The actress Sandrine Bonnaire revealed that she had been a victim of domestic violence in the 2000s in the book A love, life , written by Catherine Ceylac, the presenter of "Tea or Coffee" on France 2.

In the early 2000s, Sandrine Bonnaire said she was the victim of a violent attack in the eighteenth arrondissement of Paris to justify her hematomas. In fact, it was his companion at the time who beat him while the couple was beating their wings "It was not good anymore, we knew it was the end. I asked him to leave. "She says.

The latter does not accept the separation and ends up attacking her: "He strangled me, I fell into the apples, and I woke up with a triple fracture of the jaw and eight broken teeth. At the time, we talked about aggression and I did not dare to say that it was a man I knew. I could not believe he could do that to me. I did not complain straight away because, at the time, he told me that I had fallen. "

On the advice of Jacques Dutronc and the director Jean-Pierre Améris with whom she turns "C'est la vie", she consults a surgeon to have her jaw operated. "At the end of the consultation, this doctor told me that I had been hit, that I had not fallen. Everything was enlightened. I complained, "says the actress who ended up with two titanium plates in the jaw.

His attacker will receive two years of suspended sentence and a "big fine".

Sandrine Bonnaire, she had to do four years of therapy.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld