Unseen images, captured by a drone near the border between Brazil and Peru, reveal the existence of a new isolated tribe, discovered by the Indian National Foundation.

Some people walking in a clearing in the middle of the abundant vegetation. Photos published by Funai also show canoes, an ax and a thatch hut.

The video was shot in 2017, but released this week.

It is part of the images collected by Funai during several expeditions in the Javari Valley, an area very difficult to access in the south-east of Amazonas.

The expedition has traveled more than 180 kilometers by boat, truck or motorbike, and 120 kilometers on foot in the dense forest to reach the region.

It is a Brazilian state (south-east) where the majority of the evidence of existence of isolated peoples in the country was gathered with the discovery of clues such as a huge hut, homemade axes, a bugle made with bark or canoes dug into palm tree trunks.

Eight indigenous tribes in the region have already come into contact with the outside world, according to Funai, while at least eleven others still live in autarky.

The institute obtained these images during a mission to protect isolated Indians, the third "in less than a year in this region," said his statement.

The expedition relies on the help of members of the Kanamari people, connoisseurs of the region.

It also recorded not only "the assiduous presence of hunters" but also the encroachment of landowners in these Indian-only territories.

She met two teams of poachers on her way and forced them to release the captured animals alive.

"Vigilance and control need to be intensified in the region to prevent delinquent action and to ensure the entire indigenous ownership of the territory , " said Vitor Góis, the project coordinator.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld