For the first time the Red Bull Air Race, pilots compete in the French skies, along the beaches of the beautiful city of Cannes.

For the 5 Tricolores competing in these Series (3 Masters and 2 Challengers), this race promises to be memorable.

The Croisette has all the assets to host the event and the thousands of fans: blue sky, sun, turquoise sea, the conditions are meetings for hallucinating images.

Cannes hosts for the first time in France a stage of the Red Bull Air race, an international aerobatic competition.

Embark on an Extra 330 XL airplane to experience the "G" felt by aerial acrobats.

Loopings, barrels and other eight Cubans on the program.

Helmet visor screwed on the head, parachute in the back .... For a flight with very strong sensations aboard an Extra 330 XL, kind of formula 1 airs.Harnaché rather) at the front in this hypermaniable two-seater and able to fly up to 400km / h, we test the effects gravity mixed with acceleration. The famous "G" that these aerial sprinters undergo at high doses at each turn.

"During races, you can go up to 12G", that is to say to support a load of twelve times its own weight. For the average person not trained, more than 6G is already more or less the loss of knowledge assured.

Two pylons installed for competitions in the bay of Cannes. The goal, for the pilots, is to pass in the center, the wings to the horizontal.Imaginez a little ... These doors measure only 25 meters of height and offer a space of a dozen meters only ... for a plane of a span of 8 meters.

All started at 400 km / h.

Joanne Courbet for DayNewsWorld