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Expo of January 12> March 3, 2019

• Opening: Saturday, January 12th from 5pm

• Opening: from Wednesday to Saturday from 3 to 7 pm or by appointment except for holidays

• Guided tour, Saturday, February 9 at 17h

Born in the Pyrenees, in a hippie community, he immediately bathed in sharing, the "deprivation" chosen or rather the true relationship with nature and his ilk. Quickly Ysel FOURNET looks at the limits of existence.

Old age, illness, disability, poverty ... become his playgrounds. Going to the simplest, at first,

He takes his Grandfather as his model and mischievously combines his questioning about old age and his desire to know his ancestor better.

His search for the limits pushes him towards the AP-HP (Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris) where he discovers through his photographs the heat of the bodies

and the coldness of the technical acts of the operating theaters. The world of disability is knocking on its door with a Butterfly Order

white. His photographs are enriched then with the pain, the joy, the scientific references and the writing which are superimposed.

If the destitution he experienced during his childhood remained like a DNA in his way of life, the encounter with poverty during his travels in Africa was, for him, the discovery of another limit of the life and society.

Since Ysel wanders between the testimony, the reportage, the portrait and the staging, marrying with subtlety the beautiful and

the pregnant.

Two years of study at the GOBELINS school will be most useful to tame the light and put into practice the most modern digital techniques.

Today, nourished by his previous work, Ysel has taken a new step by combining photographic art with plastic art. Indeed far from reporting, the documentary aspect Ysel enriches his work with overprints and materials in connection with the chosen medium.

The paper disappears the metal arrives in its series named "CALLIPHORA". (... / ...) But where does this word "CALLIPHORA" come from? this is the first

question that burns our lips. Ysel specifies that it is a fly, this blue fly which has for vocation to break down the organic materials, CALLIPHORA "who bears the beauty".

And as a boomerang, the whole universe of this collection reminds us of life, death and moreover the passage.

Each photo tells us that we are only vagabonds on this earth.

From childhood to old age one would only survive on oneself so that in the end, in an eternal movement, what is dead is irremediably transformed into life. "Calliphora" everything is said.

Every moment of our existence is thus swept by the photographer.

From the procreation, at the end of life the works jostle us even in their titles. Nidicus, Passage, Homo ergaster, Dementia, Sinus or Chronos, Acid Amine "tells us the long way of life that goes to life.

Science is at the heart of this reminiscent production, the carefully hammered message that the human being is, like all organic matter, far beyond the spiritual, eternal by its constitution and thanks to this famous blue fly.

Based on interview with Xavier Beaufils 12/2018

The technique

Ysel invites us to his workshop. No dark room, no white gloves, no wonder we are almost at a coachbuilder. Indeed, the basic material here is the corrugated sheet. It must be flattened, hit to obtain a usable plate.

For larger models the plates are riveted to make them integral. Then "just" remove the rust, brush, put rust, paint white, sublimate everything.

Three cooking at 160 ° will be necessary. Finally, we will be able to transfer the photo to a hot press and finally add an anti-UV, anti-shock varnish.

Each work is unique by its rendering and the hazards (aberrations) of these many manipulations. Of course all the creative work of the photographer was done upstream.

His two years of study at GOBELINS school are most useful for taming the light and putting the most modern digital techniques into practice.

Some landmarks

Ysel, born in 1977 in a hippie community in the south of France, studies photography at the Gobelins school in Paris.

After crisscrossing France in his truck, he is currently working in Louisfert, his adopted land of Brittany.

Photographer of reportage then plastic photographer, he also practices painting, sculpture and theater.

His universe: surreal, overwhelming, disturbing, perhaps even disturbing, which is sure it does not leave indifferent.

[bibliographical references]

"It's stronger than me, in my head it's a child", 2009, APEI edition

The West White Butterflies 44.

[artistic references]

- "Children of Mali", Festival of three continents, Pommeray passage,

Nantes, 2005.

- "Reportage on the Express, the train between Dakar and Bamako", eyes crossed in

Nantes train stations, 2015.

A beautiful exhibition as usual at the Galerie Vrais Rêves so go see it !
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We are used to a modest Laura Smet when it comes to putting her body forward.

Surprise however for the fans of the daughter of Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye.

She shares a picture of her naked Friday, November 9 on Instagram.

But it is in a pose sublimated by the photographer Sylvia Gamot that she agreed to pose in Eve's outfit.

A particular sensuality emerges from this photo.

We know that Laura Smet after her short film Thomas resumes filming as an actress.

Exhibition from November 1st to 30th at the Galerie Catherine Houard 6th district of Paris.

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I have been closely, since I discovered this place, the exhibitions proposed by the Lyon gallery "Vrais Rêves", dedicated to photography since 1980, place whose name is the title of a book by Duane Michals edited by Oak in 1977.

The artistic line of this gallery seems to be rather towards the creation, the diversion, the ambiguity in perfect adequacy with its surname carrying a specific artistic line of photography.

While we often put so-called documentary photography forward in the media, we can ask ourselves if it does not return to one of its first statutes that of capturing and objectively recording a reality.

Hippolyte Bayard, born in 1801, who made the first photographic staging, "The Drowning", made in 1840, had detached himself from it, and must now turn in his grave ...

A True Dreams, currently an artist photographer Philippe Calandre presents images of the series "In perceptivo".

For him the interest is not in the objectivity but rather in the creativity, in the imaginary.

The proof, Philippe Calandre evokes the discovery by NASA of an exoterre named Kepler 452b, located 1400 light years from us.

He places his latest architectural compositions.

These forming utopias: non-places, nowhere in the first sense of the term. And yet these chimeras proceed from fragments taken from the real by his care ...

As Jean-Pierre Chambon says so subtly, I quote "(...) After having traveled the globe for a long time as a photographer, Philippe Calandre decided to organize from now on great immobile journeys towards the lands or the unknown cities which will reveal his irreproachable photomontages .

Drawing on his building materials in the stock of images he has accumulated during his wanderings and reports, he creates very clever combinations where the hybridizations work perfectly.

Like the hero of Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, who speculates on "cities that are too likely to be true," he seeks to bring about a reality augmented by the imaginary.

His fascination with industrial architectures, whose aesthetics stemmed from practical necessity and the economic imperative, led him to design strange machineries.

Hedged silos and chimneys spitting their fumes, traversed pipelines and inextricable stairs, grafted with metal bridges overhanging landscapes of deserts, its sites possess the beauty of the underworld. "

Exhibition to discover until November 10, Wednesday to Saturday from 15 to 19h or during one of the tours commented, the one in the presence of the artist, September 29 at 17h.

During this meeting Frédérique Lomba, pianist, friend of the gallery and the photographer, will propose her musical reading of the exhibition of Philippe CALANDRE

Galerie Vrais Rêves 6 rue Dumenge 69004 Lyon (France).

See also .

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Meet Nathalie ZOA aka JAINPHOTOGRAPHY a young architecture photographer who by its original photo style transports us into its urban universe and disconcerting.
Be careful because what you thought you might see is not what you should see!

Paul - "How did the orientation of your practice towards the specific field of architectural photography occur ?"

Jainphotographie - During my encounters with Instagram photographers in 2015, I became very interested in the architectural photography I was doing at the time during my many travels.

As luck would have it, I also worked with photographers specialized in architecture during these meetings, with whom I learned many techniques and discovered urban places that I then photographed.

I started to be interested in architecture and especially thinking of a concept more original than simple shots that I found too classic:

the desire to create something new inspired me to do these montages from my architectural photos.

Paul - "How would you define your personal approach to architectural photography?"

Jainphotographie - Architecture photography, as I practice it, is treated in a very personal way because through the architectural details that I'm going to photograph, I will be able to express and represent something completely different.

In my opinion, this is the most suitable medium for creativity that I like to explore and share.

It remains the simplest means of representation for a much more complex concept.

The main challenge is to come to share an original idea through a collage of photographs of very specific architectures.

The images themselves represent hours of work and editing

(see photo 1) may require weeks of work.

In general, I strive to show the photos as accurately as possible in terms of rendering angles and proportions, no editing work is done on the initial forms of the photo.

I try not to distort the original photo but I rather try to aesthetize it by trimming and rotating images.

I am also very attentive to the history of the buildings that I will take pictures and / or the country in which I am, in this way

I am inspired by their stories to create montages that always have a message to convey more a simple photo collage

(example: REMAKE: THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO which is a montage of English vessels in the shape of spaceships against French vessels in the shape of spaceships).

Paul - "What are your achievements and your international ambitions?"

Jainphotographie - I am just starting to exhibit and share my work, besides I participate in the Urban Week at La Défense in partnership with Urban Trace and you can find me there until Sunday, September 23rd in the mall the 4 time.

My goal is to continue to evolve in my practice and photograph more buildings around the world. Photographing in places still unknown allows me to have a different perspective, to bring a point of view and create even more original montages.

Paul - " Where can we see your work?"

Jainphotographie - I am very active on my Instagram and Facebook (Jainphotographie) but I also have my website:

Nathalie ZOA AKA JAINPHOTOGRAPHY a Photographer to Watch ........

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Exhibition at the Galerie Vrais Rêves Lyon by photographer Phillipe Calandre
"In perceptivo" from 8/09 / to 10/11/2018

The opening will take place on Saturday September 8, 2018 from 6:30 pm at the Galerie Vrais Rêves at 6 Rue Dumenge in Lyon starting point of this exhibition.
The exhibition will then be open from Wednesday to Saturday from 15H to 19H.
A commented visit will take place on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 17:00.

Here is another beautiful exhibition whose True Dreams has the secret not to be missed under any circumstances especially if you like the photo.

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Go to the European House of this old abandoned hall to admire under the lens of Bettina Rheims 180 large prints of the woman in all its states.

You will be puzzled and speechless in front of this game of constant mirror.

Because what fascinates this extraordinary artist is not so much the plastic as the trouble and the mystery:

Bettina Rheims has made women her central photographic subject for four decades while questioning genres.

"Khôl flowing, veiled pupil, abandonment of the bodies, the women of Bettina Rheims are in an in-between. " "After love or after a break, women are never as beautiful as when they are a little defeated," says Bettina Rheims.

The biggest celebrities have submitted to his goal. Madonna, Charlotte Rampling, Carole Bouquet, Marianne Faithfull, Kylie Minogue, Barbara and others appear more in their flesh than in their plastic.

The disturbing aura surrounds Charlotte Rampling with a veil of mystery.

In the same way Madonna's feline eroticism. The queen of pop, entrusted in 1994 a photo shoot to Bettina Rheims in the style of "Chambre close", her flagship series and founder, in shabby hotel rooms ...

The star wants this restored scene in New York for a whole night's sleep.

The spectator feels troubled by his platinum and feline beauty of the "Ciccone" rubbing against the wall, his face buried in his angle.

The references of women to the dressing of masters of the 21st century slips into her voyeuristic spirit.

Because "Bettina has a woman's look on women, and that changes everything. When undressing, naked, she gets an intimacy from her models ", summarizes Jean-Luc Monterosso.

She varies her experiences. In 2005 " Heroines" appears more like a work that wants to be a tribute to the sculpture.

The photographer then collaborates with designer Jean Colonna to dress women's original clothes.

Contemporary icons all dressed in old dresses emanate then an offbeat beauty

. But throughout her career, she continues to question the representations of gender and androgyny as evidenced by the series " Gender Studies " of 2012 already preceded by the series Modern Lovers of the late 80s and AIDS.

The originality of 2012 emanates from the device linking image and sound (by Frédéric Sanchez) in the presentation of 27 sound portraits of young men and women.

Then the power of the intimate spell reinforced by the sonorous testimony of each portrait and explodes in the space of the exhibition.

Other surprising variations will challenge you in the spatial and not chronological organization of this exhibition on three floors.

The parallel of idol musicians of the 80s and those of women held in prisons today for example ..

Also disguising his clichés of feline women, raw, sometimes provocative, confronted with muses draped in their aura.

You will understand. Photographer Bettina Rheims keeps questioning and magnifying woman and femininity.

An appointment not to be missed.

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