At near Denmark, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Belgium has ruled: its air force will not fly European.

His choice fell on an American aircraft far from a Europe of the defense.

His equipment to come:

34 American F35 aircraft within 5 years. At the expense of the two European planes in the running: the Airbus Eurofighter, associated with the British BAE and the Italian Alenia, and the French Rafale of Dassault Aviation.

Either a market of four billion euros!

Dassault Aviation was shown:

"Not surprised by this decision of the Belgian government whose preference of certain actors for the F-35 is manifest for a long time.

Dassault Aviation participated in the global strategic partnership offer made by France to the Belgian Government by presenting the Rafale and offering an economic and societal return in the fields of high technology, valued at 20 billion euros over 20 years.

Once again, we are seeing an American preference in Europe. "

Following suit their Dutch colleagues who have already made this choice

the Netherlands thus remains a bridgehead faithful to the interests of America and with a plane that can carry a nuclear bomb on behalf of NATO.

Paul Emison for DayNewsWorld