While the French government seems reluctant about the citizens' initiative referendum, the Socialist Group in the National Assembly, for its part, announced on Tuesday that it had gathered the 185 signatures of parliamentarians necessary to initiate the procedure of organizing its parliamentary counterpart. what is the referendum of shared initiative against the privatization of Paris Airport.

Socialist deputies and senators but also the Republicans, communists and members of the group Libertés and territories, in total 197, have already given their agreement, announced the socialist deputy Boris Vallaud.

For the first time, the threshold of 185 parliamentarians necessary to trigger the process leading to the organization of a referendum of shared initiative (RIP) has thus been reached.

The provision is provided for in the Pact Act, which must be voted on definitively this week.

Of course, the organization of such a referendum also requires more than 4.5 million signatures of voters (10% of the electorate) in nine months to support this referendum proposal.

But between these two stages there is that, still very uncertain, the validation of the approach by the Constitutional Council. The latter must decide on the compliance of the initiative with the rules of the RIP.

"We did not want to commit the error that turned into a scandal, the privatization of motorways, with the privatization of Paris airports," Boris Vallaud told a press conference.

This is the first time that the measure, which was voted in 2008 under Nicolas Sarkozy, and entered into force under François Hollande, is launched.

Andrew Preston for DayNewsWorld