Tony Parker the best French basketball player in history announced Monday his retirement at the age of thirty-seven.

He does not want to be sidelined when he is no longer valid.

He thanks the NBA and the France team who believed in him.

He prefers to be remembered as a great athlete.

He wants to enjoy his wife Axelle Francine with whom he has been married for seven years and his two children Josh and Liam.

In addition he is a businessman he did not want to squander his money in the holidays.

He will continue to take care of ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne and Lyon ASVEL, where he is chairman and majority shareholder.

Moreover he will develop the ski area of ​​Villars more to his great joy he will be able to learn to ski because the insurance forbade him the practice of certain sports.

He is happy to finally taste French wine which he did not allow himself before.

For the schooling of his children he will continue to live in the United States (moreover he has US nationality) but he will often come to make small trips to France.

We wish him a lot of happiness......

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A plane that smells of gasoline then a "rebellion" led by a "pretty" thirty-year-old French writer Michel Houellebecq has failed hundreds of admirers who came to hear him Friday in Belgrade.

"It would take a long time to tell, it's a novel scene," he wrote to organizers of the literary festival Krokodil, in a message read Friday night to a crowded and incredulous room, who had come to hear the writer read excerpts from his work.

I it took a "smell of fuel" at the time of embarkation at Paris-Charles-De-Gaulle in the flight of Air Serbia to worry the author of Sérotonime.

And a pretty thirty-something. "There was a kind of rebellion of passengers, who demanded to get out of the plane," "it was a woman who took the lead of the rebellion, initially absolutely alone," says the writer.

"She said exactly what I wanted to say"; "It was she who had the courage to say it, not me", concedes Michel Houellebecq in this message projected on giant screen of the amphitheater Kombank Dvorana. Glad to have witnessed "this brief confrontation with the authority (which reminds him of the very long French episode of yellow vests"), he did not go to Belgrade where he was expected.

And yet with three connections a day he could have been present at the reading.

But "I really do not want to take the plane in the immediate future, it must cancel," Michel Houellebecq loose. "I'm sorry about all this, but I think it could have ended worse" certainly!

Michel Houellebecq (Misel Uelbek in Serbian) is considered in Serbia as a giant of contemporary world literature.

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Ones celebrates the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II who is officially celebrating her 93rd birthday this Saturday. A parade and the royal family (almost) in full will be present. Only absent at the event, the latest born Archie Harrison, barely a month old.

The queen was born April 21, 1926, but it is this weekend that the Queen of England celebrates her 93 years. Each year, on the second Saturday of June, Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday at Trooping The Color, the "salute aux couleurs", a military parade in the heart of London.

This morning, the almost complete royal family came to attend the grand military parade in front of Buckingham Palace. The monarch then reviewed the troops present: more than 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians. 41 guns fired in honor of the queen. All members of the royal family marched past Buckigham Palace before meeting on the balcony.

The royal family gathered

For the celebration of her birthday, the queen appeared wearing a white brocade ensemble. She arrived alone in her carriage without Prince Philip, 98, who retired from public life in 2017. Prince Louis, the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is expected.

The big comeback of Meghan Markle

This year's milestone event is also Meghan Markle's big media return, a month after giving birth to Archie Harrison.

For its first public reappearance, the former star of Suits favored a sober blue navy, signed Givenchy, accessorized with a small hat of the same color.

William donned his Irish Guards officer uniform for the occasion in the Order of the Guard of Honor while his brother Harry wore his Captain's uniform of the Household Cavalry.
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Madonna has cracked the paper of the New York Times which is devoted to him.

Indeed if Madonna is delighted with the clichés that the photographer JR took from her to illustrate the article published in the New York Times on Wednesday, she is not at all satisfied with the article as she explains in a message posted this Thursday on Instagram.

"To say that I am disappointed by the article would be an understatement," she begins.

The pop star believes that one can "cure this society and its eternal need to diminish, denigrate and degrade what it knows to be good. Especially the Independent Women. "

She blames the journalist to whom she gave access to "a world that few have the opportunity to see" to have focused on "trivial and superficial details."

The article is titled "Madonna is sixty years old". For the star, the magazine would not have emphasized the age if it was a man.

"I feel violated," says the singer, who recalls that she has "the right to use this comparison, having been violated at the age of 19."

The New York Times article, however, evokes Madonna as "not only the best ranked female artist in the charts, and the most profitable in history, but also the artist who changed the rules of pop culture forever ".

"Without Madonna there would not have been Britney Spears and Lady Gaga."

Madonna will release her fourteenth studio album on Friday, June 14, 2019.

"This is further proof that the venerable NYT is one of the founding fathers of patriarchy. And I say DEATH TO PATRIARCAT. I will never stop fighting to eradicate it.»

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The court delivered its judgment on Tuesday. French justice is competent to settle the dispute that has torn for over a year the Hallyday family. The Nanterre court held that

"The usual residence of Jean-Philippe Smet (...) is in France" and not in the United States.

Therefore it is the French law that will apply for the succession of the singer.

That was the whole point of this court hearing at Nanterre. The court of Nanterre considering indeed competent to judge the dispute, it is towards a distribution of the goods between Laeticia Hallyday and the four children of the singer that one moves forward.

This is an important victory for Hallyday Elders who have been claiming their share of inheritance for over a year while their father left all his fortune to his last wife and two daughters.

If American law had prevailed, Johnny Hallyday's will had been recognized as valid and Laeticia Hallyday hit the jackpot.

The property of the singer is estimated at several tens of millions of euros. According to the information of our colleagues of Le Figaro, we count among the assets frozen by the French justice in 2018:

the property of Marnes-la-Coquette (13.2 million euros), the villa Jade of Saint-Barthélémy (16 million euros), the villa Joy, the villa Sylvestre (49% owned by the singer), the family houses of Pacific Pallissades and Santa Monica in the United States ...

Property to which must be added the musical rights (1.5 million per year of Sacem, Spedidam and Adami) and the royalties of its record companies (4.4 million in 2018) ...

In all, the daily evaluates the funds frozen by justice to 24.3 million euros.

Following the decision of the Nanterre court, Laeticia Hallyday's lawyer has already announced that he will "appeal" the decision of the Nanterre court.

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It's hard to know who of the two is right about Natalie Portman or Moby about their meeting in 1999. In her autobiography Then It Fell Appart, American artist Moby confides on her past life by revealing crisp and sometimes intimate anecdotes . He likes to go back on his romantic relationships, and especially on the one he claims to have had with the famous actress, then still a teenager.

"We had just finished a show in Austin, where we played with four hundred and fifty people in a place that had five hundred. I walked backstage, I was sure it was a misunderstanding or a joke, but Natalie Portman was waiting patiently.

She looked at me with doe eyes and greeted me. Or "I was a bald drinker and Natalie Portman was a beautiful movie star," reads The Times. But here she is in my dressing room, flirting with me. In another chapter of the book, Moby gives details of an appointment he allegedly had with the actress in 1999. "We held hands and we walked to Harvard, kissing under the oaks. secular.

At midnight she took me to her room and we lay next to each other on her little bed. After she fell asleep, I carefully pulled her arms and took a taxi back to my hotel.

At the time, Natalie Portman was 18 years old. True fan of Moby, who was then 34 years old, she met him in fact in 1999, on the sidelines of one of his concerts.

But she flatly denies any adventure and gives her version of the facts, much less romantic: "I was a fervent admirer and I went to one of his shows when I had just graduated [...] It was on tour and working, I was shooting a movie, so we only wandered together a few times before I realized that it was an older man who was interested in me in a way that seemed inappropriate to me. ».

The movie star goes on to say that she was outraged that Moby was using falsified arguments to sell her book: "There was no verification of the facts by him or his publisher - it seems almost deliberate. The fact that he used this story to sell his book bothered me a lot. "

Brief romance for one, short friendship for the other ... Moby and Natalie Portman do not seem to have the same memories of their meeting in 1999.

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To say that the actress and model Ngoc Trinh made a remarkable appearance on the red carpet around 19 hours, on the sidelines of the sixth day of the 72nd Festival de Cannes.

As she went to the screening of the film

"A hidden life" of Terrence Malik, the beautiful

Vietnamese 29 years has opted for a very transparent black outfit that fully revealed his body and his silhouette dream.

Composed of a bodysuit in lace embroidered with pearls and sequins, her dress was embellished with threads that fell on the red carpet.

Totally backless and transparent at the chest, she climbed the steps slowly to the delight of photographers..............

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Emily RATAJKOWSKI is everywhere to the delight of all no wonder that the number of his fans are constantly increasing!

If Lady Gaga stood out Emily also did not go unnoticed at Met Gala 2019.

As usual, she had opted for a sexy outfit, a dress worthy of a fairy, a fantastic vision full of effect, this long metallic dress and jewels Messika hinted at his flat stomach and his drawn abs, in this dress signed Peter Dundas!

The adoption of this look by Emily Ratajkowski is not a coincidence, indeed Emily wished to pay tribute to the singer Cher.

Remember that this neck so special, and this metallic color, which is reminiscent of the looks adopted by Cher in the 1970s.

But Emily RATAJKOWSKI is also a great communicator who feeds her fans with more beautiful pictures of each other.

One of her last pictures shows her on her bed!

Emily we love your freedom, your way to be so do not change anything are all behind you !!

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All the popular stars gather in the most extravagant toilets at the big Charity Night for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, which is held every year on the first Monday in New York.

For this 2019 edition, the theme imposed by the fashion pope Anna Wintour was

"Camp: Notes of Fashion" which refers to Susan Sontag's essay and to this quote "the love of the unnatural: artifice and exaggeration ... of style at the expense of content ... the triumph of the epicene style ".

A culture that was structured under the influence of the homosexual community of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Outrance, humor and distrust, these are the three creeds that had to respect the personalities.

A new challenge for Lady Gaga, co-chair of the evening, who never does things halfway.

The singer has opted not for one, but for four incredible looks and as many exceptional stagings as stripping on the red carpet.

Each outfit is hidden beneath the other, like Russian nesting dolls.

She first appears draped in a huge fuchsia-pink dress with a huge troll and in a dance performance with her dancers and Brandon Maxwell, she undoes her outfit to be reborn in a new black evening dress with a Hollywood glamor. .

Then new sheath dress with the Maryline Monroe before finishing on a fourth very daring outfit.

All dressed in black, glittery pantyhose bra in fishnet and high heels lying on the steps of the museum.

In lingerie outfit.

Languorous and sexy, the monster Mother that amazed photographers shoot............

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The royal family of England is growing. Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, gave birth on Monday, May 6 at 5:26 am a boy.

Mehan, the Duchess of Sussex, gave birth to a boy, her husband, Prince Harry, announced to the media on Monday, May 6:

"I am very pleased to announce that Meghan and I had a baby this morning, a very healthy baby," said the smiling Sussex television camera in front of Windsor Castle, located at a forty kilometers west of London.

While the royal baby was born with "a little late", the couple "always thinks of a name" for their boy, said Prince Harry. The princely baby, son of Harry, 34, and Meghan, a 37-year-old American actress, takes seventh place in the order of succession to the British throne, behind his grandfather, Prince Charles, his uncle, the Prince William, the three children of it, George, Charlotte and Louis, and his father.

He is the eighth great-grandchild of 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and 97-year-old Prince Philip.

He is the eighth great-grandchild of 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and 97-year-old Prince Philip.

The Prince's announcement was soon followed by a statement from Buckingham Palace stating that the birth took place at 6:26 am (Paris time) Monday and that the baby weighed 3.3 kg. "His Royal Highness and his child are doing well," the palace added.

Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, "who is overjoyed at the arrival of her first grandchild, is with their Royal Highnesses at Frogmore Cottage," where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex live, in the grounds of Windsor Palace, also indicated Buckingham Palace.

Expected late April or early May, the birth seemed imminent: the Kensington Palace had announced Friday that Prince Harry was canceling part of a visit scheduled this week in the Netherlands where he had to start the countdown to the Invictus Games, a sports competition for the disabled and wounded of war.

The bets on the name of the royal baby are still good ... waiting for the revelation of the name.

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Big disappointed for Laeticia Hallyday and small victory for David Hallyday and Laura Smet. Once again the widow of the singer who died on the 5th

December 2017 was dismissed by the courts.

This time it was the court of Los Angeles that decided to wait for the decision of the French court in Nanterre before transferring into the JPS American trust, assets and property that belonged to Johnny Hallyday, as well as the millions of royalties generated by the sales of his albums.

"The attempt to get around the French courts has failed," said Pierre-Jean Douvier, one of David and Laura's lawyers.

If the widow of Taulier hoped to shelter several assets of her late husband, the US justice, ruling on the disputed will has decided otherwise postponing the next June 26 next hearing, and waiting for the French decision of 28 May.

Indeed disinherited by the American will of their father, the children of Nathalie Baye and Sylvie Vartan decided to challenge the document.

It is for the court of Nanterre to decide whether it is the French law or the American law which must apply in this affair of inheritance.

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A student in philosophy and religion at New York University, Louis Sarkozy now plays in the backyard of fashion designers.

The son of Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia Attias, 21 years old, launches into the shoe with a line of moccasins, in collaboration with the Spanish brand Boonper.

This self-proclaimed "fashion outsider" was inspired by the world's great philosophers, thinkers and scientists for his line, The Enigma Collection.

So you can get a pair of moccasins inspired by Freud, another by TJ Jefferson, Marie Curie or Shakespeare.

"Sarko Junior" as he calls himself on the web, has launched his line of moccasins.

After this collection for men, the ex Capucine Anav hopes to launch a model for women, Virginia Woolf.

And perhaps to embody the future female models of this collection the young designer would see his stepmother Carla Bruni regain his status as a model?

In an interview with Tatler on April 17, 2019 he joked with humor

"I'm trying to hire her now, but she's a little over budget."

Maybe at the last moment, the one that recently showed a certain nostalgia for the Versace years ... will make a little effort on its stamp...

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Leur rixe à l'aéroport d'Orly en août 2018 avait défrayé la chronique. Les rappeurs Bobaa et Kaaris ont enfin signé un contrat en vue du combat qu'ils vantaient depuis plusieurs mois.

L'annonce est tombée sur leur compte Instagram, vendredi 12 avril.« Il a signé ! J’ai signé ! J’aurais voulu que ça se passe avant mais la Diva et actrice en a décidé autrement. L’essentiel c’est que ça ait lieu.

Parlons peu, que la paix commence!!! Merci à tous. », écrit Booba dans une vidéo.

Les internautes peuvent également voir Kaaris apposer sa signature sur le fameux contrat dans un clip posté par le rappeur. « J'ai signé !! #decembre2019 #touslescoupsserontpermis #lareglecestquilnyapasderegles », a-t-il inscrit en légende.

En février dernier, le patron de la SHC s'était dit prêt à organiser le combat à Genève (Suisse) et offrir 1,5 million d'euros au gagnant (500.000 euros au perdant).

Les arts martiaux mixtes ou mixed martial arts (MMA)- anciennement combat libre ou free-fight- sont un sport de combat complet, associant pugilat et lutte au corps à corps.

Les deux combattants peuvent utiliser de nombreuses techniques ; selon les fédérations, sont autorisées les techniques de percussion telles que coups de pied, de poing, de genou et de coude, mais aussi les techniques de corps à corps debout , de projections et de soumission. et quelquefois des techniques particulières de percussion au sol.

Un sport pour ceux qui veulent en découdre et c'est bien le cas des deux rappeurs ! Kaaris avait cependant déclaré qu'il n'y aurait « pas le droit de mettre les doigts dans les yeux, tirer les oreilles »...

Les deux artistes étaient en effet passés en justice pour s'expliquer à propos de leur rixe entre bandes en plein aéroport d'Orly Paris.

Depuis ils n'avaient de cesse de vouloir s'affronter lors d'un combat de MMA. Une discipline qui est interdite en France. Depuis ils rivalisaient de noms d'oiseaux sur les réseaux sociaux. .

Même s’il ne faut pas s’attendre à un « combat technique », un « combat dans les règles » restera-t-il un bel « exemple » donné par les deux artistes, comme pour se rattraper après avoir véhiculé un mauvais message lors de leur combat à Orly ? On en doute.

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She's short, she's been running the rumor for several days ...

Prince William would have deceived Kate Middleton with some Rosemary Handbury, Marquise well known in the press people.

And Harry would not have appreciated his elder's incarceration. "That's what ruined our childhood, you make the same bullshit as dad, you have three young children! ". That's what Prince Harry would have said to his big brother.

No wonder the Marquis and Marquise were, overnight, persona non grata at the Kensington Palace, where they were usually invited. Kate Middleton would have even expressly asked all good society not to attend them, without further explanation ...

Determined to move the Marquise de Cholmondeley away from her husband, Kate Middleton was nicknamed "Vaporizer in chief" by the British media.

Certainly the Windsor family would have done everything to stifle adultery but it would be just an open secret. A liaison that, according to the tabloids would have occurred during the third pregnancy of Kate Middleton, before the birth of Louis in April 2018.

But who is the one who pays attention?

Rosemary Hanbury, 34 years old, before making a good marriage, was a British model, or more precisely an it-girl who lived in boozed parties and photo shoots.

In the 2000s, this most prominent socialist in London would have even had a flirtation with Hugh Grant. But she was best known by posing in pink bikini alongside the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Rose Hanbury has always rubbed shoulders with the members of the royal family, since her childhood.

In 2009 she married the Marquis de Cholmondeley, David Rocksavage, 23 years his eldest, the Marquise is also the happy mother of three children.

The Cholmondeley family is based in Houghton Hall in Norfolk, a region that the royal couple knows well since they bought a second home just 7 km from their friends.

But can she put the Winsor couple in danger?

There is an air of déjà vu. Some people want to see the ghosts of the past - those of Diana - who had considerably shaken the monarchy.

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May go for our Britney Spears who supports her father in his illness by being at his bedside!

The US site TMZ announced Wednesday, April 3, that the singer asked to be admitted to a psychiatric facility.

In the face of her father's health concerns, Britney Spears preferred to put her career in brackets and announced the cancellation of a series of concerts planned in Las Vegas.

Victim of a rupture of the colonist, Jamie Spears, father and manager of the star, has already been operated twice and has encountered serious complications during his second intervention ...

So seeing the health of the one she has always been able to count on is a real test for the pop star.

Disappointed and fragile, the 37-year-old singer posts a publication that now makes perfect sense on her Instagram account:

"(...) Two months ago, my father was hospitalized and almost died.

We are all so grateful that he is still alive, but there is still some way to go.

I had to make the difficult decision to focus all my energy on my family in this event.

I hope you understand it. "

Britney Spears suffers from "emotional distress". and was interned for a period of one month in a psychiatric hospital at her request.

The star has received the support of his family, including his companion Sam Ashgari, but also his sister Jamie Lynn.

And it is not only the family who is wholeheartedly behind her.

During an interview for Entertainment Tonight, Celine Dion wanted to send a message to the interpreter of Toxic:

I send him all my courage, my inner strength, my stability, all the love and respect I have for other artists. [...]

When you go through something difficult, especially with a member of your family, you find in you a strength that you did not know.

I do not know her personally, but after a while, when we go through a difficult time, we come back stronger.

We hope with all our hearts that everything will work out for her !

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It is more precious for the future mother Meghan Markle than not to know the sex of the baby to have the surprise. But now, Serena Williams would have gaffed and unveiled the sex of the baby?

The American friend of the Duchess of Sussex responded naively to a journalist from the American site E!

News, who asked her what advice she would give to Meghan.

The tennis champion, herself a mom, proudly lent herself to the interview.

She answered the question of the advice she would give her as a mother by letting out a small equivocal sentence ...

"Agree to make mistakes and do not expect to be perfect" ... before clarifying his remarks by blundering:

"My friend is pregnant and she said to me 'My baby will do that' and I looked at her saying, No, she will not do that. ".

A single little sentence with the pronoun "she", she would have managed to end almost nine months of battle to keep this secret so important in the eyes of Meghan!

The royal family is already in turmoil after the revelation of Prince William's infidelities:

Prince William would have had an affair with Rose Hanbury, the Marquise de Cholmondeley, neighbor of the couple. Here she is now facing a new problem: how to react to the news of the sex of Meghan and Harry's baby.

Remember that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially left London and Cambridge to settle at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. A new life awaits them here as their baby is born.

And already the predictions are launched on the first names of girl !

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She did not say her last word the star of 50 years to the muscular abdo!

Jennifer Lopez shows her sexy muscles in a sexy pink bikini!

This 50 year old bimbo latina does everything to take care of her figure.

On the way to the gym everyday for hours of workouts!

Legs and a belly hard as stone.

Jennifer Lopez, the more time you spend, the more incredible she gets. Both in his projects and his music as physically.

So, on this Instagram cliche posted last Sunday, the actress showed her abs in a neon pink mini bikini. A body that does not know old age.

In addition, as a result of this photo she left a small comment:

"I'm a baby hustler ... I just want you to know ... [referring to Jay Z's song] #Ramona has fire," she wrote.

"On set and in uniform for #hustlersmovie #stxentertainment. "

And as much to say that the performance of Jennifer Lopez in this upcoming film is going to be amazing!

With the universe of strip club girls who bind themselves to ransack their rich clients. A movie inspired by real events!

And the film will be the first of Cardi B !

We also find Lili Reinhart, Julia Stiles and Constance Wu.

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You probably know her, she made the teens cry and laugh as Cordelia in Buffy against the vampires.

I want to talk about Charisma Carpenter!

In sexy vamp she appears as a young and popular girl who often bristles his family and friends.

And she wins a Saturn Award nomination for best TV actress!

The career of this American actress, born July 23, 1970 in Las Vegas, then explodes.

She played successively in the TV series Veronica Mars as Kendall Casablancas and between 2007 and 2011 Tegan Walker in the Greek series.

Alongside Jet Li, but also Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis to name a few, she plays Jason Statham's girlfriend in the testosterone casting of Sylvester Stallone in The Expendable 1 and 2.

And it ravages, strangles, slice, stuns in every corner among these tough guys ready to fly to help the desperate.

And the beautiful actress panics her boyfriend in her hot outfits highlighting her sexy shapes and her goddess plastic.

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The French seaside town is hosting a preparatory meeting of the G7 until Saturday. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, arrived in Dinard on Friday, April 6, around 10:30.

The American delegation arrived first. The English arrived last.

From the party, also, Amal Clooney, renowned lawyer and wife of the actor George Clooney, came to defend the freedom of the press.

Amal Clooney, a lawyer specializing in international law and human rights is in France for an exceptional meeting. Hosted by Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt, George Clooney's wife appeared very posh in a black ensemble.

She came to participate in an event that was held on the sidelines of the preparatory meeting of the G7 to be held until Saturday in the presence of the foreign ministers of the seven world powers that are France, Germany, Canada, the United States, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom.

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt held a press conference Friday in Dinard on his campaign to defend media freedom alongside Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Amal Clooney.

They did not hide their concern about the situation of journalists around the world. 2018 is the deadliest year for journalists. "The job has never been so dangerous with 99 journalists killed, 348 detainees, 80 taken hostage. ".

Jeremy Hunt has appointed Amal Clooney "ambassador of media freedom to fight for freedom of expression". "Everyone has an interest in letting journalists do their job, because countries with free media are always better governed," he added.

"Together, we will work to maintain the legal protections available to journalists (...). I will do my best to help journalists work safely, "he said.

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Miley Cyrus will never stop surprising us. His fans have become accustomed to his eccentric attitudes and provocative outfits. What's more normal than seeing Miley Cyrus as an emancipated woman !

In Wrecking Ball, she shows herself completely naked, licking a chain.

On Instagram she comments on her love affair with Liam Hemsworth until their recent marriage.

To celebrate this solemn moment on Instagram, she does the unicorn and imitates a man's sex with her bouquet of flowers!

But this Thursday, March 28, eight years after the end of the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana", Miley Cyrus has returned to his alter-ego. Miley paid tribute to her iconic character on the 13th anniversary of the heroine's birth.

She smiles: "Decided to be Hannah Montana forever! ". And she shares on Twitter some adorable photos of her child, as she went to the sets for the "Hannah Montana" series.

With her blonde wig and the look of a wise little girl from the sitcom. It takes the title "Nobody's Perfect" and add "Apart from me, of course!" A nod to her former character, Miley Stewart, a teenager who led a double life by becoming a pop star at night.

And yet in October 2017, the American singer looked at this period with a certain bitterness. In October 2017, the singer confided in the program "CBS Sunday Morning" on this subject.

"I was a fragile kid playing a 16-year-old teen who wore wigs and lots of makeup. I was turned into a person I was not, which probably caused a body dysmorphism. (...) " A very hard role for a child, she explained then.

This change in appearance has upset his fans. Some sing the "return of the queen of pop", others pray that a new episode of "Hannah Montana" in which the old actors could meet.

But the beautiful blonde still holds many surprises.

Did she not announce that "big changes are coming soon," she wrote on Twitter. Stay connected. "?

A new identity new artistic universe?

After the hit "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" with Mark Ranson, she is about to unveil other pieces of her upcoming album.

She wants to stand out with a new artistic universe.

"There are psychedelic touches, pop touches, a more hip-hop bias in the songs," she said.

Miley Cyrus does not stop creating the surprise on social networks !

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Neven Ciganovic , 45, has been the star of reality TV in Eastern Europe for many years.

It can not do without cosmetic surgery, to improve ... its aesthetics! He has already undergone a dozen operations.

The cosmetic surgery is you know as pistachios: we can not stop!

For the third time in a row, he had his nose redone, a rhinoplasty operation he had done in Iran.

But this time the operation went very badly ...

Entered to be redone, he came out of the hospital .... permanently erect. It would be the products used for anesthesia that would be involved.

The poor man ! The few men to whom I recounted, with humor, this unusual adventure of our day, have slipped away.

Despite all the compassion I can bring to Nevan Ciganovic , as a woman, how difficult is it to measure the extent of the damage?

Nevertheless, permanent erection is a disease that is medically known as priapism.

Why ? Some reminders of Greek and Roman mythology.

Priapus is the son of Aphrodite (the Roman Venus) and Dionysus (Bacchus, the Roman God).

Barely born, he is abandoned by his mother because of his ugliness, due to a congenital malformation (the God was badly "carved"). An unsustainable situation in this ancient world where beauty and physical perfection are erected in principle, which presupposes the perfection of the soul and political virtues.

Priapus has indeed an exorbitant phallus, still motionless and rigid. He gave his name to the disease.

In spite of this hypertrophy, he is a lonely yet talkative God who has the power to charm by word and spirit.

Priapus had some adventures. The most famous is the one he had with the nymph Lotis.

But when the God thought he had reached his goal, while the nymph was asleep, the beautiful became a tree, which we now call the Lotus. The company of the God failed because at the moment when he was going to violate the nymph, Silene 's donkey began to bray. In anger, Priapus killed the animal!

Priapus is the God of the gardens, the flocks and the guardian of the bees which he ensures prosperity. He is also of course the God of fertility!

I would like to give this unfortunate actor of reality television the advice to put in his repertoire a few episodes of mythology including that of God Priapus. There are diseases like the rest, they go through time ... and can still inspire artists in self-deprecation.

Clara Maybac for DayNewsWorld
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Une vie future de « merde » ?

Neven Ciganovic , 45 ans, est depuis plusieurs années la star de la téléréalité de l’Europe de l’Est.

Il ne peut plus se passer de chirurgie esthétique, pour améliorer ... son esthétique ! Il a déjà subi une dizaine d’opérations.

La chirurgie esthétique est vous le savez comme les pistaches : on ne peut plus s’arrêter !

Pour la 3ème fois consécutive, il s’est fait refaire le nez, une opération de rhinoplastie qu’il a fait faire en Iran.

Mais cette fois ci l'opération s’est très mal passée...

Entré pour se faire refaire le nez, il est ressorti de l’hôpital .... en érection permanente. Ce seraient les produits utilisés pour l’anesthésie qui seraient mis en cause.

Le pauvre homme ! Se sont éclaffés les quelques hommes à qui j’ai raconté, avec humour cette aventure peu commune de nos jours

Malgré toute la compassion que je peux porter à Nevan Ciganovic, en tant que femme, il m’est difficile de mesurer l’ampleur des dégats ??

Néanmoins, l’érection permanente est une maladie qui sur le plan médical porte le nom de « priapisme ».

Pourquoi ? Quelques rappels de la mythologie grecque et romaine.

Priape est le fils d’Aphrodite (la Venus romaine) et de Dionysos (Bacchus, le Dieu romain).

A peine né, il est abandonné par sa mère en raison de sa laideur, due à une malformation congénitale (le Dieu était mal « taillé »). Une situation insoutenable dans ce monde antique ou la beauté et la perfection physique sont érigées en principe, qui présume la perfection de l’âme et des vertus politiques.

Priape a en effet un phallus exorbitant, toujours immobile et rigide. Il a donc donné son nom à la maladie.

Malgré cette hypertrophie, c’est un Dieu solitaire mais néanmoins bavard qui a le pouvoir de charmer par la parole et par l’esprit.

Priape eut donc quelques aventures. La plus célèbre est celle qu’il eut avec la nymphe Lotis. Mais au moment ou le Dieu pensait avoir atteint son but, alors que la nymphe était endormie, la belle se transforma en arbre, que nous appelons aujourd’hui le Lotus. L’entreprise du Dieu échoua parce qu’à l’ instant où il allait violenter la nymphe, l’âne de Silène se mis à braire. De colère, Priape tua l’animal !

Priape est le Dieu des jardins, des troupeaux et le gardien des abeilles dont il assure la prospérité. Il est aussi bien sûr le Dieu de la fécondité !

J’aurai envie de donner à cet acteur malheureux de la téléréalité de mettre à son répertoire quelques épisodes de la mythologie dont celle du Dieu Priape. Il en est des maladies comme du reste, elles traversent le temps.. et peuvent inspirer encore et toujours, dans l’autodérision, les artistes.


It is this Friday that the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre begins to examine the validity of the California Testament Taulier.

A new hearing to answer the following question:

Did Johnny have the right to disinherit his elders, Laura Smet and David Hallyday ?

Laetitia Hallyday has already suffered a snub, the US justice has forbidden him to bring 17 assets in the JPS Trust.

While for now she is the only heiress of her husband, the 44-year-old widow is already preparing for the worst.

If the French justice recognized her two stepchildren as heirs of their father, she should appeal.

This Friday the court of Nanterre was called to decide on his own competence, studying the real residence of the rocker. In the United States or France ?

If it turns out that the court of Nanterre decides residence for Johnny Hallyday in France (Marnes-la-Coquette and the island of St. Barthelemy), then the succession of their father would be subject to French law.

The Nanterre court has reserved its decision on May 28. If he says he is incompetent, the lawyers of the older children could start a new procedure, in the United States this time .

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Mel B admit to a relationship with Geri and here is the tour in danger ?

Crispy confessions that are not to everyone's taste.

In a new interview on March 24 for British director Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

The 43-year-old singer made a sensational revelation about her relationship with Geri Halliwell, claiming that the two women had had a one-night adventure in the mid-1990s.

"She's going to hate me for saying that, because she's so smart in her country house with her husband. (...)

But it's the truth. It happened, we laughed and that was all, "Melanie Brown told Piers Morgan.

And to outbid: "She has beautiful breasts".

And yet in making this shocking revelation, she knew that she was going to hit her friend.

"She's going to hate me for that because she's so smart in her country house and her husband.

But it's a fact. It happened, we just laughed, and that was all. And to add: "It was just for fun. ".

A revelation that particularly annoyed Ginger Spice, a few weeks before their return on stage.

If Victoria Beckham gave up the return to focus on her clothing brand, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown will indeed find their fans on stage during thirteen concerts organized in the United Kingdom.

Their first concert will begin on May 24 in Dublin and the final performance will take place on June 15 at Wembley Stadium in London. They will each pocket 2.2 million pounds for this much-awaited meeting.

"It will not affect their tour and they are still happy to go back together on the road, but it has damaged their friendship," said a Sun journalist.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld
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L'actrice britannique Emilia Clarke, qui incarne Daenerys Targaryen dans « Game of Thrones », a annoncé ce jeudi avoir survécu à deux hémorragies cérébrales durant les premières années de la série à succès de la chaîne HBO.

Emilia Clarke, qui joue la mère des Dragons alias Daenerys Targaryen dans Game of Thrones, a annoncé ce jeudi qu'elle avait subi deux hémorragies cérébrales durant les premières années de la série.

Le premier accident, consécutif à une rupture d'anévrisme, est survenu le 11 février 2011 peu après la fin du tournage de la première saison, raconte-t-elle dans un long récit publié par le magazine « The New Yorker ».

Un AVC à 24 ans

En proie à de vives douleurs et quasi-inconsciente, elle avait été hospitalisée en urgence. « Le diagnostic fut rapide et de mauvais augure : une hémorragie méningée, un type mortel d'accident vasculaire cérébral (...)  J'avais 24 ans », se souvient-elle.

Une opération lui évitera le pire mais elle se réveillera avec d'intenses douleurs et surtout souffrant d'aphasie, un trouble du langage.

« Mon nom complet est Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke. Mais je ne parvenais pas à me le rappeler. A la place, des mots sans queue ni tête sortaient de ma bouche », écrit la comédienne.

« Au plus bas, j'ai voulu en finir. J'ai demandé à l'équipe médicale de me laisser mourir. Mon travail - le rêve de ma vie pour toujours - était axé sur le langage, la communication. Sans ça, j'étais perdue ».

L'aphasie disparaît heureusement quelques jours plus tard et Emilia Clarke quitte l'hôpital un mois après son admission, pour reprendre ses activités et préparer son retour sur les plateaux de Game of Thrones pour la saison 2.

En 2013, alors qu'elle venait de terminer une pièce de théâtre à New York, Emily Clarke passe un énième scanner cérébral : l'anévrisme a doublé de volume et doit être opéré.

Censée être simple, l'intervention échoue pourtant si bien qu' il  a fallu faire une trépanation pour juguler l'hémorragie.

« Je suis tellement heureuse d'être ici pour voir la fin de l'histoire » de la célèbre série, dont la huitième et dernière saison commencera à être diffusée le 14 avril.

Carl Delsey pour DayNewsWorld


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon was betrayed by his mistress's brother

The National Enquirer would have paid $ 200,000 to Michael Sanchez, Lauren Sanchez's brother, to get the text messages evocative of the richest man in the world. He too, the richest man in the world, has been blackmailed in the photo.

In February, the wealthy boss of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post had accused the editor of the National Enquirer, tabloid deemed close to Donald Trump, to try to blackmail him by threatening to publish intimate shots.

The tabloid National Enquirer, an American tabloid scandal, paid $ 200,000 to Michael Sanchez, the brother of Lauren Sanchez, the mistress of Jeff Bezos, to get the suggestive text messages that Amazon's CEO was exchanging with woman, according to the Wall Street Journal on Monday, March 18.

On January 9, Jeff Bezos announced that he was divorcing his wife, MacKenzie, after twenty-five years of marriage.

From the end of January are published passionate text exchanged between the multimillionaire and Lauren Sanchez, a former TV presenter.

The National Enquirer is a newspaper close to Trump. The American Media Inc (AMI), which publishes the tabloid The National Enquirer is led by David Pecker, a close friend of Donald Trump. And Michael Sanchez, Lauren Sanchez's brother is a fervent supporter of Donald Trump.

Michael Sanchez, who is the agent of reality TV and feeds National Enquirer in gossip, writes the Wall Street Journal, declined to speak about this sale, which he calls "old rumor"

Jeff Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post, the newspaper called "enemy of the people" and source of "fake news" by Donald Trump.

Kate White pour DayNewsWorld




I have enough of a title in the press for her image as a model mother shatters: "Felicity Huffman charged with a vast system of fraud at entry into prestigious universities."

The 56-year-old actress, known as Lynette Scavo in the hit series "Desperate Housewives" was arrested by the FBI on Tuesday, March 12. Felicity Huffman is accused of spending $ 15,000 to help her eldest daughter, Sofia, get into one of the most affluent institutions in the country by falsifying her exam results.

The actress Lori Loughlin is also charged in the scandal of university bribes.

A story that could inspire a feature film "The Social Network" or a movie Lifetime. And surely cause a war between two documentaries, like those dedicated to the Fyre Festival?

The Internet exploded on Tuesday, March 12, after news that actresses Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and Lori Loughlin (The House Party) were among the fifty people involved in a $ 25 million cheating scandal. .

"Aunt Becky", in reference to Lori Loughlin's character in La Fête à la Maison, quickly became one of the most sought-after keywords on social media.

More than 200 FBI agents worked on this case with the code name "Operation Varsity Blues". And what a find!

Dozens of parents have paid thousands of dollars in bribes to bring their children to universities as famous as Yale and Stanford! Loughlin and her husband, Massimo Giannulli, are accused of paying $ 500,000 in exchange for the appointment of their two daughters to the rowing team at the University of Southern California.

Felicity Huffman and her husband, William H. Macy, are charged with paying a $ 15,000 bribe to inflate the notes of one of their daughters.

"What an imbroglio"! This is the kind of drama that will be quickly adapted to film and television! Did it take only a few days for six different film projects to be launched after rescuing children stuck in a Thai cave?

This case could even serve as a frame for the season 3 of Big Little Lies, as noted Hunter Hunter, a journalist for Vulture.

At first a Lifetime movie to cover the scandal because a TV channel only needs a camera and a rough idea to start production.

Then as Kellee Terrell, writer, evoked, a much more irreverent adaptation of the story, like I, Tonya ...

And let's spice up the credits by showcasing old stars from Desperate Housewives or La Fête à la Maison!

Now we have to find the prestigious actresses to embody these less glorious roles.

Nicole Kidman? Laura Dern? And...

Jenny Chase for DayNewsWorld
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Un club parisien branché le Noto. Shot de vodka. Danse suggestive et baiser sur la bouche.

Après les gilets jaunes Christophe Castener voulait -il enlever le gilet jaune de la jolie jeune femme qu'il avait embrassée ?

Soirée arrosée en boîte après une journée encore marquée par des manifestations de Gilets jaunes.

Le ministre de l'intérieur s'est défendu dans le Parisien, jeudi soir. :

«Il s'agit de ma vie privée», réagit Christophe Castaner Il s’agit de ma vie privée et de ma famille, qui peut être respectée.

J’ai rejoint une soirée, dans un cadre totalement privé, entre 23h30 et deux heures du matin. » .

Au-delà de la question de l’image, quelques heures après l'acte 17e des «gilets jaune», la polémique se concentrait jeudi soir sur une question de sécurité.

Le ministre de l’Intérieur n’était-il pas escorté par ses gardes du corps ?

Syndicats et associations de police sont cependant montés au créneau pour dénoncer une faute :

«C’est une faute professionnelle quand vous êtes premier flic de France», s'est ainsi indigné un «responsable policier» cité par Le Parisien.

A une autre époque ou dans un autre pays, le lendemain d'une diffusion pareille, le ministre présenterait sa démission , fulmine un autre policier.

« Lui qui demandait aux Gilets jaunes d'imaginer l'image qu'ils renvoyaient de la France [...] j'ai envie de demander : et lui alors ? », conclut un policier désabusé.

Après la fête de la musique à l'Elysée et l 'affaire Benalla voici la séquence Castaner.

Son épouse aurait demandé le divorce....... !!

Kate White pour DayNewsWorld
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A nouveau la théorie de la « fake Melania » resurgit.. .

Donald Trump a dénoncé ce mercredi les théories du complot selon lesquelles la Première dame Melania Trump se ferait remplacer par un « double » dans certains de ses déplacements officiels.

Cette théorie ancienne a resurgi sur les réseaux sociaux après la visite vendredi du couple présidentiel en Alabama, Etat du Sud qui a été le théâtre de tornades meurtrières.

« Les Fake News ont photoshoppé des photos de Melania et propagé des théories du complot selon lesquelles ce n'est en réalité pas elle à mes côtés en Alabama et ailleurs », a tweeté le président américain.

Mot-clé #FakeMelania à l'appui, certains internautes ont mis en avant sur les réseaux sociaux des photos qui démontreraient, selon eux, que la femme se trouvant à côté de Donald Trump, lors d'une visite en Alabama, n'était pas son épouse.

Dès lundi, Stephanie Grisham, porte-parole de Melania Trump, s'était indignée que certains colportent de telles rumeurs au beau milieu d'une tragédie. «Honteux», avait-elle tweeté.

«Ils deviennent chaque jour un peu plus fous!», a ajouté Donald Trump dans son tweet.

Emily Jackson pour DayNewsWorld
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A 49 ans, la bomba-latina toujours aussi sexy et torride vient de se fiancer avec Alex Rodriguez, un joueur de baseball très célèbre aux Etats Unis, surnommé A-Rod.

Il deviendra donc le 4ème mari de JLo

JLo représente la femme sublime par excellence avec les formes qu'il faut - et avec des fesses incroyables qu'elle n'hésite pas à dévoiler pour ses fiançailles.

Tout comme elle dévoile sa bague estimée à plus d’un million de dollars en partageant la photo de sa bague de fiançailles avec 88 millions d’abonnés sur Instagram .

Son union avec Alex Rodriguez est prévue pour le 3 septembre 2019.

Après Ben Affleck et Marc Anthony, c’est à l’ancien joueur de baseball Alex Rodriguez d'offrir à la chanteuse pop une bague estimée entre 1,2 et 2,5 millions de dollars, selon Kathryn Money, vice-presidente d'une marque de bijoux, répondant à l'émission de télé Entertainment Tonight.

Les deux tourtereaux ont officialisé leur union sur Instagram, sur une photo.

Ils se tiennent la main, avec la fameuse bague en évidence.

De quoi faire rêver leurs fans.

Kate White pour DayNewsWorld


Brad Pitt is in Paris.

In the utmost discretion, hidden under a gray beret and sunglasses.

The actor and producer was photographed at the exit of Charles de Gaulle airport.

He was seen at the exit of the VIP lounge of the Air France company going to his car.

But what did the American star do in Paris ?

We do not yet know his schedule.

A simple vacation maybe in a country he loves.

The owner of the Château de Miraval with Angelina Jolie, in the Var, released his new wine last week.

Brad Pitt would have deserved some rest !

Professional side :

He has just completed the filming of Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino and the late Luke Perry, whose release was set for next August.

He will star in "Ad Astra" by James Gray in May.

And he is also working on the production of a documentary on the life of his friend Chris Cornell, nearly two years after the death of the musician and singer.

Privacy side :

He was a guest on the anniversary of his late wife Jennifer Aniston's 50th birthday.

And he was in Los Angeles with Angelina Jolie and his tribe to attend the premiere of "Dumbo" together.

Since her divorce from Angelina Jolie in the summer of 2016, Brad Pitt, who is very discreet, has a busy agenda.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Emily Ratajkowski does not stop igniting the web with hot shots !

And Emily Ratajkowski is a militant at the same time for the feminist cause.

Which often attracts malicious criticism.

Especially this Friday, March 8, 2019 where women are in the spotlight with a day dedicated to them.

But every day of the year should be dedicated to both sexes sexism is everywhere, especially where we do not see it.

And Emily Ratajkowski knows something, she who, at the height of her 27 years, receives just as many compliments as thunderbolts on her head with each of her sexy photos.

She was discovered for her totally nude appearance in Robin Thick's Blurred Lines clip and she recently confided on this issue.

"There are women who comment on the pictures in which I am in a bikini, saying that I play the game of male ideals, but I do not care what men think.

First, I have the body that God has given me, and secondly, sorry, but I like it, she said to Office magazine.

For me, the main idea of ​​feminism is liberation and the possibility of doing what you want [...] »

Here is a liberated woman's speech that we appreciate !!!

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Saturday 9 March, while the fans of Bordeaux Nicki Minaj eagerly awaited the concert of their idol, a message posted on Facebook by Gerard Drout Productions has shattered their hopes of seeing the star on the stage of the Arkea Arena in Bordeaux:

"Despite all the efforts we have made, we are sorry to cancel the show tonight" could read.

Nobody really knows what happened, still is that the rap star could not happen at Arkéa Arena Bordeaux, as was expected.

A late cancellation justified by "technical reasons" that really did not pass on the side of the fans, who insurgent on Twitter:

"After 2h35 of curtain, the show is finally canceled." A few thousand fans already in the room.

And, to make matters worse, Nicki Minaj appears ... at the Bordeaux Pleasure Fair in a video posted by a user!

A post that set fire to the powder!

The singer herself assured that she was not the cause of the quack.

"Why would an artist want to cancel a show and lose money?

What purpose ?

While they are already on the scene, in uniform, etc.

The artist is just as furious as the audience when the concert can not take place, "she defended in a tweet.

"I really wanted to sing. They let us do the sound balances and then they said that the building did not have the electrical capacity for the show. We expect the official mail from the promoters. I'm so sorry.»

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld



After a surprise appearance at the side of Prince Harry Wednesday at Wembley Stadium, the Duchess of Sussex held a new royal commitment on March 8, 2019, King's College London, on the occasion of the International Day of Women's Rights.

Eight-month-old Meghan Markle made a big splash in her little black and white Reiss dress and Alexander McQueen blazer.

The Duchess of Sussex met with a group of women activists and leaders from the Queen's Commonwealth Trust - of which she is vice president - to raise issues around women's rights. During his meeting with the group of women and artists, 37-year-old American Meghan was accompanied by model Adwoa Aboah and singer Annie Lennox.

Still as feminist as when she was still an actress, Meghan Markle took part in a round table on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day this Friday in London. "I agree with Annie Lennox, we have to be global feminists and include men and boys. Said Prince Harry's wife.

Meghan Markle is a feminist from the beginning.

She already supported the feminist cause when she was an actress in the series "Suits".

At the time, she had written an essay on the impact of the rules on the education of young women in India. Even before joining the royal family, she had already committed to the cause of women on her blog, The Tig, or at a conference organized by the United Nations in 2015, already for the International Day of Women. womens rights !

Kensington Palace announced Friday morning its appointment as the new vice-president of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, who is the godmother while Harry is the president.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



After being robbed at his Parisian hotel, Kim Kardashian had promised not to return to the City of Light.

"I think I can return [to Paris], spend more time and feel safe and comfortable," Kim Kardashian said last summer about her first return to Paris since the assault she had been the victim in October 2016.

And Wednesday night, between the big drops of rain that fell on Paris all evening, Kim Kardashian was photographed in a transparent suit with leopard print signed Alaïa, revealing its voluminous chest.

As usual !!!

However, we do not know the reason for the arrival of Kanye West's wife in Paris.

What we know is that she never does anything like the others.

She arrived on the last day of Fashion Week, and did not attend any parade.

Does she have a project in preparation with Alaïa house?

Kim waited until the end of Fashion Week to return to the City of Light.

She improvised an open-air fashion show with a daring leopard outfit.

Level of makeup, the wife of Kanye West, trusting Mario Dedivanovic, decided to opt for simple things with cat eyes and a light pink lipstick.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


Luke Perry died on March 4, 2019 following a stroke a few days earlier. Luke Perry's death was a shock.

At 52 years only the comedian died of a stroke. Plunged into a coma for several days, Luke Perry did not wake up.

He had been immersed in an artificial coma as soon as he arrived at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California.

The family of the American actor, however, knew that Luke Perry had a fragile health for several years.

Luke Perry was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer, but not yet remarried.

He leaves only two heirs, his son Jack, 21, and his daughter Sophie, 18 years old.

Both were born from the marriage of the Beverly Hills star with Minnie Sharp from 1993 to 2003.

Luke Perry, stage name of Coy Luther Perry III, is an American actor and producer, born on October 11, 1966 in Mansfield, Ohio, and died on March 4, 2019 in Burbank, California.

He is known for the role of Dylan McKay in the popular television series of the 1990s, Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-1995 and 1998-2000).

He then distinguished himself in several ephemeral TV series such as Jeremiah (2002-2004), Windfall, Dollars Fallen from the Sky (2006) and John from Cincinnati (2007).

From 2016 to 2019, he holds one of the lead roles in the popular TV series Riverdale.

In June 2018, it is announced in the casting of the ninth feature of Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be his last appearance on the big screen.

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Selon le magazine Forbes, la reine des produits cosmétiques est également la plus jeune milliardaire « autonome » de tous les temps.

Cette fois, c'est officiel !

Cette année Kylie Jenner fait de l'ombre à un certain Mark Zuckerberg.

« Kylie Jenner est le plus jeune milliardaire autonome, atteignant une fortune à 10 chiffres à un âge plus jeune que Mark Zuckerberg »!!!

Ce classement 2019 révèle que la cadette du clan Karshadian-Jenner est officiellement la plus jeune milliardaire au monde mais également la plus jeune milliardaire « autonome », c'est à dire hors héritage, de tous les temps.

Et pour mériter ce titre la jeune femme ne devrait rien (ou presque) à l'émission

« L'incroyable famille Kardashian », à laquelle elle participe depuis 2007.

Et ici ne sont pris en compte que ses revenus en tant que femme d'affaires sans compter la fortune familiale de la jeune femme.

Kylie Jenner a lancé en 2015 sa ligne de cosmétique "Kylie Cosmetics" alors qu'elle n'avait que 17 ans !

La voilà maintenant à la tête d'une fortune estimée à près d'un milliard de dollars.

La jeune femme de 21 ans explique cette extraordinaire réussite par

« le pouvoir des réseaux sociaux j'avais une telle audience avant même d'entreprendre quoi que ce soit », a déclaré la compagne du rappeur Travis Scott.

Le magazine Forbes a trouvé un surnom amusant pour la cadette Kardashian-Jenner en lui accordant le titre de « first selfie-made billionaire », ou « la milliardaire à selfie qui s'est faite toute seule ».

Kate White pour DayNewsWorld


The documentary "Leaving Neverland" containing serious accusations of pedophilia broadcast this Sunday in the United States overwhelms Michael Jackson.

In this audio-visual production by Britain's Dan Reed, men claim to have been sexually abused by the star as children. The Jackson family complained.

"Leaving Neverland" is a 4-hour documentary in which Michael Jackson is accused of sexual assault through the testimony of two alleged victims James and Wade, adults today.

Young children are invited by Jackson into his California estate of Neverland to share some of his supposedly fairy existence, with private movie theater and amusement park-style train.

The owner of the place would gain their trust and those of their parents, abuse them, then manipulate them to prevent them from revealing what they would have been victims.

"I was 7 years old. Michael Jackson asked me:

"'Do you want to come to Neverland and your family?' It was like hanging out with a friend who is older, "says James Safechuck at the microphone of Dan Reed, the British producer of the production.

"He told me that if what we were doing came to be known, he and I would go to jail."

Other interlocutor:

Wade Robson. After winning a dance competition in Australia, Wade Robson is invited, with his parents, to come to Neverland for a few days. That's where the abuse started, according to Wade Robson.

"He was one of the sweetest and most caring people I've ever known, and he helped me a lot.

But he also abused me sexually for seven years, "says the alleged victim of the artist in the 36-year-old documentary :

"But after that I had that fear," if I do not do that, I'm going to lose that feeling of being Michael's favorite. If I do not do it, what will happen? What will become of our friendship? ".

Both claim that the artist abused them when they were only 7 and 10 years old.

The documentary also shows old videos of the artist, which can create confusion and discomfort. "Hi Wade, it's your birthday today. Congratulations. I love you, "says the singer.

"We tried to make it descriptive enough to open people's eyes, to be confronted with what it means for a young child to be seduced and raped by a pedophile adult," Dan Reed said. Of course it's shocking. It's a very serious crime. And this should not be minimized.

While 2019 is marked by the tenth anniversary of the death of the "king of pop", a new documentary that presents Michael Jackson as a sexual predator to the chagrin of his family.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



The video of their performance became viral on social networks:

the duet Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for the particularly moving performance of their hit Shallow is one of the most memorable sequences of the 91st Academy Awards.

Some traces of lipstick on the bottom lip of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga would have kissed his playing partner on the mouth that night ...

Invited Wednesday on the set of Jimmy Kimmel, Lady Gaga explained

"Yes, people see love, and guess what?

That's what we wanted to show you.

After all, Shallow is a love song, and A Star is Born is a love story.

She and Bradley Cooper had worked a whole week on the performance, mostly orchestrated by the actor and director, who had a clear idea of ​​what he wanted.

"When we sing a love song, we want people to feel love.

I am an artist, and I guess we did a good job, since we had you! She said.

And think of Irina Shayk Bradley's girlfriend!

And to conclude Lady Gaga assured:

"Above all, social networks are really the Internet's toilet and what they did to pop culture is abominable».

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Accused for twenty years, R. Kelly has just been caught by justice. The American star of R'n'B was indeed charged, Friday, February 22 in the United States, aggravated sexual assault. Of these, nine are minors aged 13 to 16

At a press conference, Cook County prosecutor Foxx reported on the ten charges against Robert Sylvester Kelly of her real name. The 52-year-old singer is scheduled to appear in Cook County Court on March 8.

The first public accusations against the singer date back nearly twenty years.

Earlier this year, the US justice system again looked at the accusations after the broadcast of an overwhelming documentary.

In Six-Hour Surviving R. Kelly, broadcast on the Lifetime cable channel in January, several women accuse the singer of having sex with girls under the age of 16 while he was himself a senior. .

Calls for boycott had multiplied under the impetus of #MeToo and Time's Up, via the #MuteRKelly slogan on Twitter.

Some personalities, including Lady Gaga and Celine Dion, had also requested that their duets with the author be removed from the download and streaming platforms.

A charge that comes after the publication of new accusations of rape against R. Kelly by two women, Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington at 16 and 15 years at the time of the facts denounced.

"During the after-party, Mr. Kelly pointed to us and talked to his security department. He told them to take us to the stage. Said Ms. Scaff, now 40 years old.

She says that they were then offered alcohol and marijuana and were taken to a hotel room where she was allegedly raped. "Then he penetrated me, even though I was not able to consent to anything," she continues. Her friend was hiding in the bathroom.

An overwhelming video was also sent by media lawyer Michael Avenatti - including lawyer for pornographic actress Stormy Daniels against US President Donald Trump - to the authorities. "This new video proof establishing the guilt" of the singer.

"After twenty-five years of serial sexual abuse and assault of underage girls, it's time for accountability from Kelly," he wrote on Twitter.

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I had the chance and the honor to work in the press department for his Karl Lagerfeld label then at Chloé.

This man was a genius a perfectionist with a lot of requirements but with a big heart.

He started in his debut with Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo was the trio of friends.

He was taken to Lanvin Yves for the Dior house, all the three went out into the country, went out for dinner a few times, and ended up late at night at Castel's.

Then this trio broke with the appearance of Jacques de Bascher de Beaumarchais who will become the great love of Karl to the end.

But unfortunately Yves Saint Laurent wanted to spend a night with him that day Karl never spoke to Yves Saint Laurent again. Karl is very loyal to a person for years but at the slightest betrayal he turns the page because he does not accept forgiveness.
It was a character trait of Karl loyal loyalty but at the slightest misstep it was over.

He was also a man who did not sleep much in the press department we always had to be on our alert at any time at the time of the collections.

With 3.4 hours late we waited for 20h he landed at 23h and we had to be on the lookout he had thought of a new music a pearl and more in the dress that the lady of the workshop sewed right away on the dress a perfectionist nothing was left to chance.

I remember one day when he had invited KL's press officer to a lunch in an Indian restaurant in a small street next to the Madeleine they took me with them. I did not know what to order they took for me sausages and spicy meatballs I had mouth on fire. Then he explained that his valet was away for three days and that the person replacing him had brought him breakfast as usual and opened the curtains.

Then they made us laugh a good while telling us never to open the shutters when waking up because it is rare to wake up well wearing makeup on waking we have a head rather atrocious.

As soon as he woke up he liked to be on top. In addition I remember the trips with his driver because at the time of the collections there were always meal trays planned but always at the last moment he always wanted something else.

And as I was the youngest I did chores but I confess I loved that I bought two sausages an apple at Hediard and a coke light. I've never seen him drink anything other than coke. To thank me he always gave me a few more things.

He was an extremely generous man, distinguished with a great respect for the human being for him we were all at the same level.
This great man will leave a vacuum in the world of fashion but also in hearts.
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US First Lady Melania Trump paid tribute to the "creative genius" of out-of-the-ordinary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld who left on Tuesday, February 19th at age 85.

"Today, the world has lost a creative genius," tweeted Melania Trump, former model, who has worn with elegance since the investiture of her husband several models of the creator of Chanel.

She also puts online the sketch, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, a model tailor and skirt for the First Lady.

She is also posting a photo of the model she wore during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official visit to Washington in February 2017.

"We will miss you, Karl! She added in this tweet. She added another picture of her, First Lady, with the creator.

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The news fell this morning Tuesday, February 19, 2019:

Karl Lagerfeld died at the American Hospital of Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, in the Hauts-de-Seine (92) where he was admitted in emergency Monday night.

We do not yet know the cause of his death but we knew he was sick.

Chanel's creator did not attend the Haute Couture fashion show at the Parisian fashion house on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Karl Lagerfeld was also working for Italian label Fendi whose ready-to-wear collection for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 seasons will be unveiled on Thursday 21 February.

Aged 85, he had no children.

He had his pussy Choupette, to which he was very attached.

Karl Lagerfeld did not want an official burial or hypocritical tears, but a simple cremation and his ashes mingled with those of his mother and ... her pussy Choupette, who shares his daily life for several years. "There will be no funeral, rather die," he notes with humor in an interview.

This extraordinary genius, his own director of his life, remains surrounded by mystery.

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Rebound in the Jussie Smollett case. Jussie Smollett was recently accused of lying about racist and homophobic aggression on the night of January 29-30.

That's what a statement by a journalist at ABC7 Chicago, Rob Elgas, says that Jussie Smollett and the two men staged the attack, probably because his character was going to be fired from Empire.

A shot mounted from scratch ?

What a FOX journalist firmly denied through a statement to TV Guide:

"The idea that Jussie Smollet was or would be fired from Empire is perfectly ridiculous.

He remains a key player in this successful series, and we continue to support him. "

Two brothers of Nigerian origin, who are well acquainted with Jussie Smolett, were confused while in custody for the purchase of the rope used for the actor's assault.

One of them even worked as appearing on his hit series and is his sports coach. They have since chosen to cooperate with the police.

According to CNN, citing unnamed sources, the police believe that Jussie Smolett would have paid the two brothers to attack him.

An accusation that the actor strongly denied in a statement from his lawyers: "Nothing is further from the truth and anyone thinking otherwise is lying. "

The Empire star "devastated" and "angry" could again be heard .

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Kimberley, Caroline, Nathalie ... they are for Valentine's Day. But Lydia, Sophie, Carine ... are against it.
So opinions are mixed.

After this little survey done with the women I try to understand the why of how.
First of all, it is much easier to explain.

It's a story I love you, you love me many little butterflies above our head so much that we are in love with each other. It is also an opportunity to see how much his Valentine loves us and the efforts he made that day.

Usually after we tell the girlfriends where he brought us dinner what he gave us as a gift. I admit it's a little commercial but women like to receive gifts.

It is also this evening the opportunity to put a nice outfit with beautiful lingerie we take the time to make beautiful hairdresser nail makeup is our evening.

It's also the moment to go out alone with his man to let the children at home Sir Lui may be a little rant because the babysitter for this big day will take us double but for once a year even when he do not exaggerate.

This is also the time to write to his beloved sweet words on a map or small text that's true we could do it all year but between our HR who asks us to come and consult to see if the new assistant will get along with the team and our boss who still requires us a few minutes to close the file always Urgent saying so who will take us only 5 minutes it finally takes you 3 hours you do not even have time to write beautiful text messages to the elected of your heart or naughty messages.

And now the counters.

And there are those who have the stingy guy who has claws at his fingertips that he says Valentine's Day is a commercial party plus the restaurants raise the prices imposed a menu so they will do it another day.

So not to lose face in front of girlfriends she replies I find it worthless Valentine's Day my guy feast every day. Then there is the relationship that has just started with a man and the young woman is afraid to propose Valentine's Day lest he think of a bigger commitment.

There is also one who had prepared last year all pretty for Valentine's Day so it and the man came saying darling tonight I ordered a pizza there is Paris Saint-Germain against you you realize the good match and this is so she no longer believes this she did not say anything the D-day that's why she hates Valentine's Day.

There is the woman who is the mistress who hates Valentine's Day she says that his man is a fake he is doing Valentine's Day with his wife and it's been 3 years since he sings him that he is going to separate for her.

The conclusion is that for men it is a way to be guilt of all the c ..... they do daily to their charming wives.
And the pinnacle is to be dropped to this period so do not hesitate it is a tip of Mia to baptize a cockroach in the name of your ex is trend go to the Zoo Hemsley Conservation website it costs 1 euro 50 it's been too good
So Happy Valentine's Day.

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The legal battle between Kesha and producer Dr. Luke is not over.

The 31-year-old singer was abused, according to her testimony, by her producer Dr. Luke.

Until now, New York justice has not been very cooperative with the alleged victim.

In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against him for rape, sexual assault, harassment and violence while asking the court to defeat the contract that binds her to Luke and her record company.

If justice recognizes that she may have been attacked, she nevertheless obliges him to honor his contract with Dr. Luke.

Moreover, justice has meant that the rapes denounced fell under the prescription.

A situation of the most uncomfortable and desperate for this young singer. But it was without counting on the striking testimony of her friend Lady Gaga to whom she had confided.

Singer and actress Lady Gaga, in a 2017 statement to the Supreme Court of New York, revealed under what circumstances she had met Kesha in the producer's home studio, dressed only in underwear in a room at the bottom.

The testimony of the singer Lady Gaga for the trial has indeed been revealed:

"If you ask me about his reputation in the world, I do not feel free to speak for the whole world.

But, if you ask me what I think of his reputation, I made my opinion of him and his reputation when I saw it (Kesha, ed) in the back of this room.

It was an image of something that happened to me, and I felt and knew in my heart that she was telling the truth, and I believe it. Lady Gaga told Dr. Luke's lawyer.

At the producer's advice asking her if she knew any more, she retorted sharply, visibly outraged:

"She told me that he had assaulted her ... Well, you know, when men assault women, they do not invite people to watch her.

And when that happens in this industry, it's still extremely secretive. Contracts and games of power aggravate the situation, contracts that precisely foresee the situation in which we find ourselves today. ".

And to a lawyer who evoked the existence of slanderous denunciations, she replies:

"And what about all these women who have been called liars or who are accused before the world of having looked for them, huh? ».

This testimony proves all the more poignant since the Queen of Pop has itself been abused in her adolescence and, traumatized for life, suffers from fibromyalgia.

"I have factual knowledge of the trauma. I know this problem. I can tell you that this girl has been seriously traumatized and you all have some responsibility. Why would this girl tell this story to the whole world if it had not happened?

Why ?

You know what the survivors are going through. Do you know what it's like to tell people? How dare you roll your eyes.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

In addition to Lady Gaga, other showgoers like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grandeou and Katy have also supported Kesha.

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Gay MP Jean Wyllys, who represents LGBT people in the Brazilian parliament, announced Thursday (January 24th) that he was leaving politics and his country.

In question, many threats he says he received since the election on 28 October of the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

The leftist deputy Jean Wyllys, gay and committed to the rights of LGBT people in parliament, gave up his mandate on Thursday fearing for his life.

He mentions an upsurge of death threats against him.

"Preserving a threatened life is also a struggle strategy for better days.

We have done a lot for the common good.

And we will do a lot more when new times come, it does not matter if we act in other ways, "the Socialist and Freedom Party deputy (PSOL, left) wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with the daily Folha de S. Paulo, Jean Wyllys explained that it was "not the election of Bolsonaro in itself" that had pushed him to give up his third consecutive term but the "level of violence that has increased "in the country since the election of the far-right leader, who has enjoyed broad support from ultra-conservative evangelical churches.

One of the things the member is doing is increasing the number of attacks and killings of members of the LGBT community.

Conscious of this surge of violence following Bolsonaro's victory, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) asked Brazil to take the "necessary measures to protect the rights, life and personal integrity" of Jean Wyllys and his family.

In April 2016, during debates in Parliament on the dismissal of former left-wing President Dilma Rousseff, Jean Wyllys spat in the face of Jair Bolsonaro, at the time MP, who had just praised a notorious torturer from the time of the military dictatorship (1964-1985).

Parliament's Disciplinary Board sanctioned him with "blame", but rejected a motion to suspend him for a month.

The councilor of Rio Marielle Franco, who also defended the rights of gays and lesbians, was murdered in the street in 2018.

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Here is one of the actors of the French is pinned by a survey of "Mediapart". Dany Boon resorts to tax optimization, according to the site. He "multiplies tax residences abroad," says "Mediapart" and has invested heavily in hedge funds domiciled Cayman!

But why such a revelation can tarnish the beautiful image of the comedian?

Nothing in these illegal practices if they are declared to the French tax authorities and if the actor spends more than half of his time outside France.

It is because the most famous Ch'ti of France always boasted to pay his taxes in France. He passed for the cantor of the fiscal patriotism.

We remember his confession in March 2018 on the set of the show C to You (France 5) where he said he refused a tax package in Luxembourg because he found normal to pay his taxes in France. And of her remarks in Marianne: "I pay 50% of taxes in France whatever happens.

I paid my first third on February 15, I will pay my second third and third third ... [...] And it suits me very well! I earned this money thanks to my country, the education I received, it's normal that it comes back to him. ".

For admirers of the 52-year-old comedian, praised for his fiscal patriotism, it's the cold shower.

That's why this Thursday Dany Boon was quick to answer these accusations. "I have always paid, I pay and I will always pay all the taxes where I am required wherever I do my professional and artistic activities.

I am proud to have paid in France in 2018, on my 2017 income, a very important tax corresponding to a tax rate of nearly 50%.

All my savings are invested legally and declared in strict compliance with the law and tax duty, "he assured his close to one million subscribers on Facebook.

And faced with the accusations of Mediapart, according to which the actor refused to submit his succession to French law, he also swept , in one sentence, the accusation.

"Following a crisis of acute hypochondria that I still do not explain, I have filed a single will and he is at a notary in France.

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The rapper MHD - Mohamed Sylla of his real name - was indicted for "homicide voluntary" and was imprisoned Thursday, January 17 at night after being placed in custody, Tuesday, January 15 was indicted this Thursday night.

But what is the reproach to the Parisian rapper MHD?

The artist is involved in the investigation of a murder that took place on the night of 5 to 6 July 2018 in the capital.

A 23-year-old man was savagely murdered by "kicking, punching, butchering and stabbing" by a dozen individuals in July 2018.

It would be a settling of accounts between rival gangs, several young people of the nineteenth being descended on Xe in mode "punitive operation".

But the king of the Afro-trap, a "kid of the nineteenth arrondissement", was not only present at the scene of the settlement of accounts but was also involved in the homicide.

MHD's vehicle was seen at the scene of the deadly brawl. It would be a German rental sedan, registered in Germany that would have been rented by rapper MHD.

The rapper categorically denies the charges against him.

If the facts were subsequently proven and he was sentenced for "willful homicide", he would face thirty years of criminal imprisonment, the main penalty for the perpetrators of a simple murder.

MHD was preparing to go on tour to defend his second album, "19", released last September. A series of concerts was to take him across Europe, including a date at the AccorHotels Arena on March 29. Before a new trip to the United States.

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On 17 January, the rapper MHD was arrested for manslaughter in a murderous fight between rival gangs in July 2018 in the X arrondissement of Paris.

And the investigation is progressing. Despite the absence of "scientific or technical evidence", the investigators have just uncovered "disturbing" clues, according to the Parisian, about the involvement of the "Prince of Afro-trap" who denies any involvement.

A 23-year-old man died of a beating and a stab wound in a brawl between rival gangs in the middle of July in the 10th district of Paris.

"Several young people of the 19th were descended on the 10th in mode 'operation punitive'", according to a source close to the file. The rapper's black sedan had been found burned the next day not far from the place of the drama.

It's a video that shows MHD coming out of his Mercedes that night to hit the victim in the head, before running away. A blonde haircut, identical to the one that Mohammed Sylla, whose real name was, was wearing three days earlier at a concert, as well as a tracksuit from the Puma brand, would have betrayed him particularly.

Indeed, it is not a question of a banal tracksuit, but of a clothing of the mark Puma, not commercialized, that only the ambassadors of the mark carry.

In his defense the rapper said that many young people in his city wore colored hair in platinum blonde.

"There are more than 20 in the city to have a blonde dye. He defended himself.

Concerning the clothes of the Puma brand, MHD explained to receive many parcels which he shared with his entourage.

"I get several packages [of clothes] every week and it happens to me to distribute to people [...] I open my chest, either it's me who gives, or people serve themselves directly." " -he declares.

MHD, who denies any involvement in this homicide, was also recognized on the spot by passersby.

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The French rapper MHD, whose real name is Mohamed Syla, was taken into custody on Tuesday morning as part of an investigation into the murder of a young man last July during a brawl in the 10th arrondissement. from Paris, revealed police sources.

The 23-year-old was savagely murdered by "kicking, punching, butchering and stabbing" by a dozen people in July 2018.

The 24-year-old rapper was placed in custody at the 2nd judicial police district.

According to Le Point, the presence on the scene of MHD seems to be proven, the investigation having to determine its role in the murder.

The so-called "prince of the afro-trap" then experienced a meteoric rise in 2015 thanks to a series of freestyle including Champions League.

With the release of his MHD album, certified platinum triple disc in France and platinum export disc in 2016, he confirms his success.

At the release of the second album, "19", last August, the young man announced he wanted to stop his career, denouncing

"The hidden face of success".

"No longer want anything. No longer want music. I think I'll stop after this album.

This life is not mine, "the rapper wrote on Snapchat.

He is expected to tour Wednesday in Amsterdam, which will take him to Europe (Germany, Sweden ...) and North America before a concert scheduled for March 29 at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris.

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SEASON 2018/2019

Laetitia Casta prolongs her stay in the theater. It will be on view from January 16, 2019 in " the incredible story of the postman Cheval " realized by Niels Tavernier.

The sublime Top Model embodies in this film, Philomène Cheval, the wife of postman Cheval (played by Jacques Gambin), a factor that during the nineteenth century traveled the Drôme, villages to villages to distribute the mail.

During his tours, he discovered thousands of stones with the shapes and original colors that he will use to build a house ... stones after stones, with his own hands, which will be named "the Ideal Palace" (Hauterive-Drôme).

It is the Illustrated Magazine that made this building famous in 1905, which André Malraux, Minister of Culture, described as "the peak of naive architectural art".

Ideal Palace which is today property of the city of Hauterive accomodates each year 175 000 visitors, French and foreign, coming from the whole world.

Laetitia had previously returned to the cinema in the film "The faithful man" released on December 26, 2018, in which film she poses naked alongside her husband, Louis Garrel.

The actress, who is 40 years old and is the mother of 3 teenagers today, has kept a beautiful plastic she does not hesitate to reveal in a way that is both romantic and erotic.

That's why she was chosen to be the star of the new Pirelli 2019 calendar.

She shares in this 2019 edition of the Pirelli calendar, her star role, with Gigi Hadid and American dancer Misty Copeland.

It is the photographer Albert Watson who was chosen for this 46th issue of "The Cal" entitled Dreaming.

The actress makes the buzz in this edition by posing naked, flat stomach.

Laetitia Casta who is at the top of glamor, has just made an unexpected exit that has upset the tears, the fight of yellow vests.

"I saw my parents galley. I'm proud of what they did and how they educated us, because it was not easy every day, "she said, adding" that the yellow vests were us; the roundabouts, I come from there ".

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Britney Spears, a pop star of the 1990s and 2000s who marked the youth of a generation, was to kick off a series of concerts at a Las Vegas casino in February for his "Domination" tour. .

A blow hit the pop singer:

she almost lost her father.

"A few months ago my father was hospitalized and almost died," she revealed in a tweet.

She had to make a difficult decision that breaks her heart: she decided to put her career on hold.

"I will not be doing my new Domination show.

I was looking forward to this show and was delighted to see it at the beginning of the year so it breaks my heart.

It's important to put your family first, "said the 38-year-old singer on Friday.

And we understand it even if this news and this decision break our hearts!

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N ew episode in the inheritance case:

justice partially met the demand of Johnny Hallyday's elders who won a round in the two clan succession war.

The Paris District Court ruled on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 in favor of freezing a portion of the income generated by the sale of the rocker 's album.

The opus "My country is love" beats all records, it has passed more than a million copies in a few weeks.

It's almost a year since the two Hallyday clans clashed in a merciless succession war. Johnny Hallyday left all his fortune to his wife Laeticia Hallyday without leaving anything to his first two children.

David and Laura therefore contest the will of their father, drafted in California claiming their share of inheritance, as provided by French law.

American law allows, contrary to French law, to disinherit a member of his family.

Laura and David have already obtained the freezing of their father's copyright and French properties

One more victory for David and Laura !

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Nice Miss France 2018 !!
Vaimalama Chaves Miss Tahiti elected Miss France 2019 this Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Miss Guadeloupe came second in the competition, followed by the other runners-up: Miss Franche-Comté, Miss Reunion and Miss Limousin.

It was twenty years since Tahiti had not received the title!
"It's incredible," she said, very moved, the announcement of the result.

In addition to her crown and scarf, Miss France 2019 has won sumptuous jewelry offered by Julien d'Orcel.

A 2008 SUV car, a scooter and an electric bike offered by Peugeot.

A ten-piece cloakroom offered by Festina, two complete luggage lines offered by Jump, a complete makeup table and Sothys treatments.
A MacBook Air computer and an iMac 27-inch Retina Fusion Drive 1TB screen offered by TV Magazine.

Two unique gala dresses offered by Pronuptia. A trip for two people Paris / Mauritius in direct flight in business class offered by Air Mauritius.

An all inclusive stay for two in Mauritius from Paris offered by the Dinarobin hotel, the luxurious establishment where the regional Misses stayed in November 2018.

In addition, an apartment made available by the Miss France organization for one year.

The availability of a showroom full of haute couture creations by 'A dress, a night' and the provision of a hairdresser Saint Algue for a year during his public appearances.

Vaimalama Chaves , originally from Papeete and from a family of five children, celebrated his 24th birthday on December 3rd.

She graduated from a BTS in negotiation and customer relations, a degree in economic law and specialized management in international business and a master's degree in management.

After graduation she became community manager in a weight room before being elected Miss Tahiti. "I left my job because I wanted to live 100% in my year of Miss Tahiti that offers many opportunities," she confided this week in an interview. Before that, she also wanted to become a marketing teacher.

The young woman has always dreamed of traveling. And she chained them as soon as she became Miss Tahiti: Japan, New Caledonia, United States, Mauritius and the metropolis.

Here is a beautiful smile full of emotion!!!

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Of course, the Colombian star Shakira has a lot of trouble with the tax authorities and this is not the first time that Spanish justice is interested in her taxes!

It has already paid 20 million euros to the Spanish Treasury in the context of a survey of its 2011 income.

The tax accuses the global superstar Rnb not to have paid his taxes in Spain while she would have resided between 2011 and 2014.

According to the daily El Pais, the interpreter of the anthem of the 2010 World Cup "Waka Waka" denied.

A tax resident in the Bahamas for a long time, the companion of FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué said that he officially transferred his tax residence to Spain in 2015.

Moreover most of his remuneration would come until 2014 of his international tours.

For the Spanish tax authorities the fraud would amount to the tidy sum of 14.5 million euros.

The prosecution has announced that a complaint will be filed soon.

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We all remember this popular tribute to Johnny Hallyday in Paris. A year already that the rocker died after fighting valiantly against lung cancer, in his villa in Marnes-la-Coquette. "Johnny Hallyday is gone. I write these words without believing.

And yet that's it.

My man is no more. He leaves us tonight as he has lived throughout his life, with courage and dignity, "wrote Laeticia Hallyday in a statement for his fans.

Laeticia, his wife for 20 years, turned naturally to Brigitte Macron who had become a friend and she called first for the death of his man.

By mutual agreement with the Elysee, the widow of the "Taulier" decided to organize a grand ceremony at the image of her husband's extraordinary destiny.

Laura Smet and David Hallyday, if they were reluctant at first, ended up being convinced.

But who will pay the big bills?

Where the rub is that the mother of Jade and Joy "do not know how to pay the bill. The Elysee is surprised to receive a bill and refuses to honor, "says Benjamin Locoge in his biography The ballad of Johnny & Laeticia .

The journalist blames the rocker for appearing to clear the latter's widow: "All the hassles of everyday life have never been a problem for them. Johnny is certainly the first person in charge of this situation, who has flamed all his life, "he concluded.

A grand ceremony but a salty addition!

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This Saturday, December 1st, was celebrated the wedding of Laura Smet who was dressed in a clear set which put in value in the town hall of 7th of Paris.

It was a discreet wedding just friends of the family Dominique Besnehard, Dani, Stanislas Merhar, his lawyers Maitre Hervé Temime Maitre Emmanuel Ravanas, his best friends Camilla Nicolas.

And obviously his mother and brother were present (Nathalie Baye, David Hallyday).

But we are a Hallyday or not.

And yes, the mayor who united them was not Rachida Dati mayor of the borough no it was Anne Hidalgo.

Small flat Mrs. Hidalgo had other cat to whip than to take care of Paris which was being devastated!

Happy marriage to the lovebirds.
We wish them lots of happiness and lots of little babies.
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Last October , we learned through the actress herself Laura Smet that her companion Raphael Lancrey had made a very good proposal for her.

Of course Laura Smet had accepted!

And it is this Saturday, December 1st that lovers said yes for life at the town hall of the 7th district of the capital around 12:30.

In all intimacy with twenty guests only, far from the paparazzi, hidden under black umbrellas to enter the city hall.

In the presence of his unwavering support, his mother Nathalie Baye, with whom she shared the poster, his brother David Hallyday, his godfather Dominique Besnehard, came with the singer Dani.

The eldest daughter of Johnny Hallyday, in a relationship with Raphael Lancrey-Javal, a 49-year-old businessman for five years, has just experienced a great moment in her love life, which she jealously protects.

The young director dreams today of a fulfilling family life with the man of her life as she had entrusted him to Paris Match.

"I want to start a family. Having grown up to 15 years as an only girl, I dream of a house full of children. ".

Congratulations to the newlyweds !

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The trial file was to be held on 27 November at the Paris District Court.

But the surprise is big!

On November 21st Bank of America decided to resign from its trust mandate.

Where children David and Laura can hope for a settlement in the case.

On the other hand the court of high instance of Paris decided to report it at the beginning of January 2019.

The record companies have decided to freeze the distribution of royalties until the trial (Universal Warner and Sony).

All these harassment judicières really start to weigh heavy for the children and for Laeticia.

Even public opinion is starting to tire of this dirty Johnny's family linen and as the money does not make happiness.

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Officially, 90 years ago, November 18, 1928, was born the famous character of Mickey Mouse.

In fact, the first cartoon featuring Mickey and his fiancée Minnie dates from March 1928.

The "Famous Couple" appeared for the first time in a short film inspired by the wave of popularity born in favor of aviation triggered by the feat of Charles Lindbergh (May 1927).

The cartoon was a "bide".

However, Walt Disney was not discouraged. Fascinated by the discovery of the talking film, he went to bed to produce "Steamboat Willie" a film in which the audience of the Colony Theater in New York discovered the noises, the music and the whistling of Mickey.

It was the beginning of the Walt Disney empire, amplified by the first big cartoons like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Anaheim's first amusement park in California, and television series like David Crockett and Zorro.

Mickey was originally a rabbit. But for financial copyright reasons, Disney had to imagine a mouse to replace "the rabbit" whose first name, Mortimer, did not please Walt's wife. This is how the famous mouse named Mickey who entertained generations of children subjugated by the jokes of his small figurines.

But Mickey had many other merits.

As early as 1930, the war against Germany had already begun ... without any noise of guns yet.

Aware premonitory of the dark future that was beginning to emerge, President Franklin D. Roosevelt understood that it was necessary at all costs to frustrate the seduction operations carried out by the Nazi companies in the countries of South America. .

He then set up a program called "Good Neighbors" (Good Neighbor), to help the South American countries financially, industrially and agriculturally.

On October 31, 1940, while the war was raging in Europe, Rockefeller (Roosevelt's adviser) who in 1933 had already alerted the US government about the fatal risks of this war demonstrated that the United States was losing it in South America, on the psychological level in particular.

And so Walt's older brother, Roy Disney was approached by Rockefeller.

From this meeting began a collaboration between the CIAA (Interamerican Affairs) and the already prosperous Walt Disney firm which engaged in the production of short films intended for the army.

A Disney studio tour was launched. This tour was a triumph that sparked a tremendous surge of sympathy from enthusiastic spectators including Donald Duck.

This South American journey (Argentina, Brazil, Peru) allowed Walt Disney to meet many heads of state, but also local artists, teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires.

Thus, Walt Disney, who had produced typical South American films at the same time, stifled the Germans' efforts to seduce.

Two films were born of this formidable antinazi cultural struggle: Saludos Amigos (1942) and the Three Caballeros (1944).

Thanks to Walt Disney and his characters, the United States became a good neighbor!

The father of Mickey Mouse, who in 1917 had joined the army to fight in Europe (he was an ambulance driver in the Somme Region) avoided the birth of a third war front that could have been fatal ( the first two being Europe and the Pacific).

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Johnny Hallyday's son has the rare word. He comes out of a long silence after the death of his father.

The 52-year-old singer gave an eighteen-minute interview to Sept à Huit.

He recalls then the last day of his father so painfully lived for him. Nothing will have been spared him on this day of December 5 when he goes to Marnes-la-Coquette. "I spent the day waiting to get back to his office where he was hospitalized.

And I could not do it. The sentence is laconic but the voice is moving. David Hallyday could not see his father the day before his death when he went to the Savannah in this hope and waited in the living room long hours for nothing.

Who forbade it? "The medical staff who was in charge of that. I was told, 'He is very tired.' I said, 'Yes, that's normal.' I think they had instructions! ".

And to imply, it seems, his mother-in-law Laetitia who she had already explained about this refusal. For David Hallyday, he was knowingly prevented from seeing his father, especially since Laeticia Hallyday did not want to see him to explain his obstinacy in not letting him see his dying father. In Paris Match, after the release of My Country it's love, the latter confided:

"David and Laura insisted on going to the room, but my man did not understand. It was not that he did not like them. But having to face them, in this situation, when they did not see each other very much, it sent him back to his death. This death he fled and fought for fifteen months.

He refused to receive them. Without having the courage to tell them. ". She says that Johnny Hallyday has entered a "black rage": "He asked me to stop the visits." Get me out of there.

What is this nonsense ?

I will die ?

Tell me I'm going to die!

I'm not going to die, so tell them they're going away. ' He told me what he could not tell others (...)

And I was burdened with some wrongs when I was not responsible. ". Obviously a serious misunderstanding on one side or the other.

Anyway, Johnny's son missed his farewells with his father, an open wound.

Toujours est-il que le fils de Johnny a manqué ses adieux avec son père, blessure à jamais ouverte.

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Miss Obama publishes her memoirs Tuesday, November 13, at the same time around the world, in 24 languages ​​and in print and digital. Even before its publication, Becoming (Becoming) was already the literary event of the year. To accompany the release of his autobiography is a tour across the United States that will do the lawyer. Live Nation, the world's number one celebrity tour, is in charge of the promotion.

The ex-First, eagerly awaited, will indeed go not in bookstores or in the theater but in arenas of sneakers! The United Center in Chicago, home of the Chicago Bulls, has no less than 23,500 seats and all seats are already sold. Same thing in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Denver or Dallas in particular.

The former first lady returns to the media scene not as a woman, but as a person, as she herself. She comes to speak for her. But especially for others. The opportunity of course to recall his unusual journey. "My book tells the story of an extraordinary life," she said in an interview last June at the Library Association's annual convention, the American Library Association. New Orleans.

"I hope it will help others to be proud of their own lives, not just blacks, who feel they are invisible. I hope my book launches a national conversation about the voice each of us can have. "

Because it is the unusual story of a girl from the popular neighborhoods, became a lawyer, then First Lady. Michelle Obama, née Robinson, grew up in a modest family in Chicago and began her law studies at Harvard University, where she graduated in 1988, before joining the law firm Sidley Austin. This rise is due not only to the education given to her by her parents but also to her character as a convinced go-getter.

It is also an opportunity to return, with reservations, however, to private moments of his private life that have marked him. So Michelle Obama for the first time evokes the fertility problems she experienced before the arrival of her two daughters Sasha and Malia, now aged 17 and 20 years.

She learns that she is expecting a child before miscarriage some time later. An episode that deeply marked it 20 years ago. "I felt lonely and lost, I felt like I failed. Because I did not know how common miscarriages were.

Because we do not talk about them. We stay with our pain, thinking we're broken, "she explains. "We had to use IVF. I think it's the worst thing we can do between women, not telling ourselves the truth about our bodies and how they work. " "Even two convinced go-getters who love each other deeply and have a strong work ethic can not conceive," she wrote again.

She also wanted to share her relationship problems by saying, "I want young couples who are experiencing difficulties to know that Michelle and Barack Obama, who have a phenomenal marriage and love each other, work on their marriage, receive help when they need it "about his relationship with former President Barack Obama. But you will not find more outpourings on her intimate couple life. The former first lady, known for her reserve, still continues to jealously guard her privacy.

And this autobiography also gives her the opportunity to express herself on the political life she has rubbed shoulders with today's.

Certainly she returns to the great causes that she has defended and still defends as the fight against obesity, the rights of LGBT people or the education of young girls in the world. But it also decisively decodes Trumpian politics.

Going back to an election campaign episode, the lawyer accuses President Trump of putting his family at risk by citing the conspiracy theory about Barack Obama's citizenship. It is impossible for him to forgive Donald Trump the controversy over the citizenship of her husband.

"This whole story was completely crazy and harmful. This controversy and this theory of conspiracy demonstrated his superstition and his barely concealed xenophobia. ", Rises Michelle Obama. And to add, "What if someone unstable loaded a gun and came to Washington?

And if this person had attacked our girls? "She accuses. "Donald Trump, with his noisy and irresponsible insinuations, has endangered my family. And for that, I will never forgive him. " Nor does the ex-first lady forgive her current policy.

An autobiography out of the ordinary, by the very personality of its author.

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Donald Trump and his wife are currently in Paris for the commemoration of the centenary of the end of the First World War. Brigitte Macron warmly welcomed Melania Trump on the steps of the Elysée, this Saturday, November 10.

Very accomplices they showed their best smile for their reunion. They even kissed each other for greeting each other. The first two ladies had not seen each other since the NATO summit in Brussels last July.

For his part, after six days in the East of France in "memorial roaming", Emmanuel Macron hosts this Saturday, July 10 Donald Trump at the Elysee. Not sure that their reunion is so warm.

Donald Trump, in Paris to commemorate the armistice of the First World War, set the tone. The President of the United States has indeed considered "very insulting" the words of Emmanuel Macron on the need for Europe to have a common army, to defend against the great powers like the United States and China.

And, in his way, he let it know! "The president of France Macron, suggested that Europe has its own army to protect itself from the United States, China and Russia. Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its share to NATO that the United States is largely subsidizing, " wrote Donald Trump. .

But it is a smiling Emmanuel Macron who welcomed Donald Trump on Saturday, November 10, at the Élysée.

"We are celebrating the friendship between our peoples, our armies, and the tremendous solidarity we have had among the oldest allies in the world," he said.

Then Donald Trump ended up tweaking his tweet on the European defense file, "I really appreciate what you said about the sharing of defense funding. We want Europe to be strong, we must work effectively to strengthen Europe. "

The first two ladies, they do not speak politics at this time accomplice reunion.

They also have a busy agenda before finding their husbands for a prestigious dinner at the Musée d'Orsay with about fifty heads of state and government.

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In her Becoming book, to be released on Tuesday, November 13, Michelle Obama settles her accounts with Donald Trump.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has a long memory and can not forgive.

In her 426-page memoir, a book coming out Tuesday, the lawyer accuses President Trump of putting his family at risk by citing the conspiracy theory about Barack Obama's citizenship. It is impossible for him to forgive Donald Trump the controversy over the citizenship of her husband.

The New York billionaire had indeed suggested several times that the former senator of Chicago was born in Kenya and not in the United States. One way to question the legitimacy of the mandate of President Obama, the supreme function is reserved for people born on American soil.

"This whole story was completely crazy and harmful. This controversy and this theory of conspiracy demonstrated his superstition and his barely concealed xenophobia. ", Rises Michelle Obama.

And to add, "What if someone unstable loaded a gun and came to Washington? And if this person had attacked our girls? "She accuses. "Donald Trump, with his noisy and irresponsible insinuations, has endangered my family. And for that, I will never forgive him. "

Trump did not fail to answer him in his own way, scathing. "Michelle Obama has been paid dearly for writing a book and they always insist that you leave controversy," he told reporters before flying to France.

The reader can also learn some details about his intimate life and his beliefs castigating malice in the political world. "I have never been a fan of politics and my experience over the past decade has not done much to change that. I continue to be discouraged by malice, " she wrote in her memoirs.

So lucky to see a Michelle Obama President!

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"Touche pas a mon poste" on C8 has released very old sexy photos of Karine Ferri on its giant screen access prime time ... and it's the buzz.

The star of TF1, become a young mother, does not support this situation and decided to react legally.

Between TF1 and Cyril Hanouna , the tension is at its height.

On October 31st, the program Touche pas à mon poste (C8) broadcast old photos of Karine Ferri at the time she was a candidate for the Bachelor, a reality TV show.

Stripped pictures, photos that were then published on the front page of Playboy magazine.

Is she right to be offended by this reappearance? It's pretty pictures of her naked she could be proud because it shows her beauty.

Between the two giants of the private audiovisual French that are TF1 and Canal + is the war to stoop to attacks sometimes quite childish ...

But Thursday, November 1, it is TF1 who reacted violently by announcing having seized the CSA about the incriminated emission.

In particular, the statement denounces the "systematic campaign of denigration" which Karine Ferri , the host of Danse with the stars, is the subject.

The release of the group chaired by Gilles Pélisson said the presenter has on his side C8 formal notice, Cyril Hanouna , who runs TPMP, and H20, the company he runs and produces the program.

In solidarity with Karine Ferri , and back against the host of C8, the press release concludes:

"The TF1 group will not let anyone intimidate or harass its leaders . "

Remember that photos taken in session belong to his photographer who can make use of it that he hears and that they no longer belong to the person who posed voluntarily with or without contribution.

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Laura Smet, a prodigious comedian, knew it, especially beside her mother.

And now we have no doubt: she just obtained the consecration being a director.

Yes, the 33-year-old decided to go behind the camera with her first short film "Thomas".

The touching "Thomas", with his mother Nathalie Baye in the lead role.

They have already played together twice, in "The Guardians" and the "Ten Percent" series in a very professional working relationship.

The film was already selected at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême last August before being part of the official selection of the Chelsea Film Festival which was held in New York from October 18 to 21.

We find her at the festival all smiles, she did not make the trip to the United States for nothing, she won the award for best short film.

"So happy to have received the Best Short Film Award at Chelsea Festival. Thanks to the jury, the festival, " she wrote on Instagram.

His brother David Hallyday congratulated him with a big "bravo" and a heart.

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Laeticia Hallyday has been back in France for some time to promote Johnny Hallyday's 51st album, My Country, It's Love.

The latter has been in the bins since 19 October 2018 and has already sold more than 300,000 copies. Laeticia Hallyday also responded this Saturday morning (20 October) to questions from journalists.

Johnny's widow has come back to the dispute that has been wreaking havoc on the family for many months following Johnny's testament dispute.

Laura Smet and David Hallyday have sued their mother-in-law Laeticia Hallyday to challenge the will of their father Johnny Hallyday before his death.

Negotiations between the two clans continue by lawyers interposed. And the widow of the rocker who was dragged into the mud, said she was ready to make concessions. But not at any price. Indeed she does not want to wear the hat of inheritance. She deplores the war that was declared to her with "a lot of hate, contempt," she says, in the opposing clan.

She affirmed her desire to find an agreement while "respecting the wishes" of her "man". She recalls in what state of mind Johnny had made his will. "My man felt that David and Laura were protected with important donations, that they had spoiled them, that they still had their mothers ..." , she said. For her, it's out of love for her two little girls, to protect them, that the rocker made his will.

Laetitia Hallyday does not want to pass like the ugly stepmother and says the violence she felt. "It's a war that has been declared to me, which has been extremely violent and that I have not understood, I have never received a call from Laura and David since they left St Barth," said widow of the rocker. I have always put a lot of empathy in our relationship. Their pain was real. I think that if we had met with family, if we had discussed, we could have talked about the last wishes of their father, hers, not mine, "she recalls.

The mother of Jade and Joy calls for a reconciliation so that her daughters find their family "My daughters know abandonment with their brother and sister, they are in need of them. There is no hate in us, we are not in contempt or humiliation. I try not to betray the will of my man.

Clearly Laetitia means that the will was only the fact and the will of the Taulier. But at the same time she calls on Johnny's two eldest children: "I would like to tell them that Jade and Joy are in need of their brother and sister and that we need to stop the war they have declared. If they do not do it for me, that they do it for their father, we need to rebuild, and we need peace, serenity and love to make it happen.

Love saves us from everything. ".

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She had not posted anything for almost a year ... she chose Johnny's posthumous disc to make her comeback.

She who is hooked to the networks was diverted to devote herself entirely to Johnny and support him in his illness.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, Laeticia made her big comeback on Instagram.

Laeticia has unveiled an excerpt from the clip I'll talk to the devil , one of the new rocker songs from his 51st opus.

In the video, we discover a Johnny who is on Route 66, his favorite road.

"To you, to our loves, to your love, to the fury of life, to freedom of thought, to your music, I love you forever," wrote Laeticia in legend.

This Friday, October 19, when comes out the last album of the Taulier baptized "My country is the love", she revived her account.

She only spoke in "Paris Match", Thursday, Saturday morning, she will speak at the microphone of RTL.

She spoke Friday for the first time on television since the death of Johnny 10 months ago. Laeticia Hallyday granted an exclusive interview to TF1 on the occasion of the release of the album "My country, it's love", already sold to 300,000 copies in one day. A lot of emotion in his voice.

The whole of France has discovered My country is love , the posthumous album of Johnny Hallyday. For his first day, it has sold 300,000 copies without counting streaming, a record in the discography of the taulier.

"It's rock and blues, it's all the music he loves. It perfectly matches his culture, his heritage and the spirit that has always animated him. It's very rhythmic, there is real rock but at the same time there is this ability that Johnny to go beyond a genre and it becomes universal songs, " said Philippe Labro.

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A total of 10 people have been appearing since mid-September in the Assize Court of Bouches-du-Rhône for their alleged involvement in the double assassination of Hélène Pastor and her driver, in May 2014 in Nice.

This Tuesday it was the turn of the defendant's lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, to assert that his client was "guilty of having ordered the murder" of his mother-in-law, Monaco's billionaire Hélène Pastor.

Wojciech Janowski had indeed confessed to the murder of his mother-in-law. He said he wanted to protect his girlfriend who would have been psychologically abused by his mother according to him. But then the former Honorary Consul of Poland in Monaco had retracted.

The prosecution, which required perpetuity, was financially mobile and argued that it wanted to divert to its benefit and to bail out its companies the legacy of Sylvia Ratkowski, the daughter of the victim.

Finally, it is the lawyer himself of the accused, Me Dupond-Moretti, who declared that his client was "guilty of having ordered the murder" of his mother-in-law, Monaco's billionaire Hélène Pastor.

"Those words you expected from him come out of my mouth. These words, he tried to express them, he wanted to express himself but was not believed, he was opposed all along the procedure a permanent contempt, a contempt of class ", launched Me Dupond -Moretti, assuring that his client, if he was guilty, had only acted in the interest of Sylvia Ratkowski.

"He understood that he was the miserable service," also said the lawyer, during his speech, criticizing again the police investigation and custody.

If he conceded that Wojciech Janowski had ordered the assassination of Hélène Pastor, Me Dupond-Moretti instead asked the jury to acquit him for the murder of his driver, assuring that he had not asked contrary to what his coach says.

According to him, charged by Janowski to organize the assassination, the Polish businessman had asked to kill the driver of the billionaire and to steal his bag to make believe a villainous crime.

Friday, Advocate General Pierre Cortes had called the jury to "checkmate" Wojciech Janowski, requiring the maximum penalty: life imprisonment with 22 years of security against him.

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Kensington Palace confirmed in an official statement released on Monday, October 15, that Prince Harry's wife was expecting his first child.

It's already been several weeks since the rumor ran. Kensington Palace confirmed in an official statement on Monday that Meghan Markle was pregnant. "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child," the document says.

"Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are waiting for a baby for the spring of 2019," reads Twitter. Prince Harry's lover got married on May 19th.

The palace also claims that the couple "appreciated all the support" they received "from all over the world since their wedding in May" and said they "are delighted to be able to share this news with the public".

This announcement comes at a particular time.

Meghan Markle, 37, is currently on the other side of the globe, at the Antipodes, where she starts her first major official trip since joining the royal family.

The couple landed in Sidney on Sunday, October 14th. On Friday, October 12, Prince Harry and his wife had attended the wedding of Eugenie 's Princess of York at the Saint George Chapel of Windsor Castle, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married.

Meghan Markle's outfit - a long buttoned coat at the top, but not at the bottom - had already sparked the public's attention.

The announcement of her pregnancy comes three days after the wedding of Princess Eugenie, the cousin of Prince Harry. The duchess did not want to shade the bride during the ceremony.

And yet since mid-September already, some shots of Meghan Markle in a blue dress, puffing on the stomach, had fueled the rumors!

Internet users also to ignite at the sight of the pretty Duchess of Sussex!

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Kanye West has still been talked about. On Thursday, October 11, he visited the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. Facing him ?

Donald Trump almost remained silent.

As a faithful supporter of the President of the United States, the rapper had taken all his panoply. On his head, he still had his favorite cap on which is inscribed the slogan of Donald Trump:

Make America Great Again. "This hat makes me feel like Superman," Yeezy even said as he likes to be called now.

It must be said that the rapper, faithful support of the American president, has started a long monologue. What did he talk about?

Kim Kardashian's husband offered a most mind-blowing moment: his masculine attributes, his mental disorders and urban violence.

From cock to donkey, from the hydrogen plane, to the 13th amendment to abolish slavery, to Chicago gang leader Larry Hoover. Once again, the rapper did not fail to show his attachment to the President of the United States.

Clearly galvanized by his speech, Kanye West then wanted to kiss Donald Trump. " I love this guy. Let me give him a hug, " he said, before actually taking the president of the United States in his arms. an amused strand:

"I must say, it was very impressive. It was something. "

Finally, Kanye West announced that he would not run for the presidency of the United States in 2020 but on the other hand, that he would think about it for 2024. You have been warned! last issue

The two men, Kanye West black suit, hugged each other before going to lunch away from the camera.

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Laeticia Halliday is back in France with her two adorable little girls Jade and Joy in their home in Marne La Coquette La Savannah.

She is here to promote Johnny Mon Pays's latest album, it's love made in contribution with many singers.

While his lawyers and those of David and Laura try to try a negotiation
the widow of the Taulier is afraid of walking in Paris, she fears an aggression on her person.

The lawyers of Laura and David ask for Laura the entire house of Marne La Coquette, and copyright and all revenues on the music of Johnny should be divided into five (Jade Joy Laura David Laeticia), and leaves the house of Saint Barthelemy and Los Angeles to the widow.

But know that the black widow is not so bad because what she does is not always told.

She let Laura go alone to the Savannah because she wanted to take personal belongings from her father and go to the room where he died.

We can say that the one who put the zizanie in this clan is the taulier himself. Johnny, you wanted us to always talk about you ....
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The end or not the relationship of Pamela Anderson and the beautiful Adil Rami?

Well no !

The footballer Adil posted on Instragram a message to his beautiful support who participates in Dance with the stars on TF1.

She gives herself thoroughly with her partner the dancer Maxime Dereymez.

But the Olympique de Marseille footballer has done better.

He came to join her in Paris. Adil Rami, who is on the end of his convalescence (muscle tear of the pectoralis major) took the opportunity to come and play Prince Charming with Pamela.
He could not help kissing her in the 16th arrondissement town hall.
Could it have given him marriage ideas ?
The city of Paris is the city of lovers enjoy handsome and tall football player Adil and Princess Alerte in Malibu.
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To listen to the rapper Kanye West, he is ready to reconvert after the music between politics and porn. His final choice?

In any case Kanye West knows how to talk about him.

Just last Saturday, September 8, he was furious with a reporter who was asking him about his wife Kim Kardishiam. The journalist had to leave the evening ...

During his statements on slavery a few months ago, he also made a name for himself.

And now that after a simple tweet "2024", he updates his wish to become ... President of the United States.

New challenges? Take over from Donald Trump? Of course after the second term of the current tenant loved by the singer. "Trump does not shit, he creates jobs, and taxes report," he said comparing him with Gandhi among others who would "shit", he said.

At the microphone of WPWX (American radio) the rapper had already mentioned his willingness to embark on the race for the presidency in 2024 with "100% chance" of being elected. Moreover, he had explained that he did not belong to any party, was neither right nor left, but simply wanted dialogue, something that was currently lacking in the political sphere.

Kayne West also dreams of becoming a big name porn because he promotes the "Pornhub Awards" ...

Rumors that run on the American rapper ? It seems like no.

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This was to be expected, and the judge in chambers feared him.

In his order, the judge at the time cited a "real risk of transferring all the property of the deceased to the benefit of the JPS Trust" .

The application was filed in court to transfer a portion of its US estate, including royalties, Harley-Davidson and luxury cars.

There are never more than seventeen properties to be added to Laeticia's California heritage since the widow Laeticia du Taulier is now a beneficiary.

The Bank of America which manages it would have asked according to the Figaro that there are transferred "all the royalties" due to the deceased star by his American record companies Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music.

The application also includes four Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and three luxury cars: a Lamborghini Aventador, a Bentley Bentayga and a Cobra Superformance.

The trust JPS - for Jean-Philippe Smet, real name of the singer - was created by Johnny in 2014.

The trustee ensures that "none of these assets are taxed in France" and that all the vehicles concerned are located in the United States. Moreover, there is no procedure is pending concerning them in the succession dispute in France between Laeticia Hallyday and the first children of the singer, Laura Smet and David Hallyday.

"These seventeen properties were not in the trust, but Johnny Hallyday had demanded that all American property be in the trust," said Laeticia Hallyday's lawyers in France. "All parties have been duly informed, there is nothing hidden (...)

It does not make the property inaccessible if ever the French regime of the succession was recognized, " said the same source.

It must be said that the bait of money seems to tickle a little bit Johnny's widow.

The heritage amounting to tens of millions of euros, there would be for everyone to find his account.

In April, Laura Smet and David Hallyday obtained freezing of part of their father's assets from the French courts: the artistic rights of the rocker and his French properties, in Marnes-la-Coquette and on the island of Saint-Barthélémy .

The two Californian properties, however, located in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, were not concerned by this receivership in order to preserve his widow and her two minor daughters, Jade and Joy. And we understand it.

A first hearing is to be held in France in late November to discuss the jurisdiction of a French court to decide in the estate of a US resident.

More twists in perspective.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


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Lady Gaga a totalement enflammé Instagram avec ces derniers posts !

Lady Gaga n’est pas à son premier coup d’essai.

Au mois d’août elle avait déjà partagé des photos d’elle en noir et blanc très hot sortant d’une série de photos avec Eli Russell Linnetz qui collabore avec Kim Kardashian et Kanye West.

Mais là la chanteuse de 32 ans a posté tout récemment des clichés très sexy !

Puisqu'elle se dévoile totalement nue.

Et Lady Gaga assume sans complexe les petites imperfections de son corps et les affichent sur les réseaux sociaux.

Ses vergetures, ses taches, ses boutons.

Elles n'hésite pas à afficher son vrai corps, non retouché !

Bravo, elle n'en est que plus belle.

Ce n'est pas la Lady Gaga dans une tenue excentrique, et un maquillage extravagant.

C'est la Lady Gaga honnête avec elle-même en parfaite harmonie avec son corps, elle qui souffre de fibromyalgie à devoir annuler des concerts.

La beauté universelle et atypique assumée.

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The first building in this commune of the Hauts-de-France is not fading.

According to him, Johnny's son showed ill will in his last show.

For the singer's team, bad weather is the main cause of all these setbacks.

On Sunday, David Hallyday gave a concert in the rain in Hesdin in front of a sparse crowd.

He ended up only 45 minutes on stage due to a technical problem.

But the mayor of the town does not believe and charges the team singer.

It was as part of his tour across France that David Hallyday was scheduled to perform a free concert on the Place d'Armes d'Hesdin this Sunday evening.

Unfortunately for the few hundred people who had gathered to applaud him, his show in Pas-de-Calais rld, Day, News, World, was a huge galley.

While his performance was initially 1:30, the singer and his musicians have finally remained only 45 minutes on stage. Many problems have enamelled this evening. The most important of them was technical: the sound card grilled!

"David will not be able to play all the songs planned ..." , had detailed Valerie Abrial, the manager of David Hallyday, in La Voix du Nord.

An explanation that does not convince the Mayor.

David Hallyday's team targeted by Mayor of Hesdin

The mayor of Hesdin, Stéphane Sieczkowski-Samier, was also contacted by the Nordic daily and questioned the excuse put forward by David Hallyday's team: " I do not believe in this grilled card story. -he declares.

I think from the start they did not want to play and they used every pretext to cancel. The discussions were very lively ... "

The rain would have cooled the manager of the singer.

" Given the weather, we will probably cancel," she said, according to information from La Voix du Nord.

"Yes, but the stage is wet, it's dangerous for musicians with electric guitars," said Valerie Abrial, concerned about the safety of artists.

These would have started at 19h, when the low affluence (less than 600 people instead of 2,000).

The famous grilled sound card.

The technical problem was spotted at 9 pm, the time when the first part was supposed to start.

David Hallyday will finally be on stage at 10 pm and will have only half of his concert. What fuel the anger of the mayor ...

" 45 minutes instead of 90, the contract is not filled," indignant Stéphane Sieczkowski-Samier, who asks for " compensation" to the team singer.

They should be able to find common ground: David Hallyday's show producer reported to La Voix du Nord that he could take charge

"The financial consequences of this truncated concert". launches on the team of the singers his 19 h Saturday on the place of Arms.

What happened exactly Saturday, August 25, Hesdin, the Hauts-e singer to have almost abandoned the scene.

00 to 3000 expected) and the Mayor of Hesdin assured La Voix du NORD

Unexpected events that will cause the singer to shorten his concert in half: forty-five minutes instead of an hour and a half.

For Valérie Abrial, David Hallyday "He wanted to play out of respect for the public (...) despite the catastrophic technical problems", explains the one for whom this concert should not have taken place.

" Our reward tonight was you thank you Hesdin," wrote the artist on his Instagram account, before consoling a fan: "Yes, we were disgusted but you were there anyway, thank you."

Jaimie Potts for DayNewsWorld




The eldest daughter of Johnny and Laetitia Hallyday wrote a moving message on her Instagram account.

For eight months she had been silent about her grief after the disappearance of the singer who adopted her in 2004.

His homage goes straight to the heart:

"Dear Papa, I will one day find a prince, but you will always be my king," she wrote in a caption of her profile.

There is no doubt that Jade has lived very badly around the turmoil around the will when she is old enough to understand many things

His profile is private, so this is the only thing the user can see on the account of the second daughter of singer Johnny Hallyday.

In October 2017, two months before his father's death, Jade Hallyday wrote on his Twitter account a message to encourage his father who was still recording for his posthumous album while fighting the disease.

"Bravo my daddy for your age you are my hero on earth and I love you"

Cited in the will of the singer, Jade and Joy Hallyday were not spared by the critics so that their half-brother David Hallyday had then taken their defense:

"I am outraged [...] and can not understand and support this surge of hatred towards my two little sisters".

Boby Dean for DayNewsWorld




Vincent Cassel did indeed ask for the lovely Tina Kunakey in marriage!

It must first be confessed, the beautiful Tina Kunakey remains much younger compared to his fiancé, Vincent Cassel!

But love has no age, even with 30 years of difference!

He confides to our colleagues from Vanity Faire Italian:

"You can not choose who to fall in love with. I did not know how old she was when I met her.

The next day, when she told me, I was a little surprised but I thought it was going that way. ".

She was born on April 5, 1997 in Toulouse, of a French father of Togolese origin Malian and a French mother of Sicilian origin. His father was born in Morocco then moved to France; his parents met in the "pink city".

And Vincent Cassel has indeed asked the hand of his tender Tina Kunakey simply because he already plans to have children him already dad Léonie and Deva with his ex-companion, Monica Bellucci.

Vincent Cassel "" Children are the most wonderful thing that exists.

It was through my daughters that I understood certain things.

They helped me understand myself ....

For her part, Tina looked totally surprised to hear the news.

Three months ago, Tina Kunakey confirmed on Instagram her upcoming wedding with Vincent Cassel.

Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey are madly in love and have nothing to do with decades separating them.

Fate has foreseen for him more than a meeting, a love. "I did not expect to meet someone, but it happened," he added.

And more than a love affair, it was the new story of his life. The young model is in a relationship with the actor for over three years!

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld




Social networks "can be used positively, but also be destructive and harmful if they are misused , " said Melania Trump at a symposium on the subject in Maryland.

Melania Trump protested against cyberstalking that affects children in particular.

On August 20th, the US First Dime reaffirmed its commitment against cyberbullying at a symposium on the subject in Maryland.

She is a confident first lady who spoke in public to explain her sincere commitment to cyberbullying.

Social networks "can be positively exploited, but also destructive and harmful if they are misused ," she told a Maryland conference.

Of course, and it was to be expected, many Netizens were responsible for reminding the First Lady of the United States that her commitment was also to materialize in the White House.

That is to say to her husband Donald Trump as much as the same day, the latter inverted his opponents on Twitter, calling the investigators dedicated to the Russian interference in the presidential election of "national shame" " and "Democratic thugs" ". But on the pretext that her husband behaves in a most casual way with social networks, should the First Lady be silent and not engage on such crucial issues that are dear to her heart?

The proof :

According to the New York Times, mid-August, Melania Trump's pledge was the subject of heated debate with her husband, who allegedly tried to dissuade his wife from campaigning for such a cause, without success. The US newspaper also noted that she had publicly stated that she was "ready to face criticism. "

"This is a sincere campaign to help children deal with the many issues they face today," said Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump's Communications Manager.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld





J immy Bennet met Asia Argento in 2004, the young actor and musician was only 7 years old. But this Monday, the New York Times reveals that Jimmy Bennet would have received last April 380 000 dollars of the Italian actress.

Why? The NYT reveals that it would be to silence a sexual assault that occurred in 2013 when he was just 17 years old.

In 2013, Jimmy Bennett, a minor at the time, finds her 20-year-old Italian in a hotel in Los Angeles, California. According to the young man's lawyers, Asia Argento allegedly gave him alcohol, kissed him, gave him a blowjob and then forced him to have sex.

Asia Argento, figurehead of the #metoo movement, after accusing producer Harvey Weinstein of raping, paid money to a man who claimed she had sexually assaulted him while he was a minor! The legal age of consent to sex in California is 18 years old.

The Italian actress had become the figurehead of the #MeToo movement after accusing producer Harvey Weinstein of rape in a hotel room at the Cannes Film Festival.

At the closing night of the 2018 edition of the same festival, she had launched to the public: "Things have changed. We will not allow you to get away without being worried. "

"The memories of that day have recently resurfaced when Miss Argento was propelled into the limelight as one of Harvey Weinstein's many victims , " said the 22-year-old's lawyer. , in documents obtained by the NYT.The plaintiff's lawyers described the encounter as a "sexual assault" that traumatized the young actor, threatening his mental health.

The young man's statement of intent to sue the actress concerned a claim for $ 3.5 million in damages for intentionally inflicting emotional distress and loss of salary " as a result of these events, according to the American daily.

The US media has found an Instagram account of the actress, dated May 2013, where she poses with the teenager, welcoming: "This is the happiest day of my life. Reunion with Jimmy Bennett. "

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



A few months after her father's death, the 34-year-old actress is seriously considering getting pregnant ...

If we know that Laura Smet is in the box today, it is because the beautiful blonde very connected made it known on her Instagram account.

But where does she move.

To his admirers to guess it.

A few weeks ago, she was enjoying a dream vacation off the coast of Greece to blow in charming company

It was with her half, Raphael, that Laura took full advantage of this sailing trip away from the world and paparazzi to rest off Greece

At the same time they were able to visit the beauties of this country steeped in history.

Besides, the two lovebirds have had plenty of time to think about their future.

And why not baby?

The baby would be expected for 2019?

"Of course, I dream of having children, and I will have," said one who will present in a few days "Thomas", his short film at the Angoulême Festival.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld



"I am convinced that the first lady counts every minute before he leaves the Oval Office and that she can divorce," predicts Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former White House employee in her book of confidences.

Melania Trump she count the minutes until divorce ?

One must wonder about the intentions betrayed by her rebellion towards her husband for some time.

Indeed the first lady has multiplied his tweets marking his disagreement with some measures of Donald Trump just as it increased the frequency of its non-appearances with the billionaire.

Why ?

What's going on in the head of the old mannequin?

The rebellion of Melania Trump may be beneficial to the image of her husband, according to some analyzes.

Yet the first lady would not seem to engage in political calculations.

But, a woman publicly humiliated by the deceptions of her husband, she would suffer.

Moreover, she had not hidden her opposition to the election of her husband to presidential functions. So she had disagreed, refusing first to settle in the White House pretexting the schooling of his son Baron.

Omarosa Manigault Newman believes that Melania Trump will stay until the end of her husband's term before returning to freedom. For a few months, each of his appearances or his absences has been scrutinized and dissected.

And if for some these gestures of rebellion are part of a political calculation, for others they only reflect the exasperation towards the one who deceived it. Omarosa Manigault Newman, former counsel for the White House, has just published a book of confidences in which she writes that "I am convinced that the first lady counts every minute before he leaves the Oval Office and that she can divorce".

Does the US presidential couple go through a momentary or lasting conjugal crisis ?

No doubt in any case that Melania Trump no longer hesitates to be heard !

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld



Johnny's daughter is doing her cartoons as her Instagram followers have seen, as she posted a video where she appears surrounded by multiple boxes in an almost empty apartment.

But mystery on his new apartment!

Her fans do not know where she is going.

The video posted does not make a big revelation:

we see some boxes, a fridge, men with a list, few clues to play detective.

Follow his story and we'll learn it soon. The month of August, just before a busy start, is an opportunity to move!

First to, Laura Smet to face the release of the posthumous album of her father, this opus which was the subject of a dispute with Laeticia Hallyday and on which the daughter of Johnny had no law.

Then the release of his film, and maybe a tour project who knows?

If the producer Freddy Scheens saw a refusal from the widow of the Taulier and Sébastien Farran why not turn to the other Hallyday clan to Laura Smet and David Hallyday to get the endorsement to his idea of tribute tour .

A way to get in the way of Laeticia ...

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



A sad news after the disappearances of Paul Bocuse and Anthony Bourdain, it is Joel Robuchon great chefs of the French gastronomy, cook with the 27 stars to disappear.

At 73, Joel Robuchon, who was suffering from cancer and who had done everything to hide, has just disappeared in his turn.

Joël Robuchon died on Monday, August 6, 2018, at 11am in Geneva, Switzerland.

With Joel Robuchon is another great name of the French gastronomy that goes out.

Joël Robuchon had been operated on a pancreas tumor more than a year ago, which had considerably weakened him, he had decided to sell all of his establishments to an investment fund based in Luxembourg and in England and this discreetly without noise or vagueness.

Joël Robuchon started his career as a chef in the 1970s at the Concorde Lafayette hotel, then became Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1976, he obtained his first two stars from 1978 to reach the three stars in 1984.

Joël Robuchon had also participated for more than 10 years in the famous rendez-vous "Bon Appétit Sûr", on France 3, where he received a weekly chef and presented simple and accessible recipes, but also how to forget "Gourmet Planet" of September 2011!

Joël Robuchon great traveler and the creator of the concept of "Atelier" restaurants, influenced by his trips to Japan and Spain. In 2003, the first "Workshop Joel Robuchon" opens in Paris, in the 7th arrondissement and simultaneously in Tokyo.

This great starred chef opens restaurants in multiple cities around the world: in Las Vegas in 2005, New York, London and Hong Kong in 2006, Taipei in 2009, Publicis Drugstore in 2010 and Singapore in 2011.

Its last openings will be in Bangkok in 2014 and Shanghai in 2016.

Joël Robuchon's cooking is "simplicity and flavors"

This 32-star chef is part of the club select of the most stars chefs so this is bad news for gourmet cuisine.

We are wholeheartedly with his family and loved ones whose pain we share!

Paul Emison in Geneva for DayNewsWorld



Triste nouvelle après les disparitions de Paul Bocuse et Anthony Bourdain, c’est Joël Robuchon grands chefs de la gastronomie française, cuisinier aux 27 étoiles de disparaitre.

A 73 ans, Joël Robuchon qui souffrait d'un cancer et qui avait tout fait pour cacher viens de disparaitre a son tour.

Joël Robuchon est mort ce lundi 6 août 2018, à 11h à Genève en Suisse.

Avec Joël Robuchon c'est un autre grand nom de la gastronomie Française qui s’éteint.

Joël Robuchon avait été opéré il y a plus d'un an d'une tumeur au pancréas, ce qui l’avait considérablement affaibli, il avait alors décide de vendre l’ensemble de ses établissements à un fond d’investissement basé au Luxembourg et en Angleterre et ce de façon discrète sans bruit ni vague.

Joël Robuchon avait débuté sa carrière comme chef cuisinier dans les années 70 à l’hôtel Concorde Lafayette, puis il devient Meilleur Ouvrier de France en 1976, il obtient ses deux premières étoiles des 1978 pour atteindre les trois étoiles en 1984.

Joël Robuchon avait également participé pendant plus de 10 ans au célèbre rendez-vous "Bon Appétit Bien Sûr", sur France 3, où il recevait chaque semaine un chef et présentait des recettes simples et accessibles, mais aussi comment oublier « Planète gourmande » des septembre 2011 !

Joël Robuchon grand voyageur et le créateur du concept des restaurants "Atelier", influencés par ses voyages au Japon et en Espagne. En 2003, le premier « Atelier de Joël Robuchon » ouvre à Paris, dans le 7e arrondissement et simultanément à Tokyo.

Ce grand chef étoilé ouvre des restaurants dans de multiples villes à travers le monde : à Las Vegas en 2005, New York, Londres et Hong Kong en 2006, Taipei en 2009, au Publicis Drugstore en 2010 et à Singapour en 2011.

Ses dernières ouverture seront à Bangkok en 2014 et Shanghai en 2016.

Le cuisine de Joël Robuchon c’est « la simplicité et les saveurs »

Ce chef aux 32 étoiles fait partie du club tres limites des chefs les plus étoiles voila donc une bien mauvaise nouvelle pour la cuisine gastronomique.

Nous sommes de tout cœur avec sa famille et ses proches dont nous partageons la douleur


As you might expect, celebrities took the tangent this summer to go to the sun. Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte go to the Fort de Brégançon, a summer residence for resort president, where they have just completed the construction of their sumptuous above ground pool while Iris Mittenaere has chosen the sunny splendours of Marrakech and Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their children elected Mosquito Island, off Venezuela.

Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters Jade and Joy, they went to St. Barts.

While with her brother David Hallyday, they are still entangled in the legal battle around the legacy of their father, the actress of 34 years decided not to take a few days, just for her and ... far from everything.

Laura Smet, far from the Provençal land where she was on holiday in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence then Arles a few days ago, sails in the seas off Greece. In his desire to empty his head a trip on a sailboat in the middle of the sea could not be better.

With a captain on board and crew members for her.

And can, in charming company, serenely tan in blue bikini on the bridge ...

On Instagram, Laura Smet shared several photos and videos of her journey.

Appointment for his short film "Thomas", presented next August at the Festival Angoûleme.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld




She already owned a Rolls and a Ferrari. She bought a Lamborghini.

The youngest of the Kardashian clan, who launched their brand with Topshop and Sinful Colors (clothing and nail polish), became the richest of the clan by embarking on business.

Anyway no risk saw the contract to 100 million renegotiated in 2015 for the next seasons of "The incredible family Kardashian" !!

And for what incredible plastic for its some 100 million followers who track the small shot of scalpel.

Let's remember the adventure of her lips: they launched the "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge", a viral video in which they compete in volume by inflating their lips in any way possible.

"That's my destiny! The lips ! "Launched the young fashionista and her to share his know-how

The businesswoman, just 18 years old, launches her first Kylie Lip Kit for 29 dollars. Devalise in less than a minute.

His products sell for up to $ 1,000 on eBay. "Posting" his life every hour is their livelihood among the Kardashians. And the "followers" love it.

Large production with Mom who takes herself 10% on the business of her children and follows the process of production and sale. The Spatz labs in Texas and China of his siblings, John and Laura Nelson, for the production of the range of 500,000 kits in six colors. Packaging by Seed Beauty, a subsidiary of Spatz. Selling with the Shopify platform.

And the cover of "Forbes" 2 years after title the "youngest self-made woman billionaire" Kylie Jenner.

The turnover of Kylie Cosmetics: 630 million since its launch.

A bimbo that would make some jealous in "The incredible Kardashian family" in reality as in reality?

To your lipsticks!

Kate White for DayNewsWorld



ut here are some anecdotes from the "Bleus"
Adil Rami told us that he likes to play Ghostbuster. During the World Cup when they won the round of 16, the Blues put a little souk at the hotel in Istres. Adil Rami was quietly in his room playing the electronic game when he heard his teammates start a little crazy in the halls by tapping at each door.

Adil Rami waited with the extinguisher in his hands and when they arrived he used it against the ground it was all white smoke then he started playing Ghostbuster to run in the corridors and to put everywhere.

At the point where the hotel had to evacuate the players the staff of the hotel on the pretext that the smoke was toxic. He was very afraid of being sanctioned by Didier Deschamps who was in his pajamas and who has a little back up we say the straps.
Paul Pogba also made us smile and laugh. Just after winning the World Cup, he gave an interview for the channel TF1.

Anne-Claire Coudray announcer of the 20h TF1 newspaper congratulates him and replied a few words.

First he compliments her on her haircut, but then he tells her what she said: the football World Cup starts tomorrow and we are going to watch millionaires chasing a ball.

But unfortunately he was wrong it was Anne-Sophie Lepic who was on Antenne 2 who had released this sentence she answered him I never said that while laughing it's another Anne-Sophie. Houp he apologized and fled the TF1 board after this blunder.

But we do not want him we are the champions.
And let's not forget that Paul Podba had Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée.
And let's not forget at the medal ceremony on Sunday our president who was making big cuddles to each player.

Two stars you got them Mr. Macron.
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



Since Celine frequents Pepe Munoz, she is transformed.

It is this friendship almost love that rejuvenates it.

At fifty years old, with a magic wand, she seems thirty and that suits her so well.

A little addition here by there, a new blonde color please with a bangs and this hairstyle makes us unrecognizable our Celine.

A younger but very stylish clothing look recommended by Pepe and she becomes a Paris Hilton but with an incomparable voice
Her tour begins and given what we've heard it's sure she'll be a hit.

We are under his spell and thank you Pepe for giving him the joy of living.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



The Javelle Guinguette
In Paris yesterday was the festival of music.

And at La Javelle there was, as usual, a crazy atmosphere.
The group was fellow Americans Doo Dads and Friends Rock U Festival the group that made singing dance the sores of this fantastic magic place coordinated by the talented Daniel Idrovo Mora.

This ephemeral place just a stone's throw from the Citroën Park at the bottom of the France 2 headquarters attracts a clientele of offices and television celebrities like Anne Sophie Pic who come for lunch because the food trucks are excellent.

At around 6pm, we meet for the after woork, the bar offers original beers like the Picon or for the cocktail bus served by charming ladies all with a musical atmosphere and little secret full of singles from where can be you will meet the soulmate because the clientele is connected with a BCBG air. In the evening you can dine there there is always an entertainment or watch the sunset sitting on the edge of the Seine. If you go to Paris, make a tour imperatively!

Address Guinguette la Javelle, port of Javel Bas Paris 15th.

When I'm in Paris we find ourselves
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



New show of the First Lady. On the occasion of her visit to undocumented children on the border with Mexico, in the midst of polemic over the migration policy of her husband, the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump posted herself dressed in a khaki jacket, Zara brand with this message written on the back: "I really do not care, do u?". Translation: "I do not care and you?" To whom could the message of Melania's jacket be addressed?

This sentence does not fail to raise many questions in the midst of controversy over the migration policy of her husband. Social networks have ignited.

" This is not a joke. Melania Trump wore a jacket saying 'I do not care about you, do you?' to go to child detention centers. I am speechless, " tweeted Zac Petkanas, a communicator affiliated with the Democratic Party, indignant ...

But did he understand the personality of the First Lady? Did not Melania Trump let the lawyer, who pleaded for her naturalization in the US, speak out against Trump's policy on migrant children?

Would not it be rather intended for her husband Donald Trump? A subliminal message to the US president ... Why not? She, so usually erased to the point that the journalists pointed out that she did not appear in public after her operation, did not hesitate to leave her reserve to denounce the separation of children from their migrant parents.

Moreover, upon her arrival in McCallen's detention center, the first lady was no longer wearing the jacket in question. "We all know they are there without their families and I want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and the kindness you offer them in these difficult times , " said the First Lady to the shelter's professionals.

Her communications manager, Stephanie Grisham, tried to put out the fire, "There was no hidden message . " "It's just a jacket [...] After today's important visit to Texas, I hope the media will not choose to focus on their wardrobe," she said. said.

But Donald Trump came to contradict this version, saying in a tweet that his wife had actually wanted to talk about "Fake news media".

Did Melania Trump travel to the border with Mexico on Thursday for a surprise visit to undocumented children as an emissary to an American president who is trying to regain public opinion that is deeply shocked?

And the tenant of the White House to admit that Melania Trump had played a significant role in this decision of the decree does not however settle the question of more than 2,300 minors torn from their parents since the implementation of its policy of "tolerance zero ", early May.

Melania Trump is in any case descended from the plane that brought her back to Washington in the late afternoon with the famous jacket, and always wore it when she arrived at the White House . She alone could unveil the recipient this message.

But if this trip was planned even before the change of her husband and his decree to prevent these families are separated, as the entourage of the First Lady, there is little doubt ...

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld



E va Longoria has just given birth to a pretty little boy.
At 43, she gave birth to her first child.

This little boy is named Santiago.

It is the result of the love of Eva and her husband José Baston Mexican businessman.

He was already a father of three children he had with another actress Natalia Esperon.

Santiago was born in Los Angeles it is perhaps a future actor as his mother who even pregnant continued to play in the series Grand Hotel.

We also loved her as Gabrielle Solos Desperate Housewife

We wish him time to have a little fun.
Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld




A time is not customary Melania Trump gives her opinion what is rare especially that she takes the floor in public.

But this is for a good cause it is his heart that speaks.

She complains that she finds it inhumane to separate children from migrants from their parents.

In April, 2000 children were torn from their parents
Calling her husband's right to a bipartisan agreement in Congress to reform this immigration law, Melania speaks with the heart of a mother!

We never hear him speak but there it is formal.

Because no one likes to see babies torn from their mother's hands.

We give him our support.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld



kim Kardashian is one of his women who are not cold and does not hesitate to show naked in different positions..

She poses naked while eating noodles, goes out in public in a transparent dress, we see her in a mini bikini on the beach ...

But if you thought you saw Kim Kardashian from all angles, think again!

Indeed, for the promotion of his new perfume, the reality TV starlet chained the photos of her naked!

A photo of the starlet posted on Wednesday, May 23, leaves little room for imagination.

We do not see his face but his fans immediately recognized him.

Here she is leaning forward, hiding her private parts.

She has her fans who support her unconditionally since in a few hours, the photo already has 1,900,000 "likes" but now others are scandalized to see it so in this picture to boost sales of its perfume called KKW BODY.

Yes, she used her body as a model to shape the bottle of her new perfume!

But the Kardashians have made nudity a business assumed, living buzz ...

Kate White for DayNewsWorld




And yes to Harry's wedding in his little green dress Pippa had a little belly.
Wagers had been opened pregnant or was she eating too much cake?
At Roland Garros in the stands where she was seen with her husband through his outfit you could see a small round belly that announced a passage of future storks.
In addition she confirmed it in an unusual way quite funny.

In a newspaper Waitrose Weekend she explains how to exercise in early pregnancy.
It is a follower of the sport and the English will be able to follow its heading to do pregnant sport to prepare their body for this change and the weight gain due to the child.

His delivery is scheduled for October.
She explains: she did not have all that nausea at first did not experience a complicated pregnancy like Kate who was suffering from hyperemesis.
From where she has the chance to continue to live normally.

Mia Kennedy for DayNewsWorld




During her last public appearances, Queen Elizabeth II donned sunglasses. An unusual look! Guess why? Simply because she underwent an eye surgery at the King Edward Hospital scheduled after the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The cataract surgery was successful

Despite this operation, Queen Elizabeth II, 92, has not missed any official commitment. And here she is today, participating in Trooping the Color, the military rally that celebrates the official birthday of British rulers.

It is alone that the monarch appeared this morning in the royal caleche to go to the barracks of the Horse Guards in Whitehall. Her husband, Prince Philip, who turns 97 on Sunday, is very weak after another operation of the hip and could not get there. It is therefore alone that the Queen of England will review the troops. She was followed by Meghan and Harry's carriage.

On this occasion Queen Elizabeth II decorated more than 1000 people, including actresses Emma Thompson and Keira Knightley.

Emma Thompson, 59, Oscar winner for her role in the movie "Back to Howards End", was elevated to the rank of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to drama as his young countryman Keira Knightley, 33 years old, with already dense and varied filmography. On the literary level, the Japanese writer of Japanese origin Kazuo Ishiguro, Nobel laureate of literature, was knighted.

The Queen has also distinguished many unknown people from the general public who devote their time to charity or helping their community.

"It is fair to honor the acts of bravery and extraordinary community spirit shown during the tragic events of last year and we will do so at the first opportunity," said a government spokeswoman, who intervenes in the event. application process.

These royal awards are granted twice a year, the New Year and on the occasion of the official birthday of the Queen, celebrated on the second Saturday of June according to tradition although she was born on April 21, 1926.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld




Clearly the hatchet is far from being buried between the two Hallyday clans. We know the dark history of inheritance and the lawsuits triggered by a feeling of betrayal felt by the first two children of Johnny, Laura and David, disinherited.

But what has just set the powder on fire again is no longer the legacy but the symbolic gesture of Laura Smet. What has she done that can put Laeticia in all its states and out of itself?

It is a check of 90,000 euros which is at the heart of this new conflict. Yes, Johnny Hallyday's daughter passed on the money raised by Marcel Campion, the king of fairgrounds, at the first recipe of the Throne Day at the Rafael Institute, which helps cancer patients.

And here is another war that Laura Smet and Laeticia Hallyday are engaged in: a war of communication.

Who of the two to "embody the moral legacy of the rocker," according to Closer Magazine in its latest edition? Laura wanted to show his presence to continue the action of his father as one of his worthy heirs. A way for her to embody the moral legacy of her father ... even to carry a new battle of communication against the widow so much criticized.

Johnny's wife knows that her image with the French public is chipped and Laura Smet has already won the battle of the heart.

With the desire to improve its image, Laeticia Hallyday has surrounded itself with a team of communicators to manage his image. She also mounted a big communication operation on the occasion of Johnny's birthday on June 15th.

Several documentaries retracing his story with the rocker will be broadcast on June 11 and 12.

Carl Delsey for DayNewsWorld



Were you wondering where the beautiful brunette with the dream body was?

She's just having a good time in Paris.

On vacation in the French capital, for several days, the model revealed in the clip Blurred Lines enjoys the beauty and pleasures of the city with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

And as she has so much the secret it ignites networks again to the delight of his fans with his sexy bikini dance in a restaurant.

Kate White for DayNewsWorld


In 2018, we, the women, claim that we always like our partner to be attentive because, let's face it, we like men to always pay attention to us.
Obviously times have changed, we are no longer kings at the time but at the time of kidnapping.
You have a baby 06 this sentence is heard all the time. Now it's more fun to be with a bad boy than with the first kid in the class. But we must admit that the gentleman also attracts us with his good manners.
And with these differences he can make us capsize in his bed.
What is a gentleman nowadays?
For this we will make a feminine micro-pavement survey by mixing all the generations.
For Sandrine a gentleman is a man with whom she sleeps one evening.
And who remembers the morning of his name and even offers him to drink a coffee and if affinity to meet again.
Because she says there are so many who are not gentleman who morning is mistaken name or who tell you who you are! For Delphine it is the one who holds you the door when you go in a place, which when he goes up the stairs is in front of you like that he does not relook your panties and when he goes down places in front of you like that if you fall, he will catch you.
For Caroline it is the one who invites you to dinner and pays the bill without asking you to do half and half.
And when he picks you up by car he opens the door to you and lets you go out alone to show you that you are a free woman.
Because she finds it completely old-fashioned to have the door open, especially since she nowadays is centralized. If it is getting off the vehicle it must obligatorily fare by valet because it takes like that for a princess.
For Huguette a gentleman is a man with whom you live and who loves you all the time. The ultimate is to be avowed, she says, making love.
It's very exciting to hear the other say Huguette you will feel my seed in you attention Huguette you make me crazy not so fast.
For Helen a gentleman is the one who will pick up your slipping scarf, when you are at table together. He never talks about price ever how much it costs money he is very discreet. Do not talk about his situation that is superior to yours, on the contrary he will ask you a lot of questions about your work on your life, interested in your discussion.

The gentleman is not the one who does the kiss-hand because everyone knows he is a fake ass he thinks only of him.
For Katia the gentleman is the one who preserves your privacy.
Once you have finished making love to him, he looks away so that you can take a shower and put on your clothes.
For finally Mia the gentleman is James Bond who has this British side with a mix of bad boy like Johnny Deep wild water with a mixture of footballer it is in the wind.
And what gentleman do you like who offers you flowers or who launches you what else?
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Bertrand Cantat has gradually resumed his public singer activity from 2010. But his 2018 tour provokes a lot of hostile reactions, so that the pressure has sometimes led to the cancellation of several concerts and festivals.

While the former leader of Noir Désir is scheduled to perform at the Zenith in Paris on Thursday, a complaint was filed against him for "violence resulting in death without any intention of giving it" in the case of Krisztina Rady, Bertrand's ex-partner. Cantat who killed himself.

Yael Mellul, who was the lawyer of Krisztina Rady's last companion, told the JDD that she was heard by the police on 23 May.

"At the end of the hearing, the investigators offered to file a complaint, which I did, against Bertrand Cantat".

Today, president of a feminist association, the lawyer is convinced that the physical violence and the psychological pressures of Bertrand Cantat that underwent his wife pushed this behind to the suicide. Krisztina Rady, who had two children with Bertrand Cantat, committed suicide in January 2010 at the marital home in Bordeaux.

The investigation into the suicide of his ex-wife Krisztina Rady would have been reopened.

A "non-event" according to the lawyer. Bertrand Cantat asks for weeks to finally be heard.

"This umpteenth complaint is based on lies and will be dismissed, like all the previous ones" , responded the lawyer of the former leader of Black Antonin Lévy.

"Even Krisztina's family, who is the first concerned, does not support this relentlessness," he said, adding that his client was seeking justice "for weeks."

The singer, free since October 2007 after serving his sentence for the murder of actress Marie Trintignant in 2003, was out of the cause in this suicide.

The singer, a rock icon of the 1990s with his band Noir Désir, will be performing on Thursday at the Zenith in Paris.

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Sunshine and impeccable manners, Ivanka Trump was considered a fierce defender of male-female equality, neither Republican nor Democrat, during her father's campaign. In fact, Ivanka Trump, a former Democratic donor and Manhattan's "it girl," and her husband, Jared Kushner, spent the night with progressive youth.

But since her arrival at the White House, the counselor has attracted the wrath of those who counted on her to temper the Republican president.

And the jeers rain down on this 36-year-old businesswoman who has become a counselor to her father.

The sequence of several episodes has, it seems, contributed to these virulent criticism against him.

"This first girl occupies an unprecedented role, very visible, and yet without well-defined outlines. It goes against American history and tradition , " says Stacy Cordery, professor of history at the University of Iowa.

"She is obviously also attracting a lot of criticism because she has come forward as the conscience of the Trump administration , " she adds.

In her soliloquy, comedian Samantha Bee lashed out at the policy advocated by Justice Minister Jeff Sessions who wanted to separate parents and children from migrants arriving at the US border. During this controversy Ivanka Trump did not find anything better than posting a picture of her hugging her little boy in arms on Twitter.

"Tearing children away from their parents is so monstrous," said Samantha Bee, calling Ivanka Trump on TBS to do something "for her father's migratory practices . " "He's listening to you," she cried, calling her "cunt" ( "bitch" ) in English.

At the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem, the photos of her and Jared Kushner all smiles while Palestinians a few kilometers were killed by Israeli fire had outraged many Internet users.

Added to this are the accusations of nepotism when it officially sits at an international meeting.

But it is above all his silence in the face of the White House's divisive choices, whether climate or women's policies, that outrages his detractors as she pledged to fight for equality. pay for equal work during the election campaign.

Ivanka Trump had nevertheless tried to convince her father not to leave the Paris agreement by making meet the latter and the democrat Al Gore, herald of the fight against climate change. In vain since June 2017 Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement.

In her defense, the President's daughter has openly taken a stand against touching minors about a Republican MP or against racism after the deadly Charlotesville violence in August 2017.

Let's give the floor to the person concerned. "Some have unrealistic hopes , " she told the Financial Times in September.

"As if my presence by itself would be powerful enough for my father to abandon his core values ​​and the program the Americans voted for when they elected him," she continued.

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Ivisible and overwhelmed by rumors, she finally breaks the silence!

Rumors and fantasies circulate on the Web since Mélania no longer made public appearance.

She has not been seen in public since May 10, when she accompanied her husband to the release of American prisoners by North Korea.

The former model has since been operated on for a "benign" kidney problem. His disappearance of the radar screens had even led to the creation on social networks hashtag #WheresMelania.

"But where did Melania Trump go?" Worried the media.

Would not she feel humiliated by the ever more embarrassing revelations about her husband's alleged extramarital affairs?

Does she move away from her husband president?

Or does she simply rest after her surgery?

On May 29, her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told People magazine that the first lady was wearing a charm and had returned to work.

But it was not until Wednesday that the wife of the President tries to persuade netizens panicked that everything was going well. That the most worried are reassured: the First Lady is indeed in Washington, and she works hard.

"I see the media doing overtime and speculating on where I am. Rest assured, I am here at the White House with my family, I feel very good and I work hard for the American people and children, "she said on her husband's favorite social network, Twitter.

And you will not believe it: the message published by the first lady was not quite enough to appease the spirits!

Needless to say, the next appearance of the First Lady will be scrutinized!

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"I was an actor, but on the radio, I do not play. I myself am sincere, and I think that's what the listeners liked. "I've always been a producer and host at Europe 1. You can say that I was the first producer-host," he said.

Radio and television broadcaster Pierre Bellemare died on Saturday at the Foch hospital in Paris at the age of 88. He enjoyed an extraordinary popularity, this mumbler of the waves and the small screen born October 21, 1929 in Boulogne-Billancourt.

His deep and warm voice has thrilled millions of listeners to his "extraordinary stories" . He was one of the most popular animators on the small screen, from the 1960s to the mid-1980s. A radio and television man, producer and writer, Pierre Bellemare, told Europe 1 radio station for which he long worked.

In 1974, during the presidential election, a poll gave him between 50% and 55% of the vote. A plebiscite that led the commentators of the time to say that "France and Pierre Bellemare are [only] one . "

He made his debut at age 17 on the radio as assistant to his brother-in-law Pierre Hiegel, in charge of programs on Radio Luxembourg, now RTL. "I started cleaning records, doing housework ... then I replaced an absent comedian , " he told Europe 1 in 2015.

Pierre Bellemare met in 1954 who first granted him Jacques Antoine, his eternal companion, a well-known man of radio and television (he created, among others, The Schmilblick, The Treasure Hunt and Fort Boyard). He then presents his first TV Match show, on the ORTF, in 1954. The same year, he joined Europe 1 from 1969 to 1986

He produces and animates the slice 11-13 hours, including "Lunch Show", "20 million cash" or "The Sisco". With "The Invisible Camera", "Nothing but the truth", "20 million cash", "Exhibits", "Extraordinary Records", he is also a forerunner in the world of media. A charismatic pioneer of the French audiovisual sector, it is notably he who imported the use of the teleprompter from the United States and several American concepts in France such as telehopping.

For the former Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand, "it's a part of our heritage that goes away. I have a predilection for storytellers. He had an important erudition. He had a British side in his appearance, with a self-control with a light humor. "

A monument has died, able to tell stories in a breathtaking way!

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And yes, he got married in London's Chelsa neighborhood.

For this event we could count up to ten guests family and some friends very close, it was not like in the movie played !
Four weddings and a funeral.

He was very elegant black suit a navy blue shirt a navy tie.

The bride did not have the traditional white long dress as in the movies she wore a blue bodice a mini white skirt and some kind of Britett Jones pumps.

Point of view alliance it does not do either like Mr everyone he carries it to the left hand to the ring finger is a silver ring with three rubies aligned.

While Anna Eberstein wears a classic gold wedding ring.

They are parents of 3 children the last was born at the beginning of the year from which we wish them just congratulations.

Hught Grant loses his reputation as the free man the bachelor who makes dream !!!
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We are already hearing rumors and gossip about Meghan only a few days after this splendid princely wedding. We suspect it, the queen, of divine blood, had to have a high heart voyan Meghant the first time: But what a beautiful girl playful for a reserved Harry !!! she thought. What save Harry from his demons! And to relieve the queen of a big worry. And yet Kate Middleton would be convinced that Meghan Markle has no place in the royal family!

Hallucinating rumor! Of course Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are on their little cloud since their wedding, but who would they want them?

Nothing more normal.

The love of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was so loud that let me doubt it!

And it would seem that the Duchess of Cambridge is convinced that the young woman has nothing to do with the royal family, according to Radar Online's information: "Kate was really upset by the very extravagant side of Harry's marriage. and Meghan in relation to his. "

The source goes on to say : "Especially since she did not understand why Pippa had not been part of the list of guests of the departure. Even though everyone would like her to be close to Meghan, Kate does not have time to teach her sister-in-law how to behave like a real lady. She does not think she deserves to be part of the royal family. She believes she has arrived for the wrong reasons. "

But the joy and lightness that brings this young American can only charm. While the young couple made their first official appearance as husband and wife, and Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on the occasion of a garden party held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in honor of Prince Charles , the son of Lady Diana and Prince Charles paid tribute to his father in a speech particularly appreciated but disturbed by the presence of an insect that was after the young groom.

Confronted with the unexpected attack of a drone "Excuse me, this drone really had me , " said Prince Harry with humor. Meghan Markle and Camilla Parker Bowles in a beautiful complicity burst out laughing !!!

"Dad, you must excuse me for not listening to you anymore when I was younger and I would like everyone to say thank you," Prince Harry concluded tenderly despite this little incident !

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If the death of rocker Johnny Hallyday the French Elvis has left a great void in the world of song in the hearts of his fans, it has also brought to reality the difficulties of a difficult succession between his family.

And now Laeticia Hallyday is selling the fiery car patrimony !!

We must reduce his lifestyle at the Hallyday when you are a family that tears.

Last April, the Nanterre Court of First Instance ordered the freezing of most of Johnny Hallyday's property and the sequestration of all his artistic rights in the legal battle between Laura Smet and David Hallyday. at Laeticia Hallyday.

Justice, however, froze US assets so as not to put the latter and its children in a critical situation.

But that does not seem to be enough to ensure the lifestyle of Laeticia.

At the Maserati that was rented and two other vehicles described as "newly acquired" to go on sale!

The owner of a 1994 Ferrari 512 TR Rosso Corsa that had belonged to Johnny Hallyday had put the bolide on sale at auction and the bolide had snapped to no less than 240,000 euros.

Certainly an Iso Grifo A3-C purchased first hand by Johnny Hallyday in 1965 had not found a buyer because of a reserve price not reached.

What will be the fate of these three Johnny Hallyday the french Elvis cars?

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Here are some funny remarks about the guests.

Victoria Beckham with a navy blue dress that was slit to the top of the thigh for the church the sexy of this dress somewhat shocked the British religious spirit.

Amal Clooney also caused a sensation in her yellow dress she was compared to Pretty Woman.

Patrick Adams has been criticized also it is the one who in the series Suits interpreted the husband of Meghan.

It was said of him that he was slightly coated.

David Beckham also took for his American rank by eating chewing gum throughout the religious ceremony which necessarily did not go unnoticed.

Kate Middleton was also noticed with her white coat dress she recycled it.

Indeed she already had in 2015 for the baptism of her daughter, in 2016 for the Trooping The Color parade, in 2017 for commemorations of the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele in Belgium.

The funny little sentences are those of Harry and his wife when they were in the landau.

I'm ready for a drink there it did not go unnoticed.

It would be the words that Harry and Meghan would have been amazed to see all these people cheering and loving would have taken an American expression f ***.
Let us wish a lot of happiness to this couple who gives a lightness to royalty.
Long live the bride and groom.

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D-day has arrived. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married this Saturday in Windsor. 2640 guests in Windsor Castle Park, Hollywood stars, glamorous hats ...

This ceremony, attended by more than two billion television viewers, was held in the Royal Chapel of St. George.

500,000 people were trying to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 2640 guests were walking the gardens of Windsor Castle.

This Saturday, Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle said "yes" at a splendid ceremony in Windsor.

Seven years after the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Harry married the American Meghan Markle, ex-Métis and divorced actress, bringing a touch of modernity and diversity to the British monarchy.

They are made for each other and both give off an incredible charm.

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That's it , D-day has arrived. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married this Saturday in Windsor.

If the couple David and Victoria Beckham were expected for this grand princely wedding, another famous couple made a surprise appearance among the guests: George and Amal Clooney.

Other personalities include rugby player Jonny Wilkinson, tennis champion Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey.

Seven years after the marriage of his elder brother and heir to the throne, the youngest brother and sixth in the order of succession, will in turn say "I do" in front of the altar.

The princely marriage is subject to a rigorous protocol, but the fact remains that the marriage of a little brother will inevitably be compared to that of his elder brother.

So, for his union with Meghan Markle, the prince has already announced that this marriage will suffer from some sprains to tradition and protocol

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Cameras from all over the world flock to Windsor, where the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is taking place this Saturday, May 19th. Final preparations before the ceremony. But the two young people had to face the facts: the father of the bride can not come to the wedding for health reasons.

So let's go for the bets !!!

The princely wedding unleashes punters while the protocol is the most rigorous! In the land of paris, some irreducible have fun to bet for months on the event.

Will the Queen wear a green hat? Will Donald Trump accompany Meghan to the altar? We can be a little skeptical ... For the vast majority of Britons, it will be Doria Ragland who will bring his daughter to the altar on Saturday.

What will be the color of Meghan Markle's mother's dress?

But in the world of punters everything is allowed to the most incongruous. Remember the bets on the name of the third royal baby! Arthur, Henry or Alice and Mary royal baby. In fact, his name is Louis.

Let's also bet on the names of the guests: Elton John and the Beckhams, we already know Vladimir Putin and Mohammed Al-Fayed ...

We imagine Harry shaved close in a military uniform and the evening menu, we should eat lamb.

It's your turn to bet !!!

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The presence of Meghan's father remains uncertain The successive reversals of Meghan's father about his presence at his wedding with Prince Harry cast a shadow Tuesday on the preparations for the wedding.

At four days before the royal wedding in Windsor, 73-year-old Markle told the TMZ celebrity news site on Tuesday that he was hospitalized with severe chest pains and would not go England with the green light of his doctors.

The septuagenarian said that doctors had warned him that his heart was "severely damaged" after a heart attack a week ago.

"I hate the idea of ​​missing one of the greatest moments in history and not being able to take my daughter to the altar," he said, pointing out that the ex-American actress had tried to phone Monday and sent him text messages worried about his health.

Monday evening, an article of TMZ affirmed that the father of the bride had decided not to come to the wedding, Saturday, not to embarrass her daughter after having staged in pictures sold to the paparazzi. But according to him, Meghan assured not to blame him. It was "stupid" to do these photos, he admitted to TMZ, adding, "Of course, I'll take her to the altar. It's a historic moment. I would like to be part of the story »

A spokesman for Kensington Palace, Prince Harry's official residence, was content Monday night to ask for "understanding" and "respect" in this "difficult situation . "

Thomas Markle's images, which sold for $ 100,000 worldwide according to the Daily Mirror tabloid, show him preparing for marriage.

Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Grant, blamed herself for the incident: "The media was unfairly portraying him so I suggested he make positive photos," she tweeted. .

She also explained on the ITV channel that this man accustomed to a "quiet" and "peaceful" life had been panicking because of the pressure exerted by the paparazzi.

The mother of Meghan Markle, Doria Ragland, 61, should be well present at the ceremony and could lead his daughter to the altar, if her ex-husband can not finally make the trip.

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The English television channel Sky News is offering an unprecedented tool for the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:

you will not believe it!

And if it is good facial recognition used to identify guests.

Barely 4 days of the princely wedding everything is ready for this wedding broadcast by television channels around the world is one of the most famous events.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle will count no less than 600 people invited to the ceremony on May 19 and 2600 anonymous will be able to witness the arrival of the couple in the park of the castle.

Among the announced guests, very famous as Elton John but less known such as Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, close friend of the groom.

So the viewers would have had trouble identifying the guests.

The English TV channel Sky News has not disassembled and turned to a solution of the most modern.

She partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to broadcast the ceremony.

Then Sky Newsse will then use artificial intelligence to identify each guest !!!

It is thanks to the "Who's Who" function, available on the website and the mobile application of the channel, that the names and surnames of the various personalities will be displayed as soon as they appear on the screen.

"We are very excited about the potential of this software and its ability to offer the public new ways to consume," said Sky News Digital Director David Gibbs.

A small revolution in the broadcast of world events!

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Thierry Ardisson was controlled by the police at Gare du Nord on May 5th. He was coming back from London. He had seven grams of cannabis in his possession and paid a fine of fifty euros.

In an interview with Playboy, Hello C8's animator for Les Terriens had already confirmed that he had been smoking seals regularly for many years.

Sometimes up to "three or four joints a day".

Formerly advertising, "the man in black" found his concepts and other slogans ... smoking joints.

"Old habit: a bath, a firecracker, a concept. Lapeyre, there's not two?!, I found it in my bubble bath, completely fucked, " Thierry Ardisson told Playboy.

"In 1974, I knew easy life, we were in Bali, I sniffed the powder all day without realizing it.

But the problem with the heroine is that in the beginning, you take it to be good and after, you take it to not be hurt anymore.

So good, arrived a moment where it was necessary to globally move on. "If he says he no longer consumes hard drugs, Thierry Ardisson assures that he always smokes " firecrackers " .

Joints that he does not even need to roll himself "I have a helper who rolls to perfection!"

Not sure that this is an example to follow!

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On found the model and DJ Chantel Jeffries, who once again sported a "sexy outfit" in front of photographers.

After her incredible daring neckline yesterday, she worn sublimely white dress very openwork and very tight.

For the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, Shy'm has done very well.

The singer dazzled the Croisette with her sequined top that just revealed the right skin to reveal sensuality ...

On the sexy side, the transparent outfit of singer Tallia Storm also made the flashes crackle!

Miss France Delphine Wespiser, appeared very "femme fatale" in a creation of Christophe Guillarmé.

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Nothing goes in the family of Meghan Markle and every family member wants to put Harry against this marriage.

But what do we know about the recomposed family of the future duchess? Little to tell the truth, and according to the Sun the actress reportedly told lawyers that she did not know "these people, they are distant family."

The half-brother and half-sister of the former 36-year-old actress are in fact violently attacking their half-sister.

A few days before the British royal wedding, Meghan's half-brother and half-sister, who is preparing to marry Prince Harry on May 19, is multiplying the mischief with regard to the future Duchess of Sussex.

After 73-year-old father and two-time divorced Meghan Markle, who lives in Mexico, it's the turn of half-brother Thomas Markle Jr to smear in his handwritten letter to Prince Harry on April 24th. "What kind of person uses his father to bankruptcy, then forgets him, leaving him alone and broke in Mexico, because of his debts? Written

In an interview with the English tabloid Daily Mirror *, he regrets that his half-sister has " forgotten his family roots". "Maybe her American family, whatever, is a source of embarrassment for her. Says Markle Jr, 51, a glazier by profession. . In January 2017, he was arrested by the police for threatening his partner with a firearm. He is not one of the guests of royal wedding.

Samantha Markle, meanwhile, 52 years old and suffering from multiple sclerosis, had announced in April 2017 that she was preparing a vitriolic book about her half-sister, entitled Journal of the sister of an upstart princess.

She says she raised her half-sister for twelve years after her parents' divorce, " Hollywood has changed her. I think her ambition is to become a princess. She dreamed about it when we saw the royal family on TV. She always preferred Harry - she likes redheads, "she says in a tabloid.

Fortunately mother and daughter stayed very close and Meghan lived with her in Los Angeles before settling in Toronto for the filming of the Suits series! And also the future duchess has just chosen her wedding dress this morning!

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A few weeks before the big event, the princely wedding scheduled for May 19, Harry decided to follow a diet that made him quickly lose a few pounds.

It is no longer a secret: before meeting his beautiful Meghan Markle, Prince Harry lived as a hardened bachelor.

Far from following a balanced diet, Prince William evoked the cravings of his brother in an interview about the future marriage:

"We are all very excited and thrilled for both of them and we wish them all the happiness of the world," he said.

And for me, personally, I hope it means he will stay away from my fridge and stop typing in my food, as he has done in recent years. "

So Prince Harry decided to take charge and follow a draconian regime in fashion.

No more fast food and pizzas; Place the liquid that replaces the solid. "Meghan has completely changed her diet.

She introduced him to juicing. Eat liquid and no longer solid, vegetables or fruits!

A very fashionable diet in recent years that rests the digestive system and detoxify the body.

This healthier food hygiene also allows you to lose weight fast enough:

less meat and less sugar, in favor of fruit and vegetable juices. the fridge of the couple would be now Carrots, green vegetables, cabbage, quinoa ... now fill the refrigerator of the couple and what should not be to displease to the former actress , "vegan flexible" . "I try to eat vegan during the week, and I give myself some flexibility on the weekends. But I do not want to deprive myself of everything, just find a balance.

It's when you feel deprived of the pleasures of life that you feel like gorging yourself, " she explained.

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The young woman, a true social media star, posted a photo of her in the simplest device.

The sublime Emma Cakecup has published a photo of her lying on a bed and completely naked.

She reveals her buttocks completely and simply displays a watch on her wrist.

The charming damsel of 21 years has made a box with almost 200,000 likes but also many unpleasant comments!

Emma CakeCup posing naked and shows her buttocks.

She is lying lasciviously on a four-poster bed .

"I was currently farting on this picture. Sorry not sorry, " she joked in caption

To be fashion and glamorous do not forget to fart! As a result, Emma CakeCup divided her subscribers ...

Emma Caritz, her real name, received from the site X Jacquie and Michel a proposal to shoot a porn video and, in Story Instagram, she said "think about it".

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The first lady Brigitte is fashionable all over the world. The female girl copying, we are waiting for her appearances to see the latest fashion outfit to wear.

She represents France very well and she dresses herself in relation to the person she receives.

Her husband, the president of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, is always in the background because he is dressed like a little communicant or as the first of the class navy blue fitted suit.

The accessory that Brigitte always wears is a pair of pumps to give it a slender look, and sublimate her legs.

She wears pumps Roger Vivier, Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolo Blahnik, in short all his stilettos would go well in our dressing room.

She also wears biker boots from Jimmy Choo, Michel Vivien, Strategia.

The Macron style will give us ideas to associate pieces that are in our closet.

Because we must recognize Brigitte affirmed its trendy chic style without ever failing road.

It showcases abroad French creators.

When she wears a Jean which is another piece that is necessarily part of her wardrobe is a slim denim brand Scarlett Acquaverde (of course she has it in different colors) it matches with a designer jacket sweater.

It is in jeans that she welcomed at the Élysée Rihanna, Schwarzenegger, Bono. For the Heritage Days she received blue slim jeans with a blue cashmere. She often wears it at the Élysée when she does not receive. But she still has a BCBG look with.

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The secret Victoria bombshell Shanina Shaik said yes to her fiancé.

Her fiancé is none other than DJ Ruckus.
The real name of the DJ is Grégory Andrews who is the nephew of Lenny Kravitz.

He lent him his island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas to celebrate his marriage to the beautiful 27-year-old Australian model.
They got married this weekend in the Bahamas on the beach.
For this event the bride preferred to take care of the organization of the ceremony herself.

She chose a slightly bohemian dress in pink tones with flowers to match a little with the beach nature.

She is a bohemian canon.
In the distinguished guests we could meet Paris Hilton, the son of Diana Ross, Zoe Kravitz, Evan Ross and his wife, Ashlee Simpson.
We wish them a lot of happiness ...

they lived happily with many children.

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The beautiful Danish model is making the thermometer go up, she has her likes, which is climbing 110,000 at the moment.

To highlight the heeled shoes of the brand Le Lis Blanc the pretty Danish was accurate in photos most naturally. She posed bare of her 1m76 on a bed with her eyes turned towards the goal her buttocks well bounced.

A body so perfect with a curve to Brigitte Bardot she is simply superb.

Let's not forget this 27-year-old model is the face of Colombian lingerie brand Leonisa.

She also posed for swimwear brand Aerie and Banana Moon.

At home there is nothing to throw. Let's not forget that she was voted the sexiest woman by Cosmopolitan magazine in 2013.

But sorry her heart is no longer learning she is in a relationship after Leonardo DiCaprio with actor Jack Brinkley Cook.

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The actress apologized to her Instagram account after the release of Paris Match and Gala, which she is doing the cover this week.

Too much is too much for Laura Smet. Johnny's daughter is not at his first shot at the press.

It must be said that the press has seized a subject rich in twists and turns where a blended family is fighting over a heritage of copyright and money.

After two hearings, the Hallyday family got a first response on April 13th:

the Tribunal de grande instance of Nanterre ordered the freezing of the real estate of the singer and refused the right of inspection of Laura and David on his posthumous album.

In the wake of this first court decision, Laura Smet went to join her brother Portugal, where he now lives with his family.

On her Instagram account, Laura Smet has published several stories (ephemeral photos or videos that fade after 24 hours) pointing to Paris Match and Gala, who have dedicated their A this week. "Paris Match + Gala = head to toto," she wrote. "Excuse me for all this circus. The actress also regrets that "the press is allowed to make articles on [it] without [him] asking. ".

See you at the next hearing on May 24th.

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Rumors had been circulating since her marriage about the possible pregnancy of the manikin.

Well no, Emily Ratajkowski is not pregnant!

Now her fans know it with almost certainty since she posted one of the hottest photos on Instagram.

What she is a faithful follower with her dream body.

A sexy bomb that will stop at nothing.

Admire these awesome sexiest star shots on the planet with 17 million Instagram followers.

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Oh, what a fantastic piece of news that will delight the whole British kingdom and the subjects of its gracious majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Indeed Kate Middleton gave birth to a boy who will enlarge the royal family of a new member !!

This birth took place in the royal hospital, as the tradition and the protocol behave in this case.

The newborn was born at St. Mary's Hospital, where the couple's first two children, four-year-old George, and two-year-old Charlotte, also opened their eyes.

The bets are open on the first name that will have this new member of the royael family!

According to tradition, the birth will be announced by a proclamation signed by the royal doctors.

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Laeticia Hallyday would have a much higher personal wealth than she has said.

If last March, in front of the judges, the lawyer of Laeticia Hallyday affirmed that " One tries to asphyxiate my client, a woman with two children of 9 and 13 years. If the advice of the widow of the rocker also affirmed that, if she were deprived of her houses, she would not have enough to live the information of Figaro denies this assertion. The truth might differ from these statements.

Thus, the daily explains that according to US official documents, its personal property portfolio amounts to 28 million euros. The couple's property in Los Angeles where Laeticia Hallyday lives today with her two daughters is worth $ 14.5 million. This house is 49% owned by her, and she owns 49% of a house in a residential neighborhood of Santa Monica valued at $ 1.435 million.

The paper then reveals that Laeticia Hallyday transferred these two real estate shares to a trust on January 27, 2017. The LMS (Laeticia Marie Smet) fund was created on July 11, 2014, when Johnny signed a number of documents, of which his American will and the creation of trusts dedicated to accept his patrimony. And the Figaro to conclude that the estate is therefore a little more than half of real estate, not counting Marnes-la-Coquette.

In addition, the newspaper continues, Laeticia Hallyday owns the American SME Born Rocker Music Inc., since she was the general secretary of Johnny's life. It is also to this company that the Warner paid the advance of the posthumous album in November 2017. The law allows that the accounts of this company are not published, which makes it impossible to know what salary was paid to Laeticia Hallyday, nor what dividends could have gone up in the trusts created by Johnny.

According to Figaro also Laeticia Smet owns in France 0.1% of a SCI, which is a part of their house in Marnes-la-Coquette estimated at 4.7 million euros in 2007. Unlike Saint-Barthélemy where the couple's house was half-owned by each spouse. The latter would be worth 40 million euros and would have been rented for a fee of 45,000 to 145,000 dollars per week.

I leave you to your account!

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Johnny, we already knew, sang and lived love in all its periods in all its forms.

But the deceased rocker has not delivered everything from his love life. Far from it. If he has known his mother little, he has charmed innumerable people.

We know some of Sylvie Vartan, her first love, Babeth Etienne, Nathalie Baye, Adeline Blondieau Laeticia.

Johnny only lived for the moment, his blue eyes could only see him.

Johnny himself lived only for the memories, tender or furious, to come.

No glimmer of the past in his blue eyes.

But only one woman remained engraved forever in her memory and her flesh. Johnny nicknamed her "Lady Lucille" as an evocation of the light she had brought to her for 30 years.

She is always staying in the shadows just mentioned in a few biographies, but ignored by the general public.

Just a song title, in the album Lorada, released in 1995. On this piece, Johnny indulges in his love:

"If all too often I call you / If you get tired of me / If sometimes I'm unfaithful / I've never loved you / Is it too much? / Are you running away from me? what you do not know / Everyday I gave you / Between fear and the scene / It's time for you to come (...) »

In his autobiography Destroy , published in 1999, the rocker alludes to this mistress:

"Since that day in 1961 when, for the first time, I played guitar for Lady Lucille, she always opened the doors of her heart. When I broke up with Sylvie, she was there ...

When I wanted to kill myself, she was still there ...

When I broke up with Nanette Workman, she was still here ...

When I broke up with Babeth, she came back to me ...

When Nathalie and I separated, once again she put some balm on my wounds ...

She continues to say that I am the man of her life.

I still believe that a lasting bond could only endanger it.

We are two vagabonds of love. I do not want to hurt him. I want to preserve her as she has so well preserved her private life and career. But I will never say thank you enough ... "

Bernard Violet " But Johnny told me in detail about this woman, a very famous French actress ...",

This mysterious Lady Lucille will remain forever mystery. Johnny left with his secret.

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"Thank you for allowing me to become the first black singer to head Coachella," said Beyoncé humbly.


Back on stage after giving birth in June, the "Queen B" performed a spectacular show Beyoncé set fire to the 2018 edition of the Coachella music f

estival. She made a sensational debut, surrounded by dozens of dancers and musicians and performing her famous interplanetary hit "Crazy in Love".

Burried the hatchet with Kelly Rowland, forgotten the deceptions of her husband too. Saturday night at the Coachella Festival in California, Beyoncé invited everyone: Beyoncé offered her fans the meeting they no longer hoped for: that of Destiny's Child. The legendary R & B group reformed Saturday, April 14 at Coachella, a gigantic music festival held until April 22 in California.

Destiny's Child performed a medley of three tracks: Lose my breath, Say my name and Soldier at the end of the concert.

Jay Z and even his sister Solange Knowles came to join her on stage for her show. And what a show!

From "Crazy in Love" to "Love on Top" through "Training" and "Single Ladies", she ignited the audience and revisited her career with more generosity than at the 2013 Super Bowl.

The first black woman headliner at Coachella

Eight years after the release of "Déjà Vu" duet with Jay Z, she took this piece with her rapper husband.

The diva has lost none of her talents as a singer and especially a dancer! Who says sensational show says sensational outfit. For her concert, Beyoncé appealed to the talent of Olivier Rousteing, the artistic director of Balmain - brand beloved by Kim Kardashian.

Dressed in ultra-short shorts and boots with leather fringes or waders, the artist has taken up her tubes, surrounded by a fanfare and a hundred dancers.

A frenzied singer, dressed in a body like armor and a large cloak, all set with diamonds and shining with a thousand lights. Fishnet tights, high heels, a headdress and a scepter ... she then changed four times. Sublime!!!

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On Friday, 13 April 2018, the Nanterre Regional Court rendered its decision following the interim hearing of 30 March.

It's mid-February that Laura Smet unveils a post mortem letter written for her father, Johnny. Why did she write this letter?

"It's still unbearable for me not to be able to say goodbye to you, dad, do you know at least?

I hear you, dad, and me, I chose to fight. "

One of Laura Smet's lawyers, Hérvé Témime, spoke about this famous post-mortem letter that her client wanted to write.

"I did not manage to dissuade her from writing this letter.

This is his letter.

She alone wrote it down and wanted to write it, "he says on the set of C to you. "It's a letter from Laura's heart."

Because we remember that it was revealed by this letter that the two eldest

David and Laura had been disinherited.

Since David and Laura have sued their mother-in-law Laeticia.

A first verdict was also made this Friday, April 13.

The two seniors have certainly obtained the freeze of real estate of their father but not the right of glance on his posthumous album which will leave this year.

The last testament of Johnny Hallyday was written four years before the death of Johnny so Laeticia Hallyday knew its existence and its content, unlike Laura and David.

Half a victory ...

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What a daring neckline of Princess Pauline Ducruet, Brazil. She appeared in São Paulo on the occasion of a great charity evening, accompanied by stars including PSG footballer Neymar.

The adventure around the world does not make the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco afraid at the amfAR gala (American Foundation for AIDS Research).

She has just left her first Aïcha des Gazelles Rally in Morocco that she is already at the other end of the world, far from the Rock. Pauline Ducruet, 23 years old, is evolving before our eyes via her Instagram account and especially her story, she who finished at the end of 2017 her studies at Parsons School in NYC.

Currently staying at the hotel Tivoli Mofarrej with Schanel, she takes full advantage of the magnificent swimming pool.

At the Charity Gala Pauline Ducruet caught the eye and the flashes of the photographers in front of her deep cleavage. His face reminds us of his mom Stéphanie de Monaco young crunching life to the fullest that already radiated in the world with this pretty little sexy side that we adore in a modern princess of the 21st century!

We are far from the monarchies of the 18th century where we were bored to death engorged in corseted and suffocating dresses, all wrapped in a protocol suffocating princesses who could not bloom harmoniously within their palate! ! .

Also at his side Neymar recovering from an ankle injury the star striker of the PSG with his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine, in his alluring jeweled dress backless. From lovebirds to hot kisses in the spotlight.

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Decision of the judges of Nanterre compared to the trial of Laeticia Hallyday against the children of Johnny Halliday is David Hallyday and Laura Smet.

The court demanded the freezing of the property of the artist. Which goes in the direction of David Hallyday and Laura Smet.

On the other hand, regarding the right of inspection of their father's posthumous album, the court rejected their request.

That only Laeticia Hallidays has the total decision.

We can say that there is a victory in each camp.

We are waiting to know if one of the parties is appealing.

At the next episode of Dallas Ops not Hallyday familly.

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Laeticia Halliday decides to speak and gives her first interview to the newspaper Le Point.

This interview comes just before the deliberation of the trial to be held tomorrow Friday, April 13.

She recounts the very hard and horrible moments that she lived in Marnes-la-Coquette in the face of Johnny's illness. She says that when the doctors told her that he could not do anything for him, they turned the office into a hospital room, her little girls and she slept on mattresses at her feet.

On the evening of December 4th, when his friend Hélène Darroze had just arrived, she came out of the room to say hello to him and it was there that he died.

Moreover Laetitia reveals what is ready to forgive Laura Smet and David Hallyday so unpleasant with her she just wants him to remain a united family. She even denies that David and Laura were not with their father in the face of the disease when he got angry Johny told Laeticia you see "they do not care about me! ''

At the death of her husband everything was complicated. When she first told them about the death, David and Laura went to his bedside just the next day, which was a bit shocking.

Then there was the funeral at the Madeleine. David and Laura did not agree he wanted an intimate ceremony. Brigitte Macron had to summon them to the Élysée to explain to them that Johnny their father had dreamed of many generations that for its fans it was not proved to deprive them of this tribute.

Besides, they did not want Johnny to be buried in St. Barts. Laeticia Hallyday had to make them listen because it was their dad's dearest wish. In addition she specifies that it was Johnny who did not want to see David and Laura, not that he did not like them. But for him to see them so often meant that he was not going out of it. And to give up put him out of him.

Of all this she suffers enormously because it prevents her from mourning in peace.

Maybe she should have had a family reunion before since she says she absolutely wants to keep David and Laura in his Clan Hallyday Smeet family.

And for that to find some arrangements instead of stubbornly wanting everything for her ?

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She definitely comes from a pretty background
In the Boudou family Mamy Rock is asked.

What Mamie Rock just reveals that she is a straw manager for all Hallyday companies and she does not touch a penny this is not very legal it!
Father André Boudou is asked.

According to him Johnny Hallyday has only brought him bored he refers to his troubles with the tax following the closure of his box Amnesia in Paris.
Brother Gregory Boudou is asked.

He was placed in custody April 4 in Montpellier because he was the subject of a financial investigation as part of the management of Amnesia nightclub Cap d'Agde he is accused of embezzlement , the villa was also raided.

Then we ask Johnny Hallyday's manager Sébastien Farran.

He is currently being heard by the police following a court order for breach of trust, forgery and theft after a complaint from Joey Starr he was managing.

His home was also searched.
What a beautiful game of 7 families.

Laeticia Hallyday may be a little worried about her good faith on inheritance.

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Just a few days ago, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz formalized their relationship as a romantic holiday in Mexico in a luxurious Cabo San Lucas villa.

His new boyfriend Tom Kaulitz, a member of the group Tokio Hotel was crazy in love with Heidi exchanging languorous kisses.

The 44-year-old model even topless her beautiful long-legged plastic with the 28-year-old musician

Seal's ex-wife, the father of her five children, was thrilled once she broke with art dealer Vito Schnabel.

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Torrid in waders! Kourtney and Kim's little sister reveal her sex appeal on Instagram!

Pregnant for 8 months, Khloé Kardashian shared with her fans a sexy snapshot dating back to before her pregnancy:

she poses lasciviously in white body, waders in aluminum all on her oiled body!

At 33 Khloé Kardashian is a fulfilled woman: soon mom!

And she drank her account of hotter photos than the others so that we can follow the evolution of her baby bump.

A Kardashian aware of her sex appeal who said, "I want my baby to inherit my buttocks."

We can not wait to discover the offspring!

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Rihanna one of the hottest stars on the planet!

It was Thursday night in Italy, during a new launch of her make-up brand Fenty Beauty and her new flagship product, the "Body Lava" she released the great game.

Rihanna inflamed her fans, wearing a leather dress and a buckle belt Versace, ready-to-wear collection fall-winter 2018-2019, well indented, showing her beautiful chest and her muscular legs

The 30-year-old singer also plunged happily into a bubble pool!

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G Régory Boudou is targeted by an open financial survey on the management of the Amnesia nightclub in Cap d'Agde.

He was placed in custody on the morning of Wednesday 4 April in the Hérault

Laetitia Halliday's younger brother, Grégory Boudou, 41, was named executor of his sister Laeticia, as part of the Johnny Hallyday legacy.

He is also the manager of Amnesia nightclub, founded by his father André Boudou, on Île des Loisirs, in Cap d'Agde.

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And yes, the beautiful Adriana Karembeu is pregnant with her first child at 46 years old.

The model and her husband Aram Ohanian are thrilled with the idea of ​​starting their family.

Married since 2014 to his businessman they dreamed of having a baby which is funny when he was married to the footballer Christian Karembeu she did not want a child because she wanted all the intention of her husband, to be his princesses, do not share his love.

Which is one of the reasons for their divorce. The funny thing about the day is that Christian Karembeu and his wife Jackie have revealed the name of their seven-month-old baby girl named Gaia today.

Long live Karembeu babies.

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On 24th March at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club in the Hall of Stars was held the 64th Ball of the Rose.

Karl Lagerfeld and Caroline of Hanover were the prime movers of the event they chose for this year the theme of New York.

On the invitation there was the Manhattan district represented. In the hall of the stars a Skyline compared to the drawing of Saint-Pée, we are db of New York pink satin: the price of this evening but this is a donation to the benefit of the Princess Grace Foundation which helps people and underprivileged children.

This social event is always eagerly awaited, women are obliged to wear long dresses and men tuxedos with bow ties mandatory. It is always a real fashion show where we see the creators parade.

It's also a little moment of worldly gossip.

It has been discovered that Beatrice Borromeo wife of Pierre Casiragni is pregnant with their second child. In her black dress she already saw the shape of a small round belly.

The two daughters of Princess Caroline of Hanover arrived at the ball, each displaying their new lover. Charlotte was at the arm of the producer Dimitri Rassam who is the son of Carole Bouquet. His half-sister Alexandra was accompanied by his lover Ben Silvester Strautmann, son of a German billionaire.

But the person who made a spectacular entrance was Victoria Silvstedt who arrived with a radical transformation for The Rose Ball she had her good-bye hair cut off the big blond curls, she was wearing a gorgeous dress that belted her wasp waist from Elie Saab. It was the ball rose.

Once the dinner is over, all the gilded youth will meet again in the nightclub Jimmy's or of course we even see at 60 years Prince Albert wiggle.

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A further revelation of Donald Trump's extramarital affairs echoing those of pornographic actress Stormy Daniels.

Karen McDougal, a former Playboy Playmate claims to have had a relationship with Donald Trump 10 years before his election.

The facts would have happened shortly after Melania Trump gave birth to their son Baron The American president would have offered him $ 150,000 or nearly 122,000 euros in exchange for his silence.

The 46-year-old woman, who told CNN on Thursday, said the then-famous US president had offered her money after sleeping with her.

"After our intimate relationship, he tried to pay me."

And I did not know what to think, "she said.

"I looked at her and told her, I'm not like that, I'm not that kind of girl," she added.

The White House told NBC that the president denied an affair with Karen McDougal and that it was an "old story" .

But now poor Karen McDougal who would have ended his relationship with Trump guilt vis-à-vis Melania Trump, just filed a complaint Tuesday in a court in Los Angeles.

For what reasons ?

Just like porn actress Stormy Daniels, the young woman wants to repeal the confidentiality clause she signed to keep quiet about this "romantic relationship" with the US president.

Indeed, this former model claims that she received 150 000 dollars or nearly 122 000 euros for her silence.

What depressing the First Lady Melania Trump whose story of the extramarital affairs of her husband is around the world press.

According to the American magazine People, Melania Trump hates "the tornado 24/7" that her life has become since the arrival of her husband in office.

Less active than her husband on social networks, Melania Trump tries "to do the job" sometimes by broadcasting a photo of the couple, smiling.

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Mamie Rock of her real name Elyette Boudou: the grandmother of Laetitia separates with regret from Laetitia come to France to be treated.

As she says of herself care in the United States is very expensive.

On the other hand Laetitia had asked him before the death of Johnny Hallyday to manage all the companies belonging to the singer.

This was supposedly decided with him in 2012 for a tax issue. Granny Rock followed the couple everywhere in St. Barth Gstaad Los Angeles.

She is the president of the artists and promotion of the company Flashback and musical editions Pimiento Musicale who manage the rights of edition of the singer and also the manager of SARL Mamour which cash the 8 million euros in advance and 80% of the profits of the "Never Alone" tour of 2012.

It also manages the property portfolio of the couple SCI SLJ estimated at 25 million euros.

This straw manager was placed there by her little daughter Laetitia. It's even Mamie Rock who says it:

Laetitia asked me to play this role I do not want to receive any money or have any worries with taxes.

So it's up to you to make an opinion about the angel Laetitia.

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N abilla, still sexy, posted on her site a picture of her in a very indented jersey.

A body of dreams!

It is located in the Bahamas, paradise destination and also ideal to show for its pretty panoply of bikinis.

The reality TV star will soon live the happiest day of her life by marrying Thomas, her companion for 5 years.

Magali Berdah, head of Shauna Events managing the advertising contracts on social networks, confided on the plateau of Touche not to my post that Nabilla would have enjoyed a stay in the United States to try her wedding dress.

"She spotted a designer who's there, she went to her showroom with Thomas," she said.

What has been confirmed by the happy elected on his Twitter account.

Thomas Vergara's fiancée sits at the front of a yacht in a totally indented jersey

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It is in the Nièvre, the casino of Pougues-les-Eaux, that David Hallyday launched Saturday night his very first tour since the death of his father, December 6.

A first concert in front of an audience of 400 people of the most moving where he made a vibrant tribute to his father. .

To the delight of the fans, Johnny's son played two songs of his father, I forgot to live " and " Blood for Blood " , a huge tube composed with four hands with his father. Strong titles punctuated by sober and poignant words "Me, I will not forget you" , "I love you" , a kiss to the sky.

The singer also sent a message of love to his sister, Laura Smet.

Far from the quarrels of inheritance and before March 15 date of the first hearing fixed before the court of Nanterre.

David and Laura have brought an action in summary proceedings to obtain a right of inspection of Johnny's posthumous album, as well as the freezing of his estate pending the settlement of the legacy litigation.

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After a beautiful national homage where Laura Smet, David Hallyday, Laeticia, Jade and Joy were united in pain, it is clear that this communion was short-lived. Since the opening of the rocker's will and the diffusion of a posthumous letter written by Laura to his father, in which we learned that Johnny Hallyday had disinherited him and David to Laeticia, the Halliday clan is torn apart. Also two months after the death of Johnny Hallyday, a legal battle over Johnny's testament pits Laeticia Hallyday against two older rock stars, David and Laura. The latter launched proceedings for the annulment of their father's will, drafted in the United States making his widow Læticia sole executor of the estate. The other side opposes donations they would have already benefited before the death of the Taulier. In the media or on social networks, everyone takes a stand, in turn, either for the widow of the rocker, or for his first two children. Others, out of respect for the memory of the singer, prefer to remain silent and not to pour into this nightmarish vaudeville.

In front of Laeticia Hallyday, David can count on the unconditional support of his mother Sylvie Vartan. "I am someone who does not like talking about very intimate things but I feel obliged to leave my reserve before the breaking, before all this unpleasant unpacking, the exhibition of personal papers ... I never acted like that. Says Sylvie Vartan but the singer has finally come out of his silence. She wanted to denounce " false information" about a donation that Johnny Hallyday would have made their son benefit. A few days later, on the set of France 2, the former wife of the rocker showed skepticism with regard to the will.

I have a hard time believing that the man I knew, loved so madly, could rewrite his story, deny his blood and his history by disinheriting and not giving moral rights to his children. " justice will do its job and that's it. I can only testify and talk about my sadness, " said Sylvie Vartan, adding that David, meanwhile, is " bruised " and " injured ".

Michel Polnareff reacted on Facebook greeting the speech of Sylvie Vartan in an "unhealthy context" supporting Laura and David. Laura's godfather, Eddy Mitchell, immediately supported his godchild. "I do not understand that we can disinherit his children. As Laura's godfather, it is normal for me to support her, " he said in a statement from his press officer. Johnny's first two children can also count on "unconditional support" from rapper JoeyStarr.

Fashion designer Daniel Hechter on several television sets. "I took a simple position, I can not understand that we disinherit his children. (...) Especially moral rights. The second life of Johnny Hallyday, it starts now. A musical, a film that can come. And I believe that the son and the daughter of the deceased have the right to say: '' I do not want such actor, such director because it harms the image of my father '' , said the last .

Brigitte Bardot was disgusted by this war around the legacy of the rocker. "I would be Laeticia, I'd set the record straight and give Laura and David back what they deserve ," she added. Jacques Dutronc also. For this "old scoundrel" , "we do not disinherit her children".

Johnny's fans also seem to be on the side of Laura and David. On Twitter, some went so far as to talk about "disgusting" spoliation, while calling Laeticia a "black widow" accused of using her influence on her husband's will. Charlie Hebdo has even caricatured Jade and Joy's mother, representing her as a praying mantis.

But the former producer of Johnny Hallyday for over 30 years, Jean-Claude Camus, assured that the rocker had made the decision to bequeath his legacy to Laeticia for many years and he was not a man to let himself guide.

Faced with this outburst of media against Laeticia, voices were raised to support the one who shared last 20 years the life of the rocker. Her grandmother Elyette Boudou, nicknamed Mamie Rock of course, but also her great friend, chef Helene Darroze, describing her as " very brave and very dignified". On Alessandra Sublet's Instagram there is a photo of her alongside Laeticia, a "strong woman" and a "perfect mother"

A singer Eve Angelide remember that Lætitia Hallyday had "always been there for Johnny, she always supported him, she even raised when he was in the trough of the wave"

Some of the rocker's longtime friends have the modesty of not taking sides in an affair that should have been settled in the family and not spread publicly. Among them, Line Renaud believe that this great media unpack messes up the image of the singer while stating that it "would make Johnny very sad to see that".

Note also that Nathalie Baye, mother Laura, does not intend to comment on this subject and " let the lawyers do their work."

Leave the last word to Michel Drucker: "Johnny was a modest and shy person. He would say to us, 'Shut up!' "

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Drake  a distribué un million de dollars à des inconnus d'un quartier défavorisé de Miami,.

Un geste de générosité, réalisé grâce au clip vidéo de la chanson God's plan, publié vendredi sur le compte YouTube de la star. Le rappeur canadien a décidé d'offrir la somme allouée pour la réalisation de son clip .

«Le budget de cette vidéo était de 996.631.90 dollars.Nous avons tout donné. Ne le dites pas au label» peut-on lire dès le début de la vidéo sur fond noir de God's Plan.

Et que voit-on durant toute la durée de son film signé Karena Evans ?

Drake se baladant dans les rues de Miami distribuant de grosses liasses de billets verts à plusieurs familles ébaubies, offrant une belle voiture à un jeune couple , annonçant dans un supermarché aux clients que leurs courses étaient offertes !!

Le rappeur va jusqu'à donner à une lycéenne un chèque de 50.000 dollars afin de couvrir ses frais de scolarité à l'University of Miami Scholarship dollars, en signer d'autres également pour des associations de femmes battues, pour les pompiers de la ville ou pour un foyer de sans-abri notamment.

Aubrey Graham, de son vrai nom, enchaînant les dons, a fait le bonheur de toutes ces personnes dans le besoin qui se demandaient ce qui se passait. De nombreux habitants de ce quartier se réunissent à la fin du clip pour l'ovationner.

Un acte de générosité qu'il explique comme étant « un plan de Dieu ». Sur Instagram, Drake considère cette action comme «la plus importante chose accomplie dans sa carrière».

Seulement 24 heures après la mise en ligne de ce clip, il atteignait plus de 10 millions de vues. God's Plan sera assurément l'un des tubes incontournables de l'année 2018 .

Même si certains n'y voit qu'un coup médiatique, l'on ne peut que saluer l'altruisme du chanteur !

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J ohnny Hallyday would not have disinherited her children David and Laura!

In the will written in 2014 that the Point has procured, it is clear that the rocker would have helped his children in the past.

The Taulier would have helped Laura for years not only in his participation in the purchase of two apartments (442,000 euros for an apartment in the rue du Cherche Midi and 4 years later 450,000 euros for another apartment rue Bonaparte precise RTL) but also by the payment every month a sum of 5000 euros.

David, he would have donated 50% of a property of 400 m2 with 600m2 of land located Villa Montmorency in the 16th arrondissement where today resides the Bruni-Sarkozy couple ...

"I do not expressly make any provision in this will or any other document for my children David Smet and Laura Smet, to whom I have made donations in the past. "

can we read in this document.

But for David Hallyday, in addition to the financial aspect, the question of moral rights in the musical work would arise above all.

In her posthumous letter to her father, Laura expresses her disappointment at not having even the cover of "Laura" , the title dedicated by her father.

The rocker certainly wanted to protect Jade and Joy, who thought he had saved his elders from want.

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Scoop mesdames ouvrez bien vos yeux ceci est notre cadeau de la Saint-Valentin.

Ce soir c'est la Ligue des Champions. Le PSG rencontre le Real Madrid pour le match des huitièmes de finale.

Les joueurs du Paris-saint-germain iront jouer à Madrid en Espagne.

Mais c'est le beau Neymar joueur du Paris Saint-Germain qui nous a fait ce cadeau.

Ce jeune prodige qui vient d'avoir 26 ans lundi, qui est attaquant au PSG a été le plus grand transfert acheté par le PSG à Barcelone.

En effet il se dévoile nu sur la banquette arrière d'un véhicule juste avec une petite serviette que l'on arracherait bien avec nos dents sur son intimité.

Il a un corps de rêve et un regard perçant.

Cela nous révèle ses nombreux tatouages.

Avec cette photo il fait le buzz 90 million de personnes ou peut-être de femmes l'ont déjà regardé.

Ce footballeur joue aussi au mannequin il avait fait la couverture en automne-hiver 2017 du magazine Man about Town pris par le photographe Mario Testino.

Puis sur son compte Instagram il est pas mal aussi en père Noël dans la neige avec juste un caleçon et un bonnet torse nu, non vous trouvez pas?

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L'ancien avocat fiscaliste Maître Renaud Belnet annonçait dès la fin décembre que le dossier de la succession de Johnny Hallyday n'était "pas simple" puisqu'il s'agit là d'une "famille recomposée, des héritiers aux statuts fiscaux différents, des biens parsemés partout, un droit international et une fiscalité internationale..."

Et voilà que le clan Hallyday se déchire maintenant au grand jour pour l'héritage.

Entre la dernière épouse et les deux enfants aînés du chanteur, les relations n'ont jamais été au beau fixe. Mais depuis le décès du patriarche les relations se sont envenimées pour la succession pour finalement éclater au grand jour maintenant.

Un bras de fer juridique vient de s'enclencher au moment de l'ouverture du testament du chanteur.

David et Laura Smet savaient depuis longtemps déjà que la plupart des sociétés avaient été placées sous le contrôle officiel de Elyette Boudou, dite «Mamie rock», la grand-mère paternelle de Laeticia.

Il s'avérait urgent de faire le point sur son patrimoine immobilier et sur ses différentes sociétés françaises dont certaines ont des liens avec la Suisse et le Luxembourg,

Du temps où Johnny Hallyday était vivant, les relations entre Laeticia Hallyday avec Sylvie Vartan, Nathalie Baye, David et Laura Smet n'étaient déjà pas un long fleuve tranquille mais par respect envers le patriarche, rien ne filtrait vraiment. Plutôt des images de bonheur d'une famille recomposée. On voyait à la une des magazine Laeticia et Johnny qui partaient en thalasso à Quiberon rejoints par Laura Smet et Nathalie Baye.

La maladie du chanteur a tout fait basculer. Les relations se sont dégradées.

Outre la douleur d'enterrer leur père, l'inhumation à Saint-Barth a été mal vécues par laura et David Smet qui sont arrivés de leur côté sans participer à la petite fête donnée après l'enterrement. De son côté, Sylvie Vartan a publiquement regretté que son ex-époux soit enterré à Saint-Barth.et ne s'y est pas rendue

Et le scandale éclate au grand jour lors de l'ouverture du testament.

Laura Smet et David Hallyday contestent le testament de leur père Johnny Hallyday, son père ayant légué l’ensemble de son patrimoine et de ses droits à son épouse Laeticia. David Hallyday sera "codemandeur" dans cette procédure.

"Laura Smet a découvert avec stupéfaction et douleur le testament de son père Johnny Hallyday, écrivent ses avocats dans le communiqué. S'il en était ainsi, son père ne lui aurait rien laissé : ni bien matériel, ni prérogative sur son œuvre artistique, ni souvenir – pas une guitare, pas une moto, et pas même la pochette signée de la chanson Laura qui lui est dédiée."

David Smet soutient plus que jamais sa sœur Laura Smet.

Laura a peu pris la parole depuis la décès de son père le 6 décembre. C'est à lui qu'elle s'adresse post mortem, alors que ses avocats viennent d'annoncer que la jeune femme et son demi-frère David Hallyday contestaient en justice le testament du chanteur.

"J'ai appris, il y a quelques jours, que tu aurais rédigé un testament nous déshéritant totalement David et moi", écrit l'actrice dans une lettre transmise à l'AFP par l'intermédiaire de ses avocats. "J'aurais préféré que tout cela reste en famille, malheureusement, dans notre famille c'est comme ça", ajoute-t-elle, précisant qu'elle avait "choisi de se battre".

Laura Smet a demandé à ses avocats "de mener toutes les actions de droit" pour contester les dispositions testamentaires de son père Johnny Hallyday, qui confieraient "l'ensemble de son patrimoine et l'ensemble de ses droits d'artiste" exclusivement à sa seule épouse Laeticia, selon un communiqué des avocats de l'actrice. Ces dispositions, prises en vertu de la "loi californienne", "contreviennent manifestement aux exigences du droit français", indique le communiqué transmis lundi par Maîtres Témime, Ravanas et Sur.

"Ce testament prévoit aussi qu’en cas de décès de son épouse, l’ensemble des biens et des droits de Jean-Philippe Smet seraient exclusivement transmis à ses deux filles Jade et Joy par parts égales", poursuit le communiqué.

La douleur de Laura Smet, que Johnny a eu avec Nathalie Baye, semble sans commune mesure depuis qu'elle a appris qu'il ne lui a même pas légué un souvenir,une guitare ou une moto, ni même la pochette dédicacée de la chanson Laura .

Il m'est encore insupportable de ne pas avoir pu te dire au revoir, papa, le sais-tu au moins ?Laura Smet"Il y a encore quelques semaines, tu me disais à table : 'Alors, quand est-ce que vous faites un enfant?'. Mais que vais-je pouvoir lui transmettre de toi, toi que j'admire tant ?", s'interroge-t-elle. "Tant de questions sans réponses. Toutes ces fois où on a dû se cacher pour se voir et s'appeler ! Il m'est encore insupportable de ne pas avoir pu te dire au revoir, papa, le sais-tu au moins ?", poursuit Laura Smet.

"Toutes les nuits tu viens me voir dans mon rêve, je te vois : tu es beau, sans aucun tatouage, tu es enfin libre et tu cours dans la brume l'air totalement perdu et apeuré", écrit-elle. Et de conclure : "Je t'entends, papa, et moi, j'ai choisi de me battre (...). Je suis si fière d'être ta fille. Je t'aime Papa."

L'assignation ne doit être déposée que dans les prochains jours. Pourquoi avoir lancé une offensive médiatique dès ce lundi 12 février ?

Sylvie Vartan est attendue à Paris d'ici peu puisque le 16 mars, elle rendra hommage à son ex-époux sur la scène du Grand Rex. Vu l'ambiance entre les différents clans Hallyday, pas sûr que Laeticia Hallyday ne s'y rende.

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Depuis l'arrivée d'Emmanuel Macron au pouvoir, les CRS veillent sur sa maison du Touquet, même quand aucun membre de sa famille n'y est présent, soit 24h sur 24h.

Ce travail s'effectue dans des conditions difficiles si bien qu 'ils n'avaient pas hésité à saisir fin 2017 l'Unsa Police, un de leur syndicats.

Il faut savoir que les policiers du maintien de l'ordre n'avaient ni guérite pour se protéger du froid ni même d'accès aux toilettes.

De plus il portent un harnachement des plus pesants. Ces récrimination de la compagnie de CRS avaient fortement déplu à l'Elysée...

De plus les CRS avaient osé se faire portés pâles lors d'une visite officielle du président de la République à Marseille pour protester contre le projet de fiscalisation de leurs primes d'indemnité journalière d'absence temporaire.

Mais pour parer à tout incident de ce genre le couple présidentiel les remplacera par un escadron de gendarmes mobiles.

Ces derniers sont jugés  dociles » que les CRS, n'ayant pas le droit de se syndiquer...

On appréciera une fois de plus l'attitude du roitelet...

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«C'est vrai, c'est si complexe. J'aurais préféré que mon père ne soit pas connu. Je viens d'avoir 40 ans. Et dans quelques jours cela fera exactement 40 ans que Claude François a disparu. Pour moi, c'est une sorte d'étape. Je veux comprendre exactement d'où je viens. C'est intime, c'est un curieux parcours.» , explique la jeune femme dans Paris Match.


Quarante ans : c'est le double anniversaire que vit Julie Bocquet, le sien et celui de la disparition de son père biologique.

Au milieu des années 1970, Fabienne, une jeune fan belge d'une quinzaine d'années, plaît à son idole, Claude François. Après plusieurs mois de relations, voilà que Fabienne tombe enceinte, mais elle est contrainte par ses parents d'abandonner son bébé. C'est un couple aimant belge qui l'adptote alors à l'âge de 2 mois.

Julie Bocquet, enfant naturelle du chanteur , explique avoir mené une enquête pendant des années mais simplement pour «réclamer le droit de dire qui était son père» non pour être « connue » mais pour être « reconnue », comme elle l'affirme dans un interview de Paris Match.

La fille naturelle de Claude François connaît le nom de son père à l'âge de 8 ans et rencontre sa mère biologique juste avant sa majorité.

A ce moment là elle décide d'écrire à ses demi-frères, Claude Junior et Marc. «Notre père n'est plus ici, je n'ai même pas eu la chance de le voir, mais en chacun de nous il doit exister encore. Je donnerais tout pour le rencontrer, et pour vous rencontrer si vous le voulez autant que moi!», leur écrit-elle. Mais pas de réponse.

Jusqu'en 2012, elle n'est pas sûre d'être la fille du chanteur c'est pourquoi elle se décide à faire un test ADN pour se rassurer et faire taire les fantasmes. L'examen se révèle positif.

Le 14 mars de la même année sort au cinéma le film Cloclo. Julie fonce le voir et c'est un choc : « J'avais parfois l'impression d'une sorte d'effet miroir. Je me tenais cramponnée à mon siège tandis que je découvrais des traits de ma personnalité. Je me retrouvais dans certaines de ses angoisses, ses chagrins, la solitude, la peur d'être abandonnée. »

Cette femme aujourd'hui âgée de 40 ans, psychologue et criminologue de profession , a décidé de sortir de l'ombre au prix d'un long parcours sinueux  ne demandant rien si ce n'est une reconnaissance symbolique..

Julie Bocquet fait partie de la vie de la star, et elle souhaite ardem­ment que l'injus­tice soit répa­rée.

Offi­ciel­le­ment, le chan­teur d'Alexan­drie Alexan­dra a donc désor­mais trois enfants : Claude François né le 8 juillet 1968 à Neuilly-sur-Seine, Marc François né le 15 novembre 1969 à Paris et enfin Julie Bocquet, née le 15 mai 1977 à Gand, soit très peu de temps avant la mort du chan­teur le 11 mars 1978.

Témoignage à lire dans Paris Match et à découvrir après-demain sur Paris Première dans un documentaire sur Claude François qui sera diffusé à 20h50.

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«Je pensais ne jamais revenir sur ce lieu maudit », a déclaré sa femme.

Très émue Dominique Erignac a rendu un hommage à son mari assassiné il y a 20 ans à Ajaccio.

Dans un discours rempli de dignité et très très politique , elle a expliqué pourquoi elle a pourquoi elle a pris la décision de retourner avec ses enfant dans la petite rue où son mari est tombé.

Trois balles dans la nuque tirée à bout portant ont atteint mortellement le préfet.

Là aussi où Emmanuel Macron a inauguré ce mardi une place à son nom.

« Cette place que nous inaugurons est un lieu de paix et de fraternité.

C'est un lieu de mémoire symbolique ouvert à tous et pour que l'on n'oublie jamais.

Ce lieu aurait plu à Claude qui était un homme de dialogue et de paix », a expliqué sa femme très sensible à la cérémonie républicaine organisée autour du chef de l'Etat.

« La république rend hommage à l'un des siens. Il avait voué sa vie à celle des autres.

Il ne pourrait qu'être sensible à cet hommage », a-t-elle poursuivi.

Discours qui n'a pas manqué de prendre, outre l'hommage humain d'une épouse, également une tournure très politique.

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Elles vont faire une tournée mondiale.

Pour la toute première en l'espace de six ans , Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Mélanie Brown, Mélanie Chisholm et Geri Horner se sont réunies avec leur ancien manager Simon Fuller pour organiser leur retour sur scène.

The girls band dans les années 90 avaient fait fureur.

Nous les attendons avec impatience , elles sont toujours aussi dynamiques et belles.

Elles vont commencer par se chauffer lors d'un grand show en Chine.

De plus les Spice Girls devraintt participer au mariage royal du prince Harry et de Meghan Markle mai 2018 en faisant un mini concert.

On a hâte d'aller les voir sur scène et de les entendre chanter Wannabe,Viva Forever ...

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Le « Saturday Night Live », l'émission populaire américaine n'a pas hésité à parodier, samedi, les deux actrices. Pourquoi ?

Catherine Deneuve a signé la tribune dans Le Monde sur la « liberté d'importuner ».

Brigitte Bardot, elle, a déclaré dans une interview à Paris Match que « beaucoup d'actrices faisaient les allumeuses avec les producteurs, afin de décrocher un rôle. ».

Des propos qui ont enflammé la toile alors que l'on était en pleine « affaire Weinstein » et que le monde entier voyait la parole des femmes victimes de violences sexuelles se libérer.

La critique du mouvement anti-harcèlement sexuel a soulevé une vague d'indignation.

Deux comédiennes ont incarné les deux actrices venant s'expliquer après leur réactions aux mouvements "Me Too" et "Balance ton porc".

Kate McKinnon et Cecily Strong s’en sont donné à cœur joie en imitant les deux actrices avec un bel accent français. « Pourquoi une femme a-t-elle des seins ? Pour permettre aux hommes de les prendre et les tirer » lance Kate McKinnon, qui incarne Brigitte Bardot, cigarette au bec.

Avant d'ajouter avec un accent français très prononcé : « Libérez Harvey Weinstein C'est un homme, un vrai  ».

Le sketch au vitriol continue « Je pense que l'on a pu s'expliquer, nous sommes françaises », conclut Catherine Deneuve, jouée par Cecily Strong, un verre de vin blanc à la main..

On en a pas fini avec les dénonciations puisque dimanche 4 février, c'est au tour de l'actrice américaine Uma Thurman de dénoncer les agissements de Weinstein dans une Amérique qui se veut puritaine.

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Au bout de quarante ans Julie Bocquet dévoile qu'elle est la fille de Claude François.

Ses demi-frères Claude et Marc étaient au courant depuis vingt ans.

On attend avec impatience le documentaire qu'elle a tourné avec Paris Première qui sortira le 2 Mars.

Sa mère, Fabienne DV était tombée enceinte de notre cloclo à quinze ans.

Elle avait dû abandonner son bébé, âgé de dix mois, car Claude François est mort quelques temps après en mars 1977 et ne lui verse plus de pension.

Puis à l'âge de huit ans elle décida d'écrire une lettre à ses deux frères qui ne lui ont jamais répondu.

A l'époque ils ont même demandé à Voici d'étouffer l'affaire.

Peut-être ils ont eu peur de voir une étrangère se rajouter à leur famille qui était déjà un peu compliquée.

Mais désormais l'héritage va être revu et celle-ci abandonnée par tous à décidé de refaire surface.

Good luck à Claude et Marc d'avoir voulu jouer l'autruche.

Même l'attaché de presse de Claude François Fabien Lecoeure était au courant,de cette petite fille sans parents à adopter.

Cette année là.....

Il faut l'avouer Julie lui ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau.

Blonde, peau laiteuse, yeux bleus mais au fait c'est mon portrait je suis peut-être une descendante de Cloclo !

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Rihanna enflamme aux Grammy Awards même si elle a quelques kilos en trop.

Elle nous a fait un fois de plus le show comme une vrai américaine de renom.

La chanteuse de vingt-neuf ans à la soixantième cérémonie des Grammy nous a fait une faction days par excellence.

Elle s'est changée de tenue trois fois.

Pour recevoir son 9ème Grammy Award pour sa carrière elle était vêtue d'une superbe robe marron signée Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture qui dévoilait sa généreuse poitrine.

Puis pour faire le show de son tube du moment Wild Thoughts elle était habillée d'un joli petit tissu rose qui lui permettait d’être sexy à ravir de se déhancher en montrant tout, de  se soit- disant caresser son joli minou.

Avis aux  amateurs !!!

Sous cette robe du styliste Adam Selman elle ne portait pas de soutien-gorge.

Dernière tenue de celle-ci plus sage ,elle a mis pour regarder la suite de la cérémonie, aux côtés de Kendrick Lamar et de sa meilleure amie, un tailleur pantalon plus bcbg couleur bronze de chez Yves Saint Laurent.

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Vanessa Paradis a eu le coup de foudre sur le tournage du film "Chien" ily a un an et demi.

Et la comédienne de 45 ans aurait décidé de s'engager pour le meilleur et pour le pire cet été !

L'heureux élu est le réalisateur Samuel Benchetrit . Il s'agit d'une décision "mûrement pensée et désirée"selon VSD .

Elle était restée en couple quatorze ans avec Johnny Depp mais ne s’était jamais marié alors qu'elle a eu ses deux enfants avec lui.

Selon VSD, la cérémonie aura lieu le 19 juillet prochain à Ars-en-Ré, sur l'île de Ré.

"J'ai la certitude d'aimer"

Vanessa Paradis et Samuel Benchetrit ne s'exhibent pas et vivent leur idylle à l'abri des regards.

On savait qu'ils étaient toujours ensemble en 2017 grâce à des photos de leur été passé en famille sur l'île de Ré. Samuel, d'abord marié à Marie Trintignant avec laquelle il a eu son fils Jules, est avec sa fille Saül issue de sa relation avec Anna Mouglalis et Vanessa avec ses parents sa sœur Alysson et ses enfants, Lily-Rose et Jack Depp.

Le mariage de l'actrice de 45 ans et du réalisateur de 44 ans se déroulera au coeur d'une "somptueuse villa",à Ars, sur l'île de Ré.à Ars-en-Ré en présence des proches de chacun.

Le couple n'a pas encore officialisé cette annonce.

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EMILY RATAJKOWSKI completement nue all nude all bare rare nice and true picture EMILY RATAJKOWSKI nue nude naked unclothed bare in the nude unclad in the raw Model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski took off her career when she danced almost naked in the video of Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams "Blurred Lines" .

Since then, Emily Ratajkowski enjoys an undeniable reputation thanks also to her sulphurous publications on social networks.

Last year, Emily Ratajkowski even posed topless alongside her friend, Kim Kardashian.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most fashionable tops models on the planet!

She does not hesitate today to share photos of her totally naked!

Emily Ratajkowski, sexy model has become a real sex symbol!

In addition, the beautiful assumes his body, and assumes his sexualized clichés!

So Emily Ratajkowski strikes even harder! Totally naked on Instagram!

After her totally naked shot near the balcony of their hotel room from behind, she leaves an unstoppable seen on her buttocks!

Although clichés are often very hot, beautiful Emily tries to keep hidden her most intimate parts.

But after a false manipulation according to her, Emily posted a photo of her face and totally naked !! And it was not a one shot as his film career is racing.

"I've just finished two films in the last few weeks, first participating in the adaptation of the Entourage series, which should be released soon, and I've just completed We are yours friends, a comedy with Zac Efron on the set. we're really excited about it, and my role is one of the main ones, and I'm delighted, "confesses Emily!

Emily is proud of her body and does not deprive her fans of her forms, but she can also be proud of her artistic talents that go from photography to cinema and that everyone greets !!

Even though Emily immediately deleted the photo on her account, the damage was done and some users have had the time to save it, thus making this new snapshot a photo of the most diffused on the Web at the moment and making public this photo which, however, if it is really the result of an error, could have remained private.

"publicity shot" or accident, one thing is certain, this photo of Emily delighted the fans and only increased the popularity of a well-deserved Emily Ratajkowski !!

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Emily Ratajkowski frappe fort de nouveau avec une photo completement  nu

Mannequin et actrice, Emily Ratajkowski a fait décoller sa carrière lorsqu'elle a dansé presque nue dans le clip de Robin Thicke et Pharrell Williams «Blurred Lines».

Depuis, Emily Ratajkowski bénéficie d'une indéniable notoriété grâce aussi à ses publications sulfureuses sur les réseaux sociaux.

L'an dernier, Emily Ratajkowski avait même posé topless aux côtés de son amie, Kim Kardashian.

Emily Ratajkowski est l’un des tops models les plus en vogue de la planète !

Elle n’hésite pas aujourd’hui à partager des photos d’elle totalement nue !

Emily Ratajkowski, mannequin très sexy est devenu un véritable sex-symbol.!

De plus, la belle assume son corps, et assume ses clichés sexualisés !

Alors Emily Ratajkowski frappe encore plus fort ! Totalement nue sur Instagram !

Apres son cliché totalement nue près du balcon de leur chambre d’hôtel de dos, elle laisse une imparable vu sur ses fesses !

Même si les clichés sont souvent très hots, la belle Emily essaie de garder cachées ses parties les plus intimes.

Mais après une fausse manipulation selon elle, Emily a posté une photo d’elle de face et totalement nue !!

Et cela n’était pas un one shot vu que sa carrière cinématographique s’emballe.

"Je viens de terminer deux films ces dernières semaines. J’ai d’abord participé à l’adaptation de la série Entourage qui devrait sortir bientôt. Et je viens d’achever We are yours friends, une comédie avec Zac Efron sur le tournage de laquelle on s’est vraiment éclaté. Et mon rôle est l’un des principaux. Je suis ravie", confit Emily !

Emily est fière de son corps et ne prive donc pas ses fans de ses formes, mais elle peut aussi être fière de ses talents artistiques qui vont de la photo au cinéma et que tout le monde salue !!

Même si Emily a immédiatement supprimer la photo sur son compte, le mal était fait et certains internautes ont eu le temps de l’enregistrer, faisant ainsi de ce nouveau cliché une photo des plus diffusés sur le Web en ce moment et rendant public cette photo qui pourtant si elle est bien issus d’une erreur aurait pu rester privé.

« Coup de pub » ou accident, une chose est sur, cette photo d’Emily a ravie les fans et n’a fait qu’augmenter la popularité d’une Emily Ratajkowski bien mérité !!

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Depuis le début de l’année 2018, Céline a annulé 6 concerts.

Malade, Céline Dion annule plusieurs concerts à Las Vegas.

C'est du sérieux :

il faudra attendre un certain temps pour entendre à nouveau la diva.

C'est que depuis des semaines, les repré­sen­tants de Céline Dion publiaient presque chaque jour un message offi­ciel sur la page Face­book de la star pour annon­cer que le prochain concert prévu au Colos­seum de Las Vegas n’aura fina­le­ment pas lieu :

« Céline se remet d’une infec­tion à la gorge et a reçu l’ordre du méde­cin de se repo­ser une jour­née de plus afin d’as­su­rer une guéri­son complète ».

La guérison des cordes vocales va prendre un certain temps certes mais ses fans n'ont pas apprécié sa façon cavalière de gérer les annulation :

les reports courts et inces­sants des concerts qui ont fait perdre beau­coup d’argent à ceux venus de loin

les équipes de la star québécoise ont été obligées de publier un nouveau message de report. :

« Céline souffre toujours d’une irri­ta­tion des cordes vocales en raison d’un rhume et son méde­cin lui a ordonné de se repo­ser jusqu’à sa guéri­son complète. Céline devrait reprendre ses repré­sen­ta­tions au Colos­seum, comme prévu le mardi 27 mars prochain ».

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Céline Dion annule deux autres spectacles qui devaient être présentés à Las Vegas vendredi et samedi en raison d'ennuis de santé.

Après l'annulation de plusieurs concerts en novembre en raison de «spasmes douloureux au bas du dos», cette fois ci c’est une infection à la gorge qui oblige la chanteuse québécoise à annuler de nouvelles représentations à Las Vegas.

Céline Dion explique que depuis une semaine, un rhume lui cause de la congestion nasale et des irritations des cordes vocales.

Son médecin lui a imposé le repos jusqu'à ce qu'elle soit complètement guérie.

Céline Dion avait précédemment annulé cinq spectacles à cause de ses problèmes de santé.

Elle a assuré que les décisions de ne pas donner des concerts qui avaient été prévus n'ont pas été prises à la légère.

Céline Dion a indiqué que les détenteurs de billets seront remboursés pour les spectacles annulés, mais que les promoteurs ne sont pas responsables des frais d'hôtel, de déplacement ou autres dépenses liées à l'annulation de ces spectacles.

Ses fans commencent à s'inquiéter de son état de santé.

Céline Dion devrait revenir sur scène au Colosseum le 27 mars 2018.

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Le compositeur new-yorkais Olé Koretsky a exprimé brièvement son état d'âme après la mort soudaine de l'amour de sa vie, la chanteuse des Cranberries.

Il n'avait plus rien dit depuis le 10 janvier sur Twitter.

Le 15 janvier, Olé Koretsky, compositeur new-yorkais et musicien du groupe Darktheband, a perdu «l'amour de sa vie».

L'amour de sa vie, c'est Dolores O'Riordan, la chanteuse des Cranberries qui est morte subitement lundi 15 janvier dernier à Londres.

«Mon cœur est brisé et est inconsolable. Dolores est belle.

Son art est beau.

Sa famille est belle.

L'énergie qu'elle continue d'irradier est indéniable. Je suis perdu.

Elle me manque tellement.

Je continuerai d'arpenter la planète pour un temps, en sachant que je n'ai plus ma place ici désormais», a écrit celui qui jouait également avec elle, sur le site internet de leur groupe Dartheband.

La cause de la mort de la chanteuse des Cranberries, découverte lundi dans sa chambre d'hôtel à Londres, n'est toujours pas connue. Mais «Ce décès n'est pas traité comme suspect» par les autorités londonnienes.

Depuis lundi, de nombreuses personnalités rendent hommage à Dolores O'Riordan. Le premier ministre irlandais Leo Varadkar l'a qualifiée de «voix de sa génération».
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Bien sûr c'est de Brigitte Macron que nous parlons puisque fortuitement une biographie sort en librairie ce mercredi . Dans le livre Brigitte Macron, l'affranchie janvier, Maëlle Brun , une journaliste qui n'a jamais rencontré en privé son objet d'étude s'est intéressée à la "Brigitte mania""Vous allez voir que je vais réhabiliter le prénom Brigitte".Pour cette dernière il existe bel et bien un "phénomène" autour de la première dame. Mais voilà qu'on découvre que ce phénomène s'est surtout formé en Chine. Certes la première dame est la marraine du bébé panda, Yuan Meng, prêté à la France ! Et le couple Macron s'est rendu en voyage officiel à Pékin. Souvenir certainement impérissable pour les jeunes Chinois.

En effet cette dame d'un certain âge porte avec élégance la haute couture française. Et de plus elle est la femme du jeune Président français ! Oui Brigitte Macron fait donc couler beaucoup d'encre à l'étranger tant l'attelage semble surprenant.

Mais à y bien travailler tout un faisceau d'éléments chez cette jeune prof pouvait converger vers la célébrité qu'elle semblait vouloir connaître un jour.

Cadette gâtée d'une famille de chocolatiers reconnus d'Amiens, passant ses vacances au Touquet, passionnée la littérature avec une maîtrise en poche ,elle devient très vite une prof atypique qui après avoir été attachée de presse, se lance dans ce métier dans les lycée privés.

Elle rencontre André-Louis Auzière, fils d’un haut fonc­tion­naire, né à Eseka au Came­roun. « Après avoir fait ses études à Paris, il vient d’en­ta­mer un cursus dans la banque » lorsqu’il rencontre au Touquet la jeune Brigitte Trogneux.

A21 ans elle se marie et enfante comme dans toute les famille provinciales bourgeoise. région ils Ils s’installent d’abord dans la région lilloise avant d'aller en Alsace. Un couple qui s'entendait bien, Brigitte régentant leur vie sociale. Ce banquier, dont Brigitte Macron parle peu aurait été dévasté lorsqu’il aurait appris l’idylle de son épouse avec l’un de ses élèves et quitte le domicile conjugal.

Mais chez Brigitte la vie bourgeoise d'une mère de famille et prof semblait ne plus la combler. André-Louis Auzière, premier époux de Brigitte Trogneux et père de ses trois enfants, est nommé directeur de la Banque française du commerce extérieur à Strasbourg.Elle a fait de la politique bien avant de rencontrer Emmanuel Macron . En effet Brigitte Auzière s’investit dans la vie locale. Elle s’implique notamment dans l’organisation du méchoui annuel. Quelques années plus tard, elle passe à la vitesse supérieure et se lance dans la campagne municipale en 1989.

Un échec cuisant pour Brigitte Auzière certainement à cause de son casting trop élitiste pour cette commune encore très rurale.Toujours est-il que tenace et ambitieuse, elle enseignera aux élèves du lycée privé catholique de La Providence à Amiens - où elle rencontrera Emmanuel Macron lors des cours de théâtre -, puis au lycée privé catholique Saint-Louis de Gonzague, dit « Franklin », à Paris et sera d'un grand soutien dans la carrière d'Emmanuel Macron.Pendant la campagne, elle conservera le rôle informel, qu'elle tenait déjà quand il était ministre de L'Economie, de première conseillère omniprésente. Elle sera de presque tous les déplacements « Elle diffusait la bonne parole hors caméras. Dans les déplacements de campagne, elle assurait le service après-vente auprès de la presse écrite ».

« Brigitte, c'est Emmanuel, analyse un stratège de l'image des personnalités publiques. Ça permet au président de ne pas avoir l'air de faire du marketing tout en s'affichant par procuration aux côtés d'une star internationale. Ça fait du buzz sur les réseaux sociaux, ça génère un sentiment de sympathie ».

« La partie non négociable » de Macron en fait une alliée indispensable dans la communication d'Emmanuel Macron pour « contrebalancer cette apparente froideur (chez Emmanuel Macron ndlr) »

Rien de bien nouveau dans cette biographie de l'auteure Brigitte Macron, l'affranchie.

* Brigitte Macron, l’affranchie, éditions L’Archipel, 17 janvier 2017.

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On savait qu'il faisait un break depuis le 17 janvier.

Il l'avait annoncé lors de son dernier concert de My Way Tour.

Mais aujourd'hui le beau gosse de 32 ans décide de s'arrêter un peu, pour se retrouver, réfléchir à ses projets aussi bien cinématographiques que composition de ces chansons.

En prétextant que toutes ces années il avait mis sa vie privée de côté.

« Tout va bien rassu­rez-vous ! Mais comme vous le savez j’ai juste besoin d’un vrai break en me coupant de pas mal de choses afin, premiè­re­ment, de « redes­cendre » après tout ce que j’ai vécu d’ex­tra­or­di­naire ces 15 dernières années, de me retrou­ver, de profi­ter simple­ment de la vie entouré de mes proches… », commence-t-il dans un message publié sur son compte Insta­gram

Il arrête pour quelques mois toute communication de ses comptes instagram,et autres réseaux sociaux.

L'ex-membre des Linkup décide même s'exiler de la France et va partir vivre aux États-Unis.

Sa nouvelle petite amie a dû faire basculer la balance de son cœur. En effet, nous l'avons vu souvent main dans la main avec la chanteuse Christina Milan.
Il nous a juste dit qu'on allait beaucoup lui manquer et qu'il part pour mieux revenir.
On t'adore M.Pokora revient nous vite cette année là....

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A splendid photo of the sublime body of the brunette Emily!

She poses in Eve's dress, harmoniously tanned, on a mountain background on Instagram.

Her long brown hair in the wind reveals only what is needed from her beautiful chest.

His femininity highlighted by the artistic pose of his two hands on his mount Venus.

A photo of the most sensual, the intense look of evanescent lasciviousness.

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Le maga­zine Capi­tal révèle que Brigitte Macron est indé­pen­dante finan­cière . Brigitte Macron ne touche pas de salaire en tant que Première dame.

Mais pour autant Brigitte Macron ne touche pas unique­ment sa retraite de profes­seure de lettres.

Le maga­zine Capi­tal révèle en effet que la première dame touche­rait envi­ron 48 200 euros de loyers par an de locaux commer­ciaux situés au rez de chaus­sée de sa grande maison du Touquet, héri­tée de son père , entiè­re­ment réno­vée , ainsi esti­mée à 1,4 millions d'euros .

Cette grande demeure, fief de la famille a beaucoup fait jaser pour des raisons de sécurité. La bâtisse n'abrite pas seule­ment les réunions de famille du clan Trogneux-Macron mais également deux commerces, l'agence immo­bi­lière Aftim et la boutique de vête­ments Cape Cod.

Les commerçants assurent profi­ter de l'image posi­tive du couple jusque dans leurs chiffres d'affaire, tandis que les voisins se plaignent des patrouilles de CRS régulières, jugées oppres­santes, dans le quar­tier et que la sûreté se plaint de ses conditions de travail !.

La famille de Brigitte Macron est bien connue dans la ville d’Amiens, où elle est à la tête de plusieurs chocolateries, mais également au Touquet avec un petit business.

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Voilà que Guillaume Gouix, compa­gnon d’Alys­son - et tante de Lily Rose-Depp, réagit à une photo de sa nièce par alliance postée récemment sur Instagram.

La jeune femme a maintenant 18 ans et pose en petite tenue. « Ben alors… », a simplement commenté le tonton.

Evidemment pas de commentaire des parents de la jeune top model, déjà habitués à voir leur fille s’exposer ainsi .

Cet énième cliché désha­billé offert par Lily-Rose Depp aux côtés de ses trois copines n'a vraiment pas de quoi faire réagir l'acteur.

Simple­ment vêtue d’une culotte très très échan­crée ...

Du haut de ses 18 ans, elle en dévoile de plus en plus n'éprouvant que fierté à montrer son corps de mannequin puisqu’elle s'affiche même topless tout en lais­sant un message d'amour à sa mère Vanessa Para­dis.

En hommage à sa mère, elle enlève même le haut !

Mannequin de renom, égérie de la pres­ti­gieuse griffe Chanel et actrice recon­nue par ses pairs, la jeune fille attire tous les regards.

Déjà insul­tée sur les réseaux sociaux, Lily-Rose Depp était sorti de ses gonds pour règler ses comptes.

"Vous n'êtes pas sur un forum d'insultes.

C'est dégueu­­lasse d'attaquer les gens comme ça !

Cela me fait de la peine.

J'espère que le fait de trai­­ter des incon­­nues de 'p*te' sur leur propre page vous fait vous sentir mieux dans votre peau" avait-elle écrit, rece­vant le soutien entier de son père, l'acteur Johnny Depp

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Une grande chanteuse disparue, l'époque des yéyés nous quitté et si vous désirez aller lui dire un dernier adieu son cercueil reposera au Mont Valérien mercredi et jeudi il sera ouvert au public pour pouvoir lui rendre un dernier hommage.

Les visites sont ouvertes de 9h à 18h.

Puis vendredi comme elle le désirait il y aura un enterrement intime et familiale.

Celle-ci va reposer dans le caveau familial où se trouve son époux Michel Berger et et leur fille au cimetière de Montmartre.

Nous présentons nos condoléances à fils Raphaël qui a veillé sur sa mère tout au long de son séjour à l'hôpital américain.

Le cancer l'a emportée dimanche on a tous une chanson de toi dans notre tête.

Personnellement j'ai il jouait du piano debout c'est peut-être un détail pour vous. Tu as touché toutes les générations France Gall et nous nous t 'oublierons pas.

Hier j'ai croisé un petit garçon qui sortait de l'école qui chantait qui a eu cette idée folle d'inventer l'école......

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La chanteuse France Gall nous a quittés ce dimanche 7 janvier 2018 des suites d'un cancer, a annoncé sa chargée de communication Geneviève Salama. «Il y a des mots qu'on ne voudrait jamais prononcer. France Gall a rejoint le «Paradis blanc» le 7 Janvier, après avoir défié depuis 2 ans, avec discrétion et dignité, la récidive de son cancer», indique-t-elle dans un communiqué. Elle avait été hospitalisée fin décembre pour une «infection sévère».

De son vrai nom Isabelle Gall, la chanteuse est née le 9 octobre 1947 à Paris.

Elle grandit dans l’univers de la musique. Son père, Robert Gall, lui-même chanteur et auteur, a écrit des chansons pour Edith Piaf et Charles Aznavour, et son grand-père a cofondé les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de bois.

Elle commence à chanter dès l’adolescence, monte sur scène dès l’âge de 16 ans connaissant son premier succès avec Sacré Charlemagne vendu à plus de 2 millions d’exemplaires..

C'est en 1965 que France Gall remporte le concours Eurovision de la chanson pour le Luxembourg, en interprétant Poupée de cire, poupée de son, de Serge Gainsbourg.

Mais cette égérie naïve de Serge Gainsbourg suscita le scandale avec un autre tube écrit par l'auteur-compositeur les fameuses Sucettes à l'anis aux paroles plus que suggestives.

Dans les années soixante elle entretient une brève liaison avec Claude François auquel leur rupture inspirera Comme d’habitude puis avec Julien Clerc à qui elle inspire Souffrir par toi pas souffrir.

Sa rencontre avec Michel Berger en 1973 marque un le tournant dans sa carrière.

Les deux artistes se marieront en 1976.

La Déclaration d’amour en 1974, un single relance sa carrière. France Gall devient sa muse mais aussi son épouse et la mère de ses deux enfants, Pauline et Raphaël .

Les succès musicaux se succèdent du Musique, Viens je t’emmène, Besoin d’amour, Il jouait du piano debout, Tout pour la musique, Résiste.... Le couple se tourne vers l'humanitaire en Afrique, achète une maison à Dakar et s’engage à travers l’lbum Babacar et l’action SOS Ethiopie.

Des drames personnels

Michel Berger meurt brutalement d’une crise cardiaque en 1992 à l’âge de 44 ans, deux mois après la sortie de leur album Double jeu.

Un an après, la chanteuse est frappée par un cancer du sein. Puis nouveau coup dure : sa fille Pauline décède de mucoviscidose en 1997. Elle se retire.

En 2015, à l’âge de 68 ans, la chanteuse avait fait son retour pour la comédie musicale Résiste, qui remettait au goût du jour les tubes du couple qu’elle formait avec Michel Berger.

Elle était sortie du silence en 2015 pour la comédie musicale "Résiste" remettant au goût du jour les tubes du couple qu’elle formait avec Michel Berger. Gall aura été une des artistes pop les plus importantes de la variété française.

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Cet aparté ravit la Toile. "L'équipe de Mariah Carey en train d'essayer d'obtenir ce thé chaud."

Fourrure blanche, robe dorée, Mariah Carey a assuré le spectacle à Times Square, à New York, dimanche 31 décembre, pour la nouvelle année. La diva américaine a rattrapé sa prestation catastrophique de l'an dernier. L'an passé, la chanteuse devait interpréter deux tubes peu avant les douze coups de minuit, «Emotions» et «We Belong Together».Mais la bande son était partie trop tôt et la chanteuse avait débuté son playback beaucoup trop tard...Elle a du courage. La star américaine Mariah Carey est revenue sur les lieux du crime musical pour un nouveau récital.

Le pari est réussi.. .

Après avoir chanté Vision of Love et avant d'entonner son tube de 1993 Hero, la chanteuse réclame du thé chaud, sans succès. "Je vais juste prendre une gorgée de thé s'ils me le permettent. On m'avait dit qu'il y aurait du thé" , dit-elle au public (à partir de 2'37) dans un froid glacial. Ne voyant pas la boisson arriver, la chanteuse tente un trait d'humour : "Aïe, c'est une catastrophe. Très bien, on va devoir faire comme ça. Je vais être comme tout le monde, sans thé chaud".

Une blague devenue virale!!!

La diva a chanté deux titres «So Faithfully» and «Hero» pour le plus grand bonheur du million de personnes présentes pour la Saint-Sylvestre, dans le cadre de l'émission d'ABC Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Selon TMZ.com, Mariah Carey avait cette fois-ci vérifié personnellement les installations sonores de l'émission. *

Et la star de poser sur Twitter, une tasse de thé à la main, sérieux contraste avec son fameux «shit happens» de l'an passé.

Et Mariah Carey a entonné"Que je t'aime" en ouverture de son concert, en hommage à Johnny ...

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Elle est sous le choc elle ne comprend pas.

En effet c'est sur son compte Amstramgram que le 26 décembre est annoncée la mort tragique de son cousin Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne.

Il n'était âgé que de 21 ans.

En rentrant chez lui il a été la cible de plusieurs tirs par arme à feu.

Il a été transporté d'urgence à l'hôpital mais n'a pas survécu.

Rihanna et lui étaient très proche on les voyait souvent en photo ensemble.

Elle a déclaré '' RIP cousin...

Je n'arrive pas a croire qu' hier soir encore je te tenais dans mes bras !

Jamais je n'aurais imaginé que c'était la dernière fois que je sentais la chaleur de ton corps !!!

Je t'aime pour toujours mon gars !

Lors de l'événement tragique elle était encore au Barbade où elle fêtait Noël en famille.

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David Hallyday a toujours été un fils très discret.

Même s'il est le fruit de deux monstres sacrés qui sont Johnny Hallyday et Sylvie Vartan.

Il est né en pleine période yé-yé.

Cela fait trois semaines que son père est décédé et l'on s'aperçoit combien il est affecté car il a énormément maigri.

Maintenant on peut dire que c'est l'homme de la tribu Hallyday.

C'est au moment du décès de son père qu'il a soutenu Laura Smet sa sœur née de l'union avec Nathalie Baye puis Laetitia sa belle mère ainsi que ses demi-sœurs Jade et Joy.

Il faut dire qu'il est l'aîné de la tribu il est âgé de 51 ans tandis que Laetitia n'a que 43 ans.

Le 25 décembre David s'était exprimé sur sa page Facebook en laissant ce message émouvant  «  salut à tous, je profitais simplement de l'occasion pour vous souhaiter un joyeux Noël, de bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et surtout, surtout, vous remercier pour tous les messages que vous m'avez envoyés ces trois dernières semaines.

Vraiment, ça m'a fait vraiment chaud au cœur.

Donc merci, merci beaucoup du fond du cœur. Je vous embrasse tous très fort et je vous dis à bientôt. Salut. »

Sur ce, on s'associe à sa douleur.

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Le chef de l’État rentré samedi passera le reste des fêtes avec son épouse Brigitte et ses proches.

Quelques jours de repos au Touquet.

Puis Emmanuel Macron envisagerait ensuite faire du ski quelques jours à La Mongie, une station des Pyrénées.

Rien sur son agenda officiel, encore moins sur son agenda privé !

Mais toujours mobilisables, les ministres, « à tout moment pendant la trêve, ce qui implique donc que les téléphones portables restent branchés en permanence », a expliqué le porte-parole du gouvernement Benjamin Griveaux.

Une circulaire du 30 novembre de Matignon exige des ministres qui partent de « choisir une destination compatible avec leurs responsabilités ministérielles ».

Pas trop loin de la capitale, et interdits d'étranger.

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Leurs morts à quelques heures d’intervalle, leurs obsèques spectaculaires, les réactions des français en avaient fait des frères d’armes, face à la Grande Faucheuse.

De façon prémonitoire, Jean d’Ormesson, en parlant de sa mort alors qu’il était dans sa neuvième décennie avait dit que son enterrement passerait inaperçu si une grande star mourrait au même moment de lui. De fait ! Il n’en a rien été.

La Nation tout entière leur a rendu, mutatis mutandis, les hommages qu’ils méritaient. Ils sont restés unis sur ce point.

Mais l’insolite dans le lien qui les unissait les a encore renforcés lorsque le site Geneanet, spécialisé dans la généalogie a publié ces derniers jours une partie de leur arbre généalogique révélant qu’ils avaient tous deux un ancêtre commun, belge, Jean de la Malaize né vers la fin du XV siècle.

Hardiment, certains avaient déjà romancé leur rencontre de l’autre coté du voile avant cette publication; on pourrait s’essayer à nouveau, comme eux ... « Alors cousin, comment çà va !, la vie sur terrestre, çà été dur pour toi ? », ce sont peut être les premiers mots qu’ils se sont échangés, puisqu’ils étaient de lointain cousins, qui ne le savaient probablement pas pendant leur séjour sur la terre. Ils ont du l’apprendre de l’autre coté, leur conscience s’étant probablement élargie, expansée en mémoire et en connaissance...

L’écrivain charmeur et malicieux, homme de lettre élégant et le chanteur rockeur, idole des jeunes et star de la chanson depuis 60 ans n’ont certainement pas fini de se raconter des choses... issues de leurs expériences et mémoires respectives.

Gageons qu’ils auront, à temps perdu, encore beaucoup à se raconter...

Ces révélations témoignent en tout cas que nous sommes tous .... Cousins... avec de lointains ancêtres.

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Bien avant son titre de Miss France et Miss Nord Pas-de-Calais, la jeune femme a déjà été élue Miss Boulogne en 2013, puis Miss Foire Expo 2014 . Elle a également été dauphine à Miss Pays minier, Miss Pévèle et Miss Côte d’Opale Sud.

Avec sa sœur jumelle, mannequin,elle adore les shootings et défilés. Croiser ce samedi Jean-Paul Gaultier, qui copréside le jury avec Iris Mittenaere, l'a motivé encore plus. « Je me dis que si je deviens miss France, je pourrai peut-être porter ses créations et défiler pour lui comme l’a fait Camille Cerf. » . Elle était d'ailleurs la favorite du couturier ce qui lui a porté chance ! «Je suis sensible aux rousses, j’aime sa chevelure flamboyante, c'est ma Miss préférée!», avait confié le président du jury, à quelques minutes de la cérémonie.

« Vous n’êtes pas que belles, vous avez aussi quelque chose à dire », a déclaré Iris Mittenaere qui s’etant rendue dans les coulisses des répétitions vendredi a encouragé les miss à « parler avec leur cœur » sur les violences faites aux femmes.

Lors de cette 88e élection Miss France, Maëva Coucke et ses camarades ont rendu un émouvant hommage à Johnny Hallyday, dansant en robe de bal sur «Je te promets» et se sont mobilisées contre les violences faites aux femmes.

La jeune femme de 23 ans (née le 1er janvier 1994) est originaire du Boulonnais, d'Elinghen-Ferques (Pas-de-Calais), très exactement. Elle a fait ses années de lycée à Saint-Martin-Boulogne. Aujourd'hui, elle a déménagé à Lille pour ses études de droit.

«Je pense que ma couleur de cheveux et mon aisance sur scène ont fait la différence!», a-t-elle analysé à chaud samedi soir.

Maëva Coucke a fait de sa couleur de cheveu, non-naturelle, un atout. Elle est blonde foncé au naturel.

Sa maman ayant combattu le cancer du sein il y a cinq ans,elle souhaite s'engager pour cette cause : « J’ai tout de suite enchaîné sur Octobre rose pour soutenir la lutte contre le cancer du sein et encourager le dépistage, confiait Maëva à La Voix du Nord, samedi. J’ai participé à un défilé à Douai où les mannequins étaient concernées par ce cancer. »

Un de ses rêves serait de participer à Danse avec les stars. "Dans une interview, j’avais dit que si je devenais Miss France j’aimerais faire Danse avec les stars. Alors je passe le message : oui ça me plairait. Surtout que pendant quinze jours on a dansé tous les jours et j’y ai pris goût."a-telle lancé après son élection

"Elle est belle, intelligente, très à l'aise avec le public et les journalistes, très déterminée et puis surtout très généreuse. Elle le montre en s'engageant aux côtés des associations qui luttent contre le cancer du sein" racontait avant son élection le délégué régional du comité Miss France, Dominique Vilain-Allard à propos de Maëva Coucke.

« On la sentait déjà très confiante, je sens que ça va être une année de vacances pour nous », a conclu Sylvie Tellier.

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A égalité, le jury et les téléspectateurs ont désigné cinq finalistes parmi des jeunes femmes venues de 22 régions métropolitaines et de huit territoires ou départements d'outre-mer.

Les téléspectateurs sont toutefois les seuls à choisir la lauréate et ses deux dauphines, en votant par téléphone et SMS.

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En effet elle a tourné la page avec Brad Pitt, et est de nouveau in love.

En effet il y a quelques années déjà elle avait craqué sur une actrice Jenny Shimizu.

Elle l'avait rencontrée sur un tournage de Foxfire en 1986.

Dès le premier regard elle était tombée amoureuse.

A l'époque l'actrice était sa maîtresse car Angelina était mariée.

Angelina est de nouveau amoureuse.

Son cœur est pris par une belle jeune femme.

Il faut dire qu'on la comprend.

Avec les déboires qu'elle a subi avec Brad Pitt.

Une femme est beaucoup plus sensuelle et plus douce en tout.On leur souhaite beaucoup de bonheur.

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L’élection de Miss France aura lieu le 16 décembre 2017 à Chateauroux.

La cérémonie sera diffusée sur TF1, avec Jean Pierre Foucault comme présentateur, ceci comme d’habitude.

Il sera cette année assisté plus avant de Sylvie Tellier.

Le metteur en scène du spectacle qui a été choisi est Stéphanie Jarny. Caroline Cavignet a révélé que la cérémonie Miss France de cette année s’inscrirerait dans l’actualité :

la libération de la parole des femmes autour des violences sexuelles et la disparition de Johnny Halliday.

Les Miss défileront d’ailleurs sur la musique « Je te promets du chanteur adoré des français, récemment disparu.

Le jury, dont la composition a été révélé sera présidé cette année par Jean Paul Gaultier et Iris Mittenaere, ex-Miss France.

Il y aura à leur coté, Anne Roumanoff, Nolwenn Leroy, Augustin Gagliano (ex international de rugby) et Lorie Pester.

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Laeticia, la quatrième épouse de Johnny Hallyday, à peine sortie de la grande adolescence s’est construite auprès de Johnny qu'elle a rencontré à Miami.

Elle a su s'imposer face à son entourage alors qu'elle paraissait bien peu rock’n’roll .

Mais voilà que l'alchimie de l'amour a fait de ces deux êtres Lætitia et Johnny des inséparable. Qui l'eût dit ?

Ce sont deux âmes en peine qui se sont rencontrés à Miami. Le 25 mars 1995, Laeticia anorexique et dépressive après avoir soigné son père accompagne ce dernier, à un dîner dans sa boîte, L'Amnesia.

Il y a un invité: c'est Johnny Hallyday, en plein creux dans sa carrière. Il vient à Miami pour tourner le clip d'une chanson en anglais, Rough Townet tenté une percée internationale. Elle vient de fêter ses 20 ans, il a 52 ans. Un an plus tard, c'est Nicolas Sarkozy qui les unira à la mairie de Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Johnny et Laeticia, 32 ans d'écart mais la même âme abîmée. Ils s'aiment et c'est ce qui les a sauvé.

Johnny et Laeticia, 20 ans plus tard. Johnny, son mari, n'est plus.Et Laeticia, la quatrième et dernière épouse du chanteur, tient à annoncer elle-même la nouvelle.Elle contacte l'AFP. Un communiqué simple "Johnny Hallyday est parti.

J'écris ces mots sans y croire. Et pourtant c'est bien cela. Mon homme n'est plus. Il nous quitte cette nuit comme il aura vécu tout au long de sa vie, avec courage et dignité."

On aura entendu tout et son contraire sur cette courageuse femme de 42 ans mais elle reste la personne sur laquelle Johnny a pu s'appuyer durant les pires moments de sa vie.

Et maintenant? Lui reste l'image et l'héritage de son mari et leurs filles...

La cérémonie des obsèques, placée sous le signe d’une immense douleur et les albums pour les fans.

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Des milliers d’admirateurs du chanteur sont attendus samedi à Paris pour rendre un dernier hommage à leur idole.

La cérémonie religieuse a lieu à l’église de la Madeleine, en présence du président de la République, Emmanuel Macron, qui prendra la parole. Les fans pourront l’approcher une dernière fois.

Vendredi matin, l’ancien chef de l’Etat s’est recueilli avec son épouse, Carla Bruni, devant la dépouille du chanteur, au funérarium du Mont-Valérien.

« C’est un personnage qui comptait dans la vie des Français.

Et ça laisse un grand vide », a déclaré celui qui avait marié Johnny et Laëtitia Hallyday à Neuilly en 1996.

Un ancien collaborateur de Johnny Hallyday, Yvan Cassar, jouera au piano le chant de l’Ave Maria pendant la cérémonie.

Après la célébration, les musiciens de star joueront des morceaux de son répertoire sur une scène place de la Madeleine.

Les modalités de cet « hommage populaire » arrêtées par les enfants du chanteur, Laura Smet et David Hallyday, avec Brigitte Macron resteront fidèles, selon son manager, Sébastien Farran, à ce que voulait Johnny lui-même

« Il faut que ça reste rock’n roll, très axé sur la musique, qu’il y ait des motos et des bikers qui l’accompagnent et qu’il soit proche de son public et de ses fans », a-t-il précisé.

Cet hommage commencera aux alentours de 10 heures au funérarium du Mont-Valérien.

Le cortège funéraire passera par Marnes-la-Coquette, où la star résidait, avant de rejoindre l’arc de Triomphe, à Paris, vers midi.

Puis descente des Champs-Elysées jusqu’à place de la Concorde avant de se diriger vers l’église de la Madeleine, où aura lieu la cérémonie catholique. Jusqu’à 700 bikers venus de la France entière, brassard noir au bras, doivent le suivre.

Cet hommage est encadré depuis vendredi soir par un large périmètre de protection.

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En 1995 elle rencontre Johny Hallyday dans un restaurant japonais à Miami. Puis c'est le coup de foudre en 1996 elle épouse le rockeur en la mairie de Neuilly sur Seine.

C'est Nicolas Sarkozy qui les unit, pour le meilleur celui-ci est alors maire de la ville.

Ce petit bout de femme est alors mannequin et un peu fétiche.

Mais elle va s'adapter à la vie de son mari , grandir à ses côtés devenir une femme de caractère qui sait tenir les rênes de son couple, elle va guider Johnny dans les choix de sa carrière.

Entre autres elle a été la directrice artistique sur les deux derniers albums de la star.

Lui a construit une vie de famille qu'il n'a jamais eue et lui a donné un équilibre de vie. Elle devient sa moitié.

Plus les années passent plus elle s'embellit. Elle fera plusieurs fausses couches et malheureusement elle n'arrivera pas à avoir d'enfants naturels. En novembre 2004 ils accueillent une petite fille vietnamienne qu'ils appellent Jade.

Puis en 2007 ils adoptent une autre petite princesse qu'il prénomme Joy. Ces deux petites filles adorent leur papa Johnny.

Laetitia est une belle-mère intelligente. Elle réunit autour de Johnny tous ses enfants pour fonder une vraie famille. Chaque événement de leur vie elle convie David le fils de Sylvie Vartan, Laura la fille de Nathalie Baye.

Lætitia a aussi un grand cœur elle est marraine de l'UNICEF en France. Entre autres elle crée la Fondation la bonne étoile avec la restauratrice Caroline Rostang et la chef étoilé Hélène Darroze : cette association a pour but d'améliorer le quotidien des enfants handicapés et séropositifs au Vietnam.

Johnny reversera certains bénéfices de ses concerts à cette association. Pour Johnny elle était toujours là souriante et à ses côtés face à ces différentes maladies. Là encore elle était à son chevet avant qu'il ne meurt. Jean-Claude Camus a dit de Lætitia

''Je rends hommage à Lætitia elle s'en est bien occupée. Il est parti bien entouré croyez-moi.

Car à ses côtés elle est devenue un roc sur qui on peut compter. Et il faut dire que de gérer Johnny Hallyday devait être un métier à plein temps".

Elle avait créé un blog pour mettre toutes les photos de leur vie pour essayer d'avoir moins les paparazzi à leurs trousses.

Pour elle la mort de son mari est une tragédie tellement elle l'aimait de tout son corps. C'est elle qui a annoncé sa mort le 5decembre avec ces mots touchants

'' Johnny Hallyday est parti. Jean-Philippe Smet est décédé dans la nuit du 5 décembre 2017. J'écris ces mots sans y croire. Et pourtant, c'est bien cela. Mon homme n'est plus. Il nous quitte cette nuit comme il aura vécu tout au long de sa vie, avec courage et dignité.

Jusqu'au dernier instant, il a tenu tête à cette maladie qui le rongeait depuis des mois, nous donnant à tous des leçons de vie extraordinaires.Le coeur battant si fort dans un corps de rocker toute une vie sans concession pour la scène, pour son public, pour ceux qui l'adulent et ceux qui l'aiment. Mon homme n'est plus. Le papa de nos deux petites filles, Jade et Joy, est parti.

Le papa de Laura et de David a fermé ses yeux. Ses yeux bleus illumineront encore et encore notre maison, et nos âmes. Aujourd'hui, par respect et par amour pour cet homme extraordinaire qui fut le mien pendant plus de 22 ans, pour perpétuer sa passion de la vie, des sensations fortes, des émotions sans demi-mesure, nous unissons tous nos prières et nos cœurs.

Nous pensons à lui si fort qu'il restera à jamais à nos côtés, aux côtés de ceux qui l'écoutent, le chantent et le chérissent depuis toujours. Johnny était un homme hors du commun. Il le restera grâce à vous. Surtout, ne l'oubliez pas. Il le restera grâce à vous. Surtout ne l'oubliez pas. Il est et restera avec nous pour toujours. Mon amour, je t'aime tant''.

Elle a décidé de respecter sa dernière volonté. De ramener ses cendres dans la maison de saint-Barthélémy ou ils ont passé plein de moments d'émotion et d'amour de joie de fête c'était la maison du bonheur pour Johnny.

Lætitia est une femme extraordinaire.

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Les obsèques de Johnny Hallyday devrait se dérouler ce samedi 9 décembre de 11 heures à 14 heures.

Il est question d'un cortège qui descendra les Champs-Élysées passera par la Concorde fera un léger petit tour devant la salle de l'Olympia.

La cérémonie religieuse devra se dérouler dans l'église de la Madeleine.

N'oublions pas que notre Johnny est catholique.

Cet événement va être rendu national,ainsi sa femme Laetitia en a décidé.

Bien sur le président Emmanuel Macron et sa femme seront de cérémonie ainsi que tous ses amis acteurs tous ses fans.

Cette célébration devrait être d'une ampleur inédite.

Si tu nous regarde là-haut Johnny, ton enterrement devrait être à la hauteur de tes shows.

Une fois interrogé sur ses obsèques Johnny avait parlé de ses obsèques en disant '' Je pense que ce n'est pas terrible. Je ne suis pas une star. Les gens s'imaginent ça. Moi, je suis un homme simple.''

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Les fans de Khloe Kardashian ne veulent plus attendre !

Après l'annonce de sa grossesse, ils veulent savoir et voir !

Kylie Jenner et Khloe Kardashian ont annoncé leurs grossesses indirectement par l’intermédiaire des site TMZ et People !

Mais aucune preuve à l'appui si ce n'est faire patienter leurs fans.

Un technique marketing du clan Kardashian-Jenner.

Comme le souligne le site Hollywood Life, les fans de Khloe et Kylie pensent qu'ils ont suffisamment attendu !

Ni Khloé ni Kylie n'ont pour le moment confirmé leur grossesse, mais elles font tout de même le buzz

On sait que Khloe Kardashiana eu recours à des traitements pour la fertilité et on connaît son désir de devenir maman pour l'avoir beaucoup médiatisé dans les précédentes saisons de L'incroyable Famille Kardashian.

D'où certains de ses followers suspectent Khloe Kardashian de ne pas être enceinte et d'avoir fait appel à une mère porteuse !

La réponse pourrait arriver plus vite qu'on ne le pense !

Eh oui, elles elles semblent enfin prêtes à officialiser leurs grossesses dans KUWTK afin d'assurer de bonnes audiences à l'émission !

Au courant du mois dans un épisode de L'incroyable Famille Kardashian !

Eh oui ce sont aussi de redoutables femmes d'affaire !

Lors d'une interview pour Us Weekly, la soeur Kim Kardashian a décidé de parler des grossesses de ses sœurs Kylie et Khloé

« Je peux seulement parler de ma famille qui s'agrandit, c'est à dire la famille West. Je suis très excitée à l'idée d'accueillir un nouveau bébé, je pense que ça va être vraiment génial. »

Cela fait maintenant plusieurs mois que les deux sœurs teasent les internautes sur les réseaux sociaux ...

A n'en pas douter elles attendent un bébé avec des exigences de divas.

D'après les révélations de OK! Magazine, Kylie Jenner et Khloé Kardashian auraient tout planifié pour leurs accouchements à l'hôpital Cedars-Sinaï de Los Angeles

« Kylie exige un bar rempli de gâteaux dans sa chambre. Comme elle est parano par rapport à son intimité, elle veut louer un étage tout entier. » révèle une source au tabloïd. Sa grande sœur voudrait tout simplement "une baignoire neuve et appropriée pour accoucher dans l'eau."

Et à Gossip Cop de démentir...

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Revenons au couple Harry Meghan Markle qui émeut l'Angleterre. Après avoir annoncé leur futur mariage et ses fiançailles Harry et Meghan sont interviewiés à la BBC par la journaliste Mishal Hussain.

C'est une tradition pour la famille royale de prendre toujours la parole après des moments forts de leur vie.

C'est une joie immense pour nous car ils nous font rêver un peu. Harry nous a expliqué sa demande en mariage.

C'était un soir tranquille dans le cottage d'Harry le Nottingham cottage, résidence indépendante, où Meghan s'est installée officiellement.

Ils étaient tous les deux en train d'essayer de cuisiner un poulet.

Puis Harry a mis un genou à terre commencé à faire sa demande.

C'était une surprise totale. Mais elle impatiente ne lui a pas laissé finir elle a dit oui oui oui oui.

Ils étaient tellement heureux qu'ils se sont fait des câlins. Et Harry allait presque oublié de lui donner la bague il lui a demandé je peux te donner la bague.

Ah oui j'avais oublié la bague. Harry a été romantique jusqu'au bout romantique ,c'est lui qui a dessiné cette bague de fiançailles.

Cette ring a été faite à la maison de joaillerie Cleave ans Company qui a l'habitude de s'occuper des bijoux de la famille royale. C'est une bague en or jaune c'est ce que sa fiancée préfère.

Il y a un gros diamant au milieu puis de chaque côté deux diamants qui appartenaient à Lady Di.

Comme cela Harry qui était très attaché à sa mère pense que de la-haut sa mère participe à ce mariage fou.

Car Meghan Markle était actrice elle y a renoncé par amour pour Harry mais elle reste américaine ,de père blanc et de mère noire c'est une très jolie métisse, roturière, divorcée du producteur californien Trevor Engelson ....

On est complètement en dehors du protocole mais Harry n'a pas vraiment la chance de devenir un jour roi alors souhaitons-leur beaucoup de bonheur. On attend désormais le mariage.

Nous venons d'apprendre où va se dérouler le mariage de Harry et de Meghan Markle.

La cérémonie aura lieu en la chapelle Saint-Georges au château de Windsor durant le mois de mai.

Pour Harry ce lieu est symbolique il y a été baptisé en 1984.

C'est pour cette raison qu'il a demandé l'autorisation à sa grand mère la reine d'utiliser cette chapelle.

De plus en avril sa belle-sœur la duchesse Catherine de Cambridge devrait accoucher de son troisième enfant, d'où le choix judicieux de mai. La famille royale paiera le mariage de la cérémonie religieuse à la réception .Par contre Meghan Markle qui est protestante sera baptisée et confirmée en amont de cette union.

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Clarence House, la maison du prince Charles, père du futur marié, a annoncé comme le veut le protocole la nouvelle.

Un communiqué intitulé «Son altesse royale le prince Henry de Galles et mademoiselle Meghan Markle vont se marier», a été envoyé aux rédactions pour être publié à 10 heures à Londres sur le compte twitter.

Le prince Charles se dit «enchanté» par cette nouvelle .

Le mariage aura lieu au printemps 2018, les deux amoureux se sont fiancés un peu plus tôt ce mois-ci, le princea eu la bénédiction de la reine.

Ils s’installeront à Kensington Palace après le mariage.

Quelques heures à peine après l’annonce officielle de leurs fiançailles, le prince Harry et l’actrice américaine Meghan Markle sont allés ce lundi à la rencontre des photographes.

De nombreux clichés des deux tourtereaux ont été pris , le prince Harry dans son costume bleu, Meghan dans son manteau blanc.

Le petit-fils de la reine Elizabeth II et sa compagne ont pris la pose avec des sourires radieux . «Je suis aux anges», a ainsi déclaré le prince, ajoutant en plaisantant : «Je suis aussi très content qu'il ne pleuve pas».

Vous voulez savoir comment le prince a fait sa demande, vous serez obligé de patienter. Meghan lui souffle "garde ça pour plus tard".

Comment a-t-il su qu'elle était la femme de sa vie ?

"Dès notre première rencontre", répond-il aussitôt. Le coup de foudre.

L’annonce du futur mariage du prince Harry s'est donc faite directement sur les réseaux sociaux tout comme les réactions officielles de la famille royale, monarchie de 1000 ans d’âge.

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Igor Bogdanoff a été mis en examen pour violation de domicile.

Figurez-vous que le frère de Grichka est entré par effraction chez son ex-compagne.

Mais pas seulement, la soirée a été plus que mouvementée :

l’ancien coprésentateur de l’émission culte Temps X, jaloux du nouvel petit ami de son ex-compagne Julie Jardon, 23 ans, étudiante en biologie et mannequin, aurait tout d'abord importuner cette dernière en tentant de lui barrer la route de son appartement.

La police intervient une première fois.cequi n'empêche pas Igor Bogdanoff de menacer de «casser la gueule» au nouveau petit copain de la jeune fille. Mais ce n'est que le début.

Plus tard dans la nuit bruits dans la cage d’escalier del'immeuble de la mannequin : elle ouvre la porte, tombe nez-à-nez sur son ex c’est alors que le jumeau de Grichka aurait fait irruption dans l’appartement réitérant ses menaces.

Les agents décident de menotter l’ex en colère. Et l’emmènent ensuite au commissariat du VIIe arrondissement de la capitale où il a été placé en garde à vue.

Le célèbre animateur spécialiste dans la vulgarisation scientifique a été mis en examen ce jeudi pour «violation de domicile et dégradation légère de bien privé». Il aurait été placé sous contrôle judiciaire en attendant sa convocation au tribunal correctionnel.

Un animateur de télévision qui intervient régulièrement dans« Les Grosses Têtes » bien turbulent !

« Igor assume de manière parfois trop intense ce passage entre l’amour et l’amitié, a expliqué son frère Grichka Bogdanov à Télé Loisirs. Igor est un perso passionné.

Cette passion se transmet parfois dans des actes qui le font flamboyer au-dessus de ses prévisions et des attentes des autres. Il va très bien. ». Merci cela nous rassure !

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Pour sa 22e édition, la maison de lingerie Victoria’s Secret avait décidé d’organiser son grand show en Chine à Shan­ghai au Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Au programme :

les perfor­mances des chan­teurs Harry Styles ou encore Miguel et surtout quelques-uns des mannequins les plus sexy pour déam­bu­ler en linge­rie sur le podium.

Un show que vous pourrait décou­vrir sur la chaîne

Elle Girl TV, dans la nuit du 28 au 29 novembre dès 5h du matin, en simul­ta­née avec la diffu­sion améri­caine, ainsi que le 1er décembre à 20h55.

Pour l’occasion, tous les Anges de la marque étaient présents, de Taylor Hill à Bella Hadid, en passant par Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel et Cindy Bruna.

A tout juste 21 ans, Bella a ébloui le show pour la deuxième fois de sa carrière.

L’année dernière, elle défilait au Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aux côtés de sa grande soeur Gigi et de son ex, le rappeur The Weeknd.

Les spec­ta­teurs n’ont pas non plus lâché du regard Bella Hadid. La sœur de Gigi, sublime à chacune de ses appa­ri­tions, a ébloui le public avec ses tenues ultra sexy.

La jeune femme de 21 ans s’est déhan­chée au rythme des musiques sur le podium et n’a pu empêcher son soutien-gorge de glisser, dévoilant ses tétons en plein défilé.

Il n’en fallait pas plus pour que les photographes présents au premier rang immortalisent l’instant….

Cette 22 édition sera la dernière pour la belle brésilienne de 36 ans Alessandra Ambrosio. Celle qui défilait pour l'enseigne américaine de lingerie depuis 2000 a décidé de raccrocher ses ailes pour se consacrer à sa vie de famille...

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La voilà qui nous prépare un printemps torride!

Elle prépare une collection de sous-vêtements en collaboration avec la marque de Fredericks of Hollywood.

On a hâte de la découvrir. C'est elle qui posera alors attention à vos yeux !!!

En attendant elle s'amuse à faire des selfies d'elle en petite tenue.

Plutôt discrète sur les réseaux sociaux, Megan Fox vient de publier une photo très très sexy d'elle sur Instagram.

Il s'agit d'une photo où l'actrice pose en culottes et porte-jarretelles pour présenter sa collection pour la marque de lingerie Frederick's of Hollywood.

Dévoilant une anatomie parfaite, l'actrice a complètement affolé le web avec ce cliché torride!

Megan Fox a été en couverture du magazine Elle en Chine au mois d’août. Megan a su se mettre en valeur posant en petite culotte dans les pages de la célèbre revue de mode.

Les chinois sont forcément  tomber sous le charme de la belle brune.

La femme de Brian Austin Green, qui ne lâche plus d'une semelle Megan Fox a su convaincre les lecteurs d'Elle en Chine avec ces photos.

La vampire de Jennifer's Body a prouvé au début du mois de Juillet que tout était naturelle chez elle et qu'elle n'avait jamais eu recours aux injections de Botox.

Elle a publié des photos d'elle où la star fait toutes sortes de grimaces pour montrer que son visage est souple et a des rides.

Des preuves qu'un chirurgien esthétique dément... On la soupçonne même d'avoir retouché ses photos.

Que son visage ait été retouché ou nom, les photos de Megan Fox qui a débuté le tournage du film The Dictator du réalisateur Sacha Baron Cohen, fait rêver avec ses poses très sensuelles.

Sur les clichés que l'on vous montre, on voit Megan Fox très sexy dans une salle de bain en petite culotte dentelle, en soutien-gorge et en débardeur.

Sur la couverture du magazine elle a opté pour un top noir asymétrique et à volants sur un côté. L'actrice est mince et en forme, elle a confié son secret à MSN :

"Je mange cinq fois par jour et je ne suis pas de régime alimentaire, mais je mange sainement. Je consomme des aliments crus la plupart du temps et je consomme végétalien sans produits laitiers."

Les photos vous plaisent ?

La sulfureuse brune affiche un corps sans défaut et a fait grim­per la tempé­ra­ture avec une pose des poses très coquines que ce soit en tenue en cuir ou en body violet qui met ses fesses en valeur !

Et ce n'est pas tout... L'actrice a annoncé que d'autres photos allaient bientôt être publiées..

On a hâte !

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La voilà qui nous prépare un printemps torride! Elle prépare une collection de sous-vêtements en collaboration avec la marque de Fredericks of Hollywood.

On a hâte de la découvrir.

C'est elle qui posera alors attention à vos yeux !!!

En attendant elle s'amuse à faire des selfies d'elle en petite tenue.

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La chanteuse aurait même très vite oublié sa rupture avec The Weeknd qui se serait passée amicalement. C'est que Selena Gomez venait juste avant leur rupture de déjeuner en tête-à-tête avec Justin Bieber! Que se sont-ils dit ? En tout cas on les voit souvent ensemble. Si le retour de flamme n'a pas encore été confirmé, les deux chanteurs se montrent très proches et s'affichent à nouveau ensemble. A vélo, lors d'un match de hockey . «Selena et Justin sont de nouveau ensemble», a assuré la source indiscrète à Us Weekly

Justin Bieber et Selena Gomez heureux ensemble selon Hollywood Life, un expert du langage corporel a analysé que Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez sont "fous amoureux". Alors croyons-le même si Gossip Cop , rabat-joie, a tenu à remettre les points sur les "i". « Si Selly & le Biebs apparaissent très proches, ce n'est pas pour autant qu'ils sont ensemble. Surtout que les deux stars ont déjà affirmé dans le passé que HollywoodLife colportait certaines rumeurs FAKE. »

Car ces deux tourtereaux se sont déjà aimés une fois. Dès 2009 encore très jeunes, Justin du haut de ses 16 ans et la belle Selena 18 ans ont commencé une idylle qu'ils ont officialisé deux ans plus tard sur le tapis rouge de la soirée Vanity Fair des Oscars. Le couple Jelena est né. Rupture en 2014 d'un des couples les plus médiatisés . Justin Bieber aurait trompé sa dulcinée avec un Ange Victoria’s Secret. Leur séparation avait fait la Une des tabloïds.

Mais entre-temps chacun de leur côté ont eu le temps de mûrir. La jolie brune est passée par une étape douloureuse, celle de l'hospitalisation, où elle s'est fait greffer un rein en urgence au cours de l’été. Qu'ils se donnent une nouvelle chance nous ravit.

Et vous ?

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Carla Sarkozy est montée sur scène a Athènes pour présenter son nouvel album.
Son album french touch est composé de reprises.

Au théâtre Pallas le public a adoré acclamer l'artiste et l'interprète franco-italienne Carla.

Mais le premier à applaudir n'était autre que son mari Nicolas Sarkozy.

On a pu apercevoir  aussi ses deux enfants dans la salle venus voir maman.

Ce couple- là représente vraiment l'amour.

Comme dit Carla Nicolas est son mamour!!

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Sans culotte ou en bikini, le mannequin est apparu plus sexy que jamais.

La jolie Emily a enflammé la toile samedi et ce lundi en publiant des photos ultra sexy sur son compte Instagram.

Elle aime montré ses courbes voluptueuses et il est vrai que depuis le début du mois, le mannequin n'avait pas exposé son corps de rêve sur le réseau social.

Enfin samedi le mannequin de 26 ans s’af­fiche , assise sur un fauteuil en cuir où elle lève légèrement sa jambe pour laisser entrevoir la fente XXL de sa robe sans porter de culotte !

Du hot !

Aujourd’­hui elle a choisi de poster sur son compte une photo dans un bikini des plus sexy :

un superbe cliché en noir et blanc où, allon­gée, elle dévoile sa poitrine serrée mise en avant par son décolleté vertigineux.

Ses 15,3 millions d’abon­nés n'ont pas manqué de faire leur petit commentaires nombre d’entre eux y sont allés de leur petit commen­taire :

« Je suis sans voix »,

« Tu es une beauté phéno­mé­nale, une déesse »

« Resplen­dis­sante, une vraie déesse »

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La fin de l’année 2017 se rapproche à grand pas et comme chaque année se préparent, en ce moment, localement ou en régions, la sélection des miss qui vont être choisies pour participer au concours national qui se déroulera le 16 décembre 2017 à Châteauroux.

Comme chaque année également, c’est TF1 qui diffusera l’événement, animé comme toujours par l’inoxydable Jean Pierre Foucault.

Depuis le mois de juin, Sylvie Tellier, (qui a succédé à Geneviève de Fontenay) Directrice Générale de la société « Miss France » et Alicia Aylies se sont mises à sillonner la France pour dénicher qui sera « la plus belle » en 2018... et cela va de soi la plus intelligente.

C’est, à partir du mois de juillet, et dans les départements ultra marins, que les premiers concours, organisés par les comites locaux, ont commencé. C’est à Saint Pierre et Miquelon que le bal s’est ouvert..

Ce samedi 21 octobre aura lieu l’élection de Miss Rhône Alpes. La cérémonie se déroulera à Bourg en Bresse, dans l’AIN.

C’est au total, 30 candidates qui participeront le 16 décembre, à la phase définitive de l’élection.

Ces 30 candidates vont bientôt s’envoler pour les Etats Unis, ceci dans le cadre de leur préparation.

Rappelons que c’est Alicia Aylies , élue à Montpellier le 17 décembre 2016, qui porté la couronne pendant toute l’année 2017. Pendant toute l’année 2017, elle a donc représenté la beauté et l’élégance française. Elle rendra sa couronne comme c’est de coutume... le 16 décembre 2017.

Alicia Aylies dit elle même à propos de l’aventure qu’elle a vécue, « qu’elle a été chanceuse d’avoir décroché la couronne ».

Parallelement la France a été superbement représentée en 2017, par Iris Mittenaere, originaire du Pas de Calais, Miss France 2016, puis élue Miss Univers 2017.

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Mélania tout le monde en parle !!!!

Oui la dernière news du moment est que Mélania Trump aurait une doublure.

Car comme cela elle ne serait pas obligée d'être à côté de son époux.

Cette théorie folle vient du 13 octobre où elle est apparue sur le parvis de la Maison Blanche.

Elle portait un trench beige et d'énormes lunettes de soleil noires.

Suivant plusieurs personnes sa plastique du nez était différente de plus avec cette affabulation les gens ont relevé une phrase louche du Président Donald Trump ''mon épouse, Mélania, qui se trouve juste à côté de moi".

Alors il y a t il une ou deux Mélania ?

A vous de voir mais cette rumeur fait le buzz.

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Omar Sy annule toute promotion du film « Knock » qui doit sortir ce mercredi dont il tient le rôle principal.

En effet il s'est pris la tête avec Éric Zemmour qui l'a traité de guignol sur le plateau de C à vous.

Sur Europe 1 on reparle de cet incident à l'acteur. Omar Sy répond qu' il ne comprend pas qu'on donne la parole à Mr Zemmour vu qu'il a été condamné pour ''incitation à la haine raciale''.

Éric Zemmour a contre-attaqué sur Europe 1 en disant que Sy le traité de criminel et qu'au jour d'aujourd'hui il n'avait commis aucun crime.

Il suggère donc à Sy de revoir ses notions de français.

D'où le comédien ne veut plus faire la promotion de son film. Pas très professionnel !!!

Va-t-il aussi renoncer à son cachet ???

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Clara Morgane, de son vrai nom Emmanuelle MUNOZ est née le 25 janvier 1981 à Marseille.

Elle a été animatrice de télévision, chanteuse, mannequin.

Elle a été aussi de 2000 à 2002 actrice du X, ce qui a fait démarrer sa carrière.

Comme elle l’avait annoncé, elle vient de lancer, placé sous la couleur du « ROUGE » son calendrier 2018.

Comme aussi, vous pouvez l’imaginer, le calendrier est hyper sexy, voire torride !!!!!!!!

Elle vient de dévoiler sur Instagram quelques images sulfureuses où elle apparaît topless et très sexy. 

Au travers de cette opération, elle a laissé ses fans décider de l’image de couverture du calendrier :

lovée dans une couverture en fourrure ou en lingerie fine presque entièrement dévêtue ?








Ses fans hésitent paraît-il ?

Ils ne sont pas tous d’accord !!

Il faudra donc suivre la fin de l’épisode, sachant que le Calendrier 2018 doit sortir le 21 Septembre 2017.

Affiches sur les murs des bureaux, des entrées des entreprises, voire des chambres à coucher, nul doute que les images de la star devraient donner la « fièvre » à ses contemplateurs.

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Après ce délicieux repas Cyril Lignac nous confie qu'il vit avec une femme formidable douce belle.

Puis avec son sourire au coin des lèvres il nous lance : je suis amoureux.




Il a la tête dans les étoiles.

OK elle est belle, intelligente et brillante en plus elle a l'air super sympa Mélanie Doutey.

On a envie de lui dire nous aussi Cyril nous sommes amoureuses de tes pâtisseries cela se voit à notre surface de caresse.

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Que ses fans se réjouissent !

Il a eu l'idée avec son épouse Laeticia de faire une compilation des succès de sa carrière. 60 ans de tubes ce n'est pas rien.

D'où le couple Halliday s'enferment des heures pour réaliser cet hommage à sa fabuleuse carrière avec juste une fantaisie c'est que ce n'est pas lui qui chante.

Eh oui ils ont fait appel à leurs copains.

Toutes ses chansons sont reprises par d'autre chanteurs d'autres voix cela va de Garou, Amel Bent, Nolwenn, Florent Pagny, Calogero Partrick Bruel , en passant par Louanne,Kendgi Girac,Biolay etc....

Le titre de ce magnifique album ''On a tous quelques choses de Johnny''.
On peut dire Bravo à ce couple car Johnny combat son cancer et Laetitca court à droite à gauche avec sa béquille à cause d'une double fracture de sa cheville.

Laetitcia tu es la femme la plus fashion avec une béquille. On a hâte de l'écouter.

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Clara Morgane Artiste aux nombreux talents ( animatrice, actrice, modele, chanteuse ....) vient d'annoncer son nouveau projet coquin !!!.

Et oui on va pouvoir s'acheter de la lingerie sexy des joujoux etc...

Clara va nous ouvrir dans toute la France des sex-shops à son nom.

On les attend avec impatience pour acheter notre tenue de mère Noël.

N'oubliez pas de nous envoyer votre photo en rouge et blanc. Kiss

Ecrire A Mia Kennedy
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Décidément après les conjectures malveillantes au lendemain de l'élection de Donald Trump où la presse people se demandait si ce ne serait pas la fille du locataire de la Maison Blanche Ivanka qui volerait la vedette à sa belle-mère Mélania, voici que la première épouse de Trump Ivana, 68 ans, s’illustre dans une interview accordée à ABC News en se qualifiant de «First Lady», en sa qualité de première épouse de Donald Trump !!

Plaisanterie de mauvais goût pour Melania Trump, troisième épouse du président et actuelle First Lady qui n'a pas tardé à répliquer à l'ancienne championne de ski d'origine tchèque par l'intermédiaire d'un communiqué de sa porte-parole cinglant.:

«Mme Trump a fait de la Maison Blanche un foyer pour Barron et le président.

Elle aime vivre à Washington et est honorée par son rôle de First Lady des Etats-Unis.

Elle compte utiliser son titre et son rôle pour aider les enfants, pas pour vendre des livres.

Il n'y a aucun fond dans cette déclaration d'eux, c'est malheureusement du bruit uniquement pour attirer l'attention et servir sa propre cause.»

Ivana Trump s'est également targué de posséder la ligne directe de la Maison Blanche:

«J'ai la ligne directe de la Maison Blanche.

Mais je ne veux pas vraiment l'appeler là-bas parce que Melania y est et que je ne veux pas provoquer de jalousie ou de chose comme ça parce que je suis la première épouse Trump. »

Un coup de pub pour la promotion de son quatrième livre Raising Trump à paraître ce mardi, pas du meilleur goût, où elle s'étend sur son mariage avec Donald Trump et l'éducation de ses enfants.


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L'artiste n'est pas sorti d'affaire après sa grosse frayeur de 2015.

Il était heureux à l'idée de retrouver ses racines avec les concerts qu'il devait donner à Kinshasa (Congo) puis à Kigali, au Rwanda, pays d'origine de son père assassiné au cours du génocide en 1994, mais Stromae avait vu son rêve vite tourner au cauchemar. En effet suite à une mauvaise réaction au traitement anti-paludisme prescrit, le très controversé Lariam, Paul Van Haver (le vrai nom de Stromae) avait été rapatrié d'urgence et hospitalisé .

Le chanteur belge avait dû écourter sa tournée mondiale. Le trai­te­ment lui avait donné « des hallu­ci­na­tions » et il avait cru bascu­ler « dans la folie » ..Les médecins avaient diagnos­tiqué une « décom­pen­sa­tion psychique ».  En mars dernier, lueur d'espoir: le chanteur avait affirmer être enfin guéri.

Mais voilà plus de deux ans après les faits que l'artiste ne chante plus n’étant malheureusement toujours pas rétabli. Sa vie n'est plus vraiment "formidable".

Stromae s'est fait très discret depuis la fin de sa tournée Racine Carrée en 2016 mais vient de se confier à Libération lors d'une interview croisée avec Karl Lagerfeld le 6 octobre.Le chanteur a avoué avoir encore de gros problèmes de santé...

"J'ai fait une rechute il n'y a pas longtemps. Pour être honnête, j'ai été hospitalisé, donc là je suis encore un peu sous traitement, et c'est pour ça que je me réveille tard. J'ai fait une réaction au Lariam, un antipaludique, super super grave. J'ai fait une décompensation psychique. Je perds la boule complètement. C'est vraiment pas chouette", a-t-il expliqué.

Sujet à de grosse crise d'angoisse, son quotidien s'en voit complètement chamboulé. Une fragilité qui l'a poussé à revoir l'organisation de ses journées .

« J'écris la nuit(...) je ne m'impose pas d'horaires compliqués. En dehors de ça, je suis assez facile à vivre. Je fais de la musique le soir, la nuit. »

Se reti­rera-t-il du monde musi­cal ou cessera-t-il unique­ment de se produire sur scène ? Pour l'heure l'interprète de Papaoutai n'envisage pas un retour à la chanson avouant à Karl Lagerfeld "Je n'ai plus trop envie de les chanter", en évoquant son répertoire de tubes. : "Je continue d’en faire chez moi mais je n’ai plus trop envie de sortir, par rapport à la notoriété. Je me mets en retrait »

Déjà fin 2016, il avait indiqué qu'il ne se voyait pas rechanter avant plusieurs années : "J'ai envie d'écrire, de composer, mais un peu plus dans l'ombre. Continuer le travail qu'on a déjà fait pour moi, mais le faire pour d'autres. C'est la ligne pour les quelques années à venir."

Ces derniers mois, il n'a pas été à cours de projets : il a réalisé avec un collectif la vidéo officielle de la candidature de Paris pour les JO 2024, un clip pour Yaël Naïm, pour Major Lazer mais aussi des compositions pour Vitaa, Disiz la Peste ou Big Flo et Oli.

Souhaitons lui le meilleur!

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Chaque année, depuis des décennies, du 15 septembre  au 15 octobre 2017, se déroule aux Etats Unis une manifestation culturelle que l’on appelle « le mois de l’héritage hispanique ».

Tout est prétexte pour travailler sur les origines et la mémoire hispanique du pays, une occasion pour aborder l’influence toujours très présente  des Latino-Américains dans le pays.

Une grande fête est organisée dans presque tous les états, principalement conduite par  les 50 millions de latino-américains recensés officiellement, qui profitent de cette occasion pour témoigner de la richesse de la culture espagnole encore très présent :

on travaille sur le film « Spanish » dans les écoles et les lycées, on remet au goût du jour des recettes Tex Mex, on aborde clairement la présence hispanique aux Etats- Unis sous de multiples facettes, figures historiques ou mythiques (Zorro par exemple).

Même la Maison Blanche célèbre l’événement.

Une fête est organisée traditionnellement qui rassemble plusieurs centaines d’invités, des personnalités, de très hauts dignitaires, des égéries de la culture etc ... 

C’est ainsi que la Juge Sonia Sotomayor, l'une des 9 juges de la Cour Suprême figura une année parmi les invités, une année où l’événement se déroula sous tente (il faisait déjà froid à Washington dans les jardins de la Maison de Blanche).

Ce soir là,  la Salsa fut mise à l’honneur. Barak Obama lui- même en fit une démonstration endiablée avec une chanteuse Mexicaine Thalia.

Malgré ou en dépit des changements d’orientations de la politique américaine apportées par Donald Tromp après son élection, un Donald Trump toujours partisan de la construction d’un mur entre la Mexique et les Etats- Unis, la tradition s’est maintenue cette année encore.

Hier, vendredi 6 octobre, Donald Trump a pris la parole à l’occasion des festivités présidentielles données à l’occasion « du mois de l’héritage hispanique ».

Il était accompagné par la First Lady, qui selon les observateurs avaient choisi une tenue vestimentaire « osée ». Melania Trump avait en effet osé la couleur Rose.

En hommage discret à l’héritage hispanique, elle avait opté pour une jupe rose, aux détails ressemblants à ceux d’une tenue flamenco !!!

La robe a été dessinée par Carolina Harro, styliste, née au Venezuela.

La couleur n’avait pas non plus été choisie au hasard, car aux Etats- Unis le Rose est la couleur du mois d’octobre.

Pour l’occasion, la Maison Blanche avait été illuminée en rose le 1er octobre 2017.

Melania Trump était parait-il « Wonderful » en cette soirée du 6 octobre 2017.

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Fondateur et propriétaire du magazine Playboy est décédé le 27 septembre 2017 à 91 ans.

Libérateur de la femme !!!

Féministe !!!

L’homme qui a bâti un empire commercial à partir de Playboy est né en 1926.

Il a 27 ans lorsqu’il crée Playboy, en réaction au contexte social de l’Amérique puritaine, hypocrite et coincée des années Eisenhower. (Il avait grandi dans une famille stricte de Méthodistes ou le sexe était tabou).

Playboy n’a pas été le premier journal de l’époque à montrer des filles nues.

Il a cependant été le premier à vouloir démontrer de façon révolutionnaire que « même les filles bien aimaient le sexe ».

Il restera jusqu’à la fin de sa vie rédacteur en Chef de la Revue dont il vérifiait méticuleusement chaque détail.

C’est à partir de là que le mythe Hefner est né.

L’ascension de Playboy fut fulgurante.

Elle s’est confondue avec la libération des mœurs dans les années 60.

L’homme et la marque sont ensuite, progressivement, devenus inséparables :

Hefner, le proto- féministe, rédacteur en chef de Playboy, s’est souvent vante d’avoir couché avec plus de 1000 filles.

Parallèlement, Hugh Hefner a été un businessman redoutable, épris néanmoins de littérature, engagé au service de différentes causes dont le but unique était de déboulonner l’Amérique puritaine :

défense du droit à l’avortement, soutien à Jesse Jackson pour la défense des droits civiques, défense de la liberté d’expression au travers du premier amendement de la Constitution, prise de position en faveur du mariage homosexuel etc. ..

Néanmoins aux yeux de beaucoup, il a été constamment vu comme un individu salace, perpétuellement entouré d’un harem de jeunes femmes blondes ; il n’en restait au demeurant que 3 autour de lui sur la fin de sa vie.

C’est dans le Manoir du Prophète hédoniste que se sont déroulées pendant des décennies, les parties fines, qui inspiraient ensuite le rédacteur en chef.

Le Manoir ou la Playboy Mansion, situé à Beverly Hill, près des plages de Malibu est lieu où le créateur a trouvé ses inspirations, car non seulement Hugh Hefner prenait en photo ses copines, mais il payait par ailleurs un employé qui avait pour unique tâche de photographier les ébats érotiques les plus échauffants.

Pour certains la somptueuse maison, de 20 chambres n’était qu’un vaste lupanar où se déroulaient des soirées extravagantes, ponctuées d’histoires salées, de chevauchées érotiques et fantastiques, d’effeuillages permanents...

Ses filles étaient la principale attraction. Oreille de lapin sur la tête et queue de lapin sur les fesses... elles déambulaient en cherchant à émoustiller les invités présents.

Pourtant il est celui qui a lancé tant de femmes dans des carrières artistiques et même dans d’autres domaines !!! (business, politique, ....)

Petits lapins blancs...

Petits lapins roses...   

Petits lapins coquins...

Au delà du playboy et de la Mansion House, la mémoire de Hugh Hefner restera attachée au fait qu’il a photographié les plus belles femmes de la planète : Marilyn Monroe (si belle) Romy Schneider (tout autant) et tant d’autres.

Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton pleurent toutes aujourd’hui la disparition du Roi de playboy.

Hugh Hefner, héros qui laisse une fortune considérable dont l’héritière Crystal Harriss, sa veuve, playmate du mois de décembre 2009, s’était fait connaitre dans la saison 6 de la téléréalité « Les Girls de Playboy ». Elle avait épousé Hugh Hefner en 2013.

Elle avait 26 ans, il en avait 86.

Elle même, quelques jours avant son mariage (dont elle avait fait reporter la date) tourneboulée néanmoins par l’amour que lui portait, le désormais, roi des libertins, avait néanmoins dénoncé à l’époque la vie trop dure du Manoir : « trop de femmes, trop de pressions » avait- elle déclaré !

Rappelons cependant que Hugh Hefner s’était marié deux fois auparavant, en 1949 tout d’abord avec une camarade de lycée qui lui avait donné 2 enfants, puis en 1989 avec la playmate Kimberly Conrad avec qui il a eu 2 autres enfants.

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Hugh Hefner disait : "La vie est trop courte pour vivre le rêve de quelqu'un d'autre''
Mort de Hugh Hefner propriétaire du célèbre magazine Playboy a l'âge de 91 ans.

Il a dévoilé dans son magazine tellement de Playmate connue ou inconnue.

Toutes rêvaient de porter le fameux costume rose body rise avec petite queue de lapin serre tête avec oreilles rose.

On se souvient des stars qui étaient sublimées qui ont posé pour lui,la liste est longue..

Son magazine de charme fondée en 1953 avec 600 dollars fût l'un des magazines les plus regardée.

Avec les posters accrochés dans les camions,garagistes mais les adolescents les regardaient en cachette je me souviens d'avoir une amie chicos qui m'a offert tous les BD Mickey de son fils il avait les remplacées avantageusement par des Playboys.

Les avocats,les médecins les acteurs tous regardaient Playboys.

Toutes ses actrices ont été flattées de poser pour ce magazine ou dans le fameux château sa demeure qu'il a donné en viager à son voisin.

Dans le palmarès des célébrités on y retrouve Romy, Marylin Monroe, Ursula Andrews,Sasha Greg, Nastassja Kinski, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, Barbara Streisand, Farrah Fawcett, Bo Derek etc.

Il nous aura tous marqués, j'ai encore son image chez lui quand notre journal l'avait rencontré il portait sa célèbre robe de chambre rouge.

Il sera enterré à côté de Marylin dans le cimetière du quartier de  Westwood à Los Angeles.
Nous lui faisons bis adieux habillées en Buny.

On se retrouvera bientôt pour parler de son héritage 43 millions de dollars à se partager entre quatre enfants et de sa dernière épouse playmate Crystal Hefner.

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Sur le Green Carpet des Fashion Awards à La Scala de Milan dimanche 24 septembre 2017 dernier, Marion Cotillard, l'actrice de 41 ans,avait fait sesation avec son blond platine ultra glamour.

Mais elle n'a pas fini de nous étonner !

Ce mercredi 27 septembre, la compagne de Guillaume Canet a tout simplement enlevé le haut pour un shooting dont elle a dévoilé le résultat sur son compte Instagram.

Voilà une Marion Cotillard, seins nus et sexy sur son canapé !

Ses fans la comparent à Thierry Lher­mitte

« Très très bon le remake du Père noël est une ordure… en plus glamour »,

L'actrice, en femme fatale seins nus, vêtue unique­ment d'un panta­lon pied-de-poule est allon­gée sur canapé assorti au pantalon.

C'est ce détail, qui a immé­dia­te­ment rappelé à ses fans et à ses abon­nés la scène mythique du Père Noël est une ordure où Thierry Lher­mitte s'allonge sur un canapé dont le tissu est le même que celui de son costume et semble y disparaître.

Ce cliché doit dater de plusieurs jours au mini­mum :

elle n'y arbore en effet pas les cheveux blonds qu'elle a dévoi­lés récem­ment au grand bonheur de ses fans qui pour beaucoup la préfère en brune. Un shoo­ting mode très graphique.

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Le défilé le plus marquant de cette fashion week de printemps été 2018 a été celui de Donatella Versace à Milan.

Pour rendre hommage à Gianni Versace décédé il y a vingt ans,son frère qui a été assassiné et qu'elle adorait.



Pour que tout le monde se souvienne de son frère fondateur de la maison Versace.


















A la fin du défilé elle a fermé le rideau puis avec une immense surprise un

tonnerre applaudissements sont apparues les mannequins phares qui défilaient pour son frère dans les années 90 Cindy Crawford, Carla Bruni, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen et Claudia Schiffer toutes vêtues de robe sexy d'or.

Une voix a lancé "Gianni c'est pour toi" et son freedom 90 de Georges Mickaël accompagnait les tops modèle pendant le défilé.

Donatella nous n' oublierons jamais le talent de ton frère.

Petit détail Nicolas Sarkozy était fier de son épouse!.

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Bernard Tapie est gravement malade. L'homme d'affaires, ancien ministre et ancien président de l'Olympique de Marseille, Bernard Tapie, 74 ans,a été hospitalisé dans le service d'oncologie de l'hôpital Saint-Louis (à Paris) en fin de semaine pour « un cancer de l'estomac ».

Plus précisément il est atteint d'un cancer de l'estomac avec extension sur le bas de l’œsophage.

Malgré tout, sa femme depuis 42 ans, Dominique, reste "optimiste" quant à la santé de son mari.

Bernard Tapie ne compte pas se laisser aller. Il a déclaré de son côté par téléphone qu'il allait «se battre comme il l'a toujours fait».

La veille, son fils avait confirmé à RMC la grave maladie de son père et son hospitalisation dans un hôpital parisien.

Son épouse de 43 ans et ses proches "espèrent une intervention chirurgicale possible avant la fin de l'année".

L'ancien président de l'OM sera malgré tout dans tous les esprits dimanche au Vélodrome.

Après l'annonce de son opération, le collectif "Vieille Garé de CU84" a aussitôt souhaité "courage" et dit "merci à Bernard Tapie, très grand dirigeant de l'OM avec qui nous avons atteint le firmament".

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Elle a grandi devant des millions  de téléspectateurs dans l’émission de téléréalité

. Kylie Jenner, 20 ans, est enceinte de quatre mois ...La toile est en émoi.

Quel surprise !

Cette grossesse ne devait pas vraiment être prévue dans le business plan florissant de la jeune star.

La benjamine du clan Kardashian semble suivre les pas de sa sœur Kim la trentenaire qui attend son troisième enfant.

Mais elle est comblée. Et l'on connaît jusqu'au le sexe de son bébé! Une petite fille!! La cadette du clan a pour compagnon le rappeur Travis Scott e 25 ans, avec qui elle a officialise sa relation lors du célèbre festival de Coachella. Elle le fréquente depuis quelques mois suite à sa rupture avec Tyga au mois d'avril.

"Ils ont commencé à l'annoncer à des amis il y a quelques semaines. Leur famille est au courant depuis un petit bout de temps. Elle est vraiment ravie, Travis aussi", commente l'un des informateurs du grand hebdomadaire people américain TMZ . Le magazine US Weekly a lui aussi alimenté la rumeur, affirmant qu’elle serait enceinte de quatre mois, d'après une source.

Certains fans ont trouvé surprenant que l’annonce coïncide avec les dix ans de l’émission de télé-réalité «L’Incroyable Famille Kardashian». Un petit clin d’œil !

D'ailleurs la benjamine avait tout fait jusqu'à maintenant pour cacher cette grossesse. Elle a ainsi soigné ses tenues ces dernières semaines pour ne rien laissé paraître .

Petit imbroglio cependant : L’ex de la millionnaire, avec qui elle a eu une relation de 3 ans,, le rappeur Tyga a posté un snap déclarant que l’enfant serait le sien. Mais cette déclaration a rapidement été supprimée. Aucun membre du clan Kardashian-Jenner n’a pour l’heure confirmé ni réagi.

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Le Champagne de Jay-Z et de Beyoncé un vrai petit bijou aussi bien dans son visuel que dans ses qualités gustatives !

En ce moment on nous parle en France des foires aux vins.

Cette foire se déroule chaque année au printemps et automne c'est le rendez-vous pour les connaisseurs de grands vins. Les grands hypermarchés lancent des prix défiant toute concurrence sur des premiers grands crus en les vendant parfois à perte car cela leur fait une publicité de fou. Le premier a lancé cet événement fut l'établissement Leclerc où d'ailleurs on trouve toujours les meilleures affaires.

Mais nos stars aussi produisent. L'événement de cette année c'est Le Champagne De Jay-Z et Beyoncé.

Le rappeur et le vigneron de Reims ont donné naissance au champagne Golden Bottle d'Armand de Brignac. La bouteille a un packaging or avec un pic elle est magnifique. De plus Jay-Z le rappeur a demandé d'acheter les meilleurs raisins car lui et Beyoncé ont comme objectif de produire le meilleur Champagne au Monde.

Les premières bouteilles ont été vendues à Londres chez Harrods à 700 euros la bouteille tout le stock a été épuisé. Pour ce champagne on ne le trouvera pas malheureusement, le reste du monde États-Unis, Japon,Hong-Kong, France sont déjà sur liste d'attente.

D'autres stars ont déjà leur cru

Carole Bouquet avec Azienda

Francis Cabrel avec le domaine du Boiron

Francis Ford Coppola avec Coppola Winery

Gérard Depardieu avec le Château de Tigne

Pierre Richard avec le domaine Bel Évêque

Sting avec Il Palacio

Angelina Jolie et son ex Brad Pitt le domaine Mirival.

Personnellement je préfère une bouteille du domaine de la Romanee-Conti Grand Cru, un bon Petrus Pomerol, ou bien ayant un penchant pour le fois gras et le chocolat un bon Sauterne.  Un petit Château d'Yquem une valeur sûre, non vous trouvez-pas? Bon si un lecteur ou une lectrice a un Golden Bottle d'Armand de Brignac je suis curieuse aussi de découvrir le meilleur champagne du monde.

Promis je ne ferais pas une piscine avec...

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Vendredi 15 septembre, sur la base mili­taire Joint Base Andrews (Mary­land), le président des Etats-Unis a échangé une poignée de mains avec son épouse Mélania qui venait de prononcer une coute allocution avant son mari.

Cette déconcertante poignée de mains a enflammé les réseaux sociaux.

Depuis qu'il a été élu président de la première puissance au monde, Donald Trump et son épouse sont constamment sous les feux des caméras.

Et la relation du couple se voit scrutée dans les moindres détails.

Depuis le début le couple semblait afficher en public une certaine froideur, Mélania, la troi­sième épouse du Président, ayant refusé à plusieurs reprises la main de son époux.

Cette dernière dernière appa­ri­tion publique a une nouvelle fois confir­mée une distance non masquée entre le couple présidentiel.

Une empoi­gnade qui en dit long sur leur relation.

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La chanteuse a été contrainte d'annuler un concert à Rio de Janeiro (Brésil) jeudi, après avoir été hospitalisée en raison de "fortes douleurs".

« Je suis dévas­tée de ne pas me sentir assez bien pour venir jouer à Rio. J’au­rais fait n’im­porte quoi pour vous, mais j’ai besoin de prendre soin de mon corps sans attendre. Je vous demande votre indul­gence et votre compré­hen­sion et je vous promets de de jouer pour vous bien­tôt. Je suis telle­ment déso­lée et je vous aime tant », a posté la star sur compte Insta­gram.

Vendredi 8 septembre, l'artiste avait déjà annoncé qu'elle commencerait une pause dès la fin de sa tournée mondiale, à la fin de l'année. Mais hélas, la maladie la terrassait avant.

Ce n'est pas la première fois que Lady Gaga a des problèmes de santé. Cette fois, elle a été hospitalisée et on la voit sur une photo postée sur Twitter avec une perfusion sur son bras tatoué . Elle a fini par dévoiler la maladie dont elle souffrait depuis son adolescence. Il s'agit de la fibromyalgie, une maladie chronique aux douleurs diffuses dans tout le corps et parfois tellement intenses qu'elle vous cloue au lit. . .

C'est une maladie "invisible" qui ne laisse aucun indice sur les radios, prises de sang ou IRM.

Mardi, Lady Gaga a levé le voile sur cette maladie handicapante que l'on ne sait pas soigner.

La chan­teuse de 31 ans, s’est livrée sur ce « drôle » de mal dont elle souffre dans le docu­men­taire qui lui est consa­cré sur Nexflix :

Gaga, Five Foot Two, qui sera diffusé le 22 septembre prochain.

« Ma douleur ne m'est d'aucune utilité sauf si je la trans­forme en quelque chose de béné­fique, raconte Lady Gaga.

J'espère que les gens souf­frant des mêmes maux et qui verront le film sauront qu'ils ne sont pas seuls. […] Il y a une partie de moi, très impor­tante en fait, qui croit que la douleur est un micro », raconte cette dernière au cours du docu­men­taire..

"Dans notre documentaire, la maladie et la douleur chronique à laquelle je fais face est la fibromyalgie", dévoile la chanteuse sur Twitter. "J'espère attirer l'attention sur ce sujet et rapprocher les personnes qui en souffrent", poursuit-elle.

Une fatigue importante et des troubles du sommeil s'ajoutent aux douleurs.

Souvent, les personnes atteintes de fibromyalgie souffrent de douleurs récurrentes au niveau de la colonne cervicale, du haut et du bas du dos.

Elles peuvent également ressentir des douleurs près des genoux et des hanches, aux épaules et aux coudes

Selon Carole Robert, présidente de l'association Fibromyalgie France , "il s'agit de douleurs chroniques qui apparaissent dans tout le corps, qui se déplacent et varient en intensité, qui varient au fil des jours".

"C'est un handicap invisible (...) une maladie ingérable", poursuit-elle.

Une maladie encore mal comprise et que l'on ne sait pas encore soigner. On ne peut que souhaiter du courage à lady Gaga !!!

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La sortie de What Happened (il paraîtra en France le 20 septembre chez Fayard sous le titre Ça s’est passé comme ça) d'Hillary Clinton fait déjà un tabac Outre- Manche!

Battue il y a dix mois par Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton publie ce mardi aux Etats-Unis un récit personnel sur sa défaite .Une première pour celle qui jusqu'à présent avait pour parti pris de ne jamais fendre son armure!

«Dans le passé pour des raisons que j’essaye d’expliquer, j’ai souvent ressenti que je devais faire attention en public, comme si j’étais suspendue à un fil, sans filet. Maintenant, je baisse la garde», promet-elle en introduction.

Elle assume clairement ses faiblesses dans ce long livre en forme de confession qui lui sert d 'exutoire et concède des erreurs d'analyse, de discours et d'attitude.

Elle raconte le "choc" de la soirée du 8 novembre 2016, dans sa chambre d'hôtel de New York, le sentiment d'être "vidée", la "tristesse" qui ne la quitta pas pendant des semaines. Refusant antidépresseurs et psychanalyste, elle confie avoir trouvé refuge dans sa famille.

Pour digérer sa défaite à la présidentielle, Hillary Clinton a fait du yoga, de longues promenades en forêt, s'est occupée de ses chiens, a rangé frénétiquement ses placards, et bu pas mal de chardonnay.

Elle est tombée de haut, Hillary Clinton n'avait «pas préparé de discours de défaite», a-t-elle reconnu dimanche sur la chaîne CBS,

.«J’ai ressenti un énorme sentiment d’abandon, une perte de sentiments, de direction et de tristesse» après la défaite", a ajouté l’ancienne secrétaire d’Etat de Barack Obama, et sénatrice de l'Etat de New York pendant huit ans.

On y apprend notamment qu' Hillary Clinton "ne se présentera plus" mais ne va pas "bouder" pour autant la politique. « Je ferai tout pour soutenir les candidats démocrates », indique-t-elle .

La sortie de son livre s'accompagne d'une tournée de promotion aux États-Unis et au Canada: séance de dédicaces  à New York, interviews, et 15 conférences payantes jusqu'en décembre. Signe qu'elle garde un socle de supporters indéfectibles, plusieurs conférences sont déjà complètes

Dans son livre l'ex-candidate qui avait tout de même récolté plus de deux millions de voix de plus que Donald Trump a prix pour résolution de n'épargner personne. Et son livre s'apparente à un véritable rouleau-compresseur médiatique qui fait déjà grincer les dents de plus d'un démocrates. Bernie Sanders entre autre en prend pour son grade puisqu'elle lui reproche sans ménagement son agressivité durant la campagne. Elle lui reproche notamment de l'avoir attaquée à de nombreuses reprises pour ses liens avec Wall Street et le financement de sa campagne par des super-riches faisant d'elle "Hillary la crapule" de la campagne de Trump.

Certes loin d'elle la volonté de plonger dans la complainte : Elle assume pleinement et avec lucidité sa part de responsabilité dans sa défaite mais néanmoins pointe du doigt ceux qui ont contribué à lui faire perdre les élections : en premier lieu le FBI et James Comey, l'homme qui aurait fait basculer l'élection avec l'histoire de ses mails, puis la Russie sans épargner non plus les médias américains.

L'ancienne candidate, qui fêtera en octobre ses 70 ans, n'a pas de mots assez durs pour qualifier le successeur de Barack Obama: un "menteur", sexiste, incompétent selon elle.

Elle revient également sur l'analyse de sa défaite énumérant les différents facteurs comme le désir viscéral de changement , le rejet de sa personne représentant l'establishment, la misogynie ambiante et surtout le sentiment ressenti par une partie des classes populaires blanches de désaffection économique. Donald Trump a aussi exploité "l'anxiété raciale et culturelle" des Blancs.

Son livre est le «récit intime» d'une campagne pour «l'élection la plus controversée et imprévisible de l'histoire», «marquée par la rage, le sexisme, des hauts grisants et des bas rageants», avec des «rebondissements qui dépassent la fiction, les interférences russes, et un adversaire qui brise toutes les règles», prévient de son côté l'éditeur, Simon & Schuster.

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Marion Maréchal-Le Pen a décidé à la suite de la défaite des élections présidentielles d' abandonner la vie politique affaiblissant un Front national et une Marine Le Pen fragiles à l’approche des législatives.

Mais il s'agit d'une décision longuement mûrie. Elle prend sa retraite à 27 ans.

En effet en 2004 elle s'était déjà confiée à Christèle Marchand-Lagier, maître de conférences en science politique à l’université d’Avignon et spécialiste du vote FN .

« Je l’avais interrogée en 2014 et déjà, elle m’avait fait part de son souhait de quitter la vie politique », se souvient-elle et elle voit dans ce choix « une décision longuement réfléchie ».

Dans une lettre parue dans Vaucluse Matin la benjamine de l’Assemblée nationale avait annoncé qu’elle « sort(ait) quelque temps » du monde politique, « aspirant à travailler » dans « le monde de l’entreprise » mais aussi à « consacrer plus de temps » à sa vie familiale.  Certes ce départ fut profondément regretté par sa tante mais la jeune femme aspirait à une autre vie certainement moins prenante que la vie politique. De plus elle n'a jamais caché vouloir s'occuper de sa vie familiale qui souffrait de sa vie trépidante et et s'est terminée par un divorce d' avec Matthieu Decosse, jeune chef d’en­tre­prise qu’elle épousa en juillet 2014. Maman d'une petite Olympe, Marion-Maré­chal avait justi­fié son retrait de la vie poli­tique par des « raisons person­nelles », et l'envie de passer plus de temps avec sa fille.

« J'ai beau­coup manqué à ma petite fille dans ses premières années si précieuses. Elle m'a aussi terri­ble­ment manquée. Il est essen­tiel que je puisse lui consa­crer plus de temps », expliquait la petite fille de Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Après quelques mois de repos l’ancienne députée du Vaucluse sort de silence. Elle a bel et bien décidé de mettre son engagement politique au Front national entre parenthèses.

Elle s'est confié à Europe 1. On apprend que la nièce de Marine Le Pen s'est installée dans l’ouest parisien. Elle suit une formation en comptabilité gestion et en anglais et espère intégrer prochainement une entreprise parisienne en tant que cadre supérieur.

Elle ne parle plus politique avec sa tante ce qui rend beaucoup plus agréable leur relation et évite de croiser son grand-père qui ne lui pardonne pas son abandon de la politique. Mais un retour à la politique éventuellement plus tard pour celle qui aurait aimé un rapprochement avec Laurent Wauquiez n'est pas totalement à exclure ...

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Un autre futur héritier ou une héritière pour la couronne d'Angleterre ?.

Le prince William et la duchesse Kate Middleton ont annoncé qu'ils attendaient leur troisième enfant.

La duchesse de Cambridge est toujours élégante et aborde un style de mode fashion et chic même enceinte, elle ne se laisse pas aller.

Après Georges âgé de quatre ans et Charlotte de deux ans que nous réserve la cigogne?

Pour ce bébé on verra le monde en rose ou bleu?

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Le lundi 28 août 2017, on apprenait le décès à l’âge de 79 ans de Mireille DARC.

Ses obsèques ont eu lieu le 1er septembre en l’Eglise Saint Sulpice, en présence de nombreuses personnalités du spectacle, des arts et de la politique venues lui rendre un dernier hommage et soutenir sa famille éplorée.

L’actrice était très appréciée pour ses qualités humaines, morales et intellectuelles.

Il manquait cependant quelques personnalités dont l’absence a été remarquée.

Parmi elles, et non des moindres, la Ministre de la Culture, Françoise Nyssens, représentée par son conseiller Emmanuel Lecerf et surtout... Brigitte Macron

Sur twitter, Véronique de Villèle, assistante de la comédienne a fait immédiatement part de sa colère et de son indignation face à cette absence très remarquée.

Tout aussi rapidement et en toute partialité !!, Bernard Monteil, présentateur de télévision, a pris fait et cause pour l’épouse du Président de la République en déclarant :

« son absence n’a rien de scandaleux », a-t-il ajouté, révolté, « contre ceux qui parlent sans savoir », prétendant que par deux textos, extrêmement touchant, qu’elle lui avait adressés dès l’information connue, Brigitte Macron avait fait preuve « d’une authentique compassion et d’une douleur partagée ».

Cette péripétie oblige tout de même à rappeler que depuis quelques jours, Brigitte Macron s’est vue dotée d’un statut qui a divisé les français et a d’ailleurs suscite une pétition qui a rassemblé environ 300 000 signatures.

En fait  de statut, et compte-tenu de la bronca suscitée par ce « projet de statut », l’Elysée a décidé de transformer l’idée d’un statut de Première Dame en une Charte dite de « la transparence sur le rôle  et le statut de Brigitte Macron ».

Cette Charte, publiée le 21 aout précise, le rôle et les missions  qui relèveront de la responsabilité de la Première Dame.

Tout aussi révoltés que Bernard Monteil, nous rappellerons que la Charte prévoit que Brigitte Macron aura pour mission « de soutenir par sa présence des manifestations à caractère culturel ou social en lien d’écoute et de relation avec la société civile ».

L’absence de Brigitte Macron aux obsèques d’une des meilleures actrices françaises qui a porté haut l’art et la culture française ne pouvait donc qu’être remarquée  et critiquée compte tenu du « statut » officiel qui vient de lui être récemment attribué.

La transparence voulue par Emmanuel Macron concernant le statut de son épouse commence donc par un exemple très négatif. Tout cela n’est pas de très bon augure !

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L'Oréal rompt avec son premier mannequin transgenre en raison de propos jugés racistes.

La marque de cosmétiques avait donné pour mission au mannequin black Munroe Bergdorf, transgenre, de porter une campagne commerciale baptisée #allworthit («Tous le valent bien») sur le thème de la diversité. La jeune femme venant de la scène drag queen londonienne,n' avaithé pas caché son enthousiasme.  «Quand j'ai reçu l'email [d'embauche de l'Oréal], j'étais assise avec ma mère et je n'y croyais pas»,a-telle- déclaré ajoutant «Je veux dire, nous sommes, en tant que femmes, tellement diverses. Et l'Oréal permet à plus de femmes d'être représentées».

Suite aux violences de Charlottesville aux États-Unis, où une femme de 42 ans a été tuée le 12 août par un suprémaciste elle a réagi sur le réseau Facebook. «Franchement, je n'ai plus l'énergie de parler de la violence raciale des blancs. Oui, de TOUS les blancs», a publié Mme Munroe, dans un statut qui bien que rapidement supprimé a été relayé par plusieurs médias britanniques. Les propos de cette dernière ont créé la polémique dans la presse britannique.

Le géant français des cosmétiques a annoncé vendredi se séparer du mannequin transsexuel,et justifie sa décision par des propos jugés discriminants envers les blancs. "Les propos de Munroe Bergdorf ne correspondent pas à nos valeurs et nous avons donc décidé de rompre notre partenariat avec elle", a déclaré la filiale britannique de la marque L'Oréal Paris sur Twitter.

L'idylle n'aura duré que quelques jours !

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Le drame du 31 août 1997 de la princesse Diana dans un accident de voiture sous le tunnel du pont de l'Alma, à Paris, remonte à vingt ans.

Il a été commémoré sobrement par ses ses deux fils William et Harry qui poursuivent l’œuvre caritative et humanitaire de Diana à travers la Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry qui a pris en 2013 la relève du "Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund".

Le fonds a réparti sur une quinzaine d'années de 127 millions d'euros à 44 associations caritatives différentes, réparties sur les cinq continents.

La vente de "Candle in the Wind", la chanson écrite par Elton John en hommage à la princesse, aura rapporté au Memorial Fund plus de 48 millions d'euros.

Pour ancrer durablement le souvenir de leur mère, William et Harry ont commandé une statue à son effigie érigée ultérieurement - on espère avant la fin de l'année - dans les jardins de Kensington.

Ils ont brisé des années de silence pour parler d'elle pour la première fois à cœur ouvert, dans un documentaire de la chaîne de télévision britannique ITV. "Pour Harry et moi, il est extrêmement important de célébrer sa vie", y a dit William, 35 ans.

William, Kate et Harry se sont investis dans la ligne « Nous voulons être fidèles par notre action au souvenir de notre mère et à ce qu'elle nous a enseigné » affirment-ils .

Ils ontrepris le flambeau de ses engagements officiels, de la lutte contre les mines antipersonnel à la défense des sans-abri en passant par la sensibilisation aux problèmes de santé mentale,engagent dans le patronage de domaines humanitaires aussi variés que les malades du cancer, les soins palliatifs ou encore, la thérapie par le sport, la prévention du sida en Afrique …

La princesse Diana qui n'a pas hésité au grand dam de la monarchie de se séparer du Prince Philipp mais également de faire part des difficultés de son mariage dans un interview télévisé a également profondément modernisé la monarchie britannique.

La monarchie jusqu'alors distante et hiératique a compris que sa posture était désuète et qu'il fallait être plus proche de son peuple.

La monarchie britannique est sortie renforcée de l'épreuve de la mort de « le Princesse du peuple » en prenant la mesure des changements qui s'imposaient à elle.Ainsi, après une longue semaine de silence incompréhensible pour son peuple, la reine Elizabeth, le 5 septembre 1997, la veille des funérailles de Diana, a su rendre un vibrant hommage depuis la fenêtre de Buckingham Palace à son ex-belle-fille défunte. "Je crois qu'il y a des leçons à tirer de sa vie et de la réaction extraordinaire et bouleversante à sa mort. Je partage votre détermination à chérir sa mémoire. J'espère que demain nous pourrons tous, où que nous soyons, nous unir dans l'expression de notre chagrin après la perte de Diana et dans la gratitude pour sa vie trop courte. C'est une chance de montrer au monde entier que la nation britannique est unie dans le chagrin et le respect"

Cette semaine-là, comme le montre admirablement le film de Stephan Frears, "The Queen", la souveraine prend la mesure du fossé qui s'est creusé entre la nation britannique et l'Establishment., , Sa règle d'or du "never explain, never complain" (laisser dire, ne jamais se plaindre) ne correspondait plus à l'attente de son peuple, les Windsor , sans perdre leur dignité, se sont rapprochés de leur peuple.

La reine, depuis, ouvre son cœur et manifeste davantage ses émotions. Certes des réformes avaient déjà été amorcé au lendemain de "l'annus horribilis" de 1992, lorsque Windsor était en flamme et que les mariages de ses enfants battaient de l'aile. Elle avait alors accepté de rendre la monarchie rentable –elle ne coûte plus que 60 centimes d'euro par an et par habitant mais elles ne suffisaient pas.

Avec la mort tragique de la Princesse Diana, la reine s'est rapprochée de son peuple

Pour preuve, récemment, lors de l'incendie de la Tour, à Londres, ou de l'attentat de Manchester, c'est la reine, 91 ans, en personne qui s'est immédiatement rendue au chevet des blessés.

La conséquence de cette mutation profonde se voit également dans « démocratisation des gènes de la royauté ». William, a grandi dans un désir de normalité et a choisi son épouse dans la middle-class bourgeoise Kate Middleton ; C’est la première future reine à n'avoir pas une goutte de sang bleu.

Les temps ont changé, Kate a pris le relais de Diana sans l'éclipser. La princesse de Galles reste toujours une figure de légende.

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Le réalisateur George Lautner et le scénariste Michel Audiard sont les deux hommes qui ont compté dans la vie professionnelle de Mireille , mais un autre homme a compté dans sa vie:

Alain Delon. Certes ils étaient séparés mais les comédiens continuaient à s'aimer d'une autre manière.

D'ailleurs L'acteur de la Piscine se trouvait à ses côtés avant sa mort ce lundi, comme l'a expliqué Annabel Karouby, l'agente de l'actrice:

"Mireille Darc est partie cette nuit, chez elle à Paris.

Elle a été très entourée jusqu'au bout par ses proches dont son époux et aussi Alain Delon, présent jusqu'à la fin".

Ils ont été partenaires dans de nombreux films durant leur vie commune comme dans Madly (1969), Jeff (1969), Borsalino (1970), Borsalino and Co (1974), Les Seins de glace (1974), L'Homme pressé (1977), Mort d'un pourri (1977), Pour la peau d'un flic (1981).

Mais même après leur séparation en1983 ils ont partagé l'affiche dans Frank Riva (2003) et en 2007, ils sont remonté sur les planches du théâtre Mari­gny pour la pièce Sur la route de Madi­son, l'adaptation du film de Cleant Eaestwood

Leur première rencontre remonte à 1960 mais il ne s'est rien passé.

En 1968 Delon propose à Mireille Darc de tourner avec lui Jeff, un polar. Et là leur vie bascule. Ensemble, ils vont vivre pendant quinze ans une belle histoire d'amour. "Vivre avec Alain m'a guérie de la jalou­sie", dira-t-elle des années plus tard

En 1980, pourtant,les nuages s'amoncellent dans leur couple. Delon veut des enfants, mais l'actrice  souffrant d'une malformation cardiaque, ne peut en avoir. Sur le tour­nage de Pour la peau d’un flic, Delon tombe amoureux d'Anne Parillaud. La blonde longiligne est alors à Marrakech en convalescence après une embolie cérébrale.

"Les hommes sont faibles devant la mala­die ou la chirur­gie, je le sais", a écrit la comédienne dans sa biographie Mireille Darc, une femme libre (2013).

La rupture a lieu en 1983. Mais ils resteront très liés l'un à l'autre. Elle avoue à Gala en 1996: "Si j'avais cessé toute rela­tion avec lui, cela aurait voulu dire que je reniais tout ce que je lui avais promis durant notre histoire. Les choses que j'ai pu lui dire et celles que j'ai pues entendre de lui n'ont pas été des véri­tés passa­gères. Elles ont encore des résonances".

Mariée à l'architecte Pascal Desprez, Mireille Darc n'at cessé d'aimer Alain Delon: "Il est là, il est présent. Pour rien au monde je ne voudrais qu'il parte, qu'il me quitte. J'ai besoin de lui", avait-elle déclaré en 2015 sur le divan de Marc-Olivier Fogiel, avant de poursuivre: "Oui, j'aime Alain. D'une autre manière, c'est certain, mais je l'aime au-delà de tout." . De son côté la même année dans TV Magazine, Alain Delon avait déclaré "Elle a été probablement le plus grand amour de ma vie. LA femme de ma vie." Il n'ont cessé de s'adorer.

Le secret de cet amour ?

« Depuis toujours, nous avons une liberté totale, aucune obli­ga­tion, ni rendez-vous » explique la longi­ligne blonde avec sa douceur habi­tuelle.

« Elle me plai­sait beau­coup parce qu’elle était très moderne avant son temps », déclare Alain. La fin des années soixante marque une nouvelle ère, celle de la libé­ra­tion de la femme et Mireille Darc était une pionnière Les deux stars marchent ensemble sans tenir l’autre en laisse. D’ailleurs, ils ne se marie­ront jamais.

La jalousie n'a pas eu de place dans cet idylle de toujours.« On ne s’est pas trom­pés », a dit un jour Mireille Darc même si Alain Delon faisait de nombreuses conquêtes féminines.

Même lorsqu’A­lain succombe au charme d’Anne Parillaud, en 1983,et rompt avec Mireille, cette dernière ne lui fera aucun reproche. « Ça non, plutôt dispa­raître », a-t-elle consigné dans ses mémoires Tant que battra mon cœur.

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"Kylie Jenner comme vous ne l'avez jamais vue",fanfaronne sur son compte Instagram V Magazine, qui a choisi la demi-sœur de Kim Kardashian pour la couverture de son prochain numéro, le 31 août. .La très sexy et plantureuse Kylie Jenner a levé le voile dans un shooting très "hot" pour le mensuel américain V Magazine.






Kylie Jenner a réalisé un shooting pro avec nu inté­gral dévoilant clairement son corps de rêve.On sait qu'elle affrio­le ses follo­wers en diffu­sant sur les réseaux sociaux des photos en petite tenue, en bikini, sous la douche, dans des pauses toujours sexy et lascives.

Un passage obligé chez les Karda­shian : La demi-soeur de Kim, qui a récemment fêté ses 20 ans, a osé!   En tout quatre photos signées Nick Knight où Kylie Jenner s’ex­pose dans le plus simple appa­reil sous ce qui ressemble à de grandes robes en tulle des plus trans­pa­rents. Les cheveux teints en blond et le contour des yeux pailleté on la reconnaît à peine dans ce shooting à l'ambiance glamour, qui a eu lieu début juillet à Londres.

Inter­ro­gée par la journaliste du maga­zine, la fille de Kris et Cait­lyn Jenner déclare :" C’était mon premier shoo­ting super nu. Je poste toujours des photos sexy, mais je n’avais jamais vrai­ment posé complè­te­ment nue

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M Pokora vit actuel­le­ment une belle histoire d’amour avec la chan­teuse améri­caine Chris­tina Milian.

Fin juillet, Matt Pokora a profité d’un long break à Saint-Tropez avec ses amis où il a croisé la route de la chan­teuse améri­caine Chris­tina Milian.

Depuis, tout semble aller à merveille pour le couple qui file le parfait amour. Il est Français, elle est Américaine

Née le 26 septembre 1981 à Jersey City, Chris­tine Flores de son vrai nom, commence sa carrière de chan­teuse en faisant partie des chœurs de la chan­son Between Me and You du rappeur Ja Rule, puis en inter­prète le titre Play de Jenni­fer Lopez.

Chris­tina Milian signe avec le label Def Soul.

En Suède elle enre­gis­tre son premier album inti­tulé Chris­tina Milian, sorti en 2001 dont les deux premiers extraits AM to PM et When You Look At Me deviennent alors un véri­table succès.

Un deuxième album inti­tulé It’s About Time voit le jour en 2004, dont les deux singles Dip It Low et Whate­ver you want font égale­ment un carton.

Son troi­sième opus So Amazin’ est sorti en 2006, qui comprend Say I en colla­bo­ra­tion avec le rappeur Young Jeezy.

Chanteuse mais également actrice dans L’amour n’a pas de prix en 2003, Be cool en 2005 ou encore dans Desti­na­tion Love en 2013.

La même année, elle parti­cipe à la version améri­caine de Danse avec les stars, qu’elle quitte au bout de cinq semaines.

Mais Chris­tina Milian possède également sa propre télé­réa­lité Chris­tina Milian, Turned Up diffu­sée sur la chaîne E!Côté vie privée, Chris­tina Milian a eu de nombreuses aventures avec des chanteurs.

Elle a épousé en 2009 The-Dream, avec qui elle a eu une petite fille, Violet Madi­son Nash. .

Aujourd’­hui, Chris­tina Milian savoure des jours heureux au côté du chan­teur M Pokora, de qui elle semble très accro.

D'ailleurs ils ne se cachent pas face aux paparazzi pour prendre du bon temps.

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Le secret du lieu de villégiature du Président de la République Emmanuel Macron et de son épouse jalousement gardé par l'Élysée, aura vite été éventé.

Ces derniers ont choisi la destination premières de la cité phocéenne. Ils occupent la propriété privée avec piscine du préfet de la Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Stéphane Bouillon, idéalement située sur les hauteurs du Roucas Blanc.

L'Élysée s'est contenté de déclarer que le chef de l'État passait ses vacances «en France» restant  «mobilisable à tout moment».

Des vacances culturelles pour le couple présidentiel: vendredi visite de l'exposition consacrée à Jean-Paul Belmondo au château de la Buzine, lieu emblématique du film Le Château de ma mère de Marcel Pagnol puis promenade sur l’esplanade des Moulins à Allauch.sans oublier le jogging sur le Prado.

Emmanuel Macron se rendra dès le 23 août à Salzbourg (Autriche) pour une tournée européenne.

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Denis Shapovalov, 18 ans, a renversé au tournoi de Montréal, son idole Rafael Nadal qui est éliminé des quarts de finale. L'espoir du Majorquin de se hisser à nouveau numéro un mondial est partie en fumée.

Ce jeune gaucher canadien, casquette blanche à l’envers, a battu la tête de série numéro un en trois sets 4-6, 6-4 et 7-6 (7/4) au terme d'un spectaculaire duel de 2 h 46 minutes, jeudi soir sur le court central du Stade Uniprix.

Dans la deuxième manche il brise le service de Nadal dès le deuxième jeu. Ses services sont d'une puissance redoutable, certains à près de 215 km/h, et ses coups gagnants près des lignes montre son audace.

Battu en huitièmes de finale le Majorquin a déploré sa défaite en des termes amers.«C'est ma pire défaite de la saison parce qu'elle survient contre un joueur classé bas, et à cause de l'opportunité que j'avais de redevenir le numéro un mondial ici. C'est une mauvaise défaite, je dois l'accepter et continuer de travailler», a déclaré Nadal quelques minutes seulement après son élimination qui perd face au jeune espoir du tennis canadien classé seulement 143e mondial.

Denis Shapovalov rencontrera Adrian Mannarino 42e mondial.

A 29 ans, le Français disputera aussi son premier quart de Masters 1000 après avoir battu un autre Canadien, le 10e mondial Milos Raonic puis jeudi le Sud-Coréen de 21 ans Hyeon Chung (56e) en deux sets 6-3, 6-3. Mannarino reste le seul Français au stade des quarts après la défaite de Gaël Monfils face à Roberto Bautista Agut, tête de série numéro 12 (4-6, 7-6 (7/5) et 7-6


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Decidedly everybody means that your man is unfaithful.
Now it would be Melania who sets her sights on Emmanuel Macron.
The photo of your dinner for four at the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower at Jules Verne circulated around the world. With Melania putting her hand on the knee of the French president.

But this photo made by a joker was a montage photography.

Indeed, if we look at Melania on arrival in the restaurant she wears a superb dress in the colors of the French flag but on her wrist we see no bracelet.

Then when you see her hand on your husband's knee she wears bracelets.
The one who did this is really not friendly.

He's an American and I think President Donald Trump of the United States will rush him up the shoulder straps!

One does not mock neither his wife nor the French President.

We neither this photo we did not love it because we love you Brigitte.

You are our National Bibi

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Emmanuel Macron, Nicolas Sarkozy et leurs épouses ont dîné ensemble à l'Elysée mercredi 5 juillet dans la plus grande discrétion.




Malheureusement pour eux, le secret a.été éventé! Le journal Le Figaro vient en effet de révéler l'exi