It's too much !

If Meghan Markle has been in the tabloids since she began her acting career, Meghan Markle's attacks since formalizing her relationship with Prince Harry are much stronger than those endured by the star. "Suits".

When the tabloids do not accuse her of being too expensive, they portray her as a diva impossible to satisfy.

The birth of the royal baby on May 6th could have dried up this debauchery of critics but it is not so!

She would be a bad mother now.

The Duchess of Sussex suffers from this media pressure especially since she feels vulnerable.

"Any woman, when she is pregnant, is vulnerable. It's a big challenge, "she explains in an exclusive interview that will be broadcast on Sunday, October 20 in its entirety on the English channel ITV.

Prince Harry, for his part, supports his young wife body and soul.

He broke his silence by announcing a complaint against "Mail on Sunday" and his parent company, "Associated Newspapers", after the publication of a private letter that the young woman sent to her father.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld