's note]?

Every morning I added a photo of me next to yours...and each time you took them down before I woke up,” Britney Spears said.

“Do they know you slept in my house by the beach when I didn't even have access to my car keys? Did you tell them you made me go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings three times a week when I wasn't even drinking?

Britney Spears also wanted to remind Internet users that Lynne had "published a book" about her, revealing her sadness when "Kevin took my children". From 2004 to 2006, Britney Spears was indeed married to Kevin Ferline. Together, they welcomed two children, Sean Preston born September 14, 2005 and Jayden James, born September 12, 2006. If the relationship with her children has sometimes been complicated, she likes to share moments of her daily life with her sons on the networks. social.

“You used me … Yes I say it loud and clear and it drives me crazy that you still play the pious and loving mother”, she concluded.

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Ivana Trump, the first wife of the former US president, died on Thursday, July 14, 2022, succumbing to “torso injuries caused by an impact”, said New York forensic authorities on Friday.

His death was accidental, they said in a statement, without specifying the circumstances. According to the New York Times, investigators are trying to determine if Ivana Trump fell down the stairs.

Donald Trump announced Thursday that Ivana Trump, 73, had died "at her home in New York".

“I am very sad to announce to all who loved her, and there were many, that Ivana Trump died at her home in New York,” the former US president wrote on his social network, Truth Social.

He hailed the “tremendous” life of this former cross-country skier and model of Czech origin, who was his wife from 1977 to 1992. The couple had three children, Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric.

Ivana Trump was found unresponsive at the bottom of the stairs by one of her employees arriving at work. New York police told the Daily Mail they received a call that someone was in cardiac arrest around 12.40pm and found her "unconscious and unresponsive". His death did not appear to be "of criminal origin", the police had already indicated. According to the British media, an autopsy is underway to establish the exact cause and time of his death.

In October 2017, a few months after Donald Trump's installation in the White House, Ivana Trump published "Raising Trump" (Raise the Trumps), a book in which she recounted having taught her children "the value of money, do not lie, cheat or steal, respect for others".

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She risks ending her life in prison in New York: 60-year-old ex-British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted at the end of 2021 of sex trafficking of minors on behalf of the deceased American financier Jeffrey Epstein, was sentenced yesterday to twenty years in prison.

“Today's sentence holds Ghislaine Maxwell responsible for committing heinous crimes against children.

It sends a strong message that no one is above the law and it's never too late for justice," Damian Williams, federal prosecutor at the Manhattan court, where Judge Alison Nathan ruled, said in a statement. his judgment. At sentencing, Ms Maxwell for the first time expressed her “sympathy for all the victims” in this case.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were in a relationship in the early 1990s before becoming professional collaborators and accomplices for their sex crimes for nearly thirty years.

Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in jail Ghislaine Maxwell has triple British, American and French nationality.

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The state of health of the Russian president has been fueling rumors for many weeks.

According to the weekly Newsweek, a report that was compiled by Washington in late May claims that the Russian president was treated for "advanced stage" cancer before reappearing in the media in April.

The American magazine quotes on condition of anonymity three senior American intelligence officials, "in three different agencies":

one working in the office of the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI), one in the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a former Air Force officer.

So far, the leaks have come mainly from British tabloids and not necessarily very reliable ex-spies.

But the latter, even if it emanated from American intelligence, would it not be part of American disinformation?

The quality of this information should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

At the end of May, Sergei Lavrov, head of diplomacy in Moscow, assured that Vladimir Putin was doing well.

"I do not believe that anyone with all his senses can see in this person (Putin) signs of any illness or ailment", said the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, underlining the "daily appearances from its leader.

“Everyone feels that their end is near”, believes one of the officials, but another warns that we must not fall into “wishful thinking” (taking our dreams for reality), like the United States were able to do it with Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden.

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Will she come ?

This question was on everyone's lips. Queen Elisabeth has been suffering from mobility problems for some time, but her people are eagerly awaiting this popular sovereign who has devoted her entire life to her country.

The answer falls at 12:20 p.m. London time. Leaning on a cane but without help, Elizabeth II appears majestic on the balcony of Buckingham this Thursday, June 2, 2022, which marks the first day of the festivities of her platinum jubilee.

The 96-year-old sovereign, dressed in a “flashy” sky blue outfit, was accompanied by the Duke of Kent, Colonel of the Scots Guards, one of the elite regiments of the British Royal Guard, who greeted the participants of the annual military parade of the "Hail to the colors".

Then the sovereign returned to the balcony a little later, for an aerial flight over the Royal Air Force, this time accompanied by the members of only certain members of the royal family: those "working" for the monarchy could come and salute there with their children, i.e. 18 people. So decided Elizabeth II.

Around her were crowded Prince Charles, heir to the Crown and his wife Camilla, Prince William, second in line of succession and his wife Kate, Princess Anne, daughter of the Queen, and her husband, as well as the youngest son of Elizabeth II, Edward, and his wife, as well as three cousins ​​of the sovereign. William and Edward's children were also present.

Exit, however, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, settled in California and Prince Andrew, younger son of the sovereign, deprived of any official function since accusations of sexual assault in the Weinstein affair.

Never has a British monarch reigned so long, hence the importance for the country of celebrating this Platinum Jubilee of a queen who is still extremely popular. For many Britons who have always known her, Elizabeth II has been a symbol of stability and unity for 70 years.

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After six weeks of a trial during which no scabrous details about their toxic relationship were spared, neither the jurors nor the millions of spectators who followed the hearings, broadcast live every day, like episodes of a series , Johnny Depp's lawyers managed to convince the jury. The seven jurors – five men and two women – indeed answered in the affirmative to the question of whether the title and two passages of the tribune, published by the Washington Post in 2018 and signed by Amber Heard, contained remarks defamatory towards Johnny Depp, according to the reading of their decision.

A column published in 2018 in question

The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga sued his ex-wife for a forum in which she said she was "a public figure representing domestic violence". Although he is not named, Johnny Depp believed that this media outlet had destroyed his career and his reputation and claimed 50 million dollars.

And to award damages, they also ruled that the author of the declarations had acted out of "real malice". The actress was therefore ordered to pay 15 million dollars in damages to the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean.

However, the jury also awarded Amber Heard $2 million in damages in her own counterclaim, in which she claimed that statements by a controversial lawyer for Johnny Depp - who called the charges violence that she carried against her ex-husband of "hoax" - had harmed her.

"Inexpressible disappointment"

“Devastated”, the star of Aquaman confided his “inexpressible disappointment” just after the verdict. She said she was heartbroken, and it was a step back for women. “The disappointment I feel today is beyond words. I am heartbroken that the mountain of evidence is still not enough to stand up to the disproportionate power, influence and sway of my ex-husband, Amber Heard said. I am even more disappointed with what this verdict means for other women. It's a setback. It harkens back to a time when a woman who spoke up and spoke out could be publicly shamed and humiliated. It pushes back the idea that violence against women should be taken seriously,” she said.

Willingness to appeal

Amber Head wants to appeal the verdict pronounced this Wednesday, May 31, 2022. However, the courts of appeal can only interfere in a verdict if the judge's decisions have seriously undermined the verdict, but it will be difficult to find a fault on this side- there, say specialists relayed by the American press. The other problem is that it is not possible to appeal a finding of fact, such as the finding of the jurors who found that Amber Heard had acted maliciously, that she had lied, that she had defamed.

To be granted an appeal, Heard will therefore have to demonstrate that there were errors in the trial or in the judge's reading of the law.

"Given back his life".

Johnny Depp was absent for the verdict "due to professional commitments made before the trial", according to the ABC television channel, citing sources close to the actor. In a statement to the press, Johnny Depp thanked the jurors for giving him "his life back".

“From the beginning, the goal of bringing this case was to reveal the truth, whatever the outcome. Telling the truth was something I owed to my children and to everyone who supported me unwaveringly. I feel at peace knowing that I have finally accomplished this”.

After all this sordid unpacking on their ex-couple Johnny Depp will he again be able to seduce the spectators and particularly the female public?

Some of his remarks contained in text messages quoted during the trial, in which Johnny Depp notably called his ex-wife a “rotting corpse” and had sworn that she would suffer “total humiliation”, undoubtedly shocked.

Other Hollywood stars, such as Robert Downey Jr for example, have however made a successful comeback after devastating controversies for their careers....

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The United Kingdom will celebrate its queen with great fanfare from this Thursday, June 2, 2022 for her 70 years of reign.

For the occasion, the whole country will dress in British colors. Many residents have decorated their homes.

The streets and shops are also ready to celebrate the Queen. Four days of festivities for this jubilee with a great parade, thousands of light signals lit in all the countries of the Commonwealth and dozens of festive meals.

For the occasion, Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3 have been declared public holidays throughout the kingdom. The queen's subjects will thus be able to attend all the celebrations on the program for these four days, which are akin to a marathon.

Thursday, June 2: anniversary and military parade

To kick off the festivities, more than 1,500 soldiers and musicians from the British army will parade in the streets for the "Salut aux couleurs" ceremony which will take place from noon, Paris time. This is to celebrate a second time the "official" birthday of the Queen, yet born on April 21. They will join Trafalgar Square at Buckingham Palace. The Royal Air Force will engage in an aerial ballet.

This military parade is a tradition that goes back more than two centuries. June 2 also marks the coronation of Elizabeth II, on June 2, 1953. Like all her predecessors since Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth II, who was born on April 26, 1926, is entitled to a second birthday celebrated in June.

It's an opportunity for the Queen and the entire working royal family, which excludes Harry, Meghan and Prince Andrew, who signed a financial deal to end sexual assault charges, to attend a parade military: the “Trooping colors”. An event that the queen can not miss.

In the evening, more than 2,800 beacons in honor of the Queen will be lit at the Palace and across the UK. This tradition is called the “Platinum Jubilee Beacons”.

Nine bridges spanning the Thames in London will also be illuminated, as will the iconic BT Tower (eleventh tallest skyscraper in London) in the capital, and several English cathedrals. Signals also lit in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and British Overseas Territories.

The same is true in the 54 Commonwealth capitals on five continents, from the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific to Belize in the Caribbean.

Friday, June 3: high mass

A religious service, to give thanks to Queen Elizabeth II, will be held at Saint Paul's Cathedral this Friday morning. It will be an opportunity to hear the biggest bell in the country ring, for only the ninth time since 1970, its broken mechanism having been repaired in 2021.

Saturday June 4: horse racing and concert

Saturday will be one of the busiest days of the week across the Channel. The Queen is a keen horse racer and she is expected to attend the prestigious Epsom Derby race. The Royal Family are expected at Epsom Racecourse in Surrey from 5.30pm.

In the evening, a big concert will animate Buckingham Palace. 22,000 spectators – including 5,000 key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic – are expected in the courtyard of the Palace to attend the BBC Platinum Party show, broadcast live on the BBC.

On the menu, a 2.5-hour concert with prestigious headliners including Elton John, Diana Ross, Alicia Keys, Nile Rodgers, Craig David and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The British representative at Eurovision, Sam Ryder, will also be there.

Sunday June 5: outdoor dining and parade in London

This Sunday will be marked initially by the party in the street. This will begin with a giant “jubilee lunch” in the streets of London. Alfresco dining will be held across the kingdom and millions of Britons are expected.

More than 600 lunches are also planned in Commonwealth countries and the rest of the world, from Canada to Brazil, from New Zealand to Japan and from South Africa to Switzerland.

This platinum jubilee will end with a great festive parade through the streets of London to Buckingham Palace. About 10,000 dancers, actors and musicians will take part in this show, which is supposed to represent the longevity of the reign of Elizabeth II through the upheavals that the country has gone through over the past 70 years.

Then, it will be the British star Ed Sheeran who will close these four days of festivities. He will lead the a cappella performance of the anthem "God save the Queen", in the courtyard of the royal palace.

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Roman Abramovich was very scared !.

The Daily Mail reveals that the Russian businessman asked "Are we dying ?" to his team when the first symptoms of poisoning appeared on March 3.

Experts interviewed by the British newspaper believe that the oligarch was poisoned with chloropicrin or very small doses of the Novichok chemical weapon, developed by the Russians.

"The goal was not to kill him." So says Christo Grozev, investigative journalist at Bellingcat, about the recent poisoning of Roman Abramovich.

The Russian oligarch, president of Chelsea FC targeted by European sanctions, has been taking part in peace talks between Ukraine and Russia for several weeks. His role: to mediate between the Russian invader and kyiv, and thus get rid of his pariah status on the international scene.

On March 3, 2022, the oligarch takes part in talks in kyiv. In the hours following the meeting, the businessman feels strange symptoms, also spotted in other members of the Ukrainian delegation. His eyes are red, his hands are pearly and Roman Abramovich ends up going blind for a few hours. “It was a warning,” says Christo Grozev.

“The doses administered were not lethal. It was for the Russian power to warn Roman Abramovich not to take sides with Ukraine. The day after the meeting, Abramovich crossed the Polish border, and still showed symptoms. On March 5, the Russian was hospitalized in Istanbul, Turkey.

On pictures taken in mid-March at Tel Aviv airport in Israel, Roman Abramovich appears very weak. He has completely white hair and looks very skinny.

A representative of the oligarch told the Daily Mail that Roman Abramovich showed symptoms after eating chocolate and drinking water, without giving further details.

The Ukrainian authorities do not confirm the hypothesis of a Russian poisoning attempt.

“There are several theories that are being examined,” it was claimed from the kyiv side. The choice was made, at the time of the poisoning, not to make the situation public in order to protect the victims.

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It is impossible to escape the new legal series of the two terrible children of Hollywood – a trial had already opposed them in London in 2018 –, fully broadcast, live, by the American channel Court TV, as authorized by American law. The best of is repeated in a loop by social networks until the overdose.

Since April 11, the conflict between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard has unleashed passions. While the former filed a $50 million lawsuit against the latter over an article in the Washington Post where she said she was the victim of domestic violence, Amber Heard filed a $100 million countersuit , all leading to an extraordinary trial because of the status of the protagonists, their excesses, and its resonance. The ex-spouses wage a merciless war with sordid revelations.

Amber Heard was still at the helm Tuesday in Fairfax court. And after delivering new prosecution testimony against Johnny Depp, the latter's lawyers proceeded to cross-examination. And it's an understatement to say that she was mistreated… but she didn't flinch.

During this day, Amber Heard was questioned about her alleged injuries. Because if she has repeatedly claimed that Johnny Depp had hit her, especially in the face, she never went to a doctor to have her injuries noted (but she says she has breathing problems because of scars in her nose) . Nor does anyone seem to have ever seen any traces of beatings. In real life, or in a photo… “You should see what it looks like under the makeup“, she replied. If Amber Heard had already admitted having beaten her ex-husband at least once, it was only ever to respond to violence, to defend herself, she continued to support.

Camille Vasquez, one of the actor's lawyers, read a message left by Amber and addressed to Johnny in a "love diary": "I'm sorry, I can go crazy, I'm sorry to have you hurt, like you I can get mean when provoked”.

And when Camille Vasquez claimed that he "isn't the first partner you've assaulted, is he?" “, Ambert Heard denied. What is it about? In 2009, Amber Heard was suspected of punching then-girlfriend Tasya van Ree in the arm at Seattle airport. The police had intervened and Amber had been summoned to court the following day. But no charges were filed. The artist had defended the actress, citing a "minor" and "misinterpreted" incident.

And even today, Amber Heard assures her, “I never assaulted Mr. Depp or anyone with whom I had a romantic relationship, ever. Many times I had to use my body to defend myself, and that included hitting where I could if it allowed me to escape. It meant a swollen face rather than a broken nose. »

The two camps are preparing their weapons without worrying that their increasingly convoluted passes weaken the voice of the victims in general and, beyond that, the MeToo movement. "We ask a victim of domestic violence to be perfect, we scrutinize the smallest corners of his existence, his flaws, his addictions, his sexuality, and we judge him unfit for the status of victim, nuance Yael Mellul, lawyer and specialist in this subject. However, a victim of violence is a person who is doing badly, very badly, often in serious depression, with risky behavior, who may have sunk into alcoholism or drug addiction, on psychotropic drugs. “A definition which, in the end, seems to stick as well to Amber Heard as to Johnny Depp. Worried, the interpreter of Divinidylle, however, has reason to be,

By the end of the trial, in mid-June, the suspense remains at its height.

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"Historical moment" in the United Kingdom: Prince Charles gave the traditional speech from the throne in Parliament on Tuesday, May 10, in place of his mother Elizabeth II, the queen having given up on the advice of her doctors.

Bringing a new sign of the transition underway for the British monarchy under the effect of the health problems of the nonagenarian sovereign, it was Prince Charles who arrived in Parliament while the anthem “God Save the Queen” sounded. The 73-year-old heir to the crown, in a decorated uniform, then read, on behalf of the Queen, the speech setting out the government's program at the opening of the parliamentary session.

He sat on the throne reserved for the consort, once used by his father Prince Philip, and symbolically smaller than that of the monarch. On her right, the space usually reserved for the sovereign's throne had been left empty. Alongside Charles was also his wife Camilla, 74, as well as his eldest son, Prince William, 39, who was present for the first time. Further proof of a change of generations taking place.

It is only the third time in her 70-year reign that the 96-year-old head of state has missed this solemn appointment of British democracy. Pregnant, she had been absent in 1959 and 1963.

It is also the first time that the Prince of Wales, who has already represented her abroad for several years and is taking a growing place, replaces her. As a symbol, the crown of Elizabeth II was placed on a cushion in front of Prince Charles during the entirety of his speech.

The Queen had long hoped to attend before Buckingham Palace announced on Monday evening that she had "reluctantly decided not to take part in the Speech from the Throne", due to her "episodic mobility problems".

Signs, for the Daily Mail, that the queen “is still really in charge”: “But make no mistake, this is a historic moment for the Crown”.

His absence raises questions about his participation in early June at the platinum jubilee celebrations, marking his 70 years of reign.

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She is part of a new list of personalities threatened with an EU entry ban and an asset freeze, as part of a sixth package of European sanctions currently under discussion, in response to the war in Ukraine. Alina Kabaeva, gymnastics champion is indeed at the heart of geopolitical news. The one who is nicknamed "the most flexible woman in Russia" has had an affair with the Russian dictator since 2006.

They would even have several children together. The liaison rumors had, however, been publicly brushed aside by Vladimir Putin in April 2008 during a press conference:

"I've always had a bad opinion of brats who plant their erotic fantasies in other people's private lives."

Still, Alina Kabaeva suddenly became very rich, just like her family.

She also became a member of Vladimir Putin's party, before heading the Board of Directors of the largest Russian media group. It is therefore surprising to discover that, in this context of international sanctions, Alina Kabaeva escapes it.

While Putin's ex-wife and Putin's daughters are on the international sanctions list, the young woman was not there. One way, according to Paris Match, to avoid an escalation between Russia and the United States from the start. But still according to the Paris Match survey "she is not only very close to Vladimir Putin, but she is also an essential link in his chain of power, since she is at the head of the Board of Directors of the largest Russian propaganda group »

Brussels therefore offered to sanction former Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva.

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Long queen of Parisian nights, popular singer and businesswoman, Régine, who died on Sunday at the age of 92, was known to the public for songs like "La grande Zoa", "Azzurro", "Les p'tits papers” or “Patchouli Chinchilla”. Big names in French song, such as Charles Aznavour or Barbara, have signed hits for this pragmatic, melancholy and humorous fighter, with a bewitching and slightly scratchy voice.

Other authors and composers wrote for Régine, including Emil Stern, Eddy Marnay, Francis Lai, Jean Cau, Jean-Loup Dabadie, Michel Grisolia, Charles Level, Françoise Sagan, Serge Lama, Romano Musumarra, Françoise Dorin, Didier Barbelivien, Michel Leeb and Patrick Modiano.

In 1967, she received the Pierre-Brive Consecration prize from the Charles-Cros Academy, at the same time as Jacques Dutronc. She lost her father the same year.

Making her film debut in 1962, Régine played or appeared in a few films, notably Le Train (1973), Les Ripoux (1984) and Grosse Fatigue (1993).

Régine was born in Belgium at number 9 rue Bara in Anderlecht, then in the province of Brabant. Her parents, who lived in Argentina for eight years, are Polish Ashkenazi Jews. His younger brother, later known as Maurice Bidermann, a future industrialist in textiles and clothing, was born in the same town in 1932.

The Zylberberg family emigrated to Paris in 1932 after their father Joseph lost the family bakery to poker in Anderlecht. Her mother returned to South America, she and her brother Maurice were then placed in different pensions, then found refuge during the Second World War in various cities such as Lyon and Aix-en-Provence: she was then baptized Catholic. It was in Aix-en-Provence that her passion for singing and her vocation for parties were born.

Little Régine spends whole nights waiting for her father, who plays at the Casino d'Aix-en-Provence, thinking about who she could become. She joins a shelter for the elderly in Lyon, where she falls in love with Claude, the son of the family, nephew of the chief rabbi of Lyon, Bernard Schonberg who, at the time of the marriage proposal, is arrested by the Gestapo and dies assassinated in deportation.

At the Liberation, his father opened a Parisian café, La Lumière de Belleville, then asked him to take care of it. She discovered American balls, jazz, bebop and other dances which became her passion. A friend entrusted him with running a nightclub in the center of Paris, “le Whiskey à gogo”. She sometimes enjoys dancing there with a full glass on her head, but prides herself on never drinking alcohol.

In 1956, she opened her first nightclub, "Chez Régine", in the Latin Quarter. She continues with the "New Jimmy's", in Montparnasse, where we dance frenzied twists. “Time spent sleeping is time wasted,” she said.

Then will follow New York and Monaco, Brazil, Malaysia... Régine will manage a total of twenty clubs frequented in particular by Andy Warhol, Liza Minelli, the Rothschilds or the Kennedys.

She discovered the music hall in the 1960s. After passing through the Olympia in Paris, she sang at Carnegie Hall in New York in 1969, becoming - notably with Edith Piaf - one of the rare French women to have conquered the America. At the same time, with her second husband, businessman Roger Choukroun, who married in 1969, she continued to expand her businesses. In particular, it creates a membership card giving access to all its clubs around the world. Up to 20,000 people paid dearly for this card in the 1980s.

The couple invests in hotels, restaurants, launches clothing lines, perfumes, sponsors luxury cruises... Régine knows how to mobilize "celebrities" for causes that are important to her, such as the fight against drugs, launching the association "SOS Drugs International". In 2008, her "friend", President Nicolas Sarkozy, whom she accompanied on a trip to Israel, elevated her to the rank of officer of the Legion of Honor. Ironically, a search in 1996 caused the closure of the "Palace", a legendary club that she had owned for four years, after the discovery of narcotics. In 2004, she separated from most of her clubs. And divorce her husband.

Two years later, she lost her only son, the journalist Lionel Rotcajg, born from a first marriage. “I am an exhibitionist. But I have always been unhappy with dignity, ”she says, careful not to spread her pain in the public square. In 2009, she had to sell her "Chez Régine" nightclub near the Champs-Élysées, a long-time unmissable meeting place for Parisian golden youth. The one who said she spends a fortune every day then claims to be “ruined”. This does not prevent him from multiplying talk shows and concerts.

At 86, wrapped in her legendary boa, she was still singing in 2016 at the Folies-Bergères "I will survive", a cover of Gloria Gaynor's hit.

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It has now been two weeks since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard engaged in a new legal standoff in Virginia. Six years after their breakup, the ex-couple continues to tear each other apart over accusations of domestic violence.

The defamation lawsuit between Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp continues in the United States, in the state of Virginia. Tuesday, April 26, this time it was the testimony of a psychologist, hired by the actor's lawyers, who drew attention. Shannon Curry, a clinical and forensic psychologist, presented a surprising diagnosis to the bar: according to her, Amber Heard suffered from personality disorders.

The expert indicated that people with the disorders observed in the actress "can react violently", adding that they "often have abusive behavior towards their partners". The clinician reported that in a test she conducted during her analysis, Amber Heard had "grossly exaggerated" any post-traumatic stress symptoms she may have suffered from as a result of alleged domestic abuse.

The actress' lawyers sought to discredit this testimony, arguing that the psychologist had been hired by the opposing party. To which the latter replied: "I report scientific facts regardless of what they tell us."

An actor who has lost everything

During his court testimony last week, Johnny Depp denied ever hitting Amber Heard or any other woman in his life. The star of the films "Pirates of the Caribbean"" has several times indicated that Amber Heard was, on the contrary, the one who, in their couple, gave the blows Married from 2016 to 2018, the former spouses accuse each other of defamation during this trial, very followed and partly retransmitted on the American news channels.

In a column published in 2018 in the "Washington Post", Amber Heard did not mention Johnny Depp by name, but she mentioned the accusations of domestic violence that she had brought against her husband in 2016. Last week the ex-companion of Vanessa Paradis, father of Lily-Rose and Jack (22 and 20 years old), had assured that he had lost "everything" because of these accusations of violence, starting with his role in the saga "Fantastic Beasts". He is claiming $50 million in damages, against which Amber Heard also filed a complaint demanding $100 million in compensation, claiming that Johnny Depp had subjected him to "permanent physical violence and abuse".

Johnny Depp has already lost his defamation lawsuit – highly publicized – against the English tabloid “The Sun”, which accused him of domestic violence, in November 2020.

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Jennifer Lopez aime à se confier sur son histoire d’amour avec Ben Affleck. La star, désormais fiancée pour la deuxième fois avec l’acteur, a raconté dans la dernière newsletter envoyée par son site officiel, comment la demande en mariage de son compagnon s’était déroulée . La chanteuse, qui qualifie leur couple de «deuxième chance donnée à l’amour», après leur rupture au début des années 2000 , explique que «son plus grand rêve est devenu réalité».

«Samedi soir, à l’endroit que je préfère au monde (un bon bain moussant), mon magnifique amour a mis un genou à terre et m’a demandée en mariage. J’étais totalement prise au dépourvu et je l’ai juste regardé dans les yeux en souriant et en pleurant, essayant tant bien que mal de réaliser qu’après 20 ans, cela se produit à nouveau, j’étais réellement sans voix», écrit-t-elle. «Est-ce que c’est un oui ?», lui a demandé Ben Affleck. «J’ai dit OUI, bien sûr que c’est un OUI», a-t-elle répondu.

« Incroyablement heureuse»

L’interprète de «Jenny from the block» continue son récit en expliquant avoir eu le plus grand des sourires et «des larmes coulant sur (son) visage». «Je me sentais incroyablement heureuse». Et alors que la diva de 52 ans est parfois réputée pour ses goûts extravagants, elle reconnaît ici que «ce n'était rien d'extraordinaire, mais c'était la chose la plus romantique que j'aurais pu imaginer... juste un moment de calme un samedi soir à la maison, deux personnes se promettant d'être toujours là l'une pour l'autre». J-Lo estime que son couple est formé par «deux personnes très chanceuses qui ont une deuxième chance pour vivre le véritable amour». Quant à sa bague de fiançailles de couleur verte, elle indique «que cette couleur (lui) a toujours porté chance et continuera à jamais».

Ben Affleck avait demandé sa belle en mariage une première fois en 2002 pour annoncer deux ans plus tard leur rupture. Tous deux ont ensuite respectivement fondé leur famille auprès de Jennifer Garner et de Marc Anthony, avant de se retrouver en 2021.

 Ben Affleck et Jennifer Lopez viennent par ailleurs de s’offrir un nid d'amour à Los Angeles pour 55 millions de dollars.

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Emmanuel Macron est apparu sur des photos en tenue décontractée et mal rasé, ce qui est très inhabituel pour le président de la République française.

Pour quels objectifs ?

Le look du président de la République, mal rasé, portant un hoodie noir et un jean, a suscité de nombreux commentaires sur les réseaux sociaux. Les photos, prises dimanche, ont été publiées lundi sur le compte Instagram de sa photographe officielle, Soazig de la Moissonnière. 

Elle y écrit : « Fin de soirée, salon doré, Élysée, Emmanuel Macron lors d’appels internationaux. » D'aucuns crient à la mise en scène lui reprochant notamment de vouloir ressembler au président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky, toujours vêtu de simples t-shirts et hoodies, et qui s’attire les commentaires favorables de l’opinion publique du monde entier depuis le début de l’invasion de l’Ukraine par la Russie.

« Mais on ne peut pas comparer, ils ne sont vraiment pas dans la même situation », rappelle Elizabeth Pineau, journaliste politique à l’agence Reuters et autrice du livre Le Vestiaire des politiques.

Un hoodie militaire

Et attention, rien n’a été laissé au hasard. Car le hoodie que porte le président Emmanuel Macron est celui de l’armée française. On y voit le sigle CPA 10, qui est le commando de parachutistes numéro 10, une unité d’élite située sur une base aérienne près d’Orléans.

« Le vêtement n’est pas anodin, c’est celui de l’armée française. Le président est aussi le chef des armées, et nous sommes en temps de guerre. Le vêtement est utilisé comme outil de communication, et on en a ici un bel exemple, car en plus, nous sommes en campagne électorale en France, et Emmanuel Macron est candidat », explique Elizabeth Pineau, journaliste politique.

Emmanuel Macron y apparaît  comme un président qui travaille sept jours sur sept. C’est le week-end, mais on voit qu’il n’a pas eu le temps de se raser, de se coiffer. Il montre qu’il travaille sans relâche, prêt à tout pour régler les conflits et dénouer la crise en Ukraine.

Il y a le président qui travaille jour et nuit, mal rasé, mais aussi il rappelle qu’il a 44 ans, qu’il est jeune et qu’il porte des hoodies confortables comme tout le monde. Mais le sien est militaire parce qu’il est le chef des armées. C’est de la communication politique.

Pour Stéphane Le Duc, le contraste est d’autant plus saisissant qu’Emmanuel Macron a toujours eu une allure très soignée. « Il est toujours impeccable, très élégant, de style classique. Les costumes sombres bien coupés. Il incarne une certaine perception qu’on a de la France d’un point de vue mode. »

Il pense cependant que ces images lui donnent un vrai coup de jeune. « Cette allure sportive le rajeunit. On le voit dans l’action, les dossiers sous le bras, avec un hoodie qui est le vêtement par excellence de la génération Z. Ça casse son image figée et ça lui va bien », pense Stéphane Le Duc.

Elizabeth Pineau remarque qu’entre son entrée en fonction en 2017 et 2022, le visage d’Emmanuel Macron a beaucoup changé. « En début de quinquennat, Emmanuel Macron ne voulait pas paraître trop jeune, car on pouvait ne pas le prendre au sérieux. On l’a vu de très rares fois en tenue plus décontractée, seulement quand il était en vacances.

Depuis cinq ans, il a pris des rides, des cheveux blancs, il est marqué par le poids de la fonction et les nuits blanches, et ça lui sert. », conclut la journaliste Elizabeth Pineau.

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Mylène Farmer a toujours été très discrète sur sa vie privée.

Loin de vouloir se vanter de sa popularité, la chanteuse de 60 ans se confiait récemment sur son statut dans les colonnes du dernier numéro de Gala.

« Il me semble que la célébrité devrait être le reflet de la reconnaissance d’une œuvre, d’une action, par le public.

Pas un culte de la personnalité !.

Aujourd’hui, on confond la popularité et la célébrité.

Je préfère continuer à cheminer pour une reconnaissance de mon travail », déclarait l’interprète du titre « Pourvu qu’elles soient douces ».

Si la compagne de Benoît di Sabatino a accepté de se livrer à nos confrères, celle-ci s’est aussi prêtée au jeu du fameux shooting photo.

Des images qui n’ont pas manqué de faire sensation auprès des fidèles lecteurs du magazine.

Toujours aussi sexy, la jolie rousse s’est affichée dans une sublime robe transparente sous laquelle elle arborait une lingerie noire.

 Des clichés que vous pouvez notamment retrouver sur la page Instagram officielle de Gala.

En outre, Mylène Farmer a aussi joué les femmes fatales en choisissant d’enfiler un corset noir au-dessus d’un blazer et d’une paire de bas résille.

Les journalistes du magazine affirment qu’aucune des photos n’a été retouchée.

« Après notre shooting, nous avons reçu votre sélection de photos. Nous les croyions retouchées, elles ne l’étaient pas. Bluffant » , comme le rapporte Voici.

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Le mardi 8 mars 2022, c’est appuyé sur une canne que Phil Collins est apparu sur scène à l’occasion d’un concert à Berlin avec son groupe Genesis.

Visiblement très amaigri, le chanteur qui, selon Voici, souffrirait notamment d’une pancréatite, de diabète et de problèmes vertébraux, a été contraint de rester assis durant toute la durée de l’événement.

Des photos saisissantes ont bouleversé les fans du chanteur.

« Mes vertèbres ont écrasé ma moelle épinière »

« On peut dire que je suis en quelque sorte handicapé, ce qui est très frustrant », confiait le chanteur au micro de la BBC en septembre dernier.

Et pour cause, batteur hors pair, l’interprète de Against All Odds est aujourd’hui dans l’incapacité de s’adonner à sa passion. « J’adorerais pouvoir jouer avec mon fils. J’adorerais ça, mais je peux à peine tenir une baguette avec cette main », soufflait-il.

« Mes vertèbres ont écrasé ma moelle épinière (…) Je ne peux même plus tenir les baguettes correctement sans que cela soit douloureux », concluait-il alors, dépité.

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Il était la voix des régions, le visage des territoires.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, l'ancien présentateur du 13H de TF1, est mort à l'âge de 71 ans. L'annonce a été faite à l'AFP par Muriel Belgy, l'agente de l'épouse du journaliste, l'ex-Miss France et animatrice télé Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut. « Le père de Tom, Lou, Olivier et Julien est décédé des suites de son cancer du poumon » mercredi après-midi, a-t-elle déclaré.

Le 23 novembre dernier, le présentateur de 71 ans avait annoncé être atteint d'un cancer des poumons, après avoir déjà vaincu un cancer de la prostate. Il était depuis discret sur son état de santé. Il avait seulement indiqué à nos confrères du Parisien « qu'il se reposait comme le lui préconisait son médecin ».

Mi-décembre dernier, le présentateur de 71 ans avait déclaré dans son émission Jean-Pierre & Vous devoir s'éloigner de l'antenne de LCI afin de se reposer. Quelques semaines plus tard, Nathalie Marquay son épouse, avait annoncé sur le plateau de Cyril Hanouna que Jean-Pierre Pernaut avait été victime de quatre mini AVC depuis le début de l'année.

TF1 fait part de son "immense douleur"

Dans la foulée de l'annonce de sa mort, la chaîne TF1 a fait part de son « immense douleur », dans un communiqué. Jean-Pierre Pernaut « a incarné l'édition du journal de 13H de TF1 pendant plus de trente ans, une longévité inégalée, récompensée d'une fidélité sans faille du public. En cela, il faisait partie de la famille de tous les Français », a souligné TF1.

Pendant 33 ans, Jean-Pierre Pernaut s'est en effet imposé comme le roi de l'info de la mi-journée, avec une formule axée sur la proximité. Il avait cependant décidé de se retirer du JT, le 18 décembre 2020, alors qu'il était au plus haut de ses audiences et de sa popularité. Ce dernier journal présenté par « JPP » avait rassemblé plus de 8,1 millions de téléspectateurs, son record d'audience depuis août 2007.

Patrimoine, vie locale et territoires

« La révolution du 13h, c’est qu’on a été les premiers à vouloir faire un journal destiné à ceux qui le regardaient et à créer un réseau très solide de correspondants en régions, et on a pris beaucoup d’avance », disait Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

Artisans, marchés et villages étaient au cœur de son JT. Une patte Pernaut qui lui a permis à de nombreuses reprises d’être considéré comme le présentateur préféré des Français. « Jean-Pierre c’est le numéro 1 », pouvait-on entendre dans la bouche d’une fan, lors d’un reportage pour son dernier JT. Preuve de sa popularité.

Livres, théâtre et sport

La vraie vie, celle des gens qui regardent le JT, Jean-Pierre Pernaut l’a déclinée dans plusieurs livres dans lesquels il parle artisanat, cuisine locale ou des fêtes locales. Dans son dernier ouvrage en date, 33 ans avec vous, il revenait sur son expérience du journalisme.

Écrivain donc, il a également participé à la conception d’une pièce de théâtre, Piège à Matignon qui raconte l’impact des rumeurs propagées sur internet dans la vie d’un homme politique.

Amoureux du sport, de hockey sur gazon et notamment de courses automobiles, il a participé plusieurs fois au Trophée Andros, course de voitures sur glace.

Le septuagénaire était resté actif sur "JPP TV", une plateforme en ligne pour proposer des sujets régionaux créés par TF1, et présenter sur la chaîne d'info LCI une émission hebdomadaire baptisée « Jean-Pierre et vous ».

 Il avait également créé en 2021 un magazine papier, baptisé « Au cœur des régions ».

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Pour célébrer les 70 ans de règne d’Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace a prévu quatre jours dont deux fériés, avec des événements publics à partir du 2 juin, date anniversaire du couronnement en 1953 à l’abbaye de Westminster.

Mais ce dimanche 6 février 2022, jour J. du 70e anniversaire de son accession au trône britannique, suite au décès dans son sommeil de son père, le roi George VI , Buckingham Palace a dévoilé la photo officielle qui lance l’année du Jubilé de platine de la souveraine. On la découvre très souriante, en plein travail.

Ce cliché, réalisé quelques jours auparavant, le mercredi 2 février, la montre, vêtue d’une robe chinée vert pâle et blanche sur laquelle elle a épinglé deux broches en diamants représentant des feuilles de lierre -un cadeau de sa mère pour ses 21 ans-, dans un salon de son château de Sandringham.

Assise dans un confortable fauteuil, le dos appuyé contre des coussins, elle se trouve devant une table sur laquelle sont posés des papiers extraits de sa «boîte rouge» ouverte à côté.

C’est par ce contenant que, chaque jour, lui sont communiqués les documents d'Etat nécessitant sa signature et la sanction royale, ainsi que d’autres l’informant d’événements au Parlement et de questions d'outre-mer et du Commonwealth, a précisé le Palais. Derrière elle, sur une petite table, un portrait de George VI avec son chien évoque ce père tant aimé auquel elle a succédé

Elle aurait pu s’afficher en «vraie reine» pour l’imaginaire collectif, coiffée de sa couronne ou de l’un de ses somptueux diadèmes. Au faste, la reine Elizabeth II a préféré l’action.

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Les vols de Bouledogues Français se multiplient et sont de plus en plus violents. Leurs auteurs n’hésitent pas à utiliser des armes à feu pour menacer les propriétaires. C’est ce qui s’est passé le weekend dernier en Californie, dernier fait en date d’une tendance qui touche aussi les célébrités.

De New York à Los Angeles, de Miami à Chicago, les vols visant cette race canine se multiplient aux Etats-Unis.

Petit, donc facile à saisir et à emporter, un bouledogue français se revend des milliers de dollars au marché noir.

Normal, c'est le chien des stars

Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon ou encore Chrissy Teigen figurent parmi la longue liste de propriétaires célèbres. La demande est plus forte que jamais, mais ces chiens ne sont pas assez nombreux, car les portées sont généralement réduites.

La victime la plus célèbre est Lady Gaga. L'an dernier, des hommes armés ont enlevé deux de ses « French bulldogs » n'hésitant pas à ouvrir le feu, blessant l'employé chargé de les promener en mars 2021. La chanteuse a offert une récompense de 500 000 dollars. Finalement Koji et Gustav ont fini par être retrouvés sains et saufs.

Samedi dernier, une jeune femme et sa mère ont été attaquées par un groupe d’individus armés qui ont enlevé leur chien à Castro Valley, ville californienne située à une trentaine de kilomètres de San Francisco. Le canidé en question s’appelle Tito et est un Bouledogue Français, rapportait Newsweek le 16 janvier.

L’agression a eu lieu à 17h30 locales, précise le communiqué du bureau du shérif du comté d’Alameda. 4 ou 5 personnes se trouvaient à bord d’un crossover qui s’est arrêté au niveau des victimes. 3 d’entre eux tenaient des armes à feu. Ils se sont emparés du quadrupède et d’un sac à main contenant un portefeuille et des clés, avant de prendre la fuite.

Ils sont revenus plus tard, durant la nuit, chez cette même famille pour voler une voiture garée devant le domicile. D’après les forces de l’ordre, le véhicule utilisé par les ravisseurs est volé et est impliqué dans plusieurs autres cambriolages à main armée. Le bureau du shérif poursuit son enquête et espère retrouver Tito au plus vite, pour le remettre à ses propriétaires.

C’est devenu un phénomène de plus en plus préoccupant aux Etats-Unis. Le recours à la violence étant un phénomène nouveau et inquiétant .

« Il m'a braqué son pistolet dans la figure »

Plus au nord, à Oakland, une habitante du nomMarieke Bayens a vécu un traumatisme similaire à Oakland, tandis qu'elle promenait Merlyn, que lui avait confié une amie. Elle s’est retrouvée avec un pistolet contre la figure. L'agression s'est produite en pleine rue, le 26 novembre à 18h00. « J'attendais que Merlyn ait terminé de faire ses besoins quand j'ai vu deux personnes s'approcher. D'abord je ne me suis pas méfiée car ils avaient un masque comme tout le monde, mais j'ai remarqué qu'ils portaient des gants gris, j'ai trouvé cela bizarre », relate la jeune femme « En un instant l'un s'est planté devant moi, en me braquant son pistolet dans la figure. Il m'a lancé : 'Donne-moi le chien !' », poursuit-elle. « L'autre avait déjà saisi au sol Merlyn et, comme je ne répondais pas à celui qui tenait l'arme, il m'a arraché la laisse des mains. Ils ont couru à leur voiture et pris la fuite en fonçant dans une rue à contresens ».

Plus récemment, fin décembre, un Bouledogue Français de 8 ans répondant au nom de Luca avait été arraché des bras de Robert Marinelli à quelques pas de Sunset Boulevard. L’homme avait reçu des coups, avant d’être traîné par le véhicule des assaillants

Il y a un an, c’était une Sarah Vorhaus au visage couvert de bleus et de bosses qui relatait le vol brutal de Chloe, sa jeune femelle Bouledogue Français de 5 mois, à San Francisco.

Autorités et experts appellent à la vigilance

Autorités et spécialistes invitent donc les maîtres à se montrer vigilants face à cette vague d’enlèvements. Ils appellent les propriétaires qui n’ont pas fait pucer leurs chiens à le faire, à leur faire porter un collier GPS et à sécuriser les issues du domicile, entre autres précautions.

Ils recommandent également de s’abstenir de publier des photos « facilement géo-localisables » de son animal de compagnie sur les réseaux sociaux.

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Une annonce qui risque de faire des remous à Buckingham...Un juge de New York a validé mercredi la plainte d'une femme américaine contre le prince Andrew pour agressions sexuelles en 2001 quand elle avait 17 ans, malgré une demande de rejet du deuxième fils de la reine d'Angleterre.Dans sa décision, le juge Lewis Kaplan estime que la demande de rejet de cette plainte civile, déposée à l'été 2021 par Virginia Giuffre, l'une des victimes des crimes sexuels du financier américain Jeffrey Epstein, doit être « refusée à tous égards ».

Procès au civil

Le prince, 61 ans, est embarrassé depuis des années par ses liens avec Jeffrey Epstein, mort en prison en 2019, et son ancienne compagne Ghislaine Maxwell.

La défense soutenait le rejet de cette plainte au motif que Virginia Giuffre avait signé en 2009 un accord avec le financier américain pour ne pas le poursuivre, ainsi que « d'autres accusés potentiels » . Un argumentaire refusé par le juge, dans sa décision datée de mardi mais rendue publique mercredi.

Le prince n'est pas poursuivi au pénal dans cette affaire et a toujours vigoureusement rejeté les accusations de Virginia Giuffre. Si tous les recours d'Andrew échouent, un procès au civil pourrait se tenir « entre septembre et décembre » 2022, avait dit à l'automne 2021 le juge Kaplan.

Agressée sexuellement à trois reprises

Âgée de 38 ans, cette femme affirme qu'Andrew l'a agressée sexuellement à trois reprises en 2001 - lorsqu'elle avait 17 ans et s'appelait Virginia Roberts - à Londres, New York et aux îles Vierges américaines. C'est là que résidait un couple d'amis du prince: le multimillionnaire américain Jeffrey Epstein, qui s'est suicidé en prison en 2019, à 66 ans, avant son procès pour crimes sexuels, et la mondaine britannique Ghislaine Maxwell 60 ans, incarcérée à New York depuis 2020 et jugée coupable le 29 décembre de trafic sexuel de mineures au profit d'Epstein entre 1994 et 2004

Une vilaine affaire de mœurs.

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Les funérailles d’Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff, disparus des suites du Covid-19, avaient lieu ce 10 janvier en l'église de la Madeleine, à Paris. Cyril Hanouna, Luc Ferry, Julien Lepers et d’autres personnalités étaient venus leur rendre un dernier hommage, accompagnés de nombreux anonymes, souvent nostalgiques des années Temps X.

Cet édifice connu a accueilli nombre obsèques, souvent grandioses, d’artistes : Frédéric Chopin le premier en 1849, puis Édith Piaf, Thierry Le Luron, Charles Trenet, Henri Salvador, jusqu’à Johnny Hallyday en 2017.

À 14h45 arrivent la famille et les proches. D’abord l’écrivaine Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, mariée à Igor Bogdanoff de 2009 à 2018, avec lequel elle a eu deux garçons, Alexandre et Constantin, 10 et 7 ans, qui s’agrippent à son bras, apeurés par cet amas de curieux.

La comtesse Ludmilla d'Oultremont, la première épouse d’Igor, et Julie Jardon, sa dernière compagne, sont également présentes.

On aperçoit aussi quelques visages connus : l’animateur Cyril Hanouna, l’essayiste Raphaël Enthoven, le présentateur Julien Lepers, l’ancien acheteur d’Affaire Conclue Pierre-Jean Chalençon…

Le jet-setteur Massimo Gargia, habituellement si volubile, se fait discret. Tout comme l'ancien ministre de l’Éducation nationale, Luc Ferry, l’un des fidèles amis des Bogdanoff

« Dans l’univers, rien n’est impossible », citation chère aux deux frères. Paradoxalement, leur passion pour les sciences ne les avait pas empêchés de se rapprocher de la religion. Les différentes homélies, prononcées par des proches dans un grand silence, font référence à leur carrière :

« Votre disparition est un Big Bang. »

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Britney libérée, Britney vengée ?

 L’année 2021 aura marqué un tournant majeur dans la longue bataille menée par l’interprète de Baby One More Time pour se libérer de la tutelle de son père. Le témoignage-choc de 23 minutes livré par une Britney Spears « déprimée » et « traumatisée » devant le tribunal de Los Angeles en juin dernier a accéléré l’effondrement de sa tutelle, qui a été levée officiellement en novembre.

En Juillet 2021 à la suite du vibrant plaidoyer de la star pop, la société Bessemer Trust quitte la tutelle afin de respecter les vœux de cette dernière. Sam Ingham, avocat nommé par la cour et qui aura représenté Britney Spears pendant sa tutelle, cède sa place à un nouvel avocat, choisi cette fois par la chanteuse, Mathew Rosengart. Celui-ci demande la fin de ce « cauchemar kafkaïen » et finit par l'obtenir. En décembre 2021, Britney Spears retrouve le contrôle de ses finances et de sa fortune, estimée à 60 millions de dollars.

Mais l’histoire n’en restera pas là : le 19 janvier, la question de la gestion des finances de l’artiste qui a vendu 100 millions d’albums en 20 ans de carrière sera à nouveau discutée devant un tribunal de Los Angeles. Restent en effet aujourd’hui des questions majeures sur la gestion des finances de l’artiste par ses tuteurs, soupçonnés d’avoir largement profité de leur statut légal.

« Le cas de Britney Spears met en lumière ce système de tutelle en général, dans lequel les gens qui prennent des décisions sont aussi rémunérés pour leurs services, souligne Samantha Stark. Tant que la tutelle continue, ils font de l’argent. Le cas de Britney est unique parce qu’elle donnait des spectacles et faisait des millions de dollars. C’est un cas unique, mais avec un conflit d’intérêts évident pour les tuteurs. »

«  Je ne crois pas que la fin de la tutelle soit la fin de l’histoire, Britney a répété encore et encore qu’elle voulait poursuivre ceux qui ont profité de sa tutelle. Elle pourrait lancer une enquête ou lancer une poursuite, même si la tutelle est terminée », croit Samantha Stark, jointe à New York en décembre dernier.

Journaliste vidéo pour le New York Times, Samantha Stark a réalisé et produit deux documentaires coups de poing en 2021 sur la tutelle de Britney Spears, Framing Britney Spears et Controlling Britney Spears. Tous deux ont allumé, puis nourri une vague de soutien d’une ampleur inédite en faveur de la chanteuse de Work Bitch et du mouvement #FreeBritney.

À 40 ans, Britney Spears n’est plus l’écolière sexy dont tout le monde remettait en cause la virginité, ni la jeune sex-symbol dénigrée par les tabloïds, ni la femme harcelée par les paparazzis. En 2021, la réhabilitation de l’icône pop fait aussi cheminer bien des femmes de sa génération.

« Au final, notre façon de traiter les célébrités, c’est aussi la façon dont on se traite les uns les autres. C’est pour ça qu’on peut se sentir interpellés par le cas de Britney. », argue avec justesse Samantha Stark.

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Les frères Bogdanov, tous deux décédés du Covid-19, seront honorés lundi en l’église de la Madeleine à Paris.Une messe en hommage à Igor et Grichka Bogdanov sera célébrée lundi à 15H00 en l’église de la Madeleine à Paris, a annoncé mercredi la famille dans un communiqué. « Leur inhumation se déroulera dans la stricte intimité », ajoute le court texte transmis à l'AFP par l’agent des célèbres jumeaux.

Partis à six jours d’écart.

C’est la fin d’une double trajectoire étourdissante tracée par ces descendants de l’aristocratie autrichienne devenus princes du Paf. Révélés par l’émission «Temps X» , les frères baroques et visionnaires s’étaient laissé griser par le vertige de la science. En repensant l’origine de l’Univers, ils avaient gagné la dimension de chercheurs populaires et controversés.

À 72 ans, Igor et Grichka Bogdanov avaient choisi de ne pas être vaccinés contre le Covid-19. Jusqu’au bout, leur rapport au corps et à la médecine a été nimbé d’un certain mystère, une aura d’ovni. Selon Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, ex-épouse d’Igor Bogdanov , « ils sont tombés malades quelques jours avant leur hospitalisation le 15 décembre ».

« Les choses se sont dégradées. C’est le destin. Ils n’ont pas pu être séparés plus longtemps... Ils ont été très entourés à l’hôpital ! Jusqu’au bout, ils se donnaient des nouvelles à quelques chambres d’écart... », a confié mercredi Mme de Bourbon-Parme sur BFMTV. L’ex-épouse d’Igor Bogdanov, avec lequel elle a eu deux enfants, a confirmé que les deux frères n’étaient pas vaccinés.

La phobie des médecins et des médicaments

« Ils n’en faisait pas un sujet politique. Ils n’évangélisaient personne. C’était une décision personnelle liée à leur phobie des médecins et des médicaments. Il y a un lien avec le sujet de la mort qui était tabou pour eux et qui les fascinaient. Ils ne voulaient pas regarder la mort et ne voulaient aucun lien avec elle, préférant l’oublier », a-t-elle expliqué.

« Ils était fascinés par la science et les découvertes. On n’est jamais à une contradiction près... », a estimé Mme de Bourbon-Parme.

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Une icône de la Silicon Valley est tombée. Elizabeth Holmes a été condamnée lundi soir par le tribunal fédéral de San José (Californie) pour fraude et escroquerie à propos de son projet fou de start-up à l’origine de sa richesse, évaluée à plusieurs milliards de dollars. Après plus de trois mois d’un procès emblématique, Elizabeth Holmes, qui promettait de révolutionner les tests sanguins, a été reconnue coupable de fraude. Une sanction rare dans le monde de la tech

L’ex-star de la Silicon Valley a parlé. Elle a tenté de convaincre les jurés de son innocence et s’est présentée comme victime de violences sexuelles agissant sous l’emprise de Sunny Balwani, son associé avec qui elle a entretenu une relation pendant douze ans, et dont le procès est prévu pour le mois de mars 2022.

Après plusieurs jours de délibérations le jury a enfin rendu son verdict. Après plus de cinquante heures de délibération , les douze jurés réunis au tribunal de San José ont conclu qu'Elizabeth Holmes, la fondatrice de Theranos, a bien cherché à tromper ses investisseurs. Cette décision, très inhabituelle, ne devrait pourtant pas changer la culture de la Silicon Valley, où les entrepreneurs n'hésitent pas à embellir la réalité pour attirer des capitaux.

Une ascension fulgurante

Intitulée Theranos, l’entreprise avait tout, en théorie, pour révolutionner la médecine aux Etats-Unis. Avec une idée simple : à partir de quelques gouttes de sang prélevées, une machine appelée « Edison » pourrait en tirer plusieurs centaines d’analyses à même d’informer le patient sur sa santé. Sa fondatrice clamait que ces équipements étaient capables de réaliser plus de 200 tests sanguins.

Dans un pays où des millions d’Américains renoncent à se faire soigner, le projet a de quoi susciter l'enthousiasme. D’autant qu’Elizabeth Holmes promet que le test sera accessible au plus grand nombre.

Il fascine d’ailleurs autant les investisseurs que le monde politique qui, tous, soutiennent financièrement et médiatiquement le projet et n’hésitent pas à louer les qualités de la jeune entrepreneuse, qui a lancé la start-up en 2003 à tout juste 19 ans. En 2015, Forbes estime la fortune personnelle de la jeune trentenaire à 4,5 milliards de dollars. Joe Biden, alors vice-président des Etats-Unis, la qualifie à l’époque de « visionnaire ».

Les milliards s’accumulent, les contrats sont passés avec des chaînes de pharmacie ou d’épicerie pour installer à l’avenir son futur dispositif révolutionnaire. Tout semble sourire à cette fille d’une assistante parlementaire et d’un ancien directeur, désormais l’égale de Steve Jobs, fondateur d’Apple mort en 2011, son idole avec qui elle partage une passion pour le col roulé noir.

En réalité, ils parvenaient à en effectuer douze seulement, et leurs résultats étaient aléatoires. La supercherie a été dévoilée en 2015, dans un article publié par le « Wall Street Journal ».

Les défauts de son invention cachés

La milliardaire est alors pointée du doigt pour avoir masqué les défauts de sa création imparfaite. Au cours d’un procès de trois mois, une témoin a assuré qu’un test lui indiquait à tort une fausse couche. Un autre a indiqué qu’il avait été diagnostiqué séropositif, ce qui était faux également.

Elle n’a alors pas hésité à adopter le mantra «fake it until you make it» (fait semblant jusqu’à ce qui tu y arrives, ndlr) pendant des années. Et a inventé de toute pièce certains faits, comme l’utilisation de son outil par l’armée américaine en Afghanistan. Une information démentie par Jim Mattis, ancien secrétaire à la Défense de Donald Trump, qui assure que Theranos « n'avait jamais été déployée par les militaires sur le terrain ».

Coupable sur quatre points

Selon les jurés, entre 2010 et 2015, Elizabeth Holmes a œuvré à tromper les investisseurs, qui ont englouti plusieurs centaines de millions de dollars dans sa start-up. Elle a aussi été jugée coupable de trois autres chefs d'accusation portant sur des investissements individuels.

En théorie, chacun d'entre eux peut entraîner une peine maximale de vingt ans de prison maximum, et ces peines s'additionnent. Selon les médias américains, il est cependant peu probable que le juge décide d'imposer des peines aussi lourdes. L'ancienne PDG de Theranos devrait faire appel.

Les jurés, en revanche, ont conclu que la fondatrice de Theranos n'a pas cherché à tromper les patients. Sur les trois autres chefs d'accusation, portant sur des investissements individuels dans la start-up, le jury n'est pas parvenu à trouver un accord unanime. Les procureurs pourraient décider de déclencher un nouveau procès pour trancher ces points en suspens.

Défilé de témoins

Le jury a donc été convaincu par les 29 témoins qui ont raconté les méthodes douteuses employées par la start-up. Entre septembre et décembre, l'accusation a convoqué des patients ayant reçu des résultats de tests sanguins erronés, des investisseurs déçus, d'anciens employés de Theranos et des responsables de compagnies pharmaceutiques. Plusieurs éléments incriminant Elizabeth Holmes ont été montrés, dont des documents qu'elle a reconnu avoir trafiqués.

A la fin du procès, Elizabeth Holmes a choisi de se défendre elle-même . Elle a reconnu avoir fait des erreurs et exprimé des regrets, tout en déclarant qu'elle croyait en la mission de sa start-up et au potentiel de sa technologie. Elle a aussi accusé Ramesh Balwani, son ancien amant et directeur des opérations de sa start-up, de l'avoir manipulée et contrainte à avoir des relations sexuelles. Ce dernier, qui nie toutes ces accusations, sera jugé séparément en février.

Le procès de la Silicon Valley ?

Les verdicts coupables sont rarissimes aux Etats-Unis pour des chefs d'entreprise accusés de fraude. D'autres fondateurs de start-up, dont Adam Neumann, qui a créé l'entreprise de coworking WeWork ou l'ancien PDG d'Uber, Travis Kalanick, ont été poussés vers la sortie par leurs investisseurs, sans être poursuivis en justice pour autant.

Ce verdict est emblématique d'un changement général d'attitude aux Etats-Unis, vis-à-vis des entrepreneurs de la Silicon Valley. Autrefois admirés pour leur audace, ils font désormais l'objet de critiques, voire de tentatives de régulation qui n'ont pas abouti jusqu'à présent. Si la condamnation d'Elisabeth Holmes pourrait faire réfléchir à deux fois des entrepreneurs tentés d'embellir les faits pour attirer des financements, les investisseurs ne paraissent pas du tout concernés et injectent des montants records dans les start-up.

Angela Lee, professeur de capital-risque à l'université de Columbia estime par exemple que «ce verdict ne changera pas les pratiques de l'écosystème». . Pour comprendre, il faut s’intéresser à la culture de la Silicon Valley. Dans ce monde, innover, c’est sortir des sentiers battus pour donner vie à une idée, aussi disruptive soit-elle. Si vous persuadez les investisseurs de vous donner de l’argent, vous pouvez poursuivre des idées folles.

C’est le jeu et les investisseurs le savent. Voilà leur philosophie : ils soutiennent 100 idées en se disant qu’une finira par payer et rapporter de l’argent Egalement à la tête d'un fonds d'amorçage,Angela Lee raconte que le rapport de force est désormais entre les mains des fondateurs qui ont le choix entre des argentiers de moins en moins scrupuleux: «Je ne compte plus le nombre de fois où l'on me propose d'entrer au capital d'une start-up en me disant 'untel nous suit, vous avez cinq jours pour vous décider'. Le process d'évaluation de ces entreprises s'est accéléré.» Du côté des investisseurs, c’est l’effet domino : une entreprise attire des investisseurs et d’autres investisseurs suivent derrière, sans poser les bonnes questions, ils n’en sont pas capables. Rendant encore plus complexe la capacité des investisseurs à démasquer les prochains fraudeurs..

Certains investisseurs sont peut-être plus prudents, mais le paradigme reste le même : des entreprises visent les étoiles, sans expliquer comment elles comptent arriver. Des voix s’élèvent pour davantage de transparence, d’autres sont partisans du secret et du laisser aller. Le système est là pour que Theranos se reproduise…

En 2022 un procès en appel devrait se dérouler et Bad Blood, le livre de John Carreyrou relatant les faits, sera adapté au cinéma avec Jennifer Lawrence dans le rôle d'Elizabeth Holmes.

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Les jumeaux stars des années 1980 ne sont plus. Igor Bogdanoff vient de mourir à l’âge de 72 ans, annonce son agent ce lundi  4 janvier 2022. Son décès survient six jours seulement après celui de son frère Grichka, hospitalisé comme lui après une contamination au Covid-19. L 'un des deux frères Bogdanoff, Grichka, est mort à l'âge de 72 ans, avait alors annoncé son agent mardi 28 décembre.

Pas vaccinés

Les deux hommes n'étaient pas vaccinés. Invité sur BFMTV ce lundi, l'avocat de Grichka Bogdanoff, Edouard de Lamaze, a affirmé que « oui, oui, bien sûr », Igor Bogdanoff est décédé des suites du Covid-19.

« Dans la paix et l'amour, entouré de ses enfants et de sa famille, Igor Bogdanoff est parti vers la lumière lundi 3 janvier 2022 », ont écrit ses proches dans un message transmis par son agent.

Difficile de dissocier les jumeaux à la trajectoire parfaitement parallèle. Tous deux ont été lancés à la télévision en 1979, après avoir publié en 1976, un livre de vulgarisation scientifique, intitulé Clefs pour la science-fiction. « On a été invité au journal de 13 heures d’Yves Mourousi, sur TF1, et c’est comme ça qu’on a créé Temps X, grâce à notre livre », évoquait Igor Bogdanoff sur le plateau de BFMTV en 2018.

Mais pourquoi donc les frères Bogdanoff ont-ils refusé de se faire vacciner ? Une position militante revendiquée ? Une trop grande confiance dans leur système immunitaire ? Leur ami Luc Ferry, qui les connaissait bien, a avancé un début de réponse dans Le Parisien. « Grichka, comme Igor, n’était pas antivax, il était antivax pour lui-même, affirme l’ancien ministre de l’Éducation nationale, qui passait parfois des vacances avec eux. On en a encore parlé au téléphone il y a moins de trois semaines, quand tout allait bien pour eux. »

«Entouré de l’amour de sa famille et des siens, Grichka Bogdanoff s’est éteint paisiblement, le 28 décembre 2021, pour rejoindre ses étoiles», a écrit sa famille dans un communiqué transmis par son agent. Contactée par cette dernière, la famille n'a pas souhaité revenir sur les causes de son décès.

De source journalistique, Grichka Bogdanoff avait été hospitalisé le 15 décembre dans le service de réanimation de l’hôpital Georges-Pompidou, après avoir contracté le Covid-19. Le même jour, son frère Igor avait été également reçu au sein du même service de cet établissement, pour des raisons identiques. Selon une source proche des deux frères, ils n’étaient pas vaccinés contre le Covid-19.

En avril 2020, soit un peu plus d'un an avant sa disparition, le scientifique avait donné des nouvelles très rassurantes dans les colonnes d'Ici Paris. « On conserve un regard d'enfant, d'émerveillement sur le monde. Nous ne regardons jamais en direction du passé, mais toujours vers l'avenir », avait-il rétorqué lorsque les journalistes lui avaient demandé de faire le bilan de sa vie à 70 ans passés.

Inséparables jumeaux

Avec son frère jumeau Igor, Grichka Bogdanoff avait lancé «Temps X», l'une des premières émissions télévisées de vulgarisation scientifique en France dans les années 1980. Les frères Bogdanoff détonnent dans le paysage audiovisuel français avec des effets spéciaux d’époque et des combinaisons argentées inusables, portées pendant neuf saisons face à de nombreux invités, comme Jacques Attali, Jean-Michel Jarre ou encore Jean-Claude Mézières. Les « Bogda » ont réalisé deux autres émissions scientifiques, pour France 2 – « Rayons X », de 2002 à 2007, puis « A deux pas du futur », entre 2010 et 2011. En réponse aux attaques visant leur légitimité, ils dénoncent une communauté scientifique incapable d’accepter un point de vue atypique et fustigent la cabale médiatique.

Ils parlent du train du futur, d’intelligence artificielle, d’astronomie ou d’OVNIS. Si tout le monde n’est pas fan – le magazine L’Express ironise en 1985 sur « ces clones de cirque qui ont inventé le look sanisette, asexué » –, ils sont toutefois propulsés au rang d’icônes par toute une génération qui admire leur brio de surdoués : « A 11 ans, nous avons passé des tests qui nous ont appris que nous faisons partie des 0,01 % de la population ayant un quotient intellectuel supérieur à 190 », relevait Grichka.

« Le cas est rare mais nous sommes investis de tous les avantages des jumeaux – une résonance physique, intellectuelle et morale –, sans l’inconvénient majeur que l’un installe son gouvernement sur l’autre », ajoutait-il.

Docteurs en physique et en mathématique, écrivains, animateurs de télévision, descendants de l’aristocratie autrichienne, figures de la vulgarisation scientifique pour le grand public et objets de controverses pour les chercheurs… en plus de quarante ans de vie publique, Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff (qui ont remplacé l’orthographe de leur nom en « Bogdanov », en signature de leurs ouvrages dès les années 1990) ont accumulé nombre de succès populaires.

Ils avaient par ailleurs connu un succès constant en librairie, avec la parution de nombreux best-sellers ayant pour sujets le cosmos, la naissance de l'Univers ou encore les innovations technologiques, comme « Le visage de Dieu» (ed. Grasset), «Le Code secret de l'Univers» (ed. Albin Michel), ou encore «3 minutes pour comprendre la grande théorie du Big Bang» (ed. Le Courrier du Livre).

Le 20 novembre dernier, Igor et Grichka Bogdanov étaient apparus publiquement, salle Gaveau à Paris, afin d'animer un débat à l'occasion de la parution du livre «Dieu, la science, les preuves» de Michel-Yves Bolloré et Olivier Bonnassies (éditions Guy Tredaniel).

Pour les deux auteurs, les découvertes scientifiques du XXe siècle et de ces deux dernières décennies, loin d’éloigner l’idée de Dieu, permettent au contraire aujourd’hui d’affirmer que l’Univers a un début absolu – le Big Bang correspondant bien à cette perspective – et une fin prévisible, comme la thermodynamique tend à le prouver.

Une vie romanesque

Nés dans le village de Saint-Lary, dans le Gers, le 29 août 1949, leur père serait un artiste peintre russe d’origine tatare, leur mère la fille naturelle d’une aristocrate autrichienne. Ils sont élevés par des précepteurs, au milieu des 15.000 ouvrages en français, russe, anglais ou allemand de la bibliothèque familiale.

Grichka avait été diagnostiqué Asperger

Grichka Bogdanov avait révélé avoir été diagnostiqué du syndrome d'Asperger. « J'ai été testé officiellement Asperger », avait-il fait savoir, avant de préciser :

« Ça me permet de mieux situer les caractéristiques de mon fonctionnement psychique.

Par exemple, apprendre par cœur les mille premières décimales du nombre pi. »

Par ailleurs, beaucoup de mystère entoure la biographie des célèbres jumeaux, qui ont eu plusieurs fois maille à partir avec la justice. Un procès pour « escroquerie sur personne vulnérable » visant les deux frères doit avoir lieu les 20, 21 et 27 janvier 2022. Ils sont accusés d’avoir spolié un millionnaire bipolaire pour régler leurs déboires financiers et relancer Temps X, l’émission de science-fiction qui les a rendus célèbres.

Ces dernières années, ils avaient surtout défrayé la chronique au travers des moqueries des humoristes à propos de leur visage profondément transformé.

« Nous revendiquons d’avoir une gueule d’extraterrestres », affirmaient-ils en 2010, sans donner d’autres détails. Grichka Bogdanoff était célibataire et n'avait pas d'enfant.

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Dans son message de Noël, Elizabeth II partage sa peine d’avoir perdu Philip . Elizabeth II a confié samedi que son défunt époux Philip lui « manque » dans un touchant hommage rendu lors de sa traditionnelle allocution de Noël, une fête de nouveau assombrie par la Covid-19. « Bien que ce soit pour beaucoup de gens une période de grand bonheur et de gaieté, Noël peut être difficile pour ceux qui ont perdu des êtres chers. Cette année, je comprends particulièrement pourquoi », a déclaré la souveraine dans ce message, personnel comme rarement, enregistré au château de Windsor.

Elle y apparaît vêtue d’une robe rouge, assise derrière un bureau sur lequel est posée une photographie de Philip et elle se regardant en souriant, prise en 2007 à l’occasion de leurs noces de diamant (60 ans de mariage). Elle porte une broche chrysanthème en saphir qu’elle avait arboré pour sa lune de miel en 1947, bijou qui apparaît aussi sur le cliché de 2007.« Je sais qu’il voudrait que nous profitions de Noël »

La monarque de 95 ans assure avoir « tiré un grand réconfort » des nombreux hommages qu’elle a reçus depuis le décès du duc d’Édimbourg en avril à 99 ans. Évoquant avec tendresse Philip avec laquelle elle a été mariée 73 ans, elle cite « son sens du devoir, sa curiosité intellectuelle et sa capacité à s’amuser de toute situation ». « L’éclat espiègle et interrogateur (de ses yeux) était aussi brillant à la fin que lorsque j’ai posé les yeux sur lui pour la première fois », poursuit-elle. « Bien qu’il me manque, et manque à ma famille, je sais qu’il voudrait que nous profitions de Noël », ajoute la reine, assise auprès d’un grand sapin scintillant, insistant sur la « joie » de la fête « malgré le rire familier qui nous manque ».

2021 aura été une année difficile pour la souveraine nonagénaire, qui après avoir perdu son époux a dû renoncer à la plupart de ses engagements. Ses médecins l’ont mise au repos après une nuit passée à l’hôpital en octobre pour des raisons jamais précisées. Et ces premières fêtes de fin d’année sans Philip, qu’elle avait qualifié de « roc », sont assombries par la résurgence fulgurante des cas de Covid-19 au Royaume-Uni. Après avoir annulé le traditionnel déjeuner qu’elle donne avant les fêtes pour une cinquantaine de membres de sa famille, elle a renoncé à se rendre fêter Noël à Sandringham, dans l’est de l’Angleterre, restant au château de Windsor près de Londres, désormais sa résidence principale.

Son fils aîné, Charles, et son épouse, Camilla, passent Noël à ses côtés, mais pas sa fille, Anne, qui s’isole depuis que son mari a été testé positif au coronavirus. Le prince William, fils aîné de Charles, son épouse Kate et leurs trois enfants passent Noël dans l’est de l’Angleterre. Charles et Camilla se sont rendus samedi matin

« Même si en raison du Covid, nous ne pouvons pas célébrer (Noël) tout à fait comme nous l’aurions souhaité, nous pouvons toujours profiter de nombreuses et joyeuses traditions », comme entonner un chant de Noël ou décorer un sapin, a suggéré Elizabeth II dans son allocution. Évoquant la transmission de traditions et de valeurs, la reine a cité la protection de l’environnement. Elle s’est félicitée que le « travail de pionnier » de Philip ait été « repris » par Charles et William, impliqués dans la conférence sur le climat COP26 en Écosse alors qu’elle-même avait dû annuler sa venue.

La souveraine ne fait, en revanche, aucune mention du prince Harry et de son épouse Meghan, qui ont pris leurs distances avec la famille royale en 2020 et vivent désormais en Californie, même si elle s’est réjouie de la naissance de quatre enfants dans la famille royale en 2021, dont Lilibet, deuxième enfant du couple.

La reine a évoqué les grands rendez-vous de 2022, dont les jeux du Commonwealth l’été prochain, et surtout les célébrations de son jubilé de platine, marquant ses 70 ans de son accession au trône le 6 février 1952.

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Chaque année à partir de la fin novembre, Mariah Carey fait son retour à la radio ou dans les haut-parleurs des magasins avec son tube de Noël « All I want for Christmas is you ».

Sorti en 1994, le tube de Noël de Mariah Carey vient de pulvériser un nouveau record. Inédit dans l"histoire de la musique, il s'est placé cette semaine en tête du Billboard 100.

La chanteuse a remercié ses fans sur Instagram : « Les enfants m'ont réveillée avec la bonne nouvelle.

Je suis si reconnaissante, surtout envers les Lambily. Je vous aime tellement ! » Les Lambily sont le nom que donne Mariah Carey à ses fans.

Mais la diva de la pop pense que son titre de reine de Noël n'est plus au goût du jour, voire usurpée, au micro du Zoe Ball Breakfast Festival.

Un titre qu'elle laisse volontiers ... à la Vierge Marie.

« C'est elle la reine de Noël » conclut-elle au micro de la radio britannique.

Cette révélation intervient en pleine promotion de Fall in Love at Christmas. Un nouveau titre taillé pour les fêtes.

La diva sort en effet dans la foulée un nouveau single de... Noël intitulée « Fall in love at Christmas », aux côtés du chanteur RnB Khalid et de l'icône du gospel Kirk Franklin.

Cette nouveauté a été présentée lors du récent show Mariah's Christmas: The Magic Continues diffusé sur Apple TV+ et réalisé par Hamish Hamilton et Roman Coppola. Mariah Carey en est évidemment la vedette, entourée d'invités célèbres.

Elue plus la plus grande pop star de l'année 2014 par le Time, elle a aussi intégré en novembre dernier le célèbre Guiness Book des Records pour avoir vendu près de 17 millions d'exemplaires.

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La reine Elizabeth II d’Angleterre a annulé un repas en famille prévu avant Noël, a appris la presse britannique ce jeudi 16 décembre auprès du palais de Buckingham.

« Le repas familial d’avant Noël n’aura pas lieu, a confié cette source à Reuters. La décision est une mesure de précaution car cela mettrait en danger les préparatifs de Noël de trop nombreuses personnes s’il avait lieu. »

Les cas de Covid-19 explosent outre-manche

La souveraine de 95 ans, dont les apparitions sont rares depuis sa brève hospitalisation en octobre, comptait réunir une cinquantaine de personnes mardi midi au château de Windsor, désormais sa résidence principale, à l’ouest de Londres. Elle doit ensuite aller passer Noël à Sandringham, dans l’est de l’Angleterre, avec sa famille rapprochée. Cette coutume est un hommage à l'héritage allemand de la monarchie britannique.

Ainsi, chaque année, les membres de la famille arrivent à Sandringham pour les fêtes de fin d'année. Les cadeaux sont disposés sur des tables différentes de façon à ce que chaque invité ait sa propre pile. Après qu'ils ont décoré l'arbre de Noël et pris le thé de l'après-midi, les membres de la famille royale procède à l'échange de cadeaux à 18 heures tapante.

Le tabloïd The Sun rapportait mercredi qu’elle espérait maintenir ce repas auquel elle tient beaucoup, annulé l’an dernier déjà en raison de la pandémie et qui aurait été son premier depuis la mort de son époux Philip en avril.

Les autorités sanitaires britanniques ont recommandé mercredi d’éviter tout rassemblement avant les fêtes de fin d’année, alors que le Royaume-Uni enregistre un nombre record de contaminations par le coronavirus.

La reine hospitalisée en octobre

La reine, qui est âgée de 95 ans, a été hospitalisée en octobre dernier et a annulé ensuite ses engagements officiels pendant plusieurs semaines.

Elle a depuis considérablement réduit ses activités et notamment annulé sa présence à la conférence sur le climat COP26 en Écosse. Elle tient la plupart de ses audiences par visioconférence mais aussi quelques unes en personne comme mercredi avec le sultan d’Oman, qu’elle a reçu à Windsor.

L'état de santé de la souveraine, qui règne depuis près de 70 ans, inquiète depuis qu'elle a été mise au repos par ses médecins le 20 octobre et a passé une nuit à l'hôpital pour des examens « préliminaires » dont la nature n'a jamais été précisée.

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Diane Leyre, Miss Ile-de-France, a été élue Miss France 2022 dans la nuit de samedi 11 à dimanche 12 décembre 2021, à l’issue d’un concours organisé à Caen, retransmis sur TF1. Sa première dauphine est Miss Martinique, et sa deuxième dauphine, Miss Alsace. Elle succède à Amandine Petit (Normandie), qui avait été élue en décembre 2020. Il s’agit de la première Miss francilienne a être élue depuis 1997.

La jeune femme brune de 1 m 77, âgée de 24 ans, a été choisie à 50/50 par les téléspectateurs et par un jury de sept personnalités présidé par l’ancien présentateur du journal télévisé Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

Le jury s’est prononcé à l’issue d’une soirée au cours de laquelle les 29 miss régionales candidates ont présenté une série de chorégraphies sur des airs connus de comédies musicales sous les acclamations du public du Zénith de Caen.

Titulaire d'un Bachelor de business administration, Diane Leyre travaille sur Paris dans une entreprise de promotion immobilière située dans le 7ème arrondissement de la capitale. Trilingue (elle parle aussi bien le français, l'anglais que l'espagnol, ndlr), cette fan de fitness et romans a étudié à Madrid.

La Parisienne  va devoir quitter son emploi pour se consacrer à 100 % à son nouveau statut. Mais pas de quoi l’effrayer : « Je suis prête à devenir ambassadrice de notre beau pays », confiait-elle après son sacre. Diane Leyre a également la fibre entrepreneuriale puisqu’elle a créé pendant la crise du Covid-19 son entreprise, « une marque qui proposait des bandoulières pour les sacs à main, a-t-elle détaillé au Figaro. Cela a super bien marché mais, quand j’ai repris le travail, je ne pouvais pas concilier les deux. »

Sur fond de polémique

L’élection s’est déroulée sur fond de polémique alors que le concours est de plus en plus critiqué, notamment sur la représentation des femmes. L'association Osez le féminisme ! qui accuse le concours de violation du droit du travail, a déposé plainte.

Ce concours est réservé aux femmes célibataires de moins de 25 ans, d’une taille minimale de 1 m 70. Ainsi la ministre de l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes, Elisabeth Moreno, a déploré vendredi des « règles dépassées (…) qui peuvent être discriminantes ». Mme Moreno a, par exemple, regretté qu’une « femme veuve ou une femme qui est déjà mère ne puisse pas postuler ». Mme Moreno a reçu au ministère Alexia Laroche-Joubert, la présidente de la société Miss France, filiale de la société de production Endemol.

Et elle s’est dite « quasiment certaine » que les règles « vont évoluer ». Mme Laroche-Joubert a ainsi annoncé depuis, lors de la présentation du concours 2022, que les candidates seraient pour la première fois rémunérées pour la finale, mais pas pour les répétitions. La participation de personnes transgenres est « envisageable » et a « fait partie des discussions » avec Mme Laroche-Joubert, a, en outre, assuré Mme Moreno, samedi sur Europe 1. De quoi faire bondir Geneviève de Fontenay, 89 ans, qui a claqué la porte du concours pour « Féministe ».

« En tant que femme j’ai envie de montrer qu’on peut être Miss France et féministe […], s’est défendue la lauréate. Pour moi, le féminisme c’est de décider de faire ce que je veux. » La jeune femme n’a pas hésité à miser sur l’humour pour convaincre le jury et les spectateurs. « Pour un an seulement, adoptez-moi », a-t-elle lancé au public.

Avec les 28 candidates avec qui je suis montée sur scène, on s’est senties plus féministes que jamais de prendre le pouvoir de notre vie, de monter sur scène alors qu’on a entre 18 et 24 ans, de prendre le micro, de tenir des discours », a-t-elle ajouté ce dimanche 12 décembre 2021.

Laissons la parole à Roselyne Bachelot : « J’aime bien le concours de Miss France (…).

C’est un concours amusant, glamour », avait déclaré, vendredi, la ministre de la culture, sur un plateau.

« On a besoin d’un peu de légèreté », et ces jeunes femmes « sont loin d’être des potiches. »

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Marlène Schiappa succède à Édouard Philippe. La ministre déléguée auprès du ministre de l’Intérieur, chargée de la Citoyenneté, a reçu le Grand Prix de l’humour politique 2021, mardi, des mains du jury du prix « Press Club, humour et politique ». Cette récompense est due à une phrase prononcée au micro de Radio J lorsqu’elle défendait son projet de loi visant à lutter contre la polygamie. « On ne va pas s’interdire les plans à trois », avait-elle jugé bon de préciser. On savait Marlène Shappia une femme libérée...

Le Prix du Jury est attribué au candidat souverainiste à la présidentielle Nicolas Dupont-Aignan pour sa déclaration : « Je suis fort chez les gens qui sont à la limite du vote ».

Le Prix du Jeu de « Miot » (en hommage à Jean Miot, créateur du prix) et le Prix Spécial du Jury sont attribués à Jean-Pierre Raffarin, ancien Premier Ministre : « Quand la droite se durcit, elle se rétrécit ».

Cette saillie de Jean-Pierre Raffarin fait partie de la deuxième portée des phrases en lice pour le prix « Press club, humour et politique » 2021.

Le Prix de l’encouragement a été décerné à Audrey Pulvar, adjointe à la maire PS de Paris Anne Hidalgo : « Ce qui se passe avec les votes extrêmes et l’abstention, c’est la traduction concrète des effets du réchauffement climatique ».

Le Prix de la récidive a été adressé à l’ex-président François Hollande : « Michel Barnier a un côté prince charmant pour les maisons de retraite ».

Le Prix Marcel Duchamp a été remis à la ministre de la Culture Roselyne Bachelot : « Comme disait mon grand-père, mieux vaut avoir des gens dans sa tente et qui pissent dehors que l’inverse ».

Emmanuel Macron s’est vu décerner le prix Sigmund Freud, pour sa réponse à une agricultrice lors de sa visite d’une foire en Provence : « La réforme des retraites, on fera cela quand on tombera les masques ».

Le Prix de la révélation de l’année a été attribué à Sandrine Rousseau, candidate à la primaire écologiste : « Je vis avec un homme déconstruit et je suis super heureuse ».

Enfin, le Prix des Internautes a été décerné, ex-æquo, au Premier Ministre Jean Castex - "Moins nous alimentons les polémiques auto portées, mieux nous nous portons - et au sénateur LR de Paris Pierre Charon : "Xavier Bertrand voulait être hypersonique, il est subsonique, il n’a pas passé le mur du son".

Le prix « Press club, humour et politique » avait été remporté en 2019 par Édouard Philippe.

À la question de savoir si tout remontait à Matignon, le Premier ministre de l’époque avait répondu : « Non, seulement les emmerdes. »

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She is the 6th woman to make her entry. Out of 80 people who have made history, Josephine Baker is only the sixth woman to enter the Pantheon. Sophie Berthelot, Marie Curie, Germaine Tillion, Germaine de Gaulle-Anthonioz and Simone Veil preceded her. This date of November 30 was not chosen at random. It coincides with the anniversary date of Joséphine Baker's marriage to Jean Lion. This union, which lasted 14 months, allowed her to become French.

Large Fig of the Resistance

The one who loved singing above all else and was also engaged during World War II.Josephine Baker initially refused to perform in front of the Nazi soldiers. And in September 1939, it was presented to Jacques Abtey, head of the military counter-espionage in Paris.

This one offers a mission to Josephine Baker: to gather information on the enemy troops. For this, she will have to use her popularity as an artist, be invited to embassies and dinners. A perfect role for this tall, elegant and socialite woman. No one can suspect her; elegant and worldly.

At the Château des Milandes, located in the Dordogne, which she rented in 1937, then bought ten years later, Joséphine Baker also organized circles of resistance fighters. Very involved, she was called to help General de Gaulle, a refugee in London.

She then agrees to serve as cover for Jacques Abtey, who must transmit to the information of Free France, on the other side of the Channel therefore, information collected in the occupied zone. He then traveled under the false identity of Jacques Hébert, “artist accompanying Madame Joséphine Baker”. As for the top secret notes, they are hidden in cipher language in the singer's scores. This little stratagem will also be the occasion for a first meeting between Joséphine Baker and the General.

The artist is then sent on a mission to North Africa, to Algiers, Fez, Alexandria, etc. She gives concerts there, but her presence always has another purpose. “It's very convenient to be Josephine Baker. The customs officers do ask me for papers, but they are autographs, ”she jokes, while hiding information notes under her clothes.

In 1957, she was made a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

The coffin, which will not contain the body of the icon of the Roaring Twenties, will be filled with soil from the four symbolic places where Josephine Baker spent part of her life: Saint-Louis, her birthplace in the United States, Paris, her city of heart, the Milandes in the Dordogne where she owned a castle, and Monaco, where she rests near her husband and one of her children.

"You have to have known her to imagine what kindness is" tweeted Line Renaud.

The Head of State will deliver a speech in tribute to this "world-renowned artist, engaged in the Resistance, tireless anti-racist activist" who is "the embodiment of the French spirit".

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In November 2019, Lady Gaga had already spoken about the famous rumor that she and Bradley Cooper, on the set of A Star Is Born, had fallen in love.

This speculation had reached new heights when the two actors, accomplices and entwined, performed the hit Shallow at the 2019 Oscars, for which they won the Oscar for best original song.

“We had everything orchestrated and planned. Of course we wanted people to believe we were in love.

And we worked hard on it. We worked for days. “, She had confided in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Four years after playing alongside Lady Gaga, it's the turn of the American actor to put things straight. Bradley Cooper explained that the performance was designed to play out like the central scene of the film, in large part to help him overcome his stress of singing live.

“Just on a personal level, it reduced my anxiety level,” the American Sniper comedian admitted.

“They [the characters Jackson and Ally, note] kind of fall in love in this scene in the movie.

It is this magical moment that happens to them on a stage in front of thousands of people. (...) It would have been so bizarre, if we were each on stools in front of the public ”, he affirmed in the Hollywood Reporter this Wednesday, November 17.

At the time, the actor in a relationship with the model Irina Shay, did not speak.

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Hard blow for Celine Dion who announced Tuesday, October 19 that she was forced to cancel several dates of her concerts in Las Vegas for medical reasons.

“My heart is broken by this situation. My team and I have been working on our new show for 8 months and not being able to take the stage in November saddens me beyond words.

My partners at Resorts World Las Vegas and AEG have worked tirelessly to prepare this brand new state-of-the-art theater, and it is absolutely gorgeous.

I feel terribly bad for letting them down, and I'm particularly sorry to disappoint all the fans who had planned to come to Las Vegas.

Now, I have to focus on my health to get better quickly… I want to get out of it as quickly as possible, ”Celine Dion wrote via an Instagram post.

"Severe" and "persistent" spasms are mentioned in a statement posted on his Twitter account. The Canadian singer was expected by her fans for a series of concerts planned in Las Vegas next November.

In a press release, the team of the star evokes "unpredictable physical symptoms" which "force the singer to delay the premiere and to cancel the performances planned from November 5 to 20, 2021 and from January 19 to February 5, 2022." According to Variety magazine, the latter would be the victim of "persistent muscle spasms that prevent her from performing".

Let's wish Celine Dion a good recovery !

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Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State, died at the age of 84 from "complications related to Covid-19", his family announced on Monday, October 18.

“We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father and grandfather, and a great American,” they said in a statement.

Born April 5, 1937 in Harlem, Mr. Powell grew up in New York City, where he studied geology. He began his military career in 1958.

First posted to Germany, he was then sent to Vietnam as a military adviser to John F. Kennedy.

He was the first African-American to hold the post of chief of staff for the armed forces, before becoming the chief American diplomat under the presidency of Republican George W. Bush.

"A great servant of the State", according to George W. Bush

George W. Bush hailed the memory of his former foreign minister, saying he was "a great servant of the state".

"Many presidents have relied on the judgment and experience of General Powell," the former president said in a statement. He was highly respected at home and abroad. "

Defender of the Iraq War

He has had his career tarnished by embodying unwavering support for the Iraq war. Defender of the war in Iraq, Mr. Powell had indeed made, on February 5, 2003, before the Security Council of the United Nations (UN), a long speech on the weapons of mass destruction allegedly held by the Iraq; arguments which served to justify the invasion of the country. He later admitted that this performance was a "stain" on his reputation: "It is a stain, because I am the one who made this presentation on behalf of the United States to the world and it will always be part of it. my record. In other interviews, he will affirm that his role was above all to moderate the positions of George W. Bush and the "hawks" who advised the White House.

The former chief of staff of the armed forces has lavished his military expertise on numerous American officials, including four presidents, reinforcing a reputation as a man of honor distant from the political fray.

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Finally Britney Spears freed from the tutelage of her father !

She will be able to regain control of her life and her body.

A Los Angeles court in fact decided Wednesday to withdraw the guardianship of Britney Spears to her father Jamie, in accordance with the wishes of the singer who had described as "abusive" this measure which she has been asking for the cancellation for several years.

After opposing it, his father finally agreed to comply with his request in early September.

This supervision, set up in 2008 after mental disorders manifested by the star, remains however for the moment in force, but Jamie Spears has until further notice no longer a say in the management of privacy or of his daughter's finances, now in the hands of professionals.

The court is expected to rule on the end of this guardianship measure at a future hearing, likely by the end of the year. Jamie Spears "must be suspended on September 29, 2021 and the wardship must end quickly," wrote Mathew Rosengart, lawyer for Britney Spears, in a petition filed this week.

Judge Penny had set for November 12, 2021, a “short hearing” intended to formally endorse the end of the guardianship.

Now a second is scheduled for December 13, 2021 to look at financial matters and other details.

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Britney Spears can finally believe in happiness again!

The 39-year-old popstar announces her engagement to Sam Asghari by posting a short video of her diamond ring on her finger on Instagram, along with a caption:

"I can't believe it, p ***** !!!!!! ".

Beside her in the video is 27-year-old Sam Asghari, whom she turns to kiss him on the cheek.

"Look at this, do you like it? He asks her.

" Yes ! She exclaims with joy.

The marriage proposal was made at the star's home, according to Brandon Cohen (manager of Sam Asghari) to TMZ on the evening of Sunday, September 12, 2021.

Until then under the tutelage of her father, the 39-year-old singer could not formalize her relationship with her companion Sam Asghari.

But the father has finally officially asked the courts to question the very principle of the guardianship exercised over his daughter.

The two lovebirds first met in 2016, when they performed together in the music video for her hit "Slumber Party" and have lived together for more than five years.

And they have other plans like having a child.

This is what the American star had revealed to the judges during a hearing concerning his guardianship.

Justin Timberlake's ex already has two children from a previous marriage to rapper Kevin Federline..

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La Mostra de Venise retrouve à partir de mercredi tout son lustre, après une édition 2020 en demi-teinte à cause de la pandémie, avec ce savant mélange de grosses productions américaines, de cinéma d’auteur et de glamour qui en a fait un tremplin incontournable pour les Oscars.

L’an dernier, le plus ancien des festivals de cinéma avait fait le pari de se maintenir coûte que coûte malgré le Covid, et avait remis son Lion d’Or à l’un des très rares films américains sélectionnés, « Nomadland ».

Mais ni la réalisatrice, Chloé Zhao, ni l’actrice principale, Frances McDormand, n’avaient pu faire le déplacement.

D’ici la cérémonie de clôture le 11 septembre, de nombreuses stars pourraient fouler le tapis rouge, de Kristen Stewart en Lady Diana dans « Spencer » de Pablo Larrain, à Benedict Cumberbatch, en passant par Penelope Cruz et Antonio Banderas.

Des films venant de 59 pays seront projetés sur le Lido, et la course au Lion d’Or s’ouvrira mercredi avec « Madres Paralelas », dernier film de Pedro Almodovar, figure majeure du cinéma européen.

Netflix banni à Cannes mais bien accueilli à Venise

Le jury, présidé par Bong Joon-Ho, réalisateur de « Parasite », Palme d’Or 2019 et Oscar du meilleur film l’année suivante, réunit notamment l’actrice franco-belge Virginie Efira et Chloé Zhao.

Il devra départager 21 films – dont seulement cinq signés de réalisatrices. En cause, le ralentissement de la production, lié à la pandémie, qui aurait davantage impacté les réalisatrices, a plaidé Alberto Barbera, directeur du festival.

Trois films français sont en lice :

« Un autre monde », drame social de Stéphane Brizé, « Illusions perdues », où Xavier Giannoli adapte Balzac, et « L’Evénement », une adaptation d’un roman d’Annie Ernaux sur le thème de l’avortement par Audrey Diwan, une Franco-libanaise pour la première fois en compétition.

Le géant du streaming Netflix, toujours en quête de respectabilité, prétend à un Lion d’Or avec deux films,

« La Main de Dieu » de l’Italien Paolo Sorrentino, et surtout « Le pouvoir du chien » de Jane Campion, Palme d’Or en 1993 avec « La leçon de piano ».

Venise, qui peut se targuer d’une longue histoire qui lui a permis en 78 éditions de voir passer des légendes comme Marlon Brando, Martin Scorsese ou Robert de Niro, est devenue sous la direction d’Alberto Barbera l’une des antichambres des Oscars.

« Joker » de Todd Phillips a ainsi remporté deux Oscars cinq mois après avoir été couronné Lion d’Or en 2019, et « Nomadland » a reçu les statuettes du meilleur film et du meilleur réalisateur à Hollywood après son triomphe à Venise.

L’événement se tiendra aussi hors compétition, où sera présenté «Dune», une nouvelle version du space-opéra mythique à laquelle s’est essayé le Canadien Denis Villeneuve, avec un cortège de stars au générique, de Timothée Chalamet à Oscar Isaac, en passant par la révélation de la série «Euphoria», Zendaya. Ridley Scott («Blade Runner», «Gladiator») occupera aussi l’affiche, avec «Le dernier duel», qui marque la reformation à l’écran et au scénario du duo Matt Damon/Ben Affleck, un quart de siècle après «Will Hunting».

Le palmarès doit être annoncé le 11 septembre, au terme de cette 2e édition depuis le début de la pandémie.

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Une rentrée avec de nouveaux projets s'annonce-t-elle pour les Cambridge ? Selon le tabloïd britannique, Kate Middleton, le prince William et leurs enfants pourraient en effet déménager prochainement de leur demeure d’Anmer Hall afin de s’installer à Windsor.

Actuellement, le duc et la duchesse de Cambridge partagent leur temps entre deux résidences : leur grand appartement à Kensington Palace, au cœur de la capitale britannique, et leur maison de campagne d'Amner Hall, situé dans le Norfolk où ils passent leur week-end et leurs vacances.

Kate et William avaient également passé le confinement dans cette propriété.

« Anmer Hall avait du sens pendant que William était pilote d'hélicoptère en Est-Anglie et c'était utile pour les fêtes de Noël à Sandringham, mais cela ne fonctionne plus vraiment. C'est un peu trop loin pour les week-ends, mais Windsor est un parfait compromis. Ils envisagent des options dans la région », a expliqué une source au Daily Mail.

S'installer plus proche de la reine, seule depuis la mort du prince Philip, les rapprocherait également du centre de décision de la Couronne. D'autant qu'après avoir passé ses confinements à Windsor, la monarque envisagerait sérieusement de s'installer définitivement au château une fois revenue de ses vacances estivales à Balmoral.

Ce déménagement leur permettrait également d'être plus près de la famille de Kate Middleton : sa mère Carole ainsi que sa sœur, Pippa, vivent en effet à Bucklebury, à seulement 60 kilomètres de Windsor.

Reste désormais à trouver une propriété dans cette nouvelle région.

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«I believe I Can Fly ». Qu'il est loin le temps où R.Kelly survolait les charts avec son tube créé pour la bande originale de Space Jam en 1998. Depuis 20 ans, Robert Sylvester Kelly, son vrai patronyme, est davantage associé à la rubrique des faits divers.

Les témoignages à charge à l’encontre de R. Kelly se multiplient. Actuellement jugé au tribunal fédéral de Brooklyn pour abus sexuels, l’ancienne gloire déchue du R&B aurait soudoyé un fonctionnaire pour pouvoir épouser la chanteuse Aaliyah, mineure au moment des faits.

Il aurait fait un don de 500 dollars à ce fonctionnaire afin de changer les papiers d’identité de la jeune fille. C’est son ancien manager de tournée, Demetrius Smith, qui l’a affirmé ce vendredi lors de son témoignage livré au troisième jour du procès.

Le chanteur américain aurait décidé de mettre en place ce stratagème après avoir appris la grossesse d’Aaliyah. Âgé de 27 ans à l’époque, R. Kelly (54 ans aujourd’hui) craignait d’être poursuivi par la justice et aurait donc choisi d’épouser la chanteuse tout en modifiant sa date de naissance.

À travers ce mariage, R. Kelly avait une autre idée en tête. Dans le viseur de la justice pour exploitation sexuelle de mineurs, corruption, travaux forcés et enlèvement, le chanteur pensait qu’épouser Aaliyah allait empêcher cette dernière de témoigner contre lui. La jeune fille aurait donc fait partie des victimes de l’artiste.

Son manager, Demetrius Smith, avait pourtant déconseillé à R. Kelly d’épouser la jeune fille. « Elle était trop jeune », a-t-il déclaré devant le tribunal new-yorkais. « Il m’a demandé dans quel camp j’étais », a affirmé l’ancien collaborateur de l’artiste, originaire de Chicago.

Le mariage avait été annulé en 1995 lorsqu'il a été découvert que la jeune fille avait menti sur son âge sur le certificat de mariage. Ses parents avaient dénoncé le « rapt » de leur fille à l'époque. Aaliyah, dont le premier album « Age Ain’t Nothin’But A Number » avait été produit par R. Kelly, est décédée en août 2001 dans un accident d’avion. Elle était âgée de 22 ans.

R.Kelly est connu des services de la justice américaine depuis bien longtemps, les premières accusations contre la star ayant émergé durant les années 90.

Le site américain BuzzFeed avait aussi révélé en juillet 2017 que l'artiste américain serait à la tête d'un « temple sexuel », dans lequel six jeunes femmes, vivant recluses dans ses propriétés de Chicago et d'Atlanta, seraient chargées d'assouvir ses désirs.

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Maki Kaji, l'homme qui a popularisé le Sudoku en lui donnant son nom japonais dans les années 1980, est mort à l'âge de 69 ans, a annoncé sa maison d'édition.

« Kaji-san, connu comme l'homme qui a donné son nom au Sudoku, était aimé par les amateurs de puzzles du monde entier », peut-on lire sur le site de la maison d'éditions Nikoli, qu'il a fondée.

Il est mort le 10 août d'un cancer des voies biliaires, peut-on lire dans le communiqué.

Le concept originel du jeu, le Carré latin, a été inventé au XVIIIème siècle, en Europe, par un mathématicien suisse, Leonhard Euler.

La version moderne, différente en raison de sa subdivision en neuf carrés de neuf cases, a été découverte au début des années 1980 dans un magazine américain par Maki Kaji, qui l'a alors importée au Japon.

Trouver un nouveau puzzle est « comme trouver un trésor », avait déclaré M. Maki à la BBC en 2007.

C'est lui qui lui a donné son nom japonais Sudoku, contraction de la phrase « les chiffres doivent être seuls », dont les deux caractères chinois peuvent être traduits par « nombres solitaires ».

Le jeu s'est répandu de par le monde lorsque Wayne Gould, un juge retraité de Hong-Kong, amateur de jeux de patience, a décidé en 1997, après avoir découvert le Sudoku au Japon, d'écrire un programme informatique générant des grilles de Sudoku.

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Barack Obama's birthday party, given on Saturday August 7, 2021 has caused quite a stir.

And in particular on the absence of the couple Hary and Meghan at the reception.

Many celebrities were present for this party, which took place in the property of the former presidential couple of Martha's Vineyard, in Massachusetts: in particular Steven Spielberg, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, John Legend, Bradley Cooper, Alicia Keys , Tom Hanks or George Clooney.

"In normal times, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should have been at the center of any list drawn up by the Obamas," royal columnist Camilla Tominey assured the Telegraph.

Could the couple have been sacrificed on the altar of the pandemic due to the context of the spread of the Delta variant?

We know that the former US president had to skim his guest list.

But from there to suppress the Duke and Duchess of Sussex !

According to crowned journalist Angela Levin, Meghan Markle "desperately wanted" to participate in this evening, especially since she was born on the same day as Barack Obama, on August 4.

Meghan wanted to validate her entry into the very closed world of progressive celebrities in the United States. Didn't Meghan always publicly support the former president?

And yet neither Barack nor Michelle saw fit to invite the princely couple. According to the author who revealed this information, the "oblivion" of the Obamas is no accident.

First, the Obamas would obviously not have appreciated the attitude of the princely couple who openly attacked the royal family in the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

"It certainly did not go well between a couple who have always put family first, and a couple who so openly criticize members of their own family," said Camilla Tominey. Criticism directed at the royal family clashes with their view of the family.

"If the Obamas had to choose between the two brothers, they would choose William, that's for sure," says the specialist.

In addition, the former president and his wife would not wish to offend Queen Elizabeth A question of image too, Barack and Michelle having been advised not to show off too much with Meghan and Harry, so as not to be involved in their conflict with the British royal family.

Finally the Obamas would have had enough of Harry and Meghan wanting to copy their course at this point. Since the start of their exile in California, the Sussexes have in fact signed contracts with the same communication agency as the Obamas, concluded an agreement with Netflix, just like the Obamas, and Harry will publish his memoirs at Penguin Random House, where the former president had published his.

And ironically, the recent launch of an initiative by Meghan to support the return to work of women after the pandemic would be directly inspired by the concept chosen for Barack Obama's birthday party!

An inspiration that would not have pleased the predecessor of Donald Trump at all in the Oval Office ...

According to journalist Camilla Tominey in The Telegraph, the Sussexes' attempts to "ape everything the Obamas have done" since leaving the royal family would "have endangered their once special relationship." The former presidential couple would have simply snubbed them.

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The American Virginia Roberts, who accuses Prince Andrew of sexual abuse under the influence of financier Jeffrey Epstein when she was a minor, filed a complaint Monday, August 9, 2021 in New York against this member of the British royal family, she said. indicated with his lawyer.

The complaint claims that the Duke of York, second son of the Queen of England, is "one of the powerful men" to whom Virginia Giuffre was "handed over for sexual purposes" when she was the victim between 2000 and 2002, from the age of 16, from the extensive sex trafficking of financier Jeffrey Epstein.

“I hold Prince Andrew responsible for what he did to me. The powerful and the rich are not exempt from accountability. I hope that other victims will see that it is possible not to live in silence and fear, ”said Virgnia Giuffre in a statement sent to the media.

Ms. Giuffre, then known as Virginia Roberts, was one of the many underage girls that American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein "recruited" to provide massages and sexual favors.

The pedophile Epstein, who committed suicide in prison in August 2019, is regularly "supplied" with minors by a certain Ghislaine Maxwell, a Briton, daughter of a former billionaire who fell out of favor, who frequents the circles of the jet set , and whose trial for procuring is due to take place this fall. It was she who introduced Prince Andrew to Jeffrey Epstein in 1999.

Now 61, Prince Andrew "categorically" denied such accusations in an interview deemed calamitous to the BBC in November 2019. He had in particular expressed doubts about the authenticity of a high-profile photo showing him with Virginia Giuffre and, in the background, Ghislaine Maxwell, who remains imprisoned in the Epstein case.

The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court on Monday, under a New York state juvenile victims law, which gives a one-year time limit for filing a sexual abuse claim, without a statute of limitations..

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For the last screening evening at the Cannes Film Festival, Friday July 16, 2021, Yseult will have marked the spirits:

the rain having invited itself between two climbs of the stairs, Yseult presented herself leaning on the essential accessory of the day:

an umbrella perfectly matched to her white lace dress.

An impressive semi-transparent white dress, an outfit that has eclipsed traditional evening dresses.

The 26-year-old singer Yseult immortalized the moment from every angle, demonstrating a keen sense of pose.

Alone on the red carpet in front of the photographers, she participated in the rise of the steps of the film Les Intranquilles with the team of L'Oréal muses of which she is now a part.

The famous singer was notably accompanied by the British actress Gemma Chan and the French model Cindy Bruna.

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If Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman would have crossed paths in New York during professional projects. Two years after her relationship with The Weeknd ended, Bella Hadid was spotted on the sidelines of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, enjoying a day in the sun in Antibes with her new lover. Here is everything you need to know about Marc Kalman, the one who managed to conquer the heart of the model.

Very little is known about her and yet, for the past few days, all eyes have been on Marc Kalman, Bella Hadid's new boyfriend. On July 8, 2021, the 24-year-old model put an end to the rumors by announcing in a very subtle way his new romance.

In a photo gallery published on Instagram, we can see the couple embracing, accompanied by a caption:

“One of the best times of my life. Healthy, hardworking and loved. "

The duo are currently in France, for the 74th Cannes Film Festival, and were seen at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, in Antibes, on Monday July 12, 2021. Marc Kalman is artistic director. He notably collaborated with Travis Scott for the development of the cover of his album Rodeo in 2017.

He has more recently made himself known in the world of fashion thanks to projects with A Bathing Ape, common a few months ago, they would have officially met at a party organized by the Kardashians.

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Three weeks after the princess of pop's passionate plea, a Los Angeles court on Wednesday authorized Britney Spears to choose her own lawyer to represent her at the next hearings concerning her guardianship, report several American media, such as the New York Times and the Huffington Post.

The popstar also spoke, for the second time, in court, saying she wanted to attack her father for "guardianship abuse," according to CNN and Sky News.

Mathew S. Rosengart new lawyer for the popstar

Samuel Ingham, the lawyer assigned to Britney Spears by a court a few months after the star with the shaved head attacked a paparazzi in 2007, has asked to be removed from his post. The financial management company that was to take joint control of Britney Spears' fortune with her father Jamie did the same. These requests were validated on Wednesday by Judge Brenda Penny, in charge of the case.

The latter also approved the request made by Mathew S. Rosengart, a famous Hollywood lawyer and former federal prosecutor, to represent the popstar. According to a source familiar with the matter at the New York Times, he should adopt a “more aggressive strategy” and “put pressure to end the supervision”.

He announced on Wednesday that he planned to ask a Los Angeles court that the tutelage of the singer, which deprives her of a large part of her autonomy, be withdrawn from her father "as soon as possible". "We will file a request as soon as possible to remove Jamie Spears" from this role, as implored by his daughter, said Mathew S. Rosengart.

The 39-year-old singer was placed under guardianship in 2008, after a highly publicized descent into hell at the time. The conditions are very strict and stipulate that the decisions concerning her are taken in particular by her father Jamie Spears with whom she has long had difficult relations.

"P ***** cruelty"

“I would like to attack my father for guardianship abuse. I want to sue my father today. I want an investigation to be opened about him, ”she said, bursting into tears between several of her sentences.

The Gimme More interpreter then listed all the abuse she suffered, assuring that she was prohibited from taking hair vitamins or drinking coffee. "Ma'am, if it's not abuse, it's just fucking cruelty," she said, in tears, to Judge Brenda Penny, before s' excuse "for his language". “But it's the truth,” she added. “I thought they wanted to kill me (...). If it's not being abused, I don't know what it takes, ”she continued, despairing of the“ fucking cruelty ”of this procedure.

The Mississippi native explained that she wanted the guardianship to stop without having to pass a medical exam. However, she explained that her priority was to oust her father from his role by allowing Jodi Montgomery, her co-tutor, to stay until the tutorship ends.

The singer has also received massive support in the pop world, from her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, to Christina Aguilera or Madonna. The #FreeBritney movement has seen a resurgence in popularity with the release of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, which traces the life of the icon. Will Britney Spears ever regain control of her personal and professional life?

The fight is not over, but Britney Spears welcomed the decision. "We are moving guys ... we are moving," greeted the star on social networks, filming himself doing the wheel on a lawn, as a celebration.

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California judge Brenda Penny rejected Britney Spears' request to remove her father Jamie Spears from the cotutelle, which he exercises with a professional tutor, set up in 2008 following his psychological disorders, depriving her of a great deal of care. part of its autonomy, especially financial, report this Thursday the American media. At least for the moment.

A moving testimony

A little over a week ago, Britney Spears broke the silence as she spoke in court to explain to the world how the tutelage she has been under for thirteen years was a nightmare.

Trapped, the star explained in fact that she could not make any decision, neither professional nor personal.

She therefore wished that this would stop, and that her father was no longer her legal guardian. To do this, Britney Spears proposed that a wealth management company take charge of its supervision.

"I just want to take back control of my life, it's been thirteen years and that's enough", launched the pop star who spoke, at her express request, during a hearing conducted via the Internet. "I really think that this guardianship is abusive, ”she said.

"I told the world that I am happy and that I am doing well" but "I am traumatized", added the artist of 39 years. “I'm not happy, I can't sleep. I'm so angry, ”she insisted, ensuring“ cry every day ”.

"I want to be able to get married and have a child"

"I want to be able to get married and have a (third) child", she continued, assuring that she had not been authorized to have her IUD removed, implying that it was to force her to continue. to work.

Her guardianship covers both the management of her wealth and her career, which her father, Jamie Spears, and a financial institution now co-manage, but also her personal life, under the control of a professional guardian, in particular responsible for liaising between Britney Spears and the doctors who follow her.

Another hard blow

Despite this shocking testimony that moved the whole world, justice decided to leave Britney Spears under the tutelage of her father who, for his part, assured to do everything possible on his daughter and leave her complete freedom regarding her personal life. However, the Bessemer Trust asset management company was to be involved in the management of this supervision. Unfortunately, that won't be the case. Singer Iggy Azalea, who collaborated with the Toxic singer on the track Pretty Girls, in 2015, claimed that she had personally witnessed the actions of her father and the hold he had over the popstar.

"It is basic human decency that at least one person is taken out of one's life whom Britney has identified as abusive."

Not normal

Britney Spears testified clearly during her hearing of the abuse she claims to be a victim of, including an IUD that she is forced to wear to prevent her from becoming pregnant, when she wants to have a child. She also accused her father of making her sign contracts under threat and at the last minute, including to renew her residence in Las Vegas, which was submitted to her as she left the stage. "Jamie Spears is used to having documents signed under duress, it seems, and Britney Spears should not be forced to coexist with this man when she has made it clear that this is having a negative impact on his sanity. This is not normal at all, ”concluded Iggy Azalea.

The next hearing about Britney Spears' guardianship will take place on July 14 and could change everything.

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She waited 13 years to speak out !

On Wednesday, singer Britney Spears begged a judge to lift the guardianship that has been imposed on her since 2008 following psychological disorders, and which deprives her of her decision-making power and her autonomy.

Driven by requests to log in from reporters and fans of the #FreeBritney movement, the Los Angeles superior court website, which offered an audio stream of the audience, could not resist.

"I just want to take back control of my life"

"I just want to take back control of my life, it's been thirteen years and that's enough,"

said the pop star, speaking, at her direct request, in an internet hearing.

Her guardianship covers both the management of her wealth and her career, which her father, Jamie Spears, and a financial institution now co-manage, but also her personal life, under the control of a professional guardian, in particular responsible for liaising between Britney Spears and the doctors who follow her.

Britney Spears spoke uninterruptedly for more than twenty minutes, with an extremely fast flow and by chaining the arguments to ask the judge Brenda Penny to lift this judicial measure which does her, according to her, "more harm than good ".

"I really think that this supervision is abusive", she launched. "I told the world that I am happy and that I am doing well" but "I am traumatized," added the 39-year-old artist. “I'm not happy, I can't sleep. I'm so angry, ”she insisted, ensuring“ cry every day ”.

"I want to be able to get married and have a child" "I want to be able to get married and have a (third) child", she continued, assuring that she had not been authorized to have her IUD removed, implying that it was to force her to continue. to work.

Descent into hell

Britney Spears was placed under guardianship in 2008 after a high-profile descent into hell at the time. The conditions of this guardianship are very strict and provide that the decisions concerning her are taken in particular by her father, Jamie Spears, with whom she has had a long difficult relationship.

These arrangements have been hotly contested in recent years, and Britney Spears’s lawyer recently asked the court to replace Jamie Spears with the professional guardian who is currently co-managing her case with her father. The singer criticized the attitude of her family, including her father, on Wednesday. "My family didn't do anything at all," she said. Her court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham, had previously said in court that the singer was "afraid of her father," but this is the first time she has made such outrageous remarks in public. In a brief statement read in court, Jamie Spears said he was "sorry to see her in such pain" and said he loved his daughter "very much".

Although occasionally featured on social media to keep in touch with her fans, the star has so far refrained from publicly discussing her guardianship or difficult relationship with her father. She told the judge on Wednesday that she did not know she had the right to ask for the measure to be lifted.
A long battle However, according to court documents cited by the New York Times, Britney Spears has repeatedly expressed strong opposition to the terms of her trusteeship regime. "She said she felt the guardianship had become an oppressive check against her," a forensic investigator in charge of the case wrote in a 2016 report.

According to the report cited by the daily, Britney Spears informed the investigator that she wanted to end this guardianship regime as quickly as possible. "She's 'fed up with taking advantage of her' and says she's the one who works and brings in the money but pays for everyone around her," the document continued.

The New York Times, for example, assures us that under this guardianship the singer must pay not only her own legal fees but also those, quite considerable, of the guardians who contest her claims in court. The #FreeBritney campaign All this controversy has only revived the #freeBritney ("free Britney") campaign orchestrated in the streets and on social networks by some fans, convinced that the singer is kept against her will under supervision and that she is sending appeals using coded on his Instagram account.
Several dozen of them were in court Wednesday to show their support for the idol.

Welcoming Britney Spears' speech, the judge indicated that the latter must now formally request the lifting of her guardianship, and that her appeal would be examined at a later date.

She will also have the right to thank her lawyer who had been imposed on her, and will be able to hire the counsel of her choice. A beginning of freedom....

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But what was the Canadian singer doing in the corridors of the Élysée on Monday, June 21 ?

Visiting Paris at the beginning of summer, Justin Bieber was seen in several restaurants in the capital, it seems that the interpreter of Baby and Peaches has managed to play his contacts to invite himself to the Élysée Palace !

According to BFM TV, the singer "himself asked to meet the President of the Republic". Also according to the channel, the interview took place in the afternoon and they discussed issues relating to youth.

A request accepted by the presidential couple, especially since the day was devoted to the Music Festival, and artists like Jean-Michel Jarre were busy in the courtyard.

Justin and Hailey Bieber were therefore treated to a small private visit, followed by a photo in the president's office. They would also have spoken of questions around the theme of youth, without the conclusions of the discussion having been revealed. Justin Bieber shared a photo from the meeting to his 179 million Instagram followers that immediately went viral!

This is not the first time that such a celebrity has been received at 55, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. We remember Rihanna, in July 2017, greeted by Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte about the financing of the Global Partnership for Education, a humanitarian fund for which the singer from Barbados is the ambassador. Two days before the head of state had received the singer of U2, Bono, came to speak about his humanitarian association of aid to education, One.

The star not on the program of the Fête de la Musique

In June of the same year, Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the presidential palace in his capacity as environmental defender. In February 2019, Emma Watson came to discuss equality between women and men. During the 2019 music festival, Elton John appeared alongside Emmanuel Macron in the Elysée courtyard to launch, before the Tda concerts Justin Bieber was not, however, the surprise guest of the concert given in the courtyard of the Elysée on Monday evening on the occasion of the 40th Fête de la Musique.

Among the artists who were able to perform at the presidential palace: Jean-Michel Jarre and Marc Cerrone - decorated by the Head of State a few moments before - and several artists of the young electro generation such as NSDOS, Irène Dresel, Crystal Murray and Glitter.

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Paris Jackson lifted the veil on his private life on Jada Pinkett Smith's podcast “Red Table Talk”.

While she unveiled new details about her childhood last April, against Naomi Campbell, the daughter of Michael Jackson will speak again this Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in the show of Jada Pinkett Smith "Red Table Talk".

For the occasion, it is Will Smith's daughter, Willow Smith, who conducted the interview with her friend.

They share many common points:

well-known and exposed parents, their love for music and fashion, and their bisexuality of which they speak openly.

Alone and excluded

On this subject, Paris Jackson revealed that she did not benefit from the support of her family.

Indeed, the Jackson are very religious, close to Jehovah's Witnesses and homosexuality is a taboo subject.

“They don't like to talk about it, it's really not accepted. I got to a point where I respect them, I love them, I respect their beliefs, their religion.

But now that would mean I would expect them to put their culture and religion aside. What people think of me is not my problem ”.

Prince and Blanket Jackson's sister came out as a bisexual teenager.

And if the 23-year-old says she could count on the support of her brothers after her coming out, she nevertheless confides sometimes feeling "excluded". “There are times when it was really difficult. We feel alone. We feel excluded, ”she explains.

A coming out from 14 years old

More than once, Paris Jackson has spoken publicly about her sexuality that she refuses to name. At only 14 years old, the young woman came out by affirming her belonging to the LGBTQ + community. So when a journalist asks her in 2018 if she is bisexual, she answers bluntly:

"That's how you say it, so I guess so, but who needs the label?" "On her Instagram account, the young woman then made a point:

“I have publicly spoken of the LGBT + community as being my own. I talked about my crushes on girls in my interview for Rolling Stone. There are pictures of me kissing girls on the Internet. Why do people today say this is news?

Before continuing:

“And I'm not bisexual. I just love people for who they are. I'm not putting a tag on myself, so please don't put a tag on me. Thank you ! "

Despite this, Michael Jackson's daughter is working for her well-being. She also returned to her suicide attempts. “What do you think caused this emotional spiral”? ”Willow asks her.

" A little bit of everything. Not knowing who I was, being a young girl going through puberty, a lot of things related to my situation. The pressure was tough and I was depressed.

But, years later, I can say that I am very grateful that I did not succeed. Things have improved ”.

Years have passed and the daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe is thriving while remaining true to her personality. “Today I can dress and act the way I want, it doesn't change how I feel inside.

As long as I'm me, I can be more feminine, I can be a tomboy. I can do anything as long as it looks like me, ”she concludes.

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Kanye West and Irina Shayk would be closer and closer, even as a couple.

A rather unexpected announcement, but confirmed by photos of the two stars taken during a Provencal getaway.

So the rumors phase is over, the relationship between Irina Shayk, the ex of Bradley Cooper, then Cristiano Ronaldo, and rapper Kanye West is confirmed.

The artist, who recently divorced Kim Kardashian, celebrated his 44th birthday with a trip to France, but he was not alone.

He was accompanied by the Russian model, now his new love.

Last Sunday, Kanye West and Irina Shayk boarded a private jet for a romantic getaway in the south of France, in Aix-en-Provence.

A short stay, organized for the rapper's 44th birthday, which above all revealed to the world their budding romance.

However, this relationship between Kanye West and Irina Shayk should not be 'a total surprise since the two stars have known each other for years.

Better yet, they would have dated shortly before Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were in a relationship.

A first romance which dates from more than ten years ago, but which has obviously left traces.

According to the TMZ and People sites, this new romance between Kanye West and Irina Shayk is serious and the two stars have been dating for several months, probably since last March.

So everything seems to be going for the best between the two stars, all with the blessing of Kim Kardashian?

“Happy birthday, I love you forever,” she wrote to him on Instagram on June 8, 2021, on the occasion of his 44th birthday. Very tender resilient words to which the rapper however did not respond.

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In the last episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", broadcast on the American channel EI, Kim Kardashian explained the reasons why she decided to end her marriage to Kanye West.

Indeed last February, the American press announced the separation between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, after seven years of marriage and four children.

The reality TV star is said to have applied for joint custody of her children, and is expected to keep their residence located in Hidden Hills in Los Angeles.

The conversation between the star and her mother Kris Jenner, filmed by the cameras of the show in the final episode which ends 20 seasons of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", is very illuminating on this subject.

Kim Kardashian explained that she is seeing a psychologist to deal with her divorce from Kanye West.

“I didn't think I felt alone.

When I turned 40 this year I was like 'no I don't want a husband who lives in a different state'. "

The loneliness felt in her relationship with the rapper got the better of their marriage.

"These are the times we got along best, and I find that sad.

I want someone who I can watch shows with, someone who wants to play sports with me.

It's the little things that I don't have. "

I have all the great things [...] But I think I'm ready for the smaller experiences, ”she explained to her mother, Kris Jenner.

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It was time to deconfin: living as a couple and with the covid threat is sometimes a miracle. Confining yourself 24 hours a day requires a dose of superhuman patience and even (or even more?) For people.

Hence small crises among famous couples, between Sophie Marceau and Richard, or between Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal. In Here, the theater director Richard Caillat, companion of the star of the Boom, would have slammed the door and we see the actress on the front page of the celebrity magazine all upset by this incident.

Another emblematic couple Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg. In Public it is the turn of Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg that we see in the Parisian streets of 6 ° arguing ... But surely nothing serious in a couple that has lasted for 30 years!

Across the Atlantic we are getting tough: and yes nothing is going well between Bill and Mélinda Gates who have announced their divorce.

And we are learning more this week. Reason for separation:

the relationship between the founder of Microsoft and the American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from 2019, on business.

When it's not with your partner that you tear your hair out, it's with your kids.

What does mom Celine Dion think of her René-Charles who plays badass and rapper! tattoo, beard, baggy pants, collector's sneakers, the whole outfit without forgetting “a huge car at 280.00 euros.

How much does talent cost? “Asks a journalist, teasingly, in his people magazine.

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In 2010, Elon Musk said he would rather "stick a fork in his hand than write about his private life".

And yet the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, over the years, has opened up here and there about his childhood, his parents and his relationships.

Elon Musk made some confidences in particular in an in-depth interview in Rolling Stone, published in November 2017 evoking his painful break-up with his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, or his estranged relationship with his father Errol, calling him a "terrible human being" .

Already from his childhood Elon Musk struggled against loneliness "'When I was a child, there is one thing that I said", he says. 'I never want to be alone.' ".

A student at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada where he met his first wife, Justine Wilson, then at Wharton School, in the United States, the boss of Tesla started working on his first startup and Justine has started working on her first novel after graduation.

She said Elon Musk wooed her by giving her her credit card so she could buy as many books as she wanted.

The couple married in 2000. Then moved to Los Angeles where they had a son named Nevada, who died suddenly after birth and eventually twins and triplets - five sons in total. In 2010, Elon Musk said his children were 'the love of his life'. The couple separated in 2008.

The tech mogul then married actress Talulah Riley in 2010 to divorce two years later. Elon Musk tweeted to Talulah Riley: 'It was four amazing years. I will always love you. You will make someone very happy one day. ' Today he loves Canadian singer Grimes for her 'wild artistic creativity and super intense work ethic'.

On May 4, 2020, Elon Musk announced the birth of their son, whom he and Grimes named 'X Æ A-Xii Musk', apparently pronounced 'X Ash A-12..

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The co-founder of Microsoft and his wife, who is co-chair of their charitable foundation do not separate their activitéLe co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates, who is their charitable foundation co-president, are ending their 27-year marriage, according to a statement posted on their two Twitter accounts.

"After a lot of thought and work on our relationship, we made the decision to end our marriage," they announce in the signed publication of their two names. The couple have three children and together founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which oversees the charities to which the billionaire philanthropic couple have devoted their fortunes.

“We continue to share our faith in this mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe that we can progress together as a couple in the next stage of our lives,” they explained.

Bill Gates, 65, announced last year that he was stepping down from the boards of Berkshire Hathaway and Microsoft, the computer company he founded in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen.

Bill Gates made Microsoft one of the dominant forces in the then emerging personal computing industry.

In 2000, he ceded his role as CEO to his longtime collaborator Steve Ballmer.

Bill Gates' stake in Microsoft is valued at around $ 26 billion, according to FactSet.

Within the foundation, Melinda Gates, née Melinda French, played an important public role, comparable to that of her husband. She has represented the organization in remote areas as well as in centers of political power.

The foundation aims to fight against poverty, disease and inequalities. It donates billions of dollars in direct grants each year. It has pledged more than $ 1.75 billion in support of the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including initiatives to produce 100 million doses of vaccines for poor countries.

Forbes says it is the world's largest private charity.

Melinda Gates also created in 2015 Pivotal Ventures, an investment company independent of the foundation, which works to advance social progress in the United States.

In 2010, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett launched the Giving Pledge campaign to encourage wealthy Americans to donate while they are alive, at an age when they are able to get involved in deciding what to fund. consecrated. Giving Pledge has grown and now has more than 200 signatories in 25 countries.

Melinda Gates, 56, grew up in Dallas and received an MBA from Duke University before joining Microsoft, where she worked in multimedia product development, according to the foundation's website. Four months after arriving at Microsoft, she met Bill Gates, then CEO of the company, at a dinner party while on a business trip to New York. He offered her a date when they crossed paths in the Microsoft parking lot.

Bill Gates is ranked by Forbes as the fourth richest person in the world, with a net worth of $ 130.5 billion. The world's top three fortunes are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, French luxury giant Bernard Arnault and his family, and Tesla boss Elon Musk.

Most of the Gates family estate is held by a personal investment company called Cascade Investment LLC.

Melinda Gates could get half of the couple's fortune if they divorce in a state where the community property system is in effect such as Washington, where Microsoft is headquartered, or California, where the couple own property there. In the same vein Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie Scott divorced in 2019 after 25 years of marriage, during which Jeff Bezos built one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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Already owner of a villa in Los Angeles, another in Mexico, a pied-à-terre in Laglio, on the shores of Lake Como, where he had notably received the Obamas, and a 17th century mansion century in England George Clooney would be in the process of acquiring the Canadel domain in the town of Brignoles in the Var

Clooney has always appreciated France, its culture and its art of living just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who still own Château Miraval in Correns.

The signing for the acquisition of the domain of several hectares of vines and olive trees would take place in the first half of May for a price that we do not know.

In a splendid shaded park hides an 18th century country house completely renovated, with classic facade, an area of ​​900 square meters for the main house, formal gardens, caretaker's house, 170 hectare estate including a lake with pontoon, a swimming pool, a tennis court and pétanque ...

Married since 2014 to Amal Alamuddin, of Lebanese origin, he recently said that his twins speak not only English, but also Italian and French.

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WEEK OF APRIL 11 TO 17, 2021

Let's start by rejoicing for her: Laeticia Hallyday savor her happiness, she fell madly in love with Jalil Lespert whom she will make her husband.
The director would have asked for his hand during a walk by the sea! Romantic as you wish. After the Dolce vita in Italy, the confinement in Marnes-la-Coquette, the sunny stays on the island of Saint-Barth, the 44-year-old filmmaker and the widow of Taulier living in the United States never leave each other.

Puff Dadddy would still have a new girlfriend. After Kim Porter (deceased in 2018) or Cassie, the legendary producer of Bad Boy Records has been collecting conquests for a few months. A supermodel and Instagrammer with whom he would spend a few days off in the Caribbean. The chosen one would be Miracle Watts, 26, currently on vacation. A consolation prize after the loss of one of his friends, the American rapper Black Rob who died on Saturday April 17 at the age of 51, a week after the disappearance of DMX. In the 1990s, he and Puff Daddy had collaborated in the production of songs.

Madonna no longer counts her properties. She, who already owns a magnificent penthouse in New York and a vacation home in the Hamptons, has decided to afford a foothold in Los Angeles: nothing less than The Weeknd's former mansion for the tidy sum of around $ 15 million. The singer would have decided to shoot her biopic there, which she intends to co-write and direct herself.

Oh no! Prince Harry is not going to leave like a thief in Los Angeles, after the funeral of Prince Philip, his grandfather, as he would have initially planned. According to the "Daily Mail", the husband of Meghan Markle could finally stay a few more days in England. The reason: the birthday of her grandmother, Elisabeth II, who will celebrate her 95th birthday this Wednesday, April 21, 2021. Because the relationship with her family had taken a big hit after the broadcast of the interview with Meghan Markle and the Prince Harry with Oprah Winfrey, not to the taste of the royal family at all.

But he is said to have reconciled with his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles after the funeral. You see us very happy for him.

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The UK marked a minute of silence on Saturday as the royal family gathered for the funeral of Prince Philip, who for more than seven decades tirelessly supported Elizabeth II and the crown.

Limited to 30 people due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony opened at the grounds of Windsor Castle, west London, shortly before 3:00 p.m. (2:00 p.m. GMT), when the UK mourned national for eight days, observed a minute of silence.

Covered with the Duke of Edinburgh's personal standard, his sword, his Navy cap and a wreath of flowers, the coffin was lifted to be placed in the back of a military green Land Rover as the Prince Philip himself had helped conceive for 16 years.

Led by Charles, the Crown Prince, and his sister the Princess Royal Anne, the procession - which the Queen performed in her Royal Bentley - followed the coffin to Saint George's Chapel, for the religious service , which is set to last 50 minutes. in the third row in the funeral procession, behind the children of the Queen and Prince Philip, were their grandsons William and Harry.

Between the two brothers was their cousin Peter Philips, son of Princess Anne. This choice was widely commented on in the press, on the lookout for any sign of reconciliation between the two sons of Prince Charles.

The procession took place to the sound of the Grenadier Guards fanfare, of which Philip was the colonel for 42 years, reflecting the military past proudly carried by the Duke of Edinburgh, who fought in the navy during World War II.

In St. George's Chapel, a ceremony led by the Dean of Windsor began, paying homage to the "unshakeable loyalty" to the Queen, her "courage", her "fortitude" and her "faith". He will return. to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the Anglicans, give the blessing at the end of the service. The coffin will then be lowered into the “Royal Vault”, a crypt where it will remain until the Queen has it. joins there at his death.

The spouses thus reunited will then have as their final abode the Memorial Chapel of King George VI, father of Elizabeth II.

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F or Prince Philip's funeral scheduled for April 17, 2021, only 30 people will be present. The current situation linked to the Coronavirus obliges !

All people attending the funeral will be required to wear a mask and stay at least two meters away from people who do not belong to the same household.

Among those who will be present at the funeral are Prince Harry, who arrived in the UK last Sunday and 3 members of Prince Philip from Germany.

“We are following the guidelines of the Covid. Her Majesty wanted to make sure that all branches of the Duke's family were present, and she had to make some very difficult decisions about who would attend. For those who unfortunately cannot be there, I am sure they will make their own arrangements to commemorate and celebrate the Duke, ”a statement read.
"The complete list" :

The Queen

 The prince of wales

 The Duchess of Cornwall

 The Duke of Cambridge

 The Duchess of Cambridge

 The Duke of Sussex

 The Duke of York

 Princess Beatrice

 Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

 Princess Eugenie

 Jack brooksbank

Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Bernhard, hereditary prince of Baden

 Prince Donat, Landgrave of Hesse

 Prince Philipp of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
The Earl of Wessex

 The Countess of Wessex

 Lady Louise Windsor

 Viscount Severn

 Princess royal

 Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence

 Peter Phillips

 Zara Phillips

 Mike Tindall

 Earl of Snowdon

 Lady Sarah Chatto

 Daniel Chatto

 The Duke of Gloucester

 Duke of Kent

 Princess Alexandra 

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Le comte de Wessex

 La comtesse de Wessex

 Lady Louise Windsor

 Vicomte Severn

 La princesse royale

 Vice-amiral Sir Timothy Laurence

 Peter Phillips

 Zara Phillips

 Mike Tindall

 Comte de Snowdon

 Lady Sarah Chatto

 Daniel Chatto

 Le duc de Gloucester

 Duc de Kent

 La princesse Alexandra

 Bernhard, prince héréditaire de Baden

 Prince Donat, Landgrave de Hesse

 Le prince Philipp de Hohenlohe-Langenburg



“This charming and distinguished man was the central element in the democratization of the monarchy against the establishment. His foreign origins undoubtedly explain his open-mindedness. Intelligent, resolute, efficient, he has put a little salt in the life of the queen, a conservative and traditional woman, without ever attempting to overshadow her ”, underlines the royal biographer, Robert Lacey.

He has accompanied her for more than half a century. Philip Mountbatten, husband of Elizabeth II and prince consort with impressive longevity, passed away on Friday April 9, 2021 at the age of 99, two months before his hundredth birthday. The news was announced on the accounts Royal Family Instagram and Twitter:

“It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Quen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. ”The news broke on the Royal Family's official Twitter account.

"It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty the Queen announces the death of her beloved husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh" "died peacefully this (Friday) morning at Windsor Castle".

Hospitalized on February 16, Prince Philip had undergone an "intervention" for a heart problem in an establishment, with the largest specialized cardiovascular service in Europe.

He returned home to the Queen in Windsor on March 16. The prince had already had several alerts.

At the end of December 2019, he had been hospitalized for four days at King Edward VII Hospital "due to pre-existing health problems", according to the palace.

In May 2017, he announced his retirement from public life, a few weeks before his 96th birthday, after having participated in more than 22,000 official public engagements.

As early as 2011, Prince Philip estimated that he had "done (s) apart" from the work alongside the queen, sovereign with unprecedented longevity.

Marked by dramas

Of German descent, Philip of Greece and Denmark was born in Corfu on June 10, 1921. He is the fifth child, but the only son, of Prince André of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg. At the age of 18 months, he was evacuated to a bed made of orange cartons on board a British ship, with his parents and his four older sisters, while his uncle the King of Greece was deposed. Following the exile of his parents, he was tossed from boarding school to boarding school throughout Europe, notably in Saint-Cloud, in France, and in Germany.

Very young, he was marked by several tragedies. The internment of his mother, schizophrenic, in a mental asylum. Then, while following a Spartan education in the Scottish establishment of Gordonstoun, the death of his beloved sister, Cécile of Greece, married to a Nazi dignitary.

Philip was only 16 at the time. After his studies, in 1939, he joined the British Royal Navy. In 1939, supported by his uncle, Lord Mountbatten, the Greek aristocrat joined the British Navy as a cadet and took an active part in the Second World War.

1939: First meeting withElisabeth

1939 is for the young man a prolific year during which he meets the one who will become his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, five years his junior. Both being descendants of Queen Victoria, they are third cousins.

It was six years later, in 1946, that they formalized their relationship with the announcement of their engagement. The couple married on November 20, 1947 for a memorable ceremony at Westminster Abbey. For this marriage of love, he renounces his nationality and his former noble titles, takes the name of Philip Mountbatten and embraces Anglicanism, the state religion.

Elizabeth is not yet Queen of England, but simply the eldest daughter of King George VI. The king offered him the predicate of royal highness and the title of Duke of Edinburgh. Elizabeth ascends to the throne after the untimely death of her father in 1952. On June 2, 1953, at the coronation, Philip kneels before her. The prince decides to stop his career in the navy to become prince consort of the United Kingdom and thus accompany his wife in all her public appearances.

The beginnings are difficult for this lover of sports and outings, forced to give up his military career. He can't always hide his frustration when officials at Buckingham Palace, whom he compares to "a bunch of starched shirts", keep official documents out of reach.

The closest adviser to the queen

The Duke of Edinburgh, however, ended up taming and appreciating his mission.

Behind the scenes, the Duke of Edinburgh was the Queen's closest adviser. During their 50 years of marriage, in 1997, the tribute of the sovereign suggests the complexity of the role of prince consort, and their complicity.

“Too often I fear, Prince Philip must have listened to me speak. We often discussed my speeches together, and as you can imagine, he did not always give his opinion in a direct way, ”declared the queen at the time, describing him as

"Someone who does not easily accept compliments", but also his "strength and his greatest support", assuring him that he owes him "more than he will ever recognize".

From their engagement eight years later, to their legendary marriage in Westminster Abbey in 1947, to the birth of their four children (Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward), the Duke of Edinburgh will set itself up as a real pillar for the Queen of England.

Novelty at court

The person concerned breathes a little novelty into the court, then stiff, by sending his children, whose education Elizabeth II entrusted to him, to school instead of entrusting them to tutors.

In 1969, he opened the kingship on television, and let it film his daily life in the report “Royal Family”, which was a great success. As a family, they say it is tough, strict.

However, he would have been deeply affected by the marital setbacks of his children, the divorce of Charles and Diana in particular. He also knows how to be protective.

On the death of the Princess of Wales, to support his grandsons Harry and William, he walks with them behind their mother's coffin. It was also he who forced the queen, whose shyness is legendary, to practice the walkabout.

Elizabeth II said of Prince Philip that he was “the only being in the world who spoke to him like a normal person”. He nicknamed her “sweetie”, which Stephen Frears, director of The Queen, confirmed to The Times shortly after the film's release in 2006. “I investigated the Royal Circle and learned from it. sure source that was what the duke called the queen, "screenwriter Peter Morgan told The Times of Prince Philip, who could also call his wife" my little sausage "

Very early on, keen on defending the environment, Philip headed the World Wide Fund, the world fund for the preservation of nature, from 1981 to 1996. It is mainly thanks to the prince that the Loire has remained the last wild river of Europe. He is also responsible for the creation, in 1956, of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme to help young people in difficulty.

A hedonist with a thousand passions

Prince Philip was a hedonist with a thousand passions. A big sports fan and airplane pilot, he was also keen on horseback riding. He was one of the most famous polo players in the country until 1971 before turning to horse harnessing competitions.

He also loved painting and was also a talented amateur painter, until exhibiting one of his works at Buckingham Palace in 2016. The Duke of Edinburgh was also an art collector and a writer.

Completely opposed to "political correctness"

His fiery temperament and completely opposed to "political correctness" made him commit blunders, sometimes with a hint of xenophobia. "If you stay here any longer, you will all end up restricted", he had launched in 1986 to young Britons studying in China. The Foreign Office had been forced to make up for this blunder with a boring apology. Or "are you still fighting with a spear?" He asked an Aboriginal entrepreneur in 2002.

To a 13-year-old boy who confided in him his dream of becoming an astronaut, he let go, in 2001:

“You are too fat. "When a journalist, in 1996, had dared to question him about his alleged extramarital affairs, the Duke replied, unperturbed:" For nearly half a century, I could not take a step without having a guard. of the body at my tail. How could I have managed to hide a romantic adventure? "

But the queen never held it against him, nor his subjects who found that he brought a little levity to the monarchy and were grateful to him for his steadfastness with Elizabeth II.

Considered a demigod in Vanuatu

Prince Philip was a myth on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. A cult was even dedicated to him in this former Franco-British colony in the Pacific, since 1974, the year of the royal couple's trip to the New Hebrides, a former colony located in present-day Vanuatu.

The legend, relayed by the Daily Mail in 2006, tells that a chef by the name of Jack Naiva, who said to be one of those to have welcomed the royal couple at the time, would have recognized in the husband of the queen , then dressed in a white costume, the "Messiah". Each year, a party is organized for the birthday of the Duke, whose myth has been built around a resemblance to a local spirit.

Prince Philip has assisted his wife since taking the throne in 1952. “My first, second and final job is never to let the Queen down,” he once said.

Prince Philip will have dedicated his life to the crown and his wife, whom he affectionately called "Lilibeth". Prince Philip leaves behind a grieving England.

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L'entretien que le couple a accordé aux Etats-Unis à Oprah Winfrey a provoqué la crise la plus grave de la monarchie britannique depuis la mort en 1997 de la princesse Diana, la mère de Harry. La famille royale, la reine Elisabeth en tête, avait à l'époque été vivement critiquée sur sa lenteur à réagir.

Elizabeth II et ses équipes ont pris le temps de la réflexion pour réagir aux nombreuses accusations lancées par la duchesse et le duc de Sussex lors de leur entretien avec Oprah Winfrey.

Le palais de Buckingham a publié un communiqué au nom de la reine. Un fait rare, à la mesure du séisme secouant la famille royale, accusée de s’être montrée insensible face aux pensées suicidaires de Meghan Markle et, à travers un membre non nommé, de s’être interrogée sur la couleur de peau de son futur enfant.« Toute la famille est attristée d’apprendre à quel point ces dernières années ont été difficiles pour Harry et Meghan », rapporte le très court texte, soulignant que le couple et leur fils, Archie, « seront toujours des membres de la famille très aimés ».

« Inquiétudes » sur la couleur de peau d’Archie

La duchesse de Sussex qui a raconté qu’un membre de la famille royale avait eu « des inquiétudes »sur la couleur de peau de son fils Archie avant même sa naissance n'a pas souhaité. Ni communiquer le nom de la personne concernée. Son époux non plus. Oprah Winfrey a dès le lendemain indiqué qu’il ne s’agissait ni de la reine ni du prince Philip. Mais qui alors ? La presse tabloïd s’est lancée depuis dans une grande chasse aux sorcières, renommée chasse « au raciste royal » par The Sun pour découvrir l’auteur de ce commentaire.

La reine a assuré dans un communiqué « très au sérieux » les accusations de racisme. « Les questions soulevées, en particulier celle du racisme, sont préoccupantes. Bien que les témoignages puissent varier, ils sont pris très au sérieux et seront traités par la famille en privé », a dit Buckingham.

Certains, au sein du gouvernement, craignent que ces accusations n’entament durablement l’aura de la monarchie, dans un pays récemment amené à s’interroger sur son passé colonial dans le sillage du mouvement Black Lives Matter, et ne remette en cause dans la foulée l’organisation du Commonwealth, chère à la reine

La fin de la royauté ?

Les critiques de la monarchie britannique voient dans les allégations faites par Meghan et Harry une preuve que l'institution est dépassée. Camilla Tominey du Telegraph estime que « le point de non-retour » a été atteint entre les Sussex et le reste de la famille. Il pourrait aussi avoir été atteint pour une poignée de Britanniques qui ont hissé en tête des tendances sur Twitter #AbolishTheMonarchy – abolissez la monarchie – au lendemain de la diffusion de l’interview. Le Daily Express propose même ce mardi un sondage en ligne, demandant si le Royaume-Uni devrait organiser un référendum sur l’avenir de la monarchie.

Certains défenseurs de la royauté britannique considèrent que Meghan, ancienne actrice américaine âgée de 39 ans, cherche à se faire de la publicité.

Le premier ministre, Boris Johnson, a refusé d’être entraîné dans le débat, se contentant d’exprimer sa « plus grande admiration » pour Elizabeth II. Considéré comme un proche de M. Johnson, le secrétaire d’Etat chargé du Pacifique, Zac Goldsmith, a tweeté que « Harry dynamit[ait] sa famille ».

« La clé de la survie de la monarchie au cours des siècles a été sa capacité à s'adapter aux besoins de l'époque. Elle a besoin de s'adapter à nouveau »,a noté The Times dans un article intitulé « Attaque royale »

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Ils ont outrepassé la devise édictée par la reine Victoria en son temps. « Never explain, never complain ». Interrogés par Oprah Winfrey, la star des talk-shows américains, dimanche 7 mars, sur la chaîne CBS, Meghan Markle et le prince Harry n'ont pas hésité à dévoiler leurs ressentiment vis-à-vis de la Couronne britannique. Les yeux embués de larmes, chignon bas et longue robe en soie noire, Meghan a raconté s’être sentie très isolée et peu soutenue par sa famille d’adoption. « Ce n’est qu’une fois que nous avons été mariés et que tout a commencé à vraiment se détériorer que j’ai compris que non seulement je n’étais pas protégée, mais qu’ils étaient prêts à mentir pour protéger d’autres membres de la famille », a-t-elle affirmé.

Elle a notamment révélé avoir eu des idées suicidaires lorsqu’elle était enceinte de son premier enfant. « Tout se passait simplement parce que je respirais », a déclaré Meghan, fondant en larmes. Je ne voulais tout simplement plus être en vie. Et c’étaient des pensées constantes, terrifiantes, réelles et très claires », a dit la duchesse de Sussex.

Des pensées qu'elle avait même confiées à son mari. Il faut dire que la duchesse s'est sentie très seule dans cette famille royale qui lui aurait demandé de ne pas trop s'exposer et même de se couper de ses amis ,inquiète qu'elle était de l'image médiatique que Meghan pouvait renvoyer. De plus avant la naissance du premier enfant du couple, l’ancienne actrice a affirmé que la couronne s’interrogeait sur la couleur de peau du bébé craignant qu'elle ne fût foncée. Dépression, solitude, sentiment d'insécurité... Meghan Markle a  vécu un enfer à son entrée dans la famille la plus connue d'Angleterre.

Soutenant sa femme, le prince Harry a affirmé « avoir fait tout notre possible » pour rester au sein de la famille royale. Avant son départ d'Angleterre il avait déjà dénoncé les attaques incessantes des tabloïds à propos de Meghan craignant que ne se répète l’histoire tragique de sa mère, la princesse Diana. Harry a été plus loin, se disant « vraiment déçu » par son père, le prince Charles, alors qu'il traversait une période difficile.

« Parce qu’il a vécu quelque chose de similaire. Il sait ce qu’est la douleur », a regretté le prince.L’héritier au trône ne répondrait d'ailleurs plus aux appels téléphoniques de son fils depuis le fameux « Megxit » en janvier 2020.

Une famille royale britannique qui ne sort certes pas grandie de cette peinture, «  donnant l’image d’une institution excessivement traditionaliste, voire institutionnellement raciste, incapable de faire prendre la greffe avec une jeune actrice américaine métisse », selon la formule d'un confrère. Mais quel est le but de ce couple qui dénigre sans vergogne la Couronne britannique ??

L’interview contient assez d’ « obus pour faire couler une flottille » de la famille royale, en a conclu le Telegraph. Mais la famille royale va se défendre.

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The crisis escalates between Harry and Meghan and the royal family In the United Kingdom, it is called "The Firm".

It is the ironic nickname given to the royal family whose series is enriched with a new episode. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who left for the United States, gave an interview to CBS and its star Oprah Winfrey.

It will air on Sunday in the US and Monday in the UK, but a snippet has already leaked. A very controversial extract.

BBC, Sky news ... The excerpt is already on the front pages of the main British television channels and it foreshadows an interview that could prove very damaging to the image of the royal family, but also its culture of silence.

This culture, the American Meghan Markle had already tarnished speaking of her miscarriage or her difficulties of adaptation in the United Kingdom, also inviting to her marriage American stars like Oprah Winfrey.

She is the one who leads the interview and asks this question:

What do you imagine the palate to think of your speeches?

"I don't know how they could expect that after all this time we could just remain silent, if the 'Firm' is playing an active role in peddling lies about us," Meghan replied.

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The former Paris Opera star dancer and dance star Patrick Dupond died on Friday at the age of 61 from a "devastating illness", his entourage told AFP.

"Patrick Dupond flew away this morning to dance with the stars," said his collaborator Leïla Da Rocha. "He died from a devastating illness," she said, adding that he had been "sick for a few months".

The meteoric rise of Patrick Dupond

Born in Paris on March 14, 1959, Patrick Dupond saw his father leave the family home very early. It was therefore with his mother and her partner that he grew up. To channel his energy, the latter had enrolled in a football club, then judo. But he had fallen in love with classical dance while watching a lesson. Very early on, the former Paris Opera dancer Max Bozzoni took him under his wing. A mentor who helped him to perfect his art, in order to integrate in turn the prestigious institution at the age of only 10 years. His career took off in 1980, when he gained the title of principal dancer. But in 1992, it was the consecration: at the age of 31, he was appointed director of dance at the Paris Opera. A post thathe will keep for five years before being dismissed for having been absent for three days in order to participate in the Cannes Film Festival as a juror.

Gold medalist at the Varna International Ballet Competition in Bulgaria in 1976, Principal Dancer of the Paris Opera in 1980, Dance Director of the Paris Opera Ballet in 1990 ... Patrick Dupond was a classical dance virtuoso. His acting qualities appeal to the greatest choreographers, from Roland Petit to Maurice Béjart who create for him. But in 2000, he was the victim of a serious car accident. His body is broken by 134 fractures and the doctors tell him that he will no longer dance.

A second life on television

After having dabbled in cinema (Dancing Machine with Alain Delon in 1990), danced with the horses of the Cadre Noir, he touched reality TV with “La Ferme Celebrities”, season 2, in 2005.

Since 2018, he was a member of the jury in the successful TF1 show Danse avec les Stars. Patrick Dupond was also to participate in the next season. In November 2018, he danced a contemporary with Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette. A sublime performance hailed by the judges. He was also a juror on the show La France a un incredible talent in 2007 and 2008.

On Twitter, tributes are increasing.

"A star that rises in the sky".

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Mais qui a bien pu voler Koji et Gustav, les deux chiens de Lady Gaga ?

Deux hommes, toujours recherchés depuis jeudi 26 février 2021, ils ont attaqué mercredi soir à Hollywood l'employé chargé de promener les animaux de la star en pleine rue à Los Angeles et ont volé deux de ses trois bulldogs français.

Touché par balle, il a été transporté à l’hôpital.

Miss Asia, un des animaux les plus connus de sa maîtresse et qui dispose… de son propre compte Instagram est le seul à avoir échappé au « dognapping ».

La police de Los Angeles, qui a ouvert une enquête, a lancé un appel à témoins pour retrouver les auteurs des violences et du vol.

Le LAPD (Los Angeles Police Departement) décrit les

« dognappeurs » comme des hommes noirs d'une vingtaine d'années, précisant que le tireur a des dreadlocks de couleur blondes.

Les autorités précisent ne pas savoir si les chiens de l’interprète de « Poker Face » était spécifiquement visés ou si l'agresseur était simplement en quête de bulldogs français.

TMZ et le DailyMail soulignent que cette race est très demandée, mais aussi très chère, certains animaux pouvant se vendre jusqu’à 10.000 dollars.

L'interprète de « Poker Face » a tout de suite pris l'affaire en main.

Elle n'a fait aucun commentaire mais a offert la somme de 500 000 dollars à quiconque lui rapporterait ses précieux compagnons à quatre pattes tout en assurant « qu'aucune question ne sera posée ».

Lady Gaga serait à Rome en tournage pour un film d'action, « Bullet Train », avec Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, et Aaron Taylor-Johnson en co-stars.

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Elle avait déjà fait parler d'elle en tentant de s'évader de Dubaï en 2018, avant d'être arrêtée par la marine indienne et renvoyée dans l'émirat. Depuis lors, Latifa Al Maktoum, fille de l'émir de Dubaï, n'avait plus fait d'apparition en public.

La princesse de 35 ans vient de réapparaître dans une série de vidéos inquiétantes diffusées mardi soir par la BBC et Sky où elle assure être retenue en « otage » dans une « villa transformée en prison » et craindre pour sa vie.

Filmée dans les toilettes, seule pièce où elle peut s’enfermer à clé, la princesse explique être retenue dans une villa aux « fenêtres condamnées » et gardée par « cinq policiers à l’extérieur et deux femmes policières à l’intérieur ».

Selon la BBC, ces images remontent à plusieurs mois.

Des proches de Latifa étaient parvenus à lui fournir un téléphone portable et des questions lui avaient été transmises au printemps et à l’été 2019.

Mais depuis l’été dernier, le contact a été perdu.

En diffusant ces images, ils veulent alerter sur la situation, notamment auprès de l’ONU. « Je m’inquiète tous les jours pour ma sécurité et pour ma vie (...) La police m’a dit que je serai en prison toute ma vie et que je ne reverrai plus jamais le soleil. »

Après la diffusion de ces images, le chef de la diplomatie britannique, Dominic Raab, a demandé des preuves de vie de Latifa al-Maktoum. « Ce sont des images très pénibles, un cas très difficile. Et je pense que c’est inquiétant », a-t-il déclaré. Par ailleurs, un porte-parole de la Haut-commissaire aux droits de l’Homme des Nations unies a indiqué à la BBC qu’elle interrogerait les Émirats arabes unis au sujet de la princesse.

En mars 2020, la justice britannique avait statué que l’émir Mohammed ben Rached al-Maktoum avait commandité l’enlèvement de deux de ses filles et mené une « campagne d’intimidation » envers l’une de ses épouses.

Latifa avait aussi tenté de fuir Dubaï en 2018 par bateau avant d’être « droguée » puis « ramenée » dans la cité-État du Golfe.

Cette même année, elle s’était aussi filmée pour dénoncer avoir été « torturée » et « emprisonnée pendant trois ans » après une tentative d’évasion en 2002.

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C'est la Saint-Valentin aujourd'hui et Clara Morgane ne l'a pas oublié : elle a fait parvenir à Stéphane Plaza un colis pour le moins insolite...des sextoys pour la Saint-Valentin un sextoy œuf, des menottes coquines en fourrure rose mais aussi un sextoy féminin spécial « orgasme intense ».

Yvan Attal aurait-il enfin passé la bague au doigt de Charlotte Gainsbourg ? C'est ce qu'on pourrait croire en lisant la récente interview de Jane Birkin dans le magazine Gala, dans laquelle elle évoque ses retrouvailles avec sa fille. Charlotte Gainsbourg aurait-elleit changé d'avis à propos de l'idée simple du mariage. On se souvient qu'elle avait gentiment décliné la demande d'Yvan Attal, devant l'ancienne ministre Aurélie Filipetti, alors que le réalisateur recevait les insignes de Chevalier de l'Ordre national du mérite en 2013. « Je voudrais évidemment dire à mes amis présents que je les aime, à ma famille, à ma femme qui n'est d'ailleurs pas ma femme, plaisantait-il dans son discours de remerciements. Alors si tu veux devenir ma femme... ».

Par contre ni Saint-Valentin ni demande en mariage pour la quatre fois nommée aux Césars Anaïs Demoustier : le chanteur Benjamin Biolay viendrait de la quitter. Selon Voici, c’est le chanteur qui aurait mis un terme à cette histoire. Une décision que n’aurait pas vue venir la comédienne. En effet, un proche du couple a confié à l’hebdomadaire :« Elle ne s’y attendait pas. Elle a été dévastée quand il lui a dit que tout était terminé ».

Père et grand-père, Julien Clerc qui a sorti ce vendredi 12 février son dernier album, Terrien confie dans les colonnes de Paris Match.qu'il accorde beaucoup d'importance à sa famille recomposée. Car Julien Clerc a vécu quatre belles histoires d'amour. La première est avec France Gall (de 1969-1974). Puis avec l'actrice Miou-Miou (1975-1981).Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel et Hélène Grémillon, écrivaine ; Ces belles histoires ont donné naissance à cinq enfants : Angèle, Jeanne, Vanille, Barnabé et Léonard, né en 2008.« Ma famille est très importante pour moi. Étant fils de divorcés et ayant fait subir ça à mes enfants aînés, j'ai véritablement travaillé, fait tout pour avoir une famille recomposée. » «  Les mamans se connaissent et tout le monde se réunit, deux ou trois fois par an. Et tout le monde s'entend bien. [...] J'ai essayé de ne pas reproduire les blessures produites par toutes ces vies différentes », a-t-il confié.

Ah et que dire du ministre de la santé Olivier Veran en train de se faire vacciner ? La video a fait le buzz : pourquoi n'a-t-il pas simplement relever sa manche de chemise au lieu d 'en enlever une partie et de retenir l'autre pour cacher ce sein que je ne saurais voir, de sa main droite.En tout cas on a vu les beaux biscottos d'Olivier Veran

Britney Spears est devenue la popstar à défendre après la sortie d'un nouveau documentaire intitulé « Framing Britney » et produit par le New York Times qui évoque entre autres la tutelle détenue par le père de la chanteuse Jamie Spears. Car depuis 2008, Britney Spears n’a plus le droit de prendre de décisions personnelles ou financières sans l’accord de ses tuteurs — le plus célèbre de ces derniers étant son père Jamie Spears, l’objet de nombreuses critiques. Pour les fans de Britney, la star serait privée de sa liberté, et si le mouvement #FreeBritney a commencé sur les réseaux sociaux, il a depuis pris de l’ampleur : plusieurs manifestations ont eu lieu à Los Angeles quand la chanteuse a fait savoir au juge qu’elle ne voulait plus de son père comme tuteur... Miley Cyrus, Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton ou encore Khloe Kardashian ont apporté leur soutien après la diffusion de ce documentaire qui a également le mérite de montrer à quel point la misogynie a impacté la carrière de cette performer hors pair .

Georges Clooney par contre devrait nous épater avec sa notion de partage des tâches dans un couple. « Je lave 5kg de linge par jour, je fais la vaisselle, je passe la serpillière… » Voilà ce qu’a déclaré l’acteur le plus sexy d’Hollywood au Parisien !

Et à Public d' ajouter qu’il a appris à se servir d’une machine à coudre et qu’il fait beaucoup de vêtements pour ses enfants.

Cet acteur, chéri des dames, symbole de la virilité, y laisserait-il des plumes ?!

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Mieux vaut tard que jamais !

Le chanteur américain Justin Timberlake a présenté vendredi ses excuses à Britney Spears, presque vingt ans après leur rupture amoureuse. C'est en 2002 que Justin Timberlake et Britney Spears, au sommet de sa carrière, se séparaient alors que le chanteur voyait sa carrière solo décoller.

Mais déjà à l'époque les critiques contre lui ont plu, l'accusant notamment d'avoir manipulé cette rupture très médiatisée pour s'attirer la sympathie du public. Des accusations reprises dans un récent documentaire et qui ont poussé la star de la chanson à s'excuser auprès de Britney Spears.

En effet dans le documentaire Framing Britney Spears (Britney Spears enfermée), produit par le New York Times et diffusé sur la chaîne câblée FX et la plateforme Hulu, plusieurs témoins affirment que Justin Timberlake s’est servi de sa rupture avec la chanteuse en 2002 pour lancer sa carrière solo alors que la chanteuse a connu une longue et douloureuse descente aux enfers pendant des années.

Il a laissé plusieurs médias accuser Britney Spears, surnommée à l’époque la « petite fiancée de l’Amérique », de l’avoir trompé puis d’avoir rompu brutalement avec lui, sans faire de déclarations publiques sur le sujet. Les témoins rappellent qu’il a présenté le titre « Cry Me a River » comme directement inspiré de sa rupture, après quatre ans de relation amoureuse (1998-2002).Les paroles de la chanson évoquent clairement un homme trompé par son ancienne compagne et, pour appuyer le propos, la vidéo met en scène une femme qui ressemble à Britney Spears et dont on ne voit pas bien le visage. Une chanson qui a cassé l’image de petite fille sage de Britney Spears, et qui a permis à Justin Timberlake de lancer sa carrière solo

Des excuses aussi à Janet Jackson

Le chanteur est sorti de son silence. Dans un message posté vendredi sur Instagram, le tout récent quadragénaire présente ses excuses à Britney Spears, ainsi qu’à Janet Jackson.

Car là aussi il s'était bien mal comporté vis-à-vis de cette dernière. Alors qu’il interprétait un duo avec la soeur de Michael Jackson à la mi-temps du Super Bowl, l1er février 2004, l’ancien du Boys Band NSYNC avait arraché, en direct, un bonnet de soutien-gorge de la chanteuse, révélant un sein et choquant tout un pays.

« Je tiens à ces deux femmes »

La séquence avait déclenché un séisme et durablement affecté la carrière de Janet Jackson, bien davantage que celle de Justin Timberlake. « Je tiens à ces deux femmes, je les respecte, et je sais que je n’ai pas fait ce qu’il aurait fallu », a écrit le chanteur originaire de Memphis.

« Je suis désolé pour ces moments de ma vie où mes actes ont contribué au problème, où j’ai monopolisé la parole, où je ne me suis pas exprimé au nom de ce qui était juste », a poursuivi Justin Timberlake, aujourd’hui marié avec la comédienne Jessica Biel.

« Je sais que je n’ai pas été à la hauteur dans ces moments-là, comme dans beaucoup d’autres, a-t-il écrit, et que j’ai bénéficié d’un système qui favorise la misogynie et le racisme. »

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Le rappeur américain Lil Uzi Vert a dépensé pas moins de 24 millions de dollars pour s'offrir un énorme diamant rose. .Mais pas question de le poser sur une bague. L’artiste de 26 ans a décidé de se faire implanter la pierre précieuse à même la peau, en plein milieu de son front.

Le rappeur de Philadelphie s’est procuré le diamant chez Elliott Eliantte, joaillier installé à New York, connu pour avoir créé un collier dont le pendentif reproduit en diamants, le visage de Yoda, le personnage de Star Wars, à la demande du rappeur Quavo, membre du groupe Migos. « Cela fait des années que je paie un diamant rose naturel à Elliot », a écrit sur Twitter le rappeur, le 30 janvier dernier. Il a assuré payer cette pierre de « presque 11 carats » depuis 2017, ajoutant que c’était « la première fois » qu’il voyait « un vrai diamant rose naturel »

Un ornement pour le moins insolite qui n’a pas manqué de faire réagir les internautes : Lil Uzi Vert est en « trending topics » sur Twitter. Un internaute a même comparé l’interprète de « The Way Life Goes » au personnage de Tsunade dans Naruto.

Après cette opération d'un genre particulier, le rappeur s’est affiché avec le front ensanglanté dans un post Twitter qu’il a depuis supprimé en écrivant en légende : « Si je ne le fais pas enlever de la bonne façon, je pourrai mourir… » Il a ensuite rassuré ses fans dans une nouvelle vidéo, partagée sur son compte Twitter ce jeudi 4 février.

«On est bien», a-t-il commenté.

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Il faisait visiblement froid, le 20 janvier, lors de l'investiture de Joe Biden. En témoigne la photo de Bernie Sanders emmitouflé dans une parka, jambes et bras croisés et portant des moufles, un peu tassé sur sa chaise pendant la cérémonie. Le sénateur américain n'aura pas fait le voyage pour rien.

Immortalisé par le photographe de l'AFP Brendan Smialowski, ce moment a en effet inspiré des milliers de photomontages humoristiques (des « mèmes ») à travers le monde, renforçant l'ex-candidat progressiste à la présidentielle dans son statut de star d'internet.

Résultat : l'élu du Vermont a levé 1,8 million de dollars « en cinq jours pour des organisations caritatives » de cet Etat rural du nord-est des Etats-Unis, à travers les ventes des produits estampillés de la désormais célèbre photo, a-t-il annoncé. T-shirts, pulls et autres produis dérivés ont été mis en vente sur son site le 21 janvier au soir et les stocks ont été épuisés en trente minutes. De nouveaux produits ajoutés ce week-end avaient tous été vendus dès lundi matin, précise ce communiqué.

« Jane », son épouse, « et moi sommes impressionnés par la créativité montrée par tant de gens (…) et nous sommes ravis d’aider les habitants du Vermont dans le besoin », a-t-il écrit dans un communiqué. « Mais même cette somme ne pourra pas remplacer l’action du Congrès et je ferai ce que je pourrai à Washington pour m’assurer que les travailleurs du Vermont et à travers le pays obtiennent le soutien dont ils ont besoin au cœur de la pire crise que nous ayons traversé depuis la Grande Dépression », a ajouté le sénateur du Vermont..

Getty Images, l’agence qui distribue les photos de l’AFP aux Etats-Unis, « fera don des revenus » tirés de l’accord de merchandising à l’organisation caritative Meals on Wheels, indique le communiqué.

Brendan Smialowski juge « impressionnante » l’évolution de cette image « et toutes ses déclinaisons ».

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