The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spoke open-heartedly in the documentary "Harry and Meghan: An African Journey", and this interview, where Meghan complains about her condition and Harry confirms complicated relations with his brother William, n It does not end up provoking controversy in the kingdom.

Indeed they did not hesitate to expose their flaws. The Duchess of Sussex has confided directly, on his moods, and on his "vulnerability", on the brink of tears. Meghan Markle had ventured, visibly moved, on the media pressure she has suffered for several months. The journalist then asked him: "Would it be correct to say that you are not doing very well? That it was a struggle? "The former actress of the series Suits had then formulated a modest" yes ".

A testimony that would certainly have aroused the concern of the British royal family. But above all a media outlet that is not at all the taste of the Royal House: William is annoyed, Prince Charles would be furious, according to the Sun, to see the divisions of his two boys in the open, and the Queen would not appreciate these moods so unbecoming ...

And neither of the taste of many British, confession interview of these Royals happening in Africa, continent where a great misery reigns.

By having chosen to break with the institutional stoicism of the British royal family and to manifest their states of mind, they undoubtedly revive the memory of Diana ...

For now, the Sussex should take a break of six weeks in November to take a step back and enjoy Archie.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld