Kevin Costner does not stop confiding on the 1992 movie Bodyguard.

In 2012, Kevin Costner made a startling revelation during a stint in Anderson Cooper's talk show: just before his tragic death in 1997, Lady Diana had given her consent to play in the sequel to "Bodyguard" .

"I assured her that I would take care of her as I had taken care of Whitney Houston in the first movie. (...)

She wanted me to write a tailor-made role for her, "he said at the time.

It is again on this film that the 64-year-old actor gave People magazine another surprising information.

In an interview given on June 28th at People TV, Kevin Costner, the Oscar winner for Danse avec les loups (1990), reveals that it was thanks to one person that he was able to talk to the Princess of Wales:

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and sister-in-law of Lady Diana.

"Sarah was really important. I always respect Sarah, because she was really important. I always respect Sarah, because she's the one who organized the conversation between Diana and me, "says Kevin Costner.

"She was so supportive of this idea," he continues. The comedian reports that the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry had, however, expressed some concerns about the role.

"I just remember that she was incredibly sweet on the phone and she asked the following question, in a very respectful voice: 'Are we going to have a kisses scene?' She was nervous because her life was very regent. "

"She asked for it very respectfully. She was nervous because her life was very controlled.

And I said, "Yes, there will be a few love scenes, but we can make sure everything goes well," he concluded.

At that time, Lady Diana was already divorced from Prince Charles but her life was still very regent.

The project of the sequel to Bodyguard will never see the light of day. He was well advanced since Kevin Costner said he received the "Bodyguard 2" script the day before Diana's death in August 1997.

Only one day before the death of Princess Diana in Paris, in a terrible car accident.

Emily Jackson for DayNewsWorld